Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1896
Page 7
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mion A COLUMN FOR THE DEUMMEKS. Traveling men are invited to scad items of Interest to tbls column. Personal notes will be Slnd'lj' received. Matter should reach Tho Jour The Canadian Government recently sent an appraiser to the -.-principal bicycle factories in this nal ofr ' co b ? Friday night to insure country, to determine the exact I Plication the following Sunday. value of various makes for im- . 1I;(Vo vom . K , r ' slJ ^ allullwl to hns . port into Canada. After an exhaustive investigation, his report to his Government rated Columbia HIl'SS, i;ust.ii.nj while hnst dim-. 1 7V? per cent. high-. er than any other make and they <& pay duty accordingly, This but confirms the popular verdict. Col- STANDARD OF THE \CO.RLD. UccquoL'ccI, Unapproachtd. Beautiful Art Catalogue of Columbia nnd Hsrt- ford Bicycles ir, free i: you c.iit upon nny Columbia njjcnt ; jtnmps. by mail from us lor two 2-ccnt POPE I/IANUFACTURING CO Factories and Genera! Offices, Hertford, Conn Branch Stares -rul Agc-ncics Jn -ilmoac every city and town. If Columbia*-, ar? not properly •eprcscntetl in your vicinity let us know. on i-iie roud w: hi!,' jri't.s there. t! 1» * C. >f, Taylor was in Marlon, Ir.d., on 'J'uesday ol' Mm past week. What, the l:niv6l:m;JT nii'ji now want i.< a iuo Clint raiJroad rale made .w.oval t-i everybody. * v * Obas, Sei^iiHiml was booking orders for shoes, "Wednesday of •the past week ill f v or!l:!.lld, Ind. 'The Travelers' I'roU-ctivo AssOfia- t:io:i of America is today one of the mos-i m'.u'a.iii/arFoiis in :.lie Nation, * * # Tlif lirni t-hal. refuses t-n roeu.-niM fl:e sen'ice of an ellident travel:::;,' ivpt'CVL'iitalive is doin.u 1 itself an- injustice. Iiiiil increased from .f2J,000 to ?57,000, whereas lihe receipts had increased bin $10,000. A pro-posed amendment 10 increase tl«> membership dues from £10 U> $1.'2, Tluit ;i sinki'ii^ fund niitfht )io osta.bl'lsh-od, .went over to the convention :i,t Nashville, next year. Tin' following officers were elected. .lohii A. Lee, of, Missouri, president (I'm 1 u fourth torm); Joseph Wa Hers coin ot Virginia, Href vice president; W. I.I. Heofiaard of Gliicajro, second v'.co pres- 1-tl-eiU; L. C. Carduial of Alabama, third vice president; Guorjre .F. Run-hard, of LM.lU; Koc.k, fourth, vice presiilcnr; Alexander Kurao, Portland, Ore., fifth vice president, lit' positions of tin; three rein-Ill;.' directors wwo tilled hy the clC'dion oC Ernest Kolu'n of St. Louis. Cii-rl M. AHli-ieli of Peoria and Charles Dnnin, Terru 11 Mitiite. 13. E. Smith of Georgia is chiiiirinm) of the Xaiimi.'il railroad .•oiniiiiiik'O,,,wli.icli will have ehar^o ol. ih(> ca.iiipa.i£n fur legislation fnr 2-i:oiiU I niiJi; free for aH pa.'Winiri.Ts. Omaha nil: ill an application for Ihe cunveu- ion of IKSOS, TOWN TOPICS. NEW YOKK FASHIONS. TIME TABLES. LOCAL, TIME TABLES. Solid trains between "Peoria and Sandusky" and "Indianapolis and Michigan." Direct connections to and from all points / In tho United States find Canada, L,. E. & W. K, R Arrive Lcavb SOUTH BOUND. No LI Pacific Ex Dally.. 7:10 am 2:DS a m No 25 Indianap's Ex Sunll^S a m No. 23 Mall & Ex ex Sun, 3:25 p m 8:10 p m No 23 Passenger ex Sun No. 151 Rochester Local Arrive 4:15 p. rn. except Sunday. NORTH BOUND. 