The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 19-17 U.S. Destroys More food to Bolster Price CHARLESTON, S. C., June 10. <pp) — The U. S. Department of jUriculture began destruction to- d«y of some 200 carloads of subal- 4fetd potatoes in an effort to com- M > drop In the potato market. Potato prices have dropped hMow t|w 'government supported price of two-dollars and 60-cents pel' Jjupdredwelght., Minder C. Messcrvy, Charleston„ »M|I^InistratIve officer or the U.S. • D.A., said that dumping operations will continue until the price CMS back up. However, Charleston Cf%'Uy : Wrjn Agent C. W. Carraway in riforoui protest over the wholesale 'destruction called upon eleemos.', nary institutions of the slu? to make application to take the ix>t;i- oes'off the governmenl's hands. Carraway urgc<t tills action so that WARM KG ORDER IN -THE CHANCERY COUK 1 CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Landys Rowlclt Plain'.ifr, vs. No. 10,079 Tim J. Rowlett Defendant. The defendant Tim J. Rowlctt is hereby warned to appeal^ within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint'of the p'.amtilf Landys Hewlett. Dated this 19 day of May, 1C47. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Smith, deputy. Virgil Greene, Ally, for Plaintiff. Rome is Fashionable Again—For the Wealthy! This is Rome's fashionable front. At the smart cafes on the Via Veneto, like the Doney above,, wealthy Romans and black marketeers enjoy drinks ond ice cream nt 350 lire ($1) a serving, the 1 average laborer's daily wage.' . - -'• the potatoes "at least can to sonic use." The potatoes — gathered from S3. 5]20-27-6|3-10' Charleston County growers — are be put \ being dumped nt nine sites along the sen islands of Charleston County. A blue dye spread over the PJ- tatons will mark them as unsalable The abnuL H-ycnr 1-OOOLli slate. locust spends only of its life in the CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repairing, Screen Work, Painting, Replacing Windows Steps, and oilier work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2801 Read Courier News Want Ads. COM. 1W7 6Y KE* SERVICE. IMC. T. M, «EO. U. 8. f *T. OFf. 6-10 "She hasn't spoken to me since we had a fight over a ' luncheon check two years ago and she wool" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Diction Friction t* fnmev. Mr*. Ft: 1* make p»* drnjr ihnt ••t to Rnffnlo to that Kl*rn"* halir t warm Klora nhont 1hl« Itul *hc _.V«iirN rtllrv*d. ".My h.Tl.y U J BifNc new. nil mine," Mbe »aj^. >l'll nrvrr fcnvr to »cc that o*v- i cxnclly like him, T thought everyone would know right off." "If you menu Sam, you'll have to prove it. Sinn has always-been nown for holding onto his oncy," Flora laughed and looked mys- rious. A NEW champion lor the Tollt- •**• vers did not arise until the XV Tolli- hc Eummer of 1915. The Carstons wrote Mr. Stokos the lawyer, that tfae Tollivers had not paid their ftttt for rnany months and that pome thing must bo done about it. Mr. Stokes did something immediately— he sold the house to a Mr. ^phn C. Jones of New York City. $(r. Jones, it came out, had bought ft as a bargain on Mr. Stokes's fpcommcndation. On top of this, Jfr. Jones amazingly sent word to Mrs. Tolliyer that he would be pleased to *hav e her live i n the fcouse, rent free, • as caretaker wagged considerably, and speculated endlessly about the Mr. Jones. A week or so later I met Flora downtown and walked home \vitt b*r. J flora can-Jed the baby well, anc Iwr dress was cunningly contrivct 4o conceal her condition. She hm never been so radiantly beautiful |wr sWn so'dewy and fresh,-he color ^30-exquisite,, her eyes s delpty blue. She herself brough «p the subject of Mr. Jones. Sh lau Rned tha t the Toll i vcrs w e r undeniably lucky and that neve never had any family had a bel ter, kinder, or more gencrou friend than their benefactor. ^ ".Oh, is Mr. Jones a friend? "asked quickly. \ /"Why, of course. You mean yo haven't guessed? Darling, you'r just being tactful." \ "Tact Is hardly my long suit, a you know. Come clean, niy swce \Tell me who it is tj'.Why, Louise, think. It's s IIE made up hor mind to sec Snm, She might have accom- ishctl it in a dozen simple xv.iys, r w;syJ[iymg him on the street, ( r telephoning and nsking lo see: im, or, if she was put lo it, by It ing on his doorstep until he ns forced (o let her in. She chose o have n fainting fit and to claim o believe she wns dyinji and bail see dear Sam just once, far a ny minute. 