The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 3, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 3, 1949
Page 2
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BLYTHEVTLLE (XRK-) COURIER NEWS ; MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 194» Long Steel Strike Upsets Economy Prolonged WolkauH i Choiw Off Supplies ,'yOf Goods and Jobs PITTSBURGH, Oct. 3. (JP) — A tteel <trlk* of any length choices off th» iupply of goods you want a'nd need. It also spreads unemployment far and wide. „« U» prewnt strike of 513,000 Oio' United Steelworkers lasts Hint Week* or a month, shortages of steel products will .begin to pinch. Strike-Idled Jobless In addition to UK-'steelmakers may reach 500,000.' • ^Thousand* of companies in e«ly itate would have to suspend manufacturing • operations for lack oi the raw steel they use to turn out everything from hairpin' to autos The general overall estimate is that the cuunlry has u steel backlog of from three weeks to a month Alter that, .production of cars, refrigerators, gas ranges and other . products would liavs to stop. !The 'furloughed workers would put costly Drains on state unem ployment compensation systems Bank tellers would sadly srmki their heads over the many with drawals and war bond cashlngs. "Ante Makers H»T- Small S- ppty .The aoto Industry's big three— General Motors. Chrysler and Ford • -Mid they have enough steel on ha-d t- continue operations for three or four weeks. Auto makers buy 18 per cent of all the steel made'. 'A glance back to the last big •tee! strike in 1HS shnws what a stoppage can do to the nation's economy. "• About 750,000 unionists went on strike for about a month in January and February in support of demands for a $2 a day wage Increase. «;The American'Iron and Steel In- ititute figured the strikers lost $120,000 on wages. Companies losl $330,000,000 ! sales. The strike cosl 7,500,000 tons of steel ;production which was badly -needed for pos war conversion. Wai- time shortages of steel goods arid high prices v,ere extended by the strike. The'union ended that strike by accepting a compromise offer pro posal -made by President Truman f6r an H'4 cent hourly pay boost That lifted their average hourly timings to ,4l «S. ( ' Three-Power Atomic Conference Is Ended, Pitching Horseshoes (O.S. Adit MOT* Million* «-«t«r the proceed. co»in« from BY BILLI ROSB From the province of Manitoba h Canada comes the strange tale of "Pierre. Montevilaln, the hunter. Your acceptance or rejection o! t will depend on the kind of pliles under your hat ... ' ; Par many y*» cs > Pierre,' a ' man with the strength of a carrlbou, ived in almost medieval splendor iri a chateau overlooking Lake Wlnnepeg. Only two things interested him—hunting and drinking, and the measure of the man'was lhat he was more concerned with the potency: than the the taste of Ills liquor, and cared little what it was he shot as long as he made the kill. When 'he was forty, he 'married Emille d'Arbeslne, a girl of good family, from the winnipegosls district, and when, she presented him with a son a year later he toasted Ms heir in' Hudson Bay rum and predicted that, he,- too, would some day be a/great hunter., " His wife,'"howcverVhated the continual killing, and as the child grew older she was happy, that he showed no inclination: for the hunt. To encourage his love of wild life, she gave him R silver medallion- ol St. Francis or,-Assist,-patron saint ol -birds - and' beasts, and .hung It around his neck-on a thin gold chain. "I've heard .it said that when people die their souls enter other living things, sometimes- an To ft«4 SUt of animal,'? she told him. Ufew months before , the boy's ninth birthday, his lather found -a new-born fawn in the forest and presented it to'his son. The lad named It . Francois, •_ bottle-fed It until the shaUtiess ,«ent out of ts legs, and trained It until it iilowed him around like a puppy. On his birthday a -few. weeks ater, Pierre gave his son another >resent. a specially-constructed rifle small enough for a boy to carry but in all other respects an efficient instrument of destruction. "Tomorrow," he said, "We, will "go hunting." The youngster said nothing, but later asked his mother what he should 'do. "You must go with your father," said Emille. "You told me that when people die their souls go into animals," said . the 1 boy. "Wouldn't It be like killing a' person?" "Your father thinks differently." "I -won't shoot to hit anything, said the lad. .Pierre, who had been drir.king on the porch, overheard the con- ation. Addressing