The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR, BLYTHEVILLB (ARJ?.) COURIER NEWS ^MONDAY, JUNE. 0,' 1047 Work Progresses OnSuperbombers 13, Mammoth Pipnes With Long Range ; Under' Construction ' BY CHARLES CORDDRY (i)»i(«i Press Aviation Wrlttr) ..FORT WORTH, Tex., June 9.- The 100 13-36 superbombers being 5 built here have such tremendous range that .developments of "parasite fighters"—escorts to he cnr- -• ried-to battle aboard the bombers : —is under, study. This wo\ild bd only one of main changes, to be:wrought in air war: farcA by.the . lO.OOO-mile Army Air Forces plRiie. tlie .first 13 of which : ere now/on the assembly .line al the bonsoUdtiled-VnUes Aircraft Corp. Plant. It will take two years fill the order for ICO. - No conventional fighter would have the range to accompany tin. B-30 on' a. bombing mission anr that's where the "puras'te' fighