The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1949
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER u, 1949 Army-Navy Feud Nay Bring Probe S«n. Ruswll Soys Naval Aviation Cut Could Cause Hearing ".<• Max Bovd WASHINGTON, Sept. I4_W_ Senator Russell (D-Ga) said vester- hf , VJ?-" "* some " s *"«t« hearings if Secretary of Defense Johnson lays a heavy hand on Naval Aviation. He added that he doesn t expect (he defense chler «> do such > thine, however. Russell, a member or the Senate's Armed Services Committee, took the ?,?*,'• ? 1 .' hat . lhe Se " ate ls not Justified In starting » n inquiry on the basis of the "general statements" made Saturday t, v Cant i C.Crommelin, a veteran Naval € i e o Crommelln contended the offen- *-ul, l ^ w f r of " le Nav >' i5 ''belnij nibbled to death" at hte p° n ',"! gon. the enormous office building winch houses lhe Department of Defense. The Naval officer said he hopes his statemen "will blow the whole thing open and bring on another Congressional investigation." No Reprisals Planned Undersecretary Dan Kimball said yesterday that as far as they Navy | alrine his views publicly. Klmbal! added in a statement that Crommelln was speaking for himself "as he has every Constitutional right to oo." The captain. Kimball said, has done ""nothing to violate existing statutes or regulations." Crommelin already Is due to testify before the House Armed Services committee soon after It resumes hearing on Navy-Air Force matters October 5. Senator Russell told a , reporter that he woulci favor a Senate inquiry If Secretary Johnson should move to abolish Naval Aviation or the Marine Corps. But he said he doesn't think the secretary is going to abolish either of these Naval branches. u "Of course." the Senator added, 'there mav be something going on "•"'. I don't know about." BOOM-ER GIRL—With N.i- ucen Seller aboard, it's smooth tailinff O fr ALla'itk: Citv Semite innesota Official That Bought Road Bonds, Under Fire ST. PAUL. Minn.. Sept. 14. M>,— A man brought under fire because Minnesota purchased S5.028.oao worth of Arkansas highway bonds says no secret arrangement was Involved In the deal. Charles Foster, whose discharge »! secretary of the Minnesota Board of Investment has been asked by Governor Youngrtahl. declared however, he was "confused and rattled when questioned by the governor last July 19 Foster testified Monday at a pub- lie hearing „„ tne ?overn or's charges and demands So did Charles A. Puller, head of a Minneapolis Investment firm which sold the Arkansas bonds lo the state of Minnesota Fuller said it Is customary for bond companies to seek a market in advance of public bond sales He described the Arkansas bonds as Investigate Spread of Prices WASHINGTON, sept. n. tu; — Chairman Gillette (D-!a1 of a Senate Agriculture Subcommittee said yesterday the group will investigate the "spread" between the cost of farm products and the prices paid by the housewife. He made this comment, after Senator YouiiK irt-NDi asked if it was "not m the province of this committee" to investigate the price of bread. Young said he Is a wheat farmei Inmself and docs not -understand why "bread prices do. not drop when the price of wheat has dropped by a third since last year." Gilletlee said there Is an "nn- consclounaljle spread" between the price Ihe farmer gets and what stores charge for farm products He noted he had recently paid 95 cents a dozen for e?ns "while the support price is only 35 cents a dozen." BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Smoking is Injurious To Health, According To Russian Newspapers sound Investment'" Governor Youngdrfll has charged •Pi, ,, falsified the minutes Wthe Investment Board to concca t'he S l C o r nd SC HTs np \^Tf 1 oVposter" i d a is- charge was taken under advisement by the state executive council. Faye Emerson to Seek Divorce from Roosevelt NEW YORK. Sept. 14. (API- Actress Faye Emerson plans to bring divorce proceedings against Rosevelt as soon as she finished work on a motion picture now In production. The 31-year old blonde actress confirming Monday that she and the [ate president's second son have separated, said "Elliott and I parted on friendly terms." As she stood by in a studio, a representative handed out an unsigned statement which saitl: «Mye Emerson continued the re- ntTrt lhat she would seek a divorce from Elliott Roosevelt. "Miss Emerson said -I'm sorry to say that Mr. Roasevet and I have boon separated for some time and I plan a divorce when I have fin- ih?d my current motion picture. Elliott and 1 parted on friendly terms.'" Rocscvct. who was reached by a newsman in Providence. R.I.. said the breakup of