The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, 9, in. ( | 7 Memphis Loses 2 Games fo Pels First-Sacker Al Flair Placates New Orleans Fans With Home Run BY WILLIAM TUCKER (Dulled Press S[K>r(s Writer) ATLANTA, GJ.. June 9. IUH> NW;j|prU'aiis faii s Imvc freciuei nnssWIiiBs that the Pelicans inulcd off their pennant insurance when Uicy sold Cieorjjc nynin lo N:ishville and kept Al Flair on first t,;i SCi | m , tlion Flair socks one llicir douljls BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK He'll Always Have Daddy's Number -1' i mile and are forgotten. 'Ihe gil-'aiiLic first-sackcr did it again with an lllh-iimin(,- homei v.'hlch gave Ihe Pelicans the first of two Sunday victories over Memphis and saved their three and 1-2 Southern Associalion lead ovei the persistent Mobile liear.s. Flair/has been balling oiilyaroiuv' .570 but hi;, ability to rise to ureat occasions .shows np in |ii s eighl liome runs and 45 runs halted in clove to lops in the league for both I departments. ' Flair .a six-ftol-four, 214 pound! plant who cut hi s teeth on New! Orleans Creole cooking, came back to his home town bv courtesy of Die n-wlon Red Sox jasl before the the season started and foiuv) the capable -Mr. Byam anchored on first base. But .Manager Fred Walters sacrificed Byain' s more certain fielding and probable .31 noinUs belter balliinr average i:i order to Ret in his lineui) the home to'.vn hoy who packed terrific box office appeal and conlrt break up any given ball grimes with his Ions wp.llous. '13j':im was duly 'peddled lo Nashville i>n,| since then has practically- lorn the league aparl wilh his .USD ^Hl"'" avcl ' a Sc and a lately ac(11187.11 knack of popping the bail onti^f the lot. Pelican fans read Dbc^r 1 Byam's baftina average and start lo brood- until Flair does his Prank Mermvel! stunt aaain. His homer off Homer Spragins in the nth gave the Pelicans a 3 t» 2 decision over Memphis in the owner, wil-li relief thrower Ro; Wriisht !!eltinc credit for the vie-1 lory. The pelicans came from be-1 hind and battered out a 13 to c[ victory in the nivhtsan with Wall Cress, (heir third pitcher, getting credit for tho game. A seven-run outburst in the sixth wrapped up the verdict. Mobile bowled over (.lie limplue Little Rock Travelers twice. 3 to 2 and 1 to n. with John Hall out- pitching Al Picchota in the opener Bob Fellor relaxes in Cleveland home with his wife, Virginia, and young son, SUphen KnoiKcd oul of box for fifth slraii;ht lime by the Yankees, May 31. Feller was positive he would snap out of hi:; slump once a hitch in his delivery was straightened out. The Indians' strikeout kinu was suiVerinu from a stifl throwing shoulder. ' Airport Briefs A repeal showing of i\ meleoro- ogtcal iii m m, thunderstorms will ue hclil nl MO tonight at the Hood Fl>lii8 Service hunger i\t tho Municipal Airport, Plight Instructor " • H YaruroiiBh sttld yextoKli'y. Tliv Him is being re-shown by re•M of several pilots land students o Wry iinnble to attend the Ilrst snowhn; last week, he said. The film shows the formation of Ihundi'r- storms and how to negotiate Ilion hi flljht. iMlut.s mid otliers Inlerost- cd are Invited to .see (his film. Mr. nrbrmjg]) sni,!. Another member of tho veterans flight Inslriictlon class soloed lust week. He | s Arthur Weiiver, who made his hop alone- Thursday. 