New York Herald from New York, New York on November 2, 1870 · Page 12
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New York Herald from New York, New York · Page 12

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1870
Page 12
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NEW YOKK HERALD, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1870.-TRIPLE 3W ELECTKBSf LAW. Defeated. rtant Proossdiwp ia Cia Trailed SutS rt--Assruaeat of Octr-iso!--Genera! Bs- 'QV? of t!ia Statutes and- Authorities Bearing- oa tho Case--Sow ths XaSict- 133 Grand Jury \7ers Cosveaecl- Arg-v-Ee-at ot Counsel Pro and GO.I-- i Ci-ovf'cd Court and a Lat« Sitting. dltrerctu and distinct iu its nature from that of the other, then there H no comlict of legislative will, au i t'ie iivoeovcruuicntH proceed lopeiuur hiirmo- niouslv I'm! in parallel lines tlmica'i nei'cr meet IK uli otcrnilv. I therefore tutlrm, w i t h perfect conil- Jc!icc. t h a i t i n - m o d e l have relcrrcil lo Is the only | mode in those two governments enn have and e.xei cise the right to employ the same means in their legislation aud lo operate on tlie same individual. Counsel then quoted from the of Gibbons and Option. Wlicaton Reports, a'ta proceeded--It is w i t h i n Uie po«er o'U-iWPs; to adopt a pnrttou of the criminal of a .-Lite and iu aid of Hie State policy to nrl:c tne vime oilVne.'S crimes against tho United Slt'iP*. tc be imnlshed as such by distinct aiWiuen-jl )Mi.'"t" prescribed by the will of Congress. Ami in.' i--a oi:s for which are, fiist, that the i-ower pvii'isi -i t · of the same nature aud is applied io !heiai,.' l ^-''vel maitcr. In all cases within the t'lMi- (" l"'' protiu-iiiioii tlie power exorcised ia n i · :"-iiv in tlio same, nature. The Court v.. : I.VU-Q observe tlio terms ,ln wlrch } !,-: * .-!::ti'H tin- propositions--a3 sflopliou ,, · riiitc:,!, in '·:··· r;,i- ';-rs , court huiiaaig, was crewJe-1 Ctc ··. :·. -le ofyos- v by .1 ir.usi riisi'cclaliia tir.Jui'v.ri :.\1 litiuito- 'iii us opening i n t h j oi-:-,,i.; f l . - i x P.M. "evasion wus t. c c.:\ ." NJ iin,i;i;T.iiJi:t o? a ·or or citi;:e3s rga-i: t .;ioni lite C-auct .Tary .'lit up true ;.;:·."· i-ulicixaeus for alleged vio- is of the ]',i,- jieo'iou law. Tha enclc- rc^erveti .or the at-.d tiio acrs -,v.:- ii.ied by lawyers, palilielans, .y raaisua's and ot!K-_- geaorj.1 ctiicici.-:. .'. e.uarur e.evea o'clock 3 ·VooOrnir I l-'uj-t--You cannot flistl a distinct power to winch to ' reter tac respective laws of the two sovcrtimer.ts. i Seci'iiii--in ail cases wiihui the preposition, where · tne DOWT cxercisju is 01 tl:c same nature, .roullave a cqnticr Of legislative wills op;Tati!'.;j oa tue f THE PUBLIC HEiiLIH. aifpthisa of the ITcnltti nnd }i::tr:int:ni- Com- ralssioaers--Ycllew Sifter at A"«iv Orleans and: mobile--Quairaotino lixtended to November 38. At the mectlus of the Board of Health yesterday, after tlio transaction of some routine business, tlto following reports were received and a proclamation issued In tttflollowiilc; terms:-HF AI.TII 17VA11X.MKNT, NEW YoM, Kov. 1,1870. TO Til" BOAT£1 OF TUB IlUAi.TIl Dn'Ar-.l'.MENT:-- Tlie yixniuiy Committee rcspcclfully submit tba follow* iu^ i-rca'jiL.!c nnd resolution:-\\ l!("'p^s injonoai'on 1ms been received At the oillcc of the Ilcaltli repai-lmeni iniru oQiclal sources Him vcllow fever (l»t-b :io\.- tit Kt-w» r.ud Mobile, and thut there Is dpnp'i cf t^3 f-jiind be):-j broupbt to tbls port of Now- Vork; ^"jl''J"!.'aP lj:r preset*'. yti:irH:Uiae rea'tlntioua wltli r^ard to llteijij ports^t en tlic 1st day of A\i*c;iit)cr iubl.i:lt, except by in-oi;i±2uiMou or thid !or.rd; theretoTM, Kesolveti. Ttul tiie loilowiut; mouiamatloii te iuuuetUateiy By the ttoaz-J cf t'jo Health Department of tlto city of New York. /there hf-i-tir good rea^u to believe tivti R certain conta- cioitj. i!|-.ect:ous or ru-sti c-1' chsj.-fC--to w:t, the jvllow f£7or--doei fnv exi-H ;i". -,eu- O.-.c.'tti'* nil.! Mobile, ;tnd tbitt r-idn.- ii i : -:" ^.j. ut ^ti.:.- 0 ;jc;i5e ljem;t bivuglit iroi'i fie-ice to subject malttr, ;iu,i that coniiici. Is rty/isaaru lo Wa | u'.iod'aree'.i.'orccai^ rej ,lci 'iblwrioniaiSi r»i"t» coipni'- (i.)il L'lilV.OU Of l'on£te5S. Which hOS reserved lo thO } lro-.i s-.;.i i ,,:i'j t -'i. ptt.U^e'pjune not benij iiuluori/rfil v.i'.h- s.I Hie power* no; e.ipress!.v delegated lo tue ' OIV - Si-L-e-.ucn^y aiir.eared and s?r nc-a ii:s · t j Deputy, o. aeral L'svias. ·;o Tiei'ior Curtis and Mr. Jcsetih Be;, it ··el lor sot»o or tlie rteien'h'.n:s,.sat!ppciite. tut Inst-incc; of tUj District A'.toniev 1C.'.:. C.liS UP TEREXC3 OUIX.S caijct"., "Jr. Davis iiic-.eJ tL-at guetl. Qtnuii was brought in. DrilAI-SD FOR A?t ESTKl JrDRE. Sto-.ig'iu^a said 112 ar-;ear?ci f:i- tii-3 fiefon-1- :;nd. as -rrave que*lions wouM :.n.=e ir. relation i i.iw. :,c -.vouia titrr.5itiy .-.nil u-jeeriul-y a-:; ;ue Ccvro'o..- t j coa.-r:nitc-!. l y :no nrcsince of udges, :hia !h-yv,\.u:d u-ivc-:'js rl^h: c: ;i£,- o t!;c rniip'l Stales f-cr.;c"-e Court. Tue ui- | .- 0;to!:,r. a .a copies or Hie panels -,7ero fur- | (i to "a.c ctu:7sei oil the folioWIEJJ tioy. The in- ; Uiii'.eJ riiaioj. KclhuiR c.iu savo that con'Jict; Iroui bi-.tir repugnant to tue coiist.t.-U')», u:i!c ! s you cau Unit a separate au.i distinct r.:id supcr.or p wer vested iu Co:i:jres un tho Siinc suli.ect niatier. third reason iie v/itliiti the tc.»iU5 ul uii 1 1'roposttiyii. You caauot: have that su- I::i.'i,icv oi aay act of Congress w.ii'li wi)! aiuce S'j!\ e i'.:e ol two legislative wili^. If. tor ex- "i.v. i'ldit ij-ai^ucicd to !:ace taar jansdlcuon uy ·yaiiopi.ciiof iiis ja-.v which i s m n a e i n tLs r.^c of L'ou:rt5, r.i. if '.ic- state h:;s o;:!tc5du penalties. thcv-iTjici.::.!:.m sr-it.d. and Coajre-sS couica ill Cd-i"ic: r,t leiiis'.atue wills." If you can I'u-J i a sui,-cn.e aiia luueiic^ciunt po'.ver in Congress oi a u,i.o:xat iiatr,re to ^ccoa tins subiect youfc-jl^e ! tin; co'i:t.c:, omi i,.e Stilts lesislatiou lali~. But the I ae C3 j v; ry u.riui of tne, aad the assumi!ion I j CthJ a ^i^.UuP of the tf.Ue l.,w by act ot Coiigfe-s i ! 11-.'-·upr^.^es t-Iiat ti.o fct^te lav,' continues to stand j uajn. i:.rGJ. V/iiere, tuen. c:tzi yon ns-'crr. in sue i ef?!vl- ! a u.-s, me 3"r,reii:icy of tue fenei-al coDStitituoiiy .-'.-n., f ^O'.,i:eic. "iuro 13 no M:"ic:i,iicy in Consie^s as", ! se.r d tiPjwr.ere. Stuio law is not done y a-.; ; ;-.,,;.- «,-;-!.. Kouody safest, a ccnJict he; i-.rco:' ;us prov!.i,,as «r; f.iicy ot the two liirs. and \ ~ :c i.ct o. Cea^ress ii^s no operation eicent.a^ i wi;e:e 1115 State iai,'exists aad is assumed ro be m I I'aj ftTu. 1 . i T-i.- v. iitf ad Ptsics Bistnt't Attomev must find a su-/r:-iiie:)3TvoriD Con :r;ss u act ou diosubj.icl, or i-ei- 3 "ra;i3" o: vjters. arid ne mus: also Imd th'S riiat iJo-.vcr, TO . . ' . IhlR Hf*:mi, in the discb.-'.rce ofitsiltilv t.i t-i' p: ^ n.-v-d. an "'in- v.i-ui-: m the po.ver con:'en.'i liy iuj- i. j : .,;( 1 ,j»nj;i(,f t i e I t T t h chapter of tho iawsoflSSJ, tinis.vM:i iJ -.n i o'h -.- SLV-.ions 'H' tk-j Tllli cbaijter, .lad eiv.i.-n oot t'-ii -Vbiti cl^nitfro.'lne 'a-,vs ot IflS. :i;id elKipUT !*. : o: tlje laws o. iS"(i, se j;io:i L6. doss r.ovv fcc:-cby procia'm apii .rpcliir* 1 pr.i.i pcnts :c l -. e.-.cli a-jt! severally. iiu iu:ec:eJ plucf, v itt:!G the n.isu.'i^ of lije health I.LWS of tlii^ St.-itl, and I':--, prool.-i'niit.-on '-u.ill co.-linnv until the Mth day of Z^ji-r-ruyer .-i! ;V i'r.scalyear, a-jj faliallun that d^y r.t ruon ci?nRO tc 'nvc c.lvvt. 1-ore H7 ?ni I Uosr i at its o"lce, No. 31] Mott Ktr?et. in the ci*T HL _-e\v ,"ort on t'i,s 1-it d:*v Ci' Noretnijer, l37d. a3 dtiie si^antai-es of ili J'resi- S. BOSWOEra, President. e 0itl of f ^ i j lioai^ ' ec ' e "- J ' . E5iiio:.