The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE SIGHT BL.YTHEV1LLE <AR>.) COURIER NEWS THI NATION TODAY— Pensions Hold Top Interest For Labor Union Membership; Lewis and Reuther Victorious : - By Jim»m SUrlow iJTAfiHINGTON, Oct. 1, WV- Th « problem of ptmlons for workers BOW humored Into th« front row of labor unions' thinking. You can b« IUT* It will (toy there. ' fabn K'Lrwii gav« the problem » big push through the pension jiUui be got for coal miners from the mine owner* over the past three jwtr*. It called for * pension of $100 a month, ' * Thli became a goal for other labor leaders who, 1f they wanted i retain leadership, could hardly seek less for their people than Lewis won for hi*. , Now Walter Reuther, head of the CIO Auto. Workers, has obtained it :: flOO-a-month pension for his mem- . ber» from the Ford Motor Company. The CIO Steelworkers are trying to let the same from the steel firms. 'So the Lewis and Reuther pen» aloa plans have set » goal and a ' ^challenge . for other labor leaders. i Therefore, It'« logical to expect c, continued drive for pensions In > fhe jean ahead. * .Then/, once, the pension door Is yrlde .open, will come the drive for better . pensions. This will ex, plain why. Under the Reuther plan Ford will not hand out a $100 monthly pen- •lou to his retired workers. He'll give them only the difference between $100 and whatever social •ecurity pension they get from the ' government. , (The average social security pension being paid a retired worker in . thli country today Is around $25 a mouth. The maximum anyone can let Is $44.80. A retired worker's wife " when she reaches 65, gets a pen- Won of her own, half as much as her. husband's. . , Wi?« Not In Deal < ,' (So.the^ wife of a man who got 'the maximum or' $44 80, would get . ~$2?.4Q, 'giving the couple a combined poaiion of $57.20. But Ford pays ft pension to a retired worker only, '^not hU wife ) •; '_ Since the maximum social sec- ;«rltj payment Is $4480, the least ;Tord has to pay a retiung noiker $55 20 to bring his cotal pension to C$100. f ; ' • But Coogresj may pass a law ^3-probaWy not before next year — 'increasing social security pensions ?AJ much as 70 per cent. j'i, Suppose that Happens and a retiring JVird worker— who under the present pension law got the maximum iocitl security pension of $44 80 • — got a social security pension of The present agreement with Ford runs till 1S55 and may not be reopened till then. But between now and 1955 the government pension may be Increased. If that happens, union leaders, with the Job of trying to get as much for their members as they can, will undoubtedly attempt to push up the total size of their pension where a nd when they can. The President's three-man special board which studied the steel dispute with the CIO gave union leaders ammunition by holding that the steel companies could afford a pension for their workers. The board also gave union leaders tmiinuhitfon (or the future when they said this In their report: "Even if the increases (in social security pension) now being dis- cussscd In Congress were enacted, they still would not materially Increase the purchasing power of workers' pensions over the original purchasing power provided In 1935." The board said the present social security pension rates, fixed back in 1935, were not high enough even then'to provide n minimum Hying standard and arc. rar less sufficient now. since living have risen so much. . than 'costs would that mean to Ford' Fort! would have to pay less to bring the worker's total pension up ;to-*100. If I man gets $44 80, Ford thsi^Vpay him *5520. If, he gets V. r|78, Itord pay* him only (24 - ~"'\ Would the nuto workers in the -Ford plant be content to let Ford's , contribution to * the pension plan Jgrow^les* because the. 'government pension got bigger? 'Or "would they "-want tnepsame — or a • larger— con- L '*W trtbiition from pord to 'make the toUl pension larger? , ~^rwtf Deal Clw* Until 1955 IDSON ed from ?f tht' Navy's public relillons. Worth u > popular man among the top Navy officers and they have long thought that he should be nude th« civilian to run the dwjart- ' Bus Driver Draws Fine For Pushing Passenger ? NEW YORK, .Oct. 