The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1947
Page 8
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FACE EWHT BI.YTHEVTLLE (AHK.V COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JUNE 0, 1917 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THK OODRIXR MXW8 OO. B. W. HA1NE8, PiihllrtttT JAUES I* VERHOEPT, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Muu«cr Sole Nation*! Advertising Representatives: W«ll»<* Witroer Co, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Published Ever; Afternoon Except Sunday Entered »s second cUsi matter at the port- office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act ol Coti- gtess. October 8, 19H. v Served by the United Pres» SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In the city or Blythevllle or any suburban town where carrier service Is maintained 20c per week, or 85c per month. By mall within a radius of 40 miles, $4.00 per vear »200 for six months, Jl.OO for three months; ty mail' outside 50 mile fane, J10.00 per year - payable In advance, Meditation He r.;so told a parable to some who trusted in - thcm.«!lves that they were rlglileous and despised - othera.--Uike 18:3. • « • Man seems (o be becoming as ilhlrnsltiil ot ." Ills neighbor us he is of nations noross Hie sea. Or Is It vice versa? iporeign Policy Pros and Cons The American government's recent action on aid to liimgiiry p.nd Hstly demonstrates that our policy toward world communism, however .just and logical in principle, is going to encounter some difficulties and contradictions in practice. The Hungarian Communist Party, in an unrigged election, polled a small minority of the vole. Now the Communists, backed by Russia, have engineered a swift, clever, bloodless coup slrikhij, force for quick countcr-attnck. Bui there Is n second context, wider than that of a military modus oiwrandl, In winch the comm'si'lon's words must Ije rend. The report puts 11 this way: One of 'the deterrents of the cliuctlvc- nesi ol the United Notions Is the belief of other nations (hat we arc strlpplnj ourselves of Die strength necessary to suppou our moral leadership . . . Not out of complacency, but on; of confusion and understandable reaction toward a false "normalcy," lli e American people liuve to far been unwilling to lace up to tha hard cost of wl:inli>f! l>>e peace. They lire peniiUllni; their Congress to let Selective Kefvice die. nml to further weaken their armed slrenB'.ii by sharp cuts in appropriations. And obsei vi-r.i loicsee no Congressional uctlon on the UMT re|»rl> this .session. Somclhliii; mast halt this "drift. II n pow- crfcl. working world peace organ'/alion were niovi:i|; Into the vacuum, that would be a different matter, nut, as (hint's slansl, a powcvlul, prepared Unileil Slates seems nn absolute preretiidsile to any United Nations in more than name. Just as within n nation i»llce mur.-, hold the line ai;ainsl crime and viuliMice while llie liomn, NIK (-lunch, and llie school slowly build a structure of heller clllxcnship, -M tlmnn:hoiit the world, until the forces of peace and order can set ill! other means, those nations which have the power and which abhor war and ap.