The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 20, 1941 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1941
Page 13
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THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1941 frssi Leased Wire). N EW YORK, Deo. 20.—Stocks were A highly irregular- today in moderate turnover. . Tax selling made the low-priced VUilitles the most active Issues. ' . Leading steels fluctuated in a nar- ^ row arc with Bethlehem slightly " higher and United ' States Steel easier. Jones & Laughlin issues sained two points and more while inland lost more than a point. Steel operations next week are expected to hold at a high rate because the leading companies are planning to operate their open hearth furnaces on Christmas Day. New York Close Fiirnlidird by J. A. llogle &• Co. Member New York Sloek Kxcliunge NEW YORK, Dec. 20.— Hullroudo Stock — Final Close Alchlson ...................................... 25% Baltimore & Ohio ........................ 2% Chesapeake & Ohio ...................... 32'^ Great Northern pfd ................... 20',<i Illinois Central ............................. B'A New York Central ...................... 7?i Northern Pacific .......................... 4 <* Pennsylvania .............................. 18% Southern Pacific .......................... 10% Union Pacific ................................ GOVi IiidimtrliilN American Can .............................. 02% American Tel. & Tel ................... 124-% Harden ..... . .................................... 19 Vi Caterpillar Tractor .................... 37 'A Cities Service ................................ 2% t.'olumbla Gas....:... ...................... 1 " Consolidated Edison .................... 11% Continental Can .......................... 24 Mi Corn Products .............................. 50 Curtlss-Wright ............................ 8>,6 General Electric .......................... 20 Vi General Foods .............................. 37'4 Goodyear Tire & Rubber .......... ll?fc International Harvester ............ 4BVi International Tel. & Tel ............. 1% Johns-Manville .......................... 52% Montgomery Ward ...................... 2<> North American .......................... 9% Pacific Gas Electric .................... 18 Pacific Lighting .......................... 27% Phelps Dodge ................................ 2 { .)Vi Radio Corporation ...................... 2 % Sears, Roebuck ............................ 61 H Southern California Edison ...... 17% U. S. Rubber ................................ IG-^ Union Carbide & Carbon ............ 69 ITnlted Aircraft ............................ 34% Western Union ............................ 24 V4 Westlnghouse Electric ................ 70 Woolworth .............. .................... 24 »i J. C. Penney ................................ 73'!; Transamerica .............................. 4 i , Cotton Futures NKW YOHK. Dec. 20. (A. P.)-— Triido, New Oricnim nnd lorn I liny- ' Inr lifted cotton priced today. Contract* were Btiiiplled by rotnmlmiloii lioime veiling nnd icnle up hedging. The trnde demand Venn of nn nn- tlflimtory nntnr«t 'with the ponMblll- tlpR of nn Increnno In cottonseed oil veiling* nnd it further rise In the nvernite price of ipot cotton receiving attention. Future!) cloned 20 to 60 cent* n bnlo higher, Lntiti January, 10.55. nomlnnlt Mnrrti, 10.D3@i10.04i Mny, 17.0d@17.07! .Inly, 17.10® 17.181 October, 17.IS; Doepinber, 17,14 nomlnnl. Middling *pot, 18.14 nomlnnl. Stocks Irregular . in L A. Dealings I.OS ANGELES, Dec. 20.—Stocks were irregular in today's short exchange session, with changes generally 'cdnflned to fractions. Issue— Close Aircraft Accessories 1.60 Bnndlnl Petroleum.. Byron Jackson Central Investment... Hancock Oil A Holly Development... Lane-Wells Llncgln Petroleum... Memvsc.o Manufaclui Ing 1.35 Pacific Clay Pacific Finance Pacific, G. .«S E Republic Petroleum.. Jtli-hfleld Oil Southern California Edison 17% So. Cnl. Edison &V4 pet. pfd 21!Vi Southern Cal. Gas. 0 pet. pfd. 27 <U Standard Oil California 21 Transamerlca Co -1 Union OH California -13 1 /* Universal Con 6 A'ega Airplane 7% Los Angeles Cash Grain LOS ANGELES, Dec. 20. (A. P.)— Grain quotations from the Federal- State Market News Service (Prices quoted are cwt., field run, In carlots only): ' California barley, sacked, 40 Ibs., No. 1 western. $1.80(9)1.85: California yellow inllo, No. 2, sacked, $l.(i2%<8>1.67 1 /4 ; California wheat, sacked, No. .1 soft and hard white, $2.06(^2.10; No. 2 yelluw corn, bulk, $1-74(91.77. Government Bonds NEW YORK, Dec. 20. (A. P.)—The closing prices of bonds on the New York Stock Exchange: Trenmiry 3 Ms, 4B-44, 105.10. 2-'V 4 s, 59-56. 10!!.22. 2^8, 72-67, 100.3. American Smelting Anaconda Bethlehem Steel International Nickel Kennecott Copper .................... i.. Republic Steel U. S. Steel Vanadium Steel Tobacco nnd Sugar American Tobacco, "A" American Tobacco "B" Cuban American Sugar R. J. Reynolds ' B" 01U Atlantic Refining Consolidated Mexican Seaboard ..... . Phillips Pete .......... , Shell Union .............. Standard of California Standard of N. J ....................... Socony Vacuum Texas Company .......................... Tide Water Ai-sd. new Motors Chrysler General MotoTs...— .Packard Motors .......................... Studebaker TImken Roller Bearing ............ American Car Foundry ----- ...... 29 Baldwin Locomotive .................... 13 V Stewart -Warner ........................ 4 7 / • Poultry, Butter, Eggs LOS ANGELES, Dec. 20. UV P.)