'l—(/]>>— A .bus driver was sentenced yesterday to pay a $2Sfl fine or serve 60 days' In jail for pushing as passenger 'off a bus. . : ; • Witnesses testified that the passenger,. Sydney Doctor. 05, was knocked unconscious, and luuultaU Ized with a head injury as a resuK- of the episode. Special Sessions Justice Nathan D Perlman, who passed the sentence 0:1 an assault charge, told the bus driver, Patrick McParlahd, 49, to stop "going around with a chip on your shoulder.'.' ,t NOTICE IX THE PROBATE COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COl^Tl ARKANSAS, CHICK ASA WBA DISTRICT on a" *a"nY ^California' Clearing of AEC Splits Probers Hickenlooper Angry At Proposal by Committee Chairman WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. «V- A proposed report clearing the-Atomlc Energy commission of ."Incredible mismanagement" chaises threw the Senate-House Atomic Committee inlo a bitter factional battle today. Senator Hickenloopcr V (R-Iowa). who made the charges '• several months ago against the AEC and Chairman Dsvld E. Llltenthal, Iranded as a "whitewash">a staff- prepared drnft report wlUch said the charges "could not be proved." Htckenlooper also bluntly ..challenged a statement by Committee Chairman McMahon <D-Conn> that "We need no change in the m«n- ngement of the Atomic Energy Commission. The commission is not guilty of the charges that have been levelled against It." 1 , •;'•• Replied Hickenlooper: '•nils Is not a report at all. It was not authorized. Tile conclusions never have been discussed. The investigation Is not even completed." The Senate - House committee wound up its public hearings Into Hickenlooper's accusations last July II, after 1 six weeks of sometimes fiery testimony. It then turned to a- closed-door study of the atomic agency's security policy. The proposed report on the committee's Investigation was prepared by the committee staff headed by William Borden, under McMahon's Direction. The draft was circulated to committee members as a confidential document for their study. McMahon ca'iled the group Into session next Wednesday to approve or reject It. Senator Knowland (R-Calif).: already has challenged the circulation of the document "without any prior consultation or discussion with the committee membership." ment'j public relations affairs Not Many Shopping Days Till ^ Cbristmaa There Is now a good chance that Veteniu' Administration will h e »ble to start payment of the »2,800,ppO,000 GI insurance dividend In December of this year Instead of having: to wait until January of next year — the announced date payments are supposed to start The »ork of mating the computations Is jolng faster than anjbody thought possible. , What VA officials would really like to b* able to do U get as many checks in the mall as Possible before Christmas. Payments ?ull average close to .$280. Biggest check will be *52B. , ; Outlook Getting Dimmer 1 ' The one bright light on the j otherwise dim military outlook or the .Chinese Nationalists has been the fact that the Communists have never had any kind of an air lorce. ! Intelligence reports, however, now i Indicate that the Reds might have ; the core of a very good air ann. I As forces sere hastily pulled back from the Communists' advance, f many fields loaded with surplus U. S. planes wfr e abandoned with no • attempt to destroy them. Tlie field ' »t Shanghai, for instance, which was, used by the U.S. forces, was as. qammed with surplus U. S. Bombers and fighters as some of the fields In the U.S. An American pilot who was one of the last to leave the field reports that no one thought of destroying or burning those planes which were in usable shape. The Nationalist didn't use the surplus aircraft because they didn't have enough gasoline for the brand new ones they had. IN THE MATTER OF j at Los Angeles THE ESTATE OF No 1904 E. A. .BROWN, deceased' LaA ; known area* of decedent! Bllyheville Arkansas. Date of death: October 11, 1948. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above-named decedent on' the 23th day of September,. 