the marriage "is a personal matter—I have no comment." He was in Providence for a speaking engagement. mol prnvda. newspaper of Russia's Communist youth, wants Soviet citizens In ouit smoking. H has gone on record as agreeing with the. opinions of some of its readers that tobacco i s injurious lo health. The communist paper c ] Rims a Decent letter it primed entitled about a certain harmful i,ab!f fas created great reaction among its readers. The paper added a warning that Jt considers smoking a habit "inherited from the past " Men !S/iow Keen Interest In Building Model Planes By Ann Wefclman ' (Courier News StafJ Writer) a pCn^r^'^t.rr'r M lor " icir soa5 aiid th ™ amuse — «*«- <-• They've even built » club—tlie Knnpkioi>mu>i-< am.,.,j n • L their hobby. KnuUclebuslers-around their toys and have regular meetings to pursue They buila and fly model planes Beginning In February with 14 members, the Knuckle-busters now number K active members, aceorrt- m S to the secretary Charles Bilt- Fatlier-Son Affair Many of the -flyers" arc younger boys, but he said that somul Hlytheville business men are avid members who arc among the mo.-,t constant Sunday-afternoon experi- memcts with the tiny slii|)s at the Air Base-. Their planes range from miniature rubber.powered models to larger ones with gas engines. The lamest plane constructed here stretched its wiiKjs 93 indies and was made "y Mr. Bittner, Blytheville insurance man and former Air Force pilot. AlmoM any Sunday afternoon will mid club members putting their Wane.s through all sorts of intric-' ale stums short of chandetles. snap- j overs or barrel rolls at hang five • spe£or?ti Usually a ea " el * orrcH s >™«v ««i'imTs T.,« tE Mo^^a^^ner. fee . Some , Jf lhc plancs are fm ,''f y °' ""•' nl - uhe » Ite KnucklebuMcrs. builders of model airplanes, is >eht. bin mo .st of them are guided n " cl ' c wilh "" cc of ll "' "ny planes which have proved their non ^ni^ftnrwuigtor' 'te- I l " a '" y ^ 1V "" 1JO '" IJ ' e °" J SIUi yf ' U "« ""»'""•* °< '"<= <"»>• tilers—a single wire. i m was conducted last Fcbrti-irv Bil Vacant s Somclimcs Usrd i ''ere and another is on tap for : wHrie^'u-ithil p ,°? f ' B ° lnl ° ""' Sometimes the controlled planes ' October when prizes will be award 'muslin' bad." covering of ~ oi ur ^t °ti™ j & T, £<£ ue ™ The National meet in Olealhc. i "mindhlg time varies, explains the cllv''tho,mh "''V'^ ",'% nL ln| ?"" "" s monlh is expected to! Mr. Diltner. with some type " asSccoK;,, 5 f ltl "'•• "'"ner, ' attract several Knucklnbuster.s. al- "lurown together" l ns a couple o Mo^t ";" laics' ^"r;;; i I^UM c^r" Ktoteti th -, 'TU 11 ? """" '"""t<" s «™°° „; i •-ri,.. ,^i..,._ , . I a - s i.ucH) Hours, are flown on vacant lots within town by eager members who can't wait until the regular Sunday tliaht-fcst. "We dun't dare try free flight in been ' TO '. as when „ , takes them out of Widow'of State Senator Drowns Self in Pond ARKADELPHIA. Ark.. Sept. 14<•<— Ihe drowning O f Mrs. Geor-e «. Oarrett. widow of the State nator Garrett. in a stock pond near her Clark County home Monday was termed suicide. Cor™' 6 veldictj was rendered by Oarrett had been despondent 'and She is survived by two sons George M. of Boston and Rufus of the Panama canal Zone, and a daughter. M rs . Reuben Hopkins Overtoil. Texas. Truck & Trailer For SALE or TRADE Rental Controls Lifted '" Ten Areas in the U.S. ' --Expediter Tighc E. Woods II »V. y remt)v «l rent controls in i'l"" '" "ine states. Including oiirl a " Xfarion counties. Miss- ;t ed °" his Ott11 initiative ' *™mrol actions. ••? cr ' he Decontrolled K y ' Utah ' ln llnc «!"' » by the 1oc al governing In th measuring ( U cl or by installing I buildin« ntlic a fuel cut-off [hat trips a valve for •>() nr •?-> v "'"A ™,±' iU ! K ' he c *&™<*- ed the cl,an R e Mernp,r^t^,n b r;, l ^ !cfla '- 5 "''"-^ tl < c. n p T i e iy' 10 I le !ost kh l ' 1C fSrSt |Jli ' CC fuel cut-off rtidnAvmVVho'uslV' Mr. Hittuer added. And the dis- achan age wit], a control line is thai it sometimes breaks. A. L. Sullivan has probably more plnncs than any othcr member with about, ten on display in his res aurant. Mr. Bittner, a self- styled "typical" member, has four or five in flying condition and Is m the process of constructing several more. Some members make their planes replicas of actual ships, true to scale, but most of the tree Mights are of original design. Tn .Iniu \atinnal OrsaniMlion Afliicacion «ilh the Academy of Model Aeronautics is pending for the club as a body, but some of the individuals hold membership already. The Knucklebustcr air meets are conducted under AMA rules though no official records of flights can be made or broken here until the local branch merges. One air meet for amalcur build- have watch- ill aviation through balsam rtusi over all die fnrnli but. a/lei- „)) t ji/ s cheaper ( building real plnncs. isn't it? GENUINE 54 CABINET SINK — I!1I7 Model Chevrolet IJi (on Tractor with new motor, new lires. 