The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1946
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JULY 18, 19-IC BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUIUKR NEWS Army May Gail Men 30 to 34 Army Considering Steps to Meet Needs After Draft Holiday. WASHINGTON. July 13. (Ul'i —Men in the SO-throueh-M asc bracket auuin may become eligible .for. selective Service induction ,whcn thc current draft holiday foils on Sept. 1, it was disclosed R.'ay. ] The White House announced, that (he Army Intends to ask! President. Triunnn to lift the draft •Induction age. ceiling from 29 lo England Has a War Surplus Problem, Too PAGE THREE The Army, from drafting prevented by law 18-year-olds, "is |>rc- i :>:um;; a recommendation to that cried. but it has not yet, reached the President, White House Scc- Alia w relary Charles C5. Iloss siiid. thoiiKh (lie selective service permits induction of men throiiKh 44, n change in the present, policy of drafting only man in the 19- Inroiigh I'D iifjc group requires l>rcsidential ^ disapproval by Mr. Truman, th c change would ad'l iidclitiunul thousands of selective .service reijistrants to thc |x>ol from winch tlic Army and Navy may .draw after Sept. 1 to supplement, iVohinlarv cnlistmcnls. I The p.-csenl two-month dralt holiday was provoked by the on' response lo Intensive recniiting campaigns, but Army and Navy officials were said to" feel that, selective service inductions of men through the age of 34 may be needed, once the holiday ends, to keep manpower nt, the required level. Tile Selective Service Act, which Congress extended until March 31 next year after exempting 18- year-olds, permits induction of men from 19 throusw'44 years old. But the Army, saying it did I • War surplus vehicles awaiting civilian buyers are stored in the Spanhoc car dump nbovo near Keltcring, England, in a picture similar lo tho se in many sections or thc United Stales. Th. _ British Air Ministry is auclijuning lio.OOO motor cars, trucks and motorcycles ut this depot. Anti-Strike Rider Puts Member Of Congress in a Tight Place want soldiers over 20, hereto Tore has rofmined from inducting men the UO-lo-44 ngc group. WASHINGTON, July 13. (UP) — Sen. CJleu H. Taylor. D., Ida., threatened today to &o to court if iiecessury tt> gel his senatorhvl salary without surrendering h»s cherished union card. The one-Umo 1'aclory jrtaml mui hill-billy crooner complained to hts Senate colleagues lh;U he apparently can't collect his pay of $10,000 a year under the terms they have imposed. The trouble, Taylor said, i.s an _ appropriation bill rider requiring not! everyone on the government puy- Sounders Off To New Start As a Grocer NASHVffl.E, Tcnll.. July 13. (UP) — Clarence Saundcrs. the Memphis 'man who made and lost several fortunes with his self-liel!-" ;ccry stores, is in business again. Kaniiders today chartered llio Automatic Systems. Inc.. or Memphis, latest of n series, of Sai'.'.i- ders enterprises that have included the Piyyly WiKKly Stores.- no<v owned hy the Kroger interests; the Ciai etice Gaunders—sole-owncr-ol- My-Namc Slores tmd the "K*:- doozlc." Thc automatic systems will soil j"all kinds of merchandise," i:i- I eluding foods, beverages and toilet |arliclcs. The. company, beginning busino.s*- i an initial capital stock ol :, less than fl.OOO." the Icsal I minimum, \\ill have an authorized [capital slock of 330.OGO shares. |n- I chiding SO.OtlD cumulative preferred I shares with a SI par and 300000 lsliarc.s of common stock with a lane-cent par. Thc preferred slock is to pay ^ |divideni| of 51} cenls a year, according to the charter, it will be rc- Ideemaule on 311-dny notice at SI I 1 a share. Both common am Ifcrrcd shares will have one vole I each. Saundcrs retains financial con- Itrol of the company, owning ^07,900 • shares of common stock. Other I stockholders and incorporators are I Lee eamulci's ami V. IT. SlauEhto"'- roll to si|j;n an affidavit Hint lie docs not belong to an organization which asserts the right to strike against tlie government. The rider was aimed at the nevvly- organizecl United Public Workers of America (CIO). But Taylor said he can't sign such an affidavit because he holds membership in the Sheet Metal Workers International Association. It is associated with bnilcl- iny trades unions which often have struck against private contractors on government projects. Sen. Joseph H. Bail, R.. Minn., author of thc rider, said ho intended it should apply to members of Congress as well as the lowest gov- gro- ! eminent clerk. He had no sympa- j thy for Taylor's predicament. "If he feels that way about strikes against the government then I think the taxpayers should be relieved of paying his salary." Ball said. Blind Beggars Battle Over Cash Collected On Street in Memphis MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. July 13. (UI'i Two blind Negroes wtlo couldn't agree on the division of coins 'iticy begged at Central Station wont their separate ways toc!ay—one io John Gaston Hosjiital, thc other to city jail. Police reported that Neal Crutchfield. 48, smacked Charlie Doyle. 30, another blind beggar, over thc head with a broom stick as th.-v attempted to snlit m> the coins thrv begged last night. Doyle, suffering from head la"- •—niicns -nd r-'nimhiE! he saw stars, , was under treatment at tlic hos- 111 "Ipitiil today, cmtchficld was held pending outcome of .Doyle's injuries. nil, No. 20J lo KlnuT Hall to Ml and dlsixmse vinous or Kim'ltuous Iquors for beverane al retail on he promises described as North Miiln Street, l.usora. This permit ssuoil on llu< 1st day of July, 1010 mul explips on the 30 day ot June, WAUNIN<: OliDKIt Tlirlu Johnson \r,i|| l s hereby warned to appear In the CImnc.Vy Court for the Chlckasawbu District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within Ilihly duys and answer tho complain filed nnainst her thcro- In by liotiert Adolphus Viill, and upon her (allure KO lo do. said com- plalnl will be taken as conlessed. Witness my hand as clerk of said court this llilh day of July, lillii. 11AKVEY MORUIH Clerk. Held, Kvinrd .V Hoy Atlys. for Plir. Oscar Kcndlrr, Ally, ad Ulcm. Minister Rebukes Six Hooded Men Bearing Gift to Church Service KNOXVILLE, Ti'llll.. Jlll-j 13. (UD—Sis memher.s o( the' Ku Klux Klan. howled and robed,, walked into a religious revival here last night and marched down tue aisle lo hand a s:i[l contribution lo visiting evangelist, It was disclosed today. The klansmcn -.vei-c ordered out of the mccllny by the Ilcv. Koy W. llinchey. youtlilii) pastor of Hie church, «ho said: "I didn't nl'Prcciiile tliilr coming into our place of worship In hoods and regalia. The demonstration disturbed O nr services very much and I hope 11 Is never repeated." Hinclicy said anyone is welcome at his services but added that "we expect Ihcin to wear britches and clothes like other folks." liev. Harold Angel. Knoxvillc evangelist, was preaching nt the Sevicr Heights liaptist Church when •'lie lilanstnen ap;Uarcd suddenly at the rear of the pews. Without pause, eye'.vilncsses said, the hooded representatives stalked to the pulpit and banded Angel two letters. Cue contained a lec- ler praising his work and thc other iad an offering of $30. The Knoxville IJaptist Pastors' Association recently passed a roso- ution condemning revival of thc ilnn in tile Knoxville area. IN TDK ntOB.VIK COCIK'I' TOll 'I'HK CIIICKASAHKA DISIItK I OF MISSISSll'I'l C'ODNTV, Alt KANSAS. Ill (he Matter nt tin- K.slate at An itorKim llullins. Drt'rasrit, No. IliO It<ulc l.ce l.KlleJvhn, Ailininistra trlv. NOTICK Notice Is hereby given lhal llv under.slgu«l. us Admlnlstrutrlx o the Rslale of Anderson llulllns, \y; ceased, will on the 30th day of Juh 11)46. oiler for sale al public nnc lion, lo thi! highest bidder, upoi 11 credit of three (31 months, 1 l>i following lands belonging to (Me suld Mslatc, to-wtl: Ixit Twenty-lwo (1.. 22), In lilock Two III 2). of tins Wrstend SuWlvlslon to the City ,>f Blythevlllc, Arkansas. Said sule Is made for (he purpose of pn.ving the debts of said estate. nnd purchaser of such sale will bi: poratlon or association o( persons not ImvhiK mi established business In the City of lllylhevllli-, Arknn- sas. lo Inuil or brim; Into Ihp City of lilj'lhevlllc, Arkansas, ell her dl- reclly or Indli'cdly, any tioods, WHITS. leiehandlse, fish, meals, provisions, rutl, or olher food product.*, wllh In' tnlcnllon of sellUiK or dlspo.