The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY, JUNE 9, 1047 BLYTHEVILLK (AliYC.y COURIER NKWO CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING JNFORMATION •ertlona: ' " "" "»"«<l»t I* MlDilmura Obtr(« _ §r* 9 tlirei p«r line yYr'feyvj^ 3 tltnea p»r lino |T«r di*--— * * 0 times yer UK« p«r diy 76 11! times per line inr day Sc Moulh per liuo Bl)c Count fl78 n»r»ie "words""tVtSJ'line. Aa ordered .'or three or six times aud •tfPlied l>cfor« eiulratlon will bo chirg. ed for the number ot times (lie ad «n- lieftred nuii ailjiibtmeut or bill uijLdo All Classified Advertising copy BnV riAied by persons rcsldfuji outsido of tl'e cl '*s(* st b ?, "compaBled by casb, H»te« "'jy'eW' easily computed from tile above tflclc. Advertlslni order for IritnlK Inier- tlona takes ttie one time rate Vn re:i>ouslblllty will be t*».n for •ore tlian one Incorrect Insertion ef »ny classlflej ad. Frout bnclroom convcnletil to emu Men only. 0011 W. .Main, riiuni. -l.ii. GIL'S.ek-lf For Sale iMy property in Ou'iilbers- villc, corner Sixth & Highland. .Mary K. Joplin Cliirk 'Ulytheville, or telephone 5-1 (i Cunither.sville. U •! pk 7 -1 • liny your rar. Jlrini: it nil car lot. \V..*t Ash nud i.-'l <-:u- Lilly ,V Main •H.k-10 A few used show cases and flat top display fables-; ami shelving. .1. Meli l!rook| .Jr., 107 East Main SI. Phone 811. G 2 ck If N.'n- 12 foot bont tin,! tr.-iifpr 51000D. Also furni Uailor.s. U'ail.- Auto S il- va;,'i\ livvy. lil \nrlli. l'li uru . JVrt.'i. For Salt SOJl-KD «UQ »iiot» >Il,a|ipir*r Insi.ntly wlu'ti uJorli'ss Fiiia t'oaiu [ s usi'd. Ural! 1'aiul A Wull|iaiu<r Store 5I'J8 ck-0128 Suite of bodrootu (uriiUur? IrK-liuti spring* fiiji] uiattrt-ss. 101^ Holly ,V . 0 In-HVy .Inly plain,'!' T SI] 1|. j. <{„;„ „.,. I'iBiI fat <-litriui- 4 II. ]•. .s.miuill «.'lwurk.<. li.'inl blo.ks. frinlon (,',d I .l.» r i, |'Fil],.y, all ,,.,„.». .M „„,] t ,. | s , .M.afllnt, llnu'iuus. Collars. ]<<,ll,. r i t-a»- «,ind,.« ...vr tiun'S..|. ,S»W All- vil. lon^s, Ili'lls. t>" ki''!i l,nr,. IV.-s* .l.iim-r Mmiihvl. * Itlu.l,.,. M ar ,i,, 'It-h tn-r. :i lil;s.l<- >-ti'-'L rr,u.l dm* I r ,u FX:«II"M fch-.-l WJ14T laMk iitiil immh.T ulli.'r il.-ms. 1 |{«r<,. f,. r ,i|i/..r ilislii-, ullii-r liors,- ilrmi-ii tiujls .null) (•um-ri'lp Uoi-k K«cv lilncl -i ]t,., ( |v for FJIKI.. IOOIJ' at I .V •»•' cv'omvun.'l J.umWr -IOI.HI' 2" Dak lumber I" I" 10' Ii'iir/lli. -101)0' 1" ('Vlir.-ss 10 1" II' Nu. I. S.'iison.'.l & .slit.,1 r, yr.'r.-. ,4tsi> ulli.'r lutiiln-r. 10 l;y Ili' I J D|<- T.'lll. II. 0. Tliulii|i.«ii!i. Wnlki-r llarril Mill Kill-. K. -Muiu Si. I'lunu. -jiiiiT. 1 214 K.illm U-JI.U (jll coiml.-r Ire Cn-aiii fn-<-/. r I'l.orio 07 II. I,. K. Munifa, Ark. >V\V \- Us.'il WuixlwurlilriK. Stiu'iullX S- I'laiijnt Mill Murlilni-ry. HAWKINS l.t'MllKIC li .MACIIIXFIRT I'll. IOIK- 2CI Cc'iihT St.. l.nllo H.u-b. Ark fiit; |.k-t I For Rent Complete slock of Softball equipment, including flashy colored uniforms. Price Price Sfi..]5, Sf>.!>5, 58.95. 'lanlcrs Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck tf K »'ij|'or Bale. I'lKino 2072. Ted (Ireen. __3_ 5|10-|>k-GI10 30, 40 & !>2 gallon Nor^e electric heaters arc now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements are available for any power lines. 