The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1951 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 13, 1951
Page 6
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PAGB EIGHT BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Truman's Texas Backers Seek to Pull Lone Star Into Fair Deal Pasture AUSTIN, Tex,, Oct. 13. Wi President Truman's Texas backers today made plans for a corral lo hold some of the state's buckini; »ntl-Truman Democrats in the Fair Deal pasture. The "Volunteer Democrats." a liberal faction of Texa. 1 ;' usually- split Democratic party, heard Secretary of Agriculture Charles K. Erannan nddre.w a political breakfast. Then they began organizing to stamp out the renewed lineal of a nixiecrat uprising here. The state's biggest IX'mocrat — Oov. Allan Shivers—wasn't having my breakfast with the "volunteers." ?fe was in Dallas for the Texas- Oklahoma football game. The breakfast apparently was blessed by-top-level administration leaders, first word of It came out of Washington, and Speaker Sam Rayburn's friends were among the ohtef cooks. Struggle Is Warm It's all an unusually-early warm- ip in ths usual struggle for control of precinct, county, state and national conventions to be held from tarly May through September. National Committeeman Wright Morrow and State Executive Chairman R. E. Wheat, along with Shiver*, didn't «at with the group, either. All got belated Invitations, but •aid DO tharuu. 6hlveri and Morrow are no friends of Truman. They have challenged the "Volunteer Democrat*'" claim to the title "Loyal Democrats," and say [hey are us loy»l u anyone to party principles. Th« "Volunteer Democrats" frankly fear the party organization under Shivers, Wheat and Morrow might go so far as to Join In a 1952 Southern revolt against President Truman, similar to that of 1948. Teuft Didn't Qo T«HM didn't go with the Southon boHen In '«. Ck)M associate j of the Texas party organisation'£ leadership assert they will carry on a last-ditch light •gainst Tturrmn—right to the brink, but short of, bolting. The Tera* delegation to the na- Las Vegas Jacks Up'Don't Talk' Signs for A-Test LA8 VEGAS, Nov., Oct. 13. tA*)- While the Army tncked up "Don't talk "signs in" saloons and gambling halta, this town buzzed with excitement and speculation today over the forthcoming atom bomb tests In the Nevada badlands. AJeardy the Olvll Aeronautics has turned warnings lo pilots contemplating flights within & 200 mile radius of Las Vegas. In Carson City yesterday, top Atomic Energy Commission officials spent 90 minutes In conference with the governor of Nevada. With the day of the blast obviously drawing near, Army intelligence lightened up Its security network in an attempt to prevent the spread of rumors, founded or otherwise. To guard against security leaks by any of the 5,000 troops from Cnmp Desert Rock, the Army posted notices in bars and other public places. llonnl convention in 1948 voted for Senator Richard Russell of Georgia as the Democratic Presidential nominee. Then, In November, 1948, Texas took Truman two to one over the combined Republican and Dix- iecrat candidates. Secretary lirannan was to speak later today to the Texas social and legislative conference. This Is Kiotip of militant Liberals among Texas Democrats, representing labor, pension, farm a n d veterans groups, long-associated with the Roosevelt-Truman wing of the Democratic Party in Texas. The conference began today and will run through tomorrow. 