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Fremont, Ohio
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IlVnltl. Iliiiltht Uso Old Dr. DellonbRiigV Colobrnlcil A I V. Sugar Conttd, MMIIHni l.ittr mud HI roil Pith, wsrranted purely vegetable. Ttao best Family Pill bow befure the public.

PrtaH Cmlt ftr Dr. Clevclan, Proprietor. for Salt by C. R. MTU LI.OCH, Fremont.

Frtmont, April 20tn, iriotliorm Head Thlu The fallowing In estract from letttr written by th. pastor of Baptist Choreh, to th. "Journal nd ger," Cincinnati, Ohio, and speaks volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine Mnf. Wimi.ow'1 Soon-lira 3tup ro CiMLMtsv Txmimo: 'We see advertisement In your columns nf Mrs. Win-glow's Soothing Syrup.

Now we never mid a word In favor of a patent medicine befora In our life, but w. feel eompelled ta lay to your readers that this ti no humbugs wi Bart triki it, ad kjow it to All. it cLAixa It ll probably one of the most successful medicines of the day, baoauee It la one of the bent. And those of your readera who have bahlea can't do better than to lay In a supply. 40 See advertisement of Prof.

L. Miller's Ualr Invlgorator In another column. 41yl. TENTH ANNUAL. FAIlt, or Tua Sandusky Co.

Agricultural Society, WW bt held at Fremont, on tVcdtic-njilny, Tlniradof ond Friday, Tho 2J, 3.1, and 4th day of October, 1861. GOUT cm bo pormanently cured by Dr. Deland's Antl-Khenmatle Band. See edrcrtiscmeut of "Great Core," In another column. JiOwft FREMONT PRICE CURRENT.

CORRECTED WEEKLY. Whist, por bushel Bed 80: White 85 Flour, par Cos, per buahel, il Com, In the Ear 2J Rte, per bushel 80 Oats, por buahel rtOTTRR, per OS Eoon, per docen 08 per pound 10 Dsssssd Hogs, per hundred I. ann, per pound 00 8alt, per barrel Fine, J2.00; Coane, per pound 3a 8 Flax Sksd, per bushel J1.00 a Timotut Sean, per bushel 1,25 Clotbb 9kxd, per bushel 3,60 Hams, Smoked, por pound SnOULDSRS, Beans, per buahel Potators, per bushel ArPLRS, flreen, per bushel. Po. Dried, per buahel Frachrs, pared, per pound BRRSWAT, per pound 0x108, per bushel CmcRRRS, Lire, per lb Do.

Dreaaed, per pound TCRKSTS, Lire, per lb Do Dressed, per pound Wool, per pound 80 C2to60 10,75 ia 25 81 6 4 20 a SO Announcement. The charge for the announcement of non-tubscribertt, payable in advance. OLIVER II. FUSS ELM AN, announces his name as Union Cnndidato for County Rrrnrdcr, subject to the decision of the people. Gen.

Pope's Men Rendezvoused Near Jefferson City. Bricailier-Goncrnl Hurlbut was dispntcb cj to-day to select camping grounds near Jefferson Citv, on the Missouri river, whero somo 30,000 troops will bo congregated un dor Gen. Pope's command, as by special ordor No. 10, Western Dcparlmunt. Gen.

Popo is assigned to tbe command of all tho forces north of tho city of St. Louis. These troops will consist pricipnlly, if not entirely of Illinois regiments. It is deemed policy to throw Illinois regiinonts together by themselves, and thus form one Grand arm of tho Western army. This division will bo ready for nn advnnco movement through Arkansas Bnd Texas, toward Now Orleans as soon as this excessive hot weather abates sufficiently to warrant tho health of troops in that climate.

A part of these troops are to bo mado up of tho new regiments lately accepted from Illinois. ThowUo policy of throwing Illinois troops in conjunctive operation, and permitting thorn to form and represent ono grand division of tho army of tho Western department, can not ho too highly regarded. That they will give a good account of themselves no ono doubts who knows tho metal of tho manly Illinoipans. Gen. Popo hereafter designs to permit no moro scout', deeming it an injury to tho efficiency of troops for service.

Tho peoplo will ho hold 6trictly responsible for depredations committed. If hostili ties occur and troops aro called to tho relief, they will ho sent in sufficient numbers to take possession of tho villingoorvilliegcs, as may be, making quarters in tho houses and drawing rotiont from tho sumptous tables of tho citizens. This, it is believed, is tho onlv means of making and keeping the peo ple duly vigilant to their own and their Stato's interest. Cor. St.

Louis Dent. The Right Kind of Action. The Republican Central Commiltco of Ohio, a few days sinco passed a aorios of resolutions dropping nil party lines and inviting tho Democracy to join bands with thorn in preserving tho Union. Wo hopo that this action will obtain everywhere and that we shall prosont to tho enemy an unbroken front. In this solemn hour of duty and danger, all political organizations should bo dropped, and a man's capacity for any position should bo measured only by his patriotism.

Tho old stagers and political hacks who havo subsisted on party droppings, will. without die hard. Novor mind thoir struggles. Let tho peoplo throw them overboard as oumborors of tho ground. Let all parties, all papers, all men, join bands together in the great and glorious ettort or defending tho Constitution and upholding tbe laws.

In tho words of Douglas, Jet us say, "Thoro is no personal or party sacrifice I would not make for my country." To insist upon the trifling distinctions of party, to maintain the potty bickerings and wranglings of politics at the present hour is fatal to our government sua our causo, aod that man who porsists in raking up tho embers of parly strife, that man who draws party lines, tbe man who docs not bring to each and evory member of tho Administration bis undivided support, that man who does not stand out boldly, ready to sacrifice his all, is a traitor to tho best government God over allowed to exist. Banish slavery, banish ban-iih tariffj, banish all tho truckcry of politic, and let tho musses of tho North from Maine to Oregon, join bands with the gallant and sterling Union men of tho South in one fratorpnl brotherhood. Let us pre-ent to tho world tho sublimo spoctaclo of an undivided peoplo, unshackled by cliquo or pnrty, rising in defense of thoir common country. Tho good Ship of Stato which has sailed long and so proudly, tho envy of tho world, is in perilous soas. Wo appeal to you.

Democrats and Republicans, will you pull together, or by your insaue distractions Pibh together Chiongo Journal. Fremont Journal. ISAAC M. KEELEK, Euitoii asd raormitTou. The Jovrhal ifptibliMiRtl evory Friday morning.

