The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, October 15, 1951
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP win-i-iivx?... .„.,...,-.,. f^-J^ VOL. XLVIF—NO. 177 Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald Boyle Quits; Gabrielson To Keep Job Resigned Head Of Democrats Enters Hospital WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 — (A P)— William W. Boyle, Jr., resigning clinirman of the Democratic Nations! Committee, lias entered Georgetown University hospital here for a "check-tip and observations." His decision to step out—at a time when he and Republican Chairman Guy Gabrielson were both under fire from some Congress members -led to speculation that Gabrielson might also quit. But Gabrielson said he had no intention or resigning. Boyle gave his health as the reason when he announced Satin-day - that he had decided to give np Ills ' party post.. Today, the Democratic National Committee reported he entered Georgetown Hospital late yesterday. The committee's offices said a decision probably will be made tomorrow on a date for the committee to meet and net on a successor to Boyle. Gabrielson Emphatic GabyieJson, who like Boyle has been under attack from some quarters in Congress, was emphatic In saying he does not intend to step down. "I'm not resigning," he told reporters in Seattle. "I'm not going to resign, is that plain enough? . I'm not resigning. You can put that In Just as big letters as you want." Congressional critics, mostly Republicans, have been calling on both men to quit their party posts because of their relations with the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, big government lending agency. Inquiry lo Continue Both have been under investigation by a senate subcommittee, one of whose members. Senator Nivon (H-Califl, said last night the inquiry nil! continue. He added: "The Disclosures of the future will make ^hose which have come out to date seem Insignificant in comparison." Boyle had used a statement bv Ninon—although he did not name the senator—to support his reiterated contenlfon that "I have at all timtt conducted myself with honor and propriety.". He noted th ••> j L Republican member of the commit-! tee had said the Inquiry record! nhowcd "no evidence of illegality or moral turpituCe" on Boyle's part The words were Nixon's. Boyle's resignation came in the form of a letter to President Truman. As head ot the- party Mr. Truman bears the burden of selecting Boyle's successor. Possible Successors Named Among those mentioned most prominently as possibilities were John L. Sullivan, former Secretary of the Navy, and Francis J. Myers, former senator from Pennsylvania who was defeated last year". Both now practice law here, . :.. Also figuring in speculation were Senators Clements of Kentucky and Anderson of New Mexico, Secrctary of the Interior Chapman and Secretary of Labor Tobin. One advance rejection came from James A. Farley, former party head and Postmaster General under President Franklin Roosevelt. "The post has not been offered to me, and I ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAS1 SINGLE COPTICS FIVE CENTS esistance Fades; Truman sarmame n-nivir vir"r,xt . URfcCK CTIM-A man ulentified tirday. Blytheville. —Courier News I'liolo by Harold Nance Alfred Rollins of Armorel is placed on a stretcher by amt le suffered a head cut when his pickup true* collide™ 'vith a" c^Trl^^rRaymo^Grl^'by 8 ' $37,500 Gas-Fed Fire 'Two Are Injured Razes Luxora Garage LUXORA, Oct. 15.—Fed by gasoline and oil, a $37,500 fire destroyed a garage and service station here Saturday night and threatened the business district and a residential area for more than an hour before burning ifself out. The blaze destroyed a garage and service station operated by J. M. Barron and J. n. Fowler. Fed by a quantity of gasoline and oil products, the fire set up an Impcnc- Inside Today's Courier News . . . All county loams schedule fames this week-end . . Page 10. . . . Flickers celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary and plan for future -. t, - • Dnivev rnpfiiienl ,'Ihe- will run . . . 