The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE- TWO BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNK 10, 1947 Moscow Defends Bulgarian Coup Communist Leader |Kplaifis,Arrest <of ' Opposition Leader , LONDCfN, June 10 (UP) — Georgl DunUrov, ComSnuAUt D**- m'er of Bulgaria, todiy defcjMvJ .the arrest of Nicola PctVov, lead- 'cr of the. opposition'to his govern : meiit, anj said his regime 1 was bent f on Molding civil war Djjnltnn's \tev,s wer<; road* Inown by Moscow radio It quoted hts remarks in "an interview with a coiietpondent 9f the French Com- imihlsl Party 6rguu L'Huinamt" Petkov. who was nvwalcd last week and charged »lth' conspiracy against the state and :>lottlnif a revolution in tile ranks'of llvj Bulgarian aims, will be tried toivji i >y Bulgarian courts and eivcji nelensc counsel. .Diinltrov said. •lii this affair, no foreign'inter- ference will save ..either Pelkov or anybody else," the premier said. He said evidence showed that Pet- kov and "his accomplices" wcr\ planning a coup.against the govern? ment.. But he denied 'any attempt to eliminate all. opposition,-, saying an element of "dpposUldn- would remain 50 long as It did not try to sabotage the slate ' Cites Events In Greece '\Ve want to avoid civil wai\ and we wllirivqt allow things' that happened in Greece to 'happen in Bulgaria,' he said Riiiio Moscow also broadcast a Prnvda dispatch terming American protests over the Budapest coup tth^lli, unjustiflabje "' A gioup of senators led by Vaii- denbsrg said Pravda ' is proposing that the situation iii HiJJjary be turned over to the United Nations, evidently considering ° that the -task-of'this organization is to struggle against 1 democracy. Pravdn said it was clear Hint the United Elates already.Had hastened to take some liieasurcs^'even lie- fore receiving any infoimatron -of the state of affairs." •Thus. Jor instance, it suspended the granting of credits to. Hungary for the purchase of American sur- plus'equipment." Pravda said. "For tomi people even those wholly unjustified acts of pressure are not sufficient, persons can be found Cream of the Tokyo Baby Crop Revenue Chief Discourages Fee Practice MTTI/E noCrf, Ark., June 10 (UPl—Revenue Commissioner Otho A. Cook today discouraged the employment of attorneys lo handle applications for beer and whiskey perniit.s. CooV. sstid tlierc is nothing \n the which necessitates hirintr an attorney wlien applying for ni'V. or renewed liquor permit. ••We consider all applications on (lie tosls of statements made in them, and I .sec no need to hire a liiwver ul un exorbitant fee." Cook declared. His statement was made after | a Sebastian County Grand Juryj chained Dial certain attorneys have b?en selling their "Influence" rather than their services in obtaining liiiuor permits. Cook asserted' that tlic department will make final decision he- fore July 1 on the renewal of 517 whi'k'.'y permits, 2,000 beer |>c |- - nlls'und MM wine licenses. He said its" department is considering 4H new applications for whiskey II- ••.ensca. but not all ol tlicin wiil l)e issued. Dusting Plane Crash Fata! for 2 TVA Employes GUNTERSVILLE, Aia., June 10. <UP)—Two Tennessee Valley Authority employes were killed at dawn today when dust- Ing plane Uljipsd Into Brown's Creel: tm<i crashed. The men were Identified as Char'.es Durham of Kiioxvllle.Teiin., pilot of the plane. • and Telfor.l Hodges of Woodville, Ala., malaria control foreman. They were dusv- ing .shores In this area for malaria control. The wing of (heir plane reportedly dipped Into the water on a sharp turn, causim; it to crush on the shore. Home base ol the plane was at Scoltsboro, Ala. Airplanes carried lucl tanks full I of Vx'er to thirsty yrouncl craws] building landing fields NormunUy beachheads. I What Is it? Whcro Is If? THE RAZORBACK These robust Japanese youngsters are part of the (jroup of X , c Ss in Tokyo Mothers pose proudly will, Ihrfr-sturdy offspring with que-tionlne "shoe button" eyes and would ralhei £0 to «orh of 28 recently picked as the healthiest ,g, who regard the cameraman work on their prizes—sugar candy. New President Inaugurated At Arkansas