The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JUNK 18, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Sfc OUT OUR WAY Bv J R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople WE HAVEN'T/ WE RE JUST CARRYWC. OURS LONGER. tSALU.' FROM NOW ON WEIL BE SO BUSV LCOKIN 1 FOR SNAKES W OURS, HE'LL KETCH UP WITH US' EVER THOUG*-. T TKM; so TH^T.: WHV We HAVE SO MAMV MCK?E FLOWERS. THAN SOU/ THE SETBAfX ^^ Wm4 vouc PUSUC EXPeCTS EWZTH-I A8OJT A, SHftKlliG DS6DS A ZIPPE M=TER THAT RADIO> FOR •SHOVJ, MA.30R/ GOOD 711*6 T& t>lONto0^8AH?-fMfc PRKTTUNS I FOLLOVO «| Of NfcXJ SCE&sl-EVeD ] fHKOUGUV POLTROONS HA* &FFSCT . WE TvAAK) A Of 8ITT£RS - J LA " E , Kill fc SUf£ClOCy LAjJ - J Polish Boy Scouts How Educated "Socialists" WARSAW WPj—Polish Boy Scouts now are being educated in the Socialist way. Their whole organization has been converted into an "active subsidiary" of the CommunLst-control- led Polish Youth association. Both Polish Boy Scouts and Girl Guides organizations hare withdrawn Ivom the World Scouts Association because of iLs alleged re- vctionary and hostile attitude towards Poland. FM and AM 7 Tubes- Pius Rectifier Listen to the Bait Game In Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH n R E i F i s I Vied Dreif m . . . COflttGHT It HUM! UWMMCI NilSOM XXX! 1>EA stooped, picked up the rifle *•* cartridge George had ejected. She looked around, saw nothing else. She and Nona left the small depression where the mate of the Simpatico had died. "What'd you pick up?" Nona demanded. Bea showed her, watched her face intently. N r ona showed DO interest Nona followed silently, stood and watched while Miss Cosgrove poked around the charred and twisted wreckage. She smiled when Bea unearthed a srnalj ax with scorched handle but serviceable blade. "Protection against George?" she jeered. "No," Bea said. "We're supposed to find a sheep. Find food I don't feel strong enough to teai one lirnb from limb with my ban j bands." "And I don't feel strong enough to eat one raw." "You don't think George'll give us fire?" "I don't know what George'll do. Not after this morning, it's funny thing. Ever since he go out of the service, I've been • him to do something. Show som« ambition. Strike out for himself Well, I suppose I should be pleased. He followed my advice didn't he?* 1 "How do you (eel about hi taking Mollie along?" "I'm glad he did," Nona Me -Jmre said slowly. At least 1 think 'm clad. It may make up for ome of the things I've don*.** They had reached the ruined heepfold. Bea Cosgrove stared at he huddled animal bodies. Fire, right, or concussion, the reason or their dealh did not matter She tried to count them. "If it hadn't been Fred, it'd been some other man." Nona said. "But vhy couldn't 1 have met George first? Why couldn't it have been George? But I met George afterward, of course. I didn't have anything more to do with Fred. ~ot that he cored. George and •ed were friends even then." "Friends?" Bea asked. "Oh yes. It was before the war ind I was 17, I wrote to George while he was away. They wouldn't :ake Fred. So George finally came back. To Fred and to me. lie said he wanted to marry me. I told George I wouldn't." "Did you tell him why?" "I told him why. I didn't tell him who- I never thought he knew, until this morning. He'd have shot Fred it he'd moved. And I knew something about myself then too. I want Fred dead. Mayhe it could be buried and forgotten then." • • * ?.SA COSGROVE stopped walking. The fire had spared a pa. of the gross on this end of the island, or the rains had quenchet it. Four sheep stood together making eating motions. As shi watched one of them broke from the others, ran to the edge of th cliff and disappeared silently i "Let's go back." Bea saic 'There's meal enough in the pen. "What're you going to do? Nona asked. "What's necessary," Bea sai grimly. "You might have a bette appetite later II you didn't watch' She tightened her hold on the a_ swallowed quickly, and pulled on of the bodies tree of the pile. The Islanders collected two ba tered buckets, one of which belt FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLO Caruso of Croon ater. four scorched and sodden lankels. and a half of two cot attresses from the hut George nd Fred had occupied. There r ere no changes of clothes. On the other hand, there was arge assortment of tools and letHy of planks. Mabel Jones nd Harding had little trouble onstrucling a shelter in the angle f the veranda steps and the pa f ruined wall. Elenry Harding had prepared indHng, whittled from the dry nside of pine boards, and was ng to Ret a spark by striking teel against various kinds of tone. Mabel Jones had hacked way at the mutton with Harling's pocket knife and had some n the good bucket with added ainwater, waiting for the fire to iake a sort of stew. ^ GN~ES FIRTH returned