The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1951
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BT.TTKEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAT, OCTOBETl 1J, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dfillr rut^ 1 ppr line for Insertion ' Minimum r harva J tlmr per llnr 2 Hm PS PIT imp p*>r tiny 3 tinier per hue per <Uy 6 times prr llnf pf-r rtriv 1? limes per line per d:\y Month per line Count fit 1 * nvecxgti word? Ad ordered for three 01 M Rtopprd IIP fore cjiplrattnn « fa Jar »lir> number of i! appeArert and fuijiiMmi-m < All flntj-ififrt advc-rllNiiu: mUl«t by pencils rr^Ldlns the city must h« nc<'omimi Rat os Him- oftilly he min the shove Ublr Atlvorttstrv.' or<h>rf-d lor i ftrrtloiiA ink<-s thf one tim No rr\ipotiflti;lUy will li Cypress, ('oLlotiwoori him-1 her. 2'/i> mi. N.\V. of lltilfj Moon. J'h. &W,'J. C. (i. K!o\m-s.j 10-1 pk 11-J i f fl 111 BI1V «J Suvo .Money \\')ipn Von Buy — Holl — Trade Used Furniture GUN 1IAKU1SON & SON ' K UK.VI TURK CO. i 517 \V. Ash 1'h. 2552] R-l> ck If! HKSTACHANT ("JI.ASSKS H A- M Sale* Co in K I'll «?,M USED" COMBINE | BARGAINS' All makes urc here for you to choose from . . . prioril as low as Jl ">()! See us lioforc yon Imy. (You'll ho i;hul you did!) Tvr".^" V <.« P r« s our'Y-VT, -Mt! OKI-TA IM1 '1. K,\l K NTS, INC. thanks nnd sinr.'rf apprprimlnn of t hr 32^ S'.). 2nd. Phone t'MWi many Xln«in''- i . c i-. t fhoivn us <lurlne the I recent loss ol Jnthfr. Mr T r ] >,).2:> irk !l USED COMBINES If it's a used coniliinc you ' want—see us first ! \\'e h:ivc a very wide .selection — All 1 Makes & .Models! | (,' or Terms 61 Implement Co. N. Iliway (il Phone 21 \'i 8-S1 ck tf Courier New rr^f ct rrject nny nrt. Notice tlie T Rtrh^ AKo. Mr Durwoocl Rv.its Ark-, fnr bis inir-iirlliiK hlndin^s through tlie hours r»r wsttlnp ntirl tlsi- funpr^l s«rvlrr!i. nnd (or ih* hpautilnl flotal orrcrliiRs.froin Irlrtuls hrr*-. Kn?\ Frafrlp. Mo.. Hiitf Rll otii^rfl w<* nre <!e«ji)y prntofuL Torn HnvnLe .1- fnrnlly mil Haynlc ,1- f^inllv fr^«. p iile A: fninlly O n. Hnynlc Mrs Kutlirrlnc Adkl^nii A family.};e maple (Irop loaf ilin-i r tnlilr in perfect condition.' fW. ('(ill 2780. 10-5 dh If Apartment for Rent Furnished bedrooms, lit d.nv or -*OPV. » w |> -. ^^ ^ ^ Modern apt , .1 rooms ftn<L hntli. III--A-- ly rffrorp.trd. corxl Tiirnlturr. pits ptiutp- mr.nt- rh. 3373. F. Simon. 921 '-k If PM. bi>tti. li>ll pk !» 3 rm. unrnr. npt . ptivntn hath. «<x>i! location. Ph, .1325 In f y.l: 110 Modern si^m hfMpd »pnninrtn In i Hcnllh and styl'n. iooi mid Indium Bvilldlns. Hcnson«h!p ^rfiit. pn^ „„, |1honr , 3ni B|1( , r ,.,,„ 1 3-rooin. inilur.. ajils ired lor KLrcCrlrHy, Ph. 1 92-13" on. r l> 2 room fi7rn. apt.. Sfl 411 W. Aah. 3 room Turn, apt, (or >r 4336. Nicely fur. npU B109. 10B W. Ky. 4 rm. unfur. apt., nc »uto. H.W. heater, pli. 