The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1950
Page 2
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PACT TWO BLYTH15VILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 15, Lucas Proposes Coordination of Foreign Policy 'Workinfl Agreement' A>ktd to Reconcile Democrats,Republicans fly Jack (fell WASHINGTON, April IB. (fl*l — Senate Democratfq I.eader I^icas of Illinois proposed today that the President and. Congress establish A "working agreement" to keep lawmakers abreast of foreign policy decision*, I4JC88 tPld f» reporter lie will ba.cV any constructive move to revive two-party cooperation on International questions and U) reduce the "friction apd. niisunderslnndipE" which h« sultt seem to have grown up between Republicans and Democrats in this field. '•I think it Is vital that the executive and the legislative brunches of the government establish a close working agreement so that no Democrat or Republican can say that he is in the dark on basic foreign policy," the Illinois senntor snld. Mutt Implement Policies "I am not suggesting that the power given the President by the Constitution In the foreign field be taken away from him, but Congress roust Implement these policies and j It *eems to me good business to re*-' Biove every possible cause for misunderstanding between the legislative »nd the executive.' 1 Lucas said, in this connection, that if Semite Republicans want to name on* or more of their members «j off|c[>l representatives to sit In en tti« formation of foreign policy decisions, he believes some arrange? m«nt pf the kind could be made. Senator Ivea (R-NY) has sng- Itited thl* action, But Senator Whtrry of Nebraska, OOP floor lepder, uld he doesn't think the plin Would work unless several Republicans were named, representing » crosi-iection of GOP thinking. Wherry said It's his Idea that « non-p»rtl»an: foreign policy can only be developed by debating the Issues In Congress before finnl decision* «r» made, Bipartisan Policy "We don't know what's going on until th« administration brings Its decUjoM to Congress and asks for bipartisan support of them," Wherry Mid. "Look at Western Germany right Hew, r he continued. "Things are •obit on In Western Germany that Congress doesn't know anything about. We Republicans have tried to »et the administration to stop the pi ant-dismantling program until Congresi can survey it for Itself, but our proposals have been pigeonholed." /Senator McCarran (D-Nev) said the Senate -House "watchdog" committee for the European Recovery Profnun will decide next Wednesday whether to make an Investigation of Its own into the plant-dis- BiantUng question. •" Tre personally been concerned CARUTIIKRSVIM.E COUI'I.E—Mr, and Mrs, Carl Eugene Ol»rk were, married on April a at the First Baptist Ctmroh in Caruthersvtne. Mrs. Clark l£ the former Miss jlmrnle Rose Mcdlln, (In UK liter o[ Mr, and Mrs. Jimmy Mcdlln of caruthersviHe. Mr. Clark is the sop gf Mr, and Mrs. Carl Clark of Curuthersvillo. U.S. Census Takers Lead Hectic Lives BOOh'VIIiE, Mo., April 15. (IT)— Howard county census enumerators are meeting- with extremes of cooperation. At one home a dog tore of a a census taker's pants, but didn't bite him. At another the housewife refused admittance, saying she didn't want "to buy anything." When the census man explained, the woman said she hadn't heard about the national nose counting, but she was cooperative in answer- Ing the questions. As the census taker turned to leave, she asked: : = "And now what do I owe' you?'.' Obituaries about the German situation," McCarran told a reporter. "It seems to me in absurd policy to be tearing down industrial plants In Germany which must be rebuilt with American dollars.' a nvWe- A , ND P° IL THE HOUSE-The testing or a new Westmghouse transformer nt Sunnyvale, Calif., produced this argument for hghlning rods. The model barn and contents wcie destroyed for lack of protection. The model school right was none the worse tor wear as a 2.400,000-volt bolt passed throufih the rod to the ground. BIG DISCOUNT idney N, Evans >ies; Resided in County 79 Years Services for Sidney Newton Evans resident of Count} or the pnst 79 years, will be cnn- ucted at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow at the aptht Ohurcli at Luxora hy the ev. A. B. Hill, pastor. Burial wll e in Luxora Cemetery. The 81-year old i farmer died > :35 this morning at the honje o niece, Mrs. Jo« Miller, 412 North iflh Street. He had been In poo ealth for A long time. He was born t Ttshoiningo County, Mlu., bn ime to this county at the age of wo. He would have been 82 on !ny 22.