The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1950
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 17, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Th« Notion Today: Word on th. Bomb A EC's 'Keep Mum' Is Somewhat Vague By Frank Carey Associated Press Science Reporter (For James Marlow) WASHINGTON, April 11. (*)— The Atomic Energy Commission's (AEC) latest keep-mum message to its workers is somewhat vague, but It wsms to boll down to this: - ^•f AEC doesn't want its hired hahSs to talk publicly about even non-secret stuff on reactions Involving hydrogen If they relate those reactions In any way to the so- called "super bomb." it's okay to speak about such reactions in an academic way—presumably in tiie same way they might discuss the theory of relativity. But please, boys, says the commission, don't hook these reactions up with a hydrogen bomb. Technical Information ''The purpose of the commission's request on this mutter," the agency says, "was to avoid release of technical information which, even though Itself unclassified (non- secret), might iiave been interpreted by virtue of the project connection of the speaker as reflecting the commission's program with respect to thermonuclear! (hydrogen bomb) weapons." When the commission announced It had made this "request," II didn't say whether any of its stafl had been speaking out of line. Later a reporter recalled thai shortly before the "request" an AEC staff scientist had talked to some Washington school teachers and said: 1. There are no theoretical limitations on the size of an H-bomb although there are "practical limi- ' tatlons." 2. No one knows whther the idea of an H-bomb can be worked out biafc It can it might be possible ,to (Splode tankers filled with d erium In a harbor, using an A-bomb as a detonator. 3. If an H-bomb were worked out —and a person were able to dig a of "unimaginable sb« and depth n the earth" and assemble enough lydrogen material In it—It might be possible to tear a moon-sized chunk out of the earth. Wa« Exaggeration The scientist later told a reporter that this example was just an 'oratorical exaggeration" to press lorne the point that there's no theoretical limitation on the size of in H-bomb. He said the "practical imitations are so enormous as to Je Insuperable." The scientist stated that any- :hlng he said was based on published literature and not on any information supplied by the AEC. When a reporter wanted to know what literature, the Scientist listed a weekly news magazine (Time), a monthly magazine (Scientific American) and an article In the United Nations World. '-' The AEC declined to confirm any of the statements made by its stafl scientist. After the commission sent out its keep-mum request to its workers, a reporter asked whether the scientist's talk had brought it about. No, said the AEC—"the request would have been sent out whether or not he had made the talk." Was the scientist's talk the sort of thing the AEC was trying to avoid? All the commission would say was this: "Any statement relating unclassified (non-secret) information to weapons would not be regarded as being in on appropriate area for comment under the language of the request." 40 Jap Generals Repatriated From Camps in Red Siberia TOKYO, April IT. (IP) — Forty Japanese generals returned home today from Siberia, "happy to be back in Japan hefore war starts between the United States and the U.S.S.R." MaJ. Qen. Hanjiro Iketanl, former chief of staff of the Kwangtung third army, said most felt "it is only i matter of time" before the shoot- Ing war starts. Government controlled newspapers in Siberia and Russia depict Soviet Russia as a lover of peace, he said. They blame the United States for Increased world tension. The generals were among 1,600 repatriates landed at Maizuru. 37 Generals in Camp ' '• ani saia ne spent most of his captivity at Khabarovsk, east of Manchuria in Siberia. There are 37 ofiier generals at the camp, he said, and another 37 at Nahodka awaiting repatriation. Twenty-one died at Khabarovsk, ^Iketani said. Ten are serving prison terms. Today's arrival raised to more than 6,000 the number of Japanese prisoners repatriated since Russia announced last fall that she didn't have any more. American and Japanese authorities charged later the Russians still had not accounted tor more than 370,000. After these charges the Russians •Aid nothing, Just begun sending back: an occasional shipload. Today's was the third. Even as it docked another sailed for the Siberian port of Nahodka to pick up *ome more. "Treated as- Any Other" One repatriate today said Japan's former Manchurian puppet emperor, Henry Pu-Yi, "Is being treated as any other Manchurian since Rus- RITZ .THEATRE Manila/Ark. sia recognized Communist China. 1 Formerly he had been reported ac corded more privileges by the Rus sians than' most of the other pris oners. Shojiro lida was the top-ranking officer among the generals.