— Butter Extras, 36 %c. Prime firsts, 34 %e. * Standards, 34c. Undergrndes, 32 %e. Large—Clean extras, 39c ; light dirty extras, 37c; clean standards, 37e; light dirty standards, 35c; checks, 3fic. Medium—Extras, 34c; light dirty extras, 33c : clean standards, 32c ; light dirty standards. 33c: checks. 32c. Small—Extras, 32 %c; light dirty extras, 31c. Case count, 34c. Poultry Hens, Leghorns, 2" ( to 3'.i lb?., 16c. Hens, Leghorns, over SU and up to 4 Ibs., 17c. Hens, Leghorns, over 4 Ibs. and up, ISc. Hens, colored, 4 to K% Ibs., 24c. Hens, colored, over 5% Ibs. and up, *4o. Broilers, l',i and up to 101 Ibs., 17c. Broilers, over 1% and up to 2Vi Ibs., l!ic. Fryers, Leghorns, over 2U and up to 3 Ibs., IGc. "Fryers, colored, 2% and up to 3% Ibs., 20c. Fryers, colored, over 3U and up to 4>4 Ibs., 2 Ic. Roasters, colored, over 4U Ibs., and up, 24c. Stags, colored, 14c. Old roosters, colored, 13c. Old roosters. Leghorns, 8c. Ducklings, Pekin, over 5 Ibs. and up, 19c. Ducklings, Pekln, under 5 Ibs. 17c, Old ducks, White Pekin, 8c. Gepsp, 17f*. Young torn turkeys, 14 and under 22 Ibs., 21c. •"". Young torn turkeys, 22 Ibs. and up, 20c. Young hen turkeys, 9 and under 11 Ibs., 25c. Young hen turkeys, 11 Ibs. and up, 25c. Young hen turkeys, over 8 Ibs. and up, 2 Be. * Rabbits, No. 1 white, 3'/4 to 4% Ibs., 1 flc. Rabbits, mixed colors, 3>/4 to 4% IbB.. 13c. Rabbits, mixed colors. No. 1 old, 7c. * Los Angeles Livestock LOS ANOELES, Dec. 20. (A. P.)— Hogs, salable supply for week, 280(1; compared with Friday"'week ago, Km to 25c lower; late sales good and choice 180-220 Ih. $11.7r.(fi 12 ; strictly cUoleo quotable to $12.10; good BOWS $W.riO«i 10. Cattle, salable for week, 7000; slaughter steers, heifers and bulls strong; canner and cutter cows strong ; other cows weak : medium and •pod heifers and steers $10.GO(fT'll.liO ; 'ood steers $11.7BP 12.25 ;. common nd medium $9'fT10.50; common and medium cows $7.50(ii 8.50 ; Rootl $8.75 <ii 11.25: canners and cutters $5.75ifi. 7.25; bulls $8.25® 10; common and medium stock steers $9<J' II. *Calves, siilablo for week. 2900; strong to'BOc higher; good to choice vcalors $14 W15.50 ; common and medium $lfl.r>0f< 13 ; common to good cows $9.50i?iil2.50: medium to good stock calves $10.!K)fi 11.86. Sheep, salable for week, 2!0: qnot- nWly SOe to $1 higher: good and choice lambs quoted $12(ffl2,CO. Dried Fruits RAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 20. (U. P.) Dried fruit unchanged. Apricots, standard northern 18c, choice 16HP, extra choice 18*40, fancy 21c. extra fancy 22%c. Peaches: Standard yellow 14 ^c, choice 16p; extra choice 15'^e; fancy J6c; extra tancy, 17c; jumbos, 19c. Prunes: 20-30, flc; 30-40, 8c; 40-50, 7%c; TiO-60. OHe, 60-70, 6\4c; 70-80. &ij (94-T4C ; (10-100. 4c. Raisins: Sultanas, 6'ic; Thompson seedless, 6%c. Los Angeles Hay LOS ANGELES. Dec. 20. (U. P.)— Alfftlfa, U. S. No. 1. $22®23; U. S. No. 2 leafy. $20022; U. S. No. 2, $l(i.50@17.50, Grain hay: No.'1 barley, $21®22; No. 1 oat, $220i23. 2.55 10, 10% 25 47 0% 32 Association Needs Warehouse Space The newly formed Kern County Manufacturers Association today asked the Kern County Chamber of Commerce to issue a call for additional warehouse space for use in connection with the national defense program. Emory Gay Hoffman, secretary- manager of the county chamber, declared that the warehouse required must be comparable in area to the 30.000-square-foot exhibit building at the fairgrounds, weatherproof, with concrete or wooden floor. Temporarily, said Mr. Hoffman, the warehouse would be used for storage of supplies to be used during the emergency and it would later serve as an assembly plant for ordnance items manufactured by the Kern County Manufacturers Asso elation. Persons having the neces sary facilities required are requested to contact the Kern chamber. The recent industrial survey was examined for possible warehouse fa cllltles, but the suirvey was inclusive of November 30 and does not include any changes which may have oc curred since its completion. Burglar Suspect HearsJTrial Set Charged with burglary of the den tal office of Dr. C. E. Pryor, Pro fessionnl building, on October 20, Carroll Gill was arraigned this morn ing before Judge Stewart Magee of the Sixth Township Justice Court. Judge Magee set January 7 at 10 a. m. as the date for his preliminary examination. Gill was taken into custody in Los Angeles on a warrant from Bakersfield and was brought here yester day by Inspector George Martin of the Bakersfield police, who signed the complaint. Ho is being held in the county jail in lieu of bail set t $3000. Vultee Buys 440,000 Shares Consolidated LOS ANGELES, Dec. 20.—Vultee Aircraft, Inc., today reported com pletlou of the purchase of 440^000 shares of Consolidated Aircraft Corporation of San Diego. That is per cent of Consalr's common stock. Simultaneously, election of T. M Glrdler. chairman of the board of Republic Steel, as chairman and chlei executive officer of both Vultee and Consair was announced. Major Reuben H. Fleet retired as president and director of Consolidated but will remain in an advisory capacity. Harry Woodhead, formerly chairman of the Vulteo board, was elected president of Consair and executive vice-president of Vultep. Richard \V. Millar, Vultee president, was chosen Consolldated's executive vice-president. Army Appointments Scored, by Connally WASHINGTON. Dt-c. 20.—Declnr ing that "brass hatd" don't make a fighting army, Chairman To-.n Connally (D-Tcxas) of the Senate foreign relations committee said today he would demand clarification of wai department policy in appointment to high ranks. He said that he was "fed up" with the department's attempt to "run Congress," and it already has ex cecded its authority in appointing lieutenant generals. 