5:20 a m No. 20 Mall & Ex ex Sun.10:22 a m 3:30 p m No 22 Michigan City daily 4:45 p m 1:55 p m No 24 Detroit Ex ex Sun No 150 Accom. ox Sun.. 6:-IS a m •Docs not run north of Peru on Sunday, Traina 21 and 20 run dally between Indl- anapolla and Peru. No. 20 via Tlpton arrives at Bloomington at 9:32 p, m. maklnp direct connection •with C. & A. fast train arriving In Kansas City at 8:53 next morning, connecting direct at Kansas City lor Denver, San Francl&)o and all .points west. Free reclining cSalrs between Tlptou and Missouri river for all passensrers. Nos. 20, 21, 23, and 23, connect at Tlpton with main lino trains forSandusky.Peorla and all points east and west. For ticket rates and general Information call on J, J. Skinner ticket agent, L. E. & W., Peru, Ind.. or C. F. Dally, general passenger agent, Indianapolis. Ind. Thp plotli.it'.:; and shoe salesmen :iiv out in I'nII fora. 1 wfch tl:pi.r new linos of .fall sanipkw and are booUi-nj! sunn; tfood xi/iH'l orders. *• * « Tho voice, Uie inniuipr. I ho facial expression of the "kiiiiilit uf ilu> liflp" are a liui^iui.uo whiioh eitJioi 1 wins nr No . voeaitio'ii will more gladly wel- li»e passage ol' a National bankruptcy bill t:lKiii that oL' t-hc commercial traveler. Ho needs it in his business. * * * Your trade is Itko a kite—it keeps up a-l:l iri^ht as lonir as you ea.u hold on to the sti-iinjr of control. Inn r.he uioinonl let loose, t:he hold n tumble is certain. 'rravi'l;in:r Pre.sses, Dust Gowns, New .Sleeves, Independent AVaisls. (iradiiariiif;' Dresses, 'Shade Ha is. .$*&• PunnjiyirKrUft .si-jinnc,. li^nrisjijyDnlajjn^. •Dany. iDally except Sunday. Leave Arrive. Bradford and Col. ...'12:50 am • 2:45 am Philadelphia & N. Y..'12.-50 a m • 2:45 am Klchmond & Clntl....* 1:00 a m • 2:20 a m Ind'pls & Louisville.. '12:45 am • 2:30 am Effner & Peorla •.ItfSam *J2:30 a m Crown Point & Chi.,* 2:55 am •12:40am Richmond & Clnth.t 5:45 a m tll:20 P m Crown Point & Chl..tC:OOam t7:Wpm Montlcello 4 EUner f S;00 a m 11:05 p in Bradford & Col t7:50am |4:15pm Effner local freight..t 8:30 am t 2:15 p m Ind'pls & Loulovllle..* 2:00 pm *l:30pm Richmond and Clntl..* 2:10p m. *l:20pm Bradford -and Cpl....' 2:05 p m • 1:10 p ru Phlla & New York * 2:05 p m • l;lOp m Montlcello & EKner..t 2:20 p m t 7:45 am Chicago M:35pra «l:55prn Chi & Intermediate..'4:30 pm *12:30pm Kokomo & Rich t2:30pm tll:00am EradfonJ & Col t4:30pm t!2:20ptn J. A. McCULLOUGH, Agent, Logansport, Texas scut a goodly deJesaUan ol! her ravelling men .10 oho Natitoiwl convention. J't M-oulcl Imvo beeai larger pvob- ibly L'C Oio ra-lkants had been more liberal in their rules. * * * The traveling salesman who joins the Travelers' r.rotec-tive association for tliu protoclilon of those dependent upon him •for suppont may not have all the virt.u"s of a perfect man, but he li:us taken :i s-,'.c>p In the right direction. * * » Col. Richard W, Thompson spoke to the 'traveling men at the NaiKonal convention lu>ld ;i.t Torre I-Iauto last weelj, of Commerce. It.s tr:iinsiit,i,on from 1S30 to ISDO. T-lto dolngates Jnarned something of hbs stlver-tongiie.il ora.tory. * * * 'Plic appivda-l.ivc firm believes la roci- proci'ty and is awaro of the face lluit it's a good investnieirt 1o pay the traveling snli'snum what,his services are actually worth. "1'oor pay. poor pi-each, 1 ' said the country parson. Poor pay is what makes the shifHesa commercial traveler. WEST BOUND, locii' J'rdftit, arccm, dully c-x fun,...!!:[II p m ht, i(ula llmiUd dully, iOU i]04a' Kii-l p in y»8t Mill] cully, 'old no 47' 8:17 p m Kbr.MisntytJplop ilnllj 'KIUI.O.II'... 