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Jackson Daily News from Jackson, Mississippi • Page 3

Jackson, Mississippi
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TRAVELING PUBLIC. Butter Auditor Cole Receives a Letter From No 0ne Wit" a Load of John Barley The Ft. Wayne Insurance company a Pure Wild cat Concern Trying to Break in the state. It Had a Very Ingenious Scheme Worked Out to Get a State License. Fresh, Sweet and Yellow Free of Tallow Received every Thursday, Kept Constantly on tee Sold at 25c a pound in any quantity from 1 pound to ico pounds Sherman's Grocery instance or request; in the second Instance our laws expressly elates who shall be the agent of a company and all the "power of attorney" agreements and contracts on earth could no more escape this law than an agreement between two parties that "two and two make five" would make that a fact.

Laws cannot be changed by agreements to parties to a contract. As to this company's statement to you that there are several agents In Missisippl who are 'sending them a large amount of business and who have been threatened by me; "that I have male no attempt to prosecute them because I knew I could not win the case, and do not wish to have It tested and the verdict given against me;" it is absolutely false. If they, or any one else, will give me any evidence that any one in Mississippi has sent them, since May, ifl02, or shall hereafter send them, any business (except for himself), I shall very quickly show them whether or not I shall have the law tested, and I know in advance what the verdict of tho court must ant! will be. My advice to you is to let them severely alone, and if you desire to engage in the insurance business, go with some company that complies with our laws, and out of consideration for your friends, advise them to save their money instead of donating it to such concerns as the Old Wayne Mutual Life Insurance Company. Yours very truly, W.

Q. COLE, Auditor and Insurance Commissioner, CM Williamson, Pres, Griffith, Cashier, Neal, Asst Cashier T. B. Caddis, A Montgomery, ast cashier THE MERCHANTS BANK. CAPITAL.

100,000. SURPLUS, 30,000. LEGITIMATE BANKING BUSINESS SOLICITED. DIRECTORS: Williamson, W.J.McGee, Fen ells, Jol'Dson, Lakt J. M.

Hartfieid, Gaddis, i BobinsoD Corn On Will Be Allowed To Linger In the Depot, The officials around the Jackson depot are determined to break up the practice that some booze fighters ol the city and from other points who happen to strike town have of making the waiting room of the passenger station their place of abode. No one who has been drinking, or is under the sightest influence of Sir John Barleycorn, will be allowed to remain in the room3 designated for passengers. Whether they are making any noire of not they will bCput out. It will not be necessary for them to become In the slightest degree boisterous to get their walking papers from tho depot master. If they stick their noses lu either the gentlemen's of ladies waiting room, and show signs of having an overload, they will be put out of the biulding, and if the depot master and bis officials can't eject them, the assistance of the bine-coated of the peace will be called and the fellow who aas laid his plans and specifications for a jag wil have to go.

Richard Morgan, superintendent ol ithe and Ship Isand road, is in the city on official business. W. M. Roberts, clairr agent of the A. and is transacting official business In the city.

WANTED NEWS. How the Commissioner of Pensions Described a Reporter's Woes. Tho Ft. Scott Monitor is reproducing matter from its files of a date when nan present commissioner Tensions, its editor. And here V'K'm b-v War depicting the woes of a reporter: Oh, that some burglars Into stores would break.

And heaps of "swag" Feloniously take. Oh. that two houses Would take fre in town, And one of them burn up, And one burn down. Oh, that some one would strike With angry frown, A seven-foot man or coal bank-Near our town. Oh, that some person Who despaired of life, Would run away With some one else's wife.

Oh, that some fiery Horse would break loose And, like a gambler, Play the very "deuce." Oh. that some politician Would take pride lu killing rascals off By suicide. The gold of Ophir. We may Oh! and owe for But now just now It's locals we must go for. And thus do the indiscretions In voutb, as a general thins, come back ie achieved Yoik Commercial.

Rheumatism Cured in a Day. "Myii ic Cure" ftir Rheumatism and nral- jrta radically rnrrs hi its action upon the s-vi-tem is remurl ftMe find mv Merlons I lit, remotes at once the m.d the dUrn I dUapr-cJirs'. The first de great ly 1 ceMS OP1 St 00. Sold by Tir'U't'Um .1 on 1 s. 1 GOOD the President of the Good Roads Association.

Auditor r. Q. Cole, who is secretary of the National and International Good Roads Association for Mississippi received a letter yesterday from W. H. Moore, president of the association, Inviting him to attend the meeting ot the association which will be held in St.

Ixmis April 2 1th to May 2d, and urging him to appoint ten delegates from the state at large to attend the convention. The following is the letter Received; Mr. W. Q. Cole, Secretary Mississippi Good Roads Association, Jackson, Miss.

Dear Sir: We have the honor to present to you the invitation to attend the National and International Good Roads Convention to be held in this city April 27th to May 2d, 1903. This promises to be the greatest meeting of this character ever held in the Interest of highway improvement. The session will be held the first three days of the week of the dedicatory services of the Iouisiana Purchase Exposition, which will be the greatest military and civic demonstration ever attempted. We are very anxious that the state of Mississippi shall be fully represented in this convention and most urgent ly ask your co-operation in securing this result. We very much regretted 'some time ago to hear of the death of Hon.

John A. Redhead, president of the Mississippi association. We have not been advised if the vacancy has been filled, therefore, we look to you to take care of the interests of your association and your state. If you are authorized to name ten or more delegates from your association, and to havo the judges ot the county courts, or officials having charge of road affair, to appoint at least five from each county to atteml this convention. If you will send ns the names of the delegates so selected, we will mail special invitations to each.

Trusting that we may have your active support in ibis movement, and that we may have the pleasure of mooting you in St. Louis, we are Respectfully, W. If. MOORE. President 11.

V. RICHARDSON, Secretary. SUPREME COURT DECISIONS. List of Those Handed Down by the Supreme Court Last Evening. The supreme court handed down the; following decisions yesterday after- i noon.

By Calhoon, J. Lee Cain vs. State, circuit, court Amite county: affirmed. By Terra 1, J. W.

J. Atkins vs. Mrs. N. A.

Nash, clr- i cuit court Monroe county; affirmed. 1 By Whitfield. C. J. Matthew Richardson vs.

State, clr- cuit court Monroe county; reversed! and remanded. Tho QIMn i nunirv cm itol Vet bavin- eiwted'all of the fino laundry machinery it bought some! (into since, is now prepared to do am-1 ily washing. Sheets Spreads Pillow Cases Read theso prices: Sc I'" Nankins 1 Table Cloths 10c and 3c Iki Curtains, per pair nr Family work 5c pound, rough dried. All flat work means ironed. Reach The Star Laundry by phono or postal.

I The folioning-Liquor go forth into the world lor the good oi mankind, cheering whoaie despondent, invigorating those who are convalescing, and tunning fools i those who want to be. Fiul lit ertv is giveu to eon. Take a drink, and if in roubt take another pull ih if not satisfied return at my expense and I will tefund ad your money. 4 full quarts Trolio's Bourhon 4 full qr.arts Old hentmky Taior 4 full quarts Fine Uld Two Slump 4 buttles (5 to gallon) Trolio's l'un 4 Isot ties (5 to Trolio's 4 full quarts Trolurs Private Stuck Auditor and Insurance Commissioner Q. Cole has received a letter from an insurance agent living in the eastern part of the state in which the agent asks this official's opinion whether it would be lawful or not for a person to secure the "power of attorney" from an applicant who desires insurance In a company that has not taken out a license to do business in tha state.

Along with his letter he sends a circular from the Old Wayne Insurance Company of Indianapolis, In which they tel the agent that they. which they tell the agent that they btisineM for their company. That they did not havo a license, but that they i i. 1 v. evaded mis taw uj na aig uier ugeiu( to act as an attorney for the person' seeking insurance, and he, as third person secured the policy.

i Insurance Commissioner Cole tells the agfiit in the fallowing letter that such a schema is illegal and that he had better not engage in tho business: iv-ar Sir: In replying to your favor of the 7th enclosing correson-denco from the Old Wayne Mutual Life Insurance company, I beg to advise, you that the "power of attorney" scheme, which they offer you Is at snare and a delusion, and will not in any way profit you from the pona't) Imposed by our law for acting for nn unauthorized insurance company. In the first place you get the "power ot attorney" blank from tho insurance company and have it executed at their WIND WHIRLPOOL Caused By Flatiron Building Throws Boy To Death Beneath Automobile. Tho wind whicfPc'ame with Wednesday night's thunderstorm remained lu town all day yesterday. If, took up its headquarters in the Flat iron building, at the intersection of road way. Finn avenue and Twenty-third street.