'nt. Ph. 2170 1012 pic 1G lorp 7:30 . Mis. Joh p ni . bo I.nnn. tlpalc 10 n p^ 2 3 room utilumlshert npt,. rorentlj' \ ~"^~ BARGAIN Wills Ice Cream iMacliine, 2 1 /) gallon per hour oi|mci(y. Kxcells'nt condition. Will soil, trade. Can be finnnced. (.'all is P x io;is GS03. |Q-8 ck 1-1 Blythevill '49 Ford $1245 '49 Ford $795 Ucrr's (lir lair ili'l rar l'hilli|is Miilor Co. liiis HIP you'vp lifcn iihiniiillK lo huv! |iirkii]i fi)r you; Tim p |f| Turd A IHI',1 t'tirtl I'llstrini ilflltvc is a tiakintv.i uontl fniv al ST^IS. Tmlnr Si'il: (|ui].|i( rl with (Viul( In drive il'.' ('u ln-alrr anil K:is-!,:ivinj! over- ilium [,j llriiuilua.v ,v I'hii k.i- drlvc; (; l-luiikiiLK ljl;uk Tin- sinvba In l'.lvllieville . . il's l"ll. reilM.i to fin! '49 Ford $1095 '48 CMC $645 IVIiat a lalnc! liniiriiir n gnnrl This C,MC l-l/2-Ton C:iii H- lookllij; Kuril 'Iiiilor Srrl;in fur Chassis 'I'ruck iv nffrreti lo niily SIOJIS: When vou sli'"l>'i- you nine for jnsl SIMM K Mini's Ilir shllllnj; m;' rouli nnisli. Hip kinil nf Irilrk .VIMJ'VP ffnt .vnu'll hrntw it's a llnr ear, Ha- r»n .vuiir ;nin[l. Uien don't pass illi) MIX! liealer, too. tills one. up. Il'ii a liny! '47 Ford Tliiifs rluVil- $595 '47 Ford rim ri'ail II eor- teelly. This Is H sli;ir|> Mil? Knril 'rurJnr lur tjnl>' li*-.-\ter. this Tnrrl is lh*- pupu- iar jrim metal Krpy rrtlnr. '39 Oldsmobile $325 '48 Ford If you're Looking for a gooiJ (in/ in -A ohr;iji, nlrirr nmrii'l cir, Hicn SIT tlii«i '.10 Olds. S32ft! H's s<il $695 .llalie n ln-IU'l- Iruck Iraili' lij ,,,i,iii] C li, r|iilll]is Jlotiir <•«. Ill Illytlivvilli'. TJiis J-l/J-Toii Call .^- Chassis Trnrk Is pricrrt *t a low. low JC9S— sn drive ilu*vn loinnrrow. $795 a I'ick- «|iiiti' a buy This l ^'-To» nn/ilrJ il - 1 IMI k i H R I ru i-k ( h ;i.>: r r e ;i ni paint jn b ) . I I'll * I v< illo anrl n hrntrr AMI H [irlre you a lot of srn'ice a I our low tap IhjiCs niipMv l^w. price uf Broadway & Chickasawba ompnmj Phone 4453 Don't Wait Too Late for your SOYBEAN LOADER. You can now get a MAYRATH leader from Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceola, Dial 520 — BlythevitU, Dial 2371 Htlp Wantfd, Malt rn-.'XTio.v vm.'Nc; MK\ Lett and Found HIM* lost at Hrst Bapll.u Cllnrih, ujj.lly ivwml, Mr* W. K. [ ,uy Liiluiiuuiioii. I'll. ::4:tu. lu l pk Iti 10 JI pk 14 | Wanted f-rn SrH (O! AmoiiiobJI? Club has nborshlp.s IEI Hollywood from Page 8 , 1J5 I,OHlslan J.mle 1011 ck 11 Female Help Wonferf M < !r PO, in jo pk KOK I 5 room liouso ami luitli, 7lt> Wnlinil, choice nci(;lilioi'- - hood. There is no heller loca- redecorated, rh. 2350 or UicvlllF NUT lornllon. Ho" rmv ?\ntl brnh. Rune (U)lnK J >r. In my-!,. i! tion for clun'cli, school mid Small Apartments, furnish-|!£~ l , lU V,|' lr ™" w ed. $8 up per week. BRHroomsj^ 1 """ 97 -" •>••_•"«•_" "M i> $4 lip Single. 114 West Ash, ] For ImllTldunlly dtalsnrd SIIP T>Vi 9STI S A /*L- \ f I ^ rft ' 1 ' 1 :l| Hl sli'lp supiuuu, ci\h Mu .t'n. /oJ.i. a-'i CK 11 IF. simrpc, pn .IIKJ.I 10.2 n H your work ThesR rooms arc, menl _ „„ ,,',.,„ , |}>vvc - v all nice and larjro, wenlty ''"-l^-.,]^ 1,1, iipwod inside ami out. (iooc! 2 j _'. '. ^ ;ind outdoor stor- Two full lots and 1-1 room house, we'll located, suitable foi' family owner li) occupy first floor ami vonL four apart- monts on second floor. Rents would more than cany pav- Stc- 10-9 ck 17 ClO8« In. nlcp 4 loom linfiir. nrt balh. rtione 2612 —Nlirlil Auto Supplies and Scrv/cei AUTO GLASS Nw or Used WADE AUTO SALVAGE Phono !)-2R- ck tf TX>n' 4 . cnilanccr your family with f-Mlltv tlrci—nt'V LEE T1HES. CHAPMAN SEUVICE STATION Main «nd DtvKJon I'honr 7M3 r.' is fk tf AUTO AND FUHMTrnK LOANS Prompt Pcrsonti] SjTvh 1 * 1 Orii^-ral (.'outTart, rurili.i?*-- C-np. 115 South 5ih. I'hono I5fi"i3 Services lus. W, T Ark.. Pli. Wasluitj; Maciiincs rrpain all niaki 5. B!v(hr\ille Mat-hint 1 Shop, riionp JS28. :',-!'> rk 1 i" Watch and Jewelry Rcooir 1-n»v Ffr-.i--" -•, '.n..: - -, 4,.., „.. wp.rrhr^ ntifl '•':'••-:- c. .. ;,:•_•,-.••, -.,ir'-- <1cno by rt;'.-:Tt ri[il!r:^^T, i. .-..•. "PAT O'BRYAMT Main i- Sni^vi AttmrtlTp, me PTfirt '-nii'iLTIn nfu-r. Unlly : Thoilfj 3G76. n 2 brflroom honse, ulc fun. floor rur- et new rulilHlon. 9 29 pk H "jiitfe room. Lnrge lot. ?t, in 1 ' n\ - \v'M>ii«i cash, maybe will handle, i 111.. U.> H.11U^.-> ... Flip. l>uri:li»r proof M(«» Small «n/es .. ' ' ' . ,. ,. ItnVMi Iti. PI. *»T. 104 pt 11,1 Modei n'praclitallv new anil! — — • ~ - - ' L FOR SAI.B WINTKH Tit ACTION Rlv C'Al'S. (leimine Wardcap tires . . (five sure traction in deep mud !" , Ul> '"I 1 <:<" 1(llt '<'" ^ ^ » snow. Buy a pair loiiay and lie sun: of jteUin^ lliroiij-h where "Going" is worst. Kor a limited time only, ^et Id';, savings—see \\'nrfls tire man. \V.ii-(lc p H|i—fi.Oft-lfi. to|i cap $8.28. ICxchanpe, No Federal tnx. Montgomery Ward 106 \V. Main Klythoville. Ark. 10-11 ( -k l-l SPECIAL B. F. GOODRICH Cnoil nspcl ^'ashinp Machine. Si!;').IK), $2.50 (lowti. $|.2S wock. B. F Goodrich Co. 117 \V. Main Phnno (i:W1 IU-1^ ck IS for Sa/c, f?eo( fstate homo localod !)05 f'B-1' c-an Avp. $1.000 cash will lian-1 die. A real buy or invnslmetil. See or Call JOHNNY MARK Itoaltor Pln>ne 4U1 RPS. I'hone 2nOR 10-8 ck tf Br 1 Ml f AAA and RiiiOJr.ohll r h-jMiifss We have qniti" * tot of s l n t-Rh em t h P hox>kn on w h Lr h t li P rsDn *fl^'[prt will rprplvp tPDPwalit. word. T*- -*ith A. C- ; Don, who just o[jpiip(i a HPW snion in Beverly Hills, is Ihe leader of the down -wit h- the- pirl- next- door type or movie heroine, ami ! t-Jiic/ drum beater for the let'.t- Car Hojif,. is ycui.i Hint up. AppU- iti liave-inore-movie-queen.s-iM - split- j M-t.^n M K/r-ani Kastl*-. 102 rk if j skiH.s-]ike-Marlene DielrH'h. j ------ - ^- -- Don's theory on HolLywootl's i Jobs Wanted %^nw. "I-Iollywood stifled glamor \vhen ] | ; the (jirls-next-door charsied onto | : (the screen in puppy love si one*. I iseworVf habv sl In Da • "* t *^ C pfOClllCer.S tlfetl to .^CX 'em j . iTfdcToiid"i9i6 w n \'Lne. ay Or ' II|J tn l >]ljn " in S neckliiics lint they ' ion i>fc n - s!i H I'-'oked phony ueoiuse ilicy - ----- - i weren't thinking ^Irttnor. YIHJ can't For Rent or Lease (make a tloll look sophisticated un- j IPSS -she thinks it. or rmt or ica.