3:13 p m Pzetxtnutetll) ixtuii 1 oJUiiH£i'...JO;lDn m No. EAST BOUND. 2 y. Y. 4 Boston lira d dally 'Old no 42., 2:41 n m li Fast mall dully, 'old no 40 u-M u m 4'AtlanticLim Mil? en Snn 'old no41.. 4:52 p in 74.Local let. j»ccom. <liillrex»Dn 12 60 p m EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. • No 35 Arrive 10:30 » "i No 37 arrive a U5 p m EAST BOUND. No30leave 10:45 a in No 3* leave , 3:30 D ni RANDAL! A IN EFFECT MA Y 17, 1800. TitAIJSS LEAVE LOGANSPORT, IND. FOR THE NORTH. No. 52. Ex. Sun. 10:31 a m tor St Joseph No. 53 Ex. Sun. 0:10 a m (or St. Joseph No. W Ex. Sun. SMO p m for South 'Bond FOR THT2 SOUTH' No. 51 Except Sundny 7:1T n. m. Tor Terro Haute No. 53 Ex. Sun. 2:47 p. m. for Torre Haute For complete tlmo card, fflvlnff ull trains and stations, and for full Information sis to rates, through car;*, etc., address J. C. E.DGEWORTH, Agent. Logansport, Ind. Or, E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. CottonIt, Ray Fevor. .Kill the Catarrh microbe and you cure Catarrh. These parasites nest deep In the tissues and folds of the olfactory membrane, and are difficult to reach and jkill; but Brazilian Balm will ^utterly destroy them if used liicaoBi:. persistently as directed. It nlso destroys the Hay Fever germ in a few days. DBS full strength, or nearly •o, for Hay Fever. Cure permanent Mayor Itass ol 1 Terre Haute, rresl- dairt Sedjrowl-ck of the Indiana Division Alonzo -MO'iak, National Chaplain, Geo. Maitahcws, Jal'm A. Lee, Nat.iou.il President ot the associsvtio'ii, Hon. ,To!iu A. I-I:mvood o.f Virginia, Col. lUchard W. Thompson, Him.. .Terry M. Porter of KiMilncky wort' the speakers at iho traveling men's c.onvenit'i'O'n last week. * * * Tlie-man ou flic road who Imstlus only wihiui results arc actually tn sight ''s likt'ly to die i-u the poor house. It return-as otoma.1 ''pi'sgiuff at U" ou your part 'to make a successful commercial traveler. Tihe fact thai: you may have won -iWtiinctiiuu by'hard and constant endeavor is no friuM-autec Hunt you can hold Jit wjtlliowt cousbiiut effort.' Ou i.he contrary, what you have gained by hard work yon will find requires still harcle.r work, to rcta-iiii, * * * Tho cwmmireia! traveler is sent out to solicit tillde for tt.hc. finii he represents, and hence iit takes t.wo to make a bn.iwi.iiii—Eke s:i'!(!sniiiin a.nd Iris customer—and ofteui i:t -151-kes tlinsc two, n lotti? Wliiiile to cfmic to icrrns, etc. But when a bar^jiiia is made'bemwcen the t'\vo it should stick. There should bo uo backing out O'ii c'H'hcr side and there should be no clause which wiiil compel one side to keep iit a;nd allo-sv f.hc ot'lici 1 to break It. That's business. » * * TRAVELING MEN 00 HOME, Amendments:, Election of OBiccrs and Ailjonrnmrnt at Terrc Haute. Tho Travelers' Protective association (idjouMied Friday after making an amoudment to ifivu the national officers the aut.hori'ty -to le-vy.a special assessment when tin. 1 financial conditions ol' tho order made It necessary to meet c.lalins for accidental death payments find for injury benefits. .During 'the last two years the indemnity benefits The tiravelhiig dress, and yt'tiei-nl stree costuine a.re ji-uw so nearly allied, llisi Searcely a dift'i.netioji exists, nud fot ei'iihcir jmrpuse l-i.irht weight CO!tun canvas is Hie newest material. A new Jacket back is noticeable i-u canvas xnir.s—very short w.illii j'mu- plaits, and as a mailer of course, the usual jacket front with lace or chiffon vest for xtivilL use :unl silk' tor tr.