The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 19-17 - x CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1 D 'rt't r '*** D * r ^^ f<JI flBUMtlTJ l» '•i Mliuluium chares • »1 lllne per line '"* TX H tlDJfli yet lino y.r fey ''—— .-^ • 3 tJmcis yor line in 4i»~~ "" ~ so .0 times iior lime »«r gar _ ~~~ 7 C -,.1- tltuaa |icr line p«r da* _ " 6C Wciilh [,or lluo _ «,o c fount five &verai« words" "to" tie" Une. - ;j Ad ordered lor tlirao or Blx tluei and , , «o]-]ji>,i liefore explratlou wlU be chara- ea for Ilie number of tlmei the Ad *u- ••'•peurcd ana RdJaRtment of bill made • i . All Classified AdTCltlslui couy ea». mile* by persons residing outtldo of the '.'.•' £,. 1 ^li. t '!',.?' r 5° n " >:1 ! ll ?< i . 1 >7 «»!>• B"«" . comtmtcd from tlie abore .: t&ble. Adrerllslnit order for Irrenlu Inm- '•tlons tahes tije ouo time rate No renponslMlitj vtfl b« tekn for aioro than one Incorrect Ineectlo* •( any clanalflej ad. For Safe '•My nroiH'rt'y in Otmil.icrs- villc, corner Sivth & Hij,'h- l.-iiul. Miiry K. .loplin Clark ';'• lilydievillo, or telephone 5-I(i C';iru(horsvillc. G •! pk 1 -1 ,A few used show cases and flat Inn display tables and slu'lviiifi-. .1. Mdl lirookt .. Jr., 107 Kasl Main St. I'lume Rll. BLYTHEVIIXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWO For Sal* S01LKD KUO >IK>U dii> ILED KUO aix>u dlumx.r Initially wliiru odurl»M floa Foau it u»«d D»»U I'alut 4 W»lli>»uer Store Gl2B-<*-«|28 Suite of b»drooru furniture Encluilin* e l)rinaa ind multrcBi. 1012 Holly. •i}4 gallon conittr Ice Cr«»iu frrerer wllh CO (alloa tloraet 1 I'lrclrie meat s]ip<r. l*bone 87 H L KliiK. Manila, Ark. '___ e!2-uk.7!2 lnK. Sawmill * *w * Ds»d Wui „ I'Janliiit Mill Mai-lilne,J „,„„!,„ I.UMDKIi i MAIIHINEKT (V) ?«!« 20 <.Vnl<>r Kl.. Mule K or i, Xrk «IC |il:.'1 For Rent Ik-Uruoui. Til. 952. 106A. K. Main. -Viiv fnrnifWd bedriMim. Kitcl.fii prlvl- I'Ki 1 . OiMiuiuil. liJ6 i;a*j Dasls. iuriijfi[u'<l ntmrlm.'jil Ctusi, in 20C2. !|,ok-12 heilrooiu. convi'iileiit to halli. only. 603 W. Alali^ phone 4^2. SCIO-ck-lf PurniBhed aparlincnl. J12S West Kyra- Fu a lore for m I'lione 869.. hora«« and cattle. lleilrooin, convenient to bath Plionu 3325. ell W. (> 2 ck tf Bu.lraom BU N. 9tn. 1'b. 2338. . T. lw U ,'""" J ' 1 "' 1 ' r «il«r. JIOO.OD. Al«i fi.rni 'l,-»il,. r ». \v«,|,. Alii,, K,|. v;i K ,,. HMJ-. ,j| .-.'onl, l>|i«n<. :niir.. : "IN!, ,|,,v... 'I'linr Lr r. ciiHrnrolH'. , I'll liilil'. Mrs. S|irn.JI,>y ,1: _^^ 0-tl!-l2 ton Mriki' Iriu-k. ' rj.,.j;. ni The famous Ijraiul of GoiiUls Ijiccli-ic puni|is arc now a~il;ilile at I'lunters Haril- \v:||f Co. in ;,50 ti) TOGO ' :,'iilv!iiiK per hour ^apuuity. .:. Let tlseiii insiull one for V yon tomorrow. !) ck tf million. Das. full :t:t8ll. Pnivh ^li.l.,.- «illi ,|, r iii K s anil sis rnsli- . i,,,i>. l'.-](,TI I'omliiinii. !•!,„„,. 5|ij. l!llll-rk-i:i lCI-[,k-l !l invo soiiiptlinij,' yon rton't need T Traitu r,r t.ll il at Kivan Slici|>. 401 E Main. I'l>"'le «S9. .19 |ins,.rw,.r Inlornntionnl Kcliool Dus. n,.n,l .-on.lili,,,!. Illytlievillo L'Mcb " Line. Kir. X. Kr.-inklin • : n'3-ek-tr lloil.-n, (i ,,,,,,11 h,,,,, L . witt, hardwood " ..... •" "" (iincrel,- A|i- l.rov,.,! for li. I. l.nan. Pri,',. iwao.OO. . e .^2oOO.tlll 'JVnn.s. N. lillli Kl. ITi lo ;icres K. of Ic' Now 0 room r>|U-pk-t!|i< Di. Oloae In. 310 w \Valnut S| J room nnfurnl.slied a|it 1UO W Cherry. Connie only. 'n|7-|jk-IU room. Phone 2920. BI7-pk.ll Stwvfe** I.f>t IIR sharpen and rppalr your lawn mower, regardless t> ( ^[ n ,\ or s j ie . Get ynnrs ready now. and avoiil Oi« ni.^i. \V«, pick up and ilpliver ULy- !li*vLlle Ma,-liine Hlioii, 211 S Herond Kl. I'll. '28'>S. MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need • loan t« repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red UD«X FHA MpproTed rate 5*. Ask for details. Max Lofan, Realtor, phone 20S4. Lynch Bld(^ BlytbeTllle. 