OfTico, In BucKUnd'i Clock, third utory Sandiwky county, Ohio. Tumi or Brnscnirrfo. On copy, pr ye-ir la ilvftnce, by mail, 50 Paid wUhln th jntr, 2 00 After the expiration of tho yr 2 80 Town ulcrilrrri. iimd by the carrier, In 1 7fi ty No paper discontinued (except the opllou of the publisher) until til iirrr-fi rapes tire pU. RAT .8 OF APVKRTI81T40.

One Square (10 linen or lee) one insertion, fO Do. End. ft'ldltlnnal tnt-i-rUon 26 Do. Three 8 00 Do. Sis moat lis, ft 00 Do.

Oneyer- 8 00 Ruslneis Card), 0 line or lei, one yenr. 6 00 3P" Con met for period of nut let than sit raontbs' Insertion, will be made for One-fourth column, ebangablft quarterly, per 15 00 One-third, ...20 00 One-half, 2fi 00 Whole, ...46 00 Leaded and Bpcciat Notice, preceding mfirrlftgi-n, and Double Column Advertisement, will be charged dnubltt the above rates. Advertisement! ahould bo marked with the number of Innertlona, or they will be continued until ordered out and charged accordingly. JOB miNTINO. We have a beautiful Power Prens e-ipable of making a thousand Imprcimiom an hour.

We are therefore prepar ed to do all kinds (if Jul) Puintino on hot ootlce, and to the sattBiftctioa of our patrons. BLANKS. We keep Blanks of vnrious deacrlptinni on hand, or can print them of any desired form on short notice. ISAAC M. KEELER, Kditor and I'roprletor.

Local and Miscellaneous Matters. Mail Arrangements. At the Fremont roKtnffice, tho malla will close Oolng nrti Bonlh, at 11.40 A.M. Went and North, at 1120 p.m. Flndlay, at 7.30 a.m.

April 15, 1861. H. R. SHOMO, Postmaster. Buckland Zouave Cadets.

The military spirit of the country is fast be ing developed, and there is ocnrcely a town in tho land but can boant of its militnry. During the past few weeks a company of lads of our town under the namo of "BucVland Zouave Cadets," havo been drilling under the instruction of Col. Ciias. II. Krfbs.

A portion of them havo got their uniform, and on Friday last had their first public parade. They made a fine appearance, and conducted themselves in most soldierly manner, eliciting tho unbounded praise of our citizens. The Cadets were presented with a beautiful banner by Hon. R. P.

who made to them a most encouraging and patriotic address. The company is composed of ubout forty, on ly about linlf of whom have yet uniformed. The boys who have taken hold of this enter prise are determined that it shall be a perma- nent, organization, and it may not be considered great stretch of imagination to say that some boys from this initial drill, will yet do service in tho army of our country. Let them have words of encouragement from every citizen. The officers are-Colonel Charles II.

Krebs; Captain John P. Thompson; 1st. Lieut. Ralph P. Buckland 3d.

Lieut. John C. Kridler; 3d. Lieut. Mortimer Cnnfield; Ensign Charles B.

Stilwell. lions. W. P. Nodlk and S.

T. Wokcfsteb, have our thanks for Congressional favors. Major Frank Gurney the popular host of the Crnghan House, hasj ust run out a new and handsome Omnibus. It can't be beat. Itwa9made by Cieincr Kessler.who get up all sorts of vehicles from a wheelbarrow to a 'bus.

We see it stated that tho Cosmopolitan Art Association has suspended its operations. It had several thousands of subscribers last year, and made no distribution of paintings, tc. We wonder what became of the money received for memberships? O. An authentic exposition of the secret organization of the 'K. G.

"Knights of the Golden Circle;" or a history of secession from 1634 to 18G1. Illustrated. Written by a mnmher of the Order. Every man in tho land should read it and tney win mere see by what and dishonest means the present troubles have been brought upon us. Price 25 cents.

Sold by Rush It. Sloan, Clyde. Givrx Up. Messrs. Gould, Edgerton and Buckland, acting with the patriotic spirit which caused thcin to endeavor to raise a company of men for tho defense of our common country, fearing their effort would prevent tho filling up of Messrs Bartlett and Tyler's company, have withdrawn their roll.

We were fearful that the atrcmpt to raise two companies would prove disastrous to both, and we are glad to nee ono of them step aside. This insures tho success of Messrs. Bartlett and Tyler. Wb are informed by Mr. Bartlett that yesterday morning there were upwards of 60 names on his roll, lie expects to go to Camp Noble, (Tiffin,) with his men the latter part of next week.

i Elm Geove Institute and Nobmal School. In another place will be found the advertisement nf this School, which is located at Mau-mco City, and has been in successful operation for the past year. Thn Principal, J. W. Hiett, is well known in this community as ft good scholar and successful teacher.

On Wednesday next, August Mth, Mabie it Nathan's Menagerie and Circus will exhibit in Fremont. Illuminated bills adorn tho corners about town, and we have no doubt that quarters will flow in, notwithstanding the tightness of the times. Get tub Best. As gonoral thinp; tho best article Is the cheapest In the end, and especially Is this tbe caae with D. B.

De Land Jr. Co'a Chemical Solera' tus, an article which every one who has tried It will ssj is just the thing for the purposes ft wss made for. It is manufactured and for sate at wholesale, bj the propria. tors, at Falrpnrt, Monroe couoty, K. and for sale by moat wholesale and retail dealera everywhere.

nen you contend that a white man is as good aa a ncgfti, aud that he has rights which the negro is bound to respect, they call you a traitor. Memenger. We never denied but that the editor of the Mcttcngcr was as good as some negroes as good as a very mean negro; nor did we ever denounce him as a "traitor" for that reason. But isn't it demanding too much of the negro to say that he is bound to respect such a white inanT Tbe Ladies' Fair and Festival of the German Roformod Church, hold at Buckeye Hall last week, brought thorn between Si 40 and $150 over expenses. C.

R. McCulloch has the grand and mysterious O. for sale. Call and get one. Prico 25 cents.

Tho heated term has somewhat subsided, for a week or ten days tho morcury ranged upwards of 00. Tho corn crop is looking magnificent. It is said that about fifteen hundred of Qen. Wiae's men disbanded and returned home on bis leaving Charleston. They claimed to have entered tbe service only to defend their own locality, and beyond that refused to fight.

Secesh Ruffianism. In tho of last week we copied an articlo fiom tho Leavenworth (Kansas) Daily Connervative, in relation to Ooo. Click, which wo believed true. As we wcro coming from tho secesh Cotivcntion at tho Court IIouso on Saturday afternoon, a senseless fellow Benj. V.

Glitk, assaulted us. A heavy blow was aimed at our head from behind, but wo warded it off so that wo wcro only touched and our hat knocked off. Tho poor fool did not again attempt to strike. We had no thought of an attack and at first could mnko no defenso. Tho ruffian was armed with a revolver and bad half a-dozen armed hulleys to protect him.

Tho most blasphemous abuse rolled from his drunken lips, but of that we cared nothing. His friends finally got him off, but it was not long before ho had two other niter- cations, tho last ono came near being to him a death scene. Mr. Click's course during tho whole- day (as wo hnvo sinco learned) proves him any thing clso than loyal citizen. Wo havo been told by thoso who heard him that he hurrahed for "Jeff Davis and Beauregard," and at a grocery with glass in hand said "Ilcre'i 'to Jeff Davit and licanregard, hoping that trance and Englamttritl acknowledge the Con' federate Slate in lem than thirty day.

I hate a brother in the Confederate army and I glory in Such a man as this should certainly go to thoso with whom ho sympathizes. Of Mr. murderous threats wo have no fear. Wo havo no dosiro to provoko a controversy with any man, wo aro no fighter or bully, but shall try and defend oursolf. If the articlo published in tho Journal was not true, Mr.

Glick or any of his friends could havo bad tho privilege of denying it in our columns, and wo should cheerfully mado all reparation in our power to correct tho error; but threats of beating, shooting, or any such thing will hnvo no other notice than that of tho vilo nhtiso ho uttered our contempt. Had Mr. Glick been sober we do not beliovo ho would havo mado any such attack on us, but whisky put tho devil in him and he acted it out. most vulgar and obscene language. Mn A- repeatedly asked them to leave his prem-a and ns lhe la8t rcsol toId hs they On Monday evening last, a company of rude boys with bells, horns, gathered around the dwelling of Mr.

Armstrong, on the eaRt sido of the river, making allsortsof hideous noises, and 8noulu sll0l Notwithstanding all warning they continued their riot and vul garity. A charge of shot was directed at them, and lodged in the shoulder of ouu of them. A peace was conquered. The wound though severe, is not dangerous. The threat of tho Messenger that it will pub lish "our record" with additions, reminds us of the anecdote of the two boys who were fight ing.

One of them proving a little too much for tho other, the one that was whipped cvbd out, "Well, gol darn ye, if I can't whip ye, I can make mouths at you." So it is with Mr. Bean, if he cannot whip us in an argument, he can black-guard us he can make mouths at us Day of Prayer and Fasting. mat ho rocominenu day or public nil mil i-foul ntion, prayer Bnd fasting, to bo obsorved bv following was passed by both branches of Congress It boing a duty peculiarly incumbent, in a time of public calamity and rebellion, humbly and devoutly to acknowledge our dependenco on Almighty God, nnd to implore his aid and protection: Therefore, Jiesolved, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Stales of A jmmVa, in Congress assembled, that a joint Coramittco of both Houses wnit upon tho President of tho United Slates, nnd request tho peoplo of the United States with rolio- ions solemnity, and tho ouVrnijj of fervent supplications to Almighty God for tho safo-ty and welfaro of tlieso States, his blessino- on thoir arms, and a spcody restoration of peace." Testimony of a Close Observer. account yet given of the battle at Bull Run is that written by George Wilkes, editor of WUket' Spirit of the Timet. Ho concludes with these words: "There is but one thing I desire to add, and that is, had our columns but inarched back to Centreville from the batteries they had so stub- homly engaged, in 'common time, the day work would have been called a Federal victory, and the result by our meagre divisions a "to-omnninancu in force.

"It was a most providential matter that we had no more troops than was barely sufficient for such against bucIi a rosi- tiou, and such numbers, for had we gone upon the ground with fifty thousand soldiers more, we would merely have penetrated a little deen- er into tho Confederate trap, nnd the result would have been the same. Kentucky Election. Tho election in Kentucky on Monday last re sulted in a glorious Union victory. The Union majority in the Stato will not be less than It is estimated that tho Legislature will be composed of 75 per cent. Union men, only three secessionists being elected in 40 counties heard from.

This is but a foreruncr of the fate that awaits the secessionists of Ohio at the Oc tober election. Mr. Burnett, of Kentucky, in response to Mr. Hickman, of Pennsylvania, in tho House, the other day, cried, "Let us have peace I am for ponce!" Owen Lovcjoy instantly rose, and ex claimed, "The gentleman from Kentucky talks abottt peace there is no peace tor the wicked saith my God The answer brought down the House. The bill adding $0 a month to the pay of pri vales, musicians und non-commissioned officers in the army, passed both branches of Congress, and has been signed by the President.

This makes the pay of privates $13 a month. Yankee Barbarity. Tba Richmond (V.) Enquirer of tho 20th says: Wo learn by loiters from the neighbor hood of Beverly, that Gen. McClollan treating the citizens with great courtesy, naving arresioa out a very low or tho most ultra accession ists, and soon roloasin them on their parole. This is a Droof of tho lactjinu discretion or that officer.

Tho rebels have confiscated tho property ueu. ocoii lying in irginia. 1 hey nave done well, lie had somo lingering tenderness for his native State, and it required the sense pcrsouul wrong to counterbalance the feeling. This insult and injury will do not a little to hasten tho day of reckoning, and to bring tho old hero's hand more heavily upon the rebels. It cannot fall too quickly or too crushingly.

The Southern papers are discussing the question, "Who took Shermau'a batteryf" In the course of a month or two they may discover that it wsnt taken st all. Did You Ever? Did you ever hear one of theso men who talk of tho expenses of tho war, blamo the Confodorntes for bringing tho war upon usf No, not ono I They sympathizo with the Confederates to tho BOrious hurt of the government of tho United States. Did you over hear ono of them, when talking of Lincoln's unconstitutional act in calling out troops, say any thing about the unconstitutionality of raising an army of rebels in the South No! They persistently declaro that the rebels aro justified in all their acts of treason and rebellion. Did you ever hear ono of them say that Jeff Davh was trampling tho Constitution under foot! Nol But it has oponly been declnied in this town the hopo of "success to Jeff Davis and lioanregard, wishing Franco and England would acknowledge tho Confeder ate Stales in less than thirty days." Did vou ever hear ono of them say that tho North was any thine hut what tho Southerners call it a nest of cowards? They havo been forced to acknowledge that the Northerners wcro not cowards. Did you ever hear ono of them say tho Northern catt'o would triumph, or nvoo hopo it would Men in this town havo said they hoped Jeff Davis would triumph, and they wore ready to fight for him.