^resslon must stand guard under amis. We .shuuld have liked to sec this American drift stopped by other methods by never letting the o.nned forces say to their present level, lint things have gone far. With all the valid doubts alx)uc ii, Americans may yet have to consider whether universal military training is the only means left to arouse themselves lo a sustained awareness of their world lesiKinslbil'.tie.;. —CHRISTIAN SCIKNCK MONTI OR. Z which, for all tical purposes, mis ousted the dominant Small Landhold- ! ers Party and linked Hungary, firmly in the Soviet orbit. Italy lias the greatest Communist. siren-jib, in Europe outside of Russia. "Premier de Gasperi, in the lat.wu of ,\ ; ' series of government crises, ha i t'orm- i-"'ed a new cabinet which excludes the I Coivimunisls. It scarcely seems likely : that this cabinet will be more stable than those that have preceded it. As a result of the development in Hunjiavy, our government has .suspend- ', ed the remaining half of a $30,00(1,000 ? r creilit to this country. There is also •-: some congressional support .for willi- ; holdftig food relief from Hunjrary. ; Naturally, the U .S. government • does not want to pour money ai'.d supplies into a country whose govmnnent might use them to .strengthen communism. Oh the other hand, such action will deny aid to Iliinjjftvy'.s predominantly non-Communist people, and possibly alienate their sympathies. 'Die U. S. government naturally wants to help an anti-Coninnn.iiit g«v- ernn-.ent in Italy. So Italy is s'ntccl for §100,000,000 in financial aid, access to her assets held in this country, and American sponsorship of her application for UN membership. But in doing this our government will be strengthening and fatifiling up a couple of million Italian Communists with little hope that they will suddenly renounce their allegiance to Moscow as '. a result. These are calculated chances which presumably the government must, lake in its efforts to halt Russian expansion and achieve a status quo. Kvcu though somebody may get hurl in the process, they seem to represent the only course open short of complete isolationism and appeasement. Too Little and Too Late? It .':houldn't be hard to rom am bo r back lo the davs wlic-a military supplies came "toi> jiULe and too l:ii(?" to prevent Iho eiirly .sweeping success of the Japanese. Then the Unites Slater. had lo learn painfully what an nil-mil war effoit meant. Todiiy U has lo learn me meaning o» an :ill- out pc-acn effort. The need no\y !s for roiini supplies to avert .starvation or neiir-.iinrvalian mnoiv.', millions. A rullure lo meet t!:ls ck-miuul can ir.ean a .sharp .si'tbuck for democratic aims. Th< i Sennle lius JusL volcd to rrilorc th^ $lT>0,noO,tJCO lopped olf Uie foiTiyn n-lief bill by llir House, but House approval mir.?. now he won. Kvery day of delay In voting thi> full .sum necessary lo meet ininiimun American summit- inents makes Ihe relief that mucli tl'e less c!- fectivo The- vitally Unportant Children's Kiner[;ency F^ind )KLS had no money voted for it yet l-y the Si-Male, while Ihe House ha;> appropriated only from $1{U»00.000 to $50.0tX),0[)0 of tho >»*'"oral icllcl bill for it. Vet the United Slalos is coinmUlud to $100,000,000 as Its share InacLdi- other relief expenditures. little niul loo lale? — CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. tion lo Tor l BARBS BY IIAI, COCIIRAN The fellow who stands is siitlnu pretty. on hlfi owr. \i?".ll!illy Too often loo true expensive, after iniirvi Pensive before One Get Rid of a White Elephant Republicans Rub Salt in Vote Fraud Wounds of Democrats The DOCTOR SAYS BY WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M. l>. Written lor Nt'A Ktrvlt'e Most eye injmle.s c:m be pr(?vent- because they result from care- essness In failure to take proper irecautions. Children's eyes can be }roU»eted by their parents refusing .