The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1944
Page 6
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\ PAGE {SIX Welch Provides Test For W ' Hooded Mat Performer Will Team With Canny In Tag Match Here Tilt: CAIU) Main Event: tag Match. Koy Welch (210) and liuck J.awson (215) versus "The Bat" (200) and Bill Canny (215). Preliminaries: 2 sins'" 'all matches. Welch versus "The Bat." Xawson versus Canny. Scene: American Legion arena, Hcfcrcc: Mike Jleroncy. Time: 8:30. Roy Welch, senior member of the famous Oklahoma wrestling family, who for many years hus been a trial horse for ambitious members of (he grappling cllcntel, will Give "The Bat", a hooded, rough giant who has been sailing nlong at a merry winning clip, n severe tost tonight 1 at the American Legion arena in one of the several features of Promoter Mike Mcroney's nll-slnr wrestling eartl. Welch takes on "The Bat" in one ol the single fall preliminaries, then team swith popular Buck Lawson for a sctlo with the masked marvel and his male, "Wild Bill" canny, ace mat tnennle, h> n show that promises to be boundless In action nnd excitement. - Lnwson renews his rivalry with Canny in the other preliminary to complete the program. Masked Marvel Hack Making his initial stall here lust week, "The Bat" thrilled Ihe political crowd of more than 5,000 with his skill, brilliance and rough tactics as he and Red Roberts battered out a clean cut victory over Gus Wisbar and Lawson, two falls to one. The masked giant was magnificent as he led the double bar- reled foray in typical mennic style, just made to order for the inimitable Roberts. In Canny, "Tlie Bat,"'finds such a partner; a wrestler who goes all out for the rough stuff nt nil angles and some extra ones whenever possible. "Wild Bill", one of the hardest hitters In the game, a former prominent box-fighter of note, holds the reputation of running second to no one when it, comes to rough tactics in the ring. Though mild mannered outside, lie lakes on a dllicr- ent chnractcr when hooked up in n mat struggle, and It l»des no glad tidings for cither the opposition or the referee. Bill—like hts choice teammate, Roberts—Just doesn't want to be bothered when he swings into action. He has contempt for relcrces, especially when the third man is Mcroney. There is considerable feeling between these two. A few weeks ago Bill pitched Mike over the ropes, onto the concrete floor below. The official not only suffered a deep face wound that required several stitches, but a broken jawbone thai is jusl healing. Giants Ilcncir Hit-airy While the battle between Welch and "The Bat" balds chief interest, the meeting of Roy and Canny takes on more than passing note. These two giants huve up bitter feud and go at It hammcr-and-tong whenever they are thrown together Their,, several battles in the local Hug have been battle classics mid this should be little different. Canny held the edge in the last meeting Nvlicn he and King Kong smashed out a straight fall triumph. Lawson has a special incentive in this anticipated free-for-all battle that rosy reach new heights. The former Naval chief petty officer was on the losing end of the.battle last Monday night nt the Fair Grounds and wants a chance to even llm score with "The Bnt." He came out second best in the individual encounters with the masked man nnri likely will bo gunning for him tonight. That spells extra notion for the fans who are expected to jam the small arena to the raflcrs. It has all the earmarks of being Just what they want best—action in tlie raw. Fliers VWn Two More, Beating Stuttgart and Cape Girardeau . (ARK.)i !