^- of sami! from nny I ruck or vc- ilele, railroad cur, rootu, sloro, varehouse. biilhllnr., lot, or In any ilhi'i 1 manner, whatsoever, ollhcr at vholesalo or retail, by sollnlln-t or- !crs llu'rofor frinn house to housi ir from store to slore. or taking or- Irrs for I he future delivery (hereof >r selling dlreclly or olherv/lsi', i wholesale or retail, without a lioi llde Intent Ion of sellliu; or disposing if such yoo<ls, Wiiri's. mciThi llsh, meats, pt'ovislim-s. fruit U'oducls, or olher such propcrl) Ihrou^h a rCKUlarly established plaei of business within tho City oi Illy thevlllc. Arkansas, without first oil a license for such |>ur|iosi us Is herein provlilrd, SECTION TWO: Any pcrsoi Ih'm. corporation, or assot^Uilltui of persons, who does or allcmpts to do any o( the acts sjiecllled In Sti.Mun One ol this Ordinance, sh.ill llrci make a]>pllcnllon, In wrllin;!. to llu City Clerk of said City for a license as herein provided. In which application he sliull sliiti- his IIKC, plucc ot residence, business, and any olh- er Inturniallon reiiueslod hy lhi> Clly Clerk, lo show hts [;ood iallh, and I hat hts business Is lawful nnd le- t:ltlmnte, which application shall be sulisci Ibcd anil sworn lo hy the np- pllcanl anil (lied In the ofllce ol II, • Clly Clerk. Upon the Illlnit of such application, and payment of 'In- fees, as herein provided, the Clly Cleik sliull thereupon Issim a It- cctise lo Ihe nppllcant, peruuitln.t htm lo cntULKc in such bnskncsi as Is covered by Ihe application, in ac- coalancr with Ihe provisions of Kcc- Iton One, for which Ihe followln;,' fees shall be chartvxl: For each dny. or pail of a da less than (me week, tho sum of tfili. nslness wilhln Ihe Clly of Ulythc-' Ille, and whose slock of isoods, van's, or merchandise Ims been as- essed for laxallon, mid the lax hull have been paid thereon during he currrnl year; nor lo any per- on, llrm, corporation, or «sso<:la- lon of iwrsons KellhiK wood, fuel, >r farm products, produced Uy llio H'lKon, llrm, corporallon or asfo- •lulion of persons, olfcrlnn Ihe same "or side, ell her on lih own jirem- ,KCS, or on Iho premises of another, novtdhiK. however, such. produoer must have In his or Us possession, Ills powers permit: nor lo .my person. (Inn, corporation, or nssochi- llon of persons engn^ed 'n Inler- Male Commerce. SKCJTION rouit. Any |,i!rsri!i vlolallnii thc pruvl.sloiiK of this Ordinance shall, upon conviction llH'rcof. be deemed millly jf a mls- demcanoj', anil shall be punished I>V a llni- nol. le.'K-lluin $50.00, nor nny nuiri> Ihmi »10U.WI. and cneh duy on which snlcs lire made in vln- liitlon ol (his Ordinance sh:ill cun- slltutc ii separate oll'ense. H1CCT10N r\\<K: All sums paid for heri'mider shtfl be pliici'd. by (lie Oierk of suld Clly, lo the crcdll of the General Finn SKC'I'ION .SIX: Tills Ordinance deemed necessary for the lircsvrvntlon of the health, peace mil safety of the inhabitants of the City of Blylhcvllle, Arkansas, mi cmeiKcncy Is hereby declared to exist, and this Ordinance Khali he In full force nnd eircct from and after Us passage. Passed hy the City Council this 9th day o[ July, 1946. E. U. JACKSON Mayor Attest: Frank Whllworth, Clerk, Silver Mimry Today, Any Day STOP AND SWAP KIJIICKT mii'TMAM'N •"» '•• »lal» u, «r, Vuu Must lie Happy <)r N,, | 1( ..,| S*FE MALARIA ? especially to[ I ial Sym| - QUICK- SHE FIREWORKS Crispy Cold Fruits Vegetables, Watermelons CARTERS (Jrocory & Market 2(> North (Kh Street Olit-ii 7 Days a Week required lo ^Ivc note, with approved i r ' l>1 ' rilcl ' week, under one month, security, for the purchnse price. tlln SUI " l)f Dated this the 10th dav ot Julv, 1»40. floslc Lee Lilllejohn. Adiulnlstnilrlx. 1113-20-27 Crickets are kept in cages aboul their homes by many Japanese. _ ncnri Courier NPWS Want. Ads. ivlodcralc exercise in the sun keeps oil elands active, (irc- vcnls slun from dryinjj out. vc immediately. The chuck arrived yesterday ind vas cashed. Mrs. Haibcc started to the doctor's office with her son and two-year-old daiighlcr. Kn route slie slopped at a store, opened hei pocketbook. The money was gone. OIUHNANO-: NO. 170 AN ORDINANCE AMUNmNCl O!iDINANCP: NUMIIISR 3«:t, OF Tin; ORHINANOES OP TUB CITY OF Bl.YTHEVII.lAC. AUKANHA3 PROVIDING FOR TUB ISSUANCE O^ LICENSE Oil PERMITS TO PERSONS. FIRMS OR CORPORATIONS ENGAGED IN THE BUSINESS OF SKLLINC! GOODS, WARES, MERCHANDISE. PROVISIONS, FRUITS. FOOD PRODUCTS. AS ITINERANT. TRANSIENT