25 Acres Stubble Burned Off by Fire Fire yesterday afternoon burned over 25 acres of stubble near Tern blor grade west of McKittrlck, cans ing Blight damage, county flro officials reported today. Tho field wns owned by Carl Joy, and cause of the fire ia unoknwn. MARRIED IN RENO Harry Nesbltt, 28, and Joy York 2C, both of Bakersfield, were Issued H man-luge license today in rieno Nev, Sunday Services Include Yule Tableau, Cantatas f Associated Pram Leased Wire) CAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 20,—Quiet *J Saturday trading found 12 Issues up, 21 down*-, nnd 14 unchanged on the stock exchange today. The principal recovery In coast lenders was In Southern California Edison common, up % to 17'/i. Pacific Gas common was up fractionally to 18',4, and there was n fractional Improvement in Union' Oil. Stock- Byron Jackson Crown 55eller Crown teller, pfd Golden State Magnavox : Pacific G. & E Pacific G. & 13. 6 pc Pacific G. & E. pfd Pacific Tel. & Tel.... Transamerlca Union Oil California. pfd Close ...... 9% JOfc mi 2n'/4 nn 98% 13 Vt Good Buys Best Food Bargains for Housewives Listed (Associated Press Leased TVIre) TVTASHINGTON, Dec. 20.—The fol- " lowing week-end marketing guide for housewives in the LOB Angeles area wan prepared by the office of price atlminlstration from information telegraphed here: Week-end food shoppers in the Los Angeles nrea will find that best buys in fresh vegetables are cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, rhubarb, Hubbard squash, sweet potatoes, yams and onions. Best fruit buys are or- angeg, tangerine.*, grapefruit and lemons. These foods are reasonably priced, plentiful and of good quality. Reasonable prices also prevail for plentiful supplies of good brussels sprouts and parsnips. Beans, peas, cucumbers, peppers, Irish potatoes, summer and Italian squash are high, plentiful and of good quality. Tomatoes are high and of poor quality. Oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and lemons are reasonably priced, of good, quality, and in plentiful supply. Pears and grapes are high and of fair quality. Police Chief Is War Duties Head (Continued From Page Xtne) duty. He hasn't slept at home since the outbreak of war, preferring to remain at the station with his top aides on instant call. One of his major forms of recre atlon is shooting; he holds many medals for target work. Chief Powers has attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation school at Monterey, the police school at the University of California at Los Angeles, brings to police work a five-year military record and is now serving his ninth year as Bak' ersfield chief after 20 years in police positions. The chief is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. At home, Chief Powers has n couple of "rookie cops," named "Butch" and "Spike," towheads agcj 7 and 5. Retailers May O.pen Evenings (Continued From Page Xlnc) the stores if the merchants hare the blackout ready at a moment's notice. Glen Stanfield, chairman of the merchants' division of the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce and manager of J. C. Penney store, stated to day that the present arrangement ol closing at C p. m. is satisfactory with him, but that he will concur in any changes made. Some dissatisfaction lias arisen among certain store owners with the present 6 o'clock closing hour because of the night-time business lost. One firm estimated that the curly closing hour would'cost them $'.'5,000 in the loss of evening Christmas buying. In a meeting on December 17, 4'. Bakersfleld merchants agreed to maintain the 0 p. m. closing hour be cause of the danger to customers which might be occasioned by the calling of a blackout. Army Praises Kern Air Raid Workers Thanking all the Kern people tha have and still are participating in the air raid warning system, a com municatlon from Major Graves o the Fourth Interceptor Command received by Sheriff John E. Louwta lot praises the work of the observers in notifying the command of air traffic over Kern county and claasl ties the local organization with the top counties in plane-spotting effl ciency. Parachuting Flier's Plane Is Discovered "Salvage" is the only hope let for the wrecked airplane which crashed to earth near Weed Patcli Tuesday night after Lieutenant Al vin Strunk, 24, of Lordo, saved his life by parachute Jump, The plane was found far from any habitation in an open, uncultl vated field, Lerclo officers said. It was beyond repair, DESERTER TAKEX Assertedly an army deserter, Jnnk F. Adams was arrested yesterday b> Inspector Jim Brady of the Baker* field police at Eighteenth and O Htreets and later released to army authorities, according to a police re port. Ho reportedly deserted from Fort Bliss, Texas, on June 2, (Continued From Page Seven) mimes, pageant, readings and music Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Calvary Baptist Church, of which Reverend C. H. Burrill Is the pastor, will present a program in the evening featuring tho combined talont of choir and Sunday school. Solos, duets and other arrangements In Christmas music are planned, and .hero will be a Yuletide significance in other services throughout the day. Special Christinas number* from tlin children's departments will feature the morning program at Church of the Brethren of which the Reverend C. Earl Fisher is tlio pastor. His subject will bo "Gifts for the King." Young people will present a piny in the evening beginning nt 7 o'clock. Tho Reverend Lewis J. Frye announces Christmas meditation us the sermon subject at Grace Baptist hurch Sunday morning, and a program by the young people in tho evening. Latter Day Saints Programs at morning and evening services will be featured