The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNK 0, 10.17 BI/VT11EV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS McMath Boomed For U. S. Senate Typographers Ask Garland Countian To Be a Candidate HOT Sl'llINGS. Ark.. June a. <UP — Bicincy a. McMath, Oarland county j>n»:eciilini> attorney, tcjjjy was coiisidcrini; ;l [ m . m ni re- qiw.kJIjmt he become a candidate for We U. S Senate in 1348 McMatli yesterday received Ihe request in (hi! form 0 ; a resolution passed by the Arkansas Typographical Conference meeting here. The "•solution requested the ynnlhful proseculor to "seriously consider becoming a candidate for United States senator in 1948." MCiMath .said lie appreciated the hii-h comuliment paid him by the ATC and that !he reo,ui.-.'J 1 is wmiclliini; lo which the recipient should give his most serious thought, and consideration." A. T. Undd. an employe of Ihe Arkansas Oa/ottc in I itlln R« was elected president of the conference succeeding Waiter sharp of Hot Springs. The printers voted to hold their 1!M8 conference in HI Dorado. Improvements Started on Court House in Pcmiscot CAHUTllERSV-ICUi, Mo., June ! —Th c office spjcc in the co'irl house formerly occupied by <ni county collector and county 'treasurer is beiiiK consolidated with re moval of partitions, so that tho office of collector will hereafter occupy the entire space. Tlie treasurer's office will be moved to I hat formerly occupied by the pros^cnt- injitattorney, who is taking over tiiB^uace formerly occupied by the county extent ion agent. He. in turn Is leaving to tiie Uood Building, which is just across the street Irotn the courthouse. Workmen are busy now with alterations, and it will be some time yet before all removals and re-lo-js- tiohs are completed. The county jail is also having extension repairs. Floors, found-i- tions and walls have been rcnrwed and repaired, and a new walk has been built to the front culrmine of the jail, .is well as tn the side e:i- Iraiicc to the ••lock-up" department. PAGE SEVEN First Jei-Propelled Speed Mellon Trustees Report Gifts • -»»•• »»* From Estate Total $78,267,68 I!Y ,1. ItOKDItT United I'mis Stuff Currcspomlcnl PlTWliURUII. June 0. UJ1>) — A charilut>lo trust set up by iho lulo Annrnv W. Mellon, fabulous rittsbursih finaneicr. lias been i:iv- iiu; away money at Iho r.ilo of 1111,10 lluin srj.^OJ a day lor lii years. Tiic trustees issued :i report today ac'eountiii 1 ; lor oxp; ¥ ndiiuii.' of $7('|'2i)!l,OfiO. And they r.sllmaled that will l-ike ]. r > more years lo ;e of tlie $:».4tn,45:) 'worth of remaining assets in tho trust. The Jioied banker nnd Iml isl founded the A. W. Mellon Eil- uralidiial and Oliinilable Fund In :3, seven years l>rion> his dealii Ho iioured more than $100,000,003 In it. •Mellon tied no strings to Ihe as. l ols oilier than ask the "e.irofu cousicliM-alioii 1 ' of lite trn.slee.J for Ihe nwdi ol institutions in whieli lie had ••manilosled special Interests." From i:i;i!) to 1CMT>, Ihe trustees reported, money was do'cd out in ammiMls ram;in;; from SI!) lo tho Pill .'i'Mii'idi Ort'hi's'.ru Assticial ion lo $71.051.-1:1:1 to the National Gallery of Ail. yi-av's gi-anls were lumped—S'J ,313,018. Sir Malcolm Caivpbctl wc'avs special Round clcadonors in hclincl v.'iiriniiiK up engine of liO-foot iirst jet-propelled speed boat, unveiled at Portsmouth, England. Willi possible speed of 100 iniles- an-hour, the Gl-year-old driver v/ill try for a new xvorld record on Lake Collision, Knglnnd. lie holds ihe Eel record of 301 K.illrrv ciri.. iniulo lo nnu .was l:ol!