-ivelilii,'. It must not be J-nfein-ed. Iwwever, that mixed wools or liTtHiaJilinc are no longer! n favor for t!-,-i\-e.'!iiit' di-essos. Xliwe .suite possess I'lie ailviiiviase o.f liiivliia jiickut nud shirt waists, the former sup- plyinir addiilj'teial ivrwm'l.li, o.r dispensiiJ with an: pleasure. Handsome bust cloaks are of cini.nR'i;ablo or striped taffeta silk, or mo-hnir m.'ide iu c-in-iilar shape wilili "Cotmema.va" hood. TI1K SMALL SLEEVE. T.s not only 011 iis way,.but practically here re^ariling costumes of medium- wcijjht fabrics; but orgamTies and iude- IK-mli'tnt silk waists, .iirletidcd for fash- itmable watering ii-laces, have sleeves just as larjio as ever. A coat sleeve- wirJi raHiw-n ?maM puff at flic top, leaving the elbow tam'l arm a Tew inches above) hi sljfhir. If i.s certainly a iniH-kiid ch.'Uige. A very strong- tendency io-ward nddcd basques wi'lli jacket fronts is notiici'nblo i'u IICAV independeu't .s-ilk W.-H'KIS, liiivJus: smaller revtw.s elaborately tiiimmed and fancy vests. A white silk iniisl:m waist, composed tliTouyJiouit of. inch and a -hall' wide tucks, is a very recent idea; but to all costumes and .seasons tho fiiigi-anct of Murray &-L;uiiman's Floi'itl.a water Jm- pa.rte a.u iudot'inable cliarm never losl a-mld ot-hw attraeiijous. A^IO.XG BEAUTY PBODUCING FactO'i-s o.n waJste in geimral, none are more important rtilian bt-Its a.nd co-Hal's (iliat cmi.'rast with Uie dra«. Deli.iTl.'t- ful harmon.ies rosuli, when plain fabrics are relieved by Dresden o-r fancy ri-i)l.to.n.s ur wliwi similar co-loi'i'iijfs iii wwiis take no ue.w ri.eliiicj.s by belts :i4id collars at plain velvet or velvt-tino The lattoi- fa incK't sjW.l.sl'aeroo". .since ils close soft pile renders it. ijtiiie' superior (to wdUiaay wade si:lk velvet, whil fi'oui te modes'.-ite prices o'ne can dis .card \v-heij all is woi'iii anil ail^o indulge i.n greater variety, the mo-re easily too. since It comes in every shade, THE FJHST O.B.1ECT In a friMdiKiiiupr dress's simplicity ii'Hd '"Ma -its best c;in-k'd out. by a ,' wliito oriraaidJe d-resrf over many skirls, iiiiid usually a df*p lioui te preferred to rows of l.-ico inse.i'ijoij, Wilijch arji,-Hri milssa.blc but not in the best taste. Colored silk under organdy is in vogue 'for tilioso w-!io dealire <.-o/lor, and dotted Swiss nvusl'ta or white saitiiiti-s-tripdil .silk supply lihe variety xv.hlcli seems always hi domsMid. Round waists, either plai'ji OT wil;h rows of lin^urtion acTOSS, wide lace or sleeve cape of the dress W:iite.d3i/J eil^'Ctl hy lace, ri/bbon slionldor knots on- yoke effects, fuilil elbow pull's, linislnxl by lace anwl ribbon; .furnish a Kcne-i-a 1 ourliiue f'O'r pradnaiUnpr dressqs. HATS FOR CITY .VXD COUNTRY U.SE each cither to an unusual PX- Mi-e majority are la.rpe. a-ud will probably become still larg'.or. • Shaded nibbo'ii. loops on, black lace fotiiidation brim, wil'li a hi-.irfi (lower cJustor at ihs back, is a servJeable sfj r lt>, at t!io sai.r.e tiiino not so Kt.riJdn;; as .forests of col- oifal (-tillc- frills nndi