The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST. 17,Storm Strikes New York City Transportation Lines Affected By Water d Lightning NEW YORK, Aiif. 11. (UP)~ T«>n)i!x>]ta<!oii In sonw parts of New York City still was tied up liitu last night as 11 result of Hie stOiT.i that lilt the New York area. The New York Board of Trnns- por(atloi) .says Dint while services have been restored on the liMT and IRT lines the tiideiiondcul lines in Queens still were not opertitin,; nt H lute hour last night. Bui ivi estimate' could lx> given on lion- long it would take to pump out wal- w Irani signal'K. The Pennsylvania Uallrond said Its yards In Simnyslcie Queens wi'i'e li:t l>y lightning. Queens appiirciilly was hit hardest. While tlie Fifth Avenue Inis company says its .schedule, wus not iiltefed, trolley lines on Quo-ns HiHilevard were washed «ul of service. Port Washington sulVe-ml its most severe storm daumtjc since the hurricane of 1938. The GO-nillc-an-liour wind storm which hit ixing-Island wrecked the Port Washington polite radio, sliirt- e;l live llres hy li|;litning. Inundated DIP shore road with live feet of writer in .some parts. • A Pan-American clipper with 13 passengers aboard battled through the storm for an hour and a half In-fore dipt. Wiiliinn A. Winston set it down at Utdunrdln Field. Queens. Asked ivhether lie had (low-i over the storm, the skipper "You couldn't Ily over tnat one." B1ATHEVILI,E (ARK.) COUKUOK NEWS 'NiceGifys'CapBecome Tough In a Hurry When Enem y Appears United States Marines served continuously in the Republic of Nicaragua from 192(i to 1033. Her friendly smile belying her fighting heart, 20-year-old Senior Lt. Ekaterina Novikova poses for the cameraman. Commander of a Red Army infantry company, the 20-year-old heroine has been wounded five times, and hns been twice dcc- '; orated for distinguished conduct I". ._ L in action. ,.. l-ols of people In Blythevllle remember Johnny O'Brien. . . Johnny, who could coax nil sorts of music out of a pinno. He's playing a different kind of music these days, the music of whining lead, because he Is face to face with the Jups In New Guiiipu. Sensitive fingers that used to glido over the Ivory keyboard now nervously feel - for » steel trigger as Johnny crouches hi his dark foxhole (hose long nights In the jungle where every sound spurs a man into a slate of alert. Yes, Johnny O'Brien no longer Is a nnpny-go-hicky fellow with H sons In Ills heart nnd ready wit of Hie Irish on his lips. He's down to the grim business of war, just as so many other once carefree lads are today, and lie is proud of the fact thnt he is with one of the toughest outfits in the whole Southwest Pacific. A letter just received by his mother, Mrs. Vercllc O'Brien of Bloomfield, Mo., formerly of Ulylhcvllle, contains some interesting comment. Less IVofanKy "The men 1 am wilh are.a typical hunch of American toys who tire easy to get along with," tic wrote. "Many good Christians were made in the past few weeks among them. It surprises you how profanity has dropped to almost zero. We have church right on the front. The way Die chaplains risk their lives to carry the Good Word up here would sure make some of the men of Bible times seem small after knowing and seeing these men." Commenting on the quality of officers he said: "Our officers arc plain, and one of us as a rule. Since I am still new in the outfit there are many of them I don't recognize. There Is hardly any way to distinguish them from a Inick private except by close scrutiny. We all live Die mine and it is as democratic as an army can be. "My worst job is sitting in a foxhole in the wee hours staring at blackness," he continued. "Yon can't see, but you must see. There are lots of sounds in the jungle which don't exactly frighten you but you Jump to the alert many times In an hour. This is hard on your nerves until you get on to your job, Soon yon nre able to distinguish