The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1949
Page 7
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1 SATURDAY," OCTOBER 1. OUT OUR WAY fcv J. R. Williams we wrnOesseo A BUME ?{88pN * **«* i.=rmr*f. THIS-WEWONT BE ABLE TO SLEEP SITTER f.-OUDOHTf BETTER OLi. \y? AMP ASIC WALTER f HE'LL COME AMP SLEEP HERE TOMC.HT/ AT THE klfXbPF HeROPS ARS MAOe-KiOT 6ORW FOR SALE Adelaide Humphries I* WfA SKViCE. INC Our Boording House with Moj/Hoopic Concrete culvfrlx U uicb Ut U inch, plain 01 reehforeed Als* ConcreU Kuildini Blocks cbfjp- er lhali himbef for barbs! eiiicken fauaset, pamit noMei, tenant houses, tool »lied» W* dflivet Call as for tree estimate Phone SSI OSGEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. You Catt Tellthe Difference in Good Shoe Repair WCJODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store XXXVI A PRIL irrlv«d too soon Geynel waj on her way to m«*i Barry « Washington BoulCTird to choose her wedding hng She was reminded of another spring, n year ago, when going to meet Barry, ihe had met Fritz instead. Of count that wn he reason why she wddenly decided eon- silHing h«r wrist watch »nd swing the had a «ood half hour lo spare, that she wolild spenti it in the lounge. Artnand. gre«ting her with kit Cossack's bow, escorted her to hit table He received her order with his most pompous dignity There was no doubt that Gaynel, in her new spring suit, was by far the prettiest girl in the place There was ho doUbt that the young man, big and square and blond, who suddenly seemed to appear from nowhere to loom beside her table, had e-very intention of joining hen He said, "Sorry tc have kept you waiting this long, Madome I see you picketi the Same spot And are Booking more gorgeous than e\er" He ilid into the opposite chllr before Gaynel could manage a single syllable, hafl she b*en able, which she was not He turned to Armand, who was now at his elbow, with his elegant bow "Whiskey and soda, my good man," Fritz said. Gaynel knew she should have called for help, or dohe something de^Srate But she did not want lo risk a scene Her heart beat hard, she could feel the color rising in her cheeks "Don't get ruffed—please!" FfiU gave her his most persuasive grin His eyes were blue is ever • • • ARMAIfD Set the whiskey and 5* ioda on the table, went through the Mremohy of fixing them, ahd took hunself, off with an elaborate bow. j "I am • hig. A ielhsh, stubborn fool I don't deserve «ven to have you so much as look at me. I've been out of town Just got back last night," Fritz began. "Thai does not interest me in the least," Gaynel said It might have been better not to have said th»t much Bu*t if she kept on saying nothing h« would ne^fer stop talking. "I'm sure it dot^i't But 1 am Interested in what you have been doing, Intend to do So interested, Madome that I did not catch one Wink, >t<er I cot back last night Today t caught a giimpse of yo\i, and followed you here * 'I told you," Oaynel looked at him steadily, directly—if orily for bhe brief heart-beat—"that I am hot Interested." "I know." He wagged hts head. "You aren't interested But you hould ke Look here, I've ad milled I was in the wrong. I'll get down on my knefes—right here —i{ you want me to." He actually got to his feet, as though tft carry out (his threat: It was Gaynel's hand that made him sit down this time. "You suibnie me," Gaynel said ''I sUppo'etJ Bessie was the re- fclprocaril for your affections now." She could not resist getting that in. T like Bessie," Fritz said ' But 1 never told her, on any occasion that I loved her We're just pals What I want to discuss Is why yod ire going to rharry Barry " Because I am very fond of him," Gaynel raid, almost loo quickly 'Isn't that