The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 17, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 17, 1944
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IT^i SaVe Wosfe Poperf /* ,'5 ya/ooWc to (he W0r IHortl Watch thl, papt, /or Cttltcthn Datesf BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THl DOMINANT NEWSPAPKR OF NORTHMAOT ARKANHAR Awn «™™..^ „.„„ "*" * **"* f " ^ VOL. XLI—NO, 128 BlythovUle Dally Newi Blythevlll* HerUd Blythevllla Courier MlMlalppl Valley L»»d«r -—— —~— HLYTllBVthLK, ARKANSAS. TllUKSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1944 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS" ' AMEMCAN 'BUTr ROLLS TOWARD PARIS TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS Hitler Hopes For Another 1914 Miracle By ED KORHV United Tress Staff Writer Eussla'e great summer offensive Jins reached Its decisive stage. Though overshadowed by the news from France, some of tlie most decisive battles of the war are raging on the eastern front. The Germans apparently liave decided to make it a do-or-dtc fight, an.vthing to stop the Hcd army from (.pilling on the "holy soil" of Germany. For the time being, they are succeeding. The Soviet advance has been stemmed, halted by German attacks east of Warsaw and along ihe approaches to East Prussia. Significantly, Moscow doesn't refer to .these German thrusts with the 'customary description "counter-attacks." It flatly calls them "Attacks." And the Russians even jplBtySJ far as to admit penetrations f\ in some of the sectors of the vast - battle-front. However, the aggressive action of the German armies still Isn't in the nature of a general counter-offensive, and it's extremely doubtful that the Germans can ever hope to mount n large drive against the victory-hungry Soviet troops. Enemy [jacks Strength With their Atlantic and Mediterranean walls . gone, with . their armies in western Europe being pushed back relentlessly, with their manpower barrel all but drained, the Germans just can't muster enough strength to put on a sustained drive. Tills has been proved often on the pastern front. Each time the Russians have vaulted across a large river, German resistance has stiffened. After the Russian crossing of the Donets 'in 1943, the Germans came back temporarily to recapture Kharkov. After the Red army stormed beyond the Dnepr,>the Ger- 'mnris retook Zhitomir. When Soviet troops -crocked the Bug: j^cr - Hiic; the Nazis again stemmed trielr advance. • ,. : But each time the Germans tried to Hold the Initiative, the Red War jnai:hine lurched forward, resuming •f/ils westward advance' with a new 'Theari n steam. ' . • ' . " In fact, all these German counter-thrusts were merely holding actions. The Nazis had lots of room to lall back, all they wanted was time, time enough to reform their lines' and set up a now defense system, one which they hoped to use us a springboard for ii counteroffensive. '• But today it's a different story. Now the Germans are lighting on tht'ir last lilies, the border of East Prussia and the Vistula river. For Hitler It's now or never. If the VIs- . tula and the Prussian border become two more milestones In the Russian advance, his .next line of defense Is the Oder, Berlin's own river. Hope For Knockout -The Germans, therefore, are fighting desperately, hoping against hope for a repetition of the miracle of 1914, when Russia was nil but knocked out of World War I in a single battle, the battle of Tannenberg." .Two great armies of the Czar had /.crashed across the East Prussian : f ran tier from the east and south. The Cairlst commanders sent their columns plunging into the German province with reckless speed. Under LudendorlT, their hero of the last war, the Germans fell back, drawing the Russians deeper and deeper Into Prussia, making them extend their slim spearheads still further. Since he was outnumbered, Lti- dendorff decided to take on each of the Russian armies separately. He pulled out most of his troops facing the Czarisl army striking