nicHvlJitr; from \vhii-.li project four l.ilnck vin^, c;ius- in,^ a lint to measure e'ujhiteiin im-iies J^lo-wors massed at Clio back, arable from all hir^o hal>-. Exquisite combiimlilikins of tulle and (lowers on Ijirjie L-es-h.oanis, are nimp- pro.'iehod by. a-ny oilier stives; but f-hir- red a-nd I-rliUed raousserlyie-de-sole hats, in pale pink, whStc or blue, came within ttsisoirable expe'iidShires, ruirl arc vorj' soft aaicl aUiractivc. VERONA CLARKE. yvillc is s:iid to be one nf the iilessud wltJi good .teii'iilione service, I'nni'Micd by a liniiio co.j)i|i:iny. iu successl'iiil ccmipeiiijoii wi.ii: Hie Hell /.:nn.ipa.ny. '.I'lie ccnniitry aro-nud Hie city lia.s been embused with I lie idea of c;jn- verging a dlstaiu-e at low rates, ami south oil' Shelbyville i-t i« said all the lirmses have tdepho-ncs, A company nf Hbree was formed, nlio aiiembi'rs ol! the company cut tJic.t:' o^vn jiules. put in llH'i.r own jilaiit, buying win; ar whole- wale, ajid doing a.H the work, and the result Is one of Hie most satisfactory M'.SU-i.'is ill rl>e \»'0i'lil, at remarkably low rale.--. There is a .law in Ohio !h:u eomju'Is Hie Bell M (.'.plume company to allow local wiii-pan-its |-o use ils toll Iij;es when ilie.y dusli'e our uf IO-NVII connec- lions. II: is :i new law. There are several .new liomi! tt-ileph'K'.e coi-priratidn-s i;ii Indiana, ,'ind tl: is ihoir purpose to prosi'iil: -sucli a bil-1 as that passed iji Ohio a:t. l.lie tiexl: sessiim of ihe Uoo«- ier Legi.s).':lm-i'. They arc fo-niident of making il: go. and iJie n\snli win be in the eviMit of its iia.'-sing, li;ar tiie r.o- gnnsjiorl'. Mari/m, Kl \vood, \Vabasli, I.a.fayrCv, irt. AVaytuv S'ht'Iliyvilie am many nither ei-:y plants will lie able d t'ni'nisli oiK-iif-tiie-e-ity .--erviec witiiot: covering the Sla:e wilii addiiinna poles. for infants and Children. M OTHERS, Do You KNOW & Balcm&M's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many .so>caUtd Sooiliinj; jaoct "&€* any .so>caUtd Sooiliinj; Synips, and tlicjs for children nrs co;nposc-d of opium cr juorpliicc? ^y LJiriL opium cirifi morphia v are uliipsfying ;j,nrco;it poisons? th.il i;: j:io,-,l CCUlUri(.s drli^Isl'^srfi act pcimiUcU lostil unrcot-!-^ trithout ;tibqiiu£ them poi.sons? X>O Yoit_K>i<>'wt]ini you .ihou'd not pc^uit any iseclldnc '.c be.- j;ivcii your child unless you or your physicimi hnow of what it ii co!llpo^;ccJ ? ?>/> Yorl^f Kfrw Hint C.'Slorin. is c. j>nrt:ly vci-ctabZc jirrrjinraLioji. find i)i.i ( : ,-. 'i.^lof its ingredients is puLUslicd wiLh every JoU'c? T>o Yotl Kitoxv that Criteria is the ^rcr-c-ipiion o:"ii;e famous r>r. Painiic! rilchcv yihirty j-cjr.s, ai;tl ihai juore Cc.^ioria :s uov.'sD'td tljai; That i', line been of .ill other rcnicdi us;e .Ibriio.i^yi n for chiklrcij co:nbi!;£i! ? tl JKiioyy tlirit th^ Pnler.t Office Dcpartincnt of ibe 'Cuiicil Stales, .i«il oi" cS) hc.vc issuucl cscluoivc ii^l'.t to Dr. I'ilchc" itin.1 Iiis assip;:?,; to ::sc t?ic word " nnu its formula, and [hat to iininlo ll:cni U a .-.Intt.- orison ofTcM.---? ' tltat OKI? of the reasons for granting tltis Ro*.Tr:::ii*::it prelection Oue of Ihe oiTtcmne.'i of rhe 1'reciu cyclones Hia.t have swept the 'UYst i. past .Spi-iii.L,- is ilie I'oi-maiio:; of a "Cyclone club" at Des M'linos, Tow::. Tin plan is 1o or^anini! a club of in!iii(-nti:il cit.ixc.ns, ail-point a larp; number c'Hniiiiti:ee,s, arran.ire a corps of nui'ses, aji.d physiei-ans. and 'save everything in readiine.ss so that hi ease of an emergency, a complete system will be ready to be pin i,u operation. Tiie club will Lave nied'tchics, ba.mlaijes, tinens and even'tiiiiiK of that nat.nt'e ready for in:ant use. The Dnnkards of :Jie Eel river region w!w removed to XorMi Dakota, a month or more a^o, are h-carts-iok over Ihe change and ho-mesick likewise. Tliey iwve expe,rleiK:ed several cyclones, a heavy ha.llst.onn or two and'no favorable weather of aTiy kind' ye.t. They have been deiiomlnaitcd "I-Toosier Suckers" ai.id i-t, seems t-o be a very proper appellation. One who writes back to a fn'e.nd advi'scs farmers in Indiana o^vll- iii^ T farms to stay on thorn, as the northwest is no place for them. No seeding or planfi-nfi of a r ny kind hns been done yet. I-Jo saM l:l; was all riffliit for boomers and 1,-i.ml agents to boom Uie country, but that It is not near, wluit it is "crocked up" to be.—Peru Clirouic'.e. US becsusG Cnstor'.n had bcc:i provon lobe alb^oIiitLely J;^ria:3ess? J>o Von Kw^ixy thnt 35 Av£i*4lS' c tMres cf Casioria are fnra'i'^:^<l for S> or one cent a dose? <m Kti<v\v that wlicu possessed of Ihli perfect -.rc^ar^tioj, yov- :'•;;' Jr<r:i \\ T i-"., and that you may liavc unbroken rest? Titys are worth 'knowing. T" - cy r.'/": ."fl'^i. ure of oti every .vrappcr. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. euce is filavovy and aiTo.^anec sx'iioi'- i.d.'s contempt. Love lead* ihe way nauasoiiieiit O'C clii'hlron. Forced obeO- over all obsiaeJes." The Journal «i!d t.ho jr:ul and Ihe sllp- icr were relics of bai'bai'i.*iii. Tlie cur- ew bei.I is admitted m lie a good rhiiijr. There is a calf over in county ilia:t cai.s suia.U chickens. It has: been seen lo devour icn chicks and look for more. HO-AS are often chicken-oar- ers and (Inim-stick-polishers are often ho.cj:. but a calf that cats flesh is too much. HALF KATES TO MILWAUKEE. On account of the Inlercntional Convention of the B. \". F. U., ihe Xoitb- 'vTestem bine will, from July 1.1 to IS, ISOG. inclusive, sell excursion tickets to Milwaukee and return at one fai-e for l!ie round trip. The Chicago & Kort.h-Wesicrn R'y is the "Lake Shore" Honte between Chkfigo and Milwaukee ami makes the run between the two cities iu less tliim two hours. For full informatoB apply to ticket agents of connecting lines or address A. IT. Wag- jrener, T. P. A., T Jackson place, Indinu- npolis, Ind. * Tlie tallest 'Mm iai Indiana, is Joliu Will lamp, b>f WiisliiiiK'tOii cou.nly, who nieasures seven feet seven inches. Wililajn Clu.sh, of Blackford county, is even seven feet, and Fred ITeiux, a nineteen-year-old boy Jiving in Clark coimry, is six feet, nine inches. / A Ft. Wiiyne prirl took carbolic acid iviTli suicidal iiifwition when her beau failed 'to visiit her a.-? he promised. It rliait irlrl ever tret.