The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1950
Page 9
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•ATtTTOAT, APRIL IB, 1»W m,rnnsviu,g (ARK,)' COVBIBR NEWS OUt OUR WAY By J. ^. Williomi Our Boording House with Moj. HoopU ww, SM.II/ A *MAU OH. I WAS HERE KJe, A PpR. SOU, BUT OLD MR. Bcyce CAMS Oh) HIS MOKKIIMA WALK AND X WAS ONLY 6OtK*i A UTTLm WWS WITH NIC* A* LlftL'i WAV--I DON'T UK£ RMA ANC? .SHANGHAI ANP HOJS KONG. AN Hoes OFF FKPMT PORCH Political Announcement The Courier News has been author- ised to announce the fo([qwing candidates, "subject to the Democratic primaries, July 25 and August 8. FOR COUNT* JUDGE Roland Green FOR L. H, Autry Re-elebtjoft pos^ No. 3 Kenneth S. Sulcer post No. a H. O. "Gene' 1 Fleernan (For re-election Post No. * H> For State Senator •^1 W. R. Nicholson B yN*rt Hughe. K'tucky No. 31 Fescue Alfalfa, SEED CORN Sf«rf« Certified COTTON SEED and SOYBEANS BLYTHEVILLE (SOYBEAN CORP. ,1900 W. Main .Phone 6856 ope of the first floor windows, Martin Queripel looked out into the great gardens nf the late Wendell, He stretched his neck and peered around. A long, hi^h wall •(irrounded the acres of a srn.all orchard of avocados, flgs, a(rnon.ds a.nd flowering shrubs, "This place was made for burglary," he told Police Detective James Stivers. "With all these trees antl shrubs crowding right up to the will's there's perfect con^ cealment. It's not even sporting enough for a self-respecting second-story man to try." He leaned out farther, and rna- tloned for Stivers to join him. "Look down there, Stivers," he. said. . "It looks a.s if some bad sport had tried it—not a second-; story n^n, perhaps, bi^t same ha RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Aajr Mak* or Model ^ Piwmpt Scrvie* R*««onabl« Prices Ptt«n« 2642 We Hek Up and Deliver Fred Collihan 110 So. Firrt St, Blytherille ^ slory worker.*' Stivers craned, hi? neck a^rid saw footprints in the soft earth of the ftqwer bed that ran alqng lh» walk! There were hrpke.n shrubs, as il som,e<me had jumped up caught the led^e of the window from which the police detective and the private detective looked I Out. ; "He caught th* ledge here, 1 Queripel pointed put, "kicked iabout a little and hoisted himself i Yes—you'can just "see th.ef'srfmdges jOf the tips of his toes against the jhouse wall." i "That's right! I see 'em!" Stivers chortled. "We could take a mou- [ lage impression of those footprints down there, and they,'ll be a big help in identifying the man who climbed in this window." Queripel laughed softly: "They look like the big fe«t of a flattie like Pete Kelso. Paul Moody has very small feet for so large a man. Stivers added an Item. "And otcd that when Mp°dy walked nto his studio just befgre y/Q ar- csled him he- had on tennis shoes, ^hose soles down there are wide nd flat. I think I can just make ut the design of a rubber heel." They drew thejr heads back in he wincjnw and looked at each ithcr with the glowing eyes of icunds on a fresh scent. Then Stivers' spirits fell. "If he jeft any fingerprints on his window sill, he probably .ibbed them off as he clambered n. Apc( by sitting here, we've fin- shed the work. But we'll try anyway.* • • • CTE dusted ponder (iberajly over the broad sjll and l|p a.long the ?s, of the casemerit, and wen ! over it with his brushes. 1'iere and there were little swirls of blurred patterns, but [mUiiiiK nearlj enough complete to serve. Queripel kpelf and, pointed the inner edge of the ledge. If he gripped this si]l ytrhen he climbed in and over, the tips o] his fingers ought to dliow righ here.'* In a new hope, Stivers threw powder on the under-side of th sill and brushed it with care whil he kept a flashlight on the surface As subtly as night changes to dnwn, as delicately as the star slip through a fleeting fog, ejgh little clusters of patterns appeared delicately there. And they glowed like stars in Slivers' hungry eyes Pushing his camera close, thi police detective photographed eacl of. the four-print groups. Then h lifted them away on two tapes Studying them, he said: 'I'd swear they're Kelso's They're not Moqdy's certainly, an I studied Kelso's so carefully think I remember them. Any\vay I'll sec to it that he doesn't stea these. Now let's look lor more." They moved sboi^t cautiously, 'here was * table near U)e wja- pw and on its varnisjied surface leir keen eyes fountf vague traces f touch, A little pqvyrder, a littU rushwpjrk, ;,„<; j llcre wgs |j, e Vhole flat i)I a big right hand, a erfcct palmprint, the w))o)e ?nelh of the fingers wiih {he tips injicr light [iresgure. While Stivers w»? getting hfs amera ready to photograph H o>><l (is tapes ready for lifting and his abels'for wrilinlr Querip'el drifted hrpugh the other room, the scone '{ (he murder, hunting /or what i* might find. Queripel was not looking for nything in particular, but he leeded soinething more than he jad in prder to prove theory hat Pete Kelso jiad murdered A r enu"ell Palmer. And as usual, he found what he was looking for. t • » AS one will, in a house dark, untenanted and hushed with the spell of recent deal),, Queripe) went on tiptoes with the stealth of a thief, with a Bijerice Ijke the passage of the ghos't of the dead man if he were now rey(slting, at Hamlet's father did, the icen.e of 'the 4eep damnation ot his taklng- Queripel was not lh« only on* moving with a ihnaUike tread; for, as he reached the 4oor flf tht back room where Stivers was working, hJB eye was caught apd) carried across the hall by the slow opening of a door that plainly Jed down to the basement, L Martin Queripel fell back into the shadow of the heavy portieres which hung by the door, and saw to his consternation,the dark and sujlep face of an unknovyn rhan peer through the basement door/ The stranger looked about cautiously, then stepped softly into the hail and left the door open behind him. The intruder seemed uncertain as to which way to turn first; then he moved along the hall, toward the library where Wendell Palmer's body had been found. He froze ai th« sudden Joiid and joyous voice of Detective James Stivers rang through the air. "Kelso!" Stiver* cried. (T* Be Continued) ' , Joseph Smith, first president of the Latter-day Saints (Mormon) church, wa* born at Sharon, Vt., in 1805. "Say It With Flowers" BLITHE VILLE FLOWER MART Memphis Hiw»j Phon* fMZ Chamblin Sales Co. • Soles & Service • 1 "Your Friendly Studebaktr Dco/tr" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 RECTAL DISEASES AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT 1,000-GaOon Storage Tank» with all hose ami fittings $497.50 Barksdale Mfg. Co. South Broadway Phone 2911 THE RAZORBACK PRESENTS >i t " Jamae at the Hammond • Organ NOW PLAYING 7 NIGHTS A WCEK! 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. Daily Enjoy Your Food In the Pleasant Atmosphere of Our Beautiful Dining Room We Specialize in Seafood* « Barbecut Ribi • Barbecu* Chicken The RAZORBACK KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry •nd Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSH Perfect Ponllio. . '"' "If that strong wind M«p* up, maybe th» xnUnna will blow down and we'll hav« * chance to eat with th« kid* • in , so i v*s \ CERTAIN OR06RED To LV/ BWT.ANO So IM 3 RUNS WITH A .I IS GOOD Tfiina t Notice THAT BATTER WAS LEFT-HANDED PAVS ^ SB PUMB WTHlS PRTSCIU.A'S POP The Bltier Ointment Putting It Itluntly F!Y MICHAEL O'MAI,J,EY »mj RALPH AWNSLS .l™ ™?T I M E .?.5> T^'^NOTvOINe IM SOWN ITCXD YOU fHEY WH4TD WAY DOWN MERE FOR COUIDN'T YOU OF TOLD Mi THERE THEM!FOR YOU II Kf YOU WERE §ONE.MR. HINT, BUT 6AID -- 'V* r*^w rvHW .iVeaoM SURPHI««>... V9U1ZE GOtttf CAPTAIN EASY A Plaster Head? BY LESLIE TURNEB IF YOU CAN REW6WB6E PUT HRS. ywOT'sMOEE.U *»3 IHSIBE 1 SMOKE: Dip! IMClEAillWlOMiUMpV-THCN fit SELLING YOUR CALVES LUST COBB 5»YS I A U6LY OLE PLHST6K HEAD OUT ALL THE JUNK YOU /GOfT* FIND TH 1 PliC«»: ME. COggi SUEELY YOU 1 UP HOW,..SUT I'V6 VOU HAP tT V THM SUSTiD WH6« 1 X^MIIATI Ulnncu HI \ TUD/^iMrrx if rtiiT- J / WfTni* PACK KUTS HftS BEBM II FIIKEItiD M f»IOHT i . i ,.. CiN RECkLL WHEEE YOU GOT/ NEWR SAW THKT ' ,_... DIDN'T B1LLV iM BUST THPlT HEAD? H'H Good Exercise HOW ABOUT BUYIN' A SWELL CARPBT- SBATBB, LAPV? I HAVE A VACUUM CLEANER TO CLEAN MV RUGS VA NEEP A BeATCR / PLA1UN' YER RLJSS WITH THIS'U. GET RID O' THAT POUBLECHIN AN VER OTHER ON BECONP THOUGHT, I WILL TAKS ONE ' WADPAVA C'POM is TH' MATT«R ' WITH HIR? ALLEY OOP Trai-ks? Here You Are! BY V. T. HAMI.1N HUNTIN TI6EK5 FROM ELEPHANT5...PHCOEY; JUST OMME A PEEK AT SOME TIGeE TRACKS AS' IU. 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