The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1951
Page 13
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FRIDAT, OCTOBER 12, Our Boarding Housewith Ma). Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams LOOK.TwIGGS: JAK6 LEFT THIS NOTE-. "FARE THEe THIS 15 A NEW TWIST Of TUB DIAL FOR JAKie.' HE'S TOUGHER. THAN 6IMCW LEGRee, ' ~ rr'STH6 FIRST H£'5 GNEM OUT VJ1TH AMY LITTLE EVA LIMES/I MOSTA gfiEKj [HE FAT HEAD. AIM'T.HE (SOT WO PRIDE? ITS THE ONLY THIWC, BETTER. AT THAW A GUY LIKE TH 1 BULL--WHV DON'T HE TAKE A LITTLE AD VANTAGE OF IT? you HAVE TO 7HINK A LITTLE. YOU SHOULP MAKE. EVEN A WHEELBARROW JOB LCOK A& IM- fCRTAWTAS POSSIBLE.' WELL, AMOS, OLD ZPOKY. THINK NOT HARSHLY OF VHY TrW OKIE klEAl? BRAWEP ME.' OOH--I FOR&ET AMP BOB UP/ AFTER TWENTY YEAR'S UP AMP LIKE- -m& POET <5AYS,WHeMYeR ABOUT TO BREAk, JUST REMEMSeR. VER TRUE PAL 30ST WAWTS A LITTt-t UMDER.- 5TAWD[fJG = FRECKLES AND HW HUENDg B r MERKILL Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 8, JQ51 For Mayor DAN A. BLODGETTT E. R. JACKSON DOYLE HENDERSON For Alderman Third Ward L. <3. NASH For Alderman Fourth Ward LESLIE MOORE ! At our house we Keep things right. It's Meyer's Bread every night. We serve our meals right on the dot. And Meyer's Bread sure hiU the spoil RENT A CAMERA M»vi« Camms ^. rlanh Cameras r^**^ B«i CAmer.ii I -v The Inexpensive Way to Preserve Important Occasions BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West !\Iain Phone 3G47 NO SURVIVORS WILL HENRY pj the short scconrfe of our gallop down tlie valley, Fctterman had .-ome out of his shock A stream if shots from hie repeater joined vith my fire io make a river ot ifad which impacted on the red ranks before us with the suddenness of water from a burM dam. Fetterman laughed hysterically. J Cotne on, Clayton! We're almost there!" At the same timt h« swerved his hort-- for the wagons threw his empty rifle in the faces of the oncoming Indian*, and drew his saljer. In a stirrup-locked charge we headed ror deaih. For the third time that day t»ve Indian tcrces split open »o make a path for us. But this time they got the wedge in their red rears, an unprotected, tender quarter. Charging toward UB through th e opening, rode Fetlerman's 30 troopers led by Lieutenant Wands, from the cover of the wagorm. Once inside the wagon circle, we learned Wands in his pistol- charge had carried through his section ot Indians. Looking around for us at the other end of the valley, he joule" see nothing but hostiles, assumed w: were wiped out and headerf his command for the wagons. He hadn't suffered a 'casualty, man or horst. and when he saw us break clear had organized his remarkable charge. Fetterman was at my side, joining me in peering through a wagon wheel. "Clayton, I'm writing a dispatch for you to get through to Carring:on. Use your own judgment on wher, and how to leave, Yo« can make U, of course?" "I'll never know whether I coiiM or not, Captain, becau** I'm MH some*, me not going to try." "How's that?" His face was colorless. "Look here, man. You saved my life today, I'm not forgetting that But this ic an order. If you're afraid—* "Yes. Captain, Tm afraid. Also m using my head, not losing my hair. And you're suffering shock. Better go lie down someplace." •Ite'i right," young Wands broke m, earnestly. "It would be murder to send a man out now. And J>* wouldn't get to the fort before Carrington started looking for us." TTK' obviousness at VK'M made Fetterman furious. "t beli«v* I'm senior here. Wand*. Any question of that?" "Non« a* all. Captain. Just giving my opinion." * "Here the} comer yelled a trooper. And eoro« they did, wave after wave, with about SO to the wave, each group dashing a little closer before breaking and washing back, the last bunch breaching our wsgon line, 15 or 20 of them riding their squealing ponies into our midst. Had the others followed lo. another massacre would have been officiaJ. r those who got into the wagon circle, one rode his way out, perhaps living to boas< of his exploit, but I tnke leave to doubt it. I might have known more of his fate but for the fact that he rode me down going out, I woke up in Fort Phil ,'Cearney, not much the worse for all the excitement, .save B respectable scalp-wound which mercifully spared me the jolting detail; of the ride back ii one of Carrington's mule drawn ambulance*. As soon as I could I weo< to see Carrintfton. "Colons, I want to resign," 1 told him. "Now, Clayton, slow down. I know Fetterman