New York Herald from New York, New York on December 3, 1870 · Page 14
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New York Herald from New York, New York · Page 14

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1870
Page 14
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JNKW YORK 11EKA.U). SATUKDAT. PKUMMBKK 3. I«70.-qUAJDKUrLE SHEET. FIRE UPJDER WATER, K«jT7Jiag of the Great Caisson of the Brooklyn Bridge. the Labor of Months Destroyed in Six Hours. Ins. Ii is the tal«mion or the company who are constructing tho caisson to wail u u v l i Monday moralug beiore ihev will Ut'jjln '-o Pump out the water, ttiorobv glvinjr nmiilo opportunity to sonK out; ;my Hidden embers of I lie lire. The ulr was such in tins deiih ol tlic caisson Hut witen a canal? name wan bl'nm out Hie decaying sparks 01 the wick would in ulrtsaiti by the oxysoa lu the chambers. Jt is A (illKAT WONUUR that an exp'o^ion did not lake place tram this oxyeen. nnti ii«d one happened the destruction of WHITHER ARE VYs DillFTINGf tjp-(nr« H».V Mis.s K.ilih'.ii Edc-nrton. Not-withstanding tho hlgli culture ana almost matchless intellectual standard to which slio is said to have arrived, the beautiful lecturers ... _ ,,. . musl iiave iclt sumo emotions of wide, life;i:M))rc)roriyv,oi)!;i Have bseu terrible to t l i m k · experienced ia some instances bv ncrso-s of, as IMC cai-son would have been blown to pieces · ,,,,,! ,,,i,TM,,,,,i ,,, n,» , , , leiM,,s · w i h a l l Hio.v ivlKiHxveinll. . lcs3 advanced in the Jolty acquisitions LECfUSSS LAST MIGHT. FB'H Otltt El'KOPKAS I'JMITOKiVTAl £sra»c uf Ssventj-ftro Workmen Imminent Death. Story of tJie Catastrophe--: fi/lll are wo driftingr" The gatnerlus was most select the bed of" tlie'Ever was'mmom eTuHeiy'nn"- : ancl '"tci-esUng, ami when the largo hail was lighted . . . . nf the structure remains, and the work may have to j l,o begun ail over asralti. The work of excavation I below the bed of the river was almost emiiely fln- I ;siied. alter a tremendous amount of labor, such as j uas never beiore been expended ou a like btrm-.lure in America. The caisson was to cost about S-'.CO^ouO wnen Hilly constructed, if i-s not known how the lire originated, out it is believed that tlie flame of a ca:v.lle i-a»giit soiao of the vents of air m the crevices ol tlie timber ceiling:, aud thus in a few hours the worK of up the aspect was truly picturesque. Al eight : ·"·"··»"»·'*· ""''''lucs-tireurs lias bee o'clock the lair Miss Lillian Edsarion appeared upon ; in ccu """ Fr " uce U;V " cr «ie title of " the platform and was greatly applauded i l)I tl10 RUuile -" Tlle:r programme is tl '·Are ?ou ^oinir down in the lock. ,Tim? T: srim.i. lintry-ciirsiod fe ! !ow to a companion, who W5i i-.iso besmirched with clayey substances, and ' " nill; c '»e who sroiid ,'!!L;II£ with his f mo!: : 'i of tne caisson ot the Thiir.~!.iy mpht, at about liaif-p:ist elzht. o'clock. "V.-.-i. I (tiiess I will; there's nobody wsnts to go down ;t;::im until the mea come bact from dinner I timber:' ,,,,,,,, ' LOXC, TVEAJtr 310-ST113 bain a i vv ns rendered useless. Commencing with the remark tuat many disUn- fitnshed men had advised brevity lu public lectures and addresses, she thought that a biruseye view of the subjects of "3Ii!t!UAG£ AND DIVORCE" _ ,,_ , would be most pleasUg, as well as most truly reprc- j bridges m tins country--piles rarely exceedr:^ six ' sentativeof the actual state ot these two Instlta- cavatiou is to bo carried on being 160 leet bv i'S wet i J'^rtbea the feelings and expressions of many n-hi ana 9 feet ui ueigiit. " ; bemffbadl? matcned Uiei!i.-.elvej. Old manifest iiiiiirv The caisson is an immense pneumatic pile, but, piles used in the" llarleui and other . . comais's 105,090 cubic feet of the launching frames, ieet, board -- ---. did manifest inu to their sex by false represeuianouq, WHU all't'ie bOik-tiiigs ol modern populations U thev --uaa themselves they ~ " ' sides the i more of tne barbarian in their compositions tiisn would Hatter tneir ideas regarding penecuoa Man's Srsntttousht or woinaiii Ras to enslave hnr.- .- -- ,, -. ^ .,*v . _ , .... - nj »aa to enslave her: ii'.'ir -c.l and blue lights burning from thei-- wooi'en i Iar(re smonnt of drift bolts and boiler : ne.\t to_e.xlul»6 a sort of chivalrous regard for her -.-s "o m~in r ni.t,.r K,,. i.r.-n.,, ^-,., ' ·" ' Plate, making in tne abrogate ab»ut 20.-),000 t ana "Ifdi/, he learned to love--affeciion, tnat -s go (,ic.jiusr along the bosom o, me river i pounds. The whole structure we.-elts nearly ".590 i 8^ »''"""an existence, crept into his soul. LaS- uioustrom ure-aie-. ihea do these submarine '-, tons-. The ceucrnct comprises the builoinz and I stlj '' rnau wishes to ao justice to woman; and lit wort of the cntiEc BKJDcn Eni.rEr. is like ihe oav.-aro floi- of eterulry; it does not cease ior :hc sun at noonday or :he silent stars at uishr. : ol interest it was only just that man should accord Wnen sunlc to the required depth the chambers ! taem - ' A SOVEREIGN SOCIAL EQUALlTr; that which placed the affectionate and tender wife F.