1'ajc 14. -,»"- , n dot'W if It would be," Farley said in Nc«- York. "In the event that it was offered to me. I couldn't possibly accept it under any circumstances." Drunk Driving CosHy to Three Three persons forfeited ca:-h tends in Municipal Court this momma on charges ol driving while nn- dcr th" influence of liquor. W. O, Haper and A. T. Hanks rnrh forfeited binds of SI20.25 and H-Dv.-r.rcl Hester forfeited a bond of Sl"!.75 In other ariion. Panuie McWells. Nc^ro. was fined S53 and cosls on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. She was charged with stabbing another Nrero woman, Lu!a May Walters, in the Ice with n knife: during a fight at a Nccro cafe on Afli Street Sntur.lay nii?ht. Walter Woodruff forfeited a S5 bond on a charge of failing to stop at a traffic Imhl. Three Concerts Booked by CMA National Male Quartet, Soprano and Pianist Will Appear Here Three, concerts have been booked by the Blytheville Civic Music As- 'sociation for the 1351-52 season, lit was announced today following ttie close of the organization's mem- rersbip campaign Saturday night. The corcert.s will be presented by the National Male Quartet. Martaret Robe-Is .soprano, and Jean Graham piarist. The National Male O:iartet will make ils third appearance here during the CQniing season and is being returned "by popular de- Imand.'' association officials said. j Ballots accompany membership •tickets and purchasers indicate on them the type of concerts they prefer. M:ss Hcbcrus and Mis,s Graham ,_„-„,., ,..„. lJK ,,,, [lmell will be making their first appear- j the scene shortly attc-r President Would 'Sit Down with. Russians' WINSTGN-SALKM. N. c, Ort. 15. (AD-Prosident Tinman ollered today to "sit down with Soviet R, ls .,,a" to seek agreement upon disarmament and "free the world Irom the scourge c>I atomic warfare" In his first major foreign policy speech since he antimnicKl Iiu.«i-i'' explosion of a second atomic tomb, the President renewed u proix.s ,1 i',,'r United Nations control of atomic power which this romii,-,. su K Ktsted "long before the Soviet Union e ot the atomic bomb." He asked i iu sia to lay aside its "phoney pence propaganda" and declared "\Ve nre ready now, as y.-i. have* always been, to sit down with ihi- Soviet Union, and all the- na-1 ms concerned, in the United Notions, and work together for lifting Unburden of armaments and sci-urnV; the peace " Mr. Truman's speech was prepared for groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Wake Forest College campus here. The Baptist institution is being moved here from Wafce Forest, N. c. The President held out little hopi- of reaching any real agreement \\ltli Allied Infantrymen Take Eastern Korea i- ^ l m 8 ' J C1Glmi AKMY IIKADQIJAKTIORS, Korea Oct \ii- , U n!slst!1I «'« l""'lwl on two bluing fronts today as Alb,.,) inljmirymc,, drove deeper into North Korea ,l,-,?- C nn',-''" 1V ° nt UllilC<1 N!lUons tllo °P 3 captured ?.™ .^'.V •:'""-'°" 1 P<-'ak "..d kicked lightly defcnclinj off at (oast Coin- On the central trout thref Allied divisions stabbed nearly two miles trable heat barrier and burned power lines to the extent that, lire- men were unable to bring the fire under control. The garape was located one-half block northwest, of j the business district. The fire started about 6:30 p.m. when an acetylene torch exploded while being used by Mr. Fowler to repair an automobile. Mr. Fowler suffered slight burns, but \va.s able to assist one garage emplcyce in removing equipment from the building. Aboui six automobiles inside and nearby were removed belore salvage efforts had to be aba, V 'on- in Separate Car, Truck Collisions Armore! Man, Coffer Woman Are Hurt in V/eekend Accidents Orville Cnrrey, about 25, Holland, Sin., was killed Ibis morn- iiif! when Hip smlicjii-loacled truck he was dHi-ing was sideswiped nn Highway CI near Clarkrclalc. Details of (lie accident were not immediately available but it was 'reported that Mr. Cilrn-y's wife anil son also «rre in Ihe truclc but escaped uilh mimir injuries. Two persons were injured in sepa- reportcd on:'y : cue of these \v:.s insured. Another vehicle, a com cried Army half-track,'wus'heavily damaged outside the building. Other vehicles removed from the buildm? included the Barron-Fowler wrecker and a late model car owned by the Luxora School District. Tlie school's buses, which arc -*....