1'raii.sieiu pilots laiKlimj here dur- l»si the imxt wci* mid Die plaiies Ihey Hew include the following: liill lliimiilulnun of Cleveliind. O.. Swift; E J Koesler of Cleveland. Swill; \v M, I MC , ir Chicago, ill., Cessna; rn^ \y. Ilurct of l^iyette- vllle. Nurih American SNJ; C'tiu<- once Merrill o r Tulsn, pkla., Taylor- craft; liobert Llndscy, jr., of liich- nwind, Va., licechcriift. Mangrum Cops National Capitol Open Golt Title ' I-iANDOVEH, Mil., June g. (UP) — National Open Champion Lloyd Mangrum, who wants lo win the big title once more so he can really get a thrill out of it, convinced a lot of people that he might get the job done today after his superb performance in winning the 510,000 National Capital open. Mangrinn's stock boomed yesterday when he shot his second consecutive .six under par GG lo take first money of $2,til)0 wilh a T2- hole card of 2G9. And he wound up his round in the same way he did in taking the open at Cleveland last summer — in a dowii|x»ir of rain. Americans in Hungary Study Plan for Counter-Offensives nncl Pat McOlothin pelting cision over Sum House Byron Wins Autv Race ATLANTA, Cia.. June 9. (UP) — "Hcd" Byron of Atlanta roared home in first place ahead of 30 racers in the lUO-iiiile National Stock Car Championship at Lak.r.voud Speedway here yesterday. Jack Etheridge and Olin Allen of Atlanta finished second and third In the event which was witnessed by 21,000 racing falls. There were no spills. Ji'/i Tennessee racked up an 8 to 2 vie- . the de- lory in the nightcap in the Third-place 'Chattanooga lost niDhicni). • | opener to Birmingham, 3 to 2 i:i Atlanta ivalloncd Nashville fi to 21 lo inning:;, but came back lo take an r . went briefly into fourlh pln:c'llic nightcap 3 to 1 —but lost the spot to the Vols ini- 1 .The teams are paired the same ineunuely when Ihe visitors from | way tonight. (Editor's Note: United • Trows Correspunclent Ruth LloyJ in ilw following disiiatcli from Hmfci- liL'Sl gives the Imckyruiiiul and outlook of the tur'jiih'in Ihin- jjariau politicnl sitiuiU'.);i. l>rln'Jini! into iivrsiJCCllvc the hcMilliius and •rumors of the past 10 clays. By KUTII I.1.OV1) llnilril Press Stalf Coi-n.^ponilMit • BUDAPEST. June a. (Ul'l.-Hc- sponsiblc American authorities said today they believed th.? United States .still can 4 'rio soincthin^ 1 ' to eoiinteruet the Hungarian novcni- inenl's swing toward t!u Soviet U'ie. The question was vlnl cRcclivc action could be taken 10 preserve the body al pro-Western setuinitnl built up in Hungary j'j t!ie United States' frleiully post-war policy. Well informed Ame^cim -sources believed the United tJlnies .vorld decide against cutting '>IT lor.'j-terni economic aid to Hungary despite temporary actions f :ike'l hi the midst of last week's crisis. American post-war policy toward Hungary has been friendly. American informants said, 'beciuiso the United ( States hoped tl'ai Hnnitnry would be a political bri:ljchea,l into Ihe Soviet sphere. For example, Huijgnry was the only former enemy country to which the United States appointed a full minister. The crisis appeared to ba r. Communist answer to the 'Truman dnc- trine and the failure of the Moscow conference. As- political revolutions BO. the one in Hungary is physically calm and far from compile^. American sources in Budapest feel that I be body of good will toward the United Slates is too valuable to discard lie- cause of a setback in the political struggle. On the surface life i;i Budapest is normal. Night clubs are crowded and the eolfce houses a; p c nilint- wilh ce he relumed lo N<;vv Orls-mis lusl February to reeelA; tixiiluit'iil for a luallKiiant l'i In his inotllh. Uilbo wns expected to return to Ills Poplarvllle, Miss., "drriun home" within iwo weeks to iiwml. the |il,i:s- tle surgery. Ills Illness has lorml him lo postpone the llt'ht to rein his Senate seal. | people talking politics. HesiionfiDlo I Americans who che"!;e:l stories of -mass arresUs found tl'.em false. 