In short, did you ever hear ono of them express a patriotic thought, except when forced tof Never! and at tho next moment they wcro engaged in secret troasonablo designs against tho government. Freemen of Sandusky county I Lovers of your country, and tho glorious "Stars and thoso men, traitors to tho government, and enemies to tho Constitution nro in our midst, all around u-. It is a fearful thought, nevertheless it is truo. Is thcro not a remedy Shall such stato of things continuo to exist? How Changed. Twenty-eight years ago the Presbyterians of South Carolina and Georgia, by their constituted representatives, mado tho following declaration upon the character of human bondage: The influence of tho negroes upon the mor al and religious interest of the whites is destruc tive in the extreme.

cannot ko into detail. Il is unnecessary. Wo make our appeal to universal experience. We are chained to a put hi earcax. It ana acAirors us.

il have a rnillftone about thencck of our Bocictv, to tink un derp in the tea of vice. Our children are corrupted incii iiiiuiitv, mir cnu we nreveni. 11. Many an anxious parent, like tho missionaries in foreign lands, wishes that his children could be brought up beyond the iiiHuence of tho depraved heathen. Nor is this influence confined to mere childhood.

If that were all it would be tremendous. But it follows us into Youth, man hood, and old age. In all our intercourse with tliniii the slaves we aro undergoing a process of intellect ual nml niorul deterioration, ond rcquii L'B ultntmt Biificr-iMman orTtrUto maintain a high standing eilhor intelligence or piety." Wen aro tarred ami feathered, and often hung, in those States now, with the consent of professing Christians, for entertaining those doctrines. Capture a Squad of Rebel Cavalry. Sandy Hook, Aug.

5. This morning ft detachment of tho N. Y. 28th Regiment surprised a Eqnnd of rebel cavalry atn houso opposite tho Point of Rocks, and killed throe, wounded five, and took seven prisoners. They also captured tho horses, and ro-crosscd tho river without loss.

It is reported that considerable body of rebel cavalry occupies Martinsburg. Thcro is do danger of an attack hero. is of To whom it may concern. DO this day lawlullr warn all persons from trusting or Harboring my a He Catharine, as I shall pay do debts of her contracting after this date July 20,1861. 303 JOHN It.

PURDY. A II How How RrsTORKD. Jmt vubliihed in a Sealed Envelope. A I.KCTURK nn the nature an1 treat ment ni and in.lical Cure of SPERMATORRHEA, or Sem-oat Weak tv Sexual Dt'bilttr, NervoutineKS ami involuntary proilurine I potency, Consumption mud Mental and lh lk-hilitv. By ROIU'.

J. CULVER WELL. M. D. The important fart tlmt the awful consequences of ielf abuse may be ctlVctually removed without internal metll-cinesor tlie dancrout applications of cui sties, instru menu, meaicnica Doubles, aim oiner empirical aevicci, is here clearly demonstrated, and tbe entirely new and highly sttcoertsful treatment, a adopted by the celebrated author fully explained, by means of which every one is enabled to cure himself perfectly, and at the least possible cost, thereby avoiding nil the adrdertised nostrums of the dny.

This Lecture will prove a boon to thousands and thousands. Sent under seal, in a plain euvelope, to any address, post paid, oo the receipt of two postage stamps, by addres.Onfj Dr. CH. J. C.

KLIN'E. 1C7 Bowcrr, New York. Peat Office 15yl Copartnership JVoticc. THE UNDERSIGNED have this day formed a partnership under the name of Curtis Kipley. All liabilities ot the lute 111 of Curtis Ac Uost- wlck will be aswumed by us.

Persons owing the late firm either by book account or note will plense call and settle tho siinie. ItKl'K Kit A. CURTIS, Fremont, Julv 25, '61 29 JOHN L. RIPLEY. PUOCIKE mi.

I JMIKU'S Compound Syrup of Ginger, ViMi prevent prevent uroup, anu arrest sore Throat. Tuk a medicine in Consnmrition and in oilier disease! of the Lungs and Air rasssgfa that wilt produce fieo and easy without impairing the appetite and the powers of digestion. The Rev. Hob-ert Andrew of Tiflin, says In a written manifesto: "Or. Fisher's Compound Syrup of Ginger ia my main dependence in my affliction of cough bv dav.

and rous-li and dtfiiculty of bienlhliiff by iff lit. I have used the 1'nosphaiD oi isime ana sodn, and the rnosphttes or Iron fee. all of which aifonted some relief; but Dr. Fisher's CompnundSyrup of Ginger excel Is them all lu the one importantquality of not injuring the atomsrh. It holds out doing me nervice longer than any other cough medicine I have used or doctors' prescriptions." is soothing, tranquilitliig.

sleep-Inducing. 1 pro prietor tells us there is no naieotic or poison in its com-position, experience has proven him a man of truth. is safe in any conceivable condition of the system, and in any sized dose. No other caution necessary than to df. lute wtin water or milk lor very young cmiaren, F.m-inent ph siclans and other gentlemen recommend it as will be seen on the outfide wrappers around the bottles.

Kept for salo by S. BUCKLAND. Fremont. (., at only 25 cents per hot tie. 20 wH Ji8Mlution 'flllE PARTNERSHIP herotoforo exis- JL ting under the name of Curtis and Bostwick is this day dissolved by mutual consent.

Tbe business will continued under the name of Curtis Ripley. KREDKUICK A. CURTIS. Fremont, July 2ft, VI 29 O. A.

BOSTWICK. Flouring Mill. Kollcrsvillc, Sandusky County. rMlE subscriber wouM ro.pectfullj inform the public that be has put this mill iu tip top running order, soil is prejtered to GRIND CUSTOM WORK Intheverj BEST STYLE, ty Perfect satisfaction WARIUNTED. Lath and Seasoned Lumber, Constantly on hand.

Bills filed to order and nn short notice at rrasonable rates. J. KING Kollorsiills, Juu. ID, 1S61. "rao Theodore Clapp, ManufactnrerofConfectiouery and dealer in Forelpnaud rioine.tte Nuts, Fruits, Groceries, aud Yankee Notions Principe and Havana Ctaara.

Main atraet, remoni, u. June 10. IS .5. Tobacco and Cigars. AT WHOLESALE AND KKTAIL.

P. POSS Ims REMOVED his TO- UACl'O sTORK to mCKLANU'S NEW BLOCK, Opposite theBauk of Hirchard, Milter where has (Hied up th. ueatest sstabiiihmeut that can b. found in tbe West. I am manufacturing Cigars from tbe ery DEST SPANISH I OB and ever; man who loa good Cigar la is invited to call and try one.