-The for mer. commander of the 10th Jap anese Army in Manchuria- sai briefly he was glad to be home. Japanese'- sources predicted th next group of repatriates would In elude about 40 more generals. In formed sources indicated that woul account for about all the genera] the Russians took prisoner excep those convicted of war crimes. Confederate Reaches 104th Birthday AUSTIN, Tex., April 17. (VP)-. Thomas Evans Riddle, one of Texa four living Confederate veteran celebrated his 104th birthday yes terday. Riddle said that he enjoyed th party more than when he was serv ing with Company 1, 22nd regimen of the Army of Tennessee on Ap 16, 1864—his 18th birthday. Riddle) at'the Texas Confederat Home for men, said yesterday h is especially proud to have fough under oen. Robert E. Lee at Get Lysburg, and he thinks the ato bomb is "pretty terrible." He was born in Tennessee In IM and came to Texas in 1879. Monday & Tuesday "GREAT LOVER" with Bob Hope and Rhonda Fleming Warner News and Short PAGE PfVE Fulbright Asks Delay on RFC Texmass Loan WASHINGTON, April 17. <B*>— Senator Pulbrleht (D-Ark) doesn't want a proposed flUOO.OOfl RFC loan to the Texmnss Petroleum corporation made until his Senate subcommittee can Inquire further Into its legality. The banking subcommittee, of which Fulbrlght Is chnrlman, will Question Reconstruction Finance Corporation officials next week about the matter. But the subcommittee "will be concerned if RFC officials hasten a disbursement of public funds with respect to which the question of legality has been raised," the Arkansas senator said In a statement yesterday. At a hearing last Thursday, Comptroller General Lindsay C, Warren said on the basis of Ills present information lie would "unhesitatingly report" the proposed L ROMANCE BLOSSOMS AT CHERRY FESTIVAL-Washing- tons cherry blossom festival set the scene for the quick-flowering, romance of blossom princess Anita Rabe, left, and her festival escort, Marine Lt. Andrew Moriiz, center. Miss Rabe shows her engagement ring to blossom queen Joan Russell, right Texmass loan "as a transition without authority ol law." in announcing that the subcommittee wants to make a closer investigation of the loan, Fulbrlght said that RFC general counsel James L. Dougherty has Indicated there is "no effective remedy available to the government In the event public funds are in the opinion of the comptroller general illegally paid out by RFC." William F. Knudscn, died today at her home here after a long illness. Her husband, who died April 27, 1948, was lormer president of General Motors Corp. and the War Department's production coordinator (luring World War II. Mrs. Knudsen naa rjeen 111 for some time, but her condition became critical a few days neo. Three daughters and a son were it her bedside. f CMC President Dies DETROIT, April 17. (AP)— Mrs. Clara E. Knudscn, widow of Gen. Easy t* t*k* Children taken re*dLiy.Glrc Synip OC Elack-Dnuxnt La relieve conjugation when II cuakei Jt child lllllm or rrel- ILI!. Syrup a[ Rlark-Dnuirit Is . pur«;inAdeolflneillm|XirtMlierfoi. For erown-iiru Black-Dnuiht. In granulated limn, COJti * r*nny OT e. (Jet Islack-Draiiiht or Bymii at Hlack-DraujtU from your nrarcit dealer. A»k for SYRUP OF BLACK-DRAUGHT Malvern Business Man Shoots Self After Being Excused from Jury Duty MALVERN, Ark., April 17. (trj— Less than 24 hours after he had xeri relieved of further duty on the dee-probing Hot Springs County grand Jury, E. B. Branch, 53-year- ild business man, was shot to death. Death of Branch, who had been •elieved of jury duty because of 11 health was declared suicide by "toroner R. W. Griswold. His body was found on the lawn of a Malvern uneral home early Sunday morn- ng. .Later in the day. Circuit Judge toy Danuser ordered the grand iury to meet again tomorrow morn- ng. It had'not been scheduled to meet until Thursday. Guard Requested Judge Danuser aiso requested the state police to guard a witness who reported his home had been entered while he was absent. Branch and two others, the Rev. T. K. Rucker and R. J. Buck, were excused from further grand Jury duty by Judge Danuser Saturday just before an Indictment was returned against Hot Springs County Sheriff Ed Deere. The. sheriff, who was charged w.ith failing to turn liquor confiscated' in this dry county over to .the state revenue department, .a Branch Dry Goods Co., will be held ere Tuesday morning. Burial will e at pine Bluff. In announcing for re-election af- er his indictment, Sheriff Deere aid he had done nothing to cause all this investigation." He previously had been relieved if duty of enforcing liquor laws, le was not suspended from office Judge Danuser after the Indictment. Immediately an- candidate for re- misdemeanor, nounced as election. The jury, of which Branch and the other two