The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 18, 1949
Page 6
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>AGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURTKR NEWS SATURDAY, JUNE '18, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION U**« your &om* pr«ttf tor «prtn« •up*n 4tu* OUuixtit Same* u voun PEERLESS CLEANERS PB0a« MXi, a]ytb»nil« r*t» ptr tta« for cwu*eutlT« Minimum t urn* pet > ............... tin* ...... . ......... 15c p*r nn# per day ......... J2c p*r iln« p*r da; .......... **= per dif ...... it nmm p«r H D* Memo per un« --Count rive *T^rM* word* to tnc line Ad ora«r«J (or three or sli llraw aud »wpp*d txior* eipinulnn will bf charged lor tb« outnbei of titne- e the id Kppe*r«« and adjustment ot bill me.dc Alt oitMirted AdremMnp copy nub- »itt*d by persons r«*!aing mitstde at tft« city must b* accompanied by cub fUlM may «utly b« computed (mm the • tx)»« t * Die Advertising «xl« for irn-Rulai insertion* uJceK tfl« on* lira* ubU No responsibility will b* taken tor mor* than roi« inenrrecl la&ertlnD oi any eliMlfied *d Ail *a» ar« re&mct«a to theii proper claMiricatKm style and type The Courier re**rf«p th« rig hi to Btjtct any ad Rent sandent. Refinish your own floors. Rent an electric sunder from. Wards. Economical! Free instructions, Montgomery Ward 4-7 ck tl Apartment for Kent Lawnmowers Sharpened Henry Westbrook's Shop UAChlrmtR, Welders. BUckK 225 North 1st Scrttl O«j Phont 41O 4133 4123-ck-U Olntlnz *. paper hinslnif Wort guaranteed EzeLI Cothran Pb 6394 MODERN PLUMBIKO FIXTURES No aown payment 100% F-H.A. L C ROIJ^ISON Phone B3I5 Sewing 3 rooms »lth private bath. Phnne Prlcef Reduced Bells. Btlcltlei. But- 6 lg cK 6 22 ! tons, and buttonholes Ph J5.19 606 .in sin M P* '!« One 2 auri one 3 i artment. Ca 1 ' 2018. i furnished ap- €,17 ptc 21 2 unjurnlshed rooms Phone 2652 or «7S. 6;H-cH-21 2-roora furnished apt with private bum. Couple only. 516 Lake Ph 2046 6.M pic 21 4-room and bath, upstairs apartment, unlurnlshed. 719 W Asli Ph 2i6«. 8 11 pic 21 3-room (urnlshed Ph. 2087. 2-room Jitrnlshexl apt (jlrls only. Ph. 5087. Private bath. 6.13 pic 19 All utilities 6; 13 pic 19 Business Service Directory Auto Supp/ies ant Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W« can rill all four needa (•el RenulDc part* rrnrc OUT complete line ELLIS POOLB OWNER « OPERATOR South HlRbiaj «l at Steete Mo Phone Steele 48 il|12-ck-U CHAPMAN SERVTCB STATION aln A: LUvlslon Phnne 2563 Don't endanger you: family with HUltJ Unav—BUI US 1'IHES 12,1.1.CJ-U Loans Money to Loan Uo you new * loan to repair or remodel? No down payment no mort- |ac*. ho red iap« PHA APPROVED RATE 5% ASK FOB OKI AILS Max Logan, Realtor Ph<m« M34 Lynch Building BLrtbevtUe Ark AND FURNITURE LOANS ' PTompi- Personal Service Ci«neraJ 'Mntract Purrhnsf Corp 1M S^uib 5th Phone 803 4|15-ck-tf Services Kodak Finishing 'bTEEN'ti STUDIO M Snur nerrlce For all t-jpes plumbing work cull H»rry Myers. Ph. 6349. «,[* pic "ijH Laundry work rouRh dry or f.nlntied Cjulltn A Dlanketa Do extra Imnlnp: Willt* Bell Green Ph 42tffl 524-pfc- PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2028 Blytheville or 407 Osceola 5-2 pk 7-2 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Hoy*l. timith Cnrnnn and Rcmlng DON" EDWARDS I'he Typewrit*! Man no N S«cond at Phone ;Wa2 For Sale. Misc. Two Irac« of timber, also new clr- ilnr slump saw and scythe atl&ch- meru. Never used. Mrs Wm. Felsberg W. 4lh Si CornLnB. Ark. 6,17 'pk Hardy -strawberry planla. 