U. Normcm Armour Will Succeed Spruille Broden ' FAYBTTK, —Dr. Lewis Ark.. June 10 Webster .Tones WASHINGTON, . —Norman Armour. lean diplomat, was liiue 1C. (U.P.I v.'U''.ul Anier- niiiniiKilcd by . >* IfcStomachGasop Spur Food Taste Robs You of Sleep Hire's How You May Help, Whether You Eat 50O Pounds or 2000 Pounds of Food | In. a Year You^ctn't fe«l cheerful, be h*ppy »nd oleeij well. If your Btomach \s always UiU set, As a«e advances trie "old atomach" iiecc^ more help. The reason Is this: * ,^ Every time food enters the atomach a vital gastric Juice must flow normally to torea}c-up certain food particles; else the lood,may ferment. Sour food, acid Indt- gcstkm and Raa frequently cause a mor- bldljioxichy, (retlul, peevish, nervoui conaltlpn, loss of appetite, underweight, restless sleep, weakness, TiJ get 1 real relief vu must Increase the Sow of thlj vital gastric Juice. Medical authorities'. In Independent labora- tory'tests on human stomachs, nave by positive proof shown that SSS Tonic Is amazingly effective In Increasing this now^when It is too little orjscanty due to a' non-organic stomach disturbance. Thl^ Is due to the SS3 Tonic formula which contains very special and potent ' activating Ingredients. Also, SSS Tonic he)pa build-up non- crgahlc, weak, watery blood In nutritional anemia—so with a good flow of thls^gastrk digestive Juice, plua rlchred- blbott you should eat better,sle«p better, [eel ibetter. work better, play better. ; Afpld punishing younelf with over- dosea of soda and other. alkall&era to counteract ras and bloating wbtn what you >o dearly need la 555 Tonic to help youi'dlgest food for body,strength and repair. Don't wiltl Join tee host of happx people SSS Tonic has helptd. Millions of bottle* Bold. Get a bottle ot BSS^Tonlc from your'drog utore toda" .. .< f BS;Tonlc helps Btilld Sturdy Health.' Inaugurated lust illicit ru; the l2Lh l>rcsltlent In the 7j-yeai-lilslcrj of tlie University ot A::f»iis«:i. He delivered n eomr,lue:l tom- ineiiccment nnd limngtiriil nddross, uwordrd <llploinns '.o 35(1 seniors niul Bradnnte students ami conferred honorary LU D. ilegivos upiia five distitiBUtshcd cll.l7.ois. I He pledged hlniselt wliolclicart- ! edly to mnlnlain and develop Ilia best tiadilions of ttie unlveislty, nnd described his now Jnu ss "Immensely uhullcnjlng one." 1 Two major objectives will s:rvo as Hie guldlnB policy of n -course of tire university will command the loyalty and enthusinsiii of uoth the faculty an:; siiulcn's. and "plnce the unlversi'.y nt II.p forefront of cclucnllnnxl proisr<:«i in tills country," Dr. Jones declared. ° , The objectives, lie said, will be, a program. of sufficient flexibility to serve the 'changing needs (.f the people of.'ArKimsas And of sufficient sensitivity lo recoi:n'/.e those needs. Receiving honorary Lb, D. rlc- grec.1 were Secretary of the Trenv- ury 'Sohn W. Snyder u( Washington, B.C.; U/ S. genator Janu-s WllUnm Fiilliright, ;i former prcsi- dentjof tjie university; Miss Jobcllc Holcombe,, profQssor cincr'tn.i n[ English at the university; Clarence n rnnkliii Byrns of Fort SmiUi, ditor pf tlie ''Southwest American nd Times Record; ii:i.l Dr. Albert Francis • Blakcslee'. of Smith College In Mnss^iclniscit.s president Truman ATHLETES FOOT ITCH HOW TO STOP IT. MAKE 5 MINUTE TEST Get TK-OI. at any drug stole. Ar>ply this POWERFUL VF.NKTKAi'- IN«i funxicUvFUM. STRENGTH. Keaches MOKE serins to KILL the 'Ich. Oet NEW font I'omforl or ynur SSr: bark. Today nl. Kirtiy Bros. Drug Co. fOK MM MEKCVRy SfKVICf MWAVS see you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone :M79 BlyUieville Aik. 112 Wfihuil Rl- L'Sl'.'Vfl.lV 1° '->" assistant siTri'lary ol slul-; su«*- t-cediiig S[iriiille JJrndoii, who n- ^Ifpied last week. Armour, former :.:uli;>v.:>.<lor lo Spain, returned lo the United Slates from Madrid In December.! 