- i ..nvnua normally parked in the gara^. had i "'• miul investigated. Mr. akV V™,,,,! told " ln 0[fi ccr that the Near Holland. Mo., Saturday after- neon, an Armorel man was "injured when the pickup truck he was driving collided-with a car driven by Raymond Grigsby of Blylhevillc on Hir:U\vay ci. Missouri State Patrolman J. M. Grigsby collision been removed earlier to make room! -• ••""• ""- ^.jmsjuu for repair work in the garage work- °? : }! r . ;vilc " Alfred Rollins, driver shop. nces here. Dates and places for the concerts will be announced when bookings arc confirmee! by the Civic Concert Service of New York. Membership cards will be mailed prior to the first concert. CMA officials said today that memberships lor the coming scoscn tola! 562. Student memberships equalled (hose sold last year although a drop of 61 was noted in adult memberships, they said. Losses Estimated W. M. Johnson, who owned Hie building and had leased the business to Mr. Barron and Mr. Fowler, said his less amounted to about 530,000. In addition to the bnildinz, which was not /nsnred. Mr. Johnson said he lost sonic farm machinery and $2,000 worth of machine tools in storage. Mr. Barron said his firm lost about S5.000 in machine tocls. which were insured. All the business records of the firm were destroyed, along with an estimated $600 cash. W. A. Lunceford, Luxora farmer who lived in the rear of the garage building, lost his personal belongings, bit! rarcd his farm truck Volunteer Fire Chief Ewe!) Walters said the absence of any wind was the factor which kept the 200- foot high blnze and gasoline explosions from enveloping the entire, business. district. A portion of the] O.-ceola Fire Department, called ui - the hi 7.-? gained headway, aided Luxora f:r-;-- men in protecting nearby hou: cr> and stores. of Hie truck, pullet! onto the high way from a sideroad at Holland Mr. uoliins was identified from a drivers license in bis pocket by attendants at Walls Hospital here where he was treated for a head laceration. He was dismissed yesterday. Mr- Oribsby said Mr. Rollins was on . .. no latch and was held shut by piece of balim. wire, which broke when the vehicles hit. Neither vehicle was going f»«t Egypt to Reject -West's Plan to Defend Suez CAIRO. Oct. 15. <AP,-E B ypt moved rapidly today toward rejection «•«!«•„ proposal to replace British ,„»,« dclcndli, B the sue" with an intenntLoiul torce. Russia ~aatinhi"inx ' woHd'com- • , i^'premie^Mu^"'^ ^'"""T 1 Pletes iU armament, program. But; ^ i^L" Paite^'^hl to . he warned against ".sowers of suspicion iuid the peddlers of fear" at home. Policy Hasctl cm Hnpr American policy, the President declared, "is based on the liope that it will be possible to live, without a war, in the same world us the. Soviet Union—if the free nations i have adequate- defenses." j He added: "A.S our strength increases, we should lie able to negotiate sclUcinenls that the Soviet Union will respect and live np to."] Turning again to Ills critics. Mr. Triiiinm declared: i "To tlie sowers of suspicion, and \ the peddlers of fear, lo all those | who seem bent on persuading ns i that our country Ls on the wion;; track and that there is no honor' or loyalty loft in the land, and thai. woe and ruin lie ahead, r would say one thing; "Look lo rultnc" " 'Take off your blinders, and look toward the future. The worst, danger we face is the danger of be- ins paralyzed by doubts and fears. This dangers brought on by (hose- who abandon faith and sneer at hope. H is brought on by those who spread synicism and district and try to blind us to our great chance to do good for mankind.'" At heart. Ihe President saitl. he does not greatly iear suc-h men "for they have always been with us. and in the long run they have always failed.' 