from the east and shifted them to southern Prussia to win superiority on that front. When the Russians in the south had been sucked Inlo Prussia deep enough to spring his trap, Luden- dorff sent two powerful forces against the flanks of the Russian spearhead and soon enveloped the entire enemy army. Some 125,000 prisoners alone were taken In the battle of Tanncnberg. And although the Russian force coming In from the cast managed to escape, the defeat just about eliminated Russia from the war. Now the ghost of Ludendorff has i. -returned to haunt Htller. He Is fSsquandering his troops In a vain "effort to repeat that miracle of 1914. But the Russians have advanced cautiously toward Prussia, making their wedges thick, keeping their flanks well-protected and in effect encorcllng the big province first before actually entering It. The ghost of Ludendorff Is haunt- Irig them too. These Direct French Campaign ^"•!*^HfSOf^t3KMma^it-\ XH2C. • cir-.TT-,. — ,. „' -._ "_ City'Sets Fee For Organizers Amendment Is Added To City Ordinance Charging $100 Tax Promoters and organizers, including all persons whose business it Us to organize employees ol any employer into n group, society or union, must pay a license 'fee of $100 tlie Cit" roiii"-!! -in-rwl last night •''hen Ihey,;amende4 lll e "Licenses and' Privilege' -lakes" 'ordinance; passed by the Council June 9. ' Application for the licenses mTTst be filed with the City clerk, and Rum-overt by th c City Council, the ordinance stated. Those subject to thc license were further designated as all persons firms, clubs, associations, corpora- lions, their agents, servants, and Two Men Hurt In'Hay Baler North Of.Hayti i Attempting to lielp his friend whose hand' was caught In the chain of a hay baler, cost Roy Chambers, 38, ot Haytl, Mo., three fingers from his left hand. His fingers were slashed by- n spike in the machine as he was trying !•> free: James Sfmrcll. 50, also of near,f}aytl, in an accident which occurred about 6 o'clock yesterday afternoon on thc Slmrell farm four miles north of Hayli. ';' Both .men were in the Blytheville Hospital today. • Mr. ' aimrcll suffered a badly crushed hand, ..... B.^..,^ and. Mr. Chambers' middle finger, ley Term ... lift h'frt 0n in rem " inln 8 ° ne °" I'ls Grlxvcs ' «'ho pleaded not guilty Tennessee Man Held For Trial Archie Howard Graves Faces Murder Charge In Rivcrman's Death l Archie Howard Graves at Golddust, Term., charged with the fatal beating of Lcbie Lee Jlemlon, Osceola rivernmn, Aug. 10, \yas Bound over to\ nwalt the action 'of tKe Oi-anrt Jury in a preliminary h'eaf- Ing 1 yesterday afternoon'" betoe Mnglslrnle A, O. Durham In Rip- hrtn s ' 11lC ngllt h!mcl wns not ,» i i V aaern00 " »>ey ' to lhc chnr e<=. was held In e nipleyjnll today without bond: the tv, > '"i",y.v jmi uxiay wiuiout bond. lncn wcre billi " B Tem ' wi ' ;cc officers said 'that the '""» "art submitted a written " dnrirt H fi " >ey sumed a written dended hat the chain, which picks statement to them admitting til" up the hay ami pulls it into the (slaying of the 43-year-old K auE« baler, was too tight. Mr. Simrell tender on 'the Mississippi river '*""-*t n". 11 it gums, Hurvains ancl v, « — — 1-^m.i m muu uirj' .-iKiji ing ui tnu i o-y ear-old cnus employees, who seek to organize',„„"• . Wl « to » "B 1 ^- Mr. Simrell tender on'the Mississippi river employees in Blytheville. The ap-1 " ,,, thc chaln wh 'lo t'>e baler I The victim's body was four pllcant for the license must have'*" 5 . *"." ™»>ln6. After wortlug |Friday morning on Yankee Bar I seen a resident of Rlvthnvin» fnr on ''• he jerked on the rhnin in Dnn Mnnm i,,i^ i..,.i ,.,/, i,.. found by , ....... ° •»*«_! muiiviu^ (AIII.JUJ, iuuiiuii^ on innKcc i5ar bv he. Jerked on the chain to, Dan Moore, who told 'officers that . o, re, wo o officers that " " ™ as ""We enough, and the ,Graves came to his house the day l " Pulled his hand up in therefore and g D ' n< ; l "ne. While Chambers attempt- Iwallctt, saying hat he did ot lie fee for. each person, firm'™ J° fl "ee Simrell's hand, n spike know how he got it The npvl dav Wi>5 ' to l » th e machine came around and when M™™ •*„„! ,,,„!.