reason enough** u "Being fond o« k guy isn't enough, if I may tender my advice" twl Are* herself up, she consulted her diamond-and-sapphire-set Wrist watch "I have an appointment In order io Ve«>p it, t shall have lo go now " Fritz said, "1 shan't Be lain Jbii. i If you're really sure—and you have changed your mind before —but one thing—before you rush oft—can you look me m the eyfe and tell me you don t love mo' The wav that 1 lov« you The way you should lo\e the person you're going lo marry, for as lonfe as yoli bolh shall live, you know I dare yoli'" "Why, ] , you . - she looked him in fhe e\e, «nd he looked il her A look that reached down mlo her, twisting her he^rt, making ii stand still—making it beat again, come to life—as only a look from Friiz could do "You see," he sani softl), his \oice tensing and tender, both of his hands reaching across la capture hers • You can't do it *• "What are we going lo do'" Gaynel nsked There was no use pretending (IghUhK, tryihg lo get e<.en, evading how She wai stripped ot all her defenses, her foolish pride. Sh« loved Only Fritz • * ^ gHE had given her promise to Barry At this moment he WB« waiting to choost her wedding ring. Invitations had been mailed out In just two »eeks there would b« thai big church wedding. Friti bushed batk hi* chair, i hod of his hea'd sumrnAhed Ar»- mand, with his courtly bow. ' Check, please," Frilz said "And we are quite in a hurry/ We at* aboul to rush the courthouse for a license YOU dohl supfiose ydU could come along a* a withess, Bo you, Arrnartd?" "Armahd is sorry K He bowed from His waist; with a click B! his ueels. "The management will not fc*rrnit Bill Armarid, if he iflay do So, wishes to extehd hi% most sincere best wishes for all the lappmesj; posserble ahd Ihe good luck-for Madome and M'sieur." Tku: END It : j - With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP In Erigland It's the Chemist Shop th Franc* !*'• fht Apothecary Shop In BJythfcVille If'i BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service The constitution of Ihe TJnlted States hiakes no mention bl a President's Cabinet. PRESCRIPTIONS fresh Stock Gt&ranifeed Beit Pficei Kirby Drug Stores Phone Usi M 1 m^mmmmm DEFOLIATE AIRPLANE Perfect Coverage. .Defoliant available at compethive prices. ;SCRAPE AGRICULTURAL SlUVlCt 2 Miles Sdbtri of fjiy-thfevilte f»hone 4388 Nichols Drug M*] PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 'biij fears ot eiperienct u- siire JoU that, _wheh you present '6 prescription ordej to w. it wijl 'be eipertlj com. pounded from fresh pure dhjft. Ybi) cih be sure it RoiRfoclr'a ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE STUD E B A K f ft Compare Thete Trucks With Any You See 19oO license. U "*« k ' r I ' T< ev*fy way. k * r I/2 '? scratch on Hi |U in fcntMl Slake, .n Meat farM truck " " Chatnfaiin Sales Co. •M Mh n bM gM ST U D E BA K E R PAGE SEVEN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS B? MERRILL BLOSSEI What> Now? SURE / .siN& WANKSER Of THE SHApySlD? WHEN A WOMAN WAMTS SOMtTHWS, COW. IM» l> MA HtVKC. MC. T. H iio. u. ». ,„. WF.' «>./ "I iota ait the relitivei | visited jatt iumrrier t loved them but would be happier at home—and they agreed with me'" ' PRI«C1IJ;A'S POP As i'er lustructions •P DICK,' «Y AL VERMKRH Manthorp's Job, BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY anr) RALPH LANE W- ^R^T^"^^^^ /WHAT bits ERtUcE DOES if MAKE IF TllE "AVWBk" GOES DOWN Wlill twit OF OR All ntntt ABOARD 2 AND -~--^.-. SOUND :OME K> THE • uJiTr.JEl THAT MAN-A™** D?MA CAPTAIN EASY HERE'S ONE... .WILL TMiS PO Doc Uhdfel-slahcls »Y V I HAMI.lN INDUCE ME TO TIME- MACHINE.THEM BOOTS AND HRft .'uX'tfA'.::

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