4-21-ck-tf Hnv« some-tiling you don't ntpil I Triido ' "' Su '"" Sll °"' •"" E M " in - <!30-ck-tf l f,i r (1. l.-.inn. '|'"rii'v?ii'{l. .... X. mill Kt. l.iin;,. lot. Co/.r - '- . •? ;; ...... ii.'iu,. .in \. luii, KI. i>H, -V'-1-'IIJ>0. 'r^Miis. 10 Ufrcs S. (if tow !i"ii",- v.illi Jmtli :i Mnrkii fruai iMni -lr.-,.|. 1',-i,-,. ,- :i ,iiM. T.Ttiis f. HI nr I:, ai-rrs S. f.f lov.n nil (! ] Ui"livv%iy. U ..... I .^Iti- li. 1 .......... „,„. ,, r l^i.L.i •Id ncrcs , in vi-illi K ..n.l JIIL- |irrivi-rn.-i.ts .V -im.l J:n,,l y> l l;lvn i-'-v. I ..... ic'M lUl.-.l :,* low n( -?l .|(l!>.- "ti. ^IKIII.IM, ,1,,^-r). Itatitii,-,- |, hs [flan run!. If ar,- iiit,'rr,1c,l i| pi-lli,,- ov li.rviii- ,-, | M ,i ...... r fur.n. V,' mnki- l"|>fi(^k vil> pri.iif-rry ninl fiifin laniN H [1 [i ^^v rah- .if iiiit-rrsl ;uul Inf.y t.-i-in ..r 1-r.- |iaynii-til. *.•!• or rail [.11- lln-r liray Keillor. 1'l.on.- f.l'l i.r Hi-rl [..IN* Sulc^inaii. I'li.jin- IlTiflS (j'o Office will. Marion Williiiins, 1 I r, ,S :ir,l St. I'lion,. 27.11. n:r>-i.k-u Ph. 9. r >2. 100A, K. Mnln 5i n ,,k 'rout l.o.lrunin. i!i>iivi-iii.-nl to lialli. ili'ii only. CO:! \V. .Main, |,]i,,jii- 4:ii. si:io-ck-ir t-'ilniicli.'d npnrtlitoiit. ll^r/ \V4-st Kyrn- •arlure for niuloi. bor»e« and cattle, flione B«t. 4l2t)-pk-Cli9 rilrooni, convenient lo •J3'>:,. Oil W. ililil] licilrnom HI* N. 9th I'k 233 llpilrooni. Close Ir. yio W. Walnut u uiifiirnUlii-il mil. lt>o \V. Cli.-rri-. pi.- onlv. r.|7-|.k-ll),- room. 1'l.onp 2^)20. Servfcet' ,rl n^ sli.iriK 1 !! nn,l rr|,!\ir ymir la^ ri inou'cr. n-iiartllrrs of kin,I ur sitr. C.-l yours r,-;,Jv univ. :u:,l moid 11,0 nifli. \Vn liirk up an,I <l,.|iv.-r. Ill;' Ilii-villc Ma,-liini> Sliii|i. 211 .S. .SPCOIIC! Kl. I'll. '2S-2X. PACT MM* Rcacl Courier News Want Adi F:tirn;,ll trnrlor ^^illl 2. ro ,\1. II. Jarivll. XorCii u[ ( |,,>ri:il,l.. lyiicn-rrlcr in first clas miVh r,i«-.R. mi.inil Clnnn tills. K.ln.1 Crnii/. 111. :t. Klyllicvilli- :t pk-IO Sonic drpth survey. 1 ; show that iinifi on* (he sea iKitlom is 9300 foet ciccp in places. Announcing * BOB'S ELECTRIC SHOP • Hcbse Wiring • Farm Wiring O Repairs Phone 2397 MO Xnrth 51 li Sfreel Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil /// Work Guaranteed Your Business Appreciated MONEY TO LOAN Do yon need • loan to or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no ret tape. FHA approred rate 5%. Ask for details. Ma? Logan, Realtor, phone 2031 Lynch BIdg., BlytheTille. 9-23-ck-tf Oil Slnvo Hf|mlr. All »-ork 1 JCkL-ll TF|I. 1'kolle Of(l. A heavy shower c'ln reduce fce< vn.lne of liay ns imich as 38 j)e cent by lencluiijj out soluble su gars, proteins, and minerals, researchers at Cornell U. find. The ramjet airplane engine can lie designed for flight at variou attitudes, liiijhesl so far being 1 miles. NOTICE OF SU.K Notice is hereby ^SVLM that 1h undersigned, as nssig'i.'e of tha certain note ami cbaii.el ninvlsay given by Sam A. Weils to Firs National Bank, of Blythfivill?. AL kansas. on the 13tb day uf March 1047, to secure the pnynu-n', of an in debtedness' of $851.13, and tlelaul having been made in Uto pavm of same, will within Ip.v/ful Sio at the South door of the Coin House in the City r,f Ulylheville Arkansas, on Wednesday, June 1811: 1347, offer for sale ,iir.l sell to Hi highest bidder for cash, One Chevrolet, two door, auto mobile, Motor No. 34il5Bl r i. Title to sakl proper 1 ;,/ is belicve< to Ire good, but I shall sell and con vcy as Mortgagee, only. This the 30th day of May. 1947. C. A. Ilindmnn, Assign® of Mortgatjoc. 