The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1946
Page 7
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,_ MONDAY, JULY 15. 1040 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION y»* "«• taj MmMcoUn !•• i***^™ Ck "" ' • to * J UaM cir lln.*»«r"~ii;H~~ ill J '}"•« t" Urn. p.r Uj "^_~ •• « lime. jer line j,, r d * ~_^ T(1 , -J" 1 " 1 f" "»• P»r i*r 5> Oonal «** ""* i0 ° •toi)t«l Utore eiplr«tlor. will b« >k»r*eil ". ~*L »tt"btr of tltnos the »d •pyetred ' r^,"j P 1 *" 1 ""! AdxerliihiK*' eopr Mb- jnuie^ by i>erioni reai.lintf uuUid* "( tke '*>* If"" i '""min'lorl 1>I c»ik. K«t*l i^^' o« «Mllj eowiiuiud froia lti« fthuT* AdTerllilng ord«r f.r lrr«iul»r Uicr- l»n« Ukei the on. Um, t . te . k»n° ™ il "[ I " lllilll J r wil1 l'« l«k«i> «or»or. Iflnd kd. C B * Br n " " *" PLTTHKVTLU <*WLJ! COUKEB1 Wonted to Buy f>ONT TAKE A LOSS. Get (he top price for your car or (ruck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. i>3-ck-U Old kodika anil cktnerAt tot |i«rta. O'Klceir* SluJlo. 4|7-ck-tr For Sa/e ";«,,,"'£,,,,.} r^,;:;: 1 ^!! ••*'• ]:i|.k^.) I) l.nirs l,,v,.|y ,.,.„, t»li..r,..l .•urliun-.. .^i"" 1 "'•«'. i'llrinr- 2->7(>. •:! ,,!.-! 7 I'i'ri. is n ni'iily ili-vi-!ri|>cil foiini riium-i Jrir HII.-S ;nul Hint LN l imtinini,- i,, your, lint c-l.'iui- iW nnljiiily's Winvss. Ask (<ir |.'iiu 1-oaiii ill ]>,. a ls 1'iiiut S \Vu!l|>:iJ..-i Nlr.r,-, ICJ1 K. Firsl SI., Illyllii'vill,. ^0 |iny c«i!i for used furniture, on« litr-co or * hou»» full. OiLI ys02 Al- i Tin llnrdf Furniture Oo 4|lO'Ck^l( i Services I'lll,..! vvliil.- will J.,,,,1, 1lnll)l , .,,,. Hiiiill (iiiiiilr. Cr>ri(ai-l «l '.'.'LI N.nih f'"-"li'l Kl- , |-.|.l, -'.I , ,,. Call lui Dt iii-c Krank CruckHI. l.nml niul t.rr]iostra itmsic mi.l nirt Kntf.'S. Indorjr mill oilliloi.r Kouriil ^ys ti-iim for rr-nc niul for «;iK-. Illyili.-vill. linilir. Sii|.i,ly, wjir.lfsitle, 112 Sn House moving, leveling, re-! pair of foundations. 15?' years experience. Ncces- s:iry c(]iii|inient. Virgil Foley, Phone :!2n2. G-18-i>k-7-18. Phillips Super Service Yes Sir: You'll find the best station SKKVICK possible by just drivinj* to Phillips Motor Co., :il r>lh and Walnut Sis. here in Wytlieville. Our Service Stiition Manager personally directs till Hie service aclivilies on (he station front, mid makes sure of bumper to bum per service to every customer. That's jnsf one ut reasons why our station sates are clailv. Hie many increasing fil LOANS If you want a \% C.I Loan io buy a homo, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH HLDG. Phone 2034 or 502. 6-14-ck-lf JO X 170 fl. lot. ir, x r.O (I. lirmso, ,,-rn. fry slink rin.l (Lxliircs. l.n-M.-.l un lomh 'Jlsl Sired, Rrnllll of i;;ll™-:iy "f trail,- r.iloru-.l. Ownv'r'a ill ]i<-:iliii rr-nscin r,, r s.