-s C:.A3S. Secretary. Tiie c;ty Sr.uita. v Insfector was ordered to employ an !at-T.ectorior,i!.eui"u'.n, to exercise an insyee- nort ovor arrivm;-, la tiie city. AII ; 'L of clol:nnueut ciercCytiien antlEiirjreoTiP, wlto fr. led to coiiri.y wiu ika Mw in laakuts reports. VMS read aim rett.-ivd io the Conoiitice ou Law autl OiUiaaucos to proscc'ite. A coi.ixtti'it 1 anon was received from the Consul at C.uiiz. a-ino'i'ic'Ec; mat Carrtain.T. D. Carlisle, of the b r i j C: ! sc,~",ii. hjti re! iscd"to take a bill of UesltU. Ti,e !-:-l!i'-,,-:n : e;;lrnlt tegardias cui)t.i'-iotis ilis- easej ivas aisde by citv Sanitary Inspector iiurris:-- I litre il'.c Inner to teport tie fo^o^n^ roniDamtive- E.iiterntr.t ot ecr.Ut^iotj.'i iiisei. E -es occurring :a t.:is city, as i-i^i i-..3sic!:in.- :.:t i Hecllu iKspectora" rpp-jftsto ^ t in :^g the po:t t-.vo \vec*°-. ectiin;: oa ta« ^l;h of tl -.3 O-fi i.-nts v,x:c ic.isg and ie-f;.iri ·li cor-alti-a'ro-i o, ;r"e- -- -.s"! l"--« i«-- r .-. i ji.o~. l..e IV-t.-i-'i A.Uiraoy lull un .,.", ,.' " . "". ""*·"· ^- ·..-^u-- -- . arr;c , H [ _ _ 3 Q.j, ;en : . (,r t;,c constitution lo i:-..i jus* a r j pro^.T ti:.-.t t.:.-Court : ij.),-.: t ,ji uis exi~.i.u'(l!i!-ry ssaiate. It ,.- i ; OF nrr'STo". TO T.IE supr.s:iz vo th" potnt leu by t.u- isc \\"(ij.traii saici - lavolvea uad tlis nuesi^oas raiSE g-Itest tr.baEai. · " : jrten the eais- a~*-, pu; s lie wou!ti decide v,i,L-ii[jr it, wtts x-roior or ·i'ary to call in a Cistnc:- -ji'-.dse. A: rriscuc cases WCPJ HOE. bcfo-re tue Codrt. ina-jyiCc^i . Cnrtts ho;.-eu tne Conrt wr-u!-! csre.'nily coa- · the niotiop. TliD law uuiier wiiicii iuc u.sss 0 be trieti uvolvcd tl:e :e Unite i btiCes--asojrio:: whicii has never yet red a juuJ.-lzi or even a Con;ics=iocal conss-uc- IIe wonlG, therefare, urge that tite Com t ue so tituteu iii-l luey ini^ht go ou a demurrer to tns; strict Attorney 1/.1-. Is regarded the application me of a:t c:ar,.ordij,ary character. Ilefore tlie 1 to be tn :cl vrcre 1.1 any lorni Before the Judge | - counsel a.-,kccl Hiat two jtiages preside oa the 'h. ,, 11^.^0 i cutdict. '..jieii thy cases v.'ero :pl!t b~: .r-.' lii;,i, t-a,u lie thui'i like ro have ,iiur jiiiis · hill u;i -.vith hi.'n, un b« we-ald;e .-c.^pon-si.ii.iiy hiuiswn; but UK Ma say that he id cull (ijt ..luljie \^ o .-di'.:lf. litre \', uon.-i.i.'repiiu,!, in cir,-; counsel should rte- 1 to the iiiui. tmeur, he wuaid e.iii on Judge chfonl, b,U ui ibuttiiiie the c;tscs v.-ere not in i a foriii at tui.eti lur the trucecdiiiir. . . r. 5:i.u?h: i n --.u c.-. was l!:eti ruj.rty to prasonl a, turrer 10 t.,e luJt'iinicut, aim tu call theatteutiou he i.ourt to me iuOja 1'dopted iu convening tlw nd.lur... i.o \vouki tii^!. niovj to t;uasli t::e m- inent. iK-c.iu-c thu mode or ca'.li;:^" the crand .. v.a^- not luaccoiuaiice wltu me rc~mar jitac- t or cue Luuri. In-li^.d m his liand :m aUJuant v,je by Te:i'.::e Qiij^a. ju whicii he swears, oa in- lianon ana ijeiiei, lhailiir. \;\;or^e F. iier.s ami Keunetli t;. V, hue took some ef the inioic'.' out of Direc'ory ar nupti.i/arrl. 'jl,,:t i:rooc^t:.iij^ vrats m i'Ce.n!:i :w willl ti.e practice ol rue Conrt. Lstnci.\it.une,- D.ivis rep:ieu that 11.1 nioaoiiof ctii:rticieru.jiie could be pre!i';.ued on aa c." Ic atjiduvi-. -j'tie Court cn.iM n-): jro iae jri, ;u:u . j.ete tv.:s n iji.-ir i»ij ti, · tt,v,.v : i.«.-jtu,v . tne -u.-in ...^ry h^ti hec-i ,:i;;i.-i..-i.iiy caila i. r. Stoi^rt 1 !'!!:, ;n rtv-.s c.ted u c,i-e" in v. ulcil a iujii v.-.i-. j.t.. le 10 quj^i. ^u ii!i:io;:iienL ije/ore i£c: Story, t.^ the ^.fund tnat one 01 the v, r .t- M'H ivlto u .(1 to tilled had not been sworn, and. Court (;ii_-:jF-(l tiie i^dict.-utMi.. H'ou.u u.j iiere euiiftiin jd with Jud e :c:iis,oii jf ali pv.^.-r j.: tiie i?ui f e oa toe saaie s-jo- 'l..e IV-t.-i-'i A.Uiraoy lull un itoab; c.iKe lie constitution on which to so happens T.- is i-o clause cf Mi-.- constitution tiie mpnii- j in^r end pr.rnoso ol' vrhicu--as tiiut meaning i and purpo.-e~ existed m the mods ot the | x.2c2'.e v,'ho framed it aad or t!js peo;;le I -,7nij atio^tea it--that can be traced so clearlv as'iu j reference to this clause. Kow, ii ihut ar;ic:e is to be takoii as embtaciug tse power of coittrolling tke Hi2::m,rof voting-, then this law is not in execution : a: Pie grouted power. The clnse pays, "But Coii- i ^rc.-.-; may at r.ny Krp.e, by law, mate or alter tho j resuir.uoa i'or tl:e tinic and m.mne-r of voung." All lhat was iu.endeu By tlic framers I 01 tue constiititic-ii was to secure to the nat-onal isgtsiatnie asupentitenuiuff power. Tiint incase j a^y shouUi fail to scad a delegation to Congress, d" shoulu U'l to have sucu an ejection law as 10 tue judgment of Congrjs-i will nsltiniiy sccute ! du^ repre=eniarion. taeu toneless s^·^i^:!i inire t-ie j TV.tvar to fctep rj. and correct that evil ,-y a rtiie- :i;i- j pllcable to the ",-iiole country. 'Ihac is tie only j " t\iiiisei e!aborai»tt his a: great Icncth and on concluding^yas loilawedby theLMStrict Atr.crncy. ABVDiiEST OP vsrai't) STATES DlsTUlCT ATroSMEl' PAT1S. Uziitpil States District Attorney Davis, in rejlv, ODS^ed with r^adins; extracts irom ttie ant"uorit;es and tue sratu-e-sui-pui'tuu^ fclie legality of laeijro- ceodin^s in conlrcversy. He siiid tuat it '.v-rs a. wc.l ] Sbttied rule of iaw tliai: Jlie anihoi-iTv of an o,'M'--er i issuing a proems o' a ctuirt must be uiscle to apr-eav I by avtnuOuL II tT;c process be in dne form, mat is i suiiicient protoeliou of the oilleer. To estnyiish a i cruuijial process it wis essential to e~t.iblfsh as a i.ict that t)ic trjc«? ',vas not o.'iiy good in ! form, but jrood da jnro by reason of tL-e ! ] right' of tlie omra- to iSEa-.- snch proce B 3. The aver- I incut m this case is broad cEtoiigti to e^tp.bli^h any i indictment 1'uv nitsaein-j:iuor. It. was sujlicient under the most stringent rule to avsr the law ol w-ilcit the co^n is to li'-c-e notice liiai. tlie appointment of an o.iicer vra^ duty made in jin; suan^ofthatlaw- Tite cjnut inclie inciieliiieDt .sJnoi'y according to tha requirement; of the siatnte. Similar counts hail been acted on in Ihe courts in England and In This i country and fcUbUiiiievl. Jt, vros s.iilHc!eiil to set lorth mat the oaeiice charge-1 was committed bv the afe'weri--ae'cribtns 111 Bnbitance as me statute required tlie uvertnen'.- It is here set forth, that the boaid v.t.s or^amxed uuu 1 actce iu pursuance oft he lav.-s or Se\v Ycrlc. it | was otily n^eesiary furtlier to say that at. a re^islTa- | lion oi voters where i repvsf entative of Con-^tess I ivas. to be cl:usen ncrsoa here aocnssd appeared I and rrortir^'i Inrnsc-il to oe r^^n.s-.rTod a-; a viiter, I j lie not tci.-i^ a Ic^ai \ut-3r iri tiie di.-tnct in xi'lilc'i he ' I resist ercrt iiuntelf. They proceeded iu ihl.ipros.-cn- J i tlen ior an oftcyce a^ai.-ii :',ie laws of Ciui^ress as j | li' no otrctice irliatsvur had iieen (-.j.-araitic-l ajrainsi. ( li:c iavs o: t i i C d i L t e o l ^'e;v 1 i*rk. Jic ruon^iir, 111 rii.c-lus! in, Lc hai: tin- -crttetl etio..'gh to the Court iu jFtainmcrit of the indictment to rest. ·li 1 . blougiito'-i callcu tiic iiKeutiou of the Conn to ue of the counts, which includes all tiie othe:---. It ;l3 forth that Terrumw (Juiiin. at a registration, tii!wui£iy ami fr^'iuuiently uui cauf-e his iranie to ·j put down a» a voter, tie atibiniueu tn^t where indictedi'or a clime, wtiion cnineccu- Dipbti , TTrt'.V nvling OcL 2± bKE -'e-c- .......................... 4 noldievcr ......................... IS ';.ri£ _~evcr ......... ... ........ ... ft i l p n . .............................. 1 ;-.:iQi ............................. 4 c5 ................. .... ........... 9 in*/* r~t";i- Ofi. IS. " j The increase in thf HT:inbers of contagions diseases re j tcr:cj IB vvidcnti-r thf reitilt of tiie ciretilur sect to tho "etl:c.ti proHE=i-).i c:tllin» attention to tae law jir^inj: tiient pT-uiirf'y to report t'-:t;ir cases. More reIiaL.!