1 to apprcvc Egypt's "no" to t'h nest's plan for joining the Nile kingdom with the United States, Britain. Frame and Turkey in ,i middle east defense alliance'against Communism. Parliamentary approval, said sources, "is virtually assured to be. unanimous." The Parliiimenlary session tonight also is scheduled to ralifv Egvpt's junking ot hri- treaties p'ermitUng Urilisl, defense O f the canal and joint Am;lo-Ei;ypi| Ll n control of the nilllion- S (,iiiirc-inili> Sudan territo- lightly defending Chi- rlnser to Kitmsone,, vital Red supply and headquarters city about 30 miles north of parallel 38. The captured peak in the cast li the highest terrain feature between the punchbowl for the Pukhan River. It fell to the U.S. 38th Regiment after a bitter three-clay battle. The loiveriii!; mountain Is at the northwest end of Kim II Sung Ridge. West of Heartbreak Hldgc now held by the Allies, American tanks I rumbled up the Mundung valley and blasted Red positions in the hills above. On the left flank of the eastern Iron I, South Korean troops smashed three and one-half mites north at one uc,int. The central front drive netted said she will not City Planning Crack-Down on Vehicle Lights City Attorney Percy A. ',""t1:' """" *"*' ' x> -"" Jl ^ w"s V " L > rtuurnev t'crcy A Wri"ht to Ihe pavement. The door said this morning that a c-racV-' .he driver's side of the truck had down on cars, truck..- trailers -ind a other vehicles operating in Blvlhc- ,,;>li. ... . L'.JIIII- vitle without proper lights, has been ordered. Cars, trucks and trailers r. Giipsby said, but the truck did- i"f? without proper head and t'-iil : stop bofnrc entering the high-! lights constitute Just as tniich of'i Iv. fco arrests hwf! Hun,, > nn ^ A i j__,-*, . . arrests had been marie by lis noon. Patrolman Hickman ex- linrd that arrests must be made i warrants sworn out by an in- frafflc hazard as speeders.' . <,.,_ city attorney said, "and we intend to stop He said that ritv polii-e have been ordered to summon drivers ol vehicles that .tie not properly lighted into court Soybeans Hich MSI--; 292"', I ow 285 '-'•-, 283% 2.90'-; 201'. 2M 1 .-, 285 295-, New Yos-k Cotton N. O. CoVfon • Mar Ma >' Oprn Hiah Lo-,v Close 3755 3770 3748 3703 3C64 35S7 3S01 3S78 ^0 3CG8 3637 3653 3632 3S60 3623 3G:,3 Or.t Open High Low Close - 3723 3750 3729 3752 3632 31584 .1568 3663 3556 3033 3631 Weather Arkansas furrc.isK Cle.u to p.irtlv cloudy this nficrnoon. tonight and New-Born Boy Disappears horn Hospital Crib-Father Broadcasts Child's Formula C I. K A II Tuesday Misfouri fotcc.isl: Partly cloudy! tonight and Tuesday; Increasing southerly winds becoming 20-30 widespread' nines per hour west and north to- *"-"— "" r.ijht and most of state Tuesday; slightly warmer extreme north portion tonight: becoming cooler alone; northern border Tuesday:'low tonight 53-60; high Tuesday 60's along northern border, 80-85 south Minimum this morning—50. Maximum yesterday—33. Minimum Sunday morning 49. Maximum Saturday—80. MICHIGAN CITY, Ind., Oct. 15. (AP)—A new-born boy vanished my.-ttcriously from his crib In St. Anthony's Hospital Saturday and his grief-slricfcen parents pleaded Ihat he be unharmed. The infant. Lawrence James Lyons, was born by Caesarian section last Tuesday to Mrs. Frances Lyons. 