-lliug. I). A. Kinllli, »ON 71-^. Dlyllitvilk-. f. |,k 10 NO CASH MONTHLY TKRMS PALL TERMS Paint Body Work, Recondition motors, Simoni/ing and Seat Covers. Wrecker Service, Night and Day. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ford & Mercury Dealer 5lh & Walnut Sts." Phone <15.'} 7'J-ck-tr Mlll'fll. nil Hlova neerlt ck'auii ; call H'J-H. All work Lawn rnuwert ikkrpened mnd rc-valr'' ' All lyppa «nd kindk. Wu ircclallio in power mower ilmriiei^nn » n d luoior orarUuLnnr. Te.. wf pick up and deliver. lllytbeTill. Unrkine Skop. Tractor repairs and service, r) Electric and acetylene ' welding. Blacksmith work. i| Delta Implement Co. Phone Ijir-rrs. florul fiv.- room frarur- il-.v.-ll- fl' - K I !.:lrn~. plr-nly I.Mliili,,-. •rruiily ,iri-]i ; ml. I ld. : , ;„ ,.,,i,i v ,,, :.,„ " v l "'< 1 "' B"viv.-l rrra.l. !'ri>,- i'l.lMMi. part r-ash. . . .1111,1 r.lh>.r <ml-lmililiiii_.s. Ill,.,n. iiaslim.. IVi,,. $22IIU •I. C. ril.iri.N. .Miji.iln A.k P.:i Must sell 70 tons of good egg coal cheap at. once due to change in location Phone 517 or 25i!(i. I'ridc & Usrey Coal & Construe tion Co. 7-15-ck-22 864. 3-15-ck-tf We have (he Inlesl and mosl • modern lubrication eiinipnient and our lubrication specialist doesn't just Crease a car, be knows where and bow your auliimohile should be lubricated to give ' ymi much smoother opera tion and belter performance. Bring Your Cor In Today for a Complete POLISH and S1MONIZING JOB WL- Give Vim Onc-il:i>< Kcrvire PHONE 453 24 Hour Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevllle, Ark. Tel. 45S—464 iv.i], whrvt you have au<) don't mint for \v}mt wo havo you do want Hat- is(«clion Kunr»"t«-.l. Klborl !h:!fmaii i h«uii Klion, 401 £ aa [ n Birl sireot 1 liono SOU. Job Wanted Hcfp Wonted Millwrights & Mechanics for regular maintenance work. Contact Superintendent. Swift Company Oil Mill Ulytheville. Ark. 7-10-ck-7-24 RECf AL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Cancer DRS. NIES&NIES Clinle SU Main, niytlievlllc. Ark., Phone tn ,-,1 colr.rr.1 .•„„,»„" I. „,,. , nr i anil help \nili )i<iiiFi<ivork CiJl "" Tlir- lal.orali.ry Hint r inly il,-v,-l-,,,t'i l-'inn |.'..:,m. ill,. M..VV i-l™rir-r (n nalins quality .h.iiiiial |,ro.liu-ls ?•• over UK) yi-nr». (!vt Kin.i a Dial's Paint an,I Wall.i:!,,,-, Mmrv III Kunlli rir.-i St.. Islyiliwillr. ir.,-1.22 For Fine Portraits it's O'STECN'S STUDIO 5-25-ck-lt 'Jcdire frames made to order O'Sleen Studio. 4-24-ck-ll I (,'nfi-. r.-n>rr.ry, fi.-!i innrki-l. Mr, Kj.ntli DirUiun. Illytlir'i ill.-. PI,rule .1 I f, ?:10. 110(1 llnlly, ' Order your picking sacks now, Ihey n»ay 1)0 SCSIITI; this fall. MonfKomory Ward & Co., Tflylheville. 7-12-ck-l!) \ \Vornl Ilrolli.-rs cnrn T'l^Vrr. Nrvv. In Ft. grain ilrill. jrras.s Kt'fil ntlni-liiiL,.|it VI omnlilmn. lti>i,,r>- li,,i-. fn:::l c,,t,,!ilinn. !< Kinul farm ,va>;..ris; J \Mr. fuc-il mill; 1-1EIU le.'il mill; 5 molnl tmtorlni; tron^fis: K slri'l u-iMc-rin^ Ironi^lis, ;r |(iiui|rs: II l»n sli-nin lioiin ,<;- inini-ral salt. Various linrsc -Ir.Aivn l-'nal l'l,-'riuan. '' 7!l-ck-Sil I a'liy your water softener I'rom a dealer who does their own installation and guarantees soft water from now on. Planter's Hardware Co. 7-10-ck-lf ('"i--, up-. il,-]iri,,l.-iiil«. -in.l n -s i.f Ilirr-.' r.fprrnrr-s. Uoplv li, I.I in *ln,' i-<>iifij..ii«-. Addrr-ss IIOX 7S3 I'lNK HI.UPF. AUK. Nurse, graduale or practical. Room, board and irootl -salary. Write or Call The Brownson Hospital, Leach^i[ lc j_ Ark - 7-II-ck-lC Kxperienccd young lady for general office work. Shorl- liand necessary. Write liox 310, Biylheville, Arkansas, Riving age, qualifications and references. 7-8-ck-15 Took First Census Sweden wns the first nnlion to start, census taking, in 17^9 Th United States made its firstCCIISI In list), being second In this re spcct. Male Help Wanted Wv S :il..«i m -n _>•„„' ^.•riirr-, llr<M :i.-,!l. 'Tn'sra'i" Business Opportunities HOMK AND AUTO STORK! Franchise and morchan <lisc available for new as sociatccl stores. Keprcscn M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration A ; T Conditioning Service Engineer J211 W. Main 1'honc Day 22<;(1; Night 2808 Radio Service 'Tig" Angel ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Aitams. iMcr. hone 2071 20fi-OS ',V. Blair Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches Blytheville CURI5 MARKET 130 East Main Street |l F IT'S Dial 2311 For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT &. HEALTH • HOSPITALIZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBII^E • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS »TOHNADO • SURETY BOItM • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL j INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd ""^...iti, on,r vo. I1UIJI U?-UU ll»l,>- s-Iky-Lkc new. ,',,„„, ^.^ ^^ „.;„ [)fi j n Mcmphjs .Now n,l,-a.» ay ,,e,l. (iooi, ,i,a,Tr7^7 I ^neSSM ill Pcahoil.V Hotel I Now n>l!-a-u:iy lie.I. Gooil mntl J 19 i;. Asli, ]f)iune y 105. For Rent I H.-.lrormi, '207 Doayarr, pTiono boilruom. ->l flrcrioiiso, about ZfiOO PI|. ft. arro:-s* from Krisrn Depot Cnll ^"tii'I - iii,"M.i i fr <>m August 1 to August j 5 to interview interested i parties. Investigate heforc ma. I yon invest. Write, wire or ' "' call Kcn.von Auto Stores, Dallas 1, Texas, for appointment. 7-15-pk-2(i . . S-pk-1.1 _ | HeJroom adjoining Lath. Cntl 2739. I Kirc Inrjro rjonroora, close in 310 ' W.ilnnl. 2r,.|,k Ir-rlroora 311 N. <l|h. rhonr- 233S. 2p llti-rlrnrini [or lwi> lilon nr <ni].li>j r,l |.l.-. I'll..Ill- IS It. l.l-pk.22 to Rent l pay up [o Jinil fi>r drsir^M,- fn r - isi n]>nr!in.'iil ..r II.-.IM' ill I'.... i.l.-r unf-ir..iO,..l |,1.,,,. IVn irnhli lic-st r-f rcforr-neo. ('.ill 1\r.l, I.