-icts, Iuti!i'»lH anil IVrnonnlln. 'I'ho binning season has besun in Delgium with (jrcat success. Tho classic loresl, of Ardennes has i already been the scene of some splendid shooting. 1 Large game Is exceedingly abundant, and every , cover that is beaten up discloses an animal. Some Brussels gentlemen in onn day killed two stags, i several wild ooais, some wolves aud a lame number of foxes and hares. 'curs their a bullet with fatal precision for a distance ot 80J metres. They arc nine-shot revolvers. A new ot 1'r/mcs-tireurs lias been organized Woodcutters the defence of the republic a-fanist all enemies, union with the corps of Garibaldi, the front rank in the light, the Immediate execution of all who recoil in the enemy's presence. The leadiugpaper in Strasbourg--the Cowitr au lias mm--has been purchased by Germans and has i passed into tlie hands of Mr. Morris Sch:uiuberjr, Albert aruu as his chief A battery, organized in Paris by the Polytechnic School, has the peculiar distinction of counting in iis ranfcs six members of the Insiitute of France, viz.:--The geometricians j. Bcnrand and JI. Bonnet; the astronomer Langier, aud the chemists Frumy, Cahours and .lamin. It also has Messrs. Bayle and Docket, mining engineers; ii. Tornu, Professor of Philosophy; Mr. Zeller, rector of the Strapbourg Academy; M. Morandlere, Inspector General of Bridges and Highways, and a great- number of distinguished protestors ami engineers, as wci! as journallsls, lawyers, sculptors. Ac., all mounting guard in their turn as common soldiers. NEW YORK CSTY. The following record will show the cnamtes lu the temperature for the past, twenty-lour hours in com- parboil with me corresponding day of last year as iudicated by the thermometer at Hudum's 1'har rnacy, UKiuuUjulldmg, cornet-of Auu street:-. 68 ·i A M ·-,· · [ A. fll ........ oS «A.M ........ ar 16U9 ;!7 j Average iemiioriUiire'ycsterday* 8 493? Avwagejemjiciature for eottTspoiidiu"-" date " The weekly receptions at the studio building 51 West Tenth street, will be resumed this afternoon. in consequence of some injury to her machinery j the steamboat Drew, of Hie People's line, while on T.?IO way lo Albany, on Thursday night, wns obliged lay to near roivpux Island, sue was lowed into Now- Imfg. The St. .lunn will be put ou in her pliicc. The pupils of the 1'irst ward school who were under the prmcipalstip of Mr. Thomas Foulkc will meet this evening, at hall-past seven o'clock, in the sch'xiliiousc on Greenwich street, noir Ki'.aor. All "'ho old boys" who can itUciid. arc exnocted to b» present. The second aruniiii mectlns of the Cramcrcy Boat Cl;i';)-vvas ftelu ;u their room, Thursday evening, Decemuer 1, isro. when an election of oiUccrs for the eiiMiiajr year took jjlace. 'j'lie following named geiiile.'ner. were cieitfurt :--E. J. Atkinson, CHS4F LAB9B. Trouble Brewing Among of the Understandings, Iiitorview with a Worthy Knight of Out Order of St. Crispin--Chiness Labor Considered--A Gsneral Dismissal of Snco-Builelers Expected-Tha Workingmen's Union to the Bescue. A rumor was started ycsteraay afternoon to the cffei-.t that Hie authorities in the United States imilding in Chambers street were makmsrprepsra- j ticns for a raid agDia.-t. several Oman expeditions I t n a t were bi-ms organized in New York; but ' torn, iw ice; i inches by 93 feet 4 inches on the top i Jii;!!AU reporter asccriaiucd Irom Geueriil Davis iarc in the eveniu'r. that tho ruiuo'-was fjuse ^1-11' - -- .»~v- -^uutii .1 11 ~ i iniu !.'».« -. t "*'^' 1 ' n.^- ^.n-.iii'f;, tii.ii ,,mj tuiuu. .Vti-. Ji'lHfr. mil'- md antagonism to her husband, aud ensure;! a I ine-rcncuand Belgian papers are full of uarra- j slml Shurpc alsa denied all knowledge either of tlie "" ' ' " T marital obiis:-.- j tives detailing minor successes by the Francs- organizations or tiio_reported attempt of tne federal aduai existence for stionld exert her- Unitats this i Wuiie tielow iner worK liKe mnle= in tiie ground, i s . ul Diriag- :UKI blasting cavities lathe so'.i« earth and ' bM.iUie.-s. sud when they come up oat of the iright- ftil i-hann tney one at huge squares or beef and i bread and cheese voraciously, ana absorb quanti- j ties of beer in their stomachs like sponges. Day j aud nigi'.t being alike to them for months, they often ; lose their calculations of the days or the -.vect until i the time aears Saturday night, ivhen a strange sen- i sitinii seems like an electric SHOCK to strike e man ielo-,v in the earth, and he feels tiiat pay d: ilie only event of tlte week-worta :ookinj to. jr. is strange to hear of IlIXSEBS AT TEK O'CLOCK AT sienr. ~nd yet on Thursday evening all the mx-n laborin, in ihe dismal, badly lighted depths of the Caisson were flunking of tlie meal to be eatea ami ihe ces- OecurrcDoe oi £:i.Teriii A'. T.--Aaoiher uia to tiit; "Non-3rvp!osi-.-e" Oil--A Toueh- Be.-titbcS Si-eae, nit eight o'clock on Thursday morning the iuict little Tillage of Saffern, N. j ty. vrere startled by a trernen ' report, as if from a cannon, coining ftom ti:e : tf-ho lives there, buc worts in · PUT HONEY i!i THY PUSSE. err t,,j e, enveloped m a · su tt. of name. Air. Son-is, the station master, to! geiher with several others, started to the rescue of ,' ttie unfortunate g-iri. but TEE roOK TICTIIT B.VK SEAKI.Y ; .ilmndred yards in her fright before they could I catch ncr. The gentlemen wrapped tticir coats )L?cinre by liev. SI. 31. daHnber. The Kev. u. M. Gallaher, nastor of the First Baptist churcn, Brooklyn, delivere-J his lecture entitled "Put Money In Thy Purse" last evening, in the Lexington avenue Methodist Episcopal church, corner of Fifty-second street, before a large audience. Us thought doubtless his heiwi-q vt.! 'llTMJ^^'* lor . ^eutau^t that honesty was the b^st poTcy but if ihey would make money and become rich they mutt give up all such absurd notions. For a man to live in a flue houss, be a bank director or a governor, owe no man. have his wire make calls in her carriage, have his opinions respected and lus influence sought after is what the -worla cuiis snceesF in life, and to attain -,vhich tlreurs, who ara swarming throughout all the m- vadcd districts, and ilsiit with incessutit fury and much skill. THE AT7STB1AS rSISIE HINISTEK 4.XI1 TltF TKE vrr or 180U. The one of t he most widely circulated journals of Vienna, details a conversation that TOOK j piaco between Prime .Minister Von Beust. previous | to his departure for Munich, and de .SoviUoir. j the Russian Ambassador at the Austrian Court. j when the latter made known to him the steps i taken by Russia with regard to the treaty of 1S56. j -M. de Sovikotf strove to present tho Russian move- j ment as a very natural one, without any after| thought hehind it. ne reruiude.i Baron Von Beust | taat the latter, soma years ago. proposed of his own accord to break the chains that had been laid upon Kussia in the Ulaci: Sea. He was, therefore, , cutiil«l to believe that Austria would not now raise any objection phould Kussin step forward to realize authorities ii stop thcm. 0M3iSS!OSa;ii«. They Hold No I?or:na! 3Jec!in.y, but Have ,t Talk Tn-lethcr-- Wlio Will Be CU:iU-!KKn t-- What ItTiUe Norton i3ay ic*. The now Commissioners of tiie County Court House-State Senator Xortoii, Alderman Coman, jnme«; H. fngerso/I aud John J. Walsh--had a little .n reporter last night visited a number tlie Knights of St. Crisuen. cobblers of the ancient guild, who bear a coat-of-arms fans a bar sinister with a last rampant, and the crest au awl on scroll of skoeleather, with the legend "KKKI- I'KSGIXG AWAY." Humors had uaia. circulated throunhoiit. the citjr tltat. alt was not gains' well with the craft, and a certain manufacturer was accused of taking steps hazardous to the well-being of this ancient and industrious order of knights. The mission of the reporter was to learn whether there was a foundation for thin rumor or not. He met a shoemaker, a member the order, and the following colloquy ensued:-- KEPORTEK--Arc you aware of any diillcnlty at present existing between a Mr. Biirt, ;i manufacturer, and any of the shoemakers r the city? SUOEMAKEK--I am not. I know nothing about the team men. 1 only know what the bench men are doinR. REPORTES:--Then yciihavft hesird nothing of any "STRIKE" AMONG TI1K WORKMEN"/ SHOEMAKER--Xo. sir. 1 do nor. believe there bo any strike, nor do J believe t here Is any occasion tor any. However, sir, if you would see Mr. Ryan, the Sir Knight of the Order of St. Crispin, ho could undoubtedly give you information of any such a strike should there bo one in contemplation. As the head of our organization he is posted upon anything of the kind whicii would be likely to come off. It may be as well to stare here for the benefit the uninitiated that "team" men are those -who work for manufacturers, and are never engaged upon more than one portion of the work. The'labor private couf.ib together yesterday, although they j Is divided, one "la-'tt," another -sews." another neid no formal meet lug. They nave not decided us "heels," another -trim'.." another "burnishes- ancl another "finishes. ont tnoli!»,i'i. ficoaait necK. i~gs v,-.-t.~ one of the Javorlto scholars wo o'clock- cica'- itad directly to o , course now taken was such as so arbi- :i i.,.ii;erniicc aside. Tiie' same argu- always remember that coppers express iiui-j'ose of sivi'ic 10 ih Jay a:ty debts il foul aimosriJierc- Durnod blue. s Sevia'-hians of bfaius ere ma :eJ»rti nimist-jr. -,',-hei\-us trarily );;;! ftmcral tuc vc., in a j; inir age. Alter tins during the atle-noon. specially fltte'.l up for tnem ia the Cot.rt House. where they can holu all timir without uems ta momentary risk of to death by their constantly Increasing number of friends. w;io desire all sons of things for their , wn good aud for the ultimate bcneiit K the I'omt. House Itseil. Everybody kuows uuit Norton is A r.»; i-oy.