The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1946
Page 3
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MONDAY, JULY 15,-1910 Nazi Reparations former Ambassador to Russia Policies Studied Soys Red * Seek to Rule Wor!d BI.YTHEVIU.R (ARK.) COUIMKR NEWS PACK TIIKKfc Action Prompted by Sovief Violation of Potsdam Agreement FRANKFURT. July 15. <UP>-. Hie whole mnitoi- of Ocnnnn ru|):i- ruliuns in the American Occupation '•"lie under review today with n vbw co tmic clKiiiacs in policy if ISHKSIH persist:; in :illi'i!e<i violii- uoiis (if Hi,. Potsdam provisions for Paytm-m. Kdwln w. Pauloy. personal reprc- .''CJUnllvn of Prexideiil Truman on rrpui'iitioiiN, disclosed that n sludv "I possible dinners in tile ivpara- [KHis nil Undo bcKiin some time UKO. Ihc iKium followed wlmt lie Ue- sn-hx-d as "reported incidents" in tile Russian Omipnlioii XOIIP wlilch presaged roreiyn Minister V. M. Molutov's reparations slaml at the I'iu'is meeting. Swhv.;in<; ihronitli Cionnmiy ami AIISIMJ, f ln . a qu i ( . k ]llnk , (l t |,,, reparations siliiiitlon, Paule.v bluntly char.;,.,] Hint, Russia was violaU iiis the Potsdam Agreement with te!;urd to what is to he taken from liormnny. Musically (he dispute revolves around Russian demands cm cttrrrnt production in Germany before es- si-ntial imports are paid for. Thai is acaiiist the terms laid down at Potsdam nearly a year a«o. ho said. Panlev said the Russians had been asked for accountings of tin- removal of consumer Hoods from Ger- inany. hut had not furnished any. While the alleged drain on Gcnnniiv by the Soviets has been (joint; on. the Americans have been !:'.kinf; United Stales products into their occupation zone to keep it aoftu'. In- said. Tho disparity of circumstances in Hie various occupation /.ones was the main talking point in the insistence at Paris by Secretary of Slate James Byrnes that Germany be fcised into a .single economic unii He said the United States wan to join any or all the other NEW YORK. July 15. llll'l—Wil- Hnni C. liulllu, former American ambassador lo Russia, sni'd locl.iy that Ihe United Slates should "not lu'.silule lo use llie atomic l)oinb t« stop new crimes of Soviet imperialism." Bullitt made the recommend.i- lion in a new book, "The Great Cilobe Itself." published today niul devoted to n biller allnck uirjn Soviet nallonal and Internnllonal policy In which he charged that 'Ihe _!>nl_v lolalltarlan imperialism which'threatens war in Ihe world loday is tlie Soviet Union." Biilliu who wns America's lirst ambassador to Russia upijii the restoration of dig>lom:illc relations in and who observed the Bolshevik Hevoliition sympathetically in 1917 and 1918 in Moscow charged lluil Russiu's goal was conquest ol the world for Communism. lie said thai with possession ol the nlomlc bomb and tint present American Airt'orce "of overwhelming strength" the United Sliiies is for stronger lhaii Russia ".uid could deslroy it." While declaring thai we slionld not "hesiuilc lo use Ihe atomic bomb to stop new crimes of Soviet imperialism," LJullitl added, "let us reject with absolute fiiiu^- ity Ihe idea Hint we slionld ntLr.e.k llie Soviet Union." "To e.vt'cnte a murderer Is not an Immoral ai'l " llulltll said. "And tile more certain the tioMct u->"- ernmciil j s that ;ie shall n;;i< tl'.e atunilc lii>!i:o ag.ijnst il if It wr.- l:i:ues its c.iree:' of Uiiurt'sston. the more li'-.e'.y (!:•.• Soviet KtivcriniK'nt will lie 10 refrain from atisri'stloii — - 1 ' li'i-,! until II has the atomic bomb." Hu!H1t wns pessimistic as to any chanct 1 of permanent peace witii RussUi. '"At seine point." lie snid, "we shall have lo st:>l> Soviet inippml- or submit to .Sljlin's ruli'. We can not [jet O ff (Ids plini't. It is in <>"r inlii'iuil inteivst to slop mr- tlici 1 a';^:e:>sioi!s by t-Halin while his lout's are slill far Irom :ur shores aiut \\c have lu our h;u>*.> Ihe iiic.nis to slop him." Hi? cxi-res ed (he o]>ini(>n llvit "llu're is no mystery in £oviet ;'"r- "The aim ol Soviet fureiiin policy is i iinstar.l." he s»id, "lo est'iO- lisli Cuiimunisl dictalorshipihroiiKh out th ( . rai-ih.. .that is why Slalin is inri|r:(>a--al)li\" liullill blamed the late President nuoM'vcIt lor what he called lius- :ia's in iiK^resslon. Hai:n_ i"i; that (.ieneraliraimo Stalin would have iij'.rci'd to a hands-otf-Kuio]:e in Mill in return for lend-leav/ if Mlie United states hail insisted <>t< .