<> lot them play with any toys which mi^ht. injure their eyes. Industry can help by requiring 'L'ryonc 1 in occupations dangerous to the eyes to wear goggles masks and I) yproviding safer machinery. Cleanliness is of first importance iu r:inn<,' for eye injuries. Even though it may only be a dust par- on (ho surface, hands should ho washes with soap and -.rater before attempting to remove it. Hub the opposite eye to produce a flow of s to loosen the piece. Tf (he narlicle is lorlnrrt nnd2: the lid. close both eyes to collect tears. O^en them suddenly and in e «| ifcri-s. By FKKDICHICK V. OTIIMAN (Unileil I'ri-ss Staff CorrcspiniilenO WASHINOTON, Julie 0. (UP) •You've been reading lately about the vole frauds case in Kansas Ci'.y, President Truman's home town. AMd how some yeggs sneaked into Die courthouse the other night wlcli wet mattresses and a juj; of nitr.j- (jlycd-lne, blew tnc door of! the vault, and stole the Impounded bal» lots. This has pained the It has pleased the Republicans' Tiia more piteous the cries of the Desno- crats, the happier arc the Republicans. And with no [urthcr :i do I want to tell about a rtcnn'ilicsm torturer, name of Homer Ferguson. and how he sandpapered some tender hides. \ Sen. Ferguson 01 niich.. is head man in the Senatorial inquiry into the hocus-pocus, of last summer's primary election, as uncovered by the Kansas City Star. He call":l in Ham Wear, the district attorney who didn't think any federal law had been violated. He also called the three u. 8. District Jiidijcs who read Sam's report and, on l!ic CP.I ho lornlixl, it ninv bff the cornnr of a rlcnu hinf. If ..-on fail, a physl- r\w clionVl l-^irnv" \t. l>r»o p rr<; r riov FitOM SUNT lots were stolen. Only wlicn horse was gone, and tlie oats, too, did llie attorney gc-nrral order an I inquiry by Ihe FBI." ' I The portly sam.lriccl to reply. Critical Attitude Expected in Congress Over Truman's Universal Military Training Plan read any it belwocn any pair place yon open Uie HV ITCTKIt F.DSON you c.a ISTA Washington Correspondent ol line WASHINGTON. June !). (NBA) — book. The report or the President's Ad- The rctiort say.s three-fourth, visory Commission, which recom- the world still lives in poverty nioiuls adoption of p. Military Training program for the United states, will lie received cril- ioaHy by Congress, if I lie tior. shown to dale means any- Iliiug. Thi' 95-paffe report in a larec car-siile of (dm.'cnlraled clooin. U spells out all the horrors of war — Ihe IK XL out! in a manner fit. to scare anyone to death. Lonit rant;e aircraft dropj'inir atomic hamhs and Ki'i-nis in sneak attacks on elcfem-'!- los.; cities previously rendcreri helpless )>v fifth column activities and therefore nnaljle lo organize tor •orntcr iitturk. rly aii'l in the shadows. That would leave no one eligible for tho job of a;:- i.'res.sdr, the present Congress v.'ill I Universal military training is recommended as Ihe line of na- lidnal defense. In Uie five li:irs ahead of it are put: A stroii healitiy. educated population. A coordinated Intelligence. Service. Scientific Research and Devclon- inrnt. Industrial mohili/ation and stockpiliiiK. Regular Army, Navy and Air Force operating under imi- ticd command, in this connection it should lie Tin- report, snvs Ihe United Slates car. b" involved in another war in lour different ways. Uv direct :it- Bv becoming involved in for- war.; like Ihe lust two. "''V rvinrr id slon .some a-.TLTessor tro'U | ainini' n fontholrl aRainst the U. | S. in Latin America. Or by trying to police mi some United Nations] scr:'ii. Then the Commission says: "Exneri"ncc thus fur eivcs very little evideiv.-e about the. ability of the United States to deliver atomic Ijoinb.-i in decisive numbers aiuiinst t'M-<;els in enemy territory at ereiit distance." Oonnress \vill ask if Ihe United .Stales can't liinneh such an attar k. how is anybody else rTOiilR to do it? Also \vhd's roin<: lo do It.? Soviet Kiisshn isn't mentioned by name in the report proper, b'.lt A Kentucky man nl n? is leaning to play the r:»:opluine. In our opinion, lliat:, the best time to Marl prnctidnr;. II-Mvy rains have done a swell job of slowing down lljp growing of everything in tnc home garden but blisters. posM of the Republican senators il!:',' kill tiff any action on universal military (raining for (his ;essidii c.i CMnVress. And IB-IS is at c'i f ti<-ii .-.e:ir. Ye! the need for speed. s:\y s th President'.'; Commission, comes from tin. fact that i:, will lake live years Ic i'Ct this uuniversal military ir.'.inin;! plan in operation. It will take n year from the. lime, legislation is passed to train the instructors and uct ready for the fir.-t class. Then four years more uelon there will he enough graduates I' fill out Ih" renew. In this interval the country has its reserve of nearly ten million veteran^ of the last "war. But five years from now most of them will b? too nut for active service. FUANKLV ADMITS DANGERS The report is Hank lo say I list'-. there are some dangers to univoi ill military I raining an ( | .some objec- Ikms in adciilicrii to I tie cos!, 'vbii-h is at $!.7fn.C:0. If this exjiendi- ture would mean rultint; down "" any r.i the other five line.-, of national detcnse, Ihe Commission recommends fore<.;oi]H5 it. Fves br> ni-otecleri from -sun injury bv wearing nrot}er sim- I'lassos. Inexpensive glasses arc a poor Investment. They are usunllv made of pressed f:tas?, and tlieir surfaces are uneven. Belter glasses filler out excessive liffbt, but t!o not produce any marked color changes or interfere with vision. Cataracts can follow prolonged exnosure to brif;ht lights may also injure the eyes, » * * QUESION: I liavc an inward Roiter anrt want lo know what foods I should eat. Is there any special climate that would help my Roiter? AN8WFR: If your thyroid gland is turning out too muL'b secret! yoi; must cat more food in order to prevent weight loss. There aro no .special foods to cure goiter. They occur in every climate and should lie removed suriiieallv or medicines. I noted Unit the seven Republican senators who have jusl offered Congress an eight-point program for nalimal defense, don't mention universal military training. MAY CiET NO ACTION THIS VI:AK I'he' Presiitent's Commission says: "If the introduction of universal military service .stioilld have such _ tin indirect effect, of wcnkeniug r->-| The idea that universal i ther tliau strengthening,' the oth-:r training could he acce.ilee elements of our nalicma! seouriiy.! for its coiitribulion to t:rj lieanii then the Commission is of llie firm'nnd r duration of the nation was opinion (hat the iidoplion of inn-, reject-d by the Commission. There versal military training would lie won: s "id to lie belter ways to a mistake and would diminish ra-[ improve physical and cdlicaooiril ther than increase our nalioiul j.tandards for less nioncy. "Ilia se.-nrily." | jnstiliealioil for universal service Taken losrll-.flr. (his phase of tho'is said to be its value to national Commission's report, and the pro-1 defense. 15 Years Ago In Blijtheville — Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Green and soil Crawford Jr., and Miss Rosa Hurdy spent Sunday in Memphis, Tom Mahan and Billy Lawshcc arrived today /roin Nashville, Tenn., wiit'i'i- thry have l:een ;ii- tenilinH Viinderbilt Univor.sily for the nasL year. Mr. Malum plans lo leave; s^on Lor Madison, Wis,, \vliero he will attend school for the Summer. 