-sp, CHEAP, pool : "No'*- they're thinking a«ain—and Lii""owu rM NVw*i U ^ BU-aiwjr. Betty r*nd I.ana are t?oint T "nii'iiv Vtoiis^in'Ti'i^'nV" 'nuilinn" l to - sl ' t 'Pi" 1 -' t e a lot of jieople. 'Hiero's ;glamor in cluthPti. sine, but real j^lninnr is still itj H womnn'.v nihul and not on her back." Slars Aren't \e<"«Ieri Irene Dunne and Gary Cooper may want to an?ue (he point but - .Hugo Haas, who acts, directs, writes '- jand produces, is swear-hit? that un- days. "It's no longer Cmportant have ilabN.shed people m y, i» o d pu:- m- 1 lures." says Haas, who's t-oin- :k_«jpJeled hijt third iii'dt-pciKfcnt. -Thv NL'ifjhbor'K Wife." "If a pictures rlf-lil. l.i^ st;irs arpn'l herded. Even Clark GaltU 1 and Cary Grant can't save a bad . lnrh»!c<L. l-T(iyd Hooker, Hollniid. Mi>. Private Rooms Ph. 2S18 10 S pic 115 . Ph 1 ULce b<-t]rooin. orliMe hfcth inuce. C104.C lu. 1'h. 4431. 9 FOR KENT: Business Property on the corner of Walnut & Franklin, in Ulytheville. 3 si/.es of buildings to fit any business area now offered. Pake one or all. For information, contact PAUL BYRUM. S-26 ck tf Headquarters For Used Car &Truck Values COME IN AND SEE WHY THE EMBLEM MEANS A BETTER BUY FOR YOU! 1919 Chevrolet Kleetline 2-Amr Sedan .. $1295 1917 Chevrolet 1-door Sedan, black 1918 Ford V-8 5-I'assenger Coupe, » beauty lit 10 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. . .only 19in Stiidebaker 2-door Sedan for just .. HUM Ford V-R 2-door Sedan, n cheap one . . lilt!) Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, Idack finish, low mileage. See this extrn ck'an cnr today! Slost of flicse cars nre equipped with radios, spot lights, healers and seat covers. $895 $995 $385 $245 J!M(I Chevrolet '/ 2 -Tim 1'iukui! Truck, red color $895 $595 $595 $495 1916 «MC 1/2-Ton 1'ickup Truck.. .only .. 1917 Dodjje IJ'i-Ton Truck with new faclory-reliuilt motor 1916 International i!/ 2 -Ton Truck... the motor and tires nre perfect Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good De»l at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 381 WM( WataHt ph««, 4573 Open Nights Until 9 p.m. picture." Haas' new discoveries: Blonde, busy Cleo Moore, who was once wed to Palmer Long. Hney's son. and Ken Garcia Word from Home After j Seven Months Exploring 1 ADEI.A1IW. Australia. f,Vi— Alis-i tralian seioniisls at the sub-Ant- j a Mitchumish- I an ,,j ( . i, ; , se of Heard bland reccni- i trmt iiol • in p* 13 new laces." uv, uei. fiiuuri u injiin'fr In BLytti?- - . .. _ fmsiII jiiiyinrtu flown, then ilt<* I 3 room unfur. bouse. Half haih. In iSors Ihr tfjil. shown by appoint- r«":» r ol upt. 123 K. Davis. 120 >M Ph. . plirmt- •1179 on Ttii'Mlav .V m- . 3r1M. u> p k 13 From 10 utiill 2 " Notice l??v?\ -?u T h ,° 5p ! n !, a - VMr * fc ly ?of thpir ftrst vvcirrf ' from hni1 v«^»r ,...«i . . -.- .,- _ ... . _ .^ iSfivp|| Illfm ,^ Thp British re-. .search ship. Discovery II, ,s\v;\i>jied i .Mjpphc.s, mai] and parcels for j scientific records des lined for the j mainland. ] Among (he stores sent in to help i w;<rm up those <x>Ul winter nights i MGM %-ithont facing the nicely tur. close in. con-j "These kldfl have an off-beat u*r. Ph. 2592. 