-i-rt is lliKli sdionl I,nn.l .lirorlnr \V.IH(F .1 or .1' .i|.nrfiiionl or lionsc. (iivnisli, ,\ nr linftlrnislir-.l. Phono 29313. I0]*kl7 Persona) I Brine sinpli- find .1 h.i[rTir-Ir-r. 1 will nrtt l.r- rr^|.nrisili!t> fnr *ny Ar-l« nr tlf>.)s of ftny ono nsinc Ilin nnnir- of Wr-ir. SiRTiorl Jimmie 1>. \\Vir. 10 |.k-17 Rocky Kools A lone tree stands on Sherman hill, in Wyoming. 'Mie pine has \venlhcrcrt the elements for nearly n ccnliu-y. although its vooU arc deeply buried III rock. "J I MM IE" PARKS Quality Cleaners Prompt Pick-up and Delivery Service * Phone 3555 for JSetter Cleaning-Pressing 428 West Ash DO YOU NEED We Have Tires For Your Car or Truck ... the Popular 16" Sizes Are Now Available And They Are U. S. ROYAL See Your Buick Dealer Today! i Langston-Wrofen Co. Sale? Buick U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Broadway Service Mobilgas WRfcCKER SERVICE Telephone 553 Political Announcements TIM Ovnncr N*»» b*t ^» »uuiorl««<j to winoUiw* lb« fullow- IB* c*ndld>U«. iub}«ot to DeintxrftUo primary: DIlKKirr AND COUJtCtOB MOK FLNUBV KOBINSON WII.UAM 1JK11HYMAN COUNTY JUUOK QENK E. BR ADI JIT ROLAND artEBN POK TAX ABSKSHOB 1K)YI,E flKNllKlWOf* W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CI.KKK HAIIVEY MOR11IB COUNTY COUIIT CI.KBK EUfcABKTIi BLY'IIM COUNTY TMA8VKEB DKI.l^A r-UHTLK •TATK KKI'KKSIINTATIVM A1£NE WORD E. O. FIiGFIMAN LEBUB "DUKIR" BP«CJK L. H. AUTRY W. J. WUNDEKMOH (For re-rlrcllon) BTA'1'F. SENATOB J. LKE BBAliDKN JEI'l'ISRSON W. 8VBCK ClitOUI'l* JUDOK !•:. a. wAnn I. M. GRKEH ClIAUl.ES W. UC.HT FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tilo Sires 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Ilwy. (H ni Klnfe Line 1'lion: lllylhevillo 7M OPEN ROADS ARE W. J. Pollard Agency Safe, sound insurance protection, properly applied. Tlionc 3515 (•Icnroe Hotel llldf. repair*. If you arc planning on n» auto trip, be »lire to eel your cir in as near perfect iitinpo aa possible before you ntart. We ore anxious to help you luivc a trouble-free trip ... so NOW l)rlug your car t'b ui for a coin- plclc nn<l tlinroiiKh inspection nnd "CliecK-up." Jk LET US CHECK YOUR MOTOR a*<t u» H all H* p«Ht 4r* wertl.ij • ^ jjlrirjht. loolt over your rjciicratdr, your ipork pluiji, jour boHtry. yW lottery cciilci, fan bell, cballig iystml a*4 n* rh«t •«*ryttl«4 f H In .rjood order. BRAKES are molt Important. Poor brake* a» danacrciti Toe naiy rueMcn drivers arc on (Ha roati fof you. to tall* thane.*. Year brakes should bo In proper ad|«»tm>lt . . . and H »e.d.d b* MtAOLlGHTS should bo corr.crty toc>l*4 apd <d1<it*4. Failtv headll^Mi oro ono o7 th. gccateit road hecardt. ' HEEL AND WHEEL ALIGNMINt. II yn.t >tcerl. 