The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 15, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, BIiYTHEVIUiE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREH BETTER HOMES Lumber for Repair Given Only In Case of Extreme Emergency State Director W. S. Daniel of thc Federal Housing Adininislration announced today that during the present BITIVO emergency in thc lumber Industry, Ids office at the direction of the WPB would give preference ratings to home owners needing lumber for repair work only in extreme emergency cases.' The FHA office acts us iiuciit of Hie WPH in processing preference ratings for critical building materials. The announcement was made because of the thousands of home owners who are flooding the field olficcs of the WPB and the FI1A throughout (he country with applications for preference ratings to get lumber for emergency home repairs, while only a comparative few can hope to get the lumber they want. In general, emergency ratings for lumlwr arc justified when a house is rendered unlit for continued occupancy through damage caused by fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, storm or similar catastrophe. Kx- inuples of such damage are: leaks in roofs, weakening of the frame- work, separation of lateral supports from the main supiioits of thc structure, broken joists or risers. DeU'rioralion of lumber because of wear and lear will not be r.onsid- an emergency need for lumber if thc pails to be replaced will func- lion without repair for at least another throe months,'Mr. Daniel said. Applications for emergency ratings to obtain lumber for extreme emergency repairs should be made to Die FI1A office on Form Wl'13-2896, which can be obtained at tlinl of- lice. They must show that the extent of the damage is such that (lie dwelling is unlit for use unless rc- 1) aired, Mr, Daniel urged homo owners lo refrain from attempting to gel ratings for any but Hie most essential emergency lumber needs. Direct and indirect military requirements for lumber are so high, and lotal essential lumber demand so far In excess of supply, that all unnecessary use of lumber must be curtailed, Mr. Daniel said. Invest In Rest By Purchasing Quality Bedding "Invest In Rest" is the advice of sleep authorities and interior decorators to home makers who are planning lo furnish a bedroom or replace sleep equipment. Rationing and shortages have taught Amcrl- KTthat they can get along witli- S. a great many things formerly considered necessities, but refreshing sleep is vital and they, can't gel along without'it. Nor do they have to. So-called "Victory" bedding merchandise Is no longer being made, and high quality sleep equipment is again available. Since the consumer gets what she pays for, and restful sleep is more important than ever, a tedding purchase is not Die place to economize. An inexpensive bcdspring or bo.v- spring gives less support and its span of service is shorter than a higher priced one. In metal bedsprings, those with "double-deck coils" (extra long and supported in the middle) which arc tied together with smaH, tightly wound springs called "helicals" arc the best. This allows thc light-weight occupant plenty of resiliency and the deep coils, supported through thc center, easily carry Ihe extra load of heavier occupants. The most comfortable boxspring Is one in which file coils are hand- tied one to another 'and to the foundations with special twine, while thc cheaper models lire tied with wire. ^pdnclion of innerspring mat- t'Jfies has been delayed indcfi- rttlcly by the War Piodiiction Board, but many connoisseurs of sleep er;i;ipment prefer n felted cotton ni.ittress or on/: in v/h;ch staple cotton lias bcti'i vcven into one large batt. Thc lower-priced mattress is