-";: in the Eijratn Trsrd, and that every urchin in ihe Fourth iy,.!cs np lu Tom Coman as the liiKh-cock- of Mie o.iure city. TiiUJact u a aood tiling in liseil as most times, but smoo tneir appointment :is «joinmi-an..nij:-s tne two iiav; lin r i reasoa i- r,- g ret thuir popularity. Tlic needy iol- l'iw.s wl:o want to get, irorlc; in the Court House when wort: gets inio full TIILS would bo THE DIVISION' OF I.Al'.IIU fix ivorKmen. and thev would be cal'sd yet where to make their Headquarters, but it is understood that m a short naj«- a room will be among conterences j '-six-hiiD-1 team.;- There are in different factories jolting ruu ! five haiui tennis, six-Hand teams and eight-hand teams. A "bench mnii," ou the i-onlrury, is one irlto performs all the work Iroi-i l;i^rin-i- to iinislnnir " meri " *" jaeu do cus' osn worK. A visit was jjaid !o Mr. Eyan. a broad-Drained a'irt oroad-suoul-iered wnrtmaa, of more tlrui urdl- nary intullig'.nce, who, liavias Heard LIIU jmriiort of j tiio onsiuess, proceeded in :i quiet ;uid geiiUcuumlr i manner to rau;;e the following siatc'iieut--- i 1 believe the rumor of a cuntem hitcil strike is j cfiuird. I urn well aware that work m tho lac-lories has been fan sag utr of hi tc. T h i s i - t h r op l-.CT'rilS-lilll.lXi: TUB KEW I'O'v, El:, "C'yi know I'm tlnnktn' we'U have u fa.'u-. 1 time ov · id th.s bai.-ioa. J'linty ov wuiTicfc ana j,limy DV niiinny is m · motto. KII.J the likes o' IilUu Norton 's the ma'i tli.-st'll giveit." "i-iiaix ui;;: Uornuu 'il ijo the same, i how " s-tid Knot iifcr. ·'"'.'on my- fioul he will th:u." ch'rne-! in :· thirii. t: J ).\uiv,s uiui ihis munr a y-^.u'; 1( ::g ;'U-r(j lt° o"or ! cams to t l i c pluck ue "s ia so lu.ii' :i, .Jr.,-; Lie a. ; migiily uoodliiend was lie lone :unj t i u hot-it who I w:snreil .IB Jion:.t daj '.-, wm-riv-k wiun ,1 bt-.j-.- -,vus i nerc was no nme or gi-.ssip. Buried timber, iv.fiity ,'OL-E roundod ;;nd Covered in by iron ai;d K'.LL-;. Huadealy A si'ULi. of iifiiir. !ii tcll nn ever;, f,uo «r those gr.uiv. pcrspirm-* .-xi m that di,-m;:l c .ve.'ii. PICK :\iv. ..,,;.f.t; \.-.-ro I ' l dcran. wheei'iarrows were ov^r;-.iriteri and .tia grouped m«ir,-iel\t.; in liitle i.i.uLs v.-r.'i -jnip,:.!- iwlls utid jiaiud face?-. '!i,i:i s;/i:-m sao.jt-' i f MHO!;'.' unu jiame nursr irum tuc jug^eU tne massive tiuib-jr cctZnu;. uiintr. ! t l i Ji'--lnitr lor ::. ;.tr: oi ana oci! ·V .':!i; j;rj!M\-(j V.-Z-: t'.ie ^jirrs trying 1,0 l!g». tne urn in thcmornini by Cio i.;.-,j ol u little oil. It w:ii knov.-n as D .'.i- iorin' ni.n-extiloit\a oil, and was warrinte:i tale and uot.-'j:.ploaivi-. Tlie fisi-lo.-iou was icarfnl. Jl \v^; iic^rti UL ji consi(l;Ta!.lv cliritjuirf. the jrsi^-s n ; u!own out ol ihn winilnws and tliu parliliouh i cl oscly unoi'. the heels of Profc. si,r Dorcmus, 'in; HI-, rant fl?on j y 5.;fl:!-i-;t!;m AMsorJatiuii. Dr. AtiJilii 1'liar. .lr., dclii-erort iu popul ir; ler.l.ur ; on phy-lnlojry last evening beiore tba yoanjr Sltu's Christian A :sociation, i'i their Jiuil, at the corner or Fourth avenue ami Twcuty-rourtli btreet. AHlioufcli followinjr .-o in ::iiti ivatls WU-;T c::ic'.;cd ami siartcd- -·iu; c.vf-i-iis is ox i ; i : n ; The Cii:s.-on i:- on !:m:" cneil. or r.uher M-jr,; the cishly liiiinan i.,'ings in iiic c.!vcrt!. Tin u c :i, ·J scene of aivfui ivrrn.- iir.d a u i y n - ' ' preseiii. i'.ur.i'i; ijft.v j,-ct i;, the cjnh, w:tli ;:":, t.'gc! out i/ni by the narrow cylinder j.iclv, v,-';; would only jienuit ol ihros ::ica asccndin-;, cn-Tc Dcctmg t haf, au rxnln.sioa of tht- gusi-- ii!^i iie f^;; bor uunlii i;isL.i!ii:v shar.tCi- Citi-.^.tn fr r iiii ivork aim all" manhood in iho to iitoms, inu fna-j mis «a aivrai nn the tcirnr which pouuascd cht'^u poor wr'tc'is^ -,-r.s buchus comes t u i c w men in Hi-ir lives, !,;:!.' uncu expi-rien'H'd c;Hi nav^-r ;iiLt-"\vjirds bui'orgolicn. The men empluj ed m the cais'-oa wcru of divcr- nationuiiiius. .sonic Iriah, ;i nuiiiber "!' Cer;i -j.'---' ·· score or more i f Italians, :i lui.i--liecd Cuiimimm aud two Scotchmen. H was, curiuu^ u- tins i:.i,iai-a. «jf .supreme luirruv to sec ho\v tiic dine cut i-tu:-:c- teristics of race \w:e brou^iic to the surl-H-.- TJI ( ' U'hiuamau becau nntil his tiar],-, loiiion-c.i.orca NKIII Itirncfi iinrole and the. while lie invoked au tlr,- so.Is who .urmcrlv ftuialned subsirtiunce berv/eon the 'iu!:'i.-t-:o-IC[a':tg anil Ihe Ala-iitciiouniiii trouper, i'li-^ Uishintii h "^- seiit, with H. disregard of dau,ier, ran io £[uL"'i:i.: orilices full of wet ear;!; an;* :jij ra^s, soaked in liio tiitcii w:'ir-r y-iu ^n,-.£(,o\-a the name of St. ratrieii bet;iTe-i thuir TC.-I:;!:. i-aii- ing for aid .iud mterccs-icn. The itulnafs ;.-.)'j^rc,i and gcfciculnted milulv ac-.l CJU'-M u;:un . · -i- thony ol ?Bdu:i, auu 0:10 01 Uic ^cotC'iUiKsi, v.-iiii great precision unu ciixlKltisss, began io ,-io;iu i^a nfiy cent cunem-y ni..;j whii.ii he h.i.; i,ri,'-i-)-_-il en the sosg mad of me caisson, wliil- i:is ;i="i.;"^ with DEATH ELAK::J.Y STAEiKSn TFiCii n n:r. ··"."; falkeil High Dutch ami i^ow iinic^ " a'n-1 every oincr dinicct: or T:^ cDii.'eiie-.i- Uon, Heseechmg tua a;.- c i!.-ju- !KI.-!;I i.ipif TonMoltke. whom ti:ev n'nalv ije.itve"! uoiikl jie'-i them inu of t-icir iiv.iiir., I J.i i:. A'i ]J::^i..-.hrii.ii vas heard to observe, '-Tiiis iv : -, r;1,| '..ori;. fsii.! 1 : miss my bit of bread auu ciii.