37. His disappearance touched off a Idfsprcacl search by police of Indiana. Illinois and Michigan. In Michigan City, police carried on a grim search of garbage cans and sewers and Questioned countless persons. But. they said they still v,crc virtually without clues. Meanwhile. Ihe child's bewildered father, James, a 31-year-old service station operator, and the pain-backed mother hoped their , plea 10 "take good care of our baby and bring him hack" would be heeded. Police disco-.intrtl thr po*Hbihr.v that the Lyons toby was Uktn by someone wlio Jiut wanted a ii n i, v -any baby. The hoy was in a row of cribs with others on both sidr in the nursery. Police said a nurres' aK \ M-. r lene Lulu, told them Mmironc'-'k- ed her "which baby «as the 1 vor = b.iby" That n-n-i less tlian (•••» hours before another nurses 1 aid noticed the empty crib. "It looks like uhtir-ver did Unwanted Ihat baby alone." Puh,i Chief Arthur Menkc said Miss Lubs couldn't cive am- cl'.ics to the !ti,,,,tii v of the in'- qtilier. "I didn't even look arovmd" 'he '•'rf d ,' " I . w ^ M h «sy. T .m.-t poin'- e<i to the baby. I don't ew-n le- ^ l::- it was a man or -AO- v fnr ransom seemed :-ri!rt lie lias no money Cliokiii!! up so that he co;ild i.'.rcih talk, L\ons went on radio :.niirn WIMS to describe the ba- ))-'.' r..iin'ils ,-iiul (i)cad. -r'd like '" f.-ij plrase tahe good i..ue ol (; •:'" Uon'i harm him, and return him lo the hospital, polite station <'<:~ to our home. Lyons begged. Mr-. Lyons would have been r:^j>; in the hospital .se\cra] davs Inincr bccnii'ie nl her operation, bul doctors sent her home yesterday. The other mothers in her v ard had thr Ir babies brought fo liiein regularly, and she just <"'ildn't stand ii. I.vons has one other child. Dor- Ovh>, 13, by a previous nlarriage. Final Week For Filing; 2 Races to Date With only a week left until the filuiK deadline for city offices, niylhcvlllc has ilcvclopeil lwo three-way races In the municipal elr-rtion lo be held Nov. 0. Three City Council vnls will maintain status QUO with >uc uncertainly as the incumbent alderman is a candidate for mayor. D::artlihe for filing ',3 bi'., -i 1 ' nest Nfonday. In the mayor's race. Incumbent Doyle Henderson, seeking Ins second term, is opposed by freshman Third Ward Alcicrman"Don Blocl- gctt and former mayor E. R. Jackson, who served in that offitc Irom 1042 to 1050. The other race involves a triple entry fnr the post of First Wairl Alderman Jlinnilc Sanders, who Is not M'f-kini: re-elecMolt. Opponents for that council seal are Or. .1. F. Bro'.vnsrm, Cotton Buyer Wade Lee. and Homer Wilson owner anil operator til a service .station. In the Second Ward, Jihn W. Cauclill. tux attorney, has tiled for the seat nosv held by W. C. Gates, who recently moved out of the city. Alderman J. L. Mabcr.s is not up tor re-election. Tno Uiui|i|ioscil as Ycl Other posts not subject to change are those held by Aldermen Jcs e White. Ward One: .). L. NabM.s \Valti IVo; Dan lilotlgctt (a t-\n clidate for mayor i. Ward Thice and Charles Llplorrl. Ward Four Alderman L. G. Nash ts thus lar wilhout opposition for a str ond li.'un hi W;irrJ Ttirci; as- is Ihr <-a:-T wiiii Connrilnian Leslie MOIIIT, a i;nia le-r-li-ction in U ucl Si 111(1 ION on Pag,. 3 the Allies three-dav *'".* rive total .ULIU ry. nil-lain has leave either are: Cabinet Ka.vs 'No' Informants said the cabinet lust nielli, approved rclection of tlie western pi-o|io-,al. wlUc-li was hand, nl to tlie Egypt inns only Saturday i These same sources said :i note out- , j lining Kepi's stand would be riven , [today lo the amtinss:>doi-,s of the i four woilid-be defense pact partners. 'llic Rovi'ininenl was rcpurlcd a.s feeling that creation of tlie flvc- liovvcr Middle East, ennimmid—even though it offered l-^ypt full mcm- Ijcrship-would be tantamount to "eonlinniiiK the present British occupation untier a m-u- label." The inllneiitiiil lnclcpei:<tent newspaper Al Ahrani said the cjiWm.- had decided not to discuss defense from othrr" more hills, for of 24. Since lh drive began Saturday the U.N. troops have unshed forward up to as much as five miles In places. Flcltl dispatches said Red resistance crumbled completely at some points. llellcnplcrs AM Smash The smash toward Knnisong wai ipportcd by huge Marine hellcop- rs that ferried ammunition to the front ami evacuated Allied wound, ctl. The Reds retreated along fighting fronts, but they'stooii firm at Panmunjom where, liaison officers tried again Monday to get cease- fire lalks resumed. The two sides argued for lhre« hours without progress. The main stumbling block appeared to be the Red Insistence that the live-mile Kaesong niictral zone be malntsln- .l»'.