« t:tvtisti=s of tbe moTe-nent 1 ; o l ' f i esc diseases may be roasonaiily hope! for, us the I'tpfc-'Sioo :i~e more gcneral'v ^c- ^imm-.eil^rith tae law an.'. cai;tmt b'it SM tbnt 3 tch wcci';y stntj?-.ics nreoi -rent vrt! ·K t j themselves, iis wtji as to the The increase in t!:e unmtter of cap* 1 " of re-apsios ferer Qtir-nc {be p.T3t Tvcel; ts u...u^ to tlie discoverv Oi a prutio of ra-es, all c t c u r n n TM in cr-irtm.]-,-, the wiiolenimt' of tt» Iirrso^s w«re str.nrcn wi:h it. at No. street. 'iLis ^ronp r\i~": rot rll be.^ri sick r,t on-, tinii, as I'nirc ba.i tici--. ·· c'!t--e r r: js or onsei; in luis f.ini'ly sin.:*; .luiyl.lz-t: hut t v Ki.i::tf.: jjs czistv-uec w:xS nnt ktio.Tn to ibis B:Teat:_ur:tji the p 151 t.-fc^.. t^w iar ESCOU'.I be ascer- tariiej, TT. join 1 Hnliop w:.-; ll^iittet.diii!: jUijTioian, from whom no repor: ii:ts i.een revtircd at tlus oaice oi tlieao J-^iuiinati-jr tbe r .e t i n eK c cs frnm thnse reported rinrt^c tlie psst wcclv, tile ruepn ri'Otvs liiat zilrre has beer, no In- cre.ibe in th.s diseaj-c p:nce the previous wcuk. Quxranrsac---The VePr.cSa Arrtvo*! ^roiTz ?T;- ft-t-rc-:i Ports Iarin!r cite Week. Tho Commissioners of Quarantine met yesterday at their rooms I.i Txchange court, but. transacted no basiness of any importance. The foUowing report was received r ro'ji tlie Hc-alth Otccer:-- H?: .t.T'I OFFII-KR'rf J-lnpAKTMIlVi 1 ,? C' L A'-.'.MTI.Nr, ri. I., Nov. I, 1S70. 1 T't -nzr Pr.i-Eir,TXVT -·· Ti;K P.IM ui; ov Kr -L-.I n, X. Y, :-Fin--T.'is : ,,.'jv7in^ vo 5 scU irom infect.-J i»ort, have b.r-^iily -^"ily j;. Smidw, ton tiupi) irom Is'n-.r Orlcjins, Jji,7ht. ei^iil dars fro T ore r;i»;i in ho^pif.l ia ^e,v Or.i".:s. ..;. willi yellow 10-,er, was trait 1 :!en e.l Ltl oa tiis am";al of the steamer :it K . . ^VPW- Orlc; arrlvt-d C'i; r o"r'r ^.". if.- 1 . Ano;!ii-r ol t 1 !-- cre-.v. t, to West J'a-.'t Ij3v-'. Scaooaf-r Ann and Fnsan.sixtcf n darn from Mobile, riTivfft Octobfir £7. V,*.1B layR ill port, liefl one o 1 ' the crew Iti liusp.tal \vitii ye.liiiv l'e,-r. Tin- second jna'.t; und two ini-n were Eicl: -^-ilh tlie foi-er on the pa^aaixc.|, Oohimu.a, livu ujivd iroai Havana, arrived Ooto- lll-.- -^7. Ste.ims.iirj Gnrtes, thirteen Uy.y6 from Ki-vr Orltianp, arrived October :.£ Ptc.irnji.'i 1 Gcorj:TM *iV;'s!iU)£!c:j- ei^Ii; davi from Nyiv Orlea-:-, arr! 1 ' -ii OctoijL'r ::'J. Htcir-si.-r :,ll^b.,ipiH. ei'jlit ilays Irota yetv Oilcan?, ar- rlratHlciuluTil. I'urhi^ tin; past \s cii'i. onlv v.-.-o -as'--i of veliow fever'-i; ony Irom v,:iS,i l^n-jacrou.iiantmc. Tliu pa-.ll-nt from stc.i'a- G;I|, A'ouLi-r^ Li^ht (llf^l oa U-:t. thu day .liter hh ml - tt!i33lo3. VeiTrot.iieclini.'jj-our^, The a v iove report was also subiulttca to Uie Uuard of yeftcrtiuy. ndge \Vooiruir-- i'roceeil; we of Qiuii ;uv icady to Hoar AKGZTJ1ENT OP TTtl. Crr.TI.-i. ar. Curtis, m opeiiiiii;, astsawe attention of the (.it to tue twentieth section of t:i« Kiecdon law, by red by Congress ilay :, IS',0, which refers lo (jcre^ihti-ati-in. -He haid rue jciiaams ol iheseo- p had to be -,ought outiiiie of the VferV.s; lor thera ;.-, no initioiial ie^L-5try, and Lii3 section theure- reil to tue registry or voWrs in me vanous fctatc.s. , tlnit sectiLU Congress adopted liic registry of : State aud -provided jninitnmcnt for tiic very ue tiifences v, uicti arc ])unlaiicd by facate Uws. e iiif.UiL-t,l tiie then poUt.eal syste-iu v iu, well own. Tcoy had a national -anti State .rldature, anJ the powers aud · duties of ·h were distinctly iic-Uned, uutl uei^ aid adopt tiitf criminal code uf tLa o.her '.hoiii t-vercibing the taiue power as ue other, e theoiy oil vihicii the statute inauiies-ii' tK'occydri COiigress ha-) ajopted lor certain pur- .?cs a iiurtio:: ci the ata.e laws, aad hai ins adapted, uproci-eda Jo make iitidtlional pnaissiiients ior | ^-same oii-^i.cca iij:.t. ;,re uouoi.iici.-il m tiu yia.e ,v.-. uly Li.-t nrop'ostUwiis that it is not viiuui. j constittiiiuiial power of -Coiiprress to .itlopi. a ;n)r- ,u o; tile crii:uu.u i ccdc oi a Sw te, and 111 uiU-of the me oueuces crime's Uiioiiisi me Uiiieil SiAtcaand punish tliein by irfidir:osaiaril (llsiiuct rieuu^liCi:. lieu v,'e cotibider tiia 'natter i of our iiulincal ^ sys- Ji it will be se.:u init It c.maiS'j, .ol'.two distinct iiernmeiiis, each h^vlup sin luvicpeneciu and sa'U- ie legislative power u^uii-wJ-Mis tv distinc. snbiccta poluieal po» er. Tiie uieu adopaun bv one uf cse govemuieiiis ol :t iiortio.i of ilia code tiie oilier reduces itself at «;ice ijtUc mnulrj, vr can dtiiergocernmcB!; adopt tlie'ci-liiiinal' tlic oilier ami iejiKiace to ezuu-cc- H v/!thout exer- ^in^ the saiae power-that lias oeeii-eiercised by ,1 bile ihe laws are sui/pt-cd to be /Vf 1 with file statute laws uf the btate. It is a eoiidition precedent luar this board sit--tiiat they Me the oatli and receive a eertiflcafc ol appointment--meet :ind organize ab a bo- h ru beiorc tht-y can act as :, lioara. District Attorney Uavia--Thj.1 hits been decided azainst vou. Mr. Stousliton--! -.rouid like to know where and hov.'tnw bojrd xvas t u n certain extent orfrani/e-i lor judiciul purposes--to ;eeeive te.-'-uuonr, to exa-iiine witnesses, anil the lir: ol its members Is to be died as a matter Oi recort 1 . There can be no rei'istra- tiou tjii the resist i-itlou ILSI is conipiote, a'jd until that is done no uU'eace can bu couuiiittcd u^unist the law cr^an iiliis: thii biiarii. ilr. Sioiifitii'jri ii.i\i.-i^ i-esumed ins seal. Wooctrufl' luii.nrcci ;t counsel lud -la^ on tiie oilier niuiicn of the ease. Mr. Stoaglnoii c£-.iiu i n-e aim proceeded with his argument. He -u.d lhat fur i.:a iirst lime lu t.iie hi-^- iurv 01 t.iie iru\ eiument of th.s coumry did they see ;x;i net ol Con^reas aui hurizin-j tlic r-piioirifiunf of a board ui' u-Kcei-s under vanou-, nniuu.-, /i.-in.T mi m oar iriiusi; ty iiifcrfere wnii nnd control eiceti -ns hitherlo held wnimi tlic states quite uiiobstractcd and untouched by ledera! iiti-_rference. Thrre \vas no dPlusian about tl|ar,--lhat lor eighty years we j liiive lived without a iaw bcurms n semWance to 1 this. Aud it was not ft delusion tli^T. up to t Uis hour I i-L l cll a raw -.i« luis, involving Uie construction of the ur^t .irncie oT the consliiiitiou, lias never bee.i ! the suiijCCt c-f.jnJlCiil luienerencf- This act i.n'e of great caiisefiuence, and marks an era in To nrE EJIITOR OF Tnr; liuKALi):-- ferrait lac thrciisii yoar vidcly circulated journal to malic public a t r rosa outraze perpetrated throngti personal miVice ana under the giusc of an ··income tax.' ; 1 Save aal I a t.'.x every year since it was firs'- levied until last year, lint having been side utiriuj; tne Ciiliro year and tnost of the time coniined to TMy house, 1 tutalncil a loss in business of o\ er SI,ooo more tha" iiiy entire inccuic, and yet, noi- withstandir.!: tbat sworn returns were made by me to that effect. I was assessed $175, and my furniture was attached, two ruilians placed m my house to j guard it. and two more, n hiie attempting tn remove a wane, shattered the pedal :tn:i spin off pieces of tho carved work. Tins was done while 1 was too sicK to leave nc room, feting that the instrumeiit wotii'i be rniauii and T sli-juld huve lo suil'er the loss 1 oaul me unj-.,.i; denir.iiti and tnus ^'ot rid of ihe jiiitlaas iriim my house, ou,' the dcputi- collector reniur-.i-l that lie r!U nut like in do J:md of t:iHi:i?s;: Inat lie was snh.^iieii that 1 iuui j bteli wrtinged, ,tn-l that lie ^'.MS surr^ to see so many 1 getting "Uovui iia Liu t'o-'eniuiout" on account ol ; such cases. I It way be cslcii! why j shou'd n? the snnjei-t or suuh ti-eatine..t. 1 r.ui convene no otuer reason tuira tlus:--1 ani a man w h o ne\c-r liow.s down to ·The h:i! erect,c.i on a pole, 1 ' or t-roueitcs like a slave at tlie feet of ino!eiit batraps bojit-ii^ ciouied with a ilitie briel :iu^nority: ami liet-Kic.