and yo« had a UH>« fim, but—" To Admit Japt ! SINGAPORE, Wi—Tile Singapore | executive council shortly will dis- ! cuss regulations for the tntry of "He's a fool," I Interrupted. "He also requests your <))s- charge, which I refused. Now, Clayton I want you to slay on. I'll back you ut. when you're right." "Sure, Colonel. It's fair. But that's neither here nor there." "Well, what's eating you, man?" "Colonel, it's Eci Geary's opinion, and mine through him, that the whiskey running thnt goes on oul here has more than a little lo do with the hostile outbreaks. Not with the attilndes of the big chiefs like Red Cloud and Crazy Horse, you understand. But you know that for every raid led by one of (heir rank, there's a dozen wagon- train burnings and seltler-scalp- ings with which they have nothing lo do and which ore, in fact, ex- prtssly against their orders." "Well, what of it?" The Colonel's question showed impatience. "You know an Jmli;m wilj do anything when he's drunk. We can't help that." • • • "J THINK you can," 1 disagreed, •* "and I'm willing to help you. Back in Kansas City 1 had a little tuick-up against the man who Geary says is the big wheel in these whiskey operations. I know this man, I know he's out here, operating, and I want to go after him. If you'll give me 30 day« and & few men, I cart— M 'Out of tile question, absolutciy I'm sorry." "No need to b«. Colonel. I'll rkte my trail the way I read its signs, anyway." "Well I regret your attitude Though perhaps (('3 just as well You've been listening to* Geary loo hard. HP'S half Cheyenne. I think you've 'gone Injun,' on us, Clayton, and when a scout gets soft on Indians his usefulness to the Army is questionable. It there's anything else I can do for you, Clayton—" I started lo say there wasn't when I remembered a forgotten voice. . . . "Colonel, my compliments. Should our paths cross again. ., ." I turned to Carrington. "There is something you could do, Colonel. I'd. like to know where General Custer is now." (T. Open forBusiness MODERN HOME Interior Decorators Highway 61 S. C. J, BURRIS L'PllOLSTKRKR Phone 8061 REPAIR SERVICE A11 appliance*: refrigerators. fre«>«rs p range*, and waftherv. Radr*« and small appliances. Al) o«r jr*rk !• ^ptaranlced. Adams Appliance Co. SHOES Repaired-Resly led SHOES DYED and CLEANED JJapanese subjects Inlo Uil t British crown colony " since the war. Their admittance no» f ft technically legal since the signing of the peace treaty. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kifby Drug Stores QUHLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. M CM N ST Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Mile* P«w«r Get The Best I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 SHEET METAL WORKS — ~^—=OF ALL KINDS Custom work for frj n . s , alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shoaring up lo '/ 4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Smith Uroariway Phone 2651 v* Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONI 2380 Block*—Culrerts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 81 Him; ••. BlythtTllte Driving Too Fast Can Cost You Money And the only way u> knovf j v , 5t how fast you're (?oln(t Is to have an accur»le»pecdometer. We repair speedometers for all makes and models of cars »nd trucks One day service ............ T.I. SEAT MOTOR CO. m r,. Mahn STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. 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NEWSPAPERS) ' GAMES on TWIRP SATURDAY SPINK, I Woufciir >,eue. OUTFIT WAS SLIPPING / i w/15 R jt ADY T0 Q1VE ms _ Accounr B FBEiMooe. HORSEY AND FRETMORE .' Bur THIS IS THE SINC2? 1»|E ATOM BUT WHV 4OOTHE EXTRA ^O » ? CALL ir I know I'm over my allowance, Dad—but you're still «av ing plenty on m« while I'm * $600 dependent!" PRFSCILLA'I POP 11 BY AL VERMEEB WHEN VOU FALL IN LOVE WITH POP OH, BOY!! YOU POP WAS A FOOTBALL STAR That Makes It Tough MICHAEL O'MAU.EY and RALPH LANS PiCK IT UP/ HURKY WH--WHA.T SHALL I DO MOW? POINT IT AT AND SHOOT CAPTAIN EASY I'ull Up a Chair BY LESLIE TURNER c HERE ALREADY! fiTOCK BEFORE THIS FELLOW,. TAXES... ER-WHr 1 , HOW ARE YOU, JORKItt? A.UPWU.MB5 BY V. T HA.MUN SERVANTS AM' SlAVRli AW A FORTV'KOOM HOME ...AW CONTROL OF TH'GAMFS IN ' COLISEUM OF ROME' AN' FOURREGIMtNTOOF GLADIATORS.51* APPIAN APARTMHMT HOUSES F^t' TWELVE CUBIC YARDS OF IMPERIAL ROMAN BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN ~3ttkV«>l £-.

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