by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at east and west side Bakersfleld branches. At the morning services the children will be featured and in the evening an outstanding musical program will be given. On the east side the music is under the direction of Mrs. E. O. Taylor, who will present her "Singing Mothers" to the congregation In both branches. In the Bakersfleld branch Mrs. J. Ray Baker is directing the musical program. Although the Baptist Church's observance of the Yule season was climaxed last Sunday and Tuesday evenings in presentation of "Tho Messiah," Sunday also will feature an Impressive program when tho Tuesday Evening Club holds its first evening of candlcllghting nnd enroling. In the morning tho Reverend Itiirton C. Barrett, pastor, will deliver a Christmas sermon. Unity Church, through its pastor, Mrs. Delia Shut Is, announces Christmas services. At 11 o'clock at Unity temple, in Southern hotel building, tho annual Christmas worship hour will bo combined with a candle program by the children. While Christmas Climaxing events of Christmas at Trinity Methodist Church, a "white" Christmas program is planned for the vesper hour, 4 o'clock. At that time cjd and young alike will bring gifts for the Iras fortunate. A Christmas program will feature "The Gifts of the Magi" in the late afternoon. In the morning at 11 o'clock several children will be baptised and adults will be received into the church. The Reverend D. W. Throckmorton's sermon will be "A Child Is Born." Miss Beatrice DeLaney will preside at the console. The observance will be the first Christmas program since Trinity Church installed its new chancel, A Christinas play will be presented Sunday night at 7:30 o'clock at the Sunshine Church, Roberts Lane near Plymouth avenue In Rivcrviow. The play, entitled "Christmas Attitudes," will be given by the young people of the church. "The program also will Include recitations by Sunday school pupils and Christmas carols by the Sunshine Gospel program singers. Kids Guests Three Parties Open Yule Season (Continued From Page Nine) will augment the fun of seeing a special children's movie program. More than COO children selected from city and parochial schools will be feted Monday at the fifteenth annual kiddies Christmas dinner of the Bakersfleld Elks Lodge, it was announced today by Exalted Ruler W. R. Hulsy. The children are selected by the principals of the city and parochial schools and brought to the lodge Monday noon where the dinner will be served by the members of the lodge. The children will be given sacks of candy and other Christmas goodies in addition to the dinner. Arrangements for the annual event have been directed by Howard Heskett, chairman of the Christmas dinner committee, aided by Exalted Ruler Hulsy and Secretary Ray Beggs. ~~ Gifts for the Yuletide benefit campaign of the East Bakersfield Coordinating Council are "pouring in," it was reported by President C. N. Fuller. Money, clothing, food and toys are being supplied by a generous Bakersfleld citizenry taking time out from defense work to lend a hand to Santa Claus. The fourth annual Christmas party for Bakersfleld employes of the Southern Pacific railroad will be held at 7 p. m. Tuesday in the East Bakersfield High School auditorium. Admission will be by ticket only, committee members emphasized today, ' The affair Is sponsored by the Southern Pacific Recreation Club composed of J, M. Xord, president; J. A. Ingram, vice-president; Joe Hayes, treasurer; and George Bushell, secretary. Members of the committee in charge are Harold Wise, entertainment; Arthur Vinyard, gifts; Eli Matteucci, refreshments; Fernando Fnhbric, decorations; Louis Ramon and Ed Johnstone, transportation. The East Bakersfield High School band under direction of John Overholtzer will furnish the music. < Army Rejects Plea for Oil-Well Guard (Continued From Page Nine) He declared the county had used such a system twice before. Until a county-aid plan is established—possibly- entailing county direction and co-ordinal ion of crews paid by oil companies—the private guards continue to keep watch over petroleum properties 24 hours a day. "Blackout House" Opened to Public (Continued From Page Nine) Another' (suggestion for Improved oil protection concerns blockading of roads into vital fields to lessen danger of undetected trespassing. $20,000 Damage Suit Won by Defendant Judgment in favor of the defendant, Arthur Dearborn, was recorded by order of Superior Judge Warren Stockton today In the, $20,000 damage suit of Mr. and Mrs. James Henri Parker over death of their daughter, Lnvelle Parker. The girl died April 11, 1940, after bolng struck down by a car driven by Mr. Doarborn, near Marlcopa on the Taft-Maricopa Highway. The defendant denied responsibility for the death nnd disputed the plaintiffs); charge that he was in the wrong lane when the gli-1 was hit. The.judgment ruled that the plaintiffs take nothing and that the defendant- have his costs. Coker F. Rathbone of Taft represented the defendant. YOUTH JOINS NAVY Ranks of Bakersfield men in the armed services were swelled today by the addition of Joe J. Candelarla, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe J. Can- relarla, 807 East California avenue, who has enlisted in the navy. The recruit is a senior-at. K. C. U. II. gles; a roller type of blackout curtain for the kitchen windows and an awning type of blackout for living room windows that also permits good ventilation. Tips taken from the blackout tech niques are these: 1. Take the light bulb out of your porch socket to prevent Inadvertent turning on of lights. 2. Tape up the switches in bedrooms thnt are not blacked out. 3. Learn the technique of closing your entry hall door before opening the door into the lighted living room. A blackout curtain on the entry porch and one on the door into the living room also make a light trap. 4. Outside canopy or light trap for living room windows can be made of plywood, beaver board, celotex or plaster board. The windows are painted inside with blackout paint Do not use lamp black. First smear windows to-be painted with bon-am or a similar preparation. B. Blackout drapes must be ol heavy materials and hung so that light does not escape from top or bottom. 6. Guidea can be made to hold painted shades «,r shades of oilcloths tight to window frames. 7. Black tar paper can be used on bathroom windows or on back porch windows. 8. There are metal cloth, wire mesh, chicken wire that can be used over painted glass to keep glass from flying in case of bombing. 9, Kitchen roller curtains are easily made. 10. Cheapest method of blacking out is black tar paper tacked outside the screen. 11. Plywood, beaver board, celo tex or plaster board painted black can also bo inserted on the outside under the screen. China Relief Group States Defense Aim Earl Wong, i regional chairman has announced that the Chinese war relief organization is now to be known as Chinese Emergency Wai Relief Organization. Its objective is the defense of America, As head ol the local society, Mr. Wong recolvec word that San Francisco headquar ters has heard directly from General isslmo Chiang Kai-Shek pleading for the utmost "help to America, In a united front." Oil Instruments 31410—Elizabeth A. Rodgera and Mnl vlna Rodgers Jone.H lease to Urad ford Bishop and diaries C. Locket for term of 20 years, one-sixth roy ally, 1)U days drilling clauue, S1CU section 35, 26-27. 31433—Chanslor-Canflcld Midway Ol Company quitclaims to Kern Invest ment Company, all righto In SK'.-i nnd SV4 of NE',4 section 3u, 32-21 To terminate lease. "31453—Vedilcr Petroleum Corporation Ltd., and JtiiiR Oil Company null claim to Lambert Lands Compan> NK'/i of NKVJ.section 29, 2«-2S, am K'Xi of NK'4 BC'cllon 2», 2(1-28, U terminate lease. 31454—Tide Water Associated Ol Company quitclaims to Verifier I'e trciluum Corporation, Ltd., and Lam bert Lands Company, N'/i of N't! 1 and purl Ion ,S'/4 of NK'i ; N'/4 o S ! /4 of NW,{ section 2!), 20-28, t terminate Interest in lease. 314fi!l— J. U. Diiclde leases to Tod Mo xler, for term of three years, one eighth royalty, HMi of lot 2, "Kcrrn Ita Tract No. 1. Contracts 31494—1... Kiimblo sells to A. .T. Hrl.- for $." and under contr;>ct pumping equipment to he limlullet oirNE',4 of section 29, 2S-27. Location Notices 314R«—J. M. ColllliH locate* the Alice lode mlnu In Uluck (Julch inlulni district. ELECTRICAL PERMITS Shell Oil Company, $20, Install wiring ott;., 1402 California avenue. Ed Kuehn, contractor. Coylfl 1C vans, Jr., $7C, Install fixture)* 214 Nilea street. Same contractoi P. K. Moon, $120 innt:Ul outlets, etc 404 Lincoln and isul inyo. Sum contractor. Dr. L. H. Kox, $200, Install new serv Ir.e, 2S20 Went Eighteenth street Kame contractor. BUILDING PERMITS Stnntpn Wlllard, $100, conKtruct ca Hhelter, • 1314 Seventeenth street Owner. Standard Oil Company, $1000, addl tlonal cost on original permit, 3''i',', Union avenue. Mycru llros., con tractor. KERN COUNTY RECORDS •(Up to Noon Today)DOCUMENTS RECORDED CHARLES H. SHOMATI, Recorder Deeds 14 OH—A. O. Snhre mul Ocrtnulo Suliro quitclaim to May Moron, lota 1 to S, liK'hiMlvo, block 10, and lot 1, 2 and .1, block 14. Isabella. 1405—Same quitclaim to May Moran, SW',i of SWU of SWU of SWU, section 20. N\V\', of NWU of NWU, if NW'/ 4 section 29, 26-33. 1411 — Hhoba Kay Pnrdy Brants to Hixrlan 10. Herslipy, portion W'4 of K',4 lot 72, Virginia Colony, reserving I'lR-lit of way: grand* right of way over portion KMi said lot. S$,t>. r >. H4I2—J. Mills and wife (trant to <;pori;lu M. Kent, \V% of NKU of NK',1 of SWU suction 4, 20-21. RU.10. 11411!—Charles C. nrnde.n and wife grant to C. J. McOnlrrr and wife ns joint tenants, lot 23, Loinlta Verde No. 2, Tract. No. 10!M. 8*1.10. 11415—F. I. Qrecnwcll and wife qult- rlalm to C. F. Mnore and wlfu as Joint tenants, portion lot 2!), section 21, 2H-27. 3141(i—E. A. Culbertnon and wife quitclaim to C. F. Mnoro and \vlfo as joint tenants, portion lot 2!i, BCC- tlon 21, 2!l-27. 81417—Karl E. Lambert and wife quitclaim to C. F. Mooro and wlfp as joint tonants, portion lot li'.i, section 21, 20-27. •U418—Estate of Eleanor A. Sntfcll, deceased, by executor. Krauts to C. F. Moore and wife as Joint tenants, all rights in portion lot <!!>, section 21, 2!>-27, excepting twonty- four-hundrcdthK minerals. Pursuant to order Superior Court, Kern county. 31420—George Sommorvllle and wife grant to D. C. Crawford and wife us joint tenants, lots 111! and 11, Fourth Home Extension Colony; reserves one-half minerals. S$7.1B. 3M2B—Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association Brants to J. E. ISchols and wife as Joint tenants, lot 3, block C, Tract No. 1040. siOii. 31432—Howard Nlcliols and Rolph U Smith, Jr., grants to Alma A. "Wright, portion lot !), block A. Kl Camlno Park, Tract No. 113H. S$,55. 31437—Clara E. Griffith grants to J. E. Taylor and wife as joint tenants, lot 7 and portion lot S, block U, Griffith Subdivision. S$.55. 31438—Helen E. Faunt Lc Hoy grants to E. J. Faunt Lo Hoy, separate property, W%- lot 3, block 6, Hoiu- uker Park. 31439—E. J. Faunt 1> Roy grants to .Isabel G. Mann, \V% lot 3, block 0, Homaker Park. S*.G5. 31444—Dahlia Bock grants to George Jasper Bock,- lot 7, block H, Wing- land Square No. 1, Tract No. 1080. 31445—W. F. Mnttox grants to W. A. Mattox, lots 13 and 14, block 81, Mojave. 