63 Per Cent Pass Collegians' Draft Status Exams WASHINGTON, Oct. 13. W)-Se- lectlve Service snld yesterday 63 per cent ot 339,000 college students who took examinations this year for military deferment got grades of 70 or better. This is one criteria for deferment. Another Is the student's standing in his class—upper hair of Ihe freshman class, upper two- thirds of the sophomore class or upper three-fourths; of the junior class, Seniors are eligible for /deferment If they are in the upper half of their class or score 75 or better in the Selective Service tesLs. Selective Service Director Lewis B. Hershey reminded students who have not yet taken tests they will have opportunities to do so at over 1.000 centers throughout the country on Dec. 13 and April 24. They must get application blanks lor the tests at draft boiirds. Southern Caf Offers Degree in Television LOS MNGELES. Oct. 13. m — Signs of the times: The University of Southern California announced yesterday It will offer a bachelor of science decree in television, with courses starting with the sprine semester next. Pcb 7. It Is the first time any school in the country has offered such a degree. S. C. President. Fred P.igg said. The university for three years has offered a bachelor or arts degree in radio and television. EDSON Commend trom Page ( CEASE-FIRE (Continued from Page 1) he addressed his eriff and bitterness largely (o the Kcds. This |N the story of Ihe alleccd strafing, us told the Allied liaison officers Saturday: lloy Was Fishinj The 15-year-old boy n»s fishlnc .in a shallow stream aboul half » mile norlh of 1'Anmunjom on the main highway lo Kanong late f>hlay afternoon. Ilia 12-year-old hrother. holcllnir their Iwo-ytar- olrt hrnllicr In his arms, was watch- i''E- The oldest Uoy said he saw three planes and dived under a brldjre, Init that his Iwn nrnlhrrs were hit. the youngest was shot In the lift arm. Investigators also were (old [hat three North Korean soldiers walk- Ing along Hie road saw the planes and JiimiK-il for rover. I'njuirmhly (hey Identified the planes for the lied high cimnnatul. While the InvrsEisiUors were at the lirlilgr, Hie dcail toy's mother nrrlvril, carrying (he Injured two- year-old In her arms. The yomig- slcr's Icfl arm was linmlaccd. In Ills rljrtit hand lie field a turnip and gnawed on It rrom lime to (Imp. Father Hurls llarranRiie. As the u N. (cam got ready lo leave. Ihe boy's father hurled a harrnnguc al Lt. Richard Underwood, one or the Allied Interpreters. The aged farmer, clad hi traditional white, complained that the shooting occurred in the pe.icc conference area and that he would not have minded sacrificing his son if it had been Ln a \vr\r zone. It was this harrangue and the shift of the fanner's attack from the Reds to the u. N. Allies that led u. N. officers to say he had been coached ovi-rniRhl. As Air Force Col. Don narrow of Tacoma. Wash., one of Ihe 1). N. officers, w;is about to get in his Jeep, the fanner grabbed him by the jacket and asked what would be none about the death of his son. lie wns led away by a North Korean officer. Broadkx>m means any carpet wider than 27 Indira, (he width of the original looms, and docs not refer to a solid color. force Frltchcys hand for release. The fact remains that Time hart the story In type and in the forms, ready to print, (hen Fritchcy's office decided wlui corrections'it wanted mane, inrhidinc the killing of a picture which the Air Force itself then released. What solution thlf offers for I operation under President Truman's new security prosram Is not clear lo most Washington newspapermen. In Justification of the Depart- \ ment of Defense decision to rolta.«e I some information on the Matador. It is pointed out ths: information 'on this ne;v weapon. Ihe -Corporal E" and other euirtc-ci misMles. should not be rUssiiicri. The Gcrir.ans had Ihr.r \-" in 1944 and 1545. The United Slates presumably wen; to work on guided miwile immediately n(ter. It wouirt be sil'.y lo suppose that r.o progress had been made j in six years. It h only lair to report i to the American people or. Vn; * progress has been marie. ' j K. T. Keller, head o( the Chry»ler I corporation ann now head of the guided missile- production, has not operated on that basis. Re has given no. Intervie-.vs. He hss repeatedly to!d Department of Defense Office of inforn.iuLou: "If you mid newspapermen clown to tee me, I'll go out In the hail and shake hands, then go back Into my office" it Is his Idea lhat new weapons should be kept as military secrets until they are ui.ei in combat against RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday 'NEVADA 7 Rolicrl Mitchum Also Cartoon & Serial Saturday Owl Show 'EX CHAMP' Viflor Mdiglni Sun.