The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1947
Page 10
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f AGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JUNK 9, Bugler Sounds Final Retreat jEor 3 Who Fought for Lincoln Sharing in the t:Iory were three civil \viir veterans who lire not GAR members. Tlicy are Clwrlei L. Hccker, !C9. Virginia. J'Vu- sterinacher. 97. Uvninenl, and Or- rlii S. Pierce, 99, Minneapolis. A city official, riding in Die I'l^t car, said: "I fee] like I'm eoing to a funeral." The automobiles cavrylnp llio boys in bine sloppi-d. They got out and reviewed t)u> marching units--- Spanisli-Amrrirati vets, Amoneuii Legion, Veleruiii of Poreinn War's, Disabled Amrrieim Veterans, pwtment of the Grand Amiy oflish War Veterans and the Militaiy the Republic. They said they were Order of the Purple Heart. too old to meet again for another| Bands played old marohini! sonss encampment. , j for a parade of yeslewtny's heioc; In their honor n great pav.iJe men who fousht because "a house was held. Bands played and vet-! divided against itself eannol ersais of three other wars march- BY JOHN T. WITHY fress Staff Correspondent \ST. PAUL, Minn., June 9. (UP)— •Hiree old men vrtio helped A'oe Lincoln preserve the union. passed their muskets to ft new generation today—and prayed there would neier have to be another wwr. With tears in their eyes, Albert WooUon, 100, Dulnth, Nathan Cql- .burn,' 101, ChainplRtn, and Anson • B.'-Baker, 97..Minneapolis, disbanded their outfit Wednesday night. Thej »erc the last three surviv- ln» members of the Minnesota De- ed »ith the boys in blue. Then. Woolson, the commander, surrendered the charter to the National CAR. Wearing h! s officer's blue uniform, his chest covered with ribbons, he stood in the city auditorium Wednesday night before a hushed audience of.S.COD persons. He spoke in a strong and firm voice. stand." because they eould "re- jncmbcr the Maine." who foiifiut "make llio world sate for do mocrncy" find to preserve "tin.' to Looking Over the Field Four Frcdotns." After the p;u:iclc, B:ikcr wns lirert to ca on lo the final ceremonies. He *;iid tjootl-bye lo hi buddies r.nd they went to the ci'-> auditoiinin. There •\-crc' a few brief speech?*. i Then Woolson tnnietl the duir'.rr "It is my hope Hint there will I over to Mrs. M.irion Jewell, a GAR be no more cruel and Inhuman socret-iry. He paid the ceremony \vus Wars," he said. ''But we have -not one of sacincss. 1 ' nothing . to worry about sis long! nut Colburn kept dabbing hi s eyes th3 present generation as we Itavc of splendid young men in the krrned forces." •- In the parade which \VOU:H'I through the city streets Woolson, his head held place of honor. high, rode in tli; with a hamikerchief, A tnclf-r sounded retreat, Nc—not taps, Woolson said. Ketrcat. The quiet clear of rest and quie', that tell notes Arm men nisht has fallen and the flaj being lowered. CARPENTER SERVICE Minor IJcpairiiij;, Screen Woik, Piiiitting, Heiiladiii; Windows Steps, ami other work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone Itoul Conner News Want Ads. Little Marie Crutchcy, 4, and her pel, L^icky, look over the field in pony class at Philadelphia's Northuast Hiding and Driving ( ' Association's benefit horse show. s TUB STOnVl I irn* Ilie unly ' •«« who kneiv Flom -mi* Kt*in« y, lloli'x lml>y. Stic KCd (o Sri " ~ to have B Im out lelliliK Klin. 1 l>CTNu:nll-il li« to tell liliu uiiii hrr fcnuEly iilml •the tliree duyn vlic Hiifiil ^vll Boh fn lturT:ilu. After MTio tint •o, Snm cumcn to my futlirr \v!1 thr nkole ntorv. Fmlii-r iMihk out thnt under tli^ >lnrrd S;mi Ii yiwltlon, fce M.I: nl^tit luluU-ruIjli; . * * » 'JiJVM-. XIV .E following day our daily pa-per carried this announcement: The engagement existing between • Mrs. Florabelle Tollivcr -Finneran and Mr. Samuel Hart Forbes has been broken by mutual consent." ** Cousin Sam and Nelson Forbes went down to New York and i stayed there until the excitement died down, or at least until it was no longer at white heat For of course Otsego talked, breathed, ^lept, ate, and drank nothing but " ,e broken engagement. I could not stand the talk, the unending speculation and conjecture, and I fled to Elmira lo visit iny grandmother. It was there that I learned that Bob Finncrar :had been killed in France. "/- Bobi died bravely and gallantly ttomu'tig. A. nest of machine guns iHe was the first boy from ou jtown to lose his life in the wa ;that was daily coining closer an closer to being our war. • I went three times to the Tol : livers' and asked lo see Flora. Mrs Tolliver never opened the doo -more than a few inches and tol 'me curtly each time that Flor |was out. I I knew I ought to go and sc ;Krs. Finneran, but I kept putlin {it_ off. One dreary afternoon sh ;came to sec me. She was swathe •Sn black and looked pmcucd an Mrs. Finneran had been an ex- cptionally pretty girl, but it was ou' n faded preltincss and there as an unpleasant whine in her oicc. The whine was accentuated hen she said she had come to sk me n favor. It's not exactly a favor . . . ither the opportunity to right a 'rong. I know you did it thotight- ssly, that you have been a tool ither than an instrument. Ncvcr- iclcss you have clone me and line a great injustice. I call on on in Robert's name to make it .ghl." 11 took me a little while to rcal- f.c that Mrs. Finneran wanted me o deny that Florabclle and Dob ad been together in Buffalo, to cny that Bob \vas the father of Morabellc Tollivor's child. W HEN Father < 1 told him the iC news, he looked •cry grave. "This is pretty ugly," he said. 'Maltie Finneran knows thnt in all irobabilily the baby is Dob's. De- •anse of her malignant jealousy he has chosen to believe the im- irobablc. Unfortunately a great nany people may accept her story Flora will have to show her let- .crs from Bob, prove that she was n Buffalo. That ought to be simile enough." That evening I went over to the Tollivers. Fortunately, Mrs. Tol iver had gone out. Amy took me up to Flora's room. I found her in bed wilh a slish cold, sewing on baby clothes. He hair was carefully brushed ant curled, her nails manicured. Shi wore an extremely becoming pinl bccljackel. She greeted me with her usua enthusiasm. She said she knew would come, that it was cxaclV like me, that of course she did fee terribly about poor dear Hobby death, but after all, Bobby ha been dead to her for a long, long time. "It's too bad Bob didn't liv« long notigh to kno\v about the baby. I link it would have made him cry happy," f said. "Yes, it is too bad," Flora said, iling oft a thread. "Hut then It light have distressed and dis- irljccl him. Hobby rather avoided csponsibi'ily." I had to choke hack an angry ctort. Without bothering to bo I plunncd into an account r 3-irc. Fhmcran's visit and her sscrtion that the baby was not iob's. I felt guilty and disturbed , p licn Floc.l sat for a miiuiic witll owed head and then burst into n torni (jf sobs. I went over and ook her hand. "Please, please don't feel so iad," I urged. "All you have to lo is to show Bob's letters asking cm to meet him in BuITalo or re- erring to the meeting. It's simple s anything." :> * • 'T . . . I haven't any of Hob's letters. J burned them all up. Ivcry single one," Flora sobbed. "Well, in that case Father or oinconu will write lo the Irociuois lotcl and get a copy of Bob's slg- lature." "Bobby didn't register; I did," Flora got out. "I ... I registered is Mr. and MLS. John Smith frOAi Oskaloosa. Bobby thought it was awfully funny, because I could elt Oskaloosa." "But why on earth ..." I began. Flora sat up, her sobs at a sud- n end. "II doesn't matter," she said a little impatiently, "but if you must mow, Bobby wasn't supposed to leave the country, leave Canada." "Do you mean it doesn't matter (bat you can't prove that your baby is Bob's? With his mother claiming ..." "Actually I am so terribly, terribly happy and relieved." "Happy?" "Yes, rapturously happy. What docs it mailer if Mother Finivjran says I'm no better than I should be, it a few of her friends or the whole town believes her? My baby is all mine now, utterly, .ibsoUilcly mine. I've been frightened half out of my wits that Mother Finneran might claim her share. Now I'll never, never have lo sec lhat awful woman again." l!c Continued). RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OU MODEL.. IlE- UABLE WORKMANSHIP. 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WITH TMM SURSllW DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. WTTNER HILL WILSON To Hie Kcscuc Out Our Way By J. R. Williams ' SVHERE'D ^CLll /PA. I'VE GOT TO C.O OUT V A WHILE — / WILL VOL) [ WATCH TH' MEAT? \\-n HAP MO LICCMC-C, AVI E C--XVV ~' COSMW Wil RAM AM' LEFT ALL l'A'5 FI--HIM'T-NCKLE-- TWO BUCk'-j WORTH. GIT TMW t CO/XT-08- ARSV5, MlSTArt CKTCvA J OM& IP T. f OK A R\O5.'~ UM.' T- vtoMDER IF- -ME \fi\LL BE BITING V. T. IIAML1N BEHOLD MY COMPASSION on. INTREPID A GIVE VOL) A \vE.\PSN THOT VOU M.\V BNTTLE YON LICN CM MC3E EQU.XL TE5MS '' BY EDGAR '^'T ft Vi%\.\..\ O 1 (f. LOOK. .. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIBH 1JY JIICllAKL O'iMALLKY and KALI'H LANE ,! was playmfi hunch. / COX't BtA S.\P.' MAKE UPNOUSAMHD O LET VCX^ MEXT BE TOUR l«T. AND GET HIS,DiRUN&--l WANT YOU TO LOSE IT .' SO VOUR FINE-FEATHERED FR!tNt>.VlC fUNT, REWARDS YOUR TRUST W MM BY MAKING U3VE TO ME, YOUR FIANCEE.' HOW DO-».^YOU HKt THAT ? WHERE \WUIO-ffliT GET YOU? \ WUY DON'T YOU QUIT THE FISHT I RACKET ftND C-fl EVEN WITH THAT i MftMAGER OF YOOR5 AND THE

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