usually filled with loose material rather than the longer-fibered cotton arranged iti layers or "felled." which means that it will pack down, lose its resilience more quickly, and become uneven. Home-makers who Reap these facts iti mind when shopping for sleep equipment obtain the r.iost for iheir motley and insure the rest and health ol members of their families. New Home For Seay Motor Co. Business Building Will Be Completed Within Two Months Under construction now Is BJy- llicville's newest business building, which will house Ihe T. I. Seay Motor Co. Located on West Main, thc red brick building is expected to be completed within thc next, two months. The modem building of brick, steel and concrete construction will replace the present home of Seay Motor Co., lit 121 West Ash. Of modernistic design, the building will be 50 feel by 120 feet. The automobile department, will be locate;] in the front, and will have masonry tile floors. In the rear will be the service department with concrete floors. Mr. Seay owns thc lot adjacent lo Hie building which will be converted into a used car lot. Brighten Your Borrowed Home With Slipcovers Pit fabric wrong side oul wlicn n»!slunc slipcover with 1»V CAItOI. UKUMAK .N'liA Stan Writer NEW YCRK.-Any war bride can be tb c magician who chanuc.s a drably furnished room into « charming home, if she'll pull some Paint Preservation M;A Sluir Writer 11 mildewed canvas-chub- .seals hammocks, swlnu or umbrella - room shabby, pnlnl > lii! ! '' l llie fl.b'je with canvas paint will make II lonk »kc new. lUittcd or ton, eanvas replaced with now . slipcovers out of her hut. Milking n slipcover, even lliumjh you're .1 novice needlnumiiin, is: almost, a.s simple as tluit, if you'll use a pal- ICTIl. Eaay-tO-fcllow patterns Lamp Fire Shield Fires don't start themselves; there's always a reason for their origin, though it's hard to place the blame in many cases. Simple, easy measures of protection often will prevent a disastrous fire. Many farmers place their lamps in Hie barn on rickety boxes, stools, or on bam floors, where if they arc tipped over they may break and flood the floor with burning oil. | Where it is probable that a farmer I will need n light, at night in the [barn, it is a well thought-out pic- caution to provide asbestos cement joard .shields on tlie ceiling anil i lion place hooks in the center of lie shields from which lamps can be hung. modate almost every kind of chair, Including (he Su,| Sack win}; chair that cast a pall over my room, until I slipcovered it iiiul'a few olher pieces to turn our finished flat into something my husband mid I could more cheerfully call home. In choosing a slipcover fnlirlc, shop for n cotton that's prc-simmk color and tub-fust, KTiiikle-re.sislant and fairly fray-proof, in a weight comparable to cretonne, ticking, or licking, or chintz. Ucst buys shouldn't set you back more than 94 cents a yard. Welling, used for seams, will make your work cinch JIM n Hide bit less of ii but you'll alow :il Hie pro- livuloiiiil finish you achieve. For smooth sailing, watch out for tricks. Firsi, If you're using splashy flornl de.slgn, be sure to pieces fun lie material and made luDdnv-ptoof with a fouling O f colorless liatnt. Cimvns paint Is applied just like liny oilier bill Hie (inference | s ihut Iho iwiled fiiDrlc will be soft ami realistic—mil slllf, PulnlhU! fabric iimkes it watcr-ivpdlem and cusv to keep clean with a dump cloth ' To recover a dolapidnlcil chair seat or back, get new canvas or some oilier material as sturdy. Illp oil old cover—lirsl. observing hmv It Was originally anchored — mid "slut; It as n piillmi, cut 11 now piece exactly lo the shape and slue of Hie old. If HIIJ- seaming or hemming needs to be done, use 11 needle mid thread and close stitches. Nail new canvas down wllli carpel, lucks ami stud closely. •]•!