himself to hl» son; lie said, 'There will .be. no more women's talk, You will become man and « hunter like s your father. Tomorrow we go to the woods, but your first lesson will be tonight. Take your rifle' and thoot the fawn." Terrified, the boy nodded • and went to Ihe barn. He prodded the fawn with a stike and tried to frighten It Into the forest, but the pet, thinking It was a new game, took playful leaps and then frisked for more sport. Finally, the boy placed the medallion of St. Francis around the .fawn's neck. It needed divine protection more than he. Half ah hour later; Pierre, back on the porch, wns roused from his rum by a shot and walked out to -the barn, certain that the boy, like a true Nfentevilaln, had obeyed his order. Instead, one the earth floor he found his son's body, blood oozing through the shirt, while the fawn, Ihe medallion dangling from Us neck, stood near by. . Grazed, Pierre picker) up the rifle and pumped the remaining bullets Into the animal's heart. Then he tore Ihe talisman from the carcass. 'Next rtnv the boy was bulled with the medallion of St. Francis again round his neck, and after the uneral Emille went back to' her >wn village.. : From then on. the great hunter became the great butcher. Day after day, he killed as If bent on exterminating every animal in .the forest, and at night he drank and cursed his wife for her Ideas about souls and animals. On? evening the following summer ,h'e saw a giant slag at the far end of the eardrii. He reached Oct. > (AT) — The federal government tpent about II, 400,000,008 mar* than It -took In during the tint 'three month! of the 1MO fiscal year, and no relief from red ink financing appears in sight. The. most hopeful gue&i from an administration expert puts the bud- ret deficit for' th» 1J months ending next June M at $3,000,000,000. for his gun. and .followed It down to the lake. .At,'the water's edge the animal paused and Pierre lifted the'gun to hts shoulder, but Instead of a giant stag he saw « frightened fawn, its eyes reminded him of two other sets of eyes, but he fired, and the animal gave a little jump and fell dead. Attracted by something on its neck, he walked over to see what it was . . . The villager's were not surprised a few days Istei when they learned that Pierre Montevilain had died of a stroke. But there was much tnlk about the object found in the dead man's h a n d—a silve medallion of .81. Francis of Assis suspended on a thin gold chain. (Copyright. 1949, By Billy Rose) (Released by The Bell Syndicate I Inc.) IN THE PMWATC mVISION OF' rat. CHANCERY COUET FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS ' IN THE MATTER OF THE (STATE OP MARTHA ELLEN WILLIAMS, A MINOR ••'-! MRS. CORRINNE WILLIAMS, , GUARDIAN : NOTICE OF SALE OT MINOR'S INTEREST IN MEAL ESTATE FOB . -• ., • REINVESTMENT , • • Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as guardian of the es tate of Martha, Elen Williams, a mivior, will, between the hours of ten o'clock In the forenoon and three o'clock in the afternoon, on the 25th day of October, 1949, at the front door of the court; house In Mississippi County, Arkansas, In the City of Blytheville .offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, all of the right, title arid in terest of the said Martha Ellen WII Hams, a minor, In and to the;lol lowing described real estate, to-wlt Lot 3, Block 5 of the Marsh Addition to the City of Blythevillt, Arkansas. The said Martha Ellen Williams eing the owner of a homestead in- erest and a remainder Interest"In. ml to said real estate. Said sale Is | made for the purpose of reinvest- Dated this th* Is* toy •* October, ». • Corrtane Williams, Guardian of the estate of Martha Ellen Williams, a minor. I0>10-17 All owners of real property within h«; following described territory In he City of Blytheville, Arkansas: All that'portlon of the'South- •ast Quarter of' Section 17, t Township 15 North, Range 11 East, of Mississippi County, Arkansas, lying within the city limiU of Blytheville, .Arkansas which embraces the'.following described lots and blocks as shown on the Second Replat of i. -P pride and Gateway Subdivisions, prepared In May 1M0 by Jerry Cohen, engine*!, and Ben 8, Shaniu, County Surveyor, of-'record in Plat Book 1, page 112, In the Circuit Court Clerk's office In Blytheville, Arkansas: Blocks A, B, C, D, E, P, G, H, I, J> SeVH, O, P, <3 and ' R; Irregular Lots J6A, 37, M, 42, 43 and 50: and those portions of Lots 26, 27, 28, », 36, 47, 48 and 4» lying within the city llm* Ita of Blytheville, Arkansas • '; ire hereby notified that a petition has been filed with the City Clerk of Blytheville, Arkansas purporting to be signed by two-thirds In value oJ the owners of real property within the above described territory, which petition prays that a local improvement district be formed em bracing said territory for the purpose of building a sanitary sewer system to serve said portion of Blytheville, Arkansas, with the neces sary outfall »ewer or disposal plant, and that the cost thereof be assessed and charged upon th'e'above described real property. All owners of eal property within said territory are advised that said petition will be heard it the meeting of the City Council to be held at the hour, of :0 o'clock P.M. on the 18 day of October, 1949, and that at said Wise Mother for STUFFINESS, COUGHS ol COLDS Wise mothers know how really effective Vlcks VapoRub is when you rub It on. Now, they know for new, •mazing, til-family relief when there's much coughing or stuffiness . . . it's wise to use VapoRub this special way, too... In steam! It brings relief almost instantly. Put 1 .or 2 good spoonfuls of VapoRub In a vaporizer or bowl of boiling water, as directed in Ut» it inttitam—Rub it on, tool meeting said City Council will determine whether those aignlnj the same constitute two-thirds in value ol such owners of real property and at said meeting all owners of real property within said territory who deslie will be heard upon the oues- tion. W. I. Malln, Oily Clerk package. Then . . . breathe Ja soothing, medicated vapors. Every breatli eases coughing, relieves that "chokey" feeling. For continued relief—even while you sleep —rub it on, too. Sure, fto/oh, GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION wilJ make you o loan if you are temporarily short oi ready money." r' WASHINGTON, Oct. I. (AP) — Canadian and British delegates to a- three-power atomic conference atarted home Saturday after report- iag- "good progress" In preliminary negotiation* for a closer atomic partnership ^Th» results of the talks held behind ckned-doore over-the past 10 dayi will now be considered by the three fovernments, reporters were ' tolA Husband, 83, Is 'fast Worker/Wife, 60, Says OHIOAOO, Oct 3 (AP) — Peter Wolf, W-year-old widower, "sure is a,fast worker," says his bride, the former Mrs. Ida Fishman. • "Why, he even kissed me on our •very first date," said Mrs: Fishman, 80-year-cld widow. That was three months ago when Uiey met. <• . \ Their wedding was held Saturday night. ' • Abundant Aluminum • ^ the most ^abundant metal in the earth's crust, but not until 1586 was it inexpensive enough to be used for commercial purposes. a* 111 STUDEBAKER YOUR CAR IS HERE! H V) 1919 Sludebaker Commander 5 - Passenger Coupe, fully equipped with radio, heater, overdrive, and many more accessories. 1947 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, this'car is in good condition and the price is low. 1946 Mercury 5-Passenger Coupe, radio, heater, and seat covers. See it today. 1946 Studebaker Champion' 4-door, a beautiful peacock green, good-tires; body and A-l motor. '1941 Chevrolet 2-door.Sedan, clean as a pin and in excellent mechanical condition. ' \ Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phon* 888 STUDEBAKER CO u O 3 H t/i COTTON IS KING .. .with FRISCO, too! r SKY DRIVE-IN THEATER MONDAY IS "BUCK NIGHT" FOR ALL CHEVROLET OWNERS All ChevroUt Owners Admitted for Just $1 Sunday and Monday Night Feature Walt Disnty'* Great Production "MAN FROM COLORADO" With GLENN FORD HELEN DREW Plus Added Attractions mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm**mmmmmm*mmmmm*mmmmmmmmmmmmm*mmmmmmt 2 Milts North of Blyfheville — Regular Admission 50e Box Office Opens at 6:30 — Show Starts at 7:00 FRISCO make us feel that we, too, are a part of the vital cotton industry. Long may you reign, King Cotton ... as one of the principal industries of the South ... and as a stabilizing influence in the economy of our nation! This year ... as in the past and in the future . . . cotton is "King" with FRISCO, too! We of the FRISCO are proud to join with other industry of the nation in saluting King Cotton, Blytheville and the entire Southland on this occasion of the 10th Annual Cotton Picking Contest. The thousands of cailoads of cotton shipped from gin to compress to mill throughout the nine great loutheast-iouthwest itates served by the 5,000-mile FRISCO SfRVlNGl MSSQUM • KANSAS.* ARKANSAS • OKLAHOMA-• TIXAS • TINNESSEl • MISSISSIPPI • ALABAMA • FLORIDA ST.L0U1*

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