(ved lo tin Ihe ilomitiim c ver r.lvrn to Die Uuitcil Slates by un Individual, A breakdown of Ihe inner lU'aul:; rd-. social welfare ii !3i : education, h. saw, HID; public rii's $1M,503; ivll>',lo mi i- relief J835.CCO. ' inloresl.s were agencies, Sl.'277.('i:i; unit civir n, $10,100, Mellr: bei an lrisn-hniiiif;nuU bank went lulo the liiin- aiul real e.slale business, but ;:ils :in(>ii turned lo Intikiujj. He bcenue priviiu'nl of hi. 1 ; father's bank and then, helped or- I'niii/.e I wo of Pltlsinriili t;i'eale.'.l. luinkmt: lioustr the Union and Ihe Union havjiij;:,. i His industrial empire wa.s bu-K/ hi :>tt-H. coal und :duiiHuum. lie.' \vn.s .secretary of llu i treasury in Ihe ratihii'l'i" ol I lure piosiijeius i'lid .si'iTi'd as uuilnir.i.ador to Ihe t'ourl ol .St. James, Vail-Use HiTiul Hakrd in sheets hall a yard lu duuuelor acid a s lliiit as ritnlb.mrd. Atab hri':ul is ur>l only used as a loi'd. hut for covers lor pois and linns, plates, trays, and eiilinr, iilon- . lie holds ihe present mark of H1.7, in an auloniobile in 1935. Hopeful New Yorker Searching For Pirate Gold Is Encouraged Three Students Honored 'CARUTHERSVIOLE, Mo., June D. — Three Carnthcrsville hieh school students received certificates \ CLUB 61 (Formerly iMiilnilc Jim) TtJKS. AN'I) l'flII>AY Orchestra iXights ^ NIGHTLY DANCING Under New Management. Call 944 for reservations. Couples and Parties ONLY! Owned & Cjicr.-ilnl by Gcor.cre Ford and W. A. "Itcd" BickcrsUff •AMHF-RST. N. S. June D. (UP) — Eflv;ard Ileichart. the h(jpclul Ne.v Yorker who plans to (hi; up trc:'..s- nre believed Ir.irivd on tiuy Oa^ l:ilaiul by Capt. Ilidd, the fabulous pirate, received some encouraK--'- [inent today Irom a man v;ho said he has positive proof that the still! is there. l-Yecl L. Hlair of Aniher^t, who ha s held the rights to pirate Ircas- ure huntiiif; on the island for 5'J ^'cai-Sj heki 'up a Kokl link und a parchment that he said he had foimd while digging on the island "T'ic parchment positively indicates that treasure exists," h:: said He said Rciclmrt, who announced yesterday he planned to take heavy machinery lo the island for the cliiiKini;, hii s ;\ good chance to find pirate's loot. "It's a gamble," Blair said, "bul heavy power machinery used in excavating may provide the solution lo the treasure," Loral legend has it that Kidrt buried treasure chests on the island more than 10 years ago. Searchers have tpent hundreds of thousands of dollars jtryiu^ to rind them, ont have come up only with proof that the piiate was an early expert on CASH You G«l ' $100 $200 $300 $500 $750 $1000 t tntfudes Ocd Monthly PaymenK For 12Monlhi; $9.25 18.50 77.75 46.25~ 69.38 92.50 il Lifo Inwionca MOh FOR DEBTS C babies, doctors' or dentists' hilh, wlien you need GCPC 122 W. ASH ST. BIYTHEVlllE IEY ID DIAPERS GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE ' CORPORATION * bnnbv I nips. lior-iri ( :s disclose.-) that Iviild an iutiica'e svsteill of \v,iler li-a])S to pintcct his loot. Also found were limber:, and other materials loreluu to Nova .Scotia. i Hlair said thai. J(ei;:'iai L. who lives at VI .Riverside Dr., New York, ha s obtained novel mnc-Mtal pcrmi.;- Kion lor Ihe sc-.ieh. hul thai it may !«• some lime before he begins operations. On By Using A Flame Cultivator See It On Display-Our Plant Bldg. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. South Broadway Street Blyrhcvillc, Arkl City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 Tor l^iierl Itppafrs 3^.