9-28-ck-tf Oil Stove Repair. All work guaranteed: 1'icktnl up. i'hone ft51. 6|2J-pk-0|24 Lost Llitilnu wrisl wnleh. Hose colored fi lenlhHr lianil. Hru-anl. Billy Sam 11 ryinan Thone 'Jiys. 619-1,1-12 • :?::::;,u.oi). r r,. n li,,,!,i- \vi1ti l,;it!i ;; (,i,i,'-ks /riuu inniii >li>-l. I'lie,- is rjfht; "'r.-rins. S. 10 Vic..!,V fi'| r '' S ,T ,"'-""" "" l!1 "'B'^'iV-' 4'J n,-ivs i lose in "wi'lli'" 1 B o'ud""lm- l'".v. 1,1^ \- j.,,,,,1 | ;1II ,]_ Wt . ]l!lva i-'iil. If >,,u are int/ri'sli'i'l ia^selli'nt; ' I,,nii> ,-u .-hy i.fiij.i-rry an,] farm Ejujd* ; uiili IIMV i.f intori-sl :nul Jong i t.iu, ,,f ,,r,. iMvmoiil. See nr call l.n- Iller f.ray !(,.;,l|,,r. I'll,.11, f,i:| „, ,1,,,-t 1 K,.,s Sjil I'hoii,- :<f,IJS. ,j|o Offi.N- ivilh Alaii,.i, William., [ | -. K n r< ] sjl. I'lnnii. 'J7r, I. Position Wanted Position. Experienced in ty[iin>r, short tuiml, boiikkee|iing. Joy Ctiandler pljone 3250. 6t4-pk-ll iPiirni.!!! Ir^rlor \vitli 2-ro\s- ^uKiyator. . .M. II. Jr.rr.-ll. Nnrlli of Gw.nell. !!nyn! |mrtnKl,- tyi^writer in first rhiss -'- nilnlitii-lt. 1'l.on.; 1101)1. : onlv. OH- W. Main. Plion« .111 1 !. r.|29-ck-tf Announcing * BOB'S ELECTRIC SHOP © H&e Wiring C Farm Wiring Q Repairs Phone 2397 r,0fl Norlli 5th Ktrert " Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed Your icroimlinif, bookkeeping or work of a similar nature. Veteran, *^e ^4, mar riei!. resilience near O-sc.'G 1 !!. Have r«r. Toned typiat. Write I 1 0 »-)f 470 Osrcula. , Ol^pk-L Ceiipml iriuiie. RhirU-j- llnrlinm. I'lmn ;(3(10 nr ^Ifi;!. GllO-ck-1' We Deliver Meats Groceries Pasteurized Milk Swift's Ice Cream Sweet Cream Food Lockers —Meat Curing— We Make Sausage Frozen Foods Main at 21st St. Phone 2602 Free Del/very Coll PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 Chickaaawbft LADIES DO Your Wash Automatically And Save! 35c up to 9 Dry Weight We Furnish Soap Bleach & Killing Free! THE Washerette Crosstown—Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Place clothing in Bendix 2. Add soap, wait or shop 3. Take clothes home in 35 minutes. • Monday, Tuesday, Friday Open lilt 9 p. in. on Steel Oil Barrel Racks A«T 9l« T. L MURV IZl MISSODKI BT. PH. Mtl Q Lubricate chassis D Change engine oil D Replace oil filter D Refill transmission D Refin_differentla! O Repaclc^nod adjust :'. bearing**' ;^ D Tune-op engine 1 D Adjust brakes " PHILLIPS \ MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth— Blytheville, Ark.— Tel. 453—3715 PAGE Wanted to Buy k nuU'il to lnjy fj-utii Dwnpr Biiikll 4 or 0 roiirn bimntj. \\',,n loc:iU>(L A mo.U'rii. i i'w '1 I'f 1 ^ 1 '' r»'i.«o»»m»i, j\u«w«r to 1)1 >\\ I nttf C'iMirler Sitwt, 6-10-lf ,,,,11 acre«ge~7caT Hli-llicvllle. 11 " Cash fin- wrecked or junk itiidimohiles. \Vadti ,Auto Salvage, Norlh Hiway (!!. I'liono :)7sr>. r> so i>k'<> ;ui Hcfa Wanted Wanted to Rent or 4 room furtilstiM or unlornljli"! liarlnii-nt, iiest of ri-ftT*iic.ra. Wiitu V.L.D. ulo Courier News. *. * p.BG-tf or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-tl Jnfurnlsbeil house or Apnrluu'iit vorv rgt-iilly nei.HK-,1. I'li-nse rail McBiiil*-, i-]l[i Iiii[,]piiu-iil3. i,]ji,uu Mil:! (Hl-lit-ll S[,nt-e for II rars. Call Loons I.o*»9 —- oil miythinc of vnlnp [h:i[ \s I,JMI,.,|,|,:; (•;,«. Trncka. Tnu-K. I[4iusi-s unil Furniture. Atstt F.II.A. InniiR for re-fi»!iiicin£. ri,p:urii]^ lunl liniMing »n,l K/au» uu KAII.I [ Is in ]'>»• rales of inltTi-Kl. Si-n - A. K. l)i.:- Irioli. Uuitoil [iisiiruurit A^-n^y "ll!! 1 .'. W. Main Kl.. over Gunnl:*' .lc«i'lry Children should hove Ihclr first iiulJpox vaccination bt-forc thc'U' birlhday. according to an em- incut physlclnn. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. TI24W. Ash St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our nindnrn HIAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close f,:?,0 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 323 North 2n<] Struct New, Longer Lasting CAR FINISH Retains Newness of Lustre, Makes Your Car Radiantly . Beautiful— > What does this new treatment, do for your car? PORCELAIiWINO beau Li Ties and protects the finish. But, unliko other "waxes.... nr "finishes" porcelainizing does not harm the surface itself, nor does it pick up dirt, grcaso mid othe foreign materials that are common (o most other finishes. Instead, this marvelous new finish hardens DHY. leaving a clear, transparent view of I he painter! surface in all its originality! Let Us PORCELAINIZE Your Car! Langsfon-Wroten Company Walnut at Broadway SAfF cans SAVf nvfs , coop CABS 8*ING GOOD PXICfS nllri-i nn.l l«o rar-linpi, (lirK Al'ldy II'" N. IV.MiVlln. Ph. 272'J, Aller .'> '""_; __ __ 7-pk-ia Jf. ;,iiili' of ll s iiomc, icelniul I:; liiiKl ill ]iol Kpi'lnys, geysers, uiul FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Wafer Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced/ Osceofa Tile and CULVERT CO. Wo Deliver 1'limie. G<)1 We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkiuson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cos! IMorc — Worth More "A BUYER'S BEST ASSURANCE IS THE SEUER'S GOOD NAME" Buy Your Used Car From Loy Eich Chevrolet Co., and Be Satisfied. T94T Chevrolet Special Deluxe Sedan. 1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor. 1942 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan. 1938 Ford Deluxe 4-door Sedan. 1939 Plymouth Conch 1942 Chrysler Royal 4-door Sedan. 1941 Chrysler Royal 4-door Sedan. 1941 Pontiac 4-door Sedan. 1941 DoSota Custom Sedan. 1941 Dodge 4-door Sedan. MOD1NGER TIRE CO. 116 f.. Main I'linnc 2201 1946 Chevrolet cab over engine tractor rind 24 foot Carter Trailer. You can't tell this outfit from neW. Most of These Cars Hove Radios and Heaters. Easy G. M. A^ C. Payment Plan LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. We Never Close 301 Walnut St. Sales Dcpt open til 8 Phone 578 A common nlny, colled Ixmltm- Uc, Is n.sO(] In molds In fontnlarli'K nn<] as "mud" In linrliii; di-rp oil wi-lls. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock (iimrnnleed licst Prices Kirby Drug Stores I AS A NATURAL AID FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Ililjli l)lniul prc.ssiiro nnsnclnlntl with kkincy cllBonKO insiy liu vctliiccil by koi.'|iUii' kldnpys fnnrlliininK )>ni|i- Sjr,,'J crly. Vm 75 ycurs ilocjors huvc prc'sci'lbcd this inln- «ml wnlrr frntn llul Hprlni;s, Ark. I'uie luslliiK . . . not u hixMtlvc, CRqSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Muln and IHviKion llljlhtvlllt, Ark. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS QR ANY EXCAVATION S^#£ Estimates S.iXCOHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Phone 3646 and2525 DON EDWARDS "The JTrprwrtler Man" ROYAL, B1HITII, CORONA and HKM1NGTON FOBTABU 110 N. 8ECONO 8T. PHONH na (Ererj Transaction I T.I. SEAT MOTOR CO. Radios and Heatera ; ; Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts /or all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes . , Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOU* SERVICE DEPARTMENT ' 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 >:>!>;;o !*! '*• I Save 50% Chopping Expense | >• Can he plowed 5 (o 0 days afler planting. | nOWDBN •!! H — STONBV1LLE 2C — D P & L 14 >! x | For Sale By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP.! 5 Phones 856-857 '^>>>nco>;>>;>>>>"o;>!>>:>>>>>>;>>^ I'RICII.LA'S POP • ; —fvHiiehody IClsc—Not Me How many times must\ Gy AL VERMEEI $ And when Daddy comes home I want you to tell him what a naughty girl youve been!

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