The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1949
Page 11
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PAGE ELEVEN By J. R. Wiiliomt *UM&>3S&3r p & *Wwove R (w««ft5««* ^"^J&F.221 <«..• of- SPEECH.'-*-an-FKw.Tvbo UJST 5HACC in* evejMe REPAST TMrW-JCULP FA«LV PRACTICE FTHERE WAS SOME WAY Loose TH 1 SEAT OF VO'..'* PAKrrs.iocw f ^^C'.v-" fei^fte--. THE WORRV WART FOR SALE BLrousvuJJ (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boording House with Moj. Hopple Concrete culverts U me to u> it inch plain or reent urctd Concrete Building Block* cheaper than lumbei for turns chicken huusei, pump house*, tenant houses, too) sheds Wt deliver Call as for free estimate Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. . BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS' That's whj 70 nil sivt yourself many a dollar by naving youi shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time trj ua I H-flLTCRS P''q'_'fY SHOC SHOP •11 W. M O ! S| S — Say It . With Klower* * THE FLOWER SHOP Fhonr 449) IK £7*1 THK ITOKVi Uatll Barrj Bal»- ariafc'a Mlltlaaa Mv aa ia* lift a( fiaya*! T>ar*'a y*aaa-*r «Ul«r Pa*. C.,.,l „»!< „, lnl Ik ., ... ••aa raa«a:h la i« T * wlla Barrr !• •*«*ai **a aroaaaal •( Marrfava TkcB «•••? r»ra *H*ra;eaer aa- erailaa aaa Caya«l fa*.B4 arrarlr ra-arat (• Harry. Sa» aroalla«* ** r 'aay Harry, and lejla aeraelf thai aac will a;iv* Barry Ikr aa- avr.r a* naaia. Hxrtrrr. r'rlla ahavra a» aa* rvt»!»g at Gajrarra •a»«- >• Urlrall aari lary a;* aa mm f-v'alan'a ylraaar* aKraralaa lala Caaaaa. «VI|» ttjla nayarl . canarr »a a lerj at IH abnal ra Ipll rea»oa" f*r the Iri* a., ar aa laa XXI 'T'HE slop at customs was brief. Tn« entry permits were surrendered—for Friti hadnt lort his this time—and soon they were on their way again. "Such a contrast with last time," Fritz jaid with a sigh. "You are wonderful as a passport" "Why can't you call me something nice," Gaynel asked. "First I'm your maiden aunt, and next I'm your passport. I deserve better treatment," "That's just what you're going to get," Fritz said. "The time has come, Madome. to give you that fourth reason. . . . Heavens! What's that?" He had started to put one arm (round the top of the seat again, but now he leaned forward, his face screwed up into a perplexed knot as he listened to the sounds emitting from Jaloppee. "What's what?" Gaynel wished he wouM keep on without so many interruptions. She could not hear anything different; Jaloppee's rattles sounded the same to her. Then even her inexperienced ear caught a new sputtering. Jaloppee gave forth one more groan and settled in her tracks. Gaynel said. "What on earth did ywj stop for? Don't yon know you aren't allowed to stop in the tunnel? Even you can't expect to get away with that." "I told you Jaloppee hai tem- perament.- Frilz actually looked proud of the fact. "She does as she pleases. No mere tunnel can give orders to her. "You mean she won't go?" "Not until she gets good and ready. Not even then, unless my guess is wrong, from that last groan she gave . .* "Frilz, please talk sense!" "Well, my love," he was getting 1 oul of the seat now, preparing to have a look, "me-thinks the differential fell out. the universal broke, the driveshaft has given way . . • "Nothing more?" Gaynel's tone was slightly ironic. "Or -are they all one and the same thing?" It looked as though the car was indeed ready lor that pasture or junk heap. • a a "NOTHING more." Friiz came around from the back of the car, his inspection completed. 'They amount to the same answer We're stuck. We no can go." "Whnt'II we do?" Only one other car had passed them in the tunnel. It was late. «nd cart passed few and far between. "Sit," fritz replied, climbing back in to do just that again. "Continue our delightful conversation. Until some kind soul comes along. Let's see now," he scratched his head, "where were we?" "But we might have to sit here the rest of the night!" "What if we did? This seems to me an ideal spot." Fritz looked around with satisfaction. "Secluded. Exclusive. Lights dim."Frederick Fitzroy Freyman, aren't you going to do something?" "I certainly am." he said. And did it without any further delay. "Oh . . ." Gaynel gasped, aftei it was over. For^je had kissed her again. Like that other time in The Goat's Nest. Yet not like H, either. For this time it had been even more wonderful, more undoing. The world had stopped. Taken on new meaning. She knew iow what had be«n the matter I'ilh her. This was the world. Tlus was life. This was love. • • a the fourth reason," -itz said. He could look at ler now like that and she would never try to escape. "The real reason 1 brought you along on this JaunU To tell you I'm nuts about you. my sweet- So milty I m going to marry you, now that 1m going to'have a job so that I can. That's what I've been trying to tell you, in my roundabout way. Remember 1 gave my word to the policeman that I'd be good to you . . ." 