-, by examining the voting list ot tin- d 111 net they coali! t-as-il r leiira lhat j rorca Hie straight demo -i-^iic ucKet ai the lust JPresideaiial election. Killier of these ofieueey would have been a suiiicieiit pretext fur grattlylng- personal ioali'-e and siitta. lie tins .is it may, tne lacts are as tibovc staled: and if such outrages aie to be tolerated our -HO-calUM "free ^oveiniiicnt" is 110 better than a rint Uf-spotisrc. The authors of the above infamous and maliuon", transaction are Edwui THE QUESTION OF THE EAST. llnmiu'n Hirnuil Opportonity--Who ^»n JJuy KonlriU Anstria?--Prussian Folicy. ' ' [Ii'roiu the London t! loco, oci. IS.] Should that (rreat Power wnic.'i haajs like a t h u n der cloud upon tao eastern horizon of Europe take advantage of the present crisis to prosecute tier Uc- elgns on Turkey she would no longer, it is clea 1 -, have the Anglo-I-'reticU alliance to encounter. I f France had the power she would probably not have the will to join us in another war, ana if she had the willslte wonl I certainly not have tin 1 powror. But it is said t h a t the course of events in Europe since 1S51 has converted another src;\t_ empire into a much more natural inrrier agam-l icusiiaii ambition tliau France ever cotiiJ have Uei'ii. Austria bs utiiled to Gennanv by lid; whlcli seem almost m- djssolubie, a;»d are iioiic tiic weaker because ihey iiavc ceased to bo '-oltUcai. But Austria has set her towards tlic Must, ami TVtf trust t h a t tile will not loot back. Sue liasloiijj exponence in the maii.iKeinent of heterogeneous populations, unil that she im.4 lieht together at ail is a proof ol' no me in xiihl. U should be her to subdue uiui civilize iiiose wild and turbulent races whic'i lie upon lier c..sicni frontier,! should Ihe Oav ever come when tlie Turk has lo lo.d his robes and rcuie with (Utility into ihe land winch originally sini. linn lortli, to step into the vacant space aad solve the Easfrn ynesiion. v -' : ·' I'riissia can naidly either expect, or desire to pus'i lier'ti-ontici- to the Cull ol \cuicc, and u ;·- feicru, southeaste-.-u empire is lo bj formed at all, siie WOiUU. wo may suppose, rather see it Aus*ii.ii. tli.m Cossack. t-'ru:n tn.s point ot view, then, Ku-wu-'i a'-'eressiouiui-;iii be checked by au Aucio-Aii-itriaii alliance, ;v ^-.i.iaiid France iBmamlng r.euter, ;..i b n i'oie IE v a., i-iuckcd by an Anglo-Frejcli uUmucc, 1'riusiaaud Au-inaremammEc neuter. The c.a'c'.i ..f-uu ,s a buauutally sinipln one, but we sve airaic; ilu 5 ;. wr tiie practical anaira ol tiie v, li UEoui3»hal too siinpis. v.'eciUi tmdcrs!.:ail unit Prussia ini-'iu view such a result v,-it'i !ilin'e:ence, but there i-s inmnag iu tut world lo m-ake her rc-;.ard ic with eiit!:i.s, .ism. uothm^ to lead tis to bei.evc tliat bhe v.-alil ceiitiiine to u^i^iicsce in it u:d sue see any t.ay to b2,ie..t Herself oy tiiwarttus: it. Aud thus it co'iiei tnat tiic untstioii may be put in t u n shape--whicli cau pay the Inglu'r ior uriiisU ueutral- liy, AusLfia er }t.i.-tia t Aad Mils (;nc.- 1 tioii leads us direct lo Uie most iniparl'int consider..ticns o: a.i i-A- ·R hicii the su'^iect w surrounded. There is a pavtu u- lar actiuisii.u.i v. liiel: is coveted by boiii iUihtoia and rrus-id, wiiieli botii may c.naiii li t.'i-.'.v a»:'e. 1 . and win li »vi: :(-rc.i!i obi.'.in if uiey iiinrrei. .:a;h Oesire ruoro c-itaplete acco s to t.iy s^-a, :nt. ; , wiiat the Dardanelles are t j ^i. Pet-jrSwiu.^ o. a- Is the i,'sit;e to U3.n~- Caen State hus it in ne,-power to Bi-aiity ilia I/HL-I'. A Umso-Ger..iau a-./tncj ior giving sue Tiori.i,.'e-t b^iiooaul tu Fi-u.-su ^ud th.2 Siiutlicaseseiii'iard to lior coufaJora-e, cauiJ nut be resisted in tui- present conditinn oi rra^ce with auvEiung L k j a certainty of succors. Aiici ~.i ! C:l ;*. b,irsain set-ins so very" ges-'rayhy ol" Kiii'ope se-;_is '·o obviously to siu-yest 11--i.iat, »e cann-jLiilio., the idea to bo a par;- ,ihK-!W:. f, on tlie cElier l-.iiiici. :l :s asked irom wmcii r t-jo tv.'o 1 07,'er:--. J.'n^-i i. or A::str;a. luive ine lioiie.-uoilerns the more to i':ar, the answer is e:i.;iliy iVo-jy. lii-j hejeiuonv of ueriuauv has been de. niii.-:»- traa- ferreti, in-:l H L, to the tushes:, decree i.-:- Pfobab'.e Austria should ever t r - u ILI--IV, r it. But iu no osher way ci-.u tl-e tv.'ol'ov.'cr^ cvci- coiaii inio colii-ioa. Vutli lite -,'o:;sui:itn,t:u!i oi Gcrraan -aiuiv a repetition oi the war oi ibS; see:n s imi)o.-j-;ii! -. ;;iit ail liiis ttza Kuss a be* T,\Ui-hfauy in her icu 1 . rearly to come out tue IIK^ieat .Hal i,,; uew,y iurue'i f;erui.iti jviag-dGin seLki to re.ili^o ;t- liianlnne a-tJiriitmos. 'lu ttuy oir iiussuin jp.-i j ; - tiou to liie luii Ituout of Her oLj"tr. uii-y .'.e-.-iii worth an? puce ro 1-russia: u o r d y » v o bjjiev^ iiiaE sue v,-uiiid ue^ltate when tue price r/ns s.ioroly co- oijeraUoit UiUt Uu5sii in her Tmki^n policy. v r uleii v-ouitl hai\t,,v aLCct iicr own inaienai i.tti.- rcsts acai- AVy li;.ve spoken of the CIIITICI?^ of ^necos 2 v,-?"ch would f,uet: i reisi^iiee to tiich a i'-a^t v", aad vc liave sj o:reu don.nlu.Iv. 11:11, n ti.i'.si. no u be forfxoitei th'ii l J L'tissia ;;fs ?..'·.-: ii'f(,-» j tlo-ea «7;r..H,c» i" i'u;'';j/?; and lhat in tae evcut In cu s.ion the iusunct, of sel!-pie-,erva:ion mus-j iieccssariiy prevail wr.h Austria over even tliur-e siroug Cer-nuii syiii:'.uliLCs wiiieli sul atirac- lur. U is. however, ]r-jmatn:i' to t i.'oulate on rte;a i- lint this mucn d-ie^ si-em probable, IMtSiiaviJlKuoattaro touceii.e, u she has not decided r.lrcv.-Jv. between P-u^-ia i,iuliCuiopc; and that Itus.-ia n.n, to snv theiej^! of i:. a te.ppii.i-; Gait to liittiK be:orc her."; ihu- Court of St. Putc!bnrs lias abauuoiieu its lung cierioh^d d,:- slirns is more absuru tliau any Iiypothe.ii-, ne have Her.- ventured on. V.'hiie Trance ;s ;irc.-lrat", wnilc Kiiirluud Is frleiuilcss, bee,us a i.ivurabie «.)- poituiiity liiv developuiij uesi^n- to vvii:, ti t:ie-e two I'owers 'have aiuays ticv.i me eiti.. 1 ' oi'iuiuca.'s. ShOiild such :;ll niifortur.^te evdlt iU'-;iM;:-, rjn.'/la'id in the ease of Denmark; and t e i i i b i u -.-.ill iJiJ lhj m- di'-^iialitin ol a. iielnneii people wii t;h al u-ju a crisis finds itself po'.vc-ricss to iu'fli theia. 3HLITARY CHIT-CHA1. Tlie fiien-ls of t!ie Kitith resimonf. ::Tid the majonry of tii-- members tlinmsclve-i, are very indi';- n-.iui a'oout tUc chartteH that have been L-iaoc against the cominau'l a^to tlieir inspectioti having not beon eii rtfilr. They enalicii.^e nnytioiiy, with positive proofs, io show wticre ouy fraud was cosimilled- Tiiey Cfinte.-i-i ilir-i G;i v.a- tneirniinuier pro-en?, unit that there w«^ not a ]i:-r-on hi rno rin'rs wlio ^, uui, :i member of tlie reffliuout iu gnod f-tanoiag. The captuiu of the First company, Seventh regiment, feels aggrieved that Ins company should h,:ve been mentioned as havin^made the "poorest record'" a: the lust inspection of acy coiipatiy m theco.-u- inand. It raast be cotic-HiC'l that a mistake was made in giving foi-ly-tive as tne total of men inspected in the ooinnany at me l:i«n inspection. The li^uu-s siionld n,i\e ueen iiuy-niue, Tlie lol'owiuii ctini|iarat.-.e ui'ile. compiled Iroui ofilcni! ti^rures, will sho.v t l i c K'':!U(1 total of etirh i-ainp;iny in :iie Seventh in isflj and 1S7U, and the laliiug ou' m caca inning the 3 em:-- e-.TMjjj,-,,·.. ihS'i. tan. /.,.'.-. r.,.,,^,,,-.. itiA 1*70. .», n«. B";."."".'.'.' in o? '- i.i'.'.".'.".V.V.".V-7i fa li' " 84 7S S I '-*.- *£ bti I'} li.'."." .".. 