| K :1 sf M;ihi St. Felix A. Carney With ATHLETIC EGOIPMENT HARDWARE CO.Inc. MOMe Of FAMOUSBRAND& 136 W. MAIN ST. PHO(IE SIS it's ke 1C your pi-csenl, box is <jld, Icaliy iinil a continual sou re u of v.'on-y . . jji\'<! it Hu: hciivc Mini Holvn your (lilTicully with niu; of llit'oi: nil'l-y ice rcri-ij,'cr;it(ir;i. Priced At 100 Ib. Capacity All Metal-Insulated One Lof of the Boxes Slightly Damaged Closcout Price $49.95 ous Lockerator Ice Boxes ilor is :i tliat, inuans :i "hcllcr-lniill" liox. I'orfc'ct ice rL-rriyLTii'iinn is posnihlu with UIIK liox l)t-J:nisi! oT UK ^npL-vior \V(!i-!(iii;uisliip and design. This i.s truly 11 iu aristiiLTiil in Ice USED BOXES The demand for 1 licyc used boxns ha:; been such lluil we liiivc bcin rc(|uirud to replenish our stock tliree tinie.s. 'I'liuy'ru (,'oiiiK fast at these prices . . s . if you need one—get it now! $17.95 $19,95 And $22.95 All Good Boxes! SpeciciJs Thts Week Only KITCHEN STOOLS .... ? 2 ir> Slninlws Slct'l—l.iOliino (Jtiru'antcc (Jnisri sal COOLER 12 Diinnevcr i'llcclric 895 COVER JED SKILLET S 4 SAifCEPAN S 3 2r> .:.: T 5 •i 01. covKKicn SAUCEPAN Thc«c arc cnoliiuti tilcnsils of (hick, hcasv aiuniiiuim with mUura'i grip liantllcs. JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY 301 East Main Phone 2487 See Jitnmie Fa t Help and ef;nl|Mn«i)t, A«lc- liinurcil .t'olitmt lUullne Home :ic,vU-n ft Ktor>c< Co. I'llDllI Z»0l Panama Hats Cleaned & ReMock«d Fur Remodling The Johns Shop 5*3 W. Minnie Lee Jones, Studio ANNOUNCING Summer Classes in Piano Reasonable Rates Enroll Now Phono 2994 or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickosawba Blythcvillo, Ark. >!>:»::•>:>:>::•::«:>:>:>::«::•;:•:»:»:>:>:»::•!>: >::«:'«»°vwvv*"»"»'v«~»'»v r *" FARM LOANS You can now secure' the must, ntliadlvc farm loan in history. ow rales of Interest., extremely long lemw with Hb5rn] prrpiy- nent prlvllenes. rractlciilly no ex|iense nttuchcd. If your present (inn does not bear less Mian :.'.;, inlcreM you will cenainly l>e in- eiosle.l In our Farm l^miii. Unlimited iimnuul available, fjiicb an ipliriiliuilly may never exist ni;alu. Ho If you wish lo finance or 'ellnance. write or .see , A. F. DIETRICH c /o I'nHt'fl 1iisiir;unc At;ciiry 20!l|j W, Muln ~ (in:ud Uhlg. »lyllirvllli', Ark. Fowlston School of Music la Special Summer Classes PIANO - ORGAN — VOICE Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, B. A., S. M. M. TIM- m sliirlH June 2nd UinmKli Auicusi, 31, 19<17. A siK'i'iiil jirico (di- MIL- Ilirw; nuniLlix' lunn in piano is IJCMIK (liTeri'd. Vw inroi-iniition, call or write — 809 Chickasav/ba Phone 2049 All of Your Life Insurance Needs General American Life Ins. Co. E. H. FORD, District Manager Lynch HlilR. I'lioiic 2811. !{cs. 3185 I)K. MII/i'ON 15. WKBB Optuinctrtst Clythevllle, Ark. GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. Stale Line on ihe left at the Arch y. Ft. ft. 5th 7 Crown Culvert Schcnlcy Cream of Kentucky. . Three Feathers .... Hill & Hill Old Taylor Four Roses .35 2.65 4.15 .35 2.65 4.15 .35 2.65 4.15 .35 2.65 4.15 .35 2.65 4.15 .40 2.75 4.40 4.35 6.90 2.85 4.50 5 "» Beer pcr Cose $3.35 GAS, reg 17.9c; Ethyl 19.9c All Brands CIGARETTES - - $1.35 On. Buy 'em Here! "For Work Done Right" CALL 474-475 CoW Storage for Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 'Ihe OM Reliable" G. O. POETZ TOT feme .t PETROLEUM of*, D*peirf»bte 0«rrtt» PRODUCTS KB »t O-»ry

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