«JUBIER NEWS Tuning up for tliclr important clash with LockbouriiG Army Air Field here Wednesday afternoon. Uie Blythcvlllc Army Air Field Filers chalked up (wo-victories over Hie week-end, tliolr 25th and 26tli triumphs of the season. Saturday they vinlimbcrcd their heavy artillery against the SLult- gnrt Ofllccrs, rapping out 10 safeties for an easy 22-1 win In Just seven liming.'.. After bowing three times to Capo Girardeau, by oiic-rtm decisions, the Fliers came back yesterday to defeat the Cuppahaws, 4-2, at the Missouri metropolis, behind the effective pitching of Frances Huth and Mel Painell. Find Visitors Easy Every member or the Filers, except Marlins pitcher Norberl En- :lc who didn't tarry long enough to get a bat, look part In the bal- fcst against the SluUjjarl officers. Max Vlckere mid Fred Swim collected three apiece, while Pnr- icll, Afnck McWhorter, Leonard 1'ravls and Wall lilalek each hud '.wo. One of Parnell's was a tre- :nendons home run. Vickors had 8 triple. Doubles went, In Gils Gu- /.lewlez, McWhorter nml Trnvls, < Enc.l e slnrlcd for the Fliers but urn no pillule. Three liHs. with n sacrifice sandwiched In netted the visitors two runs In the first In- hij;. He was relieved by I-*fly harlc.s Edqnr with' none' out in Uic ocoiid who not only pitched scorc- ess but hltless ball until he cased il> in the seventh and final round. ?our hits produced two more Sliitlgart runs, but It didn't rant- er. Staff Screcaul Ifn(h nml Roy Smith, a nemesis all season, hooked ii]> In n beautiful pitching bnt- le yesterday at Cape Cllrardcuu. In icrfcct forjn the slim rlelUhand- css gsantcrf only one hit nplccc for our rounds. But the Fliers broke the Ice In the fifth, thanks to a piece of luck. Travis Gets Double After Frank Spreull had rolled out to second, Travis doubled down he left field foul line. He likely would hnve gone to third but stumbled rni(| fell between second "ind the hot corner and scrambled >ack to the middle bap. Stan Wlolko rapped sharply to third •\nd Travis was trapped and finally mn down. Wlolko went to second luring the chase. Oldflcld made a ciimrkablc stop of nliilek's grounder back of first but threw badly to first, Wlolko scoring. The pliers sewed It up Boot | nnd Ignt with three more runs in the seventh, and Ilicy came In handy. pronU slut-led to cenlcr as a ilarlcr. Travis walked. After trying vainly to bunt, Wlotko was called out on strikes, Hlalck .singled to left scoring Sproull, When Outfielder Eddleninn fumbled the ball Travis I'aced to third and Blalok pulled "p ai. second, Hull) drove In Travis with n safety and lilalek counted as tlie shortstop tossed out Vlekers. Manager l.ouis Weiss, who caught the first seven Innings, went to the mound and was untouchable during the final Iwo rounds. Pnrnclt To Iti'scue Until was the complete- master for seven !tmlnj;s, holding tin; Mk- sourlans (o only two lilts. But he van into trouble in the <>lf>IHh. A •single, walk and triple broke his •M>cll wldi two runs. Manager Robert Tnbbfi. who originally planned to divide the pitching chores, waved In his southpaw nee. 1'iiniell, and It was curtains. Mel fanned tlie en- lire side to leave Uddlcmaj) .slraml- cd on third, He struck out lira more Iti the ninth, though yielding a simile. •Sproull contributed (he ridding gem of Die day hi the fiflli when he made nn nnmglni; .shocstilni; calch of a low llupr off Uic bat of Ncbel. Sundav's box score: CAPE GWADDHAU AH ii II I'O A B Ncbel, rf r> 1 1 a 0 0 Drlnkoff, s s . ... 3 l o 8 -I 0 Eddlcmun, If . ... 4 n '2 0 0 1 Schwab, 3b :i 0 1 t 1 0 Weiss, c-p •! 0 0 5 2 1 Mcy, Ib ;t o o 1:1 l o Schrocder, cf :i 0 (J 1 0 0 oidficui, 2b i o o i 5 i Malhes. 2b 2 0 1 0 1 0 Smith, ]) 2 [) 0 0 2 0 xrius.s-ell, c 2 0 0 1 0 0 Totals '.. 112 2 5 27 ID 3 DOPE BUCKET 3. P. FKIKNU 1 oday s Games SOUTHERN UMGDK Memphis at Little Rock. New Orleans at Birmingham. Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Philadelphia at Chicago. Boston at Pittsburgh. New York at Cincinnati. Brooklyn at St. Louis, night AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at Washington, night Detroit at Philadelphia, night. Chicago at New York. St. Louis at Boston. (iKTH BUS THRILL Pfc. Noi-iiiiin (Monk) lUoslcy, youngest of the famous Mosley football playing trio, Is more contented than he has been since he left Mama and Papa Sylvester Mosley more than u year ago, despite the fact that he is stationed on far away Bougainville in the South Pacific. The reason: he has finally seen (someone from home. To make things that much better that someone was a former gridiron mate who helped pave the way for him to launch out on the ninny touchdown jaunts during his amazing career us o Chick. In a letter dated August 5, the •Monk" writes: "Well, at last, I met n boy from homo and you know him real well. You remember James Ncedham. <Son of Mr. and Mrs. J H. Necdham, Rt. 2.) Ho is on this same island. He came over Die other day lo see me. I didn't know him at first. He had gained so mucli weight. Said he weighed about 200 Boy, I sure was glad lo see him \Vc had n long talk. Talked nbout the and Just got a yllmpsc. But he Is certain (hat It was the former Chick star. Ti'.cre Is but little doubt that Herman Cross will follow it up. Mr. and Mrs. Posey's oilier service son. Ueul L. C. Jr.. who has been Jlylng In combat In India, hns been laid low by an erupting appendix. It quickly was removed and he was recovering in a rest camp at Calcutta, India, when his last letter was written. .' . "Pop" ami Mrs. Mosley arc going to be mighty happy today. . . Herschell, their oldest son. Is due to return home today after about, H year of combat In ICnglimd and Europe. Lieut. Mosley, who pilots a n-n, arrived In Hie Slales last week, lie completed more than 30 missions, mostly over Germany, ami hns experienced many narrow escapes. A third Mosley. IJeut. KII.SS, is in Nebraska awali- IIIK D-17 »rc;!j;nrncnl. He recently received his wings at Marfn, Texas . . . Have you seen Herman Koeli- Icr, the former Chick basketball .star of the lS31-:if) days? 1'hcw one of Uncle Ham's bigResl tanks hasn't a IliliiK on liljn in si/x.'. lie. weighs u mere 'MU and scales sl>: feet'4 \-'i Inches. It's no wonder Uicy asslni»'d him to M.l>. duty at Camp Robinson, lie now is with the Em-Incurs nl Camp Claitorne, LSI. He rrcpullr married the former Miss Elsie Latl- mer of IMI. . . T-4 J. D. Talc has missed out on another flying trip with Major Dick Tipton in itsily. . lie has been sent In Corsica. Mclibc lie can locate Lfeul. Howard Prisby mid Ret a ride In an air buggy . Or Lieut. Preston Kaincy, who'also is there. BLYJHEVII.LI': A.A.P. AH It II PO A E Vlckeix ss 3 0 0 1 4 0 Swan. 2b 4 0 1 .'i 0 ! Parncll, cf-]i •! 0 0 0 0 0 MeWhorlcr, Ib ... -I n 1 7 0 0 Sproull, If .1 i i .) o 0 Trnvls. 3b 2 l l a l l Wlotko, rf-cf -1 1 0 1 0 0 Btalek, c 3 1 1 o 0 0 Hnth, p 3 0 1 D 5 0 Gnzlewlcz, rf 1 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 32 4 (i 27 10 2 Summary: TITO base lilt—Travis. Three base hit—Eddlcman. Double Play—Oldfidd lo Kllcy. Runs balled in—Vickcis, Bialek, liulh, Ed- dlcman 2. Base on balls—off Huth 5, Smith 3, Weiss 1. Strikeouts — Huth 2, Smith 4, Weiss 1, Purnell 5. innings pitched — by THith 7 (none out In ihe IHh) with four bit.f, 2 rims; Smith 7 with six hits, four runs, winning pilchcr—liulh Loser—smith. Baseball Standings SOUTIIE1CN LEAGUE W. L, Atlanta 23 11 Nashville ;jg 14 Memphis 24 10 Little Hock J7 23 New Orleans 18 25, Birmingham 17 24' Mobile 17 24 Chattanooga ] 15 27 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. I,. SI. Louis CG 44 Boston 59 50 New York (JG 61 nclrnlt 5 6 fil Cleveland 53 5 jj Chicago si 58 Philadelphia 51 51 Washington .' 45 33 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. St. 1 onis 17 28 Cincinnati SB 4S Pittsburgh ','. r, s 45 New York so 58 Boston 43 62 Philadelphia 41 QI Rood old times at home, and about going back to school after the war is over. 1 went over Sunday nnd stayed nil day with him. "Also over here in Uie same outfit with Ncedham is J. T. Victory's younger brother. Ho is a nii-e kid He really looks like J. T. When I sot over lo see Jnnies lie was play- Ing baseball. He was catching, "it, wasn't long before lie suid lliis is too much and usked for relief. I told him he was jusl too fat. "Had a letter recently from Ev- t-rclt Croslow. Sure was glnd lo hear from him. He is somewhere in New Guinea. He mentioned about wanting to go back lo the University of Arkansas after the war. "P. s. James is better known us 'Rough House' over here" SKS1ITS THK MONK Norman may hnve learned it by now, but he was seen by another local boy nol long ago. Pvt. Herman Cross Poscy wrote his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L, C. Posey, that he Was certain he saw "Monk" pass in » truck. He, too, was riding in a truck going In opposite direction Pel. .718 .Bin .!iOO .425 .413 .415 .415 .357 ret. .COO .541 .523 .523 .413 .458 .455 .417 Pet. .733 .5G3 .5(33 .4113 .410 .402 Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN I.EAfllJlf" Memphis 3-0, Little Rock 0-3 Nashville 8-0, Chattanooga 4-!. New Orleans 8-2, Birmingham 5-3. Atlanta nt Mobile, postponed AMKKTCAN LEAGUE Washington 2-4, Cleveland , 1-1. Philadelphia C-0, Detroit i-C New York 10-J, Chicago l-l. Boston 7-1, St. Louis e-S. NATIONAL LEAC1UK Philadelphia 3-7, Qhlcnyo 2-6. St. Louis 4-7. Brooklyn 1-3. ! PUUiburgli 8-:i, Boston 1-1. Cincinnati 4-D, New Yolk 3-2. HEADACHE uld. U« • olv.J —alt r.arfy to hscin *A»lnje the pain. It «tfea •»allt>a tierv* I n*1on dut to tli* pAln. l/»» only n» d(»«elod, 10<r, 30r, 60c. THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Bos Office. Opens 8—Show Starts at 8:15. SATUHDAXS & SVJNT)AXS Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Last Time Today "LADY TAKES A CHANCE" with Jean Arthur, John Wayne HKO NCITS—Comedy Tuesday & Wednesday "THE RIGHT MAH" , wilh Alan 'Ladd, Julie. Bishop, Edith Fellows and Wilbur Evans . RKO NEWS & Selected Short FALL PLANTING SEEDS WINTER WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, RYE and HAIRY VETCH. Rccleaned. High Purity and Germination. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main. WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Aug. J/J, 8:75 p. TAG MATCH =? M ALONE & LAWSON CANNY & THE BAT Z 30-mln. Preliminaries EDDIE MALONE THE"BAT BILL CANNY BUCK LAWSON v NIGHT'S KI;SI;LTS SOUTHERN LEAGUE Little Hock 8, Memphis 4. Tennis Tourney To Open Friday Jnycces To Sponsor Three Day Net Meet Here This Weekend Entries for thc Junior chamber of Commerce tennis tournament to be held Aug. 18, 19 . il)( i 20 at Russell liarlmm's court on North Highway ei, must he turned in not later than 7 o'clock Wednesday night, Roland Bishop, chairman of the sports committee, announced today. They may be filed with Bobbie Lee Smith of the Red Top Ciln on North Highway <u, Melvln llalsell at (he Rustic Inn, or Holand IJLshop, at thc Swift Oil Mill. The tournament will feature five brackets, Including u im . f <)r t hc Jiinloi- group, 18-years-okl and 1111- dw, which will he ijoys singles and hoys rVmbtc, and girls single. In thc senior uroup. 