79 15i 111 K 76 tii li it will thus be st-cii Hint life rompauy which io?r the most n:en rtiirmi; rue year -nils A company, alter ^ lucli conies 1 company, aud then C couipiiny, Tne niBii '-auiually i-ivsi-nt" at the in-iicctiuu.-, iu Is^-J and ISsO v.-ere :is follows:-- V...... "... 7ti i: '-- u".I!-'.-.'..'.. 7,1 r r.ij :'i i! ii 7a n -n.... 61 ...", 6 i D"i .,s t: 7t ic li K n5 bi '.'. Tne order of merit of each company ior ihe year. Ihcrefnre, is e.'isiiy perceived. A company fell elf the jri'eale;?! number iu it-, men pre»eul :ind absent as against its iiuniner of last year, aiitl const 1 .'; iieiitiy 1ms made ihe "jioorest record' 1 ior Ihe year, c company comes next, ic. The inspection of liie Thirteenth regiment, accord ins; to Adjutant, f-anuiel Hiclinriis' rej;.rt, Kuea me ^raini total ol the vonimand as 407, 4::7 nf wlioin wen: ]-r«seni. Last year Uie grand total Was-Ui:! and the unuuier present a07. SHEET. Y A C H T 8 N G i»''d ESiatory of Cicntvcbonrilx. . BOSTON, oct, 81, 1RTO. The original ceJilrcboard, then called a sliding keel, was invoalcajili; f *· "7 Captaui Joiiu Sciiauk, oT the British N'iwy. H was the rcsuliof a coiiycrsatlon between Uiat gentleman and Karl Pore?, aftejrard Duko ot Norih- umberlatid, who was much intcKPicil in navnl arcliitectiire. Uis lordship observed tuflt "if cutters were built much flatter, so as to go on the surface and not draw much wa'er, they would sail I'suMr, and might still be enabled to carry as much sail untS kc"p up to Hie wind, by having their keels descend to a greater depth; aud that the fiat side of t'ue keel, when presented to the water, would even make them aole lo spread more canvas and hold the wind better tliau m a construction whereby they present only the circular surface of the body to the t-.-.-. f .:r." Captain Scliant, coincldins in this opinion, sapr- preste'l that if tho deep keel was made movable, so to be screwed upward into a trunk or well \vltUi;i tho vessel, so that on necessity they niisjlii draw little water, all those advantages niiy:ht be obipnicJ. After mature consideration Captain Rclian!; was fully convinced of the feasibility of. t'acide:i, and in '4 he solicited Lord i'crcy, theu m Uuston, to psr- mit liiai to build a boat for his lordship ou mat con- s.ruction. He did so, aud it proved a- dc.nded success. In 17SD, after his return to Kn-jland, he b n l l t a boat at DOiiifora with three siiulti;; keels. la t'-e following year tiie Trial cutter was bai;t aci'ij- mouih ou the same principle, aud afterward several others, three of which---iheT.'ial, before mou'.!* .to i: the Cynthia, sloop-of-war, and the Lady ;\o!son-were at the begmnins of tiie century stiii ia 1112 scivtce oi me brtusti yovetniuear. Tlie Lady ,\el. on was on!y .HIMJ- ton?, tlie smallest of tue p.b;vc naiucj Ves-eiS. Fro.a l-Oi) t» aw: sli; uiaaj a voyage of discovery to New Sout.i V.'a'c.-, and n as i-ej'orced by her commander, L.oatejiauD i.ue-s Cranr, to b e u u excellent Jreu bant. . Ov/ing to ltGrsnt:i:l size and peciiDnr L-mid she was otdi-enua a desirable ve?~-j! tu ship iu a::d v, js -^n.Iicd Vi-iih tiie Udme oi'iiis .viaj-jsiy's Ti;:.i^i- Uox. tiilo ou Ins voyage uo spoke a bpae.-sn pri/e iu t;i^- ties-, and t;ie inajier v,'as conveyed i-n bu.u'd the i.i:uj lveo?GU in one of htr b' ati-. -u ; i's v.-ay lie uuLiccdtue sitcr ivesHfliea thev-j-sei ji'jlicdnna t-jivl liicutciiant Gr,.ilt Ue Had si ,ri.c i jij j Cv'.-l/e--. llo was surprised sviicn co:isti-i;ct.oii v.-,3 cxpl-uiefi,"aii: was so incredulous t-s tu h.-r bci.i^ bounu oa so lei 1 J ft voyage taaf. on it LS return ': to ins own ve-s3l liocv!iflJjiitiiliy ss'-t-jil tLOoiii.i.r in c.i.irge oi Hie b-jat if i'os c:.iiij;u%,-ds nut a L'.tlc j ~TI i La3y Kelson cucoimtored sever; ireatlier anil I fe'l _:i wi'.li .'.evoral larpur '.xsd^'.i '.vl.ich Jni'i. n..CijJ j c MS-deiv.'ily, Kisinff spars, siu!s arid, '..-''ilc ! ti,ie ijstnciiiiiis but part oi ona c-r her S'i---!,:£ ke--js. ·!.-i-.i r^viiig ar. Table Kay tins i-'a- J-.-uad io bs in co:i3'j'Uc;^e of defective coir-t.ii'.-noj, tlio Keel bums"wjUKeroJ by the bolrs In'M.-;; t.;e i d;-irt:i t: loiizn luBpLiukmg. VUc now fceeiwa. m, -n" by xnntuu' iu:- pieces witli ra^- U'il.--bo.-s passias v iv ii.-.'f v, ay tiireus;!! each ;,!a::» r. ad i.oae uf i u. ^ in a Witii t*ie LiiUcr. Vni-^ raothoc! ··a-ssi-; r^:e'l L-v tile nuiUlof'fc as.-1-sium at t!;J dockyard and is the s'uie as pr.ictised tu-Jay. l'r. x ativaniSKO 1 ) fatme'l liy C.i r -?cia Pci'ark were:--"l-'iral, Diiit ve»cjlf ihua curtotia. ted v, U ...1 ftster, siC'ji- e^:-;r a^.i tai-K and ,,eur i!:.;c-.- t-:i°fl .-! le-i :i,u.n: sacouj, they will euv.-y luoro a:'d H;-E,-.V le^ water: tliird. thai will r.Oe ino.'j e..-, ;l :,;: aucujr; iiiurta, thev -wi'A uike t'i» grouml t- '"·: Una, in ~a.ic oi saipirrock, 01 synu^ni^ n ,ea.v o.- oi a iiio they are nim'e .-:ile finu likely iu i-e .-...vj.,; s:xtit auii iii.itiy. iliey -,vu! answer i-etief as in -.t-o:- Vt'a.. (;ou:ns, iir ^iun^. ilu.iu-i^ Uiitteries aud r,a--!ji:.- IcaieU boats iorlauiUug iruops.' 1 C?.;-.ain Sciiani; also .-inj^«o.i.J that vesssis shO'.'d b;' bunt with coniDnrtniciits, so as lo co:Qie ie.i'c or lire 1,1 lhat M ai-e, aad so allow ths one to bu more roatiily e.\tin,^uistiod ytid tiie u her ic-.-pt under. Tiie wcll^ m;;jut al.-iU be made use;u! by iuuiii£"tb--i:i Itrtcd witii cocks to lioo-.i tho inag.iziuc autt wusa decks and so i»:ive the labor ol paini'iug, or lo u!i tiie casts or tanks ay the fi-e^ii water is e-xhau^teil. :ind \vhen lyiuii: iti a fresh water river the supply might be rcncwni la the same way. Tiia ai: cenirebu.-.rd boar had a s'idins koc-i neariy her tiitne ien^tn. 'ilie uilier v.-s-jl. the Trial, hud a iart'i- keel :imnl5li:;-g. nii'l u s'litilli-r one e.i'Ji ibnvani and alf- The.1 uli an-pped si v iLor. I h e ujain ;,aa ^i£ leet auit ihe oiiier» tiuee iceL wide. At an investigation as to the seawnrthfnesg, spcerl ·i T :d comfort of tlie'i'rmi, iier i liicr-M unan:t;iai-!y inonouuced car v r y batislaet ;ry, but thou^ui tliO device capable of imjjrovcmeut. 'iiij cenirciio^rd ol Ihe present day Is a far more e.Teciive ana coiWCUiKut aauir. H is soun-tuxi."s caned .a revolving keci. as the lorwurd end is ;it\ oied in au irori pin. nnd only the. after end lulls. OccRStouHlly f u irun plate is u'etl: but it is not improved \ty ili-i scieutillo biuklcts. 'JVo or three v. cma ago an irou fouling board, if wu may so can It, was inserted. It was so arrauge-l as ID shut up in a ease under the vessel's floor; nut ii iius not so far luui miK-ii success. Its arcat weigni. uiiule n dun- euit to inns,. It. is expensive, anil a sn^pencerl we!!;ht is usually condemned byyin-litmcn. Ti.c ct-i.tre'j.'urd has never iiiet wi: a inucli "it-^cc'-s si.vwhere hul. in tne United .Sinte.i, and it is here | only (n;. r, the form of huh, M/e und po^iiio;! ol l.i-ard and oitji'i 1 coUilltions were weil unriersl. 10 I. ILS use I- miHilv cuntiued lo yactits ;tud colber-. T)te lonner u,e It for weatlierliue.-,s, i-)ie-:d an i cany uiaiij.,'11!. The latter, tieiiig usnaay iiai, reu.iire it u eiiaiiic itie;:! iu ro lo ivmiiivard. Jn jroilunti lee l:'i;:ru i^ mneii Ja vo^uc, as t u e ivaiers t. trie 7,.iy- dcr '/A-e ami i.he deuas oi Hie adja'-.eni rivers nre v^rysiiiuil. ve^sjls used are imtc fiat au.i lull bu\\od, ijut witli the leo loard tliev do vi-ry r.'eil. T lie li o bonrd is also in use lu Kn:riar,d. on cniii.l i-oiiu and-.initial-crait: but U is au unsl^iitiy ni-- K iji'-ui.-iit,: HI w.nild not be teietated In a;.1111111^ l i u t a u-ailiits vcss-el. '. htr u i an tje niliequestion tiiat cent,reiinar.l yfte.rts aretiie i:t~:--.-*, ucaiherly -ana liandi^t v^^a^ii in existence. FLEETWOOD PARK. Twa Intoreiting Trotting Contests--Powiial More Winaiag the Hrct aud . .- Jack tlie Sscoiid, A vory respectable asaointilaso of liullea and Ken- tlcnieu were at 1'lcelwootl J'ftrK yesterday afternoon to \vifnes3 ttie tu-o trotllni: contests annouaceil come oir. 'I he weather was delightfully balmy, but the Bull somewhat heavy Iroui thu late I'tliUS. Tlio fii.r trot was for n purse of SMO, for horse? th-uimt! never iieatcn 2:50, saw to the first, fir.oto tin 1 sivond and $5Q lo ttie third ticrje. iitlie heats, 1'i'sl ihreeiti flu", In haniesa. Titero v.vre ten entries 'or this event, bur wisen the be!i to'U'l for llio Horses to como forth only four pi; iu an a-jpcarauca. These u ere Dan Place's iirown ir.nre Pawnal JUare, If. P. Fleet's gray BeUlnijr St. Elmo, W. C. Weeks' black ceidlni; K::;ht Beiis. and y.r. \viuppio'.-i cliest- nut mate Angebnc. There wits very liUlo octtiug this raee beioi'e the start, but after tin- heat I-ovrnnl Mace became a sreat, favorite ami coiitinued s« to Ihe end ot tiie r:iLC, winch s!u; aa^iu tliree Tiie seroiiJ trot was for a purse cf fl,oi'9, for her.-ci that had never beaten H:V.), f7t,u to l!:c tirat, 5-^08 to the sucoud and $it)0 to the third horso, mill heat«, best three iu live, lu hanie.-ig. For tliis t-dt there were eism eutnes, but 0:1'}' ha! r tiiat. uuiiibor came to liie post. Thcsa were H. J. iicacn's g-ay Jack, Joliu Lovett'3 brown geidliig Youus J'.runo, Usn Ma-.-e'j brown jeUliug ilauk and iL Barrett's chestnut gelding George builth. Jaclr was tne lavorae at 100 to before the heart, aud at 1TO to 10 before tlie race over. 'Jhere were but »hree lieats, Jack wiuningin the easiest possible u'-inneraud In most excellent time. Jack l" n capital young horse, anil will d;!'i£re. T o'.is in :ti:y ci -s nexi yc:ir. , T.icJ loliowiu^-arc ti.e detaiXj of the sport as it . rcirrwooD r-.r.K, -\ov. i.-- IM--.C jsr.j, for horse'! t 11,1.1 n-j^cr uc..ieu a:uJ~$.,jJ to i:rsE, {tSj to aii aud ^50 to tinr-j; j;i;le heat», Lodt three , ju i;ur;je.^^. I ii-^-i.- c-ni^r-ii br. ra. pownalMiire -- . i leeteiiiu.'od K. IT- rit. i::'"o ............ a 2 2 K. v,ess-= ciiier^dbil;. g. Mjtiiii' ..... a 4 t ,'liii ii.c ciitersu dj. 111. An^eiitie.. ....... 4 a L. ' S O L L ^ D U cU ur. s. la(lc ; iuu''.o';ic ....... dr. rucs:.!lo eLtovel s- !j- iioficry .......... dr. n -uuvyay en.e.c L i ;sr. g. u.tmes 11. (Julc- aii ....................................... dr. n ivuvt-.r eu:cio i cit. b. Ti ro;r..j (.,':,;',.·;, Jr. ilr. .-.- :j'.iji:--u i M U i . u b. jr. Ji.X. Uronnaii. - ilau ciiteivd i. s. L.u"u!u .............. dr. Tiiifi- naif. Mile. t hea ; ................. Oa-,; 1:18 2:-S?£ UT j : i l 2:.,5 . V;' //'7f -- An^en-if ^.'Oii the pole. TiAvnal mara socor!\ j-'lare.. ^.t. l-liuio tJura aud aiiiiit Bens out- ^.'lc. r,\ M i r e tuck the icn i, r:/Dl;no An^rti!'" t iii-ii am! Kislu Uuil» clcse up. At the i,u;iin--i i/oic. v, i. ti :t u'w si.u~, I'JiLi'a Ri-t s went ttie .rtrin, nji'i 5e ; i lo tt'iit t;:jiu! tnie it\:^-i!. in ilnrty- ei^iit ;i:i^ :i qirirter coi:'!, rov,:mf j\Uiie second, St. Kl i t o U u n l j:r,t Aii;.«'i;He l-^u:;h. ail ciu^e to- jrc''''L'r. Goinjr aruunii Lite lo-.vyr turn the, hordes ·-, ^.tr-ituil, aud lues went lo liis h ilf-mi'e u.iiu wiiU. ^i'::;-- /'at ii-^j; I;ei.v,vu tkoiu, Ui'ilit; i^o.l^ loading: ii:ir iv'ii^iiiu ;5I:. l-j!uiu .--reoiKl, Jial! u leji^«h in front, i'. ··, t u .-are. v/ii(i V.M ; :ii; u-; i( n, in .L ivanr-c Aa^c.»ic. Time, !.!··- (;o.,ig i.p the ;',ic~:4retch. c c x ^ r j l clinnge..^ looi pLico, :ts .iio.y passed t'nee-i;iiar"jr nolfc 1-Ji^nc Hells and St. j^!ui were ^;ij-,- u;;-J i;:c;e, one lf.iyi.ii uhCM-i .f }'o^ua! r4are r ·W'.M .:- two Icii. :i.--a!.-jari rl' An,.eiiue. I'rom there to t h a s t a n j t n . ' r a c u v.-a--. e.\c.:m^, came to the PCOI-.J very cici.-iy i..guther, I'owtial Slaic v.".aniii^ iy iiail a. lengiii, Ki^ut Boil second, r. ne^K in fio;ir tif £·«. Ei'.no, \\lio ^vai* uboui. the distance alicufi or Aii^eiin; 1 ., x-.M}... fva.jnJJ.iMt -- I ov. Jial-'.larc took the lead at t\ra, St. ICiaio M'l-oiiJ. Kigiit Ke. IB third aad Anjcv- li'ic lourtn. ro'.vriLl Mars l e i i , - o lengths !1M.I(H-P'--1.:, B. Uirao se.orifi. thret: lengths i« I ront 61 IJ.^riit lie!!-., v,ho '."a.-- Inree k-n^tli-i u a ivaac-J Angeiine. 'i..rie. thirfy'-^e.en '-uc.jii'is. :'j!n^do\ru the ln-,vcr t-j n I,UL L _'ou nal 3Uu'i- ir.cieayed the gaj), and ui;^' iv three k-i.^ths i!i.-ad ti M. Elmo hall-ui.c i'i.1.^. ti;e hitLo ol li;£u' L-.oil.j, M i - o was of An eimc. '1'ime, 1:14. Waro both brolce up ou t h e »uie ^e'lliu^ tiic leii-lli.1 ahod'i so, thu St." /llrao sci.on'l. six K:ght Ueils pri.lno. 'fh ekil, rr,;\ i conceit e to us our duty to tae Court anu to tho law, Io present suck considerations as appear proper on this oceasiou. Mr. btougiitou Uien proceeded to co'ncend mat tl:e act. of Gogress presuribiag the th.e»r wrongs before the public. H. X. r-lATi'lSOX. No. S'l B.xsl Tenth -.-treet, ,\t« - Vort uited States are cx^iasive, .cSa-sracisoae--thai is, :e power of lei;isla!.u.s lor Internal raxiition: alt IB other powers are-·«£Clusive iin their nature ad reside in. the "JianQs'-er Congress alone. .11 tile other powers of legilaiiou are retained y the States themselves- or by tiie people or The tates. 'iiieiefore, it is necessary to determine what 1 , tne meaning of an adoptior.'ty one or these goy- rnments ol a portion ot the craiiindl cone of tie ther. It never before Happened iu the political istory of the country ibat congress -has undertaken' j enforce the laws of a Siase, criminal or other: .-|se; but it has happened tnat a Statt lias uuder- iUeu to enforce the laws of congress, . ' Counsel then quoted Irom the- caas of Esistoa vs. ioore (U'heaton's Keports). which D'e subsequently' tated was tlie only case in we anlhoritiea that was PpUcabie to the case 1 Dcfore the courr. Conirress .as provided for all · .oiler ' s'nbjeets' iti~ the fat---!! deemed 'besr/. calculated ' to iiro- atrc^2«^4fld government antl : '--to " provide or_ . the;^!SB^rai delenca This 1 'la a 'poTfer ·xclusijely vested in.Congress.· .'How^hen, could' ."·State government nroceed ou'th^- sanie Et-ounas' ,-ide lor.tlipiteeobjects'as they nught thitik -^!»i»,o aWWrway a-'vioiatlon of the aw they^i*«ae1L%*VJ5i^is the 1 tescof'the. va- anthorities and points of pleading with his usnal sccciticttiess and cifiarness within a very, brief period of time, ao doubt proving the fact of his own previous statement, that vonaensation sometimes was oetter Ior the proper understanding of a cube than auiiiitlca.nou. At six o'clock Mr. Stouijhtoa concluded, sad tlie court adjourned. - ' . THE EiECTJC.Y-UiW ii JERSEY. ' ' '·"Sow that repeating is no longer nade easy tne "ring"' politicians ;n Jersey City are making strenuous efforts to control the appointment of the inspectors who are to see to the enforcement of the law. Some .of the wirepullers of the old democracy went so far as to intrude upon the privacy of theJuuge o f : thft . United 'States Circuit Conrt ac his residence in Washington. Pa., a few na ts aco, and there urged upon hlui the appointment, of a batch of individuals wlio would be most pliant, tools of the ;-rinc." The Judge politely informed these men tliat he would await the -recommendation of L'niled .States District Attorney Keasbey before making ,any appointments. The District Attorney has prepared a list of- names for marthala and inspectors that' cannSt fall to give satisfaction. Profesaional politicians have been almost entirely excluded; -and, in order that no clasa.ol citizens can have ajiy just cause of corn- plaint, -weauuy ana iuttuentiai men have been lommated in several lustancea, bat in every case '· - letter of the law "m relation to a just apportion- among both carttes Has been adhered to. w. been interviewed incessantly on the thus far he has declined to favor the men TVHO are known to be active idate for Congress, lUticlans are accordingly com'-' iile the honest, hard'workltm " " the advent, of tiie coin- rascality and fraud the polls. There ,n the country that special 'lersey City, fttiLISZOS IS T3E BAY. of «, ijtirs:o I-inuilier of Pn-*~ Kt-ngers--Xcbotly to Bla--.