9 wkUl your car shlmmlvi and ihakoi, yoa tlyjVId b» »»>'o fo l oa a iWt or lo>9 frlp. rf\ STECKIMQ pM ll looso and Itff hav« II corrected bofor* yoa itarl Kpcnil your time nnil money before you itnrt on a trip and HAVE T.iOKK TIM I-' ami MONI£Y to Kpenrl on your vacation. ' ' Easy Payments on REPAIR JOBS I-'or your convenience, we now will repair your car and. nut ,it ,up In fhst cln^s coiulit[oi\ . . . niul then Instead of paying the.bill.all in one lunisi sum. you pny U in siuull \vcckly. payments. Drive In now for n tliorotiKli inspection niul I'RIJ!-; ESTIMATIC. WR PUT SMILES IN YOUR MILES LOY'EICH CHEVROLET CO, 301 W k Walnut Texaco Gas & Oils Phone 578 CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center s of Blytheville" 'MinoRraphs — Itecordn itnd '.''Accessories. Haltery and ' Electric Radios 1 i) W Main Phone 3143 CITY GARAGE - & Welding Shop Aufo ItciMiirs, Welding i. 87<l .100 K. ftlain "End or (he wnild" rumors can )c trncnl b.nt-k In cnrllosl aiili<iuily. IXICK! A I.onc Distance Mn Douipeleit I!el^ Kiid er^iilpmoiil. qiutaly Insurcil. Contract Uki • nil Him. Hc[»lc««. Home Bnvice £ 8iora£a C Prrfcrt rrpalrrilf; fur loday'n rjnJsllc fnntwear ar'surci) wlu-n bullt iji gur modern chop. -fl-Lf UTY SHO€' - "•[. M« I M '. DON EDWARDS "The Typc.writrr Man" KOVAL, SMITH, CORONA end REMINGTON POKTAHLK 110 N. SECON13 ST. ITIONE 3382 (Every Trnnsncllon MUST BE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Giiaranfocd Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores THB BEAUTY CI.INIC M»rt»r«t been Smith. O.twr BMr- ?he» Kit See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have j a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton fires for cars and trucks. !. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Slocks of PartJ For Chrrtlcr Predict* 121 R, Main pv. ZlZi BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Cow'arils BY EDGAR,] ^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS •^ ' ' •—' "••"•—"" mp WELL, SON, 1 see \MUERB \ L SIMPLY CAN'T VOl'd DOUC-MNUr SHOP FOR I IM->GIWE rOW fl».5. k-AMt IS ABOur RETADX / THAT VVO\VANJ TO OPENJ . YOU k-'IOS DID A / CAM FILL ALL. '-- ' ^ THE OSOERS FOR.' VJELL. SHE'S GONNA HAVE" 1-iELP -- EK-, CORPORAL \VKBAr • AND BOY, 19 HE A LIV/e VV'RE ' Parenlal Tip BY V. f. HAMII,TO$ THATS .ML nwe. | He m/cs SOM. IV IT WHAT I IMTUr; DO V>1l' KNOW /MAPDEM AeOLll'HIM? /HOUSE . _l-^OiM oi^e i' ] ">;} i MARRIED AND IS AM ALL-ROUND ".'....nUwti i-lAve vou CALLED OW HIM AT HIS HOME. FRECKLES 1. AL1,KY OOP And W.ilch Your Stcn *S$ P $. & r . ' I'."' ^^""ice. i OFTEN GIVE5 YOU A BETTER LIMD6R- STAMplMG- OF HIS CHARACTER. / KNOW WITH HAIR PANTS WE WO!?K ALLEY OOP, WITH BUD HIS MAW A6E£, COLLECTED A *500 PURSE FOR THE KAVOIU& OF A SHOW PDS... BUT THE CARNIVAL CCOVVP HAS NO IDEA OF LETTIW& THEM KEEP IT' BY MERRILL BLOSSEBi i-l'i'-jSr-i ,^p^;,.il nw n r B-S^/21 ¥--""Y- r " s^^7- . ., ._.,,„.,.. r ,., OH. V6S! THANKS, K^iS, FORIBUP, HEEetf OOP. FOR kEEPllya BE TH' END / Of= TH' LINE//AM 1 &O OH ' AFOOT'

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