-.Mon.-Tucs. Walt A Disney's SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1951 S?i? R i? W , AN P, SUPPLICATION-A Korean widow sobs over the grave of her late husband Thlj!" tj . au ? ht " s , b °, w I" "^f" 1 Player after having placed offerings of food at the burial place Tn« scene U typical of Korean cemeteries, where at least once each month relatives gather to &av'*f *A 4h^il» AK^A Y**J respect to their dead. Arkansas News Briefs — State Poll Tax Payments Drop From '50 Total By TUB ASSOCIATED I'HKSS LITTLE HOCK—Payment ot poll taxes by ArkniiiM voiere this year declined from the 1350 record total. Slate Auditor j. Oscar Hum- plirey snld yesterday that. 514,031 poll tax receipts w cre issued before Oct. 1. Lost year's total was S 2 2.789. A poll tax Issued prior to Oct. 1 entitles a voter to cast a ballot In the Nov. fl municipal geiicml elections. However, another poll lax will have to be paid before one may vote In the 1952 statewide Bcnernl election. Cherry 'Hot Running' LITTLE HOCK—Chancellor Francis Cherry of Jonesboro says lie has been "approached" to run for governor of Arkansas next year, but adds that "I am not now a candidate." Furthermore, Cherry said yesterday and move Ui draft him for the race "is not my intention." Man Dies in Wreck DBS ARC—One man was killed atid another Injured seriously when their auto crashed Into the rear of a parked truck here early today. Arthur C'lifton Marsh. 26. a Des Arc sawmill worker and farmer, died Instantly In the crash. C])l. James Calvin Hendrlcks ot DPS Arc;"home on army-leave, suffered severe lacerations, Two Autos from One WASHINGTON—Senator Ful- brlsht iD-Arkl says aulo manufacturers mifilit hcl|> In saving scarce materials by reducing the sue of American curs. AL hearing on defense materials yesterday before Mie .senate l/iiiik- i"B committee, Fulbriglit said he thought auto makers could sol two cms out of the materials used now for one. Life Term in Slaying NEWPORT—A -H-ycar-oW oil field worker has been .sentenced to li/c imprisonment for the ambush Maying; of Henry Robinson. A Jiickson circuit court- jury yesterday convicted Nathan Howell of first degree murder for the ^•^•^^•n^^H^^KMOR^HII^H NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your ('mnnuimty {'er.ter" MANILA, ARK. Maliuccs Sat. & Sun. 1'Itoiic 5.S Also Warner Xcwi A Sliorls Saturday "SNAKE RIVER DESPERADOES" Charles Starrcif Saturday Owl Show "SAILORS ON LEAVE" William Lvmdigan Sunday & .Monday "TOMAHAWK" Van llctlln Yvonne DcCarlo Tuesday "STARDUST and SWEET MUSIC" Russian Standard of Living 'Equal' To Britons, But They're 'Ignorant' PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 13. iIP>— The Russian standard of living is about the equivalent ol that in I England but Russian citizens "are entirely ignorant of conditions in the world outside," says a. British Quaker. Paul S. Cadbury, head of the century old Chocolate Company of Cndbury and Pry in England, was one of seven British business and professional lenders—all Quakers— who asked premis.slon to enter Russia on a peace mission. They spent two weeks In Moscow. Leningrad and Kicve in July as guest-s of the Russian government. Cadbury reported on the mission yesterday to the American' Friends service committee, He said or'tne Kussiatis: "Everyone we met and nearly everyone we saw In our travels appeared contented and adequately clothed and fed." Cndbury said [he trip was requested on the strength of the Quakers' 300 years of opposition to war. He stated: "The Russians do not want war, the