Conservative RUfswrs who drifted past tho building during the afternoon estimate the velocity at miles an hour, but that part of the gale which got as fur dow town as the American Surety building, where the weaOK't bureau instruments are located, registered an average of a mile a minute for the day. It blew C5 miles for one hour early in the morning, and at in the afternoon bad reached a velocity of 64 miles. It had fallen to 4S miles an hour at 6 o'clock last night. A $300 plate glass window, twelve by eight feet, which adorned the cafe of the lb 'el Rartholdi. directly opposite she llmadway front of the Flat-iron bulldinc.

was the first victim ot the wind. Arthur Haskins, a IStnTal) drummer, had just asked for a brandy smash when the window caved In. 'There you are. brandy and everything else." said the bartender, ns a piece of plate glass hit the top row of Indtles and he got from under. Ijiter in the day a recoil pust wind smashed one of the three windows of the extension which forms the northern corner of the Flat iron building.

John McTaggart, a fourteen-year-old messenger boy, with a home in Brooklyn, after three attempts succeeded lu rounding the Twenty-third street corner of the building. An auxiliary blast blew him out into Fifth avenue, where THE OLD RELIABLE 1 3 Ftt fv Absolutely Pure THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE I I 1 i i i Express not prepaid on quantities less than four quarts. VIC TROLIO cJsON' Largest distributor of Whiskies in the State LOTS FOR We liave 21 lots in a fine locality that we will sell you at a very low figure, 1-4 cash, the rest on very easy terms. Wilkinson S. Virdon Dr Hnghtt TUFF.

00 75 i Per quart 1 00 4 tO Per quart 1 00 4 00 Per hot tin 1 oo 4 00 Per hot tie 1 00 5 00 Per quart 1 2j wav ot citv Dronertv. If Qr rent peQ for business WAINWRIGHT. COR. ROACH AND Griffith, Joseph Ascher, Tlios Atkinson, Nal SALE we can sell vouanvthlnc in property fnr sae the 'an automobile ran over him. The boy was picked up unconscious and was taken in an ambulance to the New York hospital, where he died last night the effects of internal injuries.

The automobile belonged to the 'New York Electric Transportation Company, and the chauffeur, William Reil-iy, was arrested. New York Times. LOADED CIRCUITS. Make Transatlantic certain and Cables May be Laid. The result of recent experiments in Germany with the Pupin system of "leadintr (eleprone circuits to increase the distance, at which articulate speech ran be heard, particularly in.

its application to. cables, have just been made public. Although Prof. Punin some time ago described his invention fully before several scientific societies and patents were known to have been purchased for a fabulous price even in these days of millions nothing has been beard of the practical working of hia remarkable calculations. Tests were made lately in Germany with the co-operation of the German Imperial l'ot and Telegraph office on cables be-'tween Berlin and Potsdam.

By con-i nectiug tip a series of cables coimect-'ing these two points the length of the lino was varied from to 230 miles. At the former distance speech was barely audible on the ordinary cables, but on circuits made up with the In sertion of inductance coils every 4, MO feet, speech was quite clear at the greater distance. With ordinary copper lines the effect was equally marked, a smaller wire being quite as effective as one of much larger size when provided with the proper inductance coils. The real significance of these experiments Is that the satisfactory long telephone communication can now be established between Paris and St. Petersburg or between Berlin and Paris.

As a matter of fact there is nothing but expense to prevent transatlantic telepho- jny and it is quite probable that the shorter submarine telephone cables Mhat will no doubt shortly be laid In tho Mediterdanean, Baltic and North Seas will do much to help solve the mechanical problems inherent to the occ Mr. E. J. Smith, city auditor, Is now engaged with tho examination of the jb ii.l-.s the. mayor and chb'f of police jilo will make a thorough investigation "of th-- l'noks for the past two years and will be engaged for about a week on the task.

Mr. F. A. Critz of West Point was rtmons the visitors to the city ester dpy afl-n'aoon. Pacing your Dusmcss as we nanciie city property only, ana OUT SUCCeSS in the past Ul Other tOWnS proves that Olir bUS- iness methods are satisfactory both to the buyer and seller.

A siting '0lir further faYOI'S, We ai'e Yours FERGUSON J. M. Dunn of McComb iy i guest of the Lawrence. IShQ Real Estate Ag'ents. i LJJl 1 1 A hr.

oyer Groceries, get them where you know mmmmi freshest goods I br the lowest prices. yj I Star" Brand Rolled Beet per pound loe hrrflVrr riT Early Jdne Peas per can loc yjJJllJlIiill Cutting California Fruit, per can 2oc VI 1 flPtiJ ft lii -J tWT il rU7 Fancy Apple Butter per pound loc Hernne rocerv. CAPITOL STS i 0.

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