bird, animal and Insect sounds so thnt yon nn- tomaticaliy classify them In your sub-conscious mind. This makes it much easier on the nervous system. As time goes by I am becoming ad • justed and will eventually be as one of the toys. Yon can tell Pal that tills sure isn't a dry run any more but we have them licked going and coming. In my area they are just butting against a wall. We have superiority in everything. It is only a matter of lime before Iliej 1 will be annihilated here. Division Cited "I wrote to Mary when I was in the States that I wouldn't mind pulling my trigger ir a Jnp cnme in my sights. And It has happened, 1 fired with no compunction and no regrets. I don't know if 1 hit because many fired and many fell on the other side. I can already claim 1'rlval more battle experience than some who have been here over « year. !Kv division was cited In the Buna campaign and were at Salilor and many of those veterans are still going strong. ! feel proud to have beer, tagging along with them. They nre n rugged, tough outlit that doesn't show It until there is a need fo.- it. By just standing around talking to them you'd think they wouldn't harm 11 llca, but boy, what 11 different story when something pop< lip. It just doesn't, seem possible how such a complete change can come over a bunch of nice guys in an instant." Private OTirien enlisted in the Infantry a year ngo" al nioomfield where he made his home witli his mother. His brother. Mike O'lirien, is a veteran Navy man who formerly served a hitch with the Marines. He, too. Is in the Southwest Pacific, serving as a machinist's mate first class .lUonrd a destroyer. Johnny O'Brien's .throe children who live in Blylhcville me Gene, Mary Louise and John Z. O'Brien. Jr., all of whom write letters regularly to their dud We nmbi- Keeping Up With The Men In Service An Oak Li-iif ClusUT In lieu of an additional air meilal was awarded on July SO to Scrgl. A. , W. Moore of Blylhevtlle for his work a.s ai-rial engineer from April* as lo June 2, I9-H. The invard; nii- nounccd by Heiulqnarlei's, U. 3. Army Forces In Hie South Pacific was for flights will) the 13th AAR Marine Pvl. Aubry Clark lirUlgf. water, son of Mrs. Myrtle Johnsor of lllytrcvllle, has been graduatec from the Drowning Automatic HUli and infantry Section School a; Atlanta, On.,-mid will lie assignee to an Infantry battalion. He. wa 1 employed as manager for Hie La- Coima Night Club before enllstln.i in the Marino corps in March li Little, Kock. His wife nnd four year-old daughter make their lioin' in Jacksan, Tenn. The promotion ot James ti. Ctm' troll Jr., Rt. 2. Blythevllle, to 111' grade of seigeani Is announced b: •Sixth Air Force Fighter Coinmani H(-:ulf|imrler;; In (he Paiintnn Cullii Department. Sergeant Ciinlrel. in Instrument specialist, is a gradual! of Joncslioro high school and eiv lere<i the service In October, 1942 Staff Sergt.S. Phillips Robinson son ol Clyde Koblnsou or Blythe- villt-. ivns (iiiiong members O f thf headquarters of an advanced at depot who recently shared In i special commendation from Brlgii tiler General Myron C. Wood, commanding general of the -Ninth Al- Force Service Command. Europeai- Theater of Opcrnllons. scrgean Robinson and his srpmdron huddle: ivcre cited for their high esprit di corps, military discipline ami efficiency. A classification specialist ii an advanced air depot area.head- quarters, Sergeant Robinson war n lawyer before entering lite ser- NBA President Would Protect 'Punch Drunks' WASIUNC1TON, AUB, 17 IUIM- Prc'slili'Ml. Abo Gv.vrvp of u,,, K ,,, llannl Koslni; As.<soclnUon off"i'i ft Iji-osniin io hx'ii wimt lie mils <']( iiiicl iiunnh-diuiik" riBhtoi's i,»t o' the Hut!. C.roMie sn B m>.sts ilmi oiirli Mnin d|'l- »|) nil oxniiilnlug hwrd ,. 0>1 . f s l»8 not only <..f (lie usual uliy. >lcla». but, u\ lo of „ rrcosnlwi! lion Is to get the war over and gel back home. His falliL-r. Zcph O'lirien, now lives «t Redding, Calif.