-*;^ r.'/-:i'g:n.'' 'iVro'- lias its mournful and i:s huuur.rjs sides. In um meantime discipline bcv,£ii i u reiU!:i. :;i:;i the i.-.ra- luan ol the caisson, Jir. Otari:, with s-:-e:it, cn«r"V besought the mtn to u-j and EN'HCAVo:;, Ti ExiiNccisn Tin; F-RE. the iinrnms timbers, out . J oo;i Hi'; iilicuiui; \Mal^-. dense as a. London 302. j:i:-.:u uverj cub:^ mci: uf ilii sevsu tiill'ereni cii.imu^rs ot the C;I..-,JOH :;i: J ij.imiu" 'ine men nice « siaiooii in tlimlssart. 'icu-.,- ^viio i:;;.i bad luiiffs, ima there were uut k",T of liir.m m l lie caisson, besiui t.i cunkc auil gas;i iur bi-u^ih, a;:;: groped bliudly about, tiien; wiia a Dar^ivzea aumb- nessof error. SIXTEEN rnorsASB TO.TS OF AIK rr.assuiiE on the chambers onlv adueci to the lores or the names, which nor.- began to scoren f.nd sln^-a those in the caisson, add a giv-ud Sed.a'.i roLrcat. was made by tiie Cjnlused. terniicit iiiui biintsbd m:«s ol nie.i toward the mouth of the LIIVOITI, evr.-.' onu msbiiin- pushlng and jostling uis ue.-l irienil ia ut:m- dism-.iv and bewilderine;:!. Tlie cylinder Jock iris worScJ trlin i rapidity aud speed np aua do\va to convey the laborers to tiie suifaw"or the t:ar:u. iiie nir sure of twenty pounds to rlie stiuare iuea lun an abundant supply of oxyssa 10 locd t h e lire. :u:d VHBl jellow. lausbeni sietti of flame and hissed and tore at ;h-j lumsicr, p;i:rclnc":he T:f.;'rr"3"c AT IMS a. Trri' irf.tiing r.ive- wen.- iinuoiijirc.i is CM.IC otr yestnrdjy iiitcruiiKii ::r ."-H-eiwiioi' i-;irk, ihe iitvt. being ror a purse iiiici stake ol $ ion. mile heats, best tl:rco In live, bsf.vcun Johii ljO\ ell's luij mare Lady ILO.-P to w;;f;on. Jlr. licllinger's buy gclrtir.g lliram Jo WUSOD aad JL V.'lnpple'- c'.iie = iiinc marc jvngc- line m hariiesi-. Th' latter ilid 1101 make an ajipear- anteon the track: ami tin;- ivagvi: hui.-JC.-, irotteri without, her. "ihero \Vtib Hivmethmg vr-ry str;m£c ahout t.'ic v/it'idiawal of Angel::.'; at inc.- hist mo- mci:t, she h.iv!i:£ been solri IL: i^e pooH us tlrst Javoiiat l'. v o t.i out) r.ver thi; licl-l. The people bc;;ii! ;n jos^ cO':!iuo:K'.o ni Lht- driver of this mare, uiiY wo.;ln 'bu advisiibla. or trouble mav Doctor was listened to by :t largo nudi-iucu. wno dis- , playctl the greatest atteiition anil iiitaresr. I Or. Finn iicfiin by iracin;,' in.- grjiiual devolop- jiiei:: ::nd di-ca.-. of L-IC h u m a n liyiiy. Ti,o ci.nij»ju- ;ttin^ [jrOv-cSoC.-i were at \vork in tlieliiiiiiaMsv.^tciii , tilt! processes of waste and repair, m infancy 11:11! boyhood the repair was more active lh:m tlie I waste, and, as a necessary result, there was : piiyiucal What tlio coursa wa, mat ', cliinst^ed t h i s condition of ntl'.ur^. pfjr-.-;r.. ! o,' r i'-tri . vrcro unulilc to IL-IL ';j;i-r-. .inlv^i', ;IL j nrsi blusu sremni no rea.-on niij- :i man ! , .s-.'niuJd not cuti.-ii.uUh keep on jrru\vmjr until he : attained ilio lieiglit of Ion or twentv or forty I-ul, I i wim a proportionate v,-ei 0 'hl. IJut tn u-i-.t tht- i ( waste crauuady b«-ume greater, iiiinl a r ' last,' j , ju mature i-ianhood. it so oxocily biilaiu-cil i i tin; ]iroc:i-ss ol ri"i;iir tliat m.-.unce« v ere i · not uiilreijiicni, whoi-e ;i man would not I chanste a pound in. weight for years logutlur. Tht-u i liiiui;: ihe ^ladual dway of the human ir.iiiie. O;:E'J'liL'ATRE--Thc bill at tlu.-= popniar c-iiub- j lishjucnt for Mie jm-sun; ivesv ;^ vi,-:,-iuVl:,:bIi; Jor e.\- j celleiice ui t)uahly :LS ivcll :is i;uantily. -HIK SVM- I mm oi tin: inimusenieiititi Rivin-i txi.iii wi-uk a niv.- ! I'ili, uew mces iinaiu-wacis has prove-l vti-v HUC! cessful s far, anil has drawn lar-terhoiwostiian is j j senerally aliracti-d l,r ins .$t;,lo u r eutemimneni. i ii-ru :). weli--lre--sej r-«liii«M!in cairn soon (j-s, "i-sj.1 ;,'ict::ii;:. .::;g :,y i.-n.j omnii.-.-H'nc'i 1 .- hiLM ri'.i.'iiu^ 10 ;i, with t;n ixt; OI;"T \,'IBS: n a t in- 1 - v.-uul'i ii.iv; lu hi rcs'';.'' v-nm:-iioto;-s had di-noMj(i 1 llir-iren)p:jy. It. i*;n;iirved thur. Mikn Norton will 1'iat! ol me l'.i,:i;J i,r Commifsiontir.-.. (k-niWBi lias IIUL-U nxuitcd ,11 fen ' i" ;:nd ·· ihf clnir- home \von,-.s by one m any part ol thn country. Troulilij is too (.itcii anticipated by "ne'ur do wells" which never 'Mm-. ff^'liiivn no f.-mlt !· linn with, tiie iauuiauiurcr.: wliu.-ii names are i|=^eu in the rumor.-!. O n u u f tiseni K perhaps, larjrot invi, i-las-c sane liianufai-iarfr in tin- United S;ai'j5; lit has bei'ii unf i if tin- iii-Kt. in.'.ti to graiii. an unvoice in i-jite^ of wages. anl th 11 t:-:),i,i5; hr lias ernp'u'vea afL- al:mst (-·'jn-i;i.i:!ly a- v.'nrlc m all v'miiiis. 1 know Jioihmg of the-iM:rcc oniii-pijinphiint mad« agaitist 11:1:1, and if it had u toiiuilutlon in i n i t n I should .".Hi to Rnoiv i)i u. lie h;;s UCii: nlwav*. well simKcn. j of m "in- i.iiJiii^h-t. t (aiii-y fii-. liki- miier stories in ·· nau-.-i pa"i.. is ;i b,ig:ii,.r. Twelve mnntlis since, ; T,""I;X T.'II: r.ii.s-msN ITAIIE IIKIIU. I th same stories were circulated.' T'ICSO'.'lilnamun | wont, tn.MiiHSKCiiusert^ mid found wort there, tun. . we-never luuad n;-jl caubi! to lean num. slio: man- I «iavlurm(ral!t;.