62-9 Free Delivery * Call PICKARD'S GROCERY 2043 Chickiisawh* LADIES Do Your Wash Automatically And Save! 35c up to 9 Urn Dry \Vcii;ht We Furnish Soap HIe;tch & lilning Free! THE Washerette Crosstown — Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Place clothing in Bendix 2. Add soap, wait or shop 3. Take clothes home in 35 minutes. Monday, Vncsilay, Friday Open till 9 p. in. on Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any She T. L MABRY m MISSOURI ST. PH. 362? D Lubricate chassis D Chaoge'engine oil D RepIacVoil filter n Refill transmission D Refilfdifferemial n Rcpack^wnd adjust D Tune^np engine D'Ad]u« brakes ' PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Position Wanted •«. l^lH'ruiK'o.n.r";;^!,',,;'." I. iMM.kk,.,.,'!,,,;. J,,y I'hii L..k ,lf " I. Wanted to Buy from o\viu>r imiill 4 . WiOl l.n':iU'd .t inoili'i .1 r.'iMKiml.K'. -Mu'.tiT nonr lllyllu-vlllx ' t'nsh for wrecked or .junk iiutomoliiles. W:uU'. A\ilo Salviise, Norlh llhvay fil. I'luine :i7S. r >. 5 MO pk (i .'!() Help Wanted Maie Help Wanted Oilglnnl name for Ihc llawr.llnn slaiuLs WHS (lie Sumlivk'K Isluiuls. One In four mini Imffic arci- (Irliis (irnns wllfll tile voild sur- f:iri' i.i wot, iniidily, ley, or .snow- covcivil. Wonted fo Rent or 4 room iilnilsUcd or nr.lurmili •,! .irtrnont. llest <if n-fi'ru,K>!s. \Viin- .l..l). o|o UouriiT Nitvvs. or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-tl iifiirniF:lki-il linnsp or nparlint'nl \HT iii'Iifiilly ||1H-.1,-,1. I'li'iisa call Loans Huns,', ; •• Iwiim (or ImiMhiK a^i.l li !..,, ,„!,.., „/ i, in.-li Ih.!!,.[ I W. Slain SI.. Stori- •rrrl. S,-c> - A. I-'. l>i, Cliiidreu shonlcl hive their first mallpox vaccination before their first blrllulay. aamdini; to an c iiicnt physician. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W.J. POLLARD AGENCY GFencoe Hotel BIdg. 124W. Ash St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-ST LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern MAYTAG JMACHINES.-OPU?) 7 A. M. ... close n:3o r. M. Close Saturday at: Nooti Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 323 Niirfh 2nd Street Agents Wanted We Deliver Mcafs Groceries 1M' Till Swift's Ice Cvcaiu Swoi'l (.'ream Food Lockers — Meat Curing — We Moke Srreisagc Frozen Foods Main at ^ls[ St. Phono 2602 WAllNIXT. OliDV.H Tin- fli'Trluinnt. A^no;: ,Innn!f:\ oV.i r. is hrrf'liv w^vnrtt In appruv. viUlin Ihti't:,- (^[» (IflV.s, to HUS\VPV 111' cniiinhiilil of ilic plliitUilf,! f'loyrt I, Wi'ljcr. niod in I In- Olvai-' :'frv <"o)irl tor llil 1 Olih'V:;i>u>wh:\ Dislrlrt of Mississippi Comity. Ar- Ai kallvii.s lilul lij)t)n yinr r;r.Sutr lo i]>pc;ir mid t-.nswi'r within said ir ',;.:(1 I'aiiiplaitU, of Hu 1 plala- .iir be 1 l:\kcn ns conrt'ssotl. \\ r il nr.^.s i:iy haiid iv 1( i Poal, >\^ clerk of s:ii<I roiul. this 2:tnl tiny of M;\y, Iil-l7. Ilnryoy Movi'ls, rlork Hy Dc'tly .Smith. U. O. J Wo Guarantee i RECAPPING ! with i i Hawkinson Treads i i 1 Let Your Next Tires Bo] i GENERALS i ; Cost More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. 