10.10 pic 13 (|ualUy," Haas opined. 'The public Hi-Mr a block," ort MMn i ] a PP reciat e seeing their fresh For Rent WARNING ORDER v-'Ure In the Cha iivcry Court, CMck.i- ! wlia IHslrfH, Mis*Issfp|>[ C'uuntr, i t>f wins find FOR SALE Concrete culverls, lii inch In iR inch, |-lain nr recnfnrrrd. Concrete RiiildinK Rlocks cheap. «r th;in lamrter tor f>^r»s. chicken lirtwsL-s, patnp hoys.cs tenant houses, tool siied.s. We clelirer. CiH m for frwa estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. r. wlrrrl : an Pli firi'2" afior i sh in II pk ll.frc - ' ^5Tl?^,>r,? A ?TUV^ i Ar "^i.y ™«y. ixt. Louis Folpy, Dft. 'Hie dpfonrinni, U Foley, 4 TOO Hc-mln Real Estate Farms—Cilv Properly I.(HNS U l«\»r«1»r! U BnjLnir 01 ««UlmK ^** Noble Gill Agency RRA1 TORS — Cecil Karls — G IP woe Hldtf. Ph. ft'-ridrnl hffr'x hDmpthlnft jo'J j vs. No. uld know. B<irnc>tt will give you R ' palm Jnh nn any ropsilr -*'ork of nnm honsp [or rpnr on Sout.h i <»d ~ not )ti«;i the rtnmai-ed' p^rts. ' Frpf. \ hereby warned tn appear within prrmnnpm FPIUPFS HP*- Mr \ psj!innic-=. For wrcrfcer ^orvic? rail 6flfli ! thirty days In the court named in -Ml A. Crtrf-r inn ),k H , iinys - _4iofl night* BURNFTT-r HUD-j the captinii hereof and answer the *23 cv . r ' complaint ol the plaintiff, Dnrothy | Folry- this 27 clay or September, I'" tr -SON SALES. 515 Eftst Maln- Wanted I . nlo Uv hinted. J Coupl« 10 1 pX 11 ^ iiMitn kli j U.n frnn . Lost Roy — T 1 * .' (ii c 11 rn imvileKCS. Uluse In. Cull i 1H tit VI a in. ID II j)K 14 uplnvrfl Rlrls to share 1 lOOm .. M-Jth another «mp[oyerf girl, hftorp noon. 10,11 pk 18 I',, rnnrn fnrnishnd hmiso. ; HKCKSHE ! I r> Nurl ii I>i\ ision Street. $ '" )('(• llli'Mil. I'll. -It I I. 1(1-10 ck For Sale, Cars and Trucks Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita Sike.s. D. C. Percy A. Wright, attorney /or ptr. H. G. ParLlow, attorney ad Litem. R WRH1T.NI> AUTO SALES Ph. 4274 - 2UI Antl Kenwood \\> FLnancp I'li-.^'.x-st f;(H)<i Ciirs In Tnwn" r.Axn ix>u SAI.K .*' !>'- w.-H io.-AlrU, ill* r K Ri- tf ; Very «ixxl condition. Ph. truck. 4081. onlv. Ph IP 12 H»Jp Wonterf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 112 \V. «•„•.,; ,.. D:.<".. "-5 Plenty of Parking Space CllSinm P''V::<-.;i n (", imhi njnp M. O (;)!]• F.XWAV New homo locatod close to liusini'ss district. Alrcndy fi- n;incc«i \\'illi 1', loan. ^(il)0 \vill pay ;>.ll (Invii p;<\Tiu'iit ;uid dosinn oliiirnos. Sec or call MAX LOGAN ]'h. 20IU Lynch KUiir. ! "!^ ,;, r; ;" id-Cv ck i^:;;;;"';.;,., 1 ;" 1 ' ~* 1 (lisi,m> r ',' FOll SAI.K j w „>.,,,-., Modern <iii]ilcx I rontus and|v"," ,-o :: ,' lv hath on nai'h side. A real l>uy ; ^' ';•'" on todays tiKirkot. very >,'ooil ic u.iv. ',, I'ondiiiiin. (.'an lip. J'mjincoii at •I 1 ; . Si-o or call MAX LOGAN W A N T K [1 Insurance Gil 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. ]. Pollard Agency riamii'tl IVoloolion I'EI, HUIMMKO i 8 cX If FIRST SEE YOUR DOCTOR Then See Us! F''resh I'l escripfions Expertly Prepared ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE -U3 \Vf*t Ash Slrr.'l TODAY'S SPECIAL! 