-tbi! mc.iied of Mji-xaciitiMjits do;'H ; norreqiiiri'-ij.-niu-i" In iiio wori.,naii. liven rue i most ordmjry iiiialiryof. eummun ,-ni.~e will unablu ll;ni to f'.'.'l along s«)h;[ittli|jy. brother oi Hie.Minn; mannffirturor allmla.'l ti» iindncalsn Ii" lias a. 'J'HiMv«;i(lt;rlul trjn-li;r;ii:i;iot! wlucli the pliic,; ui;- i .lonmir at tbc liiuiu-; oi r,ios~rs. .-oi.-ai-ftr. ironi n I w. dnp. ;o:l.,,i,i.m; mau^:.-» ul ;,. :1 te::! , clc^ia va | I rict.v thc.iiiv, i i a s l o n ^ s n i i i j miiofi:! the iu--.t on- I iim-!: in,:k ,n H I M Hi judiiTh cm err.; uic. I ii^.im^c ide oia .\i'w I n - f c ' part oi iiisiliinor -Miibiiiti, -· - him iit.^i. 'ii'! Sii.-i:;ifiV inui.l.s iiui-jlitj. .-,(} joi.unu me "V K\or Muceiliciropeuinjc ni;;ht the ailmii-alilu company winch count, iis iln-ir Jeadui-s Dun iiryiMit. K.^lst- Scxmoiir, Have K-ed. L.lilclilac. Ui:oi-"i' Warren and Curne have been 0:1- coin-ajted by i-ruwdcd housc-i. ··StiujdiiigrnomoulV' is the rule, am] has very rev uxcep'ticns to it. Tin- lull tills v.'uolc l:a-^ :i f-n-uc iiiniivnovcK.!''s ^rii-ai'cl' 1 -! uvcr wiili wuae of iJiai'ri ohi-.i'ou ok! tiiims nf i,uu- htruisy. I'hc voi-iii lart oi :he program-Be n -n.^o [ilcacinr;, iimi somij o; thu helectioii- THI^ v.x-itt: ivill be. n! uo;'.rsi'. to complete the- Court lUir^i- lo clean the marl)!:-, ilnisn IK-iv-ar co:)i:i-- |i:"i un 'ii. t ouiiT.iomo. ··rubo!i.--lil.i:e .;nincid(:.i. it t m i ,-\J. C H- sivc, j-.y.i ou..-,h thi' upper pnnmaoi tiio Mniclnre :«"''i roii''. nUi- It. .- ilium Uo \ r iil«, in 1'aria, v Hall m Postou. S'rmicleiils in Conn.-)]--.An Vco;nmi!ie.;, consist ins of t h e rollowitisi wht-iujudsHneni m heVciiuti :tn; dc.'icai'v in ..,,.,.. aru require'!, in I.-SUIIM, wnei-u rajiiditv Hikes tiie place 01 Hiii-,li, i h c v will " I'.lri--- i - I i - T V I'M-mi"" .|i ( )K-- wliilo the beujlinutii n niilKr^Stii- jiair C.r'isj- ijueutly it reduction of one cent jusr'n:itr'ivlit're -i t«iin is wurkliitf is eiiuiU i.o a i-.-.luoanti u f ' i u cents Ui the euHtum workiruai. Small reductions In r allI v.ork mu.v aifect those TMipii,yed in - without, cttusmg imueriiii uijurj io tlie THn O I E D E I t Or !'. CIUSI'IN 'flift^siiocm-.Kei's' oi'siuwaiioii m Ihls city is num. · · " i ' l i d i i oi tin 1 SI.';n.-'|i-"i|-s recent dale. Tilcv tvere :LKO i:isi. ju'uc, In iniluciicc. Tlic ! iran : r t . to say,.Kelly i- ].;m have ^U't;.--.Ingo.ine was wiiUUrawii and the piiu site idok ttie Icuil iiftev iin even htart and w;is two lengths in front sit, ihj yui'-ritr-pole in thirty- j six sRcouda ^nd a hu.if. aroiica me lewir I Him ilir.ini broke up sari lost u».lt n do/en Iciisihs. ! .LiL'iy jlo.^ v/;is oi^-'n: lengths iiiiead ac tht- liiiit- ! ifiilo pole in 1:14. ana coming on titc-.vliiy, b;n. without I nr^^ure, \vas lour Jenu;ttJa In iront nl the three- I f;'.':i-i2i-po!'/. Htnin: (io.-et! up in turuinc 1111.0 the i ho:r.totvch:i!, aud was Wiitm two lu:i«t!i.s of Lady I fio-.^ n:. tiiG diuince sliind: liisioi-i, i ·iud Lauy Koss woa thelicat by turealenmis ta a:;;c. i *t!ivit", Jfi'ai.--'i'hs iiorsji-; liiul a camta! start tiie ' first, time they carne for it, and wan. av,-:iy Head and ! he:;d. Hiram brukc tip m iaa!.i::ir the turn I and Lauy ltos» lad him tvro lenftns. and a haiT io ihe qnarter-nule in t;.irry-six USEBAL CU'B. Tite Aloaeru silase--"Kss^y 8y Jli-.-!ii-rl Kriahi. The menibors of the Liberal Club do rijrht 1:1 thus iiuming tne;r orsamz.ition because ol their willluK- uoss to listen to and profit by observations upon the most diverse subjects. Lust evening tliay were instructed, ji amused at times, but surely made to perceive existing abuses, by Mr. Herbert ilrijhfs paper 0:1 -The Jiodurij Stage. 1 ' .Mr. iirlijhi traced the history of the ·'- " ' aenionsij'iited MATIM:ES TJ-UAY.--"Fcraaiidc. 1 ' a: the Fifth Avc- ! Souinem ftail-.vay;.!. N. inie; "Il»:id K, Ruin, 7 ' WiuhiCv'S; "!:ip Vim Winkle,'' l!oo;h's; "As 1'ou Like lr," Niblo's; "Little .(.u;k Slieppaid," Licit Ktnvm's; "Wee Willie Winuie," Olympic: --J:o!:em;an Girl," KrooUyn Acadsmy of Music: "Bn«ands. ; ' tiran , Opera House: . , . - Ktrof Fort Waym\ Ol-jve.ind, i ; ut.sijui-g au ,j K i l l . ; U^soa i-.f!u!o witiiiu tuc next ;«u- .vi-ars. EiZ*"^ ^^^^ ^l^ ^"'- I ,.,,.. ~^ - v '. ;i i k : U- 'i'- Sargcnr. «en-ji-ai SuytrintuiiJciiV- ; 1Mr - W ' K K H . .5H'. "i-ans," Vt'oou's; "Seek und Sec:;." Bowerv; Popular Concert, Assoclar.ioa Hull; Ur. C'urrv.-) wiorinvi ·rliaps ol Ireland, Apollo Hall, and variety bills at Tn-iV J'astor's. Glubr, Coiiiique, i!ooii:y'.s :l nd Brooklyn Opera House lorm an olio, yonritift or 1 lor afternoon theatregoers. aiunscmout driiiaa. and dcmpnsD'ated the catisc a ! id iiiuuner of the existence of dramatic feeliii" ihronjfli the lapse of time. H« .iiiune-"! to the practical character of bhakspcarc :nci.ii m front i when the word was £u"ei, but he Croke up before lie "TMVrTr /v - *a I Xi"r-'"'i" i »" u ,"""· : reachea the turn, and Lady i;o:s led him six lengths ,,, ol us lujest Aatiie , to the quarter pole in mirty-seven and a Half seconds. j Hiram broke up asain on tne lower turn, aud was I ten ieng-ths behind at ihe hail-mile pole. Lady Iloss ! parsed mat point iul:l7. She was eigkt ieiiRths in I iront at theturee-qKuvterpo'.s, and cameeasily home i a wiunex' ot the heat uaO race by fciir leuctlis in ! 