722 Jaml i« 6,17 pk 7jl' Hoipolnt iRblpslop electric range. *75 Ji. ttifjQ, 6,17 pic 2' condition. Reasonable. Phonp 6306. Good ear corn SI .50 per bu PhoiiR 702 HALE SEED FARMS Bunlelle, Ark. 6-11 cV tf Phillips Cars Are Right! Phillips Prices Are Right! 191S Ford Super T)t l.uxe Fordor, ha* Radio and Healer, '49 license, « top grade car. 1»!8 Chevrolet Fordor, has Radio, Heater, original throughout, first class condition. 1917 Chevrolet Coxi'h, has radio and heater, clean as a pin I»;i4 Ford Coupe. A real bargain in a t'ood Ford. I!):i7 Plymouth coupe. Come and see this todav! 1934 Ford Tudor, » beauty of a buy! $1495 $1595 $1475 $95 $150 $225 Sec These Trucks and Pickups, Too 1947 Ford Pickup, 8 cylinder, slake body $1145 $895 $695 HUB Chevrolet pickup, slock rack, a buv a( lilll F'otd I,WB H'i Ton (ruck, extra I'lean Here's a real bargain for quick sale! Good 9-ixxim house on one acre of land in the city .of Blytheville. House fully modernized. Propane gas, hot water heater, three heater units, cook stove, hardwood floors. Immediate possession can be had. This house will stand PHA or Gl loan. For further information see or call CATES-WORTHINGTON CO. 115 S. Third St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2751 6-15 ck 19 Lot 50X1M detp. \'y blook east ot camp Mouune on grfcve) street Priced »5<XI Phone 2»S7. «9-ck-t< for Kent, Houses 3 room lurnlshed house at rear 111 Wt«l DarlJ Ph. 2D04. « 16 ck 23 ^-room lurnlshed hou&e. 1708 West Main. Ph. 20M, 6,11 pic 22 Kt-ff three ^ >,] room furnt.shpd KOU Adulii only. Ph 20T2 510 P^rlc St. *.n pk About the toad's ot)ly protective weapon Is • milky fluid it gives off which Is obnoxious to dogs. Notice ompamj if-wheel Cushman awr. inotor-Rcooler. Ph 6;i5 ek 22 Kuerten c*mnel, CoLeiTian Henter rhillorotie, 6x9 I inn leu in IUK. cotton Pliotie IW27 6:ll-pk-dh 5th at Walnu? Phone 4453 Modern a piece Duncan Fhyle DJn- t rotun sul to. ExoeHcm coiulitlon, none 44fiV. 6,16-ck-19 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and cripplet animals pirkod up free o! charged in sterilized trucks. Call collect. 6142, Klythe ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMA1 DISPOSAL CO. 4^1-ct «21 Private- Kooms REPORTED PURGED — Dr. Belli V. Dodd, foremost woman Communist leader in New York Stale, was reportedly txpelled from tlia Communist Party for disagreeing with the party's current leadership. For many year« the was legislative director as well us the su'ding spirit of th« left-wing CIO Teaehert* Union. Female Help Wanted WOMEN 1 to s«w our redt-cut "Kai)-A- Kound. . Spare time. Easy profitable business, Hollywood Mfg. Co.. Hollywood. 46. calif. 6;t8 pk 19 WOMKN -o sew our readl-cut "«ap- A-Ryimd " Syare time— Easy piolitable business, Hollywood Mfg. Co.. Hollywood 48. Cftlffornt*. «,18 pic 19 Wanted fo Buy Heed room, close In. Adjoining bath Constant not writer. Phone 2062. Bedroom, close in- Hot water. 120 ousfm. Phone 3374. 6.I7-ct-2J Nice bedroom, near bath. Close in, Phone 313SW. 6,L7-ct-21 HOOFING AND SIDING Gel. Ward's low prices! Top quality at n low price. Ward'* njiptiaU rooftng und sltllug Is [nborntory tested, titve* IOUK, hard service, slny. 1 ! brl^hL nnd colorfti!. Convenient [iiont.i- ly terms. Roofinif. a wide variety of Aiylefl, colors and welRlils. Ohoofw t nil ay Tor sn attractive house at low cost. MONTCtOMERy-WARD. E 15 Ck LI Tom Hflwyer.pulnt tor quality ROLLISON LUMBER CO North I0th & Camp Moultrtr Drive, 6.9 c\ 7|9 '1946 Nash 4 door Sfdan with accessories. Very little rash needed. WIU trivUe lor older model. Can cal] 32G9 a Her B::il> C.M 6,]6-[>k-19 Caloric &RS cooks to ve. Otie Butane amotnaUc henter. Two Butane cnmp- MOVCS. One 12x14 fire proof teiii. New, Two rfutrvue bottles wllh reRlilnt- ri, nun swllch valves .One Ford \*-S nee! wlift tire anri lube mounted K. E. BRADLEY, 630 Lake Si., ph. 2210. 6 H pk 21 lleautLlul tmrtl-color hruwu and white female cocKer spaniel, six months old. KeasouRbtt. Ph. 2355. « Ifl plr 19 Galvanised water pipe is now plentiful at your best p 1 u m b i n g \\ e a ((quarters. BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC., South 61 Highway. G-14 ck tl' Boats any style Outboard service - Weslbvook's Machine Shop_v 225 N 1st St. Ph. 4181"-1 flO-ck-tt Hf niUiruE ;i-l>e<irooni honir on Ash SUfcfil. Call P. B. JOYNER. ph. 3'iOS. 6.17 lit 7 ; 17 FRYERS. Reasonably priced 209 Lakr at, Phone ims e i7-pv-24 HABY CHICKS this week onli'. Day Old $12. Week old J13. 2 weclc old $18. 'J T,'«eX olrl $22 per hundred. JBLAYl.OCK HATCHERY Phone 3172 Read Courier News Want Ads. Want good going and a Good Buy? for Sale, Real fstote New 5-room house and bath. Will stand 100% G. 1. Lo*n H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4^46 or 2930 5-31 ck ti oum u«n> CAKI ARE OUT or THIS WOULD IN HIT DOWN TO EAKTH in 1941 Plymouth, 2 Door with Heater, Seal Covers, New Engine, Very Good Condition ................................ 1941 Chevrolet, 2 Door, with Radio and Seat Covers, Good Tires, In Excellent Shape ..................... ' .......... JH42 Chevrolet, 5-Passengcr Coupe, White Side-Wall Tires, Radio and Heater. A real Buy! ....... • ........................ IS 10 Packard, 4 Door Sedan, Radio and Healer, A City Driven Car in Excellent Condition. A Real ESargain at .......... _ 1939 Chevrolet, 2 Door, New Engine, New- Tires and this Car is as 'clean as a pin'. . 19-12 Plymouth, 2 Door, Two Tone Green, Radio and Heater, a Very Nice Automobile At Only ............. ' ................ $695 $695 $745 $595 $695 $745 "When Better Cars Are Buill, Buick Will Build Them" Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Salesmen Orho Stanfield W. J. "Bill" Wunderlich Langston-Wroten Co Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 foi Seme* • B*y m V*Ml COTS toy fr«* • ftvkt 4-room house in Pride Addition offered at a bargain. 1m mediate possession. Terms cai be had. See or call CATES-WORTHINGTON CO 115 South Third Blytheville, Avk. Phone 2751 6-15 ck 4-romns and hath. Built-In cabinets ideal toonnon near .new school K Owner. 711i Park. fi.14 pk 21 3-room house And 3-room house on L SUxlSO. Price $3400. Inquire at Asy James Store. Blpele H. D Crow ley 6,14 pt 2] for So/*, ReoJ (state LISTEN! Some Builders Build JUST HOUSES But 1 Will Build YOU A HOME In the nicest subdivision in Blytheville. COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE ADDITION. All lots 70 ft. to.76 ft. frontage, 150 to 190 ft. deep. FHA — Gl or 100% STRAIGHT LOANS. JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 Hid Suuth Second St 5-28-ck-tf arse, cool bedroom Men only. 310 W Wqlnut 6.S pk 7|3 Bedroom pnvat* bath Ph 4643 HiBhest price paid lor CHICKENS— EUGB Ash Street Grocery & Market 417 W Ash «,? ck O Bedroom wltd kitchen privileges 2 iris or couple Phnne 242J 5fl9-ct-6 19 Hedrrwro 1100 Chlcka.