-3-. Tlie steamboat Matteawac, plyius betwcoil Keyport and this city, was run isto yesterday murniii?, ·wliea near Kobbms' Reef, by a heavy schooner, the bowsprit of which swept away tae entire side of the starboard cabin. The fact that tiie collision was ^inevitable was seen in time, so that trie pa-iseiisers on board the steamer hr.ii aniple opportnnity toarolJ beinjj nnrt. 'ihe bell wires from the pilot tiouse were dimased by the collision, so that the p.'lot could not give the sigBsls to the engineer. Oil coming to the pier, therefore) lh« boat struck bow- on with a fearful crash, gains under the pier ntifl tearing away her guards and cifcuk some eight or ten yardy. The stern swung around and collided witli the 3obokea ferryboat Weehav/ken. I liy tne force of Mis second collision ilr. Simpson, a lawyer, was thrown, overboard, aud was rescued with much difficulty. Mr. John Disbrovr, of Keyport, was thrown ivitft «o mucn violence ag.imst a. ttuncheon that he was severely injured, arid, it is believed, Jian several of Ills ribs broken. He was attended by a surgeon and-then sent back to Kev- port. Several others were more or less injured. A great deal of confusion was created ainoog the passengers, aud it is very fonunaia thai the loss of life or injury among thera was not nruch greater. KtW Y3BK HISTORICAL SOCIETY. The sevr York Historical Society held a regular meeting last evening In their rooms, corner of Second avenue and Eleventh street. There v/as a large number of persona present. After transacting some considerable preliminary business, Mr. James JJrooks, M. C., wai introduced and read a paper upon tho lives and public services of John Quincy Adams and W. II. Harrison. He also presented to tne society au autobiography of each of these distinguished personages, containing a chronological account ot jail the Important, events of the times in which they participated. The one of Mr. Adams -VYOS very peculiar indeed, )rom thefaot tliat it mentions the almost Inbnniercblc positions which he held at various tlmfa in lua life, both under the federal government aud tue Slai* government of Maa- STE43I OS IKE CAS.4L-. it has long been au object of the highest Importance to our canal interests to discover ii means of using steaixi power instead of thu ordiDary towage bylu.r:-e? for propelling boats ou tlie Erie Canal. The diilieuliy lias always been tu prevent ihe wash- Ing away of the banks, winch atleatlcd all experiments m tiie use of steam power, tt'e loarn Iroiii tlie itaskltai'JL County Journal that a boat has been designer! ;:nd built to obviate lliat oiiicctioa. and that tiie expsnment has been · quite sncccifoiul. 'Hie plan ou which )t is built i* the iivi-angeriicnt of an ordinaav screw propeller in a cavity or opening situated 1:1 ihe centre ff liie bow of thu bi/iii. Tills opening in tupenuu in shape and terminate nboul tiventy feet irom the b,iw. Tiic iiropelier is driven by a simple up- riglil engine, ilne Inches in diameter, with twelve-inch stroke, wliiun Is supplied by steam from no uprlgnt noilcr four feel in diameter by ten feet high, aad the boiler ia fed by an upright steam puinp, the whole being very compact aud occupym^a s:iac on the floor of the boat only ten by four feet," aud including water in the boiler weighs oiilv six tons. The opening for Hit screw reduces the displacement onlv six tons, so that the application of »teani power reduces the carrying capacity only twelve Suns. Tne consumption ol luci will be one ton of coal in twenty-four hours. The aciion of the screw on sv recent trial has been found to draw u current into the opening at the bow, foice it along under the bottom audreplace it at the stern, thus aliotrlug the vessel to Rude along witnout making any commotion in the water. COLLISIONS DN_TK£ R940. Making "Post Time" With a Dirt Cart--Tho I'erilx of the Avenues Up Town. John Harris, driver of a dirt cart, was arraigned 'yesterday at tne VorKville Police Court, where a complaint was entered against him for running over a young girl named Jennie Jones, and injuring her so severely that it -is feared she will lie. He was hold to await the result of tlie Injuries innicted. Thomas Ducy, while driving a wagon or cart yesterday in I'lfth iivenue, came in contact (maliciously' ID was thoiighH with a carnage, m which Jtrs. Charles Duggane, of No. 30 iiadison avenue, was riding, and badly damazcd if- lie was arrested aad lined ten dollars aud put under $300 bill to Keep the ueacc. ' Yesterday as Jlr. McDermott, of Second avenne, iiearTwenty-nlntn street, was driving along Madison avenne in a buggy his horse took fright and dasncd away, throwing -Mr. McDermott violently to the ground, near Fifty-second street, Mr. AicDer-. mott's ankle was sprained and his head bruised, and he being miablo to walk iva 1 ? tuKenhomem a carriage. Ills horse was captured a couple of blocks oir ana was returned io its stable, in Twenty-sixth street, near Third avenue. The ladles residing tn Hie vicinity of the accident, with true uhrlstiau siTn- pathy, promptly sent some branayuttii wulco,lor the Injured gouUeuitm's use. t..4Tit SSTTEtS-JCEKE. Tiiittis* from the JJnarfl--TUt- Te:iu:nlc)ct; I^xsit'^itiasta ul Ivcy \t"eiit--rri.'.veiiJt-ms ^11 :.;::; Blariue K'nrpa---Affair-, ul ihe Jt.i-ou!c!ya l^iivy Yard. '1113 faiiip U!ad Tilling^, whit-h ar.-iv.-(i a: ihis port on Momiuy lant from Glasgow, repurt.- lia/ins pa^beu, ijeiolier 'J", m latilndc 4^ ^.3, Ivtu^ifude Ci "D, T.-iuit tiio captai.i calls a Unite'! ^fatcs.-,.'Uuo! Misp, bonn.l wcbt. Tilts was prolMbly tlic i'liiie-l Sune^ j-liln tJtnir.l. Car.imandcr 11. i'. l.nll, t'. *\A"'r from the I'lf'.iing Jkiiiks to tlub port. Ku- tliin^ lias yet been nc-ard from tlic Xlpsic, laentenant CiiinmaiJder Byrun '.Vilion, wi..i-h i» no'iV quite flue, she win doubtless turn up all rig::!, l-'roin no quarter as iciha^ titcrc been heard a single word to up tiie mystery of the ni.iu-u:-;.-,ir lauiica and cutter seen drilling at 3:io!ftuc,u\r- toaudland Banks t!i« lar.U-r part of last mouth. ]:y reierence to uucther column u? tilt; Hi:.: \LH ii will be .-x-cn, irom ait account of a special corre^riO.vl.Ti:,, that tiie corvette shcn.iniio.ili, Commander Clarke 11. Wills, which imally umvcd all iiirnt at l.ibbon, cuco:iDU.rcJ a ternsic cyclone oa tne 11:111 of fee,ieinbur, arul was partially dismasted. Tits sliip seen by tlie English captain turiib out. to be, a« \\c cui'recliV fiinnised, the Slieuauduah. Her ilir.gce -,\ as 1-j^i. in liie hurricane, but no nicution is nia-lv- ol tlie li!-i. J . ul l l i c launca. The toals seen late in the iiiijirn nclrilt were cvidenilv those of some oilu-r i;tau Oi-'.iiu'j but wtjit, une, y e t remains to ue aseer- tauiea. Tne Te:iuamepec SurvcTinii Expertifion is prattinjj 0:1 lineiy tov\ :ird.