'Miss Frances Miller, member of the Hit;h School family ha.s gone to Cohunbia, Mo., to .spend the : Summer with her parents. Miss Selmu Len'.z. teacher in the local Hitfh S;-houl will instruct Arkansas A and M. College in ! Bc in\ Ark., this Summer. »••*•«••••»••»•*••* • IN HOLLYWOOD Thr at;e of tlie earth has brcn srt at Mat) years. Tlml r,ut;bt to make it old enough to know belter. HY KKSK1NK .1O1INSON NBA Stuff ('(irrrjiiHiiuleiil lIOLLY\VOr:n. INF/AI- "America. t.odny wants lo htui^li but HnUy- \vtKKl is ni:ikiii|.; Inn ninny lic;ivy pictures. Thr re just arcn'i cnou^li coiiHHlir.s. H^liy.vood lisis fur^ciUi'ii tlial UT propU- want to kiui:h." Tjial'-S thr litlrsl. word h'niu t'u 1 nvrr:ij.:r sur.ill ( '.iinmunity UiriiltT ownt-r, "C;ivr Us < omcdit's." Ihr-y'ro yrllins;. "Tliut's wluit thr pcnplr W:m1 to 5O THEY SAY VIEWS OF OTHERS Something Must Halt the Drift The President's Advisory Commission on Univo'-sal Military Training has issued a rci>nrt which may well be momentous. Because of the caliber of the board's^ membership, because ol the breadth and grasp they evidence, and because of Ihe unanimity of their conclusions, the report must* be accorded ;i respectful nncl sober, heaving by the American public. W na t tli is commission has re con-, me nd ed needs to be studied In two contexts. The first Is strictly military. The commission lias accepted the official Army view. That only a program of universal military training can furnish Ihe replacements and ground armies needed for any war in the predictable future. There Is also Informed opinion to the.con- .trary, liuid by many \ n the Navy and Marine Corps .and by sotiie in the Army, who jear such an establishment would divert support from the prime essential: a powerful ever-ready HollyworuJ h(i;^.^ »« !)>' f*' 11 - Nt'iU'l otnrtiv I hours a r in the writing [> tlin films McKENHEY ON BRIDGE Tricky'Ace-Queen l>lau *Scls 3 N. T. UV M'lM.IAM I-:. MoKl'.NNF.Y nj^nin of form IT Al Jolsou :i J hunk of (iou^li !o nrikr LI co-rii vint; pictnvr wirli Iling Cio.sijy. .T son i?; thinking it nvor, bul, !'rii*n<!;; Kfiy lit 1 probjuly will (urn H ilmvn nnd slick witli Columbia, Producer Edward Small still h.w n'i found the :ielor to .slar in tlu* life Vary of Kudnlph Valcnlin.x Hut ut leasl LL'S pretty definile nov: c- outnr , n players continue to thai the Valentino story will be CO] , U , ln thp front ns c ] i; impions. filmed. Small is sending a cLimerul ln llu> ro:rn t Sou'lica.stern Ko- orow lo Italy to film biu-kurnmut j ,,[ O1Kl i Tournament at Hollywood. u.. 11 Tenne.ise«; team suit. Declai'er won the queen of hearts with thr kiii<" ?.inl k-d the nin« of spach^. Wlirn West played the five. South confirlfutly c;dlrd lor the six, behoving tiial West, was marked with the queen of spades. ut Mrs. Biirlcii:h won with the queen and run the balance of her hearts. Suppose that Mis, Burleigh hati made thp natural play and won lh< first, trick with the queen of spades, then cleared the heart suit. Declarer would have been Ferguson squelched him. Thi,s al- nost caused Sen. Pal McCari'un of NeV-, the only Democral o;i Lhj committee, lo blow a fuse. 'Now you've made a political speech," McCarran sputtered, "and will gel your name in tlie newspapers." Ferguson said McCarrnn's )I?KD itndotiblcdly would appear in piff-t. too, and with that he began jjtot- ting into evidence the affiiSWits about dead men voting in Kansas City, live-men voting twice, and others who couldn't remember their names until they'd consulted with the Democratic big-wigs at the polling booths. The senator stressed in pnrlieu- lar the .statement of Kstelln Carter, who went to the polling place in n radio shop on East Ki^hth Street in" Kansas city to vote, only lo he told tnnt she'd already voted- She .sai<i she hadn't The man went outside to confer with some other politicos. "Then he pushed some bills aE me and told mo to take this and 20 out and buy myself some beer," "the Indignant Kstella wrote. Torturer Ferguson, grinning rnoro broadly than ever, nsked Sam, the district attorney, whether he'd Loicl Ihe three judges about Estella in his report. Sam 1hont;ht he had, but, a careful reading of tho dof^_- ment produced no word o[ the m:nl who wanted fo trade some beer money for Estella's vote. It was here that, the gentlcm-m from Michigan applied -i frrsh piet*."