-aiwha Phone ComfortKhl* Bearoom call 2675 62 pic For Sale, Cars A Trucks '41 ford Deluxe, Clean, city driven. «U5. API. 105 Alrbase. « 17 pk 21 Save Money on These 'USED CARS Real Estate Farms — City Property LOAN: II Line re* tea ID Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls - F B Joyner Glencoe Bldg. Phune 819 SAVE MONEY! See These Cars and Trucks Before You Buy 19-17 Chrysler Windsor, I door, brand new lires, radio and heater. 13-17 Chrysler Coupe, radio and healer, new set of tires. IB41 Special Deluxe Plymouth, 1 rfooi- sedan, all new lires, a peach of a buy at the price. 1946 Chevrolet, 4 door, Mack, with excellent rubber. See now! 19-'!7 Chevrolet, 2 door, new paint, complete in every way. 1917 Plymouth Station \Yajjon. radio and heater, spot lifihts and fop lights, good lires with 5 life .guard lubes. l!).'17 Ford. I door sedan, come in today nnd see this bargain at 5225. IS 17 Dodge IVi ton. green color, excellent rubber, cab and chassis, 151 inch wheel base. 1946 Mack. 2 ton truck in excellent condition, (rood rubber, 161 inch wheel base. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2122 •18 .Jeep Station Wagon with Overdrive. IS Jeep 4-Wheel Drive—A Bargain. •17 Kaiser Sedan with Radio & Heater. '16 Chevrolet 1 '/•; Ton Truck —A good buy. 'II Pontiac Sedan with Radio & Heater—Very Clean. •10 Buick- Super Sedan will Radio & Healer. •II Chevrolet. Sedan — A Heal Buy. •II Ford Tudor — A Goot Car. , •10 DeSoto Coupe. Also several others priced lo sell. 61 MOTOR CO. Drugs Working Against Pernicious Anemia Are Being Given New Tests BUFFALO, N.Y. W'j—A new test shews how and why certain drugs work aeainft pernicious anemia ir hunifins. The test promises to aid in better treatment of the disease. It Is reported by Dr. Oliver P. Jones, a.s- Mslpnt dean of the University o Buffalo Medical School, and Adolpl Smith of the department of ana- :omy. Anemia Is due lo the body's fail Lire to make enough red blood cell in its bone marrow factories, Th cells that form there doti't divid ad grow In the normal way. Th failure comes from lack of a chem Icnl usually supplied by Vhe liver. Drugs like liver extract, foil acid, and the new vitamin B-12 us overcome the trouble. Jii? how they do their work hasn't bee clear. It'.s hard to get at the bone marrow in humans to see what is hpppcnin^. So Dr. Jones turned to primitive blood cells in unborn rats when these embryos are only 11 days old. These blood cells had formed before the embryo livers had developed or started to work. The rat cells at this time resemble the cells in the bone marrow of humans with pernicious anemia. By feeding nut.i-auem.ia drugs to th? mother rats, he can see what effect the drug has on the blood cells themselves. The test also can show whether there is anything in , a new drug that would work against, ' anemia. We've Taken the Doubt OUT OF USED CAR BUYING 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline, 2 Door, 2 Tone Blue end Gray. Driven only 8000 miles. Radio, Heater and S«at Covers. Runs like new! 1947 Ford V-8, 5 Passenger Coupe, Black, 16,000 miles, Radio, Heater and Spot light. A Beauty. 1942 Chevrolet Town Sedan. A Real nice buy. 1941 Chevrolet Special 2-Door, Radio and Outside visor 1941 Ponliac 4 Door Sedan, 2 Tone Grey and Blue, Radio, Heater and Fog lights. A good Family Car. .. 