- DON EDWARDS "Tk« Tit«*nl*T Mi** I «OTAL. SMITH. CORONA, AND JUEMINaTOH FOKTAJU* I nt H. n« (Krerr Truuctlon Hurt B« tUfMtarj) PBOHB Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. lilylhevillc, Ark Say Hart' f Jfeto fefelftf 5 ifire,.-? *s sass; 5iaSMs=si», «A;a. i • /^ Hart's Bread Has Everything! IMPROVED'BAKING PROCESS MAKES IT BETTER THAN EVER This Weekend's SPECIAL! COCOANUT CAKES Fresh Cocoanut In Our Most Popular Layer Cakes 590 Assorted Cookies Fresh Every Day Hart Blythevilje Owned, employing B/yfhev///c Pcopfe fllll.lilVll till' IHNllful 1110)1 ll',l«i!|- iiU'il b'.xlng ndvlcj 1 -Thi> N1JA |>u-\y Ls iiclln,r. n < n result of ii u . iwonl doiitli >r N t .. gro liravywolijlit |, m ].' mu i (1 |, li Frnnklln djod n-oni tin- ,.ff,. c .,.s (J f A Kiuic-koiii imncli to Ills l,nv In Ncwitrk. N. J. BOOS mi to sny Hint wlion looks like lie's nbout d, ol<l nil, oi' like lie's nuoiit to MIC- ef sonic pliyslciil clisiiWIIIy, (hi- oxer's inniiiiKfi- rfiwilil lie f,iie«l o report to bolus I'ouinittslmis •I'lio NliA official Miys; »n rrv mist be nu n,d t.-i (|, c 'imsliicss of '. Doxpi- Iji'lnn n woni-inii iiiuj'iiii- U 0110 COJllllllsslon Mllll II IXlti'llUll lininploii lo (iiioi her." : on Of Noted U. S. Pact f s Awarded Scholarship nw ,• ' " - urt — Nlcliolns l.lniisiiy, IV-y,'. u '1(1 soil of the ini,. vnclicl LHuliiny, PAGE jprepjpiitg for 'Nov. 7 •2^J ; £iSs2iV©il55 ! §j R ^^ On fajilpiin. 1,1. Jolui J. Itari-y, | t , f(i of Aslorin, [.. I,, cxiitiilni-by c' votin,; l,,,||ot proiTdmo lo I.ts Irvinj. Chsisscn, ri,!bt, ot New York Clt'y |{' on swlnj- i.r-forcl B ii posls lo ttudi ollltcri liow lo instruct Ilielr men in use or Ilio "soldier vote " .;;,, . ,. . y, t , i o sorn, [.. I,, cxiiiilni-by (nouns of t-lim>i, nljsenlec' votin,; l,,,||ot proiTdmo lo I.ts Irvinj. WiissermmviiiKl Mlllon -Chsisscn, ri,!bt, ot New York Clt'y |{' Biin-y w:i» scnl by Army on swlnj- i.r-forcl B ii posls lo ttudi ollltcri , . ( . w , l| . M»'J'. lifts iinh-cd (iviTseiis iiocord- '»B I" iiifoiiinilloii ri.i-dvi!,| by Ills '"oilier, Mr.s. A. 1.,-e O f |j|ytl,;.,1llr. noted AliU'llCilu piiel, Is one »f Hie winners of the ICiiy Kyser stl ihll>s iiwimlert ill |lu> UiilVf|-«l Nnrtli Cinollnii for lln> i-oinln|i UnilMiy wlio Is fiuiii limi f!unii.. wus iivvurdL'd tin- soli ship In (li'iiiuutlc iirl. Mis.'; Domini ntKucnOd, (luiinM- ler ol Mr. 11,1,1 ^ rfi w , C.S VU'/.- BC'iiiW of Riik'luli WHS itvnrdcd llic Kuy Kym-r schohislilji ; In music, \Vlllliiiii A. l.onky Is n ruoflnir conlniclor In Wt)llniii.ilitlr([, Vu.' General London Jokes His Tu/rt WASHINGTON, Xug '17 "(UP)' — Army radio stations In'the Central Pncino iire on the lookout for £-' good soap opera The generals are , Betting dish-pan hands, w • Tlic thief or the Seventh Bonib- ' cv Command, Bilgadier-Oenerar Trillium London, gel« up at 5 o'clock many, a morning to do his own Intiiidry. Homemade washing machines are the rule In the fnclflo area,, those with :tlie most modern Improvements being operated hy windmill. About 760,000 man led v,omen with children under 11 are employed In Hrltlsh wai Indiistiy, ' GULF, SERVICE STATION ' • V - ! Corner 5th and Main N«w llmler MaiuKeniciit ot 1 O.E. 'Nick' Nicholson ..'•": . | Washing . Greasing Tire ONE STOP SERVICE Firm Heads, 2 !bs. Vine Ripened, Ib. LETTUCE RADISHES BELL PEPPERS BEEF ROAST {,'ratlt 1 j\. Chunk — I'ouml - 3EEF ALL KINDS LUNCH MEAT ! •' •' . J ' . • '. - ;; .-. ALL SUNOS OF CHEESE Flour Viclor. 25 1,1). Sack $1.22 Lima Beans No. 2 C;in 12c Turnip Greens No. 2 Can lOc One Trial WiS! Convince You VICTOR COFFEE Is Better! Pound ^ 4 , Package ..... / |^ 3 Pounds 59c for Coffee Pleasure DRINK Pork & Beans No.'2 Can 12c Spinach No. 2 Can ' 12c Green Beans No. 2 Can lOc CORN COFFEE No. 2 GUI Folders I'ouml 13 C Sis DOFFEE SUGAR Aristocrat Pound Pure Cane 10 Pounds 27' 66 KRAFT DINNER Humko Shortening '1 Lbs- 75c

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