„;. Z his tall. U. S. Torpedoes More Plentiful Than Jap Ships Production Will Bo Gradually Reduced; 6500 To Lose Jobs By llnlldl 1'rcss U. S. submarines miiKlug Pacific waters iiren'l (Indlnj; so ninny ( Ilr . ls Ihcsp days. The once viisl Japniirse merchant fleet hus dwindled so (lint our Navy is ordering u grnilunl 3111- bnck In the production of lonx'- does. Our pin-touts have more torpedoes Hutu targets nl the moment The- cutbacks, wlilcli will Ijc gradual. so Unit each affected plant cnn keep in shape to up production »«aln U necessary, -ulfccts four Plants, and will menu (lie <!lsi!linri<i> of some 0500 workers. Hill nil the loriiedci (limits except OIK: are In labor shortnijo arc-ns, ami the War Manpower CoinmK- slon says Uic workers cnn be pV.v.-i-l .In other nearby plants without trouljlc; Across the Pacific, in China. are ImvliiK troubles iit llenjtyaiiK. H took them over 10 dny.v to get Into tlmt strategic: vail city Hi the Hunan province, and i.ow they can't -id our. Chungklini reports that Jnpa, nt Lucks on ihe encircling Chines--! I -oops last ntfil.t, were repelled, •In the Snlwecn river vnllcy nloiiii tlic Chlnn-Durnm frontier. Isslmo Chiang Kill-slick's nrtnles have begun twin offensives' acnmst Tcngchimg and .Lungllng. /And they've captured slralCRlc positions In the outskirts of both 'cities. From India,. comes news Hint the Japanese troops, who six nitmllii ngo were incnnclng Implial, capital of Mnnlpur state, haxe ben rirlycn out of India. Only a few pockets ol 6larvmg,Jnps, In the hills, remain to be mopped up. ;.. -Tokyo .mmounras new AMI.ICHII air assault.'; on Socrnbnjii In Jnvn nnd on Chichi Island In the nonius. II says loo. tlmt -IQ American planes have raided Ualalmrn, un enemy Island base within 250 mils of Ihe Philippines, again, and claims that five U. S. limes were shot down or heavily damaged. Admiral Nlmitz, who has been vlr- llliiB the newly-conquered Amcrlcnn base nt Gimm, suys tlmt we can't win the Pacific war without land bases In China. He thinks that the Route for Invaders Minding; on lx;nchlicnds jn H.mlhern France, the Allied forces arc expected to Ink,- (lie road up U.e Hhoiie Bliw to join foircs will, their TO.inlrymeu fi l( lilHi B inward Paris I,, U.e north. (NHA •rclcnnip) . end of the European war will inciin . - --- ...^ ..^v,*,^^ iinuji, uuw been a resident of Blytheville for 12 months and shall have not been , e , s ouse e ay ..... ..... ....... ••-"• ""• »»• »«.KU convicted of any felony or other c " al " Pulled his hand up in therefore and gave him Hcmlnn's a stepped up attack In the cast. Rut. g that he did Tot llnt " " 1|U (li>v ' llc ***>• "»>c hesl got it The npvl dav Wi>5 ' to lwnt thc Jn l' ls 1° keep on " .1,^ .ui .uat-ii JIUISU1I, linn or corporation so,employed or en- °" ' ne machine came gaged, shall cover a calendar year slashed his fingers, or any part thereof, lo expire bee I 31 of the year granted, the ordt-' nance stated. Person.* transacting such business in Blytheville without having first obtained the license will be subject to fine not exceeding $15 an d each additional day that th e persons transact business without Die license shall be counted as a separate offense, (he ordinance holds. Tile new regulation pointed out that (he Issuing of the license will uc granted only after a hearing by City Council, which will take into consideration the additional police Norman Thomas P/ans Memphis Visit Oct. 7 MEMPHIS, Aug. 17 (U.P.)