* a husband she will either have TO harden, or take poison seven nights a week because of a tardy man. The strain mnv be fatal linaily. SPLENDID OPPORTUNITIES For home-seekers and others desirous ot changing their locations are offered it the great States of Wisconsin, Town, .Minnesota. South Dakota and Nebraska. Foriile and productive laud is for sale on the most reasonable terms, and there are ninny openiuss I'or nil classes of business men, particularly farmer? and dinrymen. Those interested will be furnished full information, free ot charge, upon application to W. P. Knis- tent, ; .T Republican: "Tlie T.opins- .Tournad Iwt.iimates Uiar tiie pcach- trre sad and i;hc slipper teach a better lesson in moitility ami obi! die nee than the curfew bell, but it nnVht have added tlait jH'.'itJicr is ueeewar.v or essential H''the pavtMiJ.s have a proper idea of tho 1N THE NEW AGE. The man of the future sat patiently darning the family socks. From lime to rime his mild blue eyes glanced wearily ,i't i'lio -pile of mending at his el'bow, and lie sisncil as lie tboujjh.r, of T.lie raw Irislmian in the kitchen, wlio •nowictl int'css-UKt: instruction in :hf simplest de.tails of culinary art. Two noisy, .s'limly girk, aggressive as became their sex, romped merrily nboti; the sewing room, aggravating his headache; while their pooUe Hi.tle brother | kern, 22 Fifth Avenue, Chicago, 111. sat fiuicijy by life father's side, study- iing the pictti'ros iu an old book of bygone fashions which he h'ad found, and which appraled. of oonrse. to tiie instincts of the miniature man. "Look, faiiliei-:" lue saij, poiiitiii.? to an old prin-t of the year lSOO-"soe wliait queer clothes that man has on! What arc tJiej-? Did men really wear them then?" ''Yes, dear," s;wd his fatlier. laying down his needle for a moment nnd bending over the page—"I never saw any; but father once told me that grand father wore them when iie was a boy. They willed tlmm pantnJoous."— P. Leonard in Life. HALF RATES TO SAX FRANCISCO Ou .Time 30, 1C, 23 and 2-J-, 3SOC, the Nortli-Westem'LJiie (Chicago & North- Western Railway), the famous "California in 3 days'' Honte, will sell excursion tickete to San Francisco and return at half rates, one fare for the round (rip, good reluming CO days from date of sale. For full Information apply -to ticket agents of connect me linos or address A. II. Waggoner, T. P. A., 7 Jack- sou place. Indianapolis, Ind. r, are now One swallow does not make Spring, but one swallow of One Minute Cough Cure brings relief.—J. M. Johnston, 'Even Blacksmiths, who ere supposed to represent great 9tren(rtli and jjerfect health, are likely to die of consumption. Merc muscularity isn't always health. Disease wfll develop rapidly once let tiie perms of consir.np- tion £el into a nan's system, and it will kill him certainly and surely if he doesn't take the proper measures to pet rid of it. Exercise and work and dietinpr.ind all that sort of thills arc pood erioujrh iu their way, but consumption is one of :he thinfrr. that they won't cure. The bneil- us of coiiNiiniplion is a living organism. It s infmitcshnal, but it is alive. The only Wny to get rid of it is to kill it. If it isn't killed, -twill develop and multiply. Germs are wonderfully prolific. In the quickest ma^inable time, one becomes a thousand, and a thousand a million. Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery is a germ hunter and a genn killer, Wherever a disease ffcnn urks'in the'body, the "Discovery" will find it—will render it harmless. It doesn't nake any difference what you call your dis- asc, or what kind of a perm it is. All frerms circulate in tlu; blood. The "Golden Jled- icnl Discovery " purifies the blood—purges it of germs — enriches it with Ijfe-pivinfi properties. It not onlv kills disease, bat it builds up honilli. It is a tonic, ;i nervine, 'or nerve-food, or