2:37 %. [ The followlns is a j StiaMAKY. | FLEETTTOOD PiES, Dec. i--Purse and Slake $460, j mile heats, best three in live. John Lovett entered b. m. Lady Ross, to | wagon I l l I 31. Bellinger entered l).h. Hiram, to wagon. 2 2 2 ! ii. \viilp]9le entered th. m. Aiijieliue, in har- | nets dr. i - TIME. ! QuarKr. Half. Mile. First heat ' 38« 1-J4 2:SO dec!ared~ih:tt jic "daiv ia the present coiidloi'i of i lhe American singe nope lor «a imnrovcmeut in ihe i iuture. ?1 A litOHTT, E! of a volume of Water f i om above was heard toenrer the chamber of tlie caisson, and jiovr the t\v( g-ras elements of lire and water began to battle, down below river and earth, -or tue supreaiacv. Above, the dmfemnc revolving wliirr of rwo tfreat engines, with their luvnacc-i slowing red, could b heard as they threw thousands ot Kallons of nver water into tiie volcano below, while tne rescued laborers clustered around, wita Bale faces and quivering lips, untier the deep, silent stars, tuaiiluug Lien- lucK in getting out of THE FIEKY PUliNAI-E. Loos lines of liose were bent during the ulght, wider the orders of Engineer Kingley and Assistant Liigmecr Cullinwood, and vast, streams of water TOE Tltc Rapjioscd Murderer and Chief TVtcnesse» Non Est -- The luvcstiKtioit I*n»tpoiiO(:. At Km o'clocK yesterday morning, the hour named by Coroner Scainner for commencing tlie investigation 111 r,he case of George Johnson alias Patrick poured into the chasm, hour after hour, to drown Klrsr ,.,,,,, ., the lire out if possible, and save the caisson from i second neat""" ."' S v.'hcn morning came, however, it was discovered that the m-e was still .rasing, and ihe tugs Puller and iebo were sent for aud they were set to work, and during the forenoon therpo'nred into the caisson M.OOU gallons of water i,er h'our. At nine o'clock yuster.lay morninc, the fire still burning with great force in the depths of the . caisson, an alarm was sent to the Brooklyn Fire Department, and soon the entire effective force was on bana, and a dozen addiMoual streams of water were attached and all that could be done was done to extinguish tne flames. At four o'clock yesterday Blternoou THE CAISSON -HAD OVERFLOWED. and It is believed tnat, the tire was smothered out by the many hundred thousand gallons of water wnlch oad been emptied into tile calSbou. A double line of police was on Hand to keep back the excited crowds of people who wanted, with the usual American spirit of investigation, to all go down the to sc* U the die was still hum- 1:14 Third heat 37K 1:1T liOTK FLEECWOOD PAKE, Dec. l.--Match $500, mile heats" best three m five, to go as they please. A. Odcll nnmed br. m. Teaser i JouuRoeers uameQO. c. Harry Schuyler,...... dis. TIME. Quarter, naif. flue. First heat... 43 iss 3:02 METAISIEJACES. NEW OKMANS, Dec. 2, mo. At the Motairie races to-day the mile dash wan ·won byLWa Gresson, beating Sallie Farreli aud John Kilgour. Time, 1:46)^. The second race, d»sh »f two miles, was won by Klldare, beating Donovan and Znzu. Time, 3:49%. Tho third race, dash of three miles, was iron by r.lda oresaon, beating Waltz, Victory an* Cbal- jctw. « 5: '"' x - f " v ··· ··· , tne young man who died in Centre Street Hospital from the effects of a pistol shot wound of the abdomen, the witnesses did not appear. Subsequently an olllccr ot the Seventh precinct, to whom had been entrusted the duty of summonm" John McCarty and Michael Kerrigan, who conveyed deceased to the hospital immediately after he had been shot, called upon the Coroner and reported that he was nnable to Bad the principal witnesses. lie had made MI.IflENT INQirreiES nf. the places where they claimed to live, and found that no such persons were known there.whictt goes to snow conclusively that McCarty and Kerrigan gave fictitious residences at the Hospital at tha time or leaving their wounded companion. The captulris of the Fourth, Sixth and Seventh precincts are making diligent search for the two men, and they are also earnestly searching for Matthew llobbs; THE BBPI7TED MUBDKKEK ofVanahan, but it is feared he lias fled tho city to avoid arrest. Coroner Scmnncr having no alternative adjourned the inquisition till Monday next in order to afford the police time to secure the attendance of the fugitive witnesses and any others who may be able to tnrow any light on the matter. All panics to this tragedy are well known in the Fourth ward and much interest is relt among tue people there wfoo are ^atoUlng closely the ofllcui procced- a · . . , - - . .,- · rj J-IA i'AUTKE FI;ASC;:.