411! !•'. Main I'liiiiir 2201 FOR SALE Concrete BuiEding Blocks a Water Proofiivg Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced GscGolcs Tile and CULVERT CO. We.'Deliver I'lioni; (illl Walnut St. at Railroa'd ^ A CORNER : Made Famous by CHEVROLET and LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY For ITi yi-iirs wo IISIVP occupied our present place of bnsint'ss nl (ho corner of \Vnliml and Rnil- H)ii<] Slrccfs, wlu-i-o wi> have o.slnhlishcd a rcpu-' l:il ion for frii'iully, c'ourlcmis irralmcnt and proinpl, c1c|icn<la1ilt> service. .Visit us yoon. We i - an fill your every iiHilorinir need. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 2 Wrccktrs cn^co Proilucts Phono 578 24 Hr. Serrtra Tim •A . common clny, paltod licnlou- to. is usc'd In puilds In founclHi'ios incj us "nmd" in boitn^ (Jcop .oil PRESORIPT10NS Frcsli Sloi'k Gunra'ulccd liest P'rlccs Kii'by Dj-ug Stores AS A NATURAL AID FOR HSGH BLOOD PRESSURE HiKli blood ]]ic'ssui-e iissneliilrcl with Uldney illsrase may \m icduci'd by kcc|i|ni! kidneys fiiiiclUinini: pi-oji- ei'Iy. For 7fi years donlor.s have prrsfribi'd Ibis inin- er:il water frtmi Hot flprinns, Ath. 1'uii 1 tii.sllnj; . . , not u laxntive. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Afuln nnil Division lllytlicvillc, Ark. New, Longer Lasting CAR FBNISH Retains Newness of Lustre, Makes Your Car Radiantly Beautiful— What docs this new treatment do for your ear 1 .' FORCKLATNimT, IxwiUfios and protects tlic finish. Ent, unlike other "waxes.... or "finishes" porcolainizing does not harm the surface itself, nor does it pick up dirt, grease and othe fovcign materials that arc common to most other finishes. Instead, this marvelous new finish hardens DRY. leaving a clear, transparent view of (he paints! surface in all its origimlil.y! Let Us PORCELAINIZE Your Car! Langslon-Wrolen Company Walnut at Broadway SAff CAKS SAVt LIVES * OOOD CAHS 8HING GOOD PKICfS Clinic 514 Mahi, BlyllievlUc, Aril., Phone 2921 DON EDWARDS "The Tjprwilttr M»n" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA and KKMINGTON PORTABLE IIP N. SECOND 8T. PHOHB KM (Every Trnnsnctlon MOST BE BATISFAOTOBT) • I T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. / •"'-! Radios and Heaters Tr ' Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products Ndw Factory Motors ' Batteries • " ' '•*"• '~ Tires and Tubes ' ' ' Paint and Body Shop ' ; MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR •! SERVICE DEPARTMENT ! 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 :A J ifSli \t-'''Vf N. '•£*-'+~*r£'&Tf"+"t^ $ 'I V '•' I Save 50% Chopping Expense S I ' I >: Plant Chcmirally ndinted, Fuzz-Free. COTTON SEED 8 >: >; >; Save Bloney—fi In 10 LIis. per Acre. Any corn, pea or=J >; bean planter will plant .these smoodi, slick cotlon seed. H v 5 ! >; Can lie plowed li (o 0 days after planting. - ' ]»! 3 ROWDRN 'II K — STONEVILLE 2C — I) P & I* 14 >' For Sale Hy BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. PR1CILLA'S_FOI You're 3 luckier than me, Prisci//a.'

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