- He had made his home with his ece here for a short time, and revlqusly resided at Luxora, Survivors-Include six nelces and ix nephews. Two nelcea and a ephew, Mrs. Marvin Palmer, Mrs. Tiller and Charles Evans reside in Blythcvllle. Pallbearers will Include Charles Voods, Jack Magers, J. B. Gath- ng.s, Russell Bowen, Sam Bowen, ,nd Maud Gulp. Cobb nmernl Home of Blythe- •ille Is in charge. Contempt Cases Bring Out Law Woyi «f Imprisonment Available Without (tight of Jury Trial By <fl»rt» Btifh WASHINGTON—A lot of liwyers recently h»ve been sentenced to ja|] without « Jury trial. Federal JudlMi decided they were guilty of con- t«mnt of court niit «ve them from pn« to «i» month* in Hie cooler. The cas*« bring put a point, which most laymen don't realize: TiiHt cl- hoiigh the Constitution In two places says th»t R dpfentlapt tn * rlmlnsl c»se diBH have a rl«ht to « trial by jury, there art still a lot if ways lie can be Imprisoned with- uit getting « clisnce to loll hip lory to n Jury, The big contempt cases now lending «re thope resulting from he Harry Bridges trlnl In Sari 'ranolscn »nci the trial of the 11 Communists In New York, The lldgpji ennvfcleci seven defense nt- nriiayc of linprojier conduct In •ourt —hursssing, denying tactics, ending tn embarrass the judge and mpede ilie trial. T|ie lawyer In the ridEes c«se, Vincent JIallinan, Wfls i'entenccd to s|x nionlhs, to be ierved wlien tha trial Is completetl. jlx attorneys Involved In the New York cnse, one of them a defendant who wns acdng as Ms own Uwye'r, were sentenced to from one to sin months. Their appeal Is pending. When a fedc'il Judge .lecicles a person fa sullty of poiucmpt of ;ourt, he ran due qr imprison Pirn iviiiioiit indictment or t"en » hear, Ing. Tliere Is no limit to the taijjlli of the ifiitrnce or the nmmmt of the fine, as long as the ptmis.irrient Is not nnreaspn^rile, erupt iir tin- I'.sual, The law varies nmnri? the state courts, but most of them follow the federal practice to a large fixknl. The pcu'er of a court to 'junlsh for contempt Is as old as the history of law. You covlrtu't get order. \y administration of Justice If attorneys and others In the court could persist In disturbing and d laying the proceedings aucl maki Hie Judge look liXe * fool. An>1 II the Judge h»d to start cnrnpHcsled legal processes. Including a jury trlnl, each time he found someone guilty of contempt, It would be possible tq delay the completion of » trial Indefinitely. Also there Is no need (or 3 Jury tp determine the facts, since the Judge witnessed the offense, There «re, In fact, a lot of way; a person can be legally Imprisoned without a Jury trial. In wllltnr covrls, for Instance. And In "rose cutlons for petty offenses which were deemed petty »t the time th Constitution was adopted. Tile question of how far > Judg should go In convicting someone fo contempt Is • live Issue. Legal schol »rs are debating it, Ttie^Suprem Court has given split decisions several times when the matter w«s brought before It. A chief complaint Is about the vaguenets of the legal efinition of contempt. It Is fell hat the limits of contempt should 1C closely and clearly defined, since t is «n exception to the great prin- Iple that trial by jury Is essential Jocoby Becomes NEA Bridge Editor; Courier News, Will Carry Column SKKKS UK-ELECTION— Jmmte Edwards (above), Blythevllla furniture dealer, today announced that lie will be R candidate for re- olctlon fus representative to the Arkfln-saB legislature frotn Mlisls- fjppi County, UN Official May Confer With Stalin LAKE SUCCESS, April 15. (K^ [ he goes to KIcscow on his save- he>U,N. campaign, Seeretary.den- eral Trye^'e IJe e.xiwcts to spend alxnit two days In steady conferences with the Kremlin leaders. Lie hopes to see Prime Minister roscph Stalin, Deputy Premier V, M- Molotov