The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHKVTUJC (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OCTOBER 1Z, 1981 FARM NEWS ANQ RE VIE W ^ With a 4-H'*r in Ireland- Crude Farming Methods of West Eire Like Log Cabin Days in U. S. By BOKKVK JEAN HVKI) <l^*chvlU* 4-H Club Member) BAILE ATHA CLIATH. Ireland— I ted tut though 1 hart just relum- ed from a visit in Ihe We've been In Connetnara in the vif^inn part- of Ireland, in County Gal way on the coast, The land is mostly all mountain* and you could nee both large and small rocks. The weather is the subject everyone *peaks about but Ihe scenery is lovely on 2 fine day. 'Incidentally It, rains 22ft days in the year in Connemara). We love lo l«s claip, lo the sea so one afl-ernonn WP. jilayed around on the *ea coast, which is the second home of the people in ConneniRra, The people were really nice but really marie us feel we were in days pa-st. The farms were about 30 acro.s and the fields wore about the siao of our living rooms with rock walls around them. To begin with, they few their oaU by hand, cut the crop with a .scythe and thresh it with * flail on a slate floor, Some of the farmers have mountain sheep to graze on tbe mountain slope* the year round. They fay some of them are very wealthy since they usually get a good price for Ihe wool. But the people love Connemara and really Jove the lonely life. They hay* hardly any expense ftl all on th« farm and it take* very little lor tb«n to live with their main dish potatoes, milk and fish. The homes arc mostly lash cottages. Reminded me so much of our log cabin days. Some nf the people travel by bi- r.ycle.s, donkeys aairt side cur Us. You could *e* people carrying turf, which i* Ireland's winter fuel, to their homes on donkeys. Even (hough the place is very small in population in lhe winter time, Connemara i.s the ideal place for toiirisUs in the -summer time with lovely scenery, beaches and plant? of fishing. You think afterwards It's a dream to walk into a tash cottage find set the women spinning for the family, making dye from vegetables jinrt flowers and still cooking over the open fireplac*. But I'm so proud we had the chance to see Connemara atid if any one comes to Ireland they fhoiiMn't miss seeing- it. Still, after our visit ro Ihe V.TSI. we are now in the, south in i he- rn ixed fanniufr territory. Thf.' farm- ors, crops are still in the fields and this Irish weather dofsn't Inn* promising at till. Ireland is noted for its green cn<.^s lanrls and its continuing April showers. This summer we have attended many Voting fan tiers Club meetings and also Irish county women's meeting. They nhvays .say they ex- pected to see Iwo glamour girls walk in instead of two common "country girls," f have three wrr-ks left now, I (an'I realize the time has pa.ssed so fast, but I have enjoyed my trip .w much it wJJ] al'-vay.s stand out in tny nil rid as the most, wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I'm really looking forward to seeing and talking with all of you on ut.v return home. Oil ye.s. we're inkitiK a lit Up &irle trip to Paris on uur way home. I'll think of all you wonderful Mississippi County people. H.D.CLUBMEMOS by Mn, Gtrtrud* B. MoMmaa (Horn* D*moaiir»Ho» Aitnt) 19 European Agricultural Experts Visited Arkansas U. During Year FAYEITEVILLE. Ark,, Oct. 19. Information <> n agricultural methods in ArkHiusn.s. ami psiwial- ly fit) the wori< of the Arkansas j Experiment. Station i nntJ Extension service, will soon be influencing farm people in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Nineteen mm and women, ail profe.^lonal workers In agnculturnl ftiirt home economics, hiwc vis I led Din state .since May nmJrr the sponsorship of the Economic Cooper a- lion Administration, according to Driin Uppert S. Ellis of the Univor- \ slty of Arkansas College of Agri-l culture, who is in clmrse oF n«iKii-| meat of foreign visitors who come ' to the .slfitc utulrr t.lie program. I They came from France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Ihu Philippine Islands, Iiulin. Pakistan, Malays, In- doneMK, Indochina, and Morocco, he reported, Some of the visitors attended special during the nniversi- ly',s .summer session; others spent lime In the rural areas either Uv- iriR Jn farm homes or studying wilhj Extension Service stain ami comity! workers; and Mil of hers spent (hetrj time nonferrlnp with members ot I the Experiment Station sUIf at i Ffl.vetlevillc and at the branch ex-j periment stnUonp. For exninpk, a' group of seven French agricultural experts, nil interested in rtre grow- ln«. spent- the last .six weeks at the Rice Brunch Experiment. Station nt 5t iitlparl. Government workers from Malaya and the Philippine Islands also studied at the Rice Sta(ion during the past month. Mast of the visitors have shown Kie,ite,sL imprest In the ways in which the results of research carried on by the Kxperiinent Station are rapidly passed on U> Arkansas farm famines Ihrouph Die Extension Service, Dean Ellis reported. All have conferred with staff mom- liers on ways of improving agrfcul- J«r;i! nnd hoi) lemn king conditions in their own countrie.s. Thp program Is a continuing one, flrcorrting (<> Dean E])K Advance notice has already been received of two Gormnn home economic.', tench- ei.s who will visit the university in December, and othrrs are expected Ut be n-s-slj-ncd from lime to time. They are in addition fo the four German trainees in home economies teaching who will attend the University of Arkansas during the 1951-52 schnol year under Ihe Ger- ninn rcorlrnUHion program of the Department of State. CEL-0-GUASS Kvcry Home Has Need for Some. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. 