*.. Meat Packers' Production Over Capacity ;;" Mississippi I County 16th In Bond Buying Mills'.-|]i]i| C.'ounly clll/.Ciis Inves'- id };K.O'.)1 In Treasury ncpiirlmeni, ' snvhiijs b'niihi din-Inn June, nccorJ- FilOIITE Inn lo llie monlhly reptirl lor Ar- ' LtlkTIfE huiMis. Tuliil sales O f savUiK; bjiuli • IF uy tlie noveinmeiH In Arkansas tfMIIBIi were f a.r.fiL'.lSO with 15 counties T,,,,,,,,, imiklnti pmiliase-i Kicaler than Mil- "*'•'"" il.'.slppl County. AiKan-uis |)tirc!ii»:ci's Invi'S'.ed $U>, f. 1 7'i:i In Ijmul!! clurln B (he lirst half of Ihe ycur and Jmie purchase*! I were topped only Ijy the stiles fur San« The most coxjmpletcj or rcproductloniUof Navajo-sand pnlntlnKt In Hio world t are con- taliied In the Uuicum of NiVaJo Cpteinontul .Art,. locsit«d .jiear Panln He, N. M, ' Six Arkansans Die Suddenly Drownings Blamed For Three Tragedies Over the Weekend By United Press At least six persons died in Arkansas yesterday, thin. l\ drowning, one minder, one suicuh wines in such operations. denl. and one the victim of a tract n, i. Panley said Molotov's demands for SIO.000,000.000 in reparation!; from German production and equipment never had been ngrccd to by the United Stales and Great Britain, lake Byrnes at Paris, he said Ihe British and Americans had taken the fis-iue as a sort of starling point for discussion. "If we are lo assume that Mol'j- lov will not follow Ihe Potsdam Ajirerinenl, we must be prepared with a new policy on reparations and the economic treatment of Germany." Pauley said. U. of A. Housing 3,700 Men, Women Register for Term To Sef New Record FAVETTEVILLE. Ark.. July 14. (UP> Approximately 3.700 persons. mostly from Arkansas, already have applied for admission to the univcrj sity in September and have tlcp:i.s- iteci their prc- rrcislrulion fees. \Vitli the Summer hardly "half pnne. Mir figure already tops Ihc nearly S.OIK. .'.indents who made last v car's eni-dllnient a record, and lunre rennrj-^s and fees are pouring in daily. IJr. John p. Anderson, dean of students, says (he houslngr shortage Near Marked Tree. Ark., two .sis- t tcrs were drowned in a flbochvav , canal while wading with other members of their family. They were Ora Christine Locke, u, and Brtly Lorcne Locke, a. daughlers of Mr and Mrs. J. D. Locke of Marked Tree. Johnson J. Baker, 33-ycnr-old owner of a cleaning shop at Magnolia was drowned while swimming in Grand Mare Lake near Hnttig. | Officers were still looking for the body today which was thought lo I have been caught in a strong nn- idertow. Baker, who was celebiat- ing his birthday yesterday, is survived by his wife and one son. Bessie Lorene Scott, o. was killed when tlie truck in which she was riding overturned in Hcville Valley. ,f 12 miles Southeast or'Paris, Ark. I i) The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. '' George. Thomas Scolt of Drigns she- was one O f 15 persons in the truck which had taken a group to a funeral and was returning to Drigus. At Rison, Simon Richmond Jr.. 32-year-old Negro, was held todas for questioning in the fatal shoot- ins of Frank Smith, Negro. Smith was killed Packinghouses In Kansas Cily, K;m., are tnklni; bounding stride:; lo lucreare mei.l deliveries ir „, nil uvcvaiic of live dressed entile weekly lo over ISO heel careasse:-. Alier llnce-moulh I'ly,.' ' _ workers, Wilson & Co. has reached over-c;ipncl ly production. Abovo is sample ol meat on linad'. French Celebrate Bastille Day Amid Assurances of New Glory Brown 4-H Club Group Elects Now Officers .Inly IS. (Ul'l—France's lumor at ihc t-ctUcr of the column El. Paul. Minn., construction comp.iny executive, ns the lirst American ambassador lo Australia following clevalion of the Auslriilian legation lo the rank of full embassy. Lnxora Society—Personal ardent yeannni; to wear again tin' mantle of a meal power WHS neari'r rculizalion today than it had been sliu:e thii Immiliattng coHapKe of 1D^U. Frenchmen'd with pride lu Liu: nustille IXiy 11-s.suranci's from AniL-rlca and llrlliiln or ihc'lr friendship and iH'lic'f In the neic's- sily of a strong France lo Ihe peace of Kurope nucl the World. Winston Churchill set llie lenur ct the cL'lebialions on France's n«- llotml holiday. Speaking al the fortress city or Mel/, he s'Udnolh- liil! stood between Great Uilt.iln ami wance, that the renaissance of Europe was liuDosslble wlthcuL u strong France, and the need for <i rjreat France never was more compelling. 