and Foreign Minister Andrei Y. Vishinsky on the expected Hying visit. These plans were disclosed by informed sources here a.s Lie-worked on details of what may be the most mportant trip he has undertaken since he became secretary-general of the U. N. In February, 1D46, for a five-year term expiring early in 1051. Ife Is eligible for re-election as secretary,general by' the General Assembly next fall. In addition to trying to convert the Russians once pnore to resuming normal relations In the U, N,, Lie will carry his campaign along the way to the British and French top foreign officials, By NBA Service NEW YORK, April 1&, (NBA) — Oswald Jacoby was announced' today a-s the new bridge and Canasta editor for NEA Service, Vim may read his columns stftrUiijj m th(s newspaper April n, He succeeds W, E. MgKenney, who died March 2?, Jacoby Is rated one of |h e world's greatest card players and card wilt- era. (Se dominated the bridge world in 1019, whining the national men's pairs and finishing second In the Vanderbilt teams and world master teams and fifth In the world master pairs. No other player compiled so Impressive a. score last year, He Is credited with the popularization of Cantista, in tills country, H(s book on Canasta Is a sensation in the publishing field. Canasta made Jacoliy known to millions. His previous bonks on cards are standard authorities, Jacoby is B dynamic six-footer who writes as he plays, with dash and enthusiasm. A mathematical prwllgy as a child, lie became the youngest actuary In the life insurance business and still la * con- Oswald Jacoby siiltant to big Insurance men, Jacoby's home IB at Dallas, Tex., but he travels Incessantly In the U. S. and Canada, He has a wife and two sons. During World War ir lie served with the Navy in the Pacific as a LieutenantTCoinnian- der. ARK-MO Continued om Page 1 proposal, but it was understood by city officials to call for transmission of gas to Blythevllel through lines laid across the Mississippi River to Helena and then northward to points throughout North- cast Arkansas. to due process oj law. A famous case, Fisher versus Price, wns dcoideri by the Supreme Court early this year. Five gf the Justices upheld a TOXHS judge v.'ho convicted a lawyer for contemptuous conduct during a trial. Four justices dissented, criticizing the judge for acting in a fit of temper. Justices Douelas and Black, in dissenting, said the power to punish for contempt in open court "must- be narrowly confined, lest tt be- instrument of tryranny." Law Cells 'Dead' Thief TOKYO, April 15. (/Pi—"The law can't lay Its hands on me," taunted a Japanese arrested for stealing 33 kimonos and a bag of rice. Riichi Sakunia patiently explained he had deserted' his home two years ago and was given a funeral last May. "You can't do this to a dead man," Sakuma fumed . . . from his cell. School Tax Discussed At Lions Club Meeting J. K Godwin, superintendent pi the Cooler High School, was prin- ipal speaker at the bi-monthly meeting of the Cooler Lions Club Thursday night. Mr. Godwin, who is also first vice-president of the club, discussed the school tax which failed to receive a two thirds majority vote in the April 4 election. Mr, Qodwii stated that the tax was hot an in crease over last year as some be lieved, but was actually ten cent lower than last year. A new election has been set for . Apr" 25. A report was given by the activity committee on the completion of the Spuds are Car Premium BUFFALO, N.Y.—</P)— A Buffalo used-car dealer advertised a 1936 automobile "apd 15 pounds of potatoes" for sale for $6.99. first project, which was the overseeing of the distribution of »urplui arm commodities. These commodl- les were brought In to the county under the sujwrvislon of Ihe cot County PMA office. For Improued KIDNIY FUNCTION In a jng|erlly «f tew in wwei ketpltall cUnki, wbfiermfll Kldrwx f wot improved, »lod<4»r polfl dlKpftifprt redined gfte* th« u« Mounraln Volky Wot«f, . If your doctof hoi 4><WM*4l your condition ai functional KI4, n*y Irnpqlrfnenl thli Mturolr Vft- (reoted mtnerql wotff may b« y»ry beneficial, Try II (ex a few we<^ It It dellclovi, pvre.rtitllna, Ol»d may be canmrncd freely. Crofitown Whiskey Shop Main & DivUi«Mi "Say It With Flowers" BI,YT1IKVIH,E FLOWER MART Memphis Illwaj Phone GOO'i Concrete Culvert Tite ilie* up U 1C IK. Corrugated Metal Culvert* S|ie> up l« 84 In Aatnm^tir Flood Gate* Copcrele Septic Tink« Metal Seplif Tanks Sewer Til« B«S; rricn w> A, H, WEBB tilth**? 61 at SUU Fhone 114 'unk Proves Unsinkable HONG KONG - M-I— Take It ram a correspondent of Ihe Hong Kong "Standard," the Chinese Junk is the world's most unsinkable 'essel. The correspondent was aboard a Nationalist warship when it capliucd t Communist junk bound [or Shanghai. Crew and car- lo were removed. The Nationalist; then undertook to sink the junk Large holes were hacked In the iunk's bottom, It listed slightly. Oi wa.rpoured over it and lit. it burner av/hile. Several shells were pumpec nto It. Nothing happened. The Nationalist var.shlp steamed last the junk trying to swamp it It rode the swell. The warship the; rammed the junk squarely. "The whole stern of the junk buckled and chunkis broke off," the cor respondent wrote. "The last we sa\ of It, the junk was still smoldering. Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. BANANAS 15 TO 25 C A DOZEN See our other Special Bargains 61 GROCERY Dogwood Ridge Phone 6595 PRESCRIPTIONS fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores The Stote Financial Responsibility LAW Is Very Strict! Before you h»ve an accident, call 3361 for automobile Insurance protect i<jn. For small premium, we include ? 10,000 Personal ^liability, Y*' W. M. BURNS Insurance Agency PRESIDENT OF CARPENTER'S UNION WITH DOLL HOUSE THEY DESIGNED Mr. R. R. Sheltun is head of (he local carpenter's union which designed and built this doll house for the JayCee "Paint Up—Clean Up—Fix Up" program. Union Carpenters can do your job best, too , .so during this program, or anytime, call 3372 for a union carpenter. on brand new 1949 APPLIANCES The '50 models are here so out go the M9's! While they last you can gel big discounts on Kelvinalor refrigerators, ranges, wafer heaters.. .Apex washers, dishwashers, dryers, kitchen cahincls and sinks. Also 1 1950 Kelvinator range offered at special discount because (he porcelain was slightly cliiooed in shipment. HURRY! E. B. GEE SALES CO. South 2nd Street Phone 2026 STOP! LOOK! FREE INSPECTION! Do You Know if Termites Are Ruining Your Property? Gov«rnm«nt Statistics Say Termite Damage Was Second Only to Fir* in the United States. SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. Wilt Make Inspection and Estimate, If Needed, Without Cost or Obligation. OUR WORK IS IJCBNSKD BY THK ARKANSAS STATE PLANT HOA«U_WE HAVE 12 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE TO GUARANTEE YOU SATISFACTION. "Soy It With Flowers" Blylheville FLOWER MART Memphis Hiwar Phon. (MS Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. HY-C ALUMINUM CHIMNEY COVERS teFOlt • p§^ K«p Rain Out Wait Dry PosinV* Protection AHr»ctiv» H. C. Blankenship CALL 2350 or 3579 309 E. KENTUCKY L. J. Zeller BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. So. Hhvay 61 Phone 2'13<1 SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Expert Workmanship RENT A CAMERA Low Rates on Box or Flash Cameras Call 3G17 — West Miiin BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Call 6911 for JT V- Blytheville TIN SHOP 111 North First We offer complete Sheet Metal service.. .gin, oil mill & feed mill work, house gutters, duct work. Cnll Taylor Layton, shop manager. • Made from Aluminum • BOft Lighter In W.ijht > Ru«t-Proor. . . W»rj-Pr..f • N«»«r N««d Painting • AI way. n* . . . Snugly • U.. Y««r AH.r Y«.r without work or warrAi| H«r» ar* window »CI««B fii»M to oPl i..I h»u't)r lo your io"I."AUm.-r«k Inmfli •!• mid* horn A]aH]B«H. SU? blight lad new ... for • llfirtln*. Aid •• light [B wvl^ht, to ««t]r IB bcadl* «V*B • yoaQgiUr caa put Ihvn up W]|B B«k«. <5«t Alumi-Fib ... t«y aoodbyB h» wiB- dow ict**n work And wony. Amazingly Low Price! ll'i Uue! Alum.-Fib coili ilmori •• llrtU • i old-f«iblo&>d wood II«B«I. But yo« g«! cu*lom-m*d». cvrto!B-rill*d fiAHM of ALUMINUM. Ptoo. 01 writ* lot nil Manufactured In Hlytheville Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 E. Main Phone 4469

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