The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1967 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1967
Page 14
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tag* Fourteen ^Blylhcville (Ark) Courier News - Friday, December 88, Richard Finds a Nation of Friends By TOM TIEDE N'EA Staff Correspondent BOTTOM CREEK, W. Va. - (NBA) — Two weeks ago, young Richard Church, a livery offers more coins and (have likewise been received, more bills. I Sweaters, pants and stockings 'head the list. Young Richard can use a share; his family's One cash contribute, Ricky Rotlman of Winlhrop Harbor, 111., typified the mood of the ~, ., evcd. pitifully impoverished ep-j donors. He sent: $2 in cash and .. * . , , , ...ii 1 _i _ !„. ileptic, picked absently at a hole in his trousers and wished aloud for a fire wagon at Christ wrote: "Dear Ridiard: I'm 14 years old and am more fortunate than nlas jyou. I felt sorry for you after Well he got the fire wagon!reading about you in the Wan' wardrobe was wiped out by fire six months ago. Other items received in prolific numbers have been: toy air paper, has initiated a Richard planes (At least five dozen), hats (over 30), underwear (doz- a to of he r mi g° \^ P apVr: I'd life to heipin ens of sets) and at least one rharewHh^fSlStecU a small way. Merry Crhistmas" | hand-knitted blouse by an 80- The money has been sent by, year-old Ohioan. people of all ages and income, j One clothing sender said it Richard got 250 fire wagons, all red, all shiny and all given to the unbelieving boy in the!One woman from Olympia, spirit of what was a very un-jWash., sent $100. Another from ncnal vwv MPITV Christmas in i Muskegon, Mich., sent 25 cents . . . . ^ Ul?> " y Appalachian i because "it was all 1 could] In truth, God has b 1 e s s e d for all when she wrote: "I don't get much here, but I got more'n you. God bless you, boy." i squeeze from my Social Secur- young Richard Church to excess lately. The gifts are far this threadbare" coal community. Richard', reaction was P-f^Comedian Don Knott's mother crm™ for hta alone, or "'All he could do was wipe his | sent 510 from Morganlown W.|even his five brother and sis- iVa A 'former actress fromlteis. Iheretore, all tnai tne l Church's Christmas i Menio Park, Calif., sent 510. i Church family can't use is being a Lisa Lombard, who distributed to other needy area youngsters. w ican newspaper readers through "got two whole do tars for my the facilities oi Newspaper En- J birthday," sent half her wind- terprise Association. Thou- fall. sands of those readers respond- 1 Even some animals got intO| have shared in the bounty. ed to an extraordinary degree, the act. Benny and Cindy, a i p r j or to Christmas, poverty of- Some of tie kids a 1 r e a d y They sent wagons big enough to sit in and small enough to "pair of Chihuahuas" from the' West Coast, sent in 1 and a gigantic party for lesperately poor" boys stuff in a patched pocket, wrapped-up soup bone. j and gir , s ; Eacn was given toys They sent plastic ones, steel ^""H"- the amount of con-l~j „!„«,;„,, 4;* ones, old ones, used ones and ones that, "golly, shoot real water." And that's not all they sent. Boxes of clothing, food and even money were mailed from every state in the union. Packages piled up in area post offices for a solid week. Several volunteers had to be conscripted to sort and inventory. Said one weary worker: "M 1 God, it's all fantastic." Actually, the amount of contributed money has been much loo large to handle without professional help. Thus, R. L. Taylor, publisher of the local news- Church Trust Fund, set up through and administered b y the McDowell County National Bank. Sigiis Taylor: "Frankly, I think the boy now has -more money than I have." The boy has more of a lot of and clothing. Air Express, which learned of the party only hours before it happened, rushed a shipment of toys from New York. One donation, however, that won't spread around is the offering of medical care. Young Richard can use all he can get. His epilepsy is chronic, his eyes unfocusable, and the two ailments team up to inhibit his learning ability. other things, also. He has, for Forunately, the physical prob- instance, over 200 pairs of shoes lem may be soon be relieved. Indeed, the incoming money j T!- Thorn McAn Shoe Co. alone sent the promise of half the alone has been fantastic. Over $4,000 has been received from hundreds of contributors in 70 load. Local merchants have also contributed. cities. And each day's mail de- Hundreds of items of clothing ] tion. A clinical checkup date has been set in January and the promise is the lad will receive | an eyeball-to-ankle examina- In addition, several nospuais and groups have volunteered to lake care of any medical expenses. The Duke University Medical School has offered its full assistance and a number of individual physicians from across the country have offered surgical services, if necessary. "I've got a boy with epilepsy myself,' said one Iowa doctor, "and I want to see Richard Church get better." paper readers want the same. Second graders at James S. Daley School in Lowell, Mass., do ... they sent hand-printed greeting cards. And the DuPont construction project gang at Waynesboro, Va., also do ... they sent $205 in money orders. And as for Richard himself? He wants to get better, too. Matter of fact, he already is better. Where a fortnight ago he thankless, he is no alert and cheerful He is also appre "I want," he sa day gathering, "to one everywhere." Then he turned q slumped down in o red wagons and Firemen, he recko cry. Not at Christmas Astrological Forecast * By CARROLL RIGHTEB McNauftt iynoic»t» IM. your oyster now. Stick to the personal and intimate. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Cultivate that pal who can give you fine ideas on how to make your daily routines more as they should be, and will give you more leisure time in the future. Socializing brings fine lo determine your forecast, mitt paragraph opposite dates wbicb include your birth date. SATURDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: This is a very strange day and evening and unless it is handled in the following days .with much care, real trouble can fol- ow. It is wise to accept delays and obstacles philosophically p ,„ but studies into better ideas] SAGIT1AK1U!> l«ov. and methods for getting ahead Dec. 21) Make a during the coming year are a.s.on on higher-up w, h.your fine must if the finest results are to common sense, practicality and r low easily. £or S et about B ° mR out ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Sitting down with the most efficient fellow worker you have expensive pleasure jaunt. Get that matter of credit handle nicely. Be courteous. and getting the benefit of his, | CAPRICORN (Dec. to Jan. or her ideas could lead toad- ! 20) Follow that inspirational vancement. Study whatever is : idea you have for .getting holding you back. Be honest ahead much faster m the days with yourself regarding them, ahead. Stop worrying about TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20 some problem hat has you Be encouraging with others and stumped. Get out into the busy get into some new hobby if you: world of activity and make your want this strange day to work true mark, out satisfactorily. Get rid of AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. that limiting condition that keep 19) Talk privately with an ex- you from getting ahead. Go for- pert who does not dwell on the ward with enthusiasm in a pos-: emotional and you find right solution to any problematical affair now disturbing you. Get itive fashion. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Look to one at home for the j conditions working rightly by right ideas and advice for get- some secret angling. Be smart, ting ahead now, since an asso- i PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) ciate. does not communicate properly with you now. Don't 'ersons in business could give you some trouble, hut assocj:- Second Time Was a Mistake DEAR ABBY: Three years there is heat." ago I married for a second time, thinking I would have companionship for the rest of my life, but I was wrong, All Ben wanted was a cook and housekeeper. He only wants to go to visit HIS children and grandchildren. Never mine. Not only that, but he is very close with a dollar. He has a lot more than I have, but he doesn't spend any of his. Only mine. We live in MY house, and I pay the taxes and upkeep while he hangs on to his money which he will leave to HIS children. At age 64 would you advise a separation? NETTIE DEAR NETTIE: I would ailvise a separation — of money, first. If Ben has money, let him spend it. Talk in bmoney syllables. If he isn't any happier with this arrangonuin than yau are, then separate everything else. DEAR ABBY: I am practically engaged lo a guy whose lasl name is absolutely ridiculous. It has 14 letters in it and nobody can pronounee it. Very few people can remember it, and nobody can spell it, which can not help but be a handicap in business. He would be doing himsel! a tremendous favor if he changed it to something shorter and easier to pronounce. I have hinted about this several times but he hasn't taken me seriously. Should I come right out and lei! him how I feel about it? THE FUTURE MRS. DEAR FUTURE: First, let him change your name to his, then point out the advantages o! changing it to something shorter and simpler. DEAR ABBY: You said that if blondes do have more fun, maybe it's because they're easier to find in t h e &rk. Well, if that's the case, our Physics teacher is right. TEXAS STUDENTS DEAR ABBY: When someone wrote and asked you why blondes had more fun, you answered, "Because they're easier to find in the dark." Well, that was kind of cute, but you could also have said, "Blondes have more fun because boys get tired of squeezing blackheads." FUN BLONDE WILSON NEWS MRS. W. A. HOGAN. Jr. I Members of the Tuesday Night Bridge Club met with Mrs. Ralph Robinson last week Mr. and Mrs. Terry Robinson and children of Jonesboro spent Christmas Eve with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Robinson. Dwight and Tiny Anderson Upon arrival guests were!left last Saturday for Lebanon, sealed al the dining room table !MO., to spend Christmas with for dinner. Later in the evening " their sister and brother-in-law, at 7 p.m. party. for their Christmas tic Inn in Osceola. Mrs. R. H.nesday night for their Christ- Nelson was hostess for the mas party at the home of Mr. ' ' m bridge party with the members exchanging gifts following games. In games Mrs. A. H. Williams was high scorer, Mrs. Lynn Tranum second high and and Mrs. T. J. McAfee Jr. Seasonal decorations were used throughout the house with a Christmas tree in the living oom. In games Mrs. W. A. Hogan homemade candies and cranberry tarts were served. Seasonal decorations were used throughout the house and a Christmas tree was in the Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. .J A. Germany left last Friday for Tallahassee, Fla., to spend the holidays with Mrs. Germany's sister and Mrs. H. A. Nicholson was brid- and John Ellis were high scor- go winner. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beall and daughter, Ginger, of Titusville, Fla., arrived Friday to spend Christmas with Mr. IBeall's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. • D. Beall. Christmas night den. The dining room table was'brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. covered wilh a red felt cloth,! Robert C. Driver, and children, bordered in green with se- Miss Patti Germany left Mem- quined Christmas trees and oth- j phis Sunday by jet plane to er decorations. Centering theijoin the family in Tallahassee. How has the world been trealing you? Unload your problems On Dear Abby, Box G9700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 For a personal, unpublished reply, encuose a self - addressed, stampea envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send 51.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069. .able was an arrangement of ;pruce, holly and poinsettias, surrounded by wrought iron candelabra holding green candles. Home-grown camellias were also used in the dining room, rland - crocheted green Christmas wreaths adorned the tal-' leys used in bridge. Following games members exchanged gifts. Winners at bridge were Mrs. Wallace Thompson high; Mrs. Gus Hogan second high and Mrs J. C. Perry was bridgo winner. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Beall they flew to Monroe, La., for a visit With her parents before returning to their home. Mr. and Mrs. John Ellis and children, Laura, Libby and John B. left last Thursday for Knoxville, Tenn., to spend the holidays with Mrs. Ellis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Vestal, and her sister and brother-in-law, Guests during the holidays in the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Reese were Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Helen imith and Mrs. Jim Pitlman, C. J. Brooks, Mrs. Harry Williams and sons, Harry Jr. and Steve of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Donnie McDaniel spent Christmas in Paris with Mrs. McDaniel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Smith. They were joined there by other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Perry drove to DeValls Bluff for jeopardize present security with!ates are on your side, can be outsiders. Be cleveri wise. jvery helpful now. Give com- .MOON CHILDREN (June 22 plete attention to what is im,o July 21) If you are. to ad-1 portant. Evening is best time for vance, you must use an entirely j relaxation, reading, etc. ; different approach than here- IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN tofore. Study all angles careful- TODAY ... he, or she, will Be ' ' ' ' one of those charming young people who will be very efficient at whatever is of an organizational nature, since there is precision and positive action lere. However, he, or she, will not stand for pressure that does not givea chance for ;»je- cific analyzation. Mercantile, property work is fine here. ; Famed Clock : The clock bell that rings E natural over the Houses of Parliment in London is named 'ig Ben in honor of Sir Benjamin Hall, commissioner of works, who put it there. Institute's Boats y. Use some of those talents that you have not even tapped as yet. LEO (J u 1 y 22 to A u g. 21) Better get busy with year-end monetary figuring statement etc., instead of jumping into a car, plane and off to some trip without proper preparation. Listen to what an advisor has to say. Follow ideas, instructions. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Get out and have fun at whatever appeals to you most during iay, but get some important responsibility handled in P.M. Ian new activities for the ays ahead. Show particular oncern for, devotion to mate P.M. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) alking privately with close es at home gives you a new nd better understanding, but eer clear of that irate part- er. The outside world is not entertained their bridge'c 1 u b i Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jones, and i Christmas with her parents, Mr. last Saturday night at their home. All members were pres ent. During games a dessert course was served. High scorers al bridge were Q Beall. Members of the Wednesday afternoon bridge club had their Chrislmas party last week. The group met for lunch at the Rus- children. Andy Williams, student at the University of Arkansas, is spending the Christmas holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Williams. Mary Ann McRae, studcnl at Ouachila College, is spending Ihe holidays with her parents, I Mr. and Mrs. P. E. McHae. land Mrs. R. A. Welty. "a little child shais lead them" Members of the Friday Night Couple's Bridge Club met Wed- News In of Men Service Capt. Donald D. Good in, whose wife, Mary, is the daughter of Mrs. Charles M. Alexander of Joiner, is taking part in the 10,000-mile airliil of 101st Airborne Division units to Vietnam - the largest and longest aerial troop deployment in Ihe history of modern warfare. Capt. James K. Jerey, whose wife, Rae, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs? Alfred Dulaney of Leachville, is serving as an electronic warfare officer with the Pacific Air Forces at Takhli Royal Thai AFB, Thailand. Samuel Reid, 22, son of Mrs. Kattie Ward of Osceola, was promoted lo Army sergeant in Germany, where he serves as team leader in Company A, 1st Battalion of the 24th Infantry Division's 34th Infantry near Augsburg, Germny. H.'s wife, He says, "Where there is light Shirley, also lives at Osceola, WE WILL BE FOR INVENTORY FOR NEW YEARS , DEC 30 AND MOM. JAN. 1 Here's Wishing You and Yours A Happy New Year From the Employees and Management HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER COMPANY How can a child learn to find : ils place in the world, and makei :t a better place to live? ; We would answer, by hawng the great treasures of the Bibte opened up to him, and learning its lessons of love and spiritual j •lower. That's what goes on j every Sunday .at the Cteisliaa j Science Sunday School j CHRISTIAN SCIENCE! SUNDAY SCHOOL Starts 9:30 a.m. Church Service 11:00 a.m. The Christian Scienc Society of Blytheville meets * the Women's Club BulliMm, 141 West Main Street, BIythcville Ark. Welcome Iveryone The Smithsonian Institute has a room full of boats and ship models. The exhibit contains a representation of everything that has ever borne man upon the water. Leading Auto Repair shops accept BANK AM ERI CARD (No jack needed) One card... Oiw bill ...OmehMko* with BMkAmrioafd FARMERS BANK AND TRUST CO. Blytheville)

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