1049. All persons'having claims against the eslate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within, six months from the date' of the" first publication of this notice, or precluded from any benefit In the they shall be forever barreS nnd estole. . ' Autumn Temperatures Near Normal Over U.S. CHICAGO, Oct. 1—Wj—There were a few rainy spots but generally most of the nation had , fair weather today with pleasant autumn temperatures. The wet belt extended over parts of Kansas northward into Nebraska, the Dakotas. Minnesota, Western Iowa, Minnesota nnd Northwestern Wisconsin. There also .were a few showers in the Northern -.Rockies and In Florida. Temperatures dropped- below freezing early today In parts of Michigan and were in the high 30's In Kentucky and Northwestern Arkansas. The mercury reached above 100 yesterday in parts of Arizana was 90 Gunmen Take $1,500 from $. Missouri Firm fi QIOEON, Mo., Oct. I—(If!— Two young holdup men armed with pistols, locked five officials and em- ployes of the Gideon-Anderson Lumber Company In a vault >jh the company's general offices her* today and leisurely escniwd with $1500 company payroll and an »<l- dltionl sum taken from a safe;W Don Winston, assistant cashier of the company, had Just entered the office from R bank In the saJBK building and carried the payrolljfa part of which" was overlookediby the robbers.. : *•> The armed men followed hint itnfo Hie oflicc and ordered Winston, n. T. .Stokes, company secretary, and three • other office employes. Mrs. Bernlce Turner, cashier, Miss ZeiiH Phillips, nsslstant cashier, and Bill Bell, accountant. Into'the vault. They delayed locking i the the vault door until they forced Mrs. 1 Turner to open the smaller office safe. .' V/ : The robbers then walked lelsurery out of the building, passed an automobile In which City Marshal J. A. Whitledge was sitting, and went around behind the Oldeon-Andfr- son building where it Is assumed they hnd an automobile waiting for them. Mrs. Don Winston, emploje of another part p( the Gideon-Anderson Company, went to the.general oifJce a short time later, heard the five In the vault and released them. This notice first published the 1st day of October, 1949. B. A. Lynch, Administrator of the Estate of E. A. Brown, deceased'. Mail Address: % Farmers Bank and Trust Co., Blytheville, Arkansas Reid and Roy, attorneys. ' . 10.1-8 Marriage Liceneses The following couples obtained marriage licenses at the office of M(M Elizabeth Blytlie,- county clerk, yesterday: •Warner S. While of Luxora and Miss Julia Mae Woodard of Blythe- .vllle. .-.Wilson H BohanliiK nnd Miss Stella Mae Gain, both of Blytheville. •J- D. Tyler and Miss . Barbara Jackson, both of Manila. Earl Robbins, Jr., and Miss Margarett Virginia Cagle. both of Blytheville. Missco Farmers, Osceolo C. of C. To Hear Educator Dr. Lewis' Webster Janes, president oT the University of Arkansas Dean Uppert S. Ellis, dean of the College of Agriculture, and W. T Jones, member of the board trustees from Madison will be South Mississippi County Tuesday for a tour _ of, Mississippi Delta country. Charles Jolifl, secretary-managei of the Osceola Chamber ot Commerce, said today that the tour was an observution tour, marking the progress of Osccota In agriculture industrial and business fields While In Osceoln Dr. Jones % u scheduled to Speak Tuesday nigh I at a meeting of the MLssissipp: County Farm Bureau and the'Osce- ola Chamber of Commerce, where he will discuss the'University, program, nnd on Tuesday-noon lie will address the Osceola Rotary Club. • OH Wednesday the tour,, similar to that conducted lit Osceola, will be continued at Piggott. Blytheville Man's Truck Involved in Memphis Accident- Shelby County officers today were continuing their investigation of an iccldent Involving » truck driven ->y J. W. Ford, 116 East Rose street, aiythevllle, near Memphis yesterday n which three persona were killed ind four Injured. ; Mr. Ford suffered minor Injuries md was treated at the John Gascon Hospital In Memphis. He was >elng detained by sheriff's ,depu- .les in Memphis today bill no charges had been preferred this morning.' Mrs. Ford.was with him at the time of the accident but was uninjured. . • ; • . . Fatally injured were' Jlmmte Carroll Graham, 19, Benny Wade Taylor, .also 19, and -Miss Eva Lou Bridges, 18, all of Memphis, and three persons In addition to Mr Ford were Injured. . According to Shelby County Sheriff's Deputies Claiborne and Beach Mr. Ford had pulled out of a nil- Ing station on Highway. 