1318 .Mnilcl Carter Trailer, 2* ft. Ion 5 , . with rcfriccratcd van, imulatcd and j ipptd for haulinj; fresb vegcla- 1 bles and meats. | Call 565 or See BUFORD MARTIN 112 W. Main Salespeople Wanted To Work on Saturdays And Other Busy Days 'n Person of GRABER'S DEPT. STORE «• Imw > flu; 5!" n*ra '. Bit. ° C t. oe«» IS. T»T> driwFn, *W«, d ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. A cherished gift for your wonderful bride diamonds -ft. symbo | rf „«,, e finest • • • cLie *- No Extra Charge For Credit DREIFt el Hfrifin . . . Wi-<c llbe^. IINT TERMS ——«^«i^ Speculation Over Berkley's Romance Is Wearing the "Veep's" Patience Thin \VAQUf \mrtmir r, , . . WASHINGTON, Sfpt. 14-tfV- vice President Barkley is gettlcng 1 little irked at all the questions "bout 1,1s personal life. H isn't like the V.P. He has taken hl s bumps along with the n>st of Iliern and usually has managed lo come up with • smile. '"« lime, however, there's a lady Involved. The lady is Mrs. Carlelon F. Uad- ley. attractive St. Louis widow nnd mother of two daughters. Some day she may elect to become. Mrs Barkley. Then, again, she may not. All this has caused a lot of speculation. H gels Bargley out of bi'd at midnlshl now and then to neny a rumor lhat lie Is ensiigcd is about, to become engaged or Is about to marry Mrs. Hnctlcy. It keeps reporters meeting' the plane every lime he goes somewhere out of Washington. Now the "vecp," ns he culls him- sen. is n fun loving fellow, always nnli-k witli a joke. He even Inkes one on himself. , He also is a patient man, as • he proved tlimuiili long yenrs or! conBi-essionnl battles. But both his sense of humor and ni.s palicncc wflh reporters, who atallt his favorile pconic :ui' .i-earini; n little Ililn. So far as his friendship uin, tile lutiv if concerned, the vr-cp "rnild like (n become just an an- onvmnus citizen. "c doesn't wnut Ills attentions lo the lady to become nil rm- b.-iiiiis.smciil to her llnoiich tic- ojiciit donliils that i.hey are goinir 'o «ol marilcd. Hr> far as his best friends know. Harkley hiisn't pnpcd the question.! That doesn't mean dint he won't And like very othcr swain, he isn't at all sure what the lartv would SH.V if he did. He could, of course, avoid the reporters and their rpiestlons if he quit calling on Mrs. Hadley. The odds look like a hundred to one against It. Wan-en G. Harding was the first president to ride lo his inaugural In an automobile. WOMEN who feel NERVOUS CMsetf by factional 'niddlracil Do you suffer tram hot n&«hn, Weak nen-ous, irritable clnmniy fcolliu»— due to the nmctloiial 'mlddle-ao«' pi-Mod peculkftr u> women (38-52 £ni > ?Tfcun oo iryLydla E.IMnkhfmi's VegeUvbl* Coinixiiind to rtllEve such •ympuunai it nlso hu what I>octoc« call ft stufliftchic tonic effect I L PINKHAM'S •^"•^•^•W Soar Wants National Song HAARBRUCKEV, Germany fA» —Several months ago the Miniitn of Culture of the Sa»r now eoonom. Ically merged with yvance, Invited proposals for a national anthem. Now the ministry found th«t net* of the 537 drafts submitted mi good. It urgently requested the poet. Johannes Klrchweg, to writ* on*. TAKE A UXATIVI THAT HAS BEEN PROVED BY USE Sayi Volen ol Experience CotinUpiUon can upMt you But, filack-Draught, thi liucallve with four feneratlo, ally provides prompt and thorough reller—holpi lo ntfmulaU .hi«£h Intestine!. Black-Draught co«t« on!? a penny or les« a doi* to help re]|*r* such lymptomi ., h.adachu, ntUM*. Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance legion Arena Sat Sep 17 'I'liose Wlin I,ike (o Square l);incc arc CordiiUly Invileii! — Featuring — SLIM RHODES His Mountaineers Also Star Rhythm Boys Adm. Adults 75c — Children 25c This Adm. Includes Both Show & Dance Amateur Show A11 Ty pes A ma tent Knlertalners KLiglbte Those desiring to enter must reRister al tlir Legion Hut Saturday between 2 pjn and 4 p.m. SUPER IT'S SUPER BRIGHT IT LASTS DAYS LONGER IT GIVES SUPERIOR LEATHER PROTECTION GRIFFIN ABC — . \gy6it~ money cannot make nor money buy ••• AT ANY PRICE... as {ine a shoe polish as the super polish GRIFFIN ABC Watch fewer brush strokes bring up the shin*.. . wsrn/r SNAP-OPEN CAN 10f will show you rti« difference between GRIFFFN ABC tnd any othcr polish at any price. ..»o (or I0< why wail... st.rl norc to enjoy more shine with less shoe ihininjt Woe* • Brown • Ton • GRIFFIN

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