--A grand performance will I'c given this evening, at tlie Fouueeuth street or French iheatrc. by the membcrs-of the Cercle Frau- vais do I'ilarminie, for the benefit or me victims of Hie war in France. Mmt-s. Halllfcr-Dossy, Suzanne Thai. Luydeker, Uosa and 'J'iiillcfsr. and Lefranc. Cauams. Ii-edigam, Krunel, Jnieiici Kd- a. Kotiusoau and Gliitig'uy TViU take part jn' tlie porlortiiance. THi STATE ELECLDK-DFFICIAL CANVASS. ALBANY, Dec. 2, Jj;n. Tlie rolloB-inc; is the yottt cast at the late State election, as returned to the office ol the Secretary of State:-- Governor--fioflmaa 390490 Woodlord 30li'42.i Lieutenant Governor--Beach " 399'(ns Kanfiuanu ; '...."." scs'si45 Comptroller--Michols a09 liii; Cauai Comoiissioaer, long term'--Jay.'.".'.".'.' iioMeii Nelson .".. 308,102 Canal commissioner, short term--Chapman. 399 315 Jiarkley 3?s'4S5 State Prison inspector--sclieu..."............ aos'sso 1'arkhurst 30Ji9S6 BOSTON UTIK SCHOOL COiiiiliEfflSBATiOS SERVICES. BOSTON, Dee. 2, isro. Mr. William M. Evans delivered .in address tonight in Music Hall and William Everett read an ode ia commemoration of the graduates of the Boston Latin School who fell in the late war There was much interest manifested ta the exercises and there was a large attendance. Tho memorial statue ty Greenough has been placed in tne hall of the Latin School in Bedford street. FUHEBAL OF_S:HATOR BLOODS. BAIASTON, N. Y., Dec. 2, isvo. The funeral of Senator Bloods, to-day, was attended by about two thousand persons. Over two hundred of Mr. liloods' workmen werc present as mourners. Several of the State omcer,i ac" members of me Legislature werc also present, and many of the public iiiacea of ilio HWR were dtancd ui mourning. ihe MiiiHiean Centra! Ur.'iro:vl: Houston, (iLMieiul rinpuriiifjiiduii! of tlin !'''iii!Svl' ula Kadioiui: C. Ai. 'inn. i'.eigtit .\^;:ni or" i Luke shore aud .Midi,.tran southern Kauroitd, uii-l iV. lU.ineii.mi. iTuydont uf tk« l:no itaii'.v.iv Tr" nort.xtion Con nsny. Tii': iiiti-.-uaisoi me Xew Etigluiiti railwuvs w.- IViiresrtntcu in- C'. U'. Cnuuiii. o! thi; Ki.Jt'o-. Albany ICulroud. and Av. u. York and jNetv Haven Tin: OUIKCT or Tut: .-IEKTINU 'Hie rall« ay companies claim r.iat tliev flo not wish t» raia-j, but to equalise th« ui^i--- o' triiusiiona- iion, 1:1 ord-r to prevent unjust /:ut,t) UN r» TUB LAST. The: dulega'-fc irnni Lodge Ko. lit) rf-porc-d iti I similar sti-iiin lo tnat ot lujr. aud the discussions will ba resumed to-day. The railroad compauies in convention represent in the Egsregate a capital of about S725.0iio,ooo nul their aantial revenue 43 larger than thai, oc tlie United states government was up to t.b.3 late civil OESPJUK. i,VB CEA'iB. A YUUHZ .linn Tliinlcs (lie Wnrld tins Tarncd Against llioi and l^urus Himself Out uf tiio World. Israel Wood, late a elcrK in the employ of John Tapuan, ITS South street, died yesterday afternoon ill the Centre Street UospltnU On Thursday afternoon last Wood, while in a partially deranged state of mind, shot Himself through the anterior lobe of tile brain with a pistol whicii he had secured for that purpose. Deceased was a man in cominrtable circumstjmceg, ne having a farm m Florida, Orange county, this State, where he has left a widow. A letter, of which the following is a copy, was found in ona of Wood's pockets:-- TnunsnAT, Doc. 1,1870. FKIENTI WIU.IAM--! love my dear wll'e and hope y«m will be a friend to lier when 1 jlm no more here. It gecms as though id! had turned againttt mo. Pi-lend William, ilft All yoa can for her, for Hlio IH u dear, rood woman. Mav God be with you all. I remain, an enr, ISRAEL WOOD. Coroner Kolllna yesterday afternoon gave per- KAY/.I. Ki'Ta'-IGEHCE. -Tcrmnnt-- Move list: Soiree Uu.tiMint« on . mcnts of OUl^c^s. The oll'.cers o: the resciviug ship Vermont gave n very cliariaing entertainment on board yesterday altenioon. There v.-ere at least onu liumireil ladica and gentlemen present, and the dancing was conducted on the spacious berth deck of the good old liue-ol-battlc-snip. Tie Savy i'ai-U Hand furnisher! the music, which, as is always tho case, was exceed- iugly'iine and insjiiritiiiK. Dancim; was kept up with i'.innense zeal and- visor nniii about seven o'ciocK, whe/i the gay company partooi; of a sumptuous lunch in the wardroom, furnished by tho veto rau steward of thu wardroom moss, which wi« evidently extremely satlsfuctory to all who participated. These semi-monthly soirees are hi-riily popular, and arc always wuil attended by the KMC of so~, cie!y in Brooklyn and New y-orfe. Lieutenant William S. Kandail i«is been ordered to the vcoervluR ship at liocton. Lieutenant Commander Ilaory C. Nields has boon detached from the riiilaaclnlitu Navy lard and ordered lo the receiving ship Potomac. Master Andrew llimwp has be«n detachi'/i from the Jamestown, waiUug ordei-s. 1'irst ABSistant Engineer B. c. Dampton, detached from the JSipsIc, waits orders, first Assistant, Adanison. dccuched trom the I'hiladelplua Nwy Yard, nas been ordered to tno Nipslc. second misslOB ta remove the body of deceased to Hie resi- Assisuml Hnptlneur (tnorgo \v. Ualrd, detached denco of hl» sister, Mrs. Williams, No. TC 'i'htpi lue Marc Island Nnvy Vurd. IISK buflti ordecud l street, wb«r,a talimuMit w4 h* baU to-duv. .· 1 raolrtoficM. INE^VSPA'PERf lEWSPAPE'RI

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