'And I promised to call him K you weren't," Gaynel said softly. This was that moon she had wanted to reach. So much so that neilher of them heard another car approaching, . or realized it had drawn up beside them, until the driver spoke and'brought them down to earth. "Need i lift?" he asked. "Or Is this a sparking spot I hadn't heard of? Out of gas? Got a flat?" ..r,T h ,' s is neav <»," Fritz said. Oicln t you know? We don't need any help. Unless you'd report us at the other end of the line, like « goo,) fellow, and suggest they send a wrecker to haul us in." "Glad to be of service," the man iid. He started up again. "I'll tell em not to be in too big a hurry," he added with a taugh. This isn't as ideal a spot as I 'ought," Fritz said. "But there should be time for one more kiss and for you (o tell me how soon we can get married, my love I wish we could build our nest right here in this tunnel. Let me hear you say you love me. gorgeous, the same as I love you." 'I love you," Gaynel said, since there was no denial and since nothing else mattered just then. Say it again!" Fritz insisted. It sounds like music, baby And prove it again, too. Put your arm» around me sweet." There were moments of silenc* before Frilz spoke again. "And by the way, Gay, I'm asking you to marry me, or rather telling you— m case my English isn't straight enough." (T* Be Continued) "Maybe you could pep up this business with a few movies —why don't you put in a television set?"- FKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY ilERKILL BLOSSEg It's art lde» p we GtT SOME SPJFF FOR OOUATCR/VL. WEN /VRE Wfc" - SCT FOR A LOAH'. ) WOULD AVE -93 SIOM Die NOTE. AWD XXro NEED REf ESSENCES/ I'RISCIIXA'S POP I!Y AL VBRRIEEK ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR BED IS NEXT "TO AM OPEN WINDOW i VIC FLINT Gelling (he Old Eye BY_M.CHAEL O'fllALLEY and RALPH LANR~ /YES, YKPtNDsXrHE LITTLE 5MO8.'NOW ' ISlHATAlOH WHAT/TO 6Er TO A TELEPHONE CRIME--I SHE WAS ( AND TAKE 6\RE OF HER I HOPE?/ OOtNeX 80V FRIEND? BOCK* THESE. / V^.. STAUCUP/ .~-J^ In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUGSTORE For Expert Prescription Service More than a hundred kinds of birds have become extinct tn the last 200 years RENT A CAR Drive Anywhen *» Tlease Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 f PIANO TUNING With Ihe world famous "Slrobooonn". The only 100% perfect tuning Not available elsewhere in this area. RADIO REPAIR I All work done by a got- I eminent licensed opera Jor and every job ?uar - •mleed. Why take less than the best? PIANOS for SAU NEW AM) USKD Sheet .Music. Records, Supplies Everything in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE Ifl? E. Main Tel. 8IJ SAVE pot OB by carp«nUr. without motrrmg window* or doon. No mum. DO iocooTMtMac*. Koftung la 9^ ont ol ordw. Nunwtal i, th« most nxxUra and practical ty-p* of ponrxmont atrip. hMxpeOatrr*. Coll ** now lor ' BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. STABBS Refrigeration Service and OIL STOVE REPAIR Phones 2559-554 Blytheville Willys Sales Co. 410 E. Main •S T U D E B A K E R Hove You Seen The 1950 STUDEBAKER > Brilliant New Styling • Increased Luxury i No Increase in Price You'll Agr«« If, ftt Car for You Chamblin Sales Co. A K I THE FROSTY MtSS FABNAM AND A STOANGt MAN. ATTBACTIVE.TDO/ WAS THAr SMILE FOR X ME? GETTING BACK TO MER ROVING DISPOSITION, VtHJ , SAY SHE WAS IN CUBA Working on Gig TURNER THAT'S SWEET-*« I KUOW THIS X.T W»S ML SO SUBOEM, BREMC-UP wm \SftM._I» sTla SORT* JMi HITS VOU PRETTY \ WUEDl IT'S HiRDTO KWtD. GIG. RUT ISUKSI REM.1ZE SHE COWD BE IT'S BETTER. TO FIND 1 40 LJNHE»SON»RLE HES.OI)TNOrY, THWJ ' TO WIWO UP III KEWO WU CAM'T LET HER. DO THM" TO YOU, GIB! I WON'T L6T VOU m OOlWa TO STICK. SV VOU TILL VOU'KE OUT Of DWOSEK 1 . BEEU DIS1LLUSKHIED 1001 <WU POOR. »OV, VOU._VOU WON'T LET THIS DR.WE VOU BACK TO HEWY DRINKIMS, WILL VOU. CIS? WELL. I'M A BIT SHMtY MOW BUT — WAKE OUT. WE'D BETTER. SEE Nr»N TOUR TRMW IS DUE BUGS BUNNY WE ONLY GOT A COUPLA MINUTES T' GET THERE./ S. ^ -P^a^V"! .•Y.T.N—&v »-/y - MI UV BDGAR .MARTIN VHOOtV I WVvO'S TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL an of fraudulent aperalant (he protection afforded bj State and demand a licensed operator. Experienced, Reliable. Termites Household Pests. BIjlhMllle'i onlj licenaed operator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rle. 1, Bo, I-W. East Halo SI Phone 37*2

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