Western world dors not want war. Yet war is so close that we believe the time for talk Is past, and peaceful action and example arc called for." Hungary Is Playground For Lesser Rank Reds VIENNA (APi—The lesser lights of international communism have n new summer playground. While the top leaders spend their vacations in Moscow or nt Russia's resorts around the Crimea and the Blnck Sea, the second-fiddle boys KO to Hungary. The hunc hotels and summer rc- snrts along the shores of the 50-mile IOIIK Lake Balaton, once a. gather- Ing point for East Europe's elite, have been converted to rest centers for weary Communists from Wesc Europe. Hungarian newspapers recently repealed that among those sojourning on the shores of the lake were Communists from West Germany, Norway. France and Belgium. Leon Errol Dies Of Heart Attack HOLLYWOOD. Oct. 13. Oft' — Leon Errol, the bald comedian with the collapsible knees, died of a heart attack yesterday. He was 70. He will be buried Monday at Forest Lawn Memorial Park In Glendale. The veteran actor had 10 years of vaudeville and musical comedy appearances behind him in Australia and Sew Zealand before he came to America and joined the Ziegfeld Follies. ARMS (Continued from Page 1) quest for a supplemental appropriation for the armed services. The other measure approved yesterday was a $1,0.12,807,887 bill carrying funds for the State. Commerce and Justice Departments and the judiciary. The Republicans made a fight on this one hut It passed by almost a straight party line vote, 31 to 27. June 24 shooting in nearby Horseshoe Bottoms, and fixed his punishment nt life imprisonment. Stalin Statues Built In Eastern Europe VIENNA. iyr>—Even If Communism doesn't last, the Communists are making sure that Stalin won't be forgotten. Some of the busiest construction in Eastern Europe revolves around the building of statues of the Russian leader. Practically every town of size in the Balkans is building at least one. One of the biggest is In Budapest, Hungary's capital. The huge bronze edifice is 55 feet high on its pedestal and will stand In the city park. "Beneath Stalin's smiling face." s?j-s a Hungarian newspaper, a dnis is beins built from where Communist lenders can review parades. Lilitnthal Charges Atomic D«v«fopm«nt I* Monopolistic SALT LAKE CITY. Get. 12. W>j —David Lllienthal, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, today charged that the government Is handling atomic development In a monopolistic manner. He said this could lead to nationalization of American industry. Lllienthal said the free enterprise system Is not being used by the government In atomic energy work. But he made It clear that he drew a sharp line between atomic development for war and lhat for Industry. Missco Defense Bond Sales for .Month Reported Mississippi Countians purchased a total of $56.111.75 in Defense Bonds during [he period from Sept. 3 through Oct. 7, It was announced today by the Little Rock office of the U.S. Savings Bonds Division of the U.S. Treasury. Of the total, $30.771.75 represented sales of Series B bonds and the remainder was paid out for Series G oonds. Sales during this period represented 40.5 per cent of the county's goal during the bond drive period, Sept. 3-Nov. 13. LIBRARY IN SHAPE FOR IKE—Mrs. Mamie Elsenhower sits, on the ana of a chair in the library of the new villa of the Dwlghr D. Eisenhowers in a Paris suburb. The country house combines traditional with functional furniture to provide a relaxing home for the commander of NATO forces. Finnegan to Post Bond in St. Louis ST. LOUIS, Oct. 13. MV-James P. Finnegan, former Internal revenue collector charged with accepting bribes and with misconduct in office, is to surrender and post bond today. The nattily dressed personal friend of President Truman drove to his home from Washington, accompanied by his wife. He told reporters: "Any accusations made against me will be definitely explained to show that I have never been guilty of any wrongdoing." Negro Deaths COTTON BOLL on North Hiway 01 1'hone 3570 SATURDAY ONI,Y TA.MIl.Y | St.OO [M'.R MTK i CARI-OAI) Sunday & Monday DELIGHT in its »< A , WONDEf- WORLO i of iighh ... Wt^%^i Disney's jJiT «- 8 -" • SI'KCIAI. ATTRACTION". 