1 saw no troops or roa:l p.UrrJs in n live-hour drive from Vienna. The crisis resulting in the ouster of Premier I'Vrenc fJnnv, I be appointment of 1'remii-r Lajos nin- nyes and the ousliinj of Smallhold.- ers Parly leaders was T f'.nnmunist Party move lo solidity itsi II lieforo Ihe Soviet occupation army leaves. These appear lo he tl 1 -: fundamentals of llje .situatl;]'.-.: The Communists exaggerated apparent coiinler-rcvolunoiiai v plot in order lo purge and weaken thn majority Smallhold'jrs Parly, and at the same time to nolcl Ihe So-' clal Democratic Parly firmly whh)n Ihe lefl-wing bloc. Chninjes in the political leadership, swinging die' wnmliy more toward Rnssin, arc pivliiiilrciry lo the major iiolltlcal av.d economic changes to be wrjughl under a Uirce.ycar plan schedule'! to K'arl Aug. i. How sweeping the sorinl iiroyrani will l;e depends oil .vhelh^:' Go; : l- mimist Vice Premier Mnl.yns Rakosi can push through the full extent al natiomilmuio:i Uic leftiil bloc seeks. Bilbo Faces Long Battle To Regain His Health ' NHW OKI.EANS, June «. (Ul'l — Mississippi's .still unseated Hen. '1 herulmc Ci. Uilbo toduv fixvd ul least thrt-e more mouths copva- le.wm-r followlni! diselosure by physicians Him the operation perlormed on bis jaw lasl week was of ' major" :ialure. lielore enlerini; KoiliulHlI'M llos- t'jltal here for the .iperallo..] last I'l'iduy. lillbo said no expected l;> In. 1 n.'iidy for plusllc Miryeiy i e- conslrticllnn opcratloiri wllhiu tlnee t]r four \v<-eks. The Ihree-hour oikrnllon lasl week was Ihe third lor th'j soioi) NOTICE OK ADMINISTRATION Notice Is hereby Klven llmt Id Ins of administration were granted lo tho undersigned upon tin 1 estate of J. B. lluslmnd, Sr.. on the 5th day of June 1947 by tlu> Probate Court for the Chtt'knsawbu District oil Mississippi County, Arkansas. | All persons having claims against .said estate are ren.ulrcd to exhibit properly authenticali'il, :<i the undersigned for allowani'O within six months from the datr WAUNINQ ORDER , In (he Chancery Court, Chlckn- sawba District, Mississippi Couuly, Arkansas. . j James D. sweat, Plaintiff I vs. No. 10,039 Hetty Jean Sweat, Defendant >. The [tcfcndant Betty Jean Sweat Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In tlie court nuined in the caption hereof and answer the coinplnlnt of plnhitlff James D. Sweat. Dated this 23rd day of May, 1!M1. Harvey Morris, Clerk liy nelly'Smith, O. C. Allorney for Plaintiff: H, G. Pint low. Geyser eruptions are $*£'off ky bubbles of steam and gu« -cn- lectlng in the geyser's' 'uruler- uround tube. Pilcs May Lead to , - t Chronic Ailments FKK! 1 , HOOK—Explains, the Causes nhd Effwts wiiinn six mourns 110:11 tne (iatr,L:4j v/"(^•^••••••••aHV^I of the first publication of this iui-, vAV .^V'^UJLUJUSsQACufll «•• tlce or they shall he barred for- '.I VJjV.