MERCHANTS AT WHOLESALE, OR RETAIL IN THE CITY OF IHA'TIIE- VILLE, ARKANSAS, AND LEVYING A TAX UPON THE PRIVILEGE OF CONDUCTING SUCH BUSINESS, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. Ordinance No. 3fj3 ot the Ordinances of the City of HH'lhitvill Arkansas. Is hereby amended to read as follows: SECTION ONE: It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, cor- NOTICK OF GRANTING OF l.KjllOK I'l.UMIT Nollce is hereby given that the Commissioner o[ Revenues of thc Slate of Arkansas has issued a pcr- Long-Awaited Tax Refunc To Pay for Operation Arrives — And Disappears NASHVILLE, Tcnn., July 1'j. I UP)—For days Mrs. Ozeila '.iar'oco. shoe factory eoiployec, ;ias bpen HAailiiiB arrival of a Sin government check, a refund on incon".: lax paymcnl;; ]ir r husband marte before his death last December. The money W as to lie used lo pay for an operation the doctor said her six-year-old son must Phone 2882 for A Taxi O. K. CAB Jack Mursh, Owner For each month, loss than one year, (he sum of ........... $15001) For one year, (he sum of $20000 Kiich license shall Indlciilo on Us face the date of the expiration of the same, nnd .shall be pliicvd In a conspicuous place on thc truck, vehicle. or premises. foverliiK the place of business of Ihe licensee. Each truck, or vehicle, room or s'.rnelure or building .shall he a separate unit. treated and licensed as sncli under the terms of (his Ordinance. SUCTION T1IHEE: Thc provisions of this Ordinance shall not apply lo any person, firm, coi'pora- llon, or association of persons having a rcBUlarly established rjliicc (if Join tho Refrigerator Service Club (Two Service Calls a Year I!) Repairs to Electric Appliances Fully Guaranteed BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. (Where Courtesy Is Nol a Memory) 131 K. Mil In SI. Phone 361« J.LOUIS CHERRY New York Life Insurance Co. BlytheviUe, Ark. I/T'S IMojor'to Speak At Meeting for (Reserve Officers Major C;u'l Ball of Jnncshoro will I be the speaker Monday nijjlit. 8 I o'clock, al tlic oryHiiiKalioM inccl- I hij; of Nortli Mississippi Counl-y's I Reserve Officers Association al tlie I City Hull. 1 Major Ball, who with Russell I Ihiyncs Farr. Tolcr Buchanan antl I W. O. Hazelbakcr. marie basic pl:uis' 1 for thc association, will dis f :u v .s Uif- I fcrcnl points in organizing a chnp- I ter and olhcr points of interest con- I corning tlic K. O. A., inclmling thc I Air Reserve flying program. I I Although Naval ofllccrs will no' I be eligible for membership in the I association, they may attend meets, I it was announced. All Army officers and ex-officers I arc urged to attend the meeting, I charter members said. New Mexico, fourth largest of the I states ol the Union, ranks .12ml !:< 1 population. THAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Sales — Seryice We Tiny .intl Sell GOOD USKI) CARS Bill Ch.Milblin — Lex Chatnblin Thursday July IS Railroad & Ash Sts. Phone 2193 That's the Day When the STORE 105 West Main St. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Wil! Be Opened Warch This Paper for Our Big Opening Announcement! No Waiting! No Delay! ! In Arkansas - Missouri - • Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOANS On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY ANDREW J. FLORIDA, Vicc-Prcsidcnt PHONE 210 Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas Rothrock DRUGS Free Delivery Phone 451 •••• NOW OPEN! Illylhcvillc's Only Kxclusivc Used Cur Dealer WE BUY AND SELL USED CARS AND TRUCKS TOP PRICES PAID .,,, See Us Before You Sell! If You Want :t Huttur Car, We Citn Deal! Sue Us Toil«y Bud Wilson Auto Sales Phone 2037 Franklin and Main Sts. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. WE'RE CRM1 TO RISK OUR LMES WORKING FOR.I1-' WASH TUBES THE VERY IDEA,! LErTINS PSVCHORMHIC Hiist Something, i\lr. Wncldy ' HE CAN'T DO THIS TO N OH, KH STARS YOU". lORrERGNEUVJANOBOOVlGETWE A PIECE OF IkW MvlNP!/ HOWE. ttR.»ftK>Y- TO ^W OWN LITTLE BED..., / TH - KIC MU51A COME BACK TO V HIS OFFICE \ AFTER IV, IN THERE BY LESLIE TURNEK HEAVENS!...THW SCOUNPREL HASSiT BUW3EDAN INCH! ILL NEVER ser N, MAC! WWT HERE WHERE NO ONE CAN SEE VOU T1LLISBT BACK. THEN lU TAKE VOU HOS1E WITHOUT THAT SWWKR FOLlERIN' OR BUST A 6U5SET TRVIN 1 !

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