„,„ l:oll t wiu , „ colorless canvas paint. ., route one big molif im o such spol- llRlited centers as chair back and cushion top When stripes arc used, line them up with cqunl care. Second, use thc upholstery on thc chair as a guide for Seam " lines, joining pieces together inul directing weave of Die mntcdal. Third, lie sure to fit your fabric wrong-side out if J'DII <11C fc'Olllg (<l list! UTilfllg. Thc secret of a glove-like fit lies In making H generous allowance for scams. A one-inch allowance for all scams will do thc trick. Another ••must" is to allow four extra isches of materliii all around thc seat under Hie cushion. This is to 1)0 lucked Into the upholstery to Sivc- your covers tiie "give" that relieves strain and makes for n smooth fit. Collapsible Asbestos Bags Used For Cooking Collapsible containers m.idc of asbcstor cloth impregnated with synthetic rubber have been developed for use by the U. S. Army. They can lx> suspended directly over nn open lire and used in cmcrgen- y^ lor stcriliv.inri o|>ci"athig inslru- nJiils or as cooking utensils. Be- J™ of their light weight and col- lansibilily, they arc expected to IK popular as camping equipment, nftcr tlie war. Rend Courier News Want. Ada. Insulate Your Attic with BALSAM WOOL and FILL YOUR COAL BIN NOW! L C.Robinson Lbr. Co. When Better PLUMBING SUPPLIES Arc On the Morkct '-mWc Will Hove Them ' For Sale. If we could extract all the sail n the ocean, it would form a solid no-iuile cube weighing 40 million jillion tons. War Department Signs Contract For Spa Hotel HOT-SPRINGS, Ark., Aug. 15 — Thc War Department has signed a contract with the management of the Arlington Hotel, Hut Sprm s .5' largest hotel, thus formally acmijr- ! ing the building to be used in quartering overseas veterans. The Army is to take possession Monday night. The firsL consignment of returned overseas veterans are expected lo arrived by Labor Day. Negotiations are still under way by the Army for possession of the large Majestic Hotel. It is believed a contract may be signal early this week. Tlie Army will ulso take over the Park and Dcsoto Hotels. Meanwhile, OPA District Director Robert p. Hall has recommended that rent control be instituted at Hot, Springs to meet a critical howling situation. Hail says the question. of' rent control at Hoi. Springs Is now awaiting decision of OPA officials Thc Hot H])rln«s Chamber of Commerce bonrcl of--directors last week recommended lo tile OPA lhat rent control acliuu be laken (here. A uoldfhich, slate bird of lomi, built Its nest on n lull corn slulk. Improvements To Buildings Underway Here lllvlhevllle homi's and buslnrss cshibllfchments eonllnne lo unuerrjo repair and hcmillfk'allon this week, Among Ihe homes havhu; cxleii- slvc repair work done Is thc Jess llorner home ut 121 West Keniiu- ky. In iiddlllon to licllij; repiilnti'd on Hie iuleitor anil exterior, Ihe stucco hoitse will .soon have n new lilo finish Imlh, new nibtneis in ilu> kllfhen. enlarged closel spaci 1 , ami loflnishi-d floors, An attic fan w«.s installed last week, TU<> (lleiUMie Hotel building. Is lie- lnn repainted on (hf exterior Mils week. Ihe brick, formerly iilimil- lunn, is hrtiiK repalnlcd wlilte. Anolliri- business c.sliibll.shiin>nl untlergulng improvement Is the C.'ourler News building, which was recently (iiiliiird on Ilio exterior, mid this week Is being rvpuliHctl on Iho Imlde In ivhlto mid Biiiy. WAllN'lNC! In llu< Chuiifery Courl, Chlrlu- sawlia lllslih'l, i\llsslssl|i|il t'uiin- ty, Arkansas. Murle CV'l'ook', I'lnlnlllf, vs. No. tmi Thomas Talrlck O'Toole, Defendant. Tlie defomirtnt. Thomas 1'nlrlck O"l'on!e, Is hereby warned to appear within llihty dnys In (l,e court mun- <!