51 heading south when his truck figured In a collision with a car driven by young Graham, who was headed north. His car was thrown by the impact into Hie line of southbound traffic and collided with another driven by Harvey D. ; Alien, also of Memphis, who was one of the four persons Injured. Listed among the injured : were- Miss Betty Rogers, 17, and Miss Barbara Lee Pinkaid, 17. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1949 Berlin Airlift Ends tUUNE-MAIN AIRBASB, Germany. Oct.-, 1. M>(—This big Amer- icaji airbase Is as quiet'today as a top sergeant with mumps • Yesterday was the last day of the once great'Allied airlit to blockaded Berlin. A big C-54 loaded with coal made the final light east in what once was an endless skyway of planes bridging' the Russian blockade. .'"•''•-.. Italy Seeks Loan? MOSCOW —<iPj— Italian Minister Pella's trip to Washington w a s headlined by "Izvestia:" "Italian Government Is Seeking a Loan from USA." FREE For Kiddies —- — In Car Comfort _ STARVU• Drive Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chkkocowba ! SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceriet .' Phone 2043 Plenty of ParltinR Spat» SKY DRIVE-IN THEATER MONDAY IS "BUCK NIGHT" FOR ALL CHEVROLET OWNERS All Chevrolet Owners Admitted for Just $1 Sunday and Monday Night Feature Wall Disney's Great Prodiicfion "MAN FROM COLORADO" GLENN FORD HELEN DREW Plui Added Attractions "••••••••••••••••••••• MBM ai H __ MM> . M _ 2 Milts North of BiythcvilU — Regular Admission SOc Box Office Opens at 6:30 — Show Starts at 7:00 1 1 Face Federal Charge After Series of Raids MAGNOL7A. Ark, Oct. ,1; Columbia County is drier today As' a result of extensive raids In and near Magnolia, 11 persons face federal charges of selling liquor without a federal pcntilt. Two bucks, 123 eses of whiskey.and M case. 1 : of beer were confiscated Columbia County bans the sale of Intoxicating liquors under the state's local opt ion Jaw. - -; ernor would'take whatever action Is The II persons arrested in the cers were arraigned -'before' U.S. Commissioner J.O. Eagsdaie In El Dorado. • The officers said warrants have been issued for the'arrest of two .other persons on similar charges. Federal Reserve Board In Optimistic Mood WASHINGTON, Oct. ' l—fflV-E- onomists predicted today that the pick-up of industrial 'production which began in August .will carry through November—barring a body blow from major strikes. This forecast came after the Federal Reserve Board announced that output of flie nation's factories and mines had gained five per cent dining August, halting eight straight months or "recessionary" decline, j Until December, there should be powerful seasonal forces at work lo [lush .production higher; restocking by merchants for the winter season and for Christmas sales. The economists said 1950 trends remain uncertain, with December developments expected to provide a good clue. '.•.-.• McMoth Wants Stole licf Placid Under Civil Service Control LITTLE ROCK,'Oct. 1. &P) — Governor McM»th plans to ask the 1951 legislature to place the Arkansas State Police Department'under ilvll service control. '••• . i ^ > • He announced this yesterday In addressing 28 state troopers : . who completed a 40-day training' school here. • •,••••. ..:/•-.•. MeMath said his proposal will include a retirement and pension program for patrolmen. t Life-Termer Gets Chance to Hear.:: Cantata He Wrote *', i NASHVILLE, Oil I. (/P)—A'Ten- nessee life-termer .whose, iriusleal genius won him a week's freedom sped by private plane toward Texas today as the guest ol the town of Big Spring. H was a history of,' the West Texas town that inspired 49-year- old Frank Grandslaff. who was sent up for life nine years a'go under Tennessee's habitual criminal law, to write a cantata. ' : The prison doors opened for GrandstafT today arid lie was'placed In the custody of Texans who are taking him to Big Spring. The plane left here nt 8:30 a.m., Central Standard Time. '..'