- its iiori. or" destination, and seems t-j ii:t\c Cajaji^d the effects of the recent gules e:i tiiu southera coast. Tiie giuitieai ICansas, f.ieu;c-uant Coiiiinauder Xornian 11. Fayquhar, and thft tair ilajllower, all under tne command of C;ip- tain buuiciut, were as Key West on iiondaj. Oeto- bor.u. The little squadron will -o.i--.t along, ready TU ran into port when the weather 1-1 tnreiiienmg. Tne Navy Department lias concluded to incruose the number of otlleers at the mariue barracKs, In Brooklyn. Hereafter twelve or thirteen otit- cers will he attached to' the post. i«s- terday Captain ^Villiam 11. I'arlc^r, detached from the I'luladclphia barracks. Mrsc Lieutenant Liiiiau F. 1'reach, detached from the receiving ship Ohio, Boston; First Lieutenant Frank IX Webster, detached from the Marino barracks, Portsmouth, 1\. H., and Second Lieutenant lienjamin K, Russell, detacher from the Washington Marine barracks, reported to Rrevct Lieutenant colonel John L. Urowue, coinniandiug the Jirootclyn Marine barracks, hix ot her oilicer^ are expocted to report at once for duty. The gunboat Saco, Lieutenant Commander Edward Terrv, was at Malaga October 12, and sailed for MiLiseilleS, ou orders irom Rear Admiral Uiu-,nn, to look out for American luierests and to protect. American citizens in thut city. Preparations arc being made to launch the gunboat Shawinut, fourth class, three guns, 410 tons, which nas been thoroughly ren-.urea, and, indeed, rebuilt, .It the .Brooklyn Kavy Yard. Ways are being laic!, and Ihe staunch little will be m the water in a week or two. The li-Jgate Minnesota, first class, 40 guns, .1,060 tons, is jet in t he d ry dock undergoing a complete overhauling, tier umbers are as sound and bright, as when nrst buil^ She is to be titled out as a flagship. Tiie United States Pteamer Shenamloah was at Lisbon on UlC llthof Ontobcr. She will fon absent fioni hoiaa about three years, auacaed to the European, squadron. , , STA83ED TO DEATH. In the HKHAI.D two or three days ajro was printed the ante-mortem statement of Ferdinand Schwartz, keeper of a saloon at 11 Greenwich, street., who was Blabbed in the abdomen and Hip by Louis Prank and Charles Edson. Since that time Schwartz has been sinking gradually, till yesterday alternoon, when dcaih cusuctl. Uoroner i-Tynn, who charge of. the case, will give the xnausr a thorough investigation. In the meantime I'ra-ik and ldson are con- tlued in tho Tombs. Tlio Ulal affray occurred on, Uc 20th ulUuio, . lea^tds in front iv ih'in that in alvancc St. Hiino and vownal the lj,ie!ctrcU'h, and 'quicke^c v.'ad lour three-quarter pole. . . en^iii!! m nonl o r whit \va« two ion .itiH HI advance ol' Anre V.MR only one^' ef place to the. J Mare v.'innm, 1 ^ uy l.irec lengths, bt. i'lsnio pfcoiJil, MX ieu^tii-i ahead 01 Anj^eltue, who- ivas iu'.u' a lenirui in ailvancj ol' J^l^ht licild. Tiiiio ui UK- lieaf, ": .u. T/.,rt i!' a, -- u Hi' 1 clshtii afcmpt t h e horse? avray to IL very uur start, yc. Kiniu ,,L':inj^ t!iu lead. K:;:iil llei's .'-econd, roivnal Biare ih.r'l ; iu! Augeliuo lotiniu Ai iue (iuarier ;;o!e M. .liiiO led three ie:'-.'tn, i!.i;Jit lielis ^ce.iiul, hall a length in front t ' u w U J l jM.i.c. nvlio AV..-. Lull' l,-!l r ;i:is ;;lu;;:a of AriKC- hue. TIJUC. :iiii;-i-[iie i-')coad-. O'oinj^ almig tlio l-)wcrtiitu rit. l l i n i i lei! o'j" len^ih aad pa-ioed liair-i.".UP iwle in iliac «ay in l:J7'j. On tiie baclc- sUvtcn 1'tAViial Mare v.'ent to tliu fiont aud led li'iiitiii lo tlie ;,hr'e-mi.irier no:e ajd came him; ;i wiauer )iv tu r o len^LlH, ^t.* IJInio faecoiid, Augeliue third ami Euthv I', 'li-! fourih. Time, -:J5^. T.ii-: M:roXD TJCOY. PAMI; HAT-- Tnr.-u Sl.i/00. Kirho.seHtliathad never ^.'^- ^~u'J t^ hr^t, $^^u to second and ilcu linid. II. ,i. Beacli cn r erert g. ff. Jaefc ............. J» ha Liiiutt, br. K- \ 011:15 lirimn ........... -2 2 2 ]),n: 51.1- ·, br. !{. Hauk ..................... :; 3 s i'. !.j.i,eLL. en. s;. Guo.'ire ............ 4 4 4 A. c. \ V h i n u n , b!ic. K. Frail 1 : ril.e:, b- ' John Huue.1 1 :. b,-. m. 1'owual Jiaru \i". 11. lii.r.-t, ch. in. .lo.-uphme ·1-1:1 E. dr. dr. dr. dr. nn'.r. Iri'j 1:13 First heat. :;!),. K-jconrt neal ;;7 'iiiiru mail 3(i TIIL: i:\i'!;. M'ec-.'ni, ,i.:':k lltirti ,uiu (Jeorgc ^inuh out;-.,lie. Tho hur.if-s luri a iei-y u u i - q n a i nrarl, t i n t \vhen led aroMiid Hie lui-n thcle.tcie:', (Jeorge Hirurii, broi;o i i i , :uii (el! i n l i i e real. Voiiu^ l i i tl,e ;r-i;il. uiut leu t J ilie ijn-arter ptue luiif Iciigius I h i r i y - n v e r-eeiMius and :: liai:, .'.,.jK sjnnifl, Jelit-Ilis alioad til 11.1U!:. WUO Was s.\ luii^tils in ud- vaiic,- of ileoigc riniitn. aruuiid me lower tu.-u ,(III-K' clo-,1: i up to i"oi..i;r I J r u - i o . ilie ItitLer liifrone icngin to i!»- li:til-mile ioie in 1:1-. Jack W.H j i n k-.ijjiii uhcatl of Hani; as tins point, a:iJ (io.',\- ^.in.ih vus a-; many more le ,'Sths liohiud lUiilr. jack |rc»-..-d yoniig 'lune ol the iiif!; Uruno tum-tli. At . so narrt on thu iuckstreh-.Ii h.! i:..:-iit:ii him off his feet, and tlien. talcinj: LIIQ ina;l. eaino HOIHK a wm'iur by two leiiylim, Yuitiij; IT i no sc ;oiiil, Hires 1 ::i£ia: ane^il »r li.iniv, Srrath jii^i xubido tuo dialu-Uce ilug. ^'- t'o/:u vVmf.^JacIv tooK the lead, s^cor.d, ilaalc ihiru an-1 t,fior^cc' S/n the qiiancr iolu Jac.: led lonr l IL-inio aecen;;, l O i ' f l e n w h s uhea'l in, *.';ts a iie^lc iu :t i\-.:nce ol C!eo:/re mutth r Tun,", tliiviy s-ji'eii we., IK!.--. Then; was ui uhanpe 01 f.u.-j.i on :iruuud ilie lower l.nru, ana at ;l:e luti-t.uic- po.e, wiiieli 'i\.n p.-.s^ej in i:;5, J.iet )ecl io;,i- luasliiS, Vdu.i^ JJnnio re,-o:id, four 1-asftli.s ahi-sil or li;.n!;, wio was eiKhi lengths m u ,v.5nee oi ccoigd Mintn. .laclc was the same distance in trout, at tti« three.-qu.irro:' pole, tro.tlnji: vcr\ t-^cudij) and at Iu-, leisure, \ o n n ^ iiiniuKec- onu, live leng'tns in advance tif Hank, wiio \\^rf len;. 1 ;!!:^ ;ihe.:ct ol" (JeoiiieSiuitti. J.t.,K caiuu Jume CIL.MV winner oy lonr ien!4i,n:, YOUTV^ Urnno .second. live len^: n^ ane^d oi iiiintc, \vi:o uarf ten len^tha ffont ot (leoi^u hiuitu. 'lune ol the heat, u. u ; \. 'Jhn'it 11'dL -- ^;eo:^e ^nutii ^ r ul awir, Uxth u slipuC lead. Voniiir ilriiuu .sjcuiul. Jack tnml n u u lli'.uK l"our:.n. out ail on a square trot and pretty close Ui^etiier. Vi'lKjUitiey \vent around the turn to the quarter jolo t'ouu^ iiruno \\ ent lo the iront, leading hair .1 le;;^th to tl:ar pmrit. iu tlnriy-Mv seconds, George sm.tii second, one lensfth ahead of JUOK, was six lengths ui i'roui. of llaaii. \Vlnle passing around the lower niru Jack ontfooteU '(Worge .smith and linmo and showed in front iMfum he was hall" way around- At the iiali-iuiie pole, ivnich was passed in l:12i, Jai-K led nearly three leagihs m Iront, Younif Bruno sui-oiitl, six jcnsiliM in art'.' ol" Ceorge Suiitli, wlio was one length in advance, oi llanK. tioiUR up the bickstreicu Ja^k was forced to sucli an extent when there was no occasion 1'or it, and while he wa-s leading eight lengths, that he was driven to a break. Ky Ihe nine lie recovered Young Unuio was within two lengths or him. He, however. landed njilil luor. foremost, and, sinking out lluoly, soon left \oung J)rnno and tame home a winner tlie neat by three lengths m -:31. Voting Bruno second, s»i.\ leatrths in iroaL orilauk, wlio *,vaa tea lengths m ad\ anee of GCDrTC fcmuh. WATER BETEiiS. The Department or Puidic Worts has had placed in their pipe yard, loo; of Tweay-loarllx street, river, mo.-it pcrfeci fixtures lor testing the qualities or tlie various water meters offered. What the department seeks is accuracy or mea»urca»cnt, strength, durability ;-.n! cheapness. Tlie examiner lias been trying the ones as brought forward for last tour weutts and cxiieas to 'loso about the llith or this numth. A few excellent meters have been offered, and « is now hcnevci that there r.rc inttera that will .'ill Hie requirements. Jit is anticipated that wnen the ileoinion is made, meicraidaced in the manufactories, hotels and other largo establishments, and including tlie supply lor thu SjlilniunK, '"at tne wastage wlliba much reduced, while the revenue will be tite-casccK It is not the Itnvuilon of the department to fitU'.ch meta's to ordinary dwelling houses, tielievius; "'at, in asanltai^ view, no obstacle should be ituwt nosed Ui every ' zcn havlnic a lull Mijiply of water nt a moderate coiu ana Dclieving that n\any people would nevet wasli tuomscivcs n tucv 1'tiU to pay extra for tU« water reunited for ili.\t r*ir|ios» ^? ^a'V ^^^ tt r | 3

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