1!)4G. and has been in rcllmiiE>nl since.' Hi: has boon i i (Ire foreign service siiice 1915. Bradcn. In rcsixMlng- last wo=li. snid he was goliiK to return I" private business. Ills resignation is effective ,lune 30. Oklahoma Man on Trial For Death ot Fisherman Bonil forfeiture Ordered By Judge at Tcxarkana TEXARKANA. July II)." , IU.P.) — A tfi.UOO bond posted by J. A I'fwell rolUjwhiB the slaving o: Andruw Kllis near Tcxaik:ir.a l:is July II has lit'cn teiiip<nnrii-y for- foiled by Circuit -,'u l^C' Doxte: Hush. Bush took the -iclion yesterday 1 atlor tlie 51-year-old ex-niaht, club bouncer failed .f:>r tlio secoivl time to appear for Attorneys for Poo/ell asferltit that he 'is 111 in :i Koit-^Vort!) ibtl wllh a liinu inliiicnc. Tin; trial was post|ioiu:d la;-.i year on (.rounds Hint he had suffered a broken hack and was confined in' a Texas hospital. Hllis. Diniinircr ot the MiJ-Con- linent. Airlines , office here, was i-.lllfd In n night cMb aeai- the ljurder city. Here's For COOL COMFORT HOT SPRINGS, Ark., .Illlu- 10 (U.IM—Trial of ,lnrk Kress, 33- year-old Tulsa, Okla . resident, continued in Oarliuul i»nnl.y Circuit court today. Kress is charted with voluntary inanulnngliler in connection with I he 'U-fttn of Fred Sharp, commercial FiKhcrnuiii', tin ' The 55-vcar-olil Sluim wns she Too Late to Classify For Sole For Kent Kress reportedly^ J!reU-.Uii}.-8liol after Sharp chased him with a l-.nife following "'• arpnum'iif. Hreil Ursl The Coast Guard wan the first, naval service to five in the Civil War, when the cutter Hariclt Mne returned the fire from Port Suni- tcr. Wanted University of Arkansas Alumni Holds i'fociion FAYKTTEVILLl-:, Al'l'.. June 10. (UP)— JutUic Mnupin C'.minuugs ol Fayetleville was olect»cl president of the University of Arkansas A'uuu- ni Association during lire cclciira- tlon of the school's 75111 yen-: hi'i-c yesterday. Other officers ele^Vul wore Limit. Gov. Nuthaii Gordon of Morrillon. h--' rul'l Main Slrc.-l. Fine Quality Lawn Chair Wood Folilln;; — rmivas si'iit :nul back — arms natural finish '.is shuwii. 2.69 Best Quality Heavier . Adjustable rhalr, folding, wiJ« Linus, heavy canvas seat anil l)!ick. Natural fiimli. 3.92 Lown Chair Same Cliair—rwliite \vilh assorted colored canvas seals anil backs. Attractive, Durable who Imagine that tlie Hungarian events can he used to blow up the United Nations organization. "Tlie whole world knows that the Hungarian crisis was solved by maintaining a political coalition of the .smallholders Party, tho Social Democratic ]party and the Coninm- nist Party." . first vIce-prcKldent: Ernie Dean Kl Dorado, second \icc pre.-^ f .l^i nnd Bimn Hrll < f rayctLi-vi troa.surer. Parks Board Meets LI1TLE HOCK. J'lir-- 10. <i:P. Tlic Parks Conunilt-w of tlie tt sources and Development Commission met here this mou'iiu:; to consider applications and to ii.Ur- lew applicants for iv>o positions n the division o( forestry and larks. Tlie pn.'iilions open arc those of inrk (llrcrlor anil wr.'-.'olunt park lit'octor. Hia?ilian Silk 13va/il is the only country on American continent which has pro ilnced silk on a cnm'iiercial .seal over a compnrativi'ly liinst period Last V/ord IfOTICK N'rMirr- i- herrliy riven [hat tin' mulfrsipiiod will wilhin t)-i; time f'x-xl by lnw nimly to the O'linmis- sinner of Revenues of'Ihc Slnle nl Arkansas for n permit lo sell beef nl. retail a I. ntn Harmon St., Bly- thi-viUc, Ark.. MisjJissiupi County. The utidni-siiniecl statr-* that he is -, citizrn of Arkansas, of i;ood moral chunu-lei, (hat hi- has ni'ver J 'n-en cc-nviclcol of a felony or other •him involving mornl turpitpude: nit no license to sell beer by the ndorsi^ncd bn.-i been revoked witll- five vcnr.s last past: and that he umlersinnfd has never beeil icleii of violating the laws of liis ^lale. or any oilier state, re- ting to the sale of alcoholic SiQ- 1O1S. Thomas Y. Clilu. Subsrrihrd ami sworn to before lie (Ills 9 day of June. lfH7. MVttro'.is Conk ISeaU Notary Public. My commission expires lie: 3, 1M7. ;.. a new, belter light-traffic road Revolutionary i» (he word for this new kind of low cost road.- Here's how it it done— no gacs»work ftbout Soil-Cement road$. Hundreds of mites now in service throughout the'-'country have ftrvi-fd tlitir durability ant) economy. Stii-Cement Is noi intended for Msfort heatyduty roads. For such roads portland cement concrete is the most economical pavement. 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