1950 FORD CLUB COUPE 51295 Kvery MM is Inipnrlanl: the radio, heater, overdrive, new lires—and (lie sparkling maroon finishl Here's (he car you've planned lo own! Just $1295. Youths Healthy P,-M, 4 ,^ For Sofe, Misc. rs o^r. • n T SMT. pK 10,i! l.VMll 1!I.1)(J. |d-(> ck 13 FORSALE Ids ai-ros r> miles from IHy- Ilievillr. UK) ;n : c.s 12 miles from ni>'tlip\illr. GEO. M. LEE ll!n \\ . Main 1'h. (i'.Hil IO-G ck 13 REAL ESTATE i 11 ^intorc.^t*N] it\ » homo or f;irm. sco us. \Ve have any-! thinj: from H vacant lot to a 1 plantation. i CITY & FARM LOANS CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 11."i S. .Vd. St. niytlifviilo. Ark. I'll. 2751 ur -I2I58 10-3 ck U Concrete Culvert Tile Si/rs up In 3ti in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Si7C< up lo SI in. Anloinili.- I luiMl C.,ilr'. Concrete Septic Tanks -Molal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile lirM I'rlrcs \Ve Dclivrr A. H. WEBB >(Ulm.iT $1 .il Si.ill- Line i'hone 471t SYDNEY. ',!', Out of Rlinost II.- ' X'tO AiiMr-ilmn youlhs rallfti up for; ntiiinal ?fr:\(c in July and Aiidiist. • > prr r^iit li^vp brcn lound fit, ] u'f inline lo I .abor find Xatlonal j Vrvirr Nt.niMor Harold E. UoH. An atiiliiiunnl 13 |xr (Put wore ; fa:]r(i '.t of t "i K-.stncleti fluty. Onl.v ' report for spr\ire anrt -c hflrt satl5fpctory ex- [ Right Note Seen PKIir. Nrli , 4' Pol niiisir love -.vMii m-• p\r\ v n note. Prrti State \ Tr.irht 1 !^ Oilloce provirips a .special AT Ihe fn 1 ;) vr.ssion. class innnbers wn* rnnfiontrd with a con^ptele ! .ui.iy of bund shd orchestra tn- -ii Minon! 1 - and were toUi to Iry r hpt» tint 'Hie imi^ic .slntf braved '1'lieies uii,. proioiinisiif fnr thr ;iii;-u- appun.uum couise -the .slu- 'tenl must n,H be able lo play »n .instnmwnl. Who Takes Care Of Your Car? Are Ihey tlitlu^ • good Job? It you don'I have complete coiifl- dfnce In the service you're now gct(inp, thrti try T. I. Spay Motor Co. Frl^ndJy, expert service saves you rnonpy,. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Clir>«lfr-rijni«»th ltr»l»r 12) T.. Mai* Than. ZI2t • ]H 16 Ford 2-door Sedan, liliu-k finish I radio and hi'iiter • I!i:i7 Ford 2-donr Sedan. 85 11.1*. motor, practically ni-\»- 1 i rt's • It) IS Intern ational 1'/j-Ton short \vlitelbase Truck... It's CCQI% in fine shape . . $033 • 11M9 (;M<: 2-Ton long wheolhase Truck wilh practically new tires . • 1950 G JI C '/2-Ton i'icknp. . .an «x- CQQC ccllcnl buy . . . y33 J • in I!) Chevrolet 2-Ton S\VU Truck v.-ilh new motor, 900x20 tires, saddle tanks and fifth wheel .... • 1950 CMC 3/4-Ton 1'ickup. This low mileaee truck has excellent (ires • 1919 Chevrolet !i-To n 3 1-Ton Cickiip with deluxe cah Pickup... C7Q1 •••radio check l!ic price $895 • i;na i nevroic Cickiip with del $895 HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your OI<Jsmobil»-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main'Street Just Coll 6151

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