invijforalor aucl bloocl-pii- rifier, all in one bottle. • If you want-to know all of the facts about thir wonderful remedy — if you \vam x to know ull about the human body, and human health,-and sickness and how to get rid of it, send for Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser, a standard medical work of 1008 pages, profusely illustrated, which will be -sent free on receipt of 21 one-cent stamps to coyer cost of mailing only. This -work is a complete family doctor book and should be read by both younfc and old. The profits on the sale of 6So ooo copies at $1,50 has rendered possible this free editioa. Address, World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y. SABY APPARENTLY IN DANGER. Horrifies Sjfectafcor:* by .\ppenrlng on a Firth-Story I-oilpc. On the filth floor of a State street flat building, in Chicago, close to ihe til Icy "L," there lives n two-year-old baby. Ordinarily there are wire screensa-t the windows, but the other afternoon the screens were taken down. About throe, o'clock passengers on a north-bound elevated.train s.iu- tiie baby sitting all alone on Uie fifth-story window ledffc with both feet dangling toward the pavement. Tn two minutes there were M people on the walk wnit- ?/:£• to.'sco the baby lose its balance and fall off the Iwlco. Hut. the baby didn't fall. For at Icnst three mhmUv it. waved its fists ot the flat opposilo a:id "said "Aah," until a man in n. black suit rushed across tho iitreot and into the flat \vhcrc tho. baby lived. About five; minutes later en Xulinn woman rnd tln> man ic the blnck suit nppcnred at (he window behind the Ija-by. The crowd couldn't hear what the woman \vns saving, and tlio br.by Vv-as lit'li:d into tiie room and the window was closed. When (hi' man in the black suit came out, -in the slrcet tlic crouxl had moved ou. Tin-! woman luid been trying 1o make toim umlerstnind in Italian that, the baby was tied to its perch-with n. clothesline. Eczema is a frightful affliction, but liliu nil other skin diseases it can be permanently cured by applications of DeWitt's Witch Hazol Salve. It never fails to cure Piles.—T. M. Jobnstcs. At Sydney. Australia, a procession iu connection witli The Gram! United Juvenile 'IVmpcnince. Festival was a mile and .1 half long, ami included T.CS0 children. Wa9$ Satisfied with flyer's My Vigor, "Nearly forty years ago, after some weeks of sickness, my liair turned gray. I be : in using.Ayer's Jlaii- Vigor, and was so well satisfied with the results that 1 have never tried any other kind of dress- in.?. It requires only an occasional application of ' Y Il-iir Vi~or to keep niv lid'.r oi cruod Japrtnofc Smoko Trickg. American lovers of the weed who can "make ring's" pride tljeirasclves on being"artistic smokers." but they are not. to be conip;:rc<l with the Jnpjuie.se jujrpfleiv; and tbeir famous smoke tricks. Japanese artists in that line link rinys together, make crosses and spoked wheels, and soiiie are even sa,id to bo able to make a succession of readable letters. color, to remove mJruff, to iica! itcl;»;j' iniiiors, r.r.d j'revcr.t tlio hair from ftiliinjr out. 1 never hesitate to recommend Aycr's medicine* to my friends."—Mrs Jh31. I Avoca, Nebr. Hair Vigor Prepared t,y Dr. J, C. Arer & Co., Lon-cll, iTas*. fake Ayer'a Sarsspariila for thz Cjm?Iex.'oa

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