Sold Wholesale or Retail, and at lower rates than e.n be bought elsewhere. All kinds oi Cbswing and Hawking Tobacco kept on hand. V. POKS. rrsmont, July 1, 1891 tf I It be h.

a at DIVORCE NOTICE. HnndtioVr Count, Common FtwrnCooHii LOR A ANN HHOKr, rUiulilT, 1 vrrftiif fVMt'Kl, PHoHT, Tho MlJ Rftmuct Hnnrt will Ink notir thkt th iftid Ann Short, of Samluakf county, Ohio, 1J1 on thl 24 1 li day July fll Iht petition In th Court of C'immon Hf within nnd for county of Olil, ajralnRt tli Mid 8rnnM Hhort, defrxlant, chftrg In Raid dofrndiint with wilful uiic for nut re thin tlirt Trn Ut punt, nnd prfij -In th Mid Court KOR VOHC'lr; amlthit thf In rnirM to anr th Mid petition on or before th tlilrd after Ui Otb diijr offlfptemlMT next. FLORA ANN PHOKl', Uy J. M. I.kmmox.

bi-r Attorney. Jul 24, 1MU. 30wfi pr fee EGAL NOTICE. In the Court of Common I'lvnnof Rfthdur-ky conn- tv, nnd Utile nl Ohio. ft lllidm II.

l.ff, Junttn (ienitrc I. Pilkfn, nnd fi Hll. Drlnmlu P. Durman, Inn Trrnrt, nartni-rs by the firm name of Willitm M. Lee Flj.lntlfTn, E.

(1. nnd Ofrfifii I). Orlpwnld, partners Lf tbe rm nnme of nmtlnpii f-rhmnW, Peffn-lnntii. The above nnmed E. O.

fisting- tv Orf-len I. li- wolil, min-rfl-)Mit 'if the State of Ohio, find renMInjr in the State of Connecticut, are herehr notified that on the twelfth day ff Jay, A- l-. eiulttren liiinUri'd and iixty-ne, the above plaiiitifru filed pfttllhm in tbe mild Court of Common l'leut, ft i thctn, fink in imipinrnt nuttinst them for the sum of fix hundred anil twenty-oil Uollamnnd thirty-four rentu, and IntereM tiiere-nn from tlie twenty-eeond dny of June, eighteen huw-died and aivty-onc; b'in the amount doe on a prominiu-ory n-'(c pircn by drfftnlant to plnlntinV for thit pom dnled dated October twenty-wcond, eighteen hundred and atxtr, paraMu to the order of William II. ciht monthp after Mint an nttnrbmrnt hanbeen lnued, aorred and return ed fcK'ilnit the chi'tle, right, snonejii, credita and Hb'Ct n( aid dtlembiiit. And Lite a lit) are further not, led, that un- leas they dfuinr or nimwer to miid petition on or before the iweifth day of October next, the e.ime will he taken a confined, tnid judgment entered tecordltiffly, on the fonr tcrnth duv of October, eifrhtt-i-it and aixly-ono, by Court, ot which time ifil'l 1'vtillon will be heard.

WILLIAM II. LKK fc CO. By Buckland rrett, tbelr Attorney. JttlT31.IflU. pr fee 7.1io FLOUR DOWN AGAIN! o.w- VALLKTi Ac AT 1J1E OLD Ciogliait mills I'lour Store! Are now offeriny their well-known brands of Flour at Wholesale and Retail at corresponding Low Pricks, anticipated for New Wheal.

Fremont, July 12, 1M1I. FAMILY M.BD1CIKEH. RETAIL PRICES. Vegetable PI! per box 25 Croen ilountiiin (Jintiucnt, per Sfiranparilln, ber little 1 00 Cbiblren'a Panaeeu, per bottle 60 Kjo Lotion, per bottle 25 ever anil Affile Homey, per box bO lit ulth Hitler, per 2e I)yfentory Syrup, per bottle 60 Conanmptivea' per bottle 3 00 Mara hall's L'teiine CiUholK-on 1 60 Oraefenberg File Keiuedy, per bottle 1 00 Manual of Health, per bottle 26 Fornaleby the city dtoggiata; also by Amenta in the principal towns in uino. HOME TESTIMONY.

Hartford, Trumbull Ohio, March 7,1857. herntiv iwrtifr that 1 have be en dealtntt- Id the Graefen. here MedU-tm for tbe past year, and can truly say that have never offered any ineiliclnca to the public that hare met with the decided approbation of tbe people like the, nartlculailv the Tills and Calbolicon. They will readilr perform all and more than in promled for them. I have aoldabout fifty bottle of the Catholicati the past Reason, and i bear me uc renuiia in everv cne.

J. IL C. JOHNSON. Medical A cent. Read what Dr.

Bufchnoll nay of the Graefenberir Medl cine. Dr. B. i a phyirian of extensive practice, and ofilicmnitt aucceaniui to the county (J rumbuiij in waicb be rt'niiien. 'Thin certineH that I hae used the Ornefenberg rillitand Mftrshnirs Catholicon.

here by J. H. C. Juhneon in my pnictlce, to uiy entire ntiiif.ictinn. They ar good niedlclnei.

Ir. W. BUHHNKLL." Hartford, Trumbull Jlarch 7, 1S67. Wkst Dkih-okd, Conhorton May 14. 1867.

Mr. H. B. Kimoslky Sir: 1 have bwn selling the Medicine of the (liaf fenberg Company for the ten vearn, and hive Invariably found them to alve good satisfaction and the Tills I have sold to a great many fairtillei s. rcguli ularly as their lea ana rmiee, ana wtin my xmae ave become a ataplo article.

Marshall's Uteiine K0j in female diaeaacs. One holy I sold it to told me that she had received more benefit from one bottle thanuhe mfu. pbys.ciUs. Youra truly. JAUF.S WlLROy, I HEALTH OF AMERICAN WOMEN.

Female irregularities, weakness, uterine displacements. and all local uteiine difficulties and constitutional troub les of women, are entirely cured by the usarkcndeko Makshalls ltekixb ATnouco.f. In this connection. Mi Bet-cher, sister of the Hev. Hen ry Ward Bcecher, in lettera to the yeople, papa 129, says: Ihavc nine sisters am) sisters-in-law, and fourteen fe male enusins, all married, and all delicate and tlio immense circle my Mends and acquaints rices 1 cannot recall teu married ladies in this eentury and countrr.

who are feifecllv healthy." Iii caws, however. where the Grartfcnberjr; Cntlioltcoo has been used, we must say that health has rapidly taken the place of disoase, and ladies have become" robust, stroujr, vigorous and healthy. Mrs. Gleason, of El mi ra, says: "Beautiful indeed is confiding, trusting nature of woman, but how much does it need to be protected by a watchfulness that will lead in time of disease, to appeal to a medical adviser of scien tific education, moral worth and purity of character." All these mar be secured by addressing the Oraelenbera; Company. It gives me great pleasure to certify to the Invariable curative action of the Oraefenbei Marshall's Uterine Ca-tholicon fu all cases of female disease, and to the skill and hieh moral character of the Uedical Department 01 the Graefenberg Company.