31450—Evelyn A. Shearer grants to Charles Lawrence and wife as joint tenants, lot 3, block 388, Bakersfield. S?,ri5. 31455—Ray W. Meeks and wife grant to Charles Mllburn llogue and wife as joint tenants, lot 19, Oak Glen Subdivision. S$l!.85. 31457—W. J. McNaul and Elizabeth McNanl grant to Fred M. Franklin and wife as joint tenants, lot 2 block H, Tract No. 1071, La Crcsta Heights. SJil.10. 31400—Josephine Bnshard grants to John 13. Kroeker and wife as joint tenants, portion block 41, McFarland, excepting minerals. R*2.20. 314(il—Chester Dean Smith and wife grant to Charles C. Forgoe and wifo fis joint tenants, portion SWU section 21, 25-39. SJ2.75. 314B3—Clinton C. McCray. Gladys Ko fiibl. Delia Canipbell and May Han- nlng grant to Frank Clarlo and wife as joint tenants, as 1o one-half Interest and Agnes C. Mortenxen as to one-half Interest, portion lot 8, al lots !> and 10, block 200, Bakersfleld SS2.7D. 14HB—Edith Garrett grant to Myrtle n. Lawrence and Leo D. Lawrence as joint tenantH, lots 20 nnd 30 block 1, Kern Boulevard Heights K$3.30. 31481—Helen Swartz grants lo .Tennlo Rolien lot 35, tract No. 1197, together with minerals. S$.55. 31490—R. J. Coffindaffer quitclaims to Bcrnloce Thelma Coffindaffer separate property, K l & lot 20, Klz- stlnr Tract, together with persona property. Trust Deeds 31414—C. J. McOnlrn and wife to Bak- erstleld Abstract Company, trustees for Howard Nichols and Ralph L Smith, Jr., JBOO, lot 18, block A Tract No. 1010. 31440—Isabel G. Mann to Bakersfleld Abstract Company, trustee for Flrsi Federal Savings and Loan Asso elation of Bakersfleld, *1700, W>/4 lot 3, block 6, Homaker Park. As nlgns rents. 31451!—Charles "Mllhurn Hogue an wife to Title Insurance and Trunt Company, trustees for Ray W. Meeks and wife as joint tenants $3000, 16t 19, Oak Glen Subdivision Assigns rents. 31458—Fred M. Franklin and wife to security Title Insurance and Guarantee Company, trustee for Fresno Guarantee Building-Loan Assocla- . tlon, $4600, lot 2, block R, tract No 1071. 314(i(;—Leo T>. Lawrence and Myrtle TV Lawrence to The Anglo Safe Deposit Company, trustees for The Anglo California. National Bunk of San Francisco, J2300, lots 29 nnd 30 Mock 1, Kern Boulevard Heights Assigns rents. 314(!7—Lois Gerson to Hank of America Nation! Trust i.nd Savings Association, trustees for Forrest Frlcl and wife as joint tenants, $15,000 lot 4, block 289. Bakersfleld. 31471—Walter W. Hamilton mid wife to Bakersflelrl Abstract Companv trustees for The Prudential Insurance Comimnv of America. *2400, lo 4, block E, Wlngland Square No. 1 tract No. 10SR. 31472—Walter W. Hamilton and wlfr to Bakersfleld Abstract Company trustees for Charles F. Smith arii Associates, $1110, lot 4, block E Wlngland Square No, 1, tract No 10SI!. 31475—John E. Alho and wife nnd Ell M. Sorrells, to Bakernfleld Abstrnc Company, trustees for Joe nellno mini and P. J. Belluomlnl, }"ifl, W, lot 4 and E'Xi lot 5, block 1, Ilonmke Park. Reconveyances 31404—Tlnkersfleld Abstract Compam trustees, reconvey to Wnllcr W Williams and niira M. Wllllnm lots 2!i and :in, block 1, Kern Boule v» rd Heights. 314fi(l~C. E. Lewis et nl. trustees, re convey to Walter W. Hamilton an wife as Joint tenants trust dee dated November 17, 1939, Insofar a It affects Lot 4. block E, Wlnglan Soimri' No. 1. trnct N'o. KlSfi. 31470—Bukei'sfleld Abstract Compam trustees, reconvev to Wnlter "\\ Hamilton and Mildred M. Ilamlllo lot 4. block E. WInglnnd Square No 1. tract No. 10SC. 31471—BikersfUMd Abstract ("ompniu IruslepH, reconvev to Margaret Ho NVj, lot 4, block B, .In rues Arp Sub division 3147(i—nakfTsfleld Ab."tr;u't Comnanv trustees, reconvev In .Marcus Law rence lot 9, block 11, Lowell Addl tlon. 31487—Corporation of Amerlrn, trnw tec, reronvpy to The Kalvntln Army, portion lot B, block 207, Bak ersfleld. 31488—nakersfli-ld Mortgage Pom winy, trustee, reconveys to Vlcnnt Lusarretta and wife, portion N'/i c N'Xi spftlon 20. 30-28. 31480—Til If; Insurance and ' Trus Company, trustee, reconveys to Th Petrol Corporation, all proper! owned In Kern and other counties. 314HO—The KnrmerH nnd Merchant National Hank of Los Angeles, trus t<-e. reconveys to The Petrol Corpt) ration et nl, various pronertles llste In Trust Indenture of May 14, 1931 314!il--Kairie. trustee, reconvoys t same, various leases and proper!It 1 listed In Trust Indenture of May 2'. 1937, Homesteads 31400—David F. Gafford and Eth (Jiifloid declare homestead (n amount) en poitlnn SW'i of NW of, NK'.i of NWU section 7. 30-2b excepting niim-i iiU. Orders and Decrees 1420—Estate, of Lewis Cass Worthington, deceased, order settling no- count nnd distributing estate to Lois AVorlhlngton Davis, lots G, 7, 8 and 17, Orange Villa Tract, together with four-twentieths Interest In pumping plant site, etc., In corner lot 16; portion lot 18, same tract, together with one-sixtieth Interest in pumping plant, etc.; to Joan Worthlngton Bennett, lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, together with five-twentieths Interest In pumping plant site on lot US, and reservoir, etc., portion lot Hi, together with one-sixtieth Interest In pumping plant site, etc., all In Orange Villa Tract; to Mtix.le Worthlngton Garrison, lots 12. l;i. 14, 16 and portion lot II, together with five-twentieths Interest In pumping plant site on lot Hi, and In portion lot 11, etc., portion lot 1(1, together with one-sixtieth Interest In pumping plant site, etc.. all In Orange villa Tract, also personal property, share and share alike, Superior Court, Korn county. 1442—Estate of James Parker, deceased, order approving account ami distributing estate to Koy Parker, Administrator of Estate of May Parker, also deceased, personal property, to heirs of May Parker, portion SEU section 14, 29-25, Superior Court, Kern county. 