1're.sldcni Truman said In a mes- sagi- of reli''ltaliou thai. France still was "In the forefront, of frru nutions of Hie world" drsplle the destruction wrought by the second invasion within n quiutcr century. I'leinicr-Freslilelit Georges lii- dnull led the celebration in [\\iii of the 157th Momiing of the Has- lille. symbolic of thu overthrow til rf'snl tyranny. Twelve thousand troops marchcxl througli the broad boulevards. TOr the first time since Ihe revolution civilians—2 200' .ir- iiunncnt workers carrying union I. miners -mniched in a place ot Goswich returned Friday night frnm a two weeks slay at Rocknw: y Beach, Mo. Al] branches of Iht >H: forces were representetl In tile Jinrndi'. l''itncl:inen siiuiircd their slunilders and s«e:ied with pride us the calchy ulrs of Niipoleonlir and rev«hill:iiiary battle SOIIHS bl:uvd nut. The slamlards of miiuy v|::l'>- rics flew over Ihe <iardr liepu!:ll- i-idne. Ihe Spahis. the Chaussciirs :md the infantry of llie line, Alon;; the Ijonlev-ard.s Ihe gray— ins; veterans of ltil-1-llt name sillily to alleiltloll beside Ihelr sins and 11 Iliers who surrendered In KMn. i Hut it \vas al Men. ihc bastion jiinalust autsre.sslon from the E.isl, lluu the ci-U'bral U.n Kund Its most .siBiittieant expression. ahmchlll I Iris- Iheic as a cuest of honor to the French und lo keefi a reiule'/.vo'us he made III wailline »ilh Cell. Henri (ilralld. The Knnvn -1-11 Club met \\'i ni'.-iday wllh Ix-omird l':vnns ^ sldiiiB. Hlxlecn cluh members. 1-Vencli Iliilu-i"'" 1 ' 1 ' 1 "' " lltl lw<> visitors were pi enl. Clarence Duwson. soji t i ci tnln. led Ihe (;roiip In sliiithiu. New officers elected were us [ knvs: Leonard Means, pre.sltl HOI-IK J. necker. vice |>resid Envoy to China fj? do- . night, officers said, following mestic qnnrrcl. In Little: Roc-k. William C. Nix. 78. died after drinking cnrliulic n'icl. IJr. Gordon IIoll, deputy roruner, returned a verdict of suicide. Mrs. II. W. Sp.ann and Miss Florence Rush entertained with a bridge Saturday \ parly Tuesday nijdd. in honor Jf I.nnc Star Holiday Texas won its independence from Mexico at Ihc bailie of San Jacinlo on April 21, n clay cclc- braled annually in the Liiic Star State. President Truman's nomination of J. I.eighlon Stuart, pictured nbove when he was a missionary cducntor nt Yenching University. Chinii. to be ambassador to China is viewed in some Wash. ingion quarters as artolhcr step in U. S. attempts to settle! China's lanRled internal affairs. He is cs*pccled to work closely with Gen. George Marshall in seeking domestic peace. will be far more serious than it was last February. About 2.000 prospective students have applied for housing facilities and deposited their S25 rental fees. But, Anderson says, present tn- cilitics on the campus and those in prospect for the Fall cannot lake care of more than 1,200. Ab'jut 400 women have applied for housing on the campus where faci'lilies are available for only 230. At least single men, mostly veterans, have applied for housing where there is room for only 575. And G25 married veterans seeking accommodations in trailers and apartments in Veterans Village, but university officials say there is room for 383. Anderson described ihc housing situation as "Ihc most serious bot- leneck" ever faced by the uni- crstty. The university Is attempting to btnin facilities at the Ml. Scquo- . ah Methodist Assembly and other ) learby housing accommodations. I their sister, Mrs. Elmo Campbell, and niece, Mr.s. George Clark Mc- Kllieny, of St. Louis. Mrs. William Klias received book - ends as hiijh score pri^e, Mrs. H. J. Smith received a crystal beverage, set for second hhch and Mrs. Julia Owen received soap for the consolation pri/e. Refreshments of ice cream, cake and fruit punch were served. Mrs. Sam Coats is in the Methodist Hospital in Memphis where she underwent an appendectomy Friday momnig. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hires had as their guest for a week Mr. Hires' brother. Will Hires, and Mrs. Hires of Port Wayne, I ml. They have as their guest, for a visit of several weeks, their daughter, Mrs. Jay Kochciidei fer and son. Charlie Joe Billcnssley. and Mr. Kockcndcrfcr. The Wcsleyan Guild of the Methodist Church served a chicken din- ler at the church Wednesday night. "G. Farm Loans City Loans F.H.A. Loans Also: Conventional I.oaiv r>-7 & 10 Years on Gooi Resilience and 15 u s i n c s s Property. W. M. BURNS REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE COMPANY PIIONK: 33G1 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER ,» Sales — Service We Huy and Sell COOO USK1) CARS Bill Cliiimblin Cliamblin Railroad & Ash Sts. I'hone 2105 Mrs. A. B. Ilozellc and Mrs. Ray Whilmoro were in charge. T. D. Wilkins and son. Calvin, left Friday for Malvcrn. Ark., for a few days visit with relatives. Miss Nora Wise and Miss Doilyc SKIN SUCCESS SOAP and OINTMENT Where Your Flowers Aie—You Are! One call to us will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. I^FLOWER SHOP r.TJJ. flenrfee We Deltmr Anrwhm "•• **1 Mn. J. Bt. (MM) WUHaBM, .WT.CT Qlenew BMf. MILLION! TO LOAN IIEKK'S AN /i.l,Sl' GUll)K TO QUALITY —uso it in rtionsiui; n«|UriLi. Milliinui lilivo found fcl. .lowotih AH[iiiln tli'iKMid- nlilu Iliroiudi llio ycniH fur liiuh iiimllly, fust, nrlion ntul n':i! cixinoitly. ilo[ii!iiul Kt. ,!n. u (-L>li Aspirin, u'oilil'H InrK- C-St Bl'llLT III ll)c. SllVl^ lll»l<> oil 1(10 tlll)- li-l .iizo for :ifH', nearly :{ tahlclB for lo. Wu (!iv« I lo 2 Dnys Svrvin' on nny ?<lnl«'. We'll Millie H Work! Fred Callihan Phone 2642 Wu Call l< v or and Deliver Aothnrl/e<l Mntorelii Radio Hulls niul Hrrvl,-,- Ulli Sou 111 l''iist St. No Waiting! No Delay! In Arkansas - Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOAMS On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY ANDREW .1. Ff.OlUDA, Vicc-Prcsiticiit PHONIi; 210 Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas llnla Tlnelkeld, r.ecrclury; lt"M <'ov:i (.re, Coleman, home. u mulishatlnn agent, discussed Ihe irul in iKiiiworins on shrul>- •'• C). Hmclbaker. -tjunly :i:;cnt, <11scns>,ed slock Judtf- MJ'.. '- !•'"up captains, Clarence 'iii M""', ''"I"" 1 "': Vh-Kl'nla iMld, clothliiH captain; Ver- iim llrowu. poultry caplnln; and '•"tis ,|. iii'ei;,!', cookery caplalu. WASHER SERVICE Al'liliiinr,.,," fi. |.'".T,I ""' ""'"" I ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. n .,.'!•. w - ADAMS. SUr . . _. . '_ -"«•"" W. Main ] Kvery Tuesday Thursday *M Saturday Mtmlg »r 'N/ke Doyle Lee »ti<t hi* 7-Pkce Hnnd l''or lU'scrvalions Call 3984 TWIN GABLES Your First Post-war Vacation! will, he more ciijn.Viiblc if we i'i| nip ymir w' AMERICA'S FINEST «UTO. RADIO Wo have :i toni|ilc(o lino of MOTOROLA Atilo Radios in sliicli fur ImmciliiiU' Ocliv- i'i-.v. (>.«(. Yours Now!. Fred Caifihan Radio Service Sales I'liont' 2(i 12 I'.IjIlH'Vlllc's M Htli Smilli First Slrccl Ciiiniil<t<! Itaillu Store J.LOUIS CMERRY Rcprnrntlnt York Life Insurance Co. i Itlythrvllle, Ark. Need a TAXI!! 24-hr. Service I Call Bonded and Insured Bill Wunderlich 968 UM-M-delicious STEAKS K(e;ik f;ins flo<-l< lo us for our Cnmmis '['-hones and sir- tIT'S loins. We liny only lop qual- lieef; rook it the way anil tasfc. ity it deserves. Conic Wc also Serve Tasty S«a Foods Delta Cafe Highway 6V South .less Cramer, Mj>r. and Chef Phone ,%8!> ofhrock DRUGS Free Delivery Phone 451 NOW OPEN! ISI.vllicville's Only Nxrtnsivc Used Cur Dealer • WE BUY AND SELL t* r USED CARS AND TRUCKS TOP PRICES PAID See Us Before You Sell! If You Want a Better Cur, We Can Dual! See IFs Today Bud Wilson Auto Sales Phone 2037 Franklin and Main Sts. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK

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