* of sandpaper and lamiheiAtVi 'he resuUnnf anguish. He caSKl tho judKes to testify. The elderly. v^.'Uo- haired Judpn Albert L. Reeves vena Miss Carter's statement over again. "Now .judge," Sen. Forsiuson asked, "ipit't there enoiiL-n In that one letter fo cause you to ask ;v yrand jury for an indictment?" "I am inrlincd to answer your question it; the affirmative,'* Jud^e Reeves replied, choosing his words carefully. Ferguson called (he, next jud?re, Albert A. Ridge, who was a little yountior, and asked him what, he thought about Eslella's statement. Jucii;e Ride .said it certainly deserved lurthcr investigation. "Yet." said the pentlrman from Michigan, "they used the of you judges lo ask for an in- tlictineiiL ns an excuse to call olf the FBI inquiry." It seemed so, the judcv agree;t. Sen. Feriiu.son bowo.n to Sen. Me- Car ran The la tier was fresh out oi America's fnul Aulhority AViiltrn fttr NKA Service Unlil \ve know more of whnl our obligations, are lo be—national nnd international—I would not "educe taxes at all--Bernard M. llaruch. * W % 1-Vocrftl funds lo abolish illiteracy. Improve hcnlth and develop scienlilic rescarcli \vill do more for the safety of the nation t'.ian compulsory military training.—Dr. George F^ /.ootc, president Aniericftn Council on r:ducat'c.n. » * • * Enduiing political harmony rests heavily upon economic stability.—Secretary of snte Marshall. Fur a young man the first thing :.o study is English. Yoii can hire men to do abv.osl anything but you have to sjieak for yoursell.— Thomas J. Watson, president International Business Machines Corp. • » « It is Imperative, that American policies, methods, purixxscs and principles be understood by the common people of the world on both sides ,if the iron curtain.—Itep. Karl E. Muiult (U) oi South Dakota. • • • Moiifrn man takes life far too seriously. His world if. full of (rouble.--Dr. I,In Yulang, Chl'ies- philosopher and author. Thp C«i'ccr C'lnrsitn - lliclurd Ncy r*r«nrili:ilinn :ipp;ircnlly is- n'l ji'lllnir. Clrrcr «ill varalum in Ijiicl.uul this Miniturr—;ilom\ » . . Louts Armstronj; is due in HnMyMnixf in July lit discuss pknis for filinhip bis lifp slory, "Hm-ii of rirnly." Or.vmen Miranda, svh know, says .she is"'t visit (i-oiu the stork. . . and Hairy Akst JUM 'ir is led. M men vKi-:ssriiixr. orr A new advorlisim; i>dli. - v tvi; be lasmclicd by M-G-M (in 'the' lh,-< th:it pe<i|)]e are now .shniipi-n: i*n (hiir entertiiinmeut. '['he r.'\v i>.)'.icy no more supcri\ti\ es, rxlniv.i- s:aut p'.ir^.ses or scii-'.atii' punc- j "We're I'.oing to sell om pictures i bricU;,' and Mniplv. 'I'hc ivn.i;,' do-! n'l want to b.' lii'.!h-pn -. sirevl ar.y I more." Har.'ld I.Uv.ti's ialest ir.o\i-\ "*l':ie .Sin ol Harold Ilidcitrljinl;." \\ili b'- reliit.M-d under a new tii'.e. T,ie rea-en: A'ttr ^exeral shd\\iii:is 1:1 the e:ist. proihuer Howard l(u;;lios said the title killed family u.i.'e liec;iusi parents misinterpieted Die vvoi\\ "sin," Harold's sui in the I picture is bu\ini' a fiiYu-. ulti-r one lint many drinks. scenes. The cameras I Hi-inn;: in .Inly. team-of-fotu' CAN'T HK.VT KICAI, MI''E Aboul a montli before startin;; her role in "Pream Girl." \'irs:in:a Fiel(i married