™!vah from othfr'•,iiiilons"im-j, ' " Ithou nh the site of the talks ui i-'cypfs di-inaiHjs on'iliu ftuiv. and '":'. ni °!'<'< 1 si-^-i'^ sout n eastward the Sudan—(hut Rrllaiti ,^i' n ,ii_ '" p "i""imjom. Allied aircraft were out in forcn In support of both major ground attacks. I-'orty U.K. warplanes attacked an the- Sudan-<h;it Hrlinin""'Mt'mi'^ are met. I'ress I'nlillsbes Proposals The txvpfian piers today published detail; nf the four-power propo- nl. alon» wit], the flat slalement that Ii:ypl wa.s rejr-, ; ||nf; them Al Ahratn saitl ||,r unverinur-nt felt the wci-lct'ii iif,tr "could nnl even i:secl as a slarling point for disc PlO! " The iiro-KOvrrninrnt daily A] .Mi estimated 500 Chinese Sre WAR on Page 3 troops mov- SlOsceola Circuit Hie pro-government dailv A] .Mis.| '•i «id the western plans n-erc aim-I/* i f* I'd at ".slrenKlhr-niur; the fuothrildj j O|S5'f I AIlUOnQC of imperialism In K B _ V [H and the H*vUJ i CUllVCllt/3 .Si'dnti " Si'dnt 'Diplomats in London ulre.ltly had prrdirind Knypt wnn|-i d,-jj,,-,i,,| f,,jj i control of the Sudan as her pvii-e 'for Je'-iinr lti>- in! initu n] forte i i I ,,vpl CiinsiiH-i Arahljiu, 1 *1 Mi i r !)>i(ccl c.rlnr (hit | E-.iypt was consultiliK with oilier Arab nations in decide <m a common polity ol opposition to tlie \ t trrn SU" f H ins MIC mtmlp,! tl puli.mtnlir (Icoiiimiatlon of ilu: treaties v;ith liriialn v.,is expecteil to l.itmcli a r.iinpni'in of hnrassrnent and attrition i.imst Brill h tor s in f \pt I nil h I 01 run ^ecrelr Hirbirt M«"l ' "1 n I ll I . (ft tint Hi t aln would not set <iul. II" -aid Biit i h '"> I i i lr" i i t n i, MO i !> ' but v< nl I [i I n 1,1.1(1 Grand Jury Begins Deliberations; Three Face Murder Trials OSCKOLA. Oct. 15. CAP)—A grand lur% convened this morning and a petit jury was empaneled as the fill minimi) term of the Osccola D tnct of Mississippi County Circuit Court opened here. Aiiion* the cases scheduled to be .ubmiUed to (he grand jury van the fatal shouting Sept. 24 of Ethel Strong, 15, Negro, by Night Marshal J. O, Pemlen:ni5l ,-md City Patrol- min Alrc Wiley during an altercation 3*1 the woman's home. Iuil"c Zul B. Harrison of Blythc- ullr is pre:iWnig over this session diinni, which three murder cases are sch.iclnlecl to be triod. ^ filing murder trials are the !ol- RiMnoncl Bonds. 18. Negro, chari.. ert \ith the death of Sam M. Meal. Oiinli nlglitivatchmnji. Dec 3l' llyi durlni; a robbery attempt Krllr-v Walker. Negro, held in the (kith o! Robert May. Negro, at < i in l..-if-.e Ort. as. 1950. Willn Heed. Negro, charged with j' iwi ht '" W ' fC " Car Luxora laft Membrrs of the grand jury con"n i tnday include_ ! I Simmons. C. b. Ayic-s C. F. Ford. Ch'-ster Danchoner L K Hi * n :. H;,b Crews. ,r r ami Chnl Woniirufr. alt of okvola: i i! JI\vs KiiiiivHn o( Bind -tt--. J M I I n and C. 1). Bell, both, ol Lus' ri I icd -Iambs nf Glider C R F-cr-.ii on of K'-:-r. S ,.-,an C;irdiey Sir COIJHT on Pace 3 New York Stocks I'l'.OI.II'ic; -COTro.N STAI.K-.Art.iii-fiisi,! '« rottfln growcrr,, an au>i, ?ood." In view of that, tills "KHJ-plu.,--boll r-lalk, grown at Uoub'< B c County s rich soil. The stalk, of DPL \,v.iny. »as griwn by a sbarcun,>( ol Mrs. n. V, 1 . Tineatt. o( near Luxora. BUIKHI :-f;('»n. Board of Trade u nm — Courier ' )i boll j«r stdk i i 1 a 5; mil even in Mi ' i n cl on lit- on tl ' •'t me (f t p, I] UI ll '1 l -in o'lotatlons- A T and ']' A-iifr Tobacco Anaeonrta Copper . ! Ill Mccl C nu | r Cira-Cnia ( i F <-tr:i- C l Motors Mon iTomery Ward < V Central . .. Hit Hanesler . ... ,7 C IVnnev 1 i bin- Sir'el ! ul > <.<> IX V.H'UKm ^ iKleb.iker "- Tl ( ird o( N J r Corp II S M ol i J c. 15? 5-8 63 1-2 51 7-8 ,>fi 5-S 7:i 1-2 1(1! t-4 61 7-8 53 I-I' 73 5-8 20 1-2 36 72 3-4 45 25 3i 1-4 30 1-8 6S 7-8 5S 55 1-R 44 3-8 65 7-8

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