men were members and indicted 31 persons, including Deputy Shreiff Clarence McCrary Patrolman Eli Fowler and a formei Malvern alderman. Branch had been excused from further jury duty because of 11 health. His son, Edgar B. Branch said his father suffered from eyi trouble recently. Shot Through Temple Oriswold. said that Branch hac been shot through the temple am that a pistol lay near the body. Funeral services for the business man, who came here from Pin Bluff, 18 years ago to found the eneral to Inspect •niwetok Atom Grounds 'or Forthcoming Tests HONOLULU, April 17. (IP) — Lt. len. Elwood R. Quesada leaves tonight to Inspect the Eniwetok prov- ng grounds, scene of forthcoming atomic tests he will command. Quesada arrived yesterday with cey staff officers of Joint Task Porce Three, organized the stage the Eniwetok tests. No date has been announced. One is Dr. Alvin C. Graves of the Los Alamos Atomic Laboratory, a civilian who is deputy commander under Quesada. Graves was deputy scientific director of the last Eni- wetok tests in 1948. Quesada will return Saturday or Sunday. Navy Capt. T. F. Cullen, assistant chief of staff, said the Eniwetok visit is "for purely routine inspection." A large civilian work force has been recruited for construction it Eniwetok. The preliminary preparation for the tests has been under way several weeks by Holmes and Carver, firm. Los Angeles engineering "Soy It With Flowers" Blytheville FLOWER MART Memphis Hiwiy Phone tttX SHOW STARTS 7:3* P.M. Monday "THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY" Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Oscar Levant Tuesday Only "CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA" (IN TECHNICOLOR) Vivien Leigh, Chide Raine* As Fine As You Can Buy REDUCED TWO WEEKS ONLY • NOW THRU APR. 22 FOR "PAINT UP—CLEAN UP-FIX UP" • Manufactured in Blytheville • Martin A.Trenkle, Inc. AIR BASE PHONE 3583 was certainly a goo getter," says Hannah. By FELIX CARNt The man who Invented th« radio did a wonderful thing for providing entertainment in the home. But the radio has to be caret! for properly to Blve you the besl reception, I lie most enjoyment all the time. That's why you should have an expert radio technician check over your stt when It's giving out with too much static or If K occasionally fiitles out. Call Blytheville Sales Co. for prompt, expert service. POR FRWC esr/AMres _.. fXPFRT R4D/O SALfS AND S£KWCC ILYTHEVILIE SALES CO. 138 E. MAIN ST. BLYTHEVILLE.ABlC I PHONE 13616 ; Last Times Today "DANCING IN THE DARK" (IN TECHNICOLOR) William I'owcll Mark Stevens, Betsy Drake NEW Box Opens Week O.ij-s 1:00 p.m. [Matinee Sulurclays A Sundays Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont. Showing Manila, Ark. Monday "DANCING IN THE DARK" with William Tnuell anil Betsy Drake Also Shorts Tuesday 'CHANGE OF HEART Also Shorts A STORY Of S EXTRAORDINARY V !"-^ M.,«!~ Rdea»td Thru United Aitim Comedy • Cartoon Tucs.-Wctl. • Two Comedy Hits m m —•'••- — ^^™«=S"«B-^^MB»-.-rf^ I'lus Comedy Co-Hit Jackie Cooper in "Stork Bites Man" Color Cartoon liLYTHEVlLLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE Free Parking Lot NOTICE: I5ox Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Last Day • 2 Big Hits Sunsan Haywiird in "T U L S A" (In Color) Also Roy Rogers in 'Under California Stan BLYTHEYILLE Walnut at First Street STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. We are pleased to announce that ive Imvc been appointed distributors for U. S. Royal Tires in this urea. We now offer you our specialized tire service and the famous U.S. Royal line that brings you a (op-qunlily (ire to meet your every driving need nnd <Ie$Irc. There's America's foremost safely (Ire — the U." S. Royal Master. There's the timn/.tng comfort of U. S. Royal Air Ride- America's first low-pressure {ire tlmt fits your present wheels. Anil there's the U. S, Royal DC Luxe—with up to *t0% more miles than pre-war tires. WE SPECIALIZE IN SCIENTIFIC SERVICE ' We will take care of your tire needs with the most modern of maintenance methods and equipment. Our recapping gives you new-tire skid protection at about one-half of new tire costl And, along with tire service, vve'll give you battery checkups, motor tunc-ups, many oilier automotive services. We'd like to show you how we cnn n<td lo your tire miles and save you tire money. Drop in and sec us soon. i IA Complete Line i of U.S. ROYAL Truck fires! W«'v« lot tht ritht (ire i«d ih< ri(ht tire xrvice for every type ofoperilion. A MINUTE THAT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE! II TO" »*tnt to be s»rt you'll Hop quicker **e bar l-raiD«t« "ilip* pery (1«n Urt." Stt how n»cli ulcr you'll be M U. 5. RoM Mulcr Tire*. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO Walnut at First Street — Phone 4333 ROYAL HIRE J

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