composer Hn\va"d Gro(ie in a simple ceremony ai Sanla n.ivlvn-a. Calif., lasling about: five minutes. -This week she spent four d.iysj gi-tliuiT married lo I'alric Know'.es under Ihe flircction of Mitchell Of the two weddings. Virginia .said she mu.'h prellVred the real "(.cltiilE: married IhTs way is nnieh loo hard on tile nerves, Hmv do you think a real brid 1 * \voiihl feel if somrlinily ki'iit yelling 'rid' jn^l as her hnsb.iml-lo- \tc is almnt to say. '( do'?" sifraid to c ontinue the spade suit- He would have tried first to run the club suit, aiu- when that did not work, ht* would have resorted !o the diamond fines-Tc. This would havr \vorked and the contract would have be on made. Of course thi> deceptive piny should not, be :nculr every time you hoUi the nre-rmo-cn, i>ut if you re- mcinher the ]>lay. it will prove a, valuable asset lo your Kama. cjuc^.tions. Trxuii f'oiititics 4ft Se\T-r;il counties iu Texas /u^'c been !;ivcn the full nrmie.s of the men wliose memory tliry hon'.-r -sitrh as Jelf Oavi.s" couniy. T<nn Grrcnc county, and De:u Smith <:()U3ity. *A BiTiida Marshall. wearinsT hustle tor a scene ill "Whisiieri:U' Smith." wa s told by IV.nvtor Leslie Fentuii id walk faster, "I s^el it." c.raiki 1 ! 1 lUili 1'ivston. (luckni::. "y;ni want this scene to have hustle anil bustle." A K 10(1 li V I 2 « A .1 r. -2 f, t< 7 :i v v i; :i Q in:) 4. 10 '.) (i-l W E S Dealer AQH A 1) 11)0 S "I 7 1 • K II S A A (^ 8 T. Tounimv.oul — T.-W vitt. Smilli \Vcs( :. '.!i K. l>.iss 1 «• 1 T.ISS 1 rt I' IViss 2 N T l>; I'.iss P.iss I' 1 4, P.1S5 INT 3N.T. V 7 Read Courier News Want Ads. Danish Authoress HORIZONTAL l,r> Pictured I Danish writer 10 Thread holder I1 Showered f) Nomad C Contest 7 Compete 8 Any 0 Remove 10 CInze fixedly Thr Lallliy Ros-. will U this smoiiU'i- in a r;- Student I'rince." . . the n. .s. i'a! of "Tiie I'm amount isrardcd O.iy Unifi> French Foreiiln !.>•• its famous cay-r.ili form mine than 3r- ve.its thciii'h it. is stitl wdvn :: pictures. France bought . V. unifovms for the If: World War I. very fine field. The winners «'• Mr! and Mrs. Handolph Scott Memphis and Mr. and Mis. Flolavt C. F.urieiuh of Germantowii. Sever.:! years airo Mrs. Scott was on : M. m' team that won the na tiiinal women's leam-of-four chain- 33 Wild as- 31 Flower 35 Seethe 3H Insect 40 lionl paddles 41 Bachelor o£ Arts (ab.) lini- i. a',- In today's hand Mrs. I!l " made a vcrv clever deception ,., . that dapp;-d the declarer and Jr/ | her top score on ••I Snake lliles More than 1000 ten by snakes in (he Vlniti male. 'Hiese have a death rale approximately ?.?. per cent. (tie board. Uc- clarer won the opening lead with the jick ot hearts. He led the Pa-.K of -padcs. nnd when Wcsl played low the three of r.r.-des was play• cd from dummy. Instead of win- i niiw this trick with the queen. I Mrs nmlci".h (Basil won it with ! Ihe ace of spades. She crashed ! the ace of hearts, then led (he I queen of hearts, clearing the heart 13 Cnn.iiimcd 12 Fruit (pi.) 1-1 Bridge holding i;i Mimickcr 1C Boy 15 North latitude M Secretes 18 South Amcri- (ab.) can rodent 17 Short barb 20 German river 1!) Separated 21 Greek letter 21 Fume 22 Kxpungc 23 Strayed '24 Change 24 Feed cattle 2.i Happen ag^in for hire 2fi Visitor 29 Pack 27 Near (ab.) 23 Exist.; 29 Screen 32 Ermine nfi Wer.ry 37 Strained 38 European vivcr 3D Gazelles •13 Reckon 4-1 Tumor 45 Incapable •17 Jewel 48 Cold wind BO Different 52 Hesting places 53 Couple VERTICAL 1 Emetic 2 Negative 3 Obtained ^ 4 To the sheltered side •12 Spill over ; 31 Amphitheaters 45 She now live! the (ab.) 4G Letter o£ Greek alphabet, ;,, 4!)Ancnt 51 Salutation

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