13-year-old and over, two brackets will be played, the niens singles and doubles. PrlMVi will bo .warded the winner in each bracket and to each rini- liorup. There is no entry charge, as well as no admission to tlie louriiameut. Tennis halls will be furnished players by (lit.. Jaycees. The committee will try to ar- mgfl thc inntches so that they will start at 2 o'clock each after- in«n of the tournament, but the exact time Is dependent on the number of entries. 'Hie finals will start Sunday afternoon at 'j o'clock. Seating arrangements will, be provided for thc. spectators, Mr Bishop said. Plans are underway to have an ixhibilion nialcli between two lop- notch tennis players during the tournament. The names of the players and the judges for the (v»ilp.slcd matches will he announced later. Other members of the Sports Committee in addition to Mr Bishop, arc Mclvln llalsell and John McDowell. MONDAY, AUGUST 14, 1944 Bring Your Own Ammunition And Shoot In Grand American FIKKS HIS IlKST GUNS New York. —Billy Soutlnvurtli doesn't liclieve in the baseball rule which forbids shaking up a winning lineup. lie has changed that of tlie Cardinals freciuently this season. I'JillllY'S LAST FIGHT New York.—Aaron Perry, Washington welter, meets Tippy Liirkin at Madison Square Garden] Aug. 18 He will be Inducted the following, day. Corncob Almost Parades SALINA, Kan. (UP) -Pvt. G. T. Adams of the Smoky Hill Army Air Field Guard Detachment here nearly Inaugurate a new style for military dress for a parade recently. Adams stepped into the parade formation complete with helmet, leggings, clean khakis, shoe shine— and corncob pipe. The private managed a hasty retreat! Mobile 3, Atlanta 2. AMERICAN LEAGUE Detroit 12, Washington 5 NATIONAL LK.UHIK Philadelphia 3, St. Louis 0. By IIAHHV (1KAYSON JS'KA Sports Editor NEW YORK.-nccausc Of the Army, Nnvy and Marine bases represented a year ago. It had been Hoped that the War Production Board would release nimmmltion for the Grand American tourna- incut 'in Dayton, O., Aug. V3-24-2G, but this has not worked out. Once the .Amateur Trap- I shooting Association furnished •shells to the 1000 or more Dead-Eye ,Dhks and Annie '"Oikleys from cv- „, .. „ * iy state in the W alter Beaver Union, Canada Cuba, Mexico and the Canal Zone but Manager i{ a y Lorlng sends word that the organisation has no mnmiiiillioii of its own on the grounds. Shooters must bring or sll!p their own. As was the case last year, competitions have been cut f rojl , B week-long period to three days HANDICAP IJNI'KKimjTABM-:' For a shooter to participate in all championships, 500 targets are required. On the first day 200 are employed to determine flic North American men's and women's junior, sub-junior and fatlier-and-son- or-daiighter titles, us ivcll as the various class crowns, the east-west and state team races. North American doubles and preliminary handicap events require 100 shells each the second day. The completely unpredictable Grand American Handicap, one o[ the most coveted championships in outdoor American sport, is decided on the final day. This is shot from u scratch of from l(i to 25 yards, according to known ability and animal averages. No man has won two Grand as been acAlevi i 44 was besrii;«!icl( Jasper Rodders a year ago extended long line of unknowns winning Grand American 'Cap. American Handicaps in succession. No man has ever repented. Usually, the winner is an unknown. Down through the years only a few of the bettcr-knowns have blazed their way down in front. YOUR' 0 <* S better groomed with .,..