1'. Li A SI Iv 1 31. Auburn Four Corners, Perm. I am a SfcthniHst clergyman. My heait hns fairly ached to witnens the feeble health ot women, as I have traveled my circuit preaching the Gospel.

1 thank God, nowever, that I have seen all these diseases give way to the Graef-enWrg Marshall's Uterine Catholicon, wherever it baa been useu. Rev. PF.TF.R SHARP, RIdgeway, formerly of Western Stark, Medina county, 0. For Medicines or Agencies, address, H. B.

K1NGSLF.Y, Cleveland, Ag't for Ohio. Foraaleby S. BUCKLAND, Frtmont; P. YaTkr, Green Fprings; U. .1.

Millfr Clyde; E. M. Hkach, Elmore: FftcDKRinK Yj.Fr.en, Woodville; F. P. Trrry, and 8.

Wilcox. TowtisemJ; and by Medicine Dealers throughout Hi Stale. 6yl Fremont Livery and Sale Stable. IAVII MOORE. w.j!1tT-r TUB SUBSCRIBER hsa jast comple- i feet, on Front street, below the Croghan vV and ia now putting in a large number of the best horses, with new and handsome buir- eiet and Carriages, which ha will let to the citizens Fremont! on more reasonable tei ms than any other 3table a town.

Saddle Horses. or Horses with Single or Double Buggies can be bad at hours, day or night. have no Old Worn out Stock! norses kept for sale, and any person wanting to chase a good animal, can always find one to suit them. Horses boarded by the day or week on reasonable terms. MOORE.

CM AS. W. MOORE, Ageut. Fremont, Keh. 10, I860.

tf. HOWARD ASSOCIATION, PHILIDELPTTIA. A RtnevoUnt Institution hit iptrtal the Relief of the Strlc nd diitrettsd, nJHirted with Virulent and Epidemic and etpecialtyfor the Cure of Disease of the Sexual Organs. MEDICINAL Ai ICE Riven gratia, by th Acting Bar-ceon. to all who apply br letter, with a description ol their condition, (age, occupation, habits of life, and in canes of extreme poverty.

Medicines furnished of charge VALUABLE RK PORTS on Spermatorrhoea, and other Diseases of theSt-sual Organs, and on th NEW REMEDIES employed iu the Dispensary, eut to the afQicUd seated letter envelopes, fre of charge. Two or three stamps for pnntuRo IH he, areeptahM. Address, int. j. not un ms, ACtHiwurgeon Howard Association, No.

2 South Ninth Strot PhitadeL phta, Pa. By order of the Directors. Bonn FAinniiLn. Sec'y. SOvl.

FURNITURE WARE-ROOMS. J. W. STEVENSON, DEALS IK AND MANUFACTURES ALL STYLES Parlor, Dining Room and Kitchen FURNITURE. Ua on hand alotof elegant SOFAS and LOP NOES, CENTER and CARD TABLES, WASH STANDS, wood or marble top 8KCRF.TARIKR, ROOK CASES, Rureaus.WhatNoti Cupboards, Quartettes, Ottomans, Foot and Music Stools, in Rosewood, Ma-hogooy or Black-walnut.

MnhojronT PARLOR THATRS, and KOCKEKS of di (To rent styles and patterns All kinds of Cane and Wood seat Chair with Rocket He also keeps stock of Eastern Furnitur, which tends to iuoivaa as th demaud requires. In eonneotion he has a COFFIX KOO.H, whtie are ktpt all sisosaod styles of Cofllni from to plain. He keop a food. Hears (or th eenrey ana of th de4. It will be th aim of th proprietor of thi EsUbllsh-ment to maintain th well-known reputation of his rviww Nil 3W, I I I la the of all 1 fiec in i splendid work- J3 New Slovc Slorc AT THE 1ST H3 Hardware Store Fremont, Ohio.

'T'HE stiUr.riliers would rcsucolfullv an-: I tinner in thn rtt'stns nf Krmon1. and country, tbal tlicr hara rijtipattpd lha STOVE AND TIN! with thoir flAHDWAftfe, butlncM; and arf tao ree-iing nn'' nhnM rnrlr avor ti keep on hnn a la'iT" ad'Ot tmnt STOVI i qtml to any to itr found in the country. And Mi.til Fcil tin i me iia LOW i ten pirchnard at fly oi nor Tlmnkful for the liWral patronafff eitrn'led to fltir- ln(- the pRt year, we hope to toe. it a ctit tnnanc ut the name, ty oloaeappllcatton to bvniuoae, and the vtntaof our CkUstoiner. jricajo give ua a call before purchaidr ft.

CURTIS 4 BOSTWICK. Oct RON. Thalnrirent nator tiuent in Froniont. at Toledo. Tiffin.

or Sanduiky City pricce, caa be found at HARNESS TRIMMINGS, 1. A larr A larps assortment at lo firnrrs, by Oct. 16, 1K. Ct itrM liOSTWICK. BELTING, Rubber nml Leather.

All slp. st Cl.vtilsnd ran le founil at Oct. 1, 1M0. CURTIS U03TWICK. BARTOIT WEED'S Cooper Tools.

Tha )iot In mafVct, fnr snle 1t Ocl.16, 1SU0. HARDWARE of every description, Lw a. tlie lowrpt- Chenp as the fan found atthc Bturo of CL'KTIS ft BOSTWICK. rpH03E Culebrntod Albany Suvo JL Tho hpavlvst anj In market, can bo i found at CUHTIS A BOST1VICK. Opposite Head Qnarteis.

Fremont, Oct 16, 1890. Great Bargains! ta CD 3 CO CSaJiSs' A. BARNARD having purchased new and well selected stok of Boots and Shoes AND Hals and Caps! of 8. P. Mi-ng fc lor Block, Is now prepared to fire the peoplo such a bentfit in the a nr of CHEAP GOODS! as will utterly atonish yon.

Harlcg a large stock, have determined to ectl at Very Low Prices, to rcduec them preparatory to onrnsw Ptock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS Tf yoo want 2B00TS and SHOES. HATS and CAPS, don't fall to come and see me, and we .111 certainly yon If Good Goods and Low Figures will do it We manufacture to ordor all kinds of work, and Warrant lliem all light. CV Don't forget tho pliwe. TYLER BLOCK, oppo-posit. the Bants, Old Stand of S.