-Nor- man Thomas, Socialist candidate for president, will visit Memphis Oct. 7, and plans are being made lor a luncheon In his honor. Thomas will leave the same day tor Nuhvffie, to be done by It. "Tills ordinance being Two Drivers Unhurt When Trucks Crash Two drivers escaped Injury at 1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon when a U. S. Army camp truck collided wfth a Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. truck two miles east of Cooler, Mo., on the Cottonwood Point road Damage to the Dr. Pepper truck was estimated at about $300, and damage to tlie Army vehicle was undisclosed. The fender and left front wheel of the Dr. Pepper truck were demolished and the gas tank of the dump truck was damaged, and a tire severely slnshcd. The accident occurred shortly after thc bottling truck had left a store near Orcenway Gin, and was traveling west on thc gravel road. The driver of (he Army triick In passing thc other truck, apparently was caught, in loose gravel in thc mirtdlc of the road and swerved over, jl was said. Thc right rear fender of thc Army machine caught thc left front wheel of The Negro soldier, ^' vliu QV.HIHVIIJJI (WI1LL facihles made necessary by the griming of th e license, and the / feel the same will have upon thc pence, (jiiiel, morals and safety of the City of Blytheville. Thc applicant must fil c In writing with the City Clerk, specify his or her name, thc parent organization to or with whom it may intend to affiliate, mid shall set forth the purpose and scope of the business „ .,„..,^ deemed necessary to lh c pence, health arid safety of the Inhabitants of the City of Blytheville, an emergency is hcarby declared to exist and Ibis ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage", thc ordinance concludes. Among other matters decided by the Council last night was that Blythcvllle tnxi, operators must, either pail a bond, or in lieu of the bond, have liability and property damage Insurance. City Attorney Percy Wright wns Instructed to contact the drivers to sec that they had posted » bond or filled the other requirement. The insurance policy should be registered with the City Clerk Frank -WhitworUi. Tlie City police worce was Instructed to "abate thc nuisance" resulting from the Smoke from the Bnrksdalc Sawmill and Manufacturing plant, which, according to councllmcn, • has 'caused numerous complaints among persons in that neighborhood. The plant is located south" of the" R. D. Hughes Gin on South Broadway. The police force also was instructed lo keep" open lhc alley* between Shlbley's wholesale Grocery and thc buildings facing the railroad, south of the" alley. Another matter discussed but not decided was In regard to the plea for the extension of a franchise to operate street busses by T. J. Barnes. Mr. Barnes, who has three years lo go on his present nwa win oe neia franchise, nskej for nn extension nt morrow afternoon. thls time so that he could pur- when Moore wcnl in search of Hciidoii to return the wallet, ho.' told officers he found the man's /nyunctl'on Against body aboul four feet from the bank " - - - of the river. ; Thc next term of, Grand Jury will be held Oct. 2. George Barham Is Mentioned For Chancellor A Blytheville attorney, George Barham, has been mctioncd prominently for the txisition of Chancellor to succeed Francis Cherry, who will enter the Navy Aug. 27, accord- Ing to n Juncsboro news release. The selection by attorneys of the 12th Chancery Court of Northeast Arkansas will take place tomorrow afternoon in Joncsboro. Also mentioned for the office wns Marcus Fictx of Joneslxiro, whose term as prosecuting attorney expires Jan. 1, nnd a. G. Waskom of Marked Tree. • Chancellor Cherry has served nn- ly two of thc six years of his lirst term in office. Under Arkansas law when a Chancellor is granted leave of .ib- sencc a successor must Ijc named by the district bar. Chicago Wheat open high low close Sept. . 155 155% I54TS 155',', \MK Dec. . 155Vi 155% 155 155S 15-Hfc He was hauling gravel The driver of the Dr. PeppVtruck * Burton of Blytheville. Mrs. Betty Clark, 63, Dies At Osceola Home ifrs. Betty chalk, 63, died at 11 o clock last night at the home ot a daughter, Mrs. T. L. Tucker, near Osceola, after several weeks Illness. Born In Sardis, Tcnn., Mrs. Chalk spent most of her life there until moving to Osceola 10 years ago. She made her home with Mrs. Tucker. Shc leaves four other daughters, Mrs. Onie McBrlde of Blytheville, Mrs, Rosa Presley of Sardis, Mrs. Mattio Redden ot Kingsland, and Mrs. I^ce Anna Carroll of Flnley, Tcnn., and two brothers, Elley White of Selmer, Tenn., and Hubert White of Cairo, 111. Thc body was sent this aflcr- noon to Sardis where funeral services will be held at I' o'clock to- v —" i.,..