31443—Estate of May Parker, deceased, order approving account and distributing estate to Roy Parker, personal property and portion HK'i section 14, 28-25. Superior Court, Kern county. 51451—Re estate of John McCray, deceased, order settling account ami distributing estate to Clinton C. M Cray In trust for Ellen AlcCray during her lifetime, personal property, and SWV« section 7, 2(5-34, S1SM section 12. NVi of N'/j section 13,'20-3;!, NW',4 and SW'/i of NE'/i section 15, 20-34 : lots 9 and 10 and portion lot 8, block 200, Unkcrsfleld ; SK',4 of SE.y section 23, 27-34, Huperloi Court, Korn county. 314(12—Estate of John McCray, deceased, order settling account and distributing titist assets to Clinton C. McCray, May Hannlng, Delia Campbell and Gladys Kofahl ii equal shares, personal property am SW'i section 7, and NW'/j am SW'4 of NE'4 section IS, 20-34 SKVi section 12 and N>£ of NMi section 13, 26-33; lots !! and 10 and portion lot 8, block 200, Bakerxfield: SEU of SK'/i section 2,1, 27.'14. Superior Court, Kern county. 314711—Estate ol' Theo. Rleke, de- censed, order approving account nm distributing estate to Otto Dettmer Margaret. Dottmor, Adele Herlng Erna \Vegls, each one-fourth Interest, In trust deed covering S'Xi lot 4 block B, James Arp Subdivision. Superior Court, Kern county. 3147H—Estate of Frank R. dimming* deceased, order approving report, am for distribution to Veronica G. Cimi- mlngs. 2/1B Interest In ranch nm timber land In all sections 3, 9 am portions sections 4, B, 8, 10, 14, 1C, all In 11-lfi; all sections 33, 12-1H portion sections 4, 8 and 10, 11-1(1. and all section 31, 32-32, together with personal property. Superior Court, Los Angeles county. 31482—Estate of Charles Conn, deceased, order authorizing lease to L. S. Kemble for term of three years, rental $700, portion NW'i N'{, of SW'j nnd SW',i of RWl, Ii section 2, 29-27. Superior Court Kern county. 31483—Estate of Charles Colin, deceased, order confirming sale to Joseph K. Smith and Elizabeth S Smith, as joint tenants, for $800, ol portion block 38, Southern Addition Bakersfleld. Superior Court, Ken county. 31485—Re matter of Gilbert M Sprague and Robert L. Sprague, do ing business as AValtsburg Welding Works and Western Tank & Equip incut Company, order approving proceedings, thnt receiver, Cameroi Sherwood, Is discharged, nnd tha proceedings be dismissed with preju dice. District Court of United States Eastern District, of Washington Southern Division. Releases 31419—Bank of America Nntlona Trust and Savings Association, re leases to G. V. Sommervllln, loti 191 and 192, Fourth Homo Exten slon Colony; portion NIC',4 section 28, 20-2B nnd portion NE% section 10, 27-24. 31428—Earl Lewis releases median Ic's lien levied December B, 1941 covering portion lots n and 2, block 15, Chester Tract. Requests 3144J—C. W. Johnston files rcques for any notice of default or nolle of sale under trust deed dated De cembcr 1, 1933, covering lots 5 an R, section 10, 28-25. 31448—Same files request for any no (Ice of default or notice of sale un der trust deed December 1. 193' covering lots 6 and 6, section 10 28-26. Mechanics' Lien 31441—Hayward Lumber & Invest ment Company claims lien I amount of *78.88 for materials o portion lot 63, Wlble Subdivision T. J. Clnnln, et nl, owners. County Clerk's Office R. J. Veon, Cl«rk New Suits 172 in—Alma u'Donnell vs. Andrew O'Donnell, for divorce; extreme cruelty. Jtobcrt II. Davla, attorney • for plaintiff. 37244—Evelyn Lackey vs. Anthony H. •, for divorce ; extreme cruelty. Dorrls & Floharty, attorneys for plaintiff. 37246—Oliver Ttannlng vs. Leona Bnn- nlngl fur divorce. Glenn Uultman, attorney tor plaintiff. 1724I1--Mildred Uicllln Bnchnian va. Ralph Uric. Hnclimnn, for divorce, W. 10. JnnipK, iitl.nriicy for plaintiff. ;"247—no.riilc.-i: Tliplnni Coffindaffer vs. Hoy ,1. <'offlmluffer, for dlvm-c. Wn_gy & Ihilsy, attorneys for plain- 17248—Ksliiuln Ohrilloa VH. Wayne Mospley (I nl, f:omplnlnt for judgment of $10,.'iOn and cfists; personal injuriCH, automobile aci-ldnnt. Ken- dull & Ilowull, attorneys for plain- 3724!!—Doris liernle.ce Stewart vn. Donald Sylvester Stewart, for divorce. Kendall it Howell, attorneys for plaintiff. Intentions to Wed Kenneth Edward Strate, 22, T/ordo Klehl, and I.aura May Wy/.cnbeek, 24, both of Uakei-aflcld. Louis Olio Powers, 27 and nominee Johnson, :itl, both of Uiikprstleld. Charles Wendell "Wright, 2«, and Anna Hatienstein, 22, both of Bakersfield. Claude Duko Reynolds, 41, Marcel, and Ada M. Lowe, 31, Sun Francisco. Tenimnt Julian Brooks, 20, and Lillian r<fiulso Johnson, 23, both of Hakersfield. Elmer Paul Hurgslahler, 32. Lodl, and Elizabeth Otto, 25, Wasco. Le Hoy Sanderfl, 20, and Dorothy Jeanne Buzard, 17, both of Bakera- fleld. —-- Ilnrold K. Nnnklroll, 24, Olldnle, and Alice Morgan, 23, Denver, Colo. Probates 7630—Estate of Joo M alloy, deceased, petit Ion for permission to sell personal property to defray funeral expenses. Urlttan and Mack,- attorneys for petitioner. 76-10—Estate of Edward Uproot, deceased, petition for permission to sell pciT,onnl property to defray funeral expenses. llrlttnn and Mack, attorneys for petitioner. Notices 31403—Pnyc Ktlcr Hawkins files affidavit, of blrtli of Cicrtrudo Llnlo Hawkins, born March 5, 1922, at Kant HakerHflcld. Calif. 31407—Alrn. Minnie .luhl fllns affidavit of birth "f John Severlno .luhl, born October ii, 1894, at Mlramonte, Kern c'ounty, Calif. 31408—Same, fllcw affidavit of birth of Georgia Klean Juhl, born September 13, isnfl, at Moramont*, Korn county, Calif. 31409—Same flloH affidavit of birth of Kdward William Juhl, born November 8. 