__ M(irnlinoIIairTonic,Kccpa HAIR unruly hair in place. Gives lustre. Big bottle, ouiy 2Sc. Sold everywhere. TIIKKK 1'KKFKCT SCOllliS Only once has the Grand beft taken from the 25-yard line—1>- Waltcr Beaver In 1933. Beaver Berwyn, Pa,, and Ned Lilly, l year-old Stanton, Mich, shoolc lied in the fiiml round with out of 100. Denver won the shoo off by breaking all of his 25 ta gets while his youthful oppone cracked 23. A score of 100 lias been only throe times in . The 1943 winner was besric Jasper Kodgers, 30-yeHr-old Da ton toolmaker who prevailed I breaking V\ out of 50 after 9? o of 100 from the 13-yard line put hi In a six-way shoot-off. Hodgei like so many before him, was n lot stranger to stardom—an unknow even to the contingent from his of home town. He took up the game i 1 the result of entering a newspapei sponsored Hunters' Special. Vandalla Pield, seen sport's 45th annual w_.... _„..„ is the permanent home of the Am? leiir Tnipshootine Assocliitlon. i Tlie Grand American tournl went lins since JBOO been the worlcf. No. I clay tar;;ct event, has con) aloiiB annually without interim! lion. |. The skein will niiiiln rcmnf unbroken in a nation that has proi! ctl in (he rigors of war its dev< lion lo marksmanship. To (his end shooters will brh their own. CHICKASAW West M.-ifn Near 21st Be. Sat. starts 12:45; Bun. Marts 1: Night nliows 5:45 Except Monday, opera 6:15 Continuous slums Saf. and Bun, oclal. } cue of 111 •Vorlil sericj Last Time Today "THE PALM BEACH STORY" with F Clauilcllo Colbert and .loci illcCn Short, "March of America." Universal News ALTERATIONS! Come to Hudson's for alterations of all kinds. We have three expert seamstresses on duty at all times. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While It Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON TOO RANK LOTS! BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytliovillc, Ark. Phone 2911 * Frotecfyour car at 39 danger points/ ^t-So GULF'S Protective Maintenance Plan includes Gulflcx Registered Lubrication which reaches up lo 39 vital points with 6ix cfi/rWent Gulflex Lnbricfmt.3 Ihnt reduce wear, and lengthen your car's life. oaw those bearings and piston rit, IT'S IMPORTANT to Rive your cor a goal motor oil ami change regularly. Gul F offers t u-o outstanding oils... GuUpridc; "The World's Finest Motor Oil," and Gulflubc, on extra-quality oil costing a few cents less. EFORE THIS WAR IS OVER, there may be only two kinds of people in America ,,, 1. those who can still gel la work in automobiles, 2. Ihoso who aro forced lo walk. If you want to be in the fortu- tccth-o Maintenance Plan! natc group who will still be This plan was conceived by riding to work in automobiles, experts in car care, join Gulf's "Anti-Breakdown" Gulfdcvclopcditbccausccar Club today. How do you do it? maintenance is a most impor- Just come in for Gull's Pro- tant civilian job. £t/etc/igras AtR-FiLTERnmlspark-pIuj>clean- ing, nnd radiator flushing help give bctlcr gas mileage. A clean air fjKcr mnkes gas burn more economically; clean plugs increase power; a clean radiator prevents ovcrhcaling. Gosoffne power! the attack , i . Don't wait* a drop I' Get an. afflof/uynent at yo To HF.I.P YOUR Cult Dealer do n thorough jobonyour car— ami to save your time— makcannnpolm- iiient In advance. Phone or speak to him nt the station. Then you should encounter no delay when yon get Gulf's Protective Main tc- uanco Plan ... 15 services in alll ..*far tetter wave 'to twout tomorrow! Tuesday KUDDY NITE Z Tlekots For the Price of 1 j] "IN THIS OUR LIFE" with Ilclle Davis ami George Brent Comedy New Theatri Manila's Finest Shows N%Mly 8:00 P. Matinees Saturday & Sunday .Best Washed Air Cooling System Last .Time Todiiy 'All BABA AND I THIEVES" With Jon Hall and Maria Mont' Tuesday 'PHANTOM LADY' willi Ella Raines and Flam-hut Tone ALSO SERIAL Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Monday Night WEIDLER Par.imount X Shorts Tuesday PAL NITE Henry Aldridi Haunts a Hous/ with Jimmy Lytlon and Clmli Smilh i Selected Shorts

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