^ ov innfc nc uuma pui" uooo mnerai ] . chase additional equipment. of an-angements. Cobb Funeral Home is In charge By Rusty Hail, Dies Of Lockjaw nnll which shc stuck In - Jarly this morning of Mrs. Ruth Walker, B7, who had been suffering from lockjaw for several days, resulting from thc fool injury. Mrs. Walker died at the Blytheville Hospital where she was admitted yesterday. Surviving arc four daughters, ,\frs. Elite Lcnsurc of Blytheville, with whom Mrs, Walker made her home, Mrs. Annie May Felts of Joiner, Mrs. Reba Rogers of liassell. and Mrs. Mildred IJoyd of Marked Tree, and two sons, Jess Walker of liassett, and Fayettc Walker of Blythcvlllo. Services will be held »t 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon nt the Bassett Church. Burial will be made at Bnssctt Cemetery. Cobb Funeral Home is In charge of arrangements. New York Cotton Mnr. . 2126 2132 2116 2130 2112 May . 2096 2113 2003 2110 2000 July . 2071 20S5 2067 2084 2<KB Oct. . 2165 2171 2155 2169 2149 Deo, . 2145 2S63 2137 "2151 3132 • ••!»•••»•»•**•• *-*y\* til .) & Krech Is Dissolved The injunction against J. E. Krcch, local milk dealer, because of alleged violations of the slnnd- nrd milk ordinance of Blytlievlllc wns dissolved Tuesday by Chancellor Francis Cherry of Joncsboro. Motion for dissolving of th'j Injunction was submitted on thc grounds that thc main milk ordinance docs not state within jlsclf thnl thc selling of any kind of milk Is n nuisance: Clniule Cooper, Krech's attorney, further charged that the city had not shown that the milk was improperly handled 01 tlmt It was not good milk. In his motion for dissolving the Injunction. Mr. Cooper also brought i;ut lhal one cannot, be enjoined when Ihcrc Is no adequate remedy at law. Krcch can continue lo iell milk, although he can Ire arrested mid fined for selling it, his attomey pointed out. Southern French Beachheads Now Joined On 50-Mile Front Hy llnllnl 1'rr.vs T»« Ameiv'im unit I'Ycncli urmios in southern >'c Imkwl u,. nil ihcii 1 liuitchhcndif iilon^ u At le.'i.sL four -null soapoi-ts ' Uiiplinol, tlie i .!•(, from w |)k in ISM. • A -special cqrtiimmlquc «luo reveals ihtit al Imist fivu Ill/I lOll'DU IlMim 1,/tnl, t,il.,.l. «.. II. - * tl' ,' r. cust - - tanks hccn tukon, including SI.' of u '° 'olcon cmljiii'kcd for Klbu,.... lownrd Pafton's Army ? Takes Charfres, Orleans, Dreux Yanks Now 32 Miles From French Capital,' But May Turn North , LONDON, Aug. 17 (U.P.)-Oen- ernl Elsenhower's prediction that this may he cue of the most'mo- tneiUous weeks ol the war wns bc- iiil! borne out on tlio (minefield.')• ol Franco today. So fnr, Aniorlonii troops have liikcn Ihreo cities In nortliern nnd ceiilriil France—Orleans, 70 mlleu soulhwc.ll. of. Purls, Chnrlres, .,48 '' mill's southwest,, of Paris,- aiid Dreux, 30 miles west of the French cupltnl, nnd due north of Ohnrtrcsl • nltpnlches' dlrcclly from the Imlllcflctd rcvcnl tlmt tlio Aiiicii- enm Imvo fmnclicd through the Column lines beyond clmrtres to wllliln 32 miles of Paris, und prob, ubly even closer.- -' ... The Qbrtnnn Imttle-scrcTO guarding the western ,'approaches to Puds appears to havo.buckled completely imiler the power of the American thnisl. Guns Hcurcl In r*rls Even Iho dcnimns admit tlmt tlio tlnmdei' of American guns'can bi> lieiml clearly In tlio filteels of nnd a lalo IH-jtlsh broad' , a mis vu mlnni .Imyo been takoii as tl.o Allitxl'Sevontl, slnl.l.ed ! ° - rmvo been libeiiited, 000 H«,uare of Lieut. Stevens Held Prisoner in Nazi Camp Ucut. John M.I Stevens Jr.', Is a prisoner of wnr of the Clcrmmis, his wife, the [(inner Miss Katbryn Olll of Del), wns Informed this morning by the War Department. Lleulcn- nnt Stevens previously wns roport- cd missing in action since June 7 In Franco where he was among the llrst paratroops who landed behind thc enemy lines to spcarhcftd Iho invasion. The War Department told Mrs Slovens that H had received Information frcon the International Red Cross, and that a letter with particulars would follow. Ueulcnant Slovens Is thc father of a lwo-nml-n-hnlf month old daughter whom'he has never seen. His wife ami daughter, Mary Kay, are making their home'with her mother, Mrs. J. II. Gill, at Dell. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs, J. M. Stevens Sr., ot Dell. Overseas six months, he enlisted In Die. Army In January, 1812. Burleson Rites Held At Manila This Afternoon Services for Mrs. Luster Burleson of Dell, mother of 12 children, were held nt -1 o'clock this afternoon lit Uic Manila Baptist Church with the llcv. c. J. flushing, pastor, officiating. Burial was made nt Manila Cemetery. Mrs. Burleson, wife of C. M. filirlcson, died nt 3:30 o'clock ycs- tcrdny afternoon nt niylhcvllle Hospital after a lengthy Illness. Shc was '12. Horn in Hamilton, Ala., Mrs. Hiirlesmi had lived In Dell for a numlier of years. In addition (« her husband she leaves six sons, Pvl. Doyle Burleson, slalfoncrt nt Fort Ord. Calif., Belmcr. !)l|l, fiay. Hen, nnd Orblc! all at, home, nnd six daughters. Mrs. Dora Holland of Dell, Mrs. Jewell Davis of Kctioslin, Wls., Dorothy, Vlidlc Mnc, Shirley Fay, and Mnr- Ifia Sue, nil at home. Cobb Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Tlio swift advance- of French nnil American troops Inland con- llnvics," hays the communique, "and mmi«rpu> additional towns'ami villages have been lukon." -" •'•'• Uic-hc towns 'nro on> the • .-.-,-.•.•-— ,to lhe -grunt pprl of Toulon : niul the famed Rivlora, re- Korl of Cannes. Officially, the Allied troops arc reported within ten mllcn of those two elites. liul Uic Clonnnu radio says Allied air borne troops already have broken Inlo Cnnnc.s and arc Hunting In the nil-eels. Still other Nazi reports any the Allies htwo occupied Ixilh .Cannes and NJce, 17 miles lo lhc notiicnst. However, Ihls appears to bo premature. ' General Sir Henry Maltliind Wilson, the commandcr-ln-chlef of all Mediterranean Jorccs, reveals too the Seine river In a . .. companion drive, • un otfousivo nwhjcli thrcutcns to force a great new trap nrouud Ihe fleeing German Seventh Army. . . •'-, - Slrlklng caslwiird anil soillh- onslvyard from- the Caen area, the Cniiiidlaiui have rolled up gnitia ot/ifrom one lo six nillcs. Heavy fighting also has flared up further fbulh with the Canadians .pushing eastward from captured 'Fnlalse. -'' . new .thrust . apparently "Js OeriharS'babic to,:tho Se|rib,--inpre',than !V -....«.-, to .lhc cast. Tlii's would pin Hheni cgnliist the Q-lvqr wllii Canadians on thelr_ v iiorlhcfn flank/and - Fatton's Aniei'lcnns. on the south, ,. *, New Trap Set -. |( • Thus a new.^sack. is being fprcea, nlmed nt catching the units-of the German Seventh •. Army sllll fleeing east.vurd from the Falalse pocket, incidentally lt : Is now-been fnlrly well .estab'ljshcd that the html core of the German armored divisions In the Normniidy trap mode good -lls escape. I ' •*••*• 1-VJV" , IJIJHJL' y<JUU JU-, L'SCllpC. that the landings In France were. However they now are facing this npenrhcndcd by three Ameiten dl-|uew. and bigger net which tho visions. his comes simiillancous | Allied troops are wenvuij? around with lhc disclosure by thc War De- (hem ••"..• partment Ihnt contrary to curlier General Palton's tanks nt Druox Weather ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy today, tonight and Friday. Tbundcr- showcrs tonight and In northwest portion todny. Cooler In north and west portions Friday. (USCG plioto from SEA)' "Hclired" from action by iho Allies at the age of 76, this Nazt prisoneT, p^c'ttat gr£b«rf. ^ n d" r" o N j in uniform is a fact i -' New York Stocks AT&T 163 3.4 Amcr Tobacco 721-4 Anaconda Copper 265-8 Beth Steel ;.. 