(! In Ihe cuptlon hereof anil answer Ihe couiplalnl of the plalnlilf, Uo;;e Miule O'Toole. Dated this :tl iluv of July, KIM MAUVMy MOKIJiy, Clerk l>y Doris Mnir, I), c. K<l il. C'diik, Atty. fur I'll!'. (-icovr.c liarhiim, Any, ud l.Ucm. WAKNING In Ilio Chancery Court, i u:i Dlslrkl, Mississippi C'ounly, Suldcr, PlalntilT, ' : vs. No. 8701 Klrud Snider, Defendant. ; • ' The defendant, Elrutl enldcr, )s hereby warned to appear wltliin Ililrly days In Die court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of tlie plnintlir, Tr«dlo Bnlder. Dated tills 2! (lay of July, J044. llAItVUY MORRIS, Clerk I!y N. Jarratt, D. 0. I'ercy Wrlglit, Ally. lor I'ltf. Cluml P. Cooper, Ally, nd Ulcm. 7|25-8H-8|15 Fan union IIURNS CUTS YMOROLINEI *\ IlIKOUUM JHtYIIVl \ SI'JtiMls/SMIXHfOA WjT \ H'AHNINf! (HIDKIt In Hie ('liiini'cry (,'tiurl, Clilcliasaw- I).i Dlsdld, Mississippi Ciuinly, Arkansas, tieorge C. l-'ord, Jr., by Clcoruo <.',. I'onl, Sr., his lullicr and ni'xt friend, i'lalntlif vs. No. BOfi I Miirjorlu Ford. Defendant. The defendant Marjwlc- Ford Is hereby warned to appear within thirty (lii.vs In the! court named in the caption hereof and answer Uv complaint of Hits plalnlilf cieorge <J. Ford Jr., by George G. Ford Sr., his lather and next friend, Dated ibis :u dtiy of .Inly, inn IIARVKY MOnilia. Olcrk liy Doris Mulr, D. (J. Kd 11. Cook, Atty, for 1'llf. l.ncliin Colenuin, Atty. for Dcfdl. RILL HER! She's a disease-carrying DEMON! PAINT OVER OLD WALlPAPEii DRIES IN 1 HOUR-WASHABLE! • Hers ar« four advantages of PJttsburgh'i amazing now typ« of paint: 1. On» coat n( TVchido It usually sufficient—maybe appliedrightovar wallpaper, dingy plaster, on bast- ment walls, etc. 2. Comes in pastef-rm. Add water, and one gallon ot ItchicU paste makes IVt gallons of paint, enough to cover an average room. S, Easy to apply and quick to dry, 4. Washable - ttayi tpotlet* with ordinary «oap and water. Redecorate your rooms at mall cost with Pittsburgh Techld*. Gn «c!e at A Complete Stock of Pittsburgh Paints You don'l pay fa; v Techido. Ycy odd il ] and lav* monsy. On» gallon of Td!::-;)Vi galjoflj pc:: f — fof (hi aviiaga roorr ater in -J? A _ D .5 "!*.* COLOR! A«p WHIT.% HUBBA HARDWARE CO. Qiiickl Get tlia FLIT. Snvo youiit-lf from,tin bito tlml brinx» buntiii^-cbilllng nilsorlei of nmliula. Yo»l Flit killi Anopliolci, tlia nialarU mosquito, •! surely us it niowi clowa comtuon household moiqultoQi. Bo'wliy Inko B clmuco? Ifolp protact your fninlly horn tblt wlnRoil •courgt . . . buy > big tunjily of Flit, (oday/ kllli fllei, intf, f~ moths, bedbug* and ' all mosquitoes, 4^ O.p,. !Ii. Fighting the Heat Won't Help But Feel How Fast u Bath Refreshes You Peel off those hot, sticky clothes, Settle back in a tubfull of fresh, clean water. Oh, Boy! What cool comfort. And a bath gives you more than heat relief: Foremost health experts say your bath actually soothes fretful nerves . . . revives sinking spirits. In short, peps up your personality! Enjoy one of those quick "body bracers" today—any time the weather has you woozy. Your bath is always refreshing! In Hot Weather Especially . . . An Extra Bath Daily Makes You Better Company Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!" Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Hlytlicville, Ark |0/ FARM JQ/ I-/0 LOANS 4/0 Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOE BLDG. PHONE 3131 ^•.••:;:i'V^.ftvmS«^afi 1 '•'TKr,?!.! 1 '.,. ,"; If you wont a gleaming klktien in a riurty wilhou! a lot ol muss and bolher, us<i Glirfdcn Spood-Wall. It will slay liko nevi, for yeoisl Good (or Wolli, Woodwork and Furniluro. A 'J 7 tef!W;fsi?i?igT,- Painll . . . J DELIA LUMBER CO. BLi"riIEVlLt.F.'S ONLY H05IF, 0\TOKD LUMBER CO,

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