P. Mcnr Co, where you will alwavs find us ready and willing to show yon goods sod prices. F. A. BARNARD.

Fremont, 0 July ISth, 18S0. S8jl. Yonng Man. IS cad This. WISE COUNSELS tor th Yon riff rnn be had In "Tba invalid's Medical Ontuliant," jtublisl.t-d bv the fur tho bvnelit prsoni who sutTi-r from Nervous Debilitv.

Pn'mattire Oet-fiy. itc. supplying the means Of cure. Imprudent MiUirity and Youthful ii.di-eretions are summtrtly diupcllod. Thousands have bailed little work with liphl, aod data tueir resioraiion usefulness In society from their Gist perusal of its interesting pnges.

Send your address for a copy, with ft cent stump for return postaire. to PR. JOHN B. OGHEV SOmoS No. 64 and A6, John York.

mm GIN AS A lUCIUtDIAl, AGENT. THIS DELICIOUS TONIC 8TIJIULANT. dosisnt-tl for lhe usttof tbe Mtdicat Jftnon ana the amity, navinft superet-ova me so-cai-led '01ns, 'Aromatic in now endorsed by ell of tils prominent physiciane, chemtata, and eounoisseurs, ss poese seine; all of ibow innnc mimical qualities (ionic ano aiureuc) wnicn oeioo to the oltl and pure Gin. Fut np in quart bottles, sold bj all draggists, rrooers, etc. A.

M. BINNIN'QFB ft (EstablLhed in 1778.) Sole I roprietora. No. 19, Brosd street, N. For satebr D.

R. BARNES CO 'o. 13, Park Also, P. C. ORV1S, Jl'i Broadway, New Our Ion.

experience aud familiarity with therequir. ments of Druggists, and our superior business facilities, enables us to furnish them with choice Liquors for and family use. Jao. IS, 'ol Groat Ou DR. DELAND'S LAnti- Rheumatic Band, THE ONLY KNOWN REMEDY FOB Rhenmatlsm, Goat and Neuralgia, AND A SURE CURE I'OB ALL MERCURIAL DISEASES.

It is conveniently arranged Band, containing eatedoompouud. to bo worn aronnd the waist, without jury to ths most delicate persona, no ehanRe in habits iiTinpie refill reu, auu entirely removes the aineasouom the system, without producing the injurious effects ing from th. nse of powerful internal medicine wettken and destroy the constitution, and giro temporary ratief only. By this treatment, the medicinal properties contained tn th Band, come in eoutact with the blood reaches th disease, through the pores of th skin, ing in every instance perfect cure, and restores tbe afflicted to a healthy condition. This Hand Is also a powerful Aim-Manor ant, agent, and will entirely th rat em from the pernicious effect of Mereury.

cases are cured in few dsys, an are conatautlv receiving testimonials ef its efficacy in aggravated aunuiug. Price, to be bad of Druggists geoerally, or sent by mall or express, with full directions for ny pri ui mf wuoLry, oirec. irom in principal 409 Broawdoy Kew York. G. Sstrrn Co, Sole Proprietors.

JVr. Descriptive Circulars Sent Free, tT Agents Wanted Everywhare. May 8, 161. 17yl To tbe Families of Volunteer. XT0T1CE as hereby give, that the Commissioner, 8anduskyCointT will meet as Board of Jielief til.

families of Volunteers, at the Auditor's Office, Saturday, June 22, leol, at 10 o'clock a. aod every weeka thereafter for th. earn, until otherwlss orderwl. Families of Volunteers who deslie aid froas coon, may makaAOplioaUon to said Rr-su) st that IHOB. TrcIZStMAJ.

Frefsce Jus It, 1861. Co Aaditof. i 1 bs I suit 1 our un-dojsiened this to Pr t. and CO. Y.

Bow, medical 1 medl in of arts which aod effect narta most rehev Moderate cases of can nse, to mffrf ef to o. two tua lf fW the Speedy and Pcrmatumt CWrf 15 8mint Weakness. JvoeturntU and Dinrnal jmiiriont Nervous and Orneroi Debility f-rhpattnc, and all Diatom arifingfrom tioiitary Habits or Exctimv Indnffftnct. TTItnK ar thma4fl of Tanya Mk, as rell as MtnMJ Aotn and Olo hit, who are mi Sarins; tn titMk trom th arKTrsj dimaMi, Manv, pArhspa, art moi aware ef th4r trn eondtUon, or wha aMiune fa really ad4.

Ftf th brnvflt of nr.h, wa harawitb (iva a few 0 the SS enmmon iyiTrumst vti i If MrJptM of th Bnrk aad f.nn tn th'. and Ihnmw nf Sight, On aod Kifore the Fy, of ik Rmri, VyftpHkx, Lorn vf JiL-mcry, Cwfnrimi uf iWi( Vpratfon mf Sprnf Ar4tr It S'tftif, Hutf-IH'trntt, Tm-iiy, Tor tntk a ad all tba above ffrmpums Uin rentWuM will bt fonnd a ttret- etsa ThtM rna)hM arntmte three frestletlMMif A aff PiH4h, a lt JTar rof 5VnC PUU, and a boa of rWb foin PUU, all of whirl, hara tmpertnl oftlcts te trfrm, and ihfliM o4 l(-tir in evary eaae. Their soprtoTr ovr vthar to) of uaatmant ni; brWCy suted as fcl-lawt, vii; Tliy diratnUrt u4 tU-Wos atnal imrilmM. AaV Tbay Imtaadialely arrest etral and dlariiAl eaaif Slon. ar They rmor local w1tiimi, aaaeiac the rsu fte ajstima thir natural tnuS Md viipr.

af They strsnrrthaa tha cnmuoe, byarvrosmUc atr ous litijlllty aod (ouaml wtlkaeM. 4T The? enliran the sririta, WnicL are eraally laeratill, by iptlling all sxot I Inn oausaa from tli4 tytui. RfH, ttitlr lnviaraHii prufienles tltSf aastare UM ftatlcnt wi hil aatural ha 1th and riflvr ot maaltvod. 7 J'liay ours nhn all other manna hara failad. k'r Thy oontaia no Hrcury.

no Oynmn, not asytliUc IliAl can in any evont proTa liijurioni. a nioT ra otuv aud pleaaant to use, and rHtl SMt laet far Mf ti the pMlant'a ninat or pleasure. i hey oan ba ased willMttt (ui.ioav er knevledge ef rn a room-mate. That thai- mny trnni wlthlo lhe raaab of all, we hare fli4 the of the utti at tl per box. and tho Pill se 6V onts per box tach.