1 V When Sam, summoned by Mrs. olliver, arrived on the run and uL of brenlh. Flora was lying in ed, very white nnd barely able to a!k, her wislfulncss undoubtedly ccentuated nlmost unbearably. >hc took Sam's hand and kissed it. Vcver, never could she thank him or what he had done for her nnd icrs, she -, whispered. She had aiown «it once who had bought he house. No one else in Jrhe vholc wide world was so generous, o magnificently kind; It turned out that Sam actually vas the mysterious Mr. Jones, ac- ually had. bought the house. Otsego went from fit lo fit. , ''After on'b look nt the prcsuin- il)ly dying B'lora, poor Sam fell on iiis knees by the bed and sobbed. Flora comforted him gently. Then Mrs. ToHiver came in and shooed him out. Sam came straight to Father. Father told him he was a fuol, that Flora was nol in the slightest danger of dying, and that he had belter light out of town and slay away for an indefinite time. Sam sheepishly promised to go, but he didn't. And Flora, of course, gradually grew belter. Dear Sam had given her courage.. . . Sam lor a while went lo sec I Flora every day, sent her roses., unshels of white roses, and raro wines, old brandy, perfumes. Ot- Kego's fit turned into convulsions. Humors flew about the town as thiclc us snowflakes in n winter storm, Sam was engaged to Flora. lie hadn't a Chinaman's chance^. Me didn't want to be married, but Flora had threatened to cut her throat—and as Father said, n man did hate the sight of a woman's blood. The fish was hooked, but the fish was strui<glm/j. Snm had brought it on himself by being such a fool. Sam was old enough to know belter. And finally: "The least he can do is marry her. After all . . ." CAM came again, to Father. He said he was almost out of his mind, that he didn't know what to do, that he'd like to horsewhip publicly whoever it wns f.'ho hud. started Ihc rumor that he had fathered Flora's child. "Thou K's not your baby?" "Holy cow, no." Father said: "I've told you he- fore and I'm telling you now that 1C you don't want, to marry Flora, you'd better get out of town to- ulfjht. And I don't mean tomorrow." , ' i Sam groaned. He explained that It was impossible to leave his business just now, lie had done nothing but show Flora a little neighborly kindness. Why should h* have to leave town, leave his comfortable house? Father InugUed and told him V? be his age. Sam went home in a huff nnd hardly spoke lo Father for several days. He went no move to the Tolli- vcrs 1 , scut no more flowers or wine. He told Nelson that Flora ought to have a keeper. Nelson's look was a question. "Oh, Lord, you too!" Sain exploded, making for the door. Halfway upstairs he yelled down over the banisters'. '"The answer is no! If you knew what I thought oC women, all women, every doggonu one of them . . ." About ten days later Olsego had n new ToUiver lidbit to chew on. The husband and father, long absent and seldom or never mentioned, came home. wi-**-'j*/ (To Be Continued) wf*K RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKB Oil MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. We PHONE 2642 Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. j~^t!ior£zed Motorola Radio Sates and Service 106 South First St. Today's free MUM Record CHECK.' HES TO BUWE R3R_THIS GOOWY FATHER- I'M HOT OM SPEAKING TERMS WITH HIM.' River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H.Webb Phone/14 Radio Repair -ct our colloKQ I experts kuup yotif radio working with gimninleed f service . . . no job loo ittlo or too bij?! Special- sts in cluuitjc-oviM' from IjnUcry to ulcclric set. Musical Instrurneniyfe; >SiipplJB.s and Itepuirs • • • Special orders luindlei! promptly. Gift Goods — Office Supplies — Variety Items Call 811 J. Me 1 1 Brooks Jr. 107 K. Muin St. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE —NORTH TENTH * . ' . Phone 3151 Be Sure! 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WE SHOULD OF OUR HORSF.S, BUT WHEM CO'.VBO>'S' HORSES GET AWAV THE MEM LEAVE 7HEIR &TUFF AM' COME BACH i AFTER " LIMOUSIMe O^J6RH^U\.&D MV Q4AOFFEOR, vitTiA A LICENSE SP6WD MOB& „ OM MURDERS ? THE TRIMMISJc'C JOtlAR VllRtD U3 ~fo VJORr< YOLJ Ov'tR. 5^ V C&U'.DrOT RIDE l:Jtrf£ SW AWAY />\E CRHfLLGO ro ALLEY OOP Hold It, Rex! P,v V. T. IIAML1N VIC FLINT Yes, She Means It, IOSE AXU WE'lt GET WA5R1EO RIGHT ATOV. CERTAW PARTIES KltW WOUIDK'T WIN, VOU COUID J MAKE VOURSEVF J5O.OOO, / IN AMMTION101ME lOSER'S END. WMEM I THE CHAMP? CANT MEAK. THAT. CONNIE.' I WANT VOU TO CUT ml FI6H1 GAME. If YOU WIN TriE BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE iieanwhile, the District Attorney and I were having a confab. ' TOU SAY YOU'VE \ ' HAD EVIDENCE Wf OF AN ATTEMPt / • 1.^ 1O FIX A FIOHT, Ti" 1 -". MR.HINT? WHAT .KIND OF EVtDtHCE? A CERTA1S f IGtiTER WAS T<HD ^ OVER THE PHONE TOTfWE'A DIVE OH EISE. THAI'S NOT AL1, BUT I CAN'T SAY ANY WORE BECAUSE l'l,\ BOUND BY A PROH^.E. WHATEVER I I'll 1»\Y IN YOUR IAP IF YOU'll COOPERATE. I BOOTS AND HER BUDT)TR8 The Evidence BY KDGAB MAKTI1

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