4-H«r» Every 4-H member that has not already sent Iheir report* lo the Agricultural Extension Office should do so at, once *o they may receive a certificate for completing their year's work. Mld-Houlh Fair The home demonstration agent has Just received checks for the 4-H member* who participated activities at the Mid-South Fair. Doris Kennett modeled her party dress, Ola M&nley and Annie Louise Hantlley composed the Judging team for canned foods. Bohbjre Byrrt The home demonstration agent has received word that Bobbyc, IF YE delegate, will arrive In New York on October 27. She is lo start lor Arkansas on the 31st and will speak at, the Stale 4-H Congress * Little Rflck on the morning of November 3. The home demonstration agent has received R letter from Mr. Johnnie R. Holmes, Farm Service Director of KLRA radio station, UUle Rock. He states that he has received a recording from Bobbye Jean and It will be used nn his program at 12:15 p.m. tomorrow. Be sure to tune In lo hear her. Klrr The electric wires which bring so much convenience and comfort Into homes today can b< fire hazards— if Improperly In.sUllecl, In need or repair or misused. October 7-13, Fire Prevention Week. Is a good lime t check home wires and safe use of electricity. When the fuse blows, that's a danger signal either of an overload or a short circuit. Substituting a larger fuse Is highly dangerous be- canse then wire.s, instead of the fuse, heat up and a fire may start Inside house waits. When new equipment ha.s been added since the house was wired, additional circuits may be needed. Overloading of wires i* not the only cause of fire* from electricity. The careless minded person who forget* to disconnect an electric iron or other appliances has caused many a, fire. Badly worn curds also are fire hazards. When buying electric equipment, look for Ihe UL label of the Underwriters I-iboratorfes on both el«c- trical equipment and cords which show that the article has been tested as safe. li. O. Club Member? A Itfvf days ago a neighbor worker in the court house told me ibout two ladles who were anxious lo be home demonstration club women but did nnt know how to become members of a club, There may be others who want to know the same thing. The home demonstration club.s are free and everyone Is invited to be a member. To get started you might do one of the following suggestions: 1. Get acquainted with one or more members that are In your community They will [ell you whore and when the next meeting will be. 2. Contact the home demonstration agent and she will be glad In send you the schedule of the nearest, club nnrt where it will meet. FUBI, BILLS Save one-third with INSULATION. E. C. Robinion Lbr. Co. NOTICE TO USERS OF FUEL OIL As it has been in the past, the Oil Dealers Association of Blytheville will continue their policy of supplying oil only to those people whose accounts are paid. If a customer is indebted to any member of the Blytheville Oil Dealers Association, the others are not permitted to sell the customer fuel .... NOT EVEN FOR CASH. To most of you this measure will have no significance. It is announced purely for the information of delinquent customers so that they will be aware of the policy before cold weather sets in. « The Oil DealersAssociation Of Blytheville 623,000 Chicks Placed in State Hatcheries and dealers plnccd 623.000 broiler chicks with producers Jn the northwest area, during the week endinK Oct. B. according t« the Arkansas Crop Reporting Service. This is a decrease of 16 ^r cent from the preceding week. Of the total placements, 367,000 chicks were hatched (n Che nrea nndj 256.000 came from other states. % Finding the TROUBLE SPOTS C If your John Deere Tracior and Implement.! aren't giving you firsc-raie performance, ii will pay to bring them in for a checkup. Finding irouble— and cameling !/ —is a specialty in our shop. We've equipped our shop with modern, ' precision tools. Thus, our well-trained mechanics, skilled in servicing techniques recommended by John Deere, are able lo go right to work. There'll be no time wasted OUR MECHANICS finding what's wrong ... or deciding how to fix it. If parts need replacement, only genuine John Deere Parts will be used. Whatever the job, it will be done quickly, efficiently, »n<l at low cost. You'll be pleased with the results; your John Deere Tractor and Implements will come back to you running like new. See us for a free estimate. Come in soon. Cross-eyed and near-Mj;hU?d children usually are the n«l slurients. says the American Optometrlc Association. Columbus took samples of rubber from the Americas to Spain. MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. South Highway 61 Blytheville BUY ONIY GENUINEym DEERE PARTS -THEY FIT AND WEAR UKE THE ORIGINALS! 1947 Minneapohs-Molinc Cum- hirw wilh Motor. If You Need in Extra, Thu I* It I Priced At Only. .. 1919 Model Allis-Chalmers I'. T, O. Combine. A clean machine and ready lo get (hose beans. Part of a Picture Won't Tell the Whole Story... and you won't get the complete story by reading these low, low prices on used combines. You'll have to come out to 61 Implement and see for yourself what terrific values each and everyone really are, 'II bet that (see lower right) you, too, will feel Jik« «rowlng! Come out today! Choose one of these 10 Allls-Chalmers P. T. O. Combines. Price for each one is only. . . $300 A Gleaner-Baldwin Cull Type Combine wilh Motor. Only 2 Seasons Old. A Real Buv!... $550 Masscy-Harfis Delta Special! in 19 I'. T. O. Combine. A Real Money Making Machine. Only $850 Two Massey-Harris Self Propelled "Clipper" 2 Row Combines. 1917 Models. Kach One Priced Al Only... $1350 Three Massey - Harris Delta Specials, 1919 Models, Wilh Molor. Choose One Fur Only $1000 CONVENIENT TERMS! COMPLETE SERVICE SHOP! 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Highway 61 'Your Massey-Harris Dealer' Phone 2342

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