1940 Dodge 4 Door Sedan, Real Clean, A-i Condition! 1938 Chevrolet Town Sedan, New Motor, A Steal! 1938 Desoto Sedan. See this car today! 1937 Chevrolet Town Sedan. New Motor. EASY GMAC PAYMEKT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone S78 For Rent Kiodern &pi* £e cabins bj week cu itiQtn cafe nervic* Liui Boy Uourt* OSTEEW S 8TU1MO Persona f rnirty auaute pnnUMUtie icrric* JSVKJUib STUUIO I|«-ec-tt Insurance For Complete Insurance E*rotection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 GLSNCOK North Hiway Gl Phone 2142 6-1 G ck tf 913 Cherrolet Deluxe Cab 2 ton & 1 1 Carter Trailer Cheap Booker <.rrocerj Holland, Mo. Ph 166M 6 LA pk 2! In 1934, average meat consumption by Americans dropped to llT pouad.s, comparert with H5 pounds in 19^8 and 151 in 1900. Walking Water Urged By Conservationist TOKYO—f.'1'i—An American con- sevntlonist suggests this slogan tor Japan: "Make the water walk off the mountains, don't let II rim." Arthur R. Soillero, chief of the Co-operalive Forest Management Branch nT thp U. S. Forest Service, says Japan "is confronted with a tremendous job of reforestation and erosion control on its mountain slopes " A.S a conservation consultant at Genera! MacArthur'.s headquarters. Spillers has made both aerial and ground .surveys of Japan. With its huge population, mountainous Japan must u-se every available inch of soil for food. Spilleni said thp .steep slopes of Japan's mountains allow water to run off swiftly, carrying .soil, silt and rock. These destroy rice paddies, power developments, roads and bridges. You Can Make Easy Money With One Of These Bargains! 1918 GiMC LWB with grain bed, spare tires, 1949 license, driven only 8000 miles. §1693. 1917 Chevrolet, LWB, Cab and chassis, 1949 license. $995. 1947 Chevrolet, LWB, 2 speed axle, 825 x 20 tires. 1916 Chevrolet, LWB, 2 speed axle, 900 x 20 rear, 825 x 20 front. $795. .1941 CMC, LWB, with bed, Good Motor. $495. 1947 U/4 Ton Pickup, Slock Rack, Clean. $995. 1947 3/4 Ton Pickup, 1949 License, Clean as a new one. S99;>. 1946 Vi Ton Pickup, 1949 License, A real buy at $795. 194S Jeep in excellent condition, only $895. These and many more are available. All these trucks have been reconditioned and can be sold with a guarantee. They can be financed by GMAC with easy payments at a small cost. LEE MOTOR SALES OLDSMOB1LE — GMC TRUCKS Nebraska i-s the third largest cattle-producing state. CABOVERS—CONVENTIONALS—SHORTS LONG&— PICK-UPS— PLATFORMS—STAKES 311-317 East Main BlyfheviUe, Ark MERCURY MIKE SAYS USED USED CARS-TRUCKS $50 to $2100 19.-50—Model A Ford Pick Up. Runs Good. l<137—Ford 2 Door liMO—Ford '/j Ton Stake Body. Looks good, runs good. 19-10—Ford Vi Ton Pick Up. Price is right. 1937—Ford Vi Ton Pick Up. Priced lo sell. 1!) IS—Ford I Door Sedan, Healer, Seat Covers, Good Paint. 1»17—Ford 4 Door Sedan, Healer, Seat Covers, Like New. 1917—Dodgre Vi Ton T.on? Wheel Base. IfllS—Dodjje I Ton Panel Truck 1917— Ford Sedan Delivery Truck. Many More to Choose From Blrthevilie Motor Co. Broadway & Chickasawha Phone 4422 WOW! There Goes Another Still & Young TUNE-UP JOB! Yep, a systematic tune-up means new car life, smoother performance better mileage. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone i:m

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