18!)y, at Buttonwlllow, Kern county, Calif. 31421—Delia Jackson flics affidavit of birth of Clifton Llewellyn Stancllff, born August 4, 1892, at Ttijunga, Calif. 31427—W. n. Foster files notice of completion of Improvements on lot 14, block Q. Tract No. 1071, excepting portion thereof. Completed De- rembor 1!), 11141, by William Gannon. 314S4—Union Oil Company of California files notice of completion of station, etc., on portion NRVi section 30. 27-20. Completed December HI, 1941, by W. F. Laird, Jr. 31477—lames T. Wattniibarfter filed notice of completion of Improvements on Iota n and fi, hlook 3, Oll- dulo Annex. Completed December 1», 1011, l,y J. C. Wattcnbarger. 314!i,'>—UllKubeth Uarncn Lowln files affidavit of birth of SSaina Beardsley, born JIay^23, 388D, near Buttonwillow, Kern county, Calif. 3147!»—The Great -Atlantic & Pacific' Tea Company—flloK—noMgeot—tnten- tlon to sell to Scott-Utiskln Company retail package Off-Hale die- tilled splrltH llceiiHo No. C-35-R, IB- micd to 1011 Baker street, Bakers- fleld. Sale to bo consummated January in, 11)42. 31492— Can»lo W. McClure flies nffi- davit of birth of Fred ISrnent KnlRht, born July 31, 1888, at Sandoval, Marlon county. III. 31497—Ilonea F. Johnson files notice of completion of improvements on AV% lot 2, block. 13, Homaker Park. Completed December 20, 1941. 31498—Fred M. Franklin files notice of completion of Improvements on portion lots 93 and 94, Tract No, 1113. Completed December 20, 1941, by Fred M. Franklin. 31 BOO—Kllzabcth Lewis files affidavit of birth of Doris Evelyn Lewis, born Ortnbor 28, 1908, at Bakersfield, Calif. Certificates 314152—HiiKh Curran, commissioner, files certificate of sale on foreclosure of judgment aguliiKt John J. Kovacevlch, favor O. W. Briilnard, for $725, on lots 11 and 12, block 2, Arvln. Superior Court, Kern county, KJ1.10. 3HS4—Trustees of A. T. .Terglns Trust flli! certificate of termination, wind- ink' up and dissolution of A. T. Jur- TruHt, a trust. OBITUARY NOTICES GAKC'IA, ntUZ—Hosary services for Crux, l(i, of 1226 Eureka Htreet. Bakersflfld, who panHed away at Keeno on December 18, will ho held Kunday at 7 p. m. at 122!> Eureka Htreel. Klnal ritoH will be conducted Monday at 9 a. m. at Our Lady of (iiiadalupe Church by Father LUB- ndo. Interment will be at Bakers- flelri Memorial Park. He IH survived by parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hllarlo (larcla, Bakersfleld: two brothers. Hlnn and Angel Garcia, both of Bak- er«flHd ; and six sinters, Mary Ijoti Chavez, Peti'a Hernandez, Jo«ephlne Cabrera and Connlo Gomez, all of HakerHfleld, and Illlarlu Alvarado, of Banta Barbara. Srill J.KH, WIM.IA.M W.—Service* are ponding for Mr. Schuler, 40, of Trona, employed at the potash plant, west end. of thlj Anuirlriiii Piumtli and Chemical Company, who passed away at 1 a. m. today from Injuries received from an auto accident at 11 :.'!0 p. m. last nlKht S miles north of Mojave on the Hlshop highway. According to an InveHtlKatlnif officer's report, the car In which he wan riding collided with a truck. He died In lh» Mojave Hospital from severe head Injuries. Funeral arrangements are being mndu l>y the Pouiflity-Cttlhoun-O'Meurii mortuary. I'KI.MSHIEIl, FRANK—Services aru pending for Mr. Pflllssler. 72, who operated his own'farm In CummlnHs Valley for 12 yearw. He pusxcd away yesterday at bin borne. Horn In France on October 17, IXGii, lie hud lived In California for ;',4 years. The DoiiKhty-CHlhoun-o'Meani Mortuary Is In charge, of funeral arrangement*. He Is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Jeanne Stal>en, of Santa I'nulu; Bisters, Mrs. Felecle Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL ,Low Payments, Without !; Interest—Remove the Financial Burden Telephone 7-7881 Chatter Avenu* «t Thirteenth ; J. C. Flcklnur Fnnk Dicier Ambul«no« Service Favler, of Merced; Mrs. Amollo Kynuid, of Alcrnod: Mrs. Blanch lupeyre, of Mercnd, and Mrs. T_,oulno Cerleo, of San frunvliico; and two brothcro, Vital Pelllssler, of Morced, and Jean PelllsHler, of Hlveralde. SMITH, INKANT—Graveside service* were held todny-ut Hreenlawn ceme- tcry for the Infant son of Mr. and MTH. O. H. Smith. Funeral arrange- rnontH were made by the Payne & Sou mortuary. The Infant paused away yesterday at a local hospital. In addition to the parentu, the infant is survived by a brother, Lon- nln Harry Smith ; and grandmothers, Mrs. Agnes B. Smith and Mrs. Mary - Kpliar. SNODliY. LEHTRR C.—Funeral serv- iron for Mr. Snoddy, of Delano, were held at 10 a. m. Krlday from the rhimcl of tlin Dclnnn mnrtnnry nf AVallor Foor, with the Reverend Charles K. Klanngln, pastor of the Iii»lnnn First Baptist Church offl- I'latinK. Mrs. Jack Taylor was the HolnlMt. Delano Masonic lodge wan In 1'hnrKo of the Braveslde service, with Interment In Delano cemetery, Mr. .Snoddy, a native of Dado county. Mo., was GU years old and had lived in Dolano for the past five years ax offlrn manager for two well- known firms, lie IH survived by oni! daughter, Mrs. Anita Thurmond ; a BOH, Wully Snoddy, and a KramldauEhter, Gloria Thurmond, nil of Delano; two brothers, V, H. and O. P. Snoddy, of FreHii'). Ho was 11 life member of tin 1 Slirlners of SprlnKflPld, Mo. Pallbearers were Oliver .1. Wbltten, K. C. Cohbs, .lami'M Evans, fir.. Jerry Miller, N. J. Weycker and John (IrahHin. Ho clli'd suddenly Wednesday aflrrnoon nt his homo from a heart attack, Mrs. Snoddy preceded him In death nix years HK<>. UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GKAVK MARKERS nt Lowest Prices Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Office Within the Grounds Phone 7-7185

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