from " A the lower storeroom on the f erge of tears. "It's so maddening when you know there's food down under all that rock. H she com- lained. She looked around suddenly. "Where's Mr. Sillwell? He eft me! He went on ahead wilh he peaches;!" Nona McGuire said wearily. "You shouldn't have trusted him, Aggie. He's probably down mak- ng a trade. And T don't think the rest of us will get either peaches or whiskey from the deal. I know nrge likes peaches." B-but they were all we found! They were for nil of us!" Miss Firth said. She sat down -0*1 the soggy edge of a mattress out of the rain. Bea Cosgrove stood up. "We've got to have a fire. I'll go nnti try to get a match or a piece of burning wood. I don't think George'll shoot. He's had a chance to think it over now. Cool off;" No one made any suggestion, no one tried to dissuade her. C*nr* again she went over the ground around the saucer depression. A shout and a clatter of rock brought her attention to a hurrying, bent-over figure on the trail to the cave. A little streamer of smoke whipped out behind Fred Sillwell. Smoke from the smoldering pieces of two by four he carried. (To Be ContinMrd) No KIDDING?) NOT MIS ,^ IT 55 (?FiJ I V I On.f^r. I—A 9 irs REAU.Y i BR0WERJ 'EXIT THE HOOT; WERE OM OUR WM / "Why didn't you t«tt th« doctor you can't »t»rt on * di«t now? Do you want to off«nd our n«w cook?" PRISCILLA'S 1'OP The Defense Iti'sls 11Y Al, VKRMEEK AND "THERE 5HE WAS... SNITCHING COOKIES AFTER VOL) TOLD HER NOT TO.' LOOK...NOW MOM'S ANGRY; AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.' EVERVBODY HAPPY UNTIL YOU CAUSWT HY MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANE BOV, WHAT AM EViNlNC.' KT WS SO A HUNDRED A«IL£S AN MOU80H THE _ ROCKET, VIC! JUST ONE HIDE, SAY, KfO, CAN VDU TELL ME WUtRt'5 TUE (MTRAMCE TO THE ROCKET FBOM THE MOOM? SURE, MISTER, JUiT TAKE THIS FORK 1O THE WHATS THE VSEE, I MADS A IOEA.TACKV 1 I MISTAKE. I MOPf HE THE ROCKET IS DOtSH'T THINK T DID OVERTOTKE A IT ON PURPOSE. LISTEN — MOIVAWI WIU SCALP US- that whistle was to cause plenty of trouble. About 70 per cent of all meat is consumed east of the Missi.s^l^s>i River. COMPANY \\\ \i Phone 521 Phone 3075) MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 4% HOME LOANS Elhert 8. Johnson The Equitable Lite Assurance Suciety Phon« &££8 Evening! PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 Inch to i8 inch, plain or rcenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns. cblckeD huuses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds We deliver. Call us for free estimate . . . Thone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. WASH TUBIJS Is Lew Kask.v KY LESLIE TURNER Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Kemp Offering Summer Classes in PIANO For Beginners—Intermediotes—Advanced Pupils Special Rates for Summer Course ENROLL NOW Studio 807 Chickasawba Phone 2994 Rent a Camera for Color Pictures the ideal way to remember spfcia) occasions. Also other types of caw- eras for rent BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 20IIB \V Main Phnne 3«47 TUDEBAKER, A Fine Selection of Good Low Priced Cars BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL dCNTRACTORS c o OFFICE NORTH TENTH in.'iil Chevrolet 2 Door. Looks and runs perfect., l!).'Jil Ford 2 Door, Hody and Motor in excellent condition. I!Ki7 Chevrolet 2 Door, .Motor overhauled and new paint. 1935 Ford 4 Door, Radio, Heater and Good Body. Used Pick-ups in Excellent Shape 1!)I7 Sludebaker 1 Ton Pickup in A-l Condition. 1917 Sludebaktr Vi Ton, Radio, Healer and Slock Rack. 19 IB Chevrolet Vi Ton, Uadio and Healer. 1312 Dodge '/i Ton, a good low priced truck. 1911 Ford '/, Ton, Nice and Clean. Come In Today and See These Values Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sturtel«ik#r l>wil*r- Railroad & Ash Hjofl* SRS •STUDEIAKER* HERES THAT PAB O 1 USED LUMKK AW TH' DIE GASOUUE MOIOC VOU BOOsHJ I DID.- AMD L HDD WM SUAOOWED'. [f THE MOUEV (KfcSWPMW HEEi BUT HE'5 MADE NO MOUE iu THIS mEecTiow, CAPTAIM! seckuse THOSE SOMEHOW TO ci£T IT I SOPP05E NOTICED IH 1H6 PKP6K. TWkT PILCH EB- WAS EELEASED FROM PEISOW WELL UNIOA.P rrt 1GO1TAGIT THAT SHACK BUILT IK A WJRE.V 1 . &HE LOSES WO TIME IB MftKIMS AWTHER TR.V FOR IT, M^TEK. NEXT \OQ\<SS BUILDIUO. UGS BUNNY Prepared PRACTICIM' HIS VO&I.' THM MEW-IS HE CANT MOVE FEU. HOURS H1YA, ELMER.' WHILST VEK CONC6NTSWIN' ON VEK. YOGI, I'LL LATCH ONTA A> FEW aiOCEKIES I'M SHORT 1 VOU R£ P>. &OOD LOCKSMITH... HO.' HO.' NO.' YOU OUGHT TO BE TO FIND EVERYTH1N& YOU WANT... AM,EY OOP Closing In HY V. T. HAM LIN rri TOO \V6 HM? TO fiWE LIP THE PlDN'TXNa 6UT1 THINK VvE'LL FIND IT (TUT ABOUND THE- THAT KINP TfZOUBLF l~, EH? FRIENI75. BUT ENGINE OVER THE GULF ISN'T HOOTS AND HER BUDUIKS HY EDGAK MARTIN COMlKi6 TO "WlVi

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