'NATURE'S HALF ACRE A True Life Adventurt! Jenny Morrison Dies; Rites to Be Tomorrow Services for Jenny Morrison, 03, who died Monday at the home of her son, John Morrison, will be conducted at 11 a.m. tomorrow at the Second Baptist Church at Burdette by Rev. R. G. Gates, pastor. She leaves two sons and two daughters. Burial will be in Carr Cemetery at Armorel with Cns'ton Funeral Home In charge. • * Norris Williams Dies Services for Uila Gnrrctt. 51. of near Wilson will be conducted tomorrow afternoon at the Macedonia Church at Wilson. She died Wednesday. W. F Cobb Funeral Home of Blytheville is In charge. Garrett Rites Sunday Funeral services for Norris Williams. 61, of Yarbro will be conducted at 1 p.m. tomorrow in the Yarbro Negro Church. He died Wednesday, w. F. Cobb Funeral Home of Blytheville Is In charge. . Hollywood Continued from Page 4 can be happy without seeming themselves on the screen. Wearing a 1927 hairdo and gown for the same picture, Debbie told me: "! just don't like myself on the screen. I flip whenever I see myself ui> there." This year's Miss America contestants are faring better in Hollywood Ulan any other crop. Billie Taylor, who was Miss Houston, is being tested by MGM. • * • UI hits postponed Jimmy Durantc's "I've Been Working on the Hail- mad" picture to 1952. The Schnoz will be working too hard In TV this year. Revenge? It may or may not be Atlanta, Ga.'s way of getting even with Hollywood for "Gone With the Wind," but cameras are turning there on n full-length, evil-of-drink movie "The Cure." The stars are Virginia Grey and Jackson McBride from TV. Dr. Carsbie Adams is producing tlie film adaption of ills own novel and he isn't worried about the Dixie accents of the supporting players being recruited from Atlanta little theater circles. He told me before leaving for Atlanta: "Suh. we doan't have Southun accents any nioah." Farley Granger may froth when he hears it. but there's a plan afoot to co-star Shelley Winters and husky Vincent Edward *-tile new flame in Shelley's heart furnace—in "Whip- hand" at UI. He's a rugged newcomer who makes his film bow in the Martin- Lewis starrer, "Senior Beware." Shelley, lie admits, has been calling him long distance from Paris. Will he try to cut out Farley the sweepstakes for Shelley's hand when the pair return frotn Europe? "Definitely." grinned Vincent. I "Very definitely. I like her. she's i a good kid. She's got a real good \ heart." Alexander the Great inherited his army from his rather Philip. An oplhalmologist is a physician who specializes in the study and treatment of delects and diseases of t)ic eye. 1'laygrouiuls for the Kiddies Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Saturday NITE NITE-7 kCvMM* CAR AW I ITS OCCUPANTS ,_ >- WILLMADMITTII B* .. ' ONE- BUCK! (A WtU« TO V-AU....) A REM.feMUMN!..A GRUT UVWGStt Double Feature —Plus- AUTRY ROUTS GUER1LUS! 2 Color Cartoons "Invisible Monster" Serial Sunday & Monday First Run in Blylheville SMUGGLERS ISLAND ' ~ &£. !'fV£LWKEVti —And— CONTACT — The Right People for Thot Job Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYIHIIVIU E COURIER NEWS I. SCOTT SMARTfSS^'" 01 g *-- w;t"r';±.?,";[«!![TiK[t 2 Color Cartoons Phone 4621 Show Start! Weekdays 1:00 Sat.-Sun. 1:00 Always n Double Feature vSiiturdiiy! 2 Hits "BEYOND THE SACRAMENTO" "PISTOL PACKIN'MAMA' Also Cartoon "T.atmnn with Kiiliin" Serial Saturday Owl Show * Starts 11:30 "The Tiger Man" Also Cartoon "Cody of I'ony Express" Serial Sunday & Monday '/ UMM. -. . .i^iCN'LVTt--- M.^NWN'ft^KHBWPf Cartoon & Latest Ncw»

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