Ia ordering mall, ia ftddHWe. to itw) prieo, twelve aents ia etawpa shoa'14 be laslosa4 for raewm wjw t. AD1E9 In want of a aafe S1 efTe-ntewl Jffk rimt'ty for trrtqntaritit, Spjmaim of (be rfrTj gjj Jsm, or anr dianane poenliar to thffir aaa, rj aliiiiM Uk. Qatrss Kcmalm f. rm jT ('ills.

Prloe, mail, ft and wia atap. 'i Pint ihortld ot tw aol k' -4 diirinr mitearriatt will be tb L- I.AiIF:S who. frrm Ill-health. eJffonelty, any other humine and ranable eaiue, datn it neoas-aarr to an incraiae of family, oaa do so wtthtat lnur-rtns; diwrer to h-alth or eonstitutioa the ass of X. Mm Cntujc't French FtnnUrst Fries, by maH, $1 as4 two itamps.

Tieoa rjwders ean only be obUlaael by addrt4wta tb Oeoeral Agent at baliw. ftend (v Dr. Oatrbs rrt'wUa Tmtitt set Jam at Diasossf Pa ics Taw Ckkts. fi. O.

bULLEa Oemeral Aswots. LoaatTiiltj, Ky ffotillu, Vr C. McCULLOf H. ad 8. lu Clyde, by W.

J. MILLER CO. feb Ml Febrnary 15, (HI Fremont Nursery. PRICES REDUCED. rnu rRorRtETon of be FREMONT NURSERY effera for salt tho coming aeason ft vry lot lt Of Fruit and Ornamental Treei which have been grown by himself with great ear.

PRICES Apple trees. 5 to 8 feet high, 92 per docen. Apple trees, 8 to 8 fct hlh. rnr hundred. Otht-r fruit trees, shrubbery, at correspond.

nfrprieeft. gpnd for a CAtalogtio. J. DAY Fremont, June8, I860. 22tf.

STOVES STOVES AT II New Stove Store CHARLES THOMPSON. I AM constantly rwtvlog tha LATEST and BEST patterns of COOK AND PARLOR STOVES, Which I am selling at prices SO LOW as to defy all com petition. An cnafai Tarieiy oi T.NWtVRE Mad by txparUneed workmen and wamtiUd to a No. 1 ariicie, always on uanu. Eavc-Troiifili 9ponting On band and mide to order out of the renr best Tin plata.

TIN HOOFING, and all klnda of Jobbing dM with neaini-hs aud itff.patch, and warranted to pleas ta every insianre. OLP COTTKR, BRASS, Lead ftn Iron taken In exchange fur i tuwarc. Do nt mistake the place, CIIAS. THOMPSON. Opposite the JlankfDff House of Birchard, Miller It Wllswa.

Fremont, April IS01. 13'f Do You Want a Farm CALL OX BUCKLAND fe EVERETT, Fremont, Ohio. They have for sal amoncst othr lands, the K. See. 7, T.

4, K. 16, containing 320 acre, known as th Wilkes Farm, on Green Crcelf about three mill enst of Fremont, which will, IfoftVr suit, be sold in 80 acre lota, or altogether as purchaser may desirt. Also a 20 acre and 29 acre tract near the same, which will be separately sold. For iurthcr particulars ftpply ftt the office of the undersigned, at Fremont, 0. BUCKLAND EVERETT.

August 6, 160. Slwl. GREAT NATIONAL ROUTE! BALTIMORE and 0M0 RAILROAD. IMPI.OVKI 8CEIHLE! By recent Importnnt changes this road la bow able furuuh the usual facilities lutetcouimaDtcatioii, East aod West. Northwest and Southwest.

Full connections with all through tratos to Philadelphia and New York. In tho Enst with th Sonth by it Branch Road by Ciftreland and Central Ohio and Marietta and Ciuciooati Uaius, with the Northwest, West and Southwest. Thrnagh tickets to or from Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York or iloston, giro the pttvilejre of lying over at any of the intrrmedi to cities. Two dollars additional giro the prlHlffre of Tisitinf Washlngtoo city en reuU. This isthe ouly route that cm furnish Through Ticket or Checks to or fi om Washington City.

Faro hb low as by any other route. Sleeping enrs on all nifrht trttini. Ask for Ticket br Bsltimore and Ohio BaUroftd. J. H.

SULLIVAN. Onera. Western Arc nt, Bell1re, Ohio. P. SMITH.

1 L. M. COLE. Msster of Transportation. I General Ticket AEeni.

12m6 Baltimor. Md. s-Mg ssap-rsr wjJirsr' FREMONT INDIANA RAILROAD. Time Table, OV and after Saturday, June 1, trains wlil nn daily, (Sunday's axorpted, as followsl Lear. o'clock, A.

X. Winters, 8.42 Eaniaa 8,68 9 23 Fostoria, Arcadia, 10,26. Marlon, 10,63 Arrlre st Findlay 11,12 RETURNING, Leave Flnnlay, 1.00 f. li Marlon 2,2.1 Arcnnls, 2,46 Fostoria, Jackson, S.4S Kansas, 4,07 inters 4,21 Arrire at Fremont, 6.08 Trains will stop at stations marked thns only oa sl(-Dsi being mstle to taL. or to leave passengers.

Trains on this Road leave Fremont after th. arriv.1 oi tba Mominjrt tains from Cleveland and Toledo: and axtiv. in tbe evening in time to go either East or West L. Q. HAWBOX Frsmont, Jun 1.

ISnl. TOWN LOTS FOR SALE! THE subscriber baa Dumber of Lots west of the Rati Road Depot, tn Fremont, between Croatian and Nano- Iron Streets, which he will sell on liberal terms aa to price and navment. K. P. BUCKLAND.

Fremont, Mar. ba.1191. J. ItlMIlAlOII, ARCHITECT BUILDER, FREIHONT, O. Aiotico to TuichtTi, THE BOARD OF KXAMIXERS OF the town of Fremont, will meet st I o'clock P.

ot escbeosuiug Tuesday, at the Uuion School liooe. Is said towo to examine Teachers for the Schools of ai4 town. Applications to teacb, accompanied with certificate quslincation should be tiled wiltt R. W. B.

McLeUaa oa.r before tbe Urat alonday in Aur 1st pest. JI. E. CLARK. V.


Strict attentecn given to all kinds of Legal basisMW, Officg 0v Oarvto'i stem. May 10, 1841. QOMEIUIKt to saiwsig'Jien and SKkilfvata, 9Hm fc4 Vo4 a4vrtseauit.

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