•;' Inspired by a history of the town written by Earl (Shine) Phillips, druggist and author, the Tennessee prisoner composed a 10-page cantata as he sat In a prison cell The people of Big, Spring liked Grandstaft's work and persuaded Qov. Gordon Browning to release him in their custody so he could hear his cantata presented at the town's centennial celebration which opens tomorrow. ' . Phillips flew here i;i a - private plane yesterday to take.Grandstaft to Texas for the celebration. With him was two-gun Sheriff Bob Wolf, who's 'responsible for G/randstaH's return to the Tennessee prison, and the plane's pilot, Roy Primm. Grandstnff is eager to hear his historical cantata presented by the many-voiced male chorus which will sing it Sunday afternoon. Then he wants to play the piano. After that, he says he's leady to come back to Tennessee State Prison—where the law requires thnt he spend the rest of his days. ' Arkansas Liquor Exporters Told To Quit Business LITTLE HOCK, Oct. 1. (*>>—Arkansas Revenue Commissioner Dean R. Morley has given the state's two remaining liquor exporters until Monday to quit business, j: Tlie Harris Export Co., Fort Smith. a>id the . Sun Export Co., Lake Village, have been asked to surrender their licenses by then. Westark, Inc., Tort -Smith, already lias surrendered Its permit. Litigation probably will follow if the remaining exporters refuse to quit. Their business/admittedly designed to allow them to ship llmior inlo "diy" Mississippi and Oklahoma, was authorized by the 1M9 legislature. vMorley asked the lliree permit- tees to surrender their licenses after Oklahoma at an election Tuesday • retained Its constitution a 1 • 'bone • dry" provision. Serves in Pacific Lucian Cowan, seaman In the United States Navy, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Cowan of Etowah, Is serving as a crew member on the USS 419 in "Operation Miki", an amphibious exercise in the'Pa- ciflc. .• • ' NEW Bo* Opem Week Day» 7:M p.m. Matiate Saturday't Sand.,, Mat.-San. 1 pjn. C*at gjj Manila, Ark. Sbowi EVERY NIGHT Saturday : • "HORSEMAN OF THE SIERRAS" with Charles Starred Also Shorts Saturday Owl Show "SNAKE PIT" with Olivia I>e Havilana Also Shorts ; Sunday £ Monday "SLATTERVS HURRICANE" willi Veronica Lake Linda Darnell . . Also Shorts SKY 11 ME DRJVE-IN THEATER Miles North «f Blytheville Bo» Office Opens at 6:30 Show SUrls 7:00 Bos Office Opens at 6:45 p.m. Week fiights Show Starts at 7:00 Matinee Saturday & Sundij it 'i p.m. with continuous shuwlnj: Saturday . "VALLEY OF FEAR" Joltniiy Mack Brown Serial & Comedy SATURDAY MIDNITE SHOW "SON OF DRACULA" Lon "Chancy Louise Allbritto'n Also' Comedy Sunday & Monday RENT A CAR Orlve Anrwhm Vn, tVas* Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 Saturday "TRAIL TO LAREDO" with Charles Starrett and SmiJey Burnett Added Attractions Saturday Midnight Show "OUR RELATIONS" with Stun,Laurel and Oliver Hardy Added Attractions Sunday & Monday "MAN FROM COLORADO" with Glenn Ford anil Ellen Drc» Added Attractions RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday "BROTHERS IN THE SADDLE" with Tim Holt Serial '& Cartoon Saturday Chyl Show "LOST PATROL" with Alctor McLaglen and Boris Karloff Also Cartoon Sunday, Monday & Tuesday iJrlth M»r»wrlte Chapman and Walter Brennah Warner Newa & Cartoon ; Lost Day OPEN; 12:45 "--,'.- Kiehuril Cromwell In Village Barn Dance" BLVTHEVILLES ONLY "Marshal of Gunsmoke" ALL WHITE THEATPE SEKIAL . cARTOON OWL SHOW 10:45 HOLANO Wll S'JN.-MON. == TWO BIG HITS • oi'tN II 45 The West's Wildest Era! r ..o L FLYNN XMK SHERIDAN ALSO • LATEST WORLD NEWS • DONALD DUCK CARTOOJ* Army Surplus WE SELL IN JOB LOTS • Mattresses ' • Cots • Comforts • Blankets We Buy Good Used Clothing ANDERSON SHOE SHOP & CLOTHING STORE 716 E. Main ' Blytheville STABBS Service i Refrigeration and OIL STOVE REPAIR Phones 2559-554 Bljtheville Willjs Sales Co. •410 E. Main SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills.- oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 mrh thn-knei>s Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway t'hont 2S5HI OUR NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER 4427 Nunn Provision Co. Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance Legion Arena Sat Oct 1 i ... , Finals. In the Amateur Show Those Who Like to Square Dance are Cordially Invited! —Featuring— Garrett Snuff Variety Gang with Jackie Boy Ptnnington Adm. Adults 75c - Children 25c This Adm. Includes Both Show & Dane*

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