62 7-a Chrysler 95 Gen Electric 33 3.3 Gen Motors 53 Montgomery Ward 56 5-8 Int Harvester in uniform is a fact" in harcl- 5>ressod German army, is pictured headed for internment after capjuro in France. I 1-2 Texas Corp ".."!! 48 1-2 " - - 1 601-2 Ic Stcele 20 k Rcpubll J I N Y Ci Central reports, nil opposition In south France wns not slight. Acting Secretary of Wnr John J. McCloy says that in some cases It wns serious. And he adds that nl- Ihongli Allied disunities in the new Invasion have been moderate, It's been no wnlkovcr. flc reveals too tlmt tl)c Invasion Is one day abend of schedule. McCioy also gives the llrst complete and official count on American casualties In weslcrn France. 'Ilicy totnl some 112,000 men. That includes some ' 16,000 killed, 19,000 missing and 10.000 wounded. Hull Expects Conference On World Peace WASHINGTON, Aug. 17 (UP) — Secretary Hull c>]>ccls the United Nations lo hold :i liUtory-mnklng conference 011 Ininnntionnl security Ihls fall to chnrl thc course of the entire world for generations to come. Hull (old a news conference that it Is his hope that the discussions of thc Bk Four nations which stnrt In Washington next week, will pave thc way for n large conclave In the fall. At the fame news conference, Krerclnry Hull declared (Irmly that. „„ „, Governor Thomas Dewcy has no Eudor'a. arc Imrcly 20 miles from the benl of Ihe Seine nboye Purls. And jt was polnlc'd put that Ihey could easily shirt northward In.that direction lo complete a noose around the battered enemy. } .'<""•,:.'' Willie the Canadians i 1 ! Americans learned up for this-big new offensive ngalnst the batlortU German armies, nnolher powerful American., column swept, down the Loire river lo take -the i railway hub of Orleans. Tills cuts off all German rail communication to Spain nnd southwestern .France; And It leaves the German 'nrniles in southern France with Just one- double-trunk line to the north by way of thc Ithonc Valley. Mrs. Maxine Sawyer, 17, Dies Yesterday Morning . Maxine Snwycr, 17,, died nt 10:?!) o'clock yesterday morning at • Blylhevllle Hospital where she was ad.nltted Tuesday. . She was the mother of a two- year-old son, Louie Charles. Her husband, I'vt. P. L. Sawyer,' Is sta- llo;ied al Fort Mende, Md. Mrs. Snwycr also leaves her father. Albert Rttchcy of Snn Francisco; her mother, Mrs. Elmer Roper of Eudora; two sister's. Mrs.. Lclhn Mae Taylor and Lorene Rltnhcy, both of Jennie, and three brothers, Sam Rllchcy of Lake Village, Alvln Uitchey of Pauls Valley, Okla., and Jim Ritchcy of rcoson to fpar that the United Stales, Britain, Russia ami China , , will try nnd rule military alliance. e world by n . Yesterday Dcwc v expressed doubts about thc purpose of thc coming Big Four discussions In Wnshlng- lon. The Republican nominee sa'ld llicrc arc Indlcntloiis the four nations ii-ould attempt to dominate all other countries by forcc. Meanwhile, ' President Roosevelt bus returned to the White House atirt started conferences with top military nnd home front advisers. ' The chief executive cemo home from his 15.COO mile 'Pacific trip more determined than ever that Allied troops will occupy both Japan nnd Germany completely, even If those nations quit before they nrc Invaded.- Luther Burbank grew chestnut trees Hint produced mils when they wcre only six months old and but 20 1-8 n few inches high. Funeral nrrnngemcnts; In charge of Cobb Funeral Home, were Incomplete today pending the arrival of Pxivale Sawyer. Services will probably be-held Sunday. ''.' ... Livestock ST.LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS— (WFA) —Livestock: Hogs 8,000; salable 6,000; 150-240 Ibs. H.TO; 120-HO Ibs. 13.S3-14.25;'sows 13.95. - •'',•' Cattle: 6,800; salable 4,800; calves 2,500 all salable; mixed yearlings nnd heifers 7.75-10.15. Cnnners and'.cutters 5.00-7.50; slaughter steers'9.75-17.50; slaughter belters 8.00-17.00; stacker and feeder steers 7.50-13.00. Chicago Rye. ,• •. • open high low -close Sept, . 103 10S« IfK'.l, 107 10744 Dec. . 107!S 107?i'.,106tt' 106?i. 10714

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