-j) BUcktoadj too. *• waiting = ever and precliided [rom any lien- i c -i.,i|||Jfy . Vl ". ii it tr JJ Cl '"'."H 'M" "''''{ ^ efll.s In such estate. The definite] *>:^^'/ liiic'i«li""i,ai'Jik.i 1 ,', ,.im,,K J address of tin' undersigned aiiiiiln- J'*' uS"" M y^S''n!^"K!^iSi<i»''aS,\" j No obligation .Write to Thornton i% Minor Clinic. Suite 073. WO Mc- Cice Bl., Kansas City, Mo. of the undei.slgned admin Islralrlx Is Qth and Main, Bljthc vlllo, Arkansas. Dated this Ulh day of June, 1UIY. Ednii Y. Husband Administratrix ilield anil Hoy. attorneys. ll""«- ,','Jr- 'I'lit'tm".^^!'!^.!!^"'!.!'!!^'.' KU*ieY'[.'i'.i '•'!"• '<"••>• '•". "' ni.;..-iuluii,....,l _.., v Klvljy lire*. Dmjc, Mawiutu Whot Is It? Where Is THE RAZORBACK RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. i\Inu<lay itnil Tiicsdny STAKE! Play it safe with Fisk'8 famous flexible Safely Stripes. No oilier lire lias them! Tlic white rubber stripes enable limi- ^••t*>i drcila of skid-resisting edges to gr-r-ri[> tbe road! Yon slop quickly ...and slrnight-in-liiic. Whal's more, the extra-thick tread gives you thousands of extra miles of wear. See this smart- looking tire TODAY... TIME TO HE-TIRE R tt . u. s. p*. oa. Blytheville 217 S. Second Street Caruthcrsyille Kiwanians To Be Host to Farmers CADUTHERSVfLI.E, Mo.. June' 9.' -- Mnrtiii Z66k. member of the' Agricultural Committee of the Mem- pins. Tenn.. Chamber of Commerce, will speak at (he Kiwanls Club next TuewW nlghl, according t<i Tieorge K, rjocvcs, program chairman. The nieeling will be "Pann- ers' Night" with club members inviting farmer friends as special Buesls~lo hear Mr. Zook. f Give Your Car A 'New' A pea ranee THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL A Complete Paint Job on Any Make or Model Passenger Car Bring Your Car in Today LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main CMC TRUCKS Phone 519 OLDSMOHILE THIS COULD BE YOU! * Faulty Brakes * Shimmy * Misalignment Are Forebearers of DEATH... ICvory yciir tliRrt! arc coni) thousands of AincncniiH killed nccdlasKly ... in milo itccidunls. A grenl pail oi: these Hccidunts Jirt' CMTisud hy careluHKiicss—fniluru lo have their vclni'Iiw ins|iocl.(>it n-tsulnrly lor liiiMon il«roc;[» • • • °'' - • • JK'iiorinir the oliviixiK ones. liPnicnilici' ... if your car sliow.s ."iktis of niettlinnifiil ilel'oia, voiir life is in flainfer! Don't I'lirl with duiilh on the hallway, briuj; your car lo us for proper adjtislinuiiL done reasonahly. SHELTON MOTOR 121 W. Ash St. COMPANY PHONE 438 CHARLES R. ROGERS piesenli PAUL IVIUN1 ANNE BAXTER CLAUDE RAINS :.r 1 X X x >; X >; X V 1 '•' >", X X X X >' X X X X '*' $ X X X X X X X X X X V •*• B 1 ^^^^^^^^:o:, : ^>::^>:> : >:;«> : « >:: ^, x , : PROFIT . By Readinff the Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT By Advertising In The Classified Columns When You Want To Bily Or Sell Ads Placed by W a. m. Will Appear Same Day All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 461 Blytheville Courier News *.AAAA>,AA>.AA>.A>..*>.AA>^ >' - !+, >! X V >, X X '.*'. X !*. >: i»; >; >: '.*'. i*! >' •#' 5 $ *•* X [•»! '•] X * :j »; >' ^ i V '*! X X ' X X X X V i: > 'e > > X X X »" +* •; X >: >: X x x X >; >; X »;xx x xx>.xx x A OKSIOW SIEV(KS-CfO»![ CtmUM• EI!Sm«SWFOD , CK»ens t m,[n • C...M H micmr. turn. IIKO Ni;\vs ;tntl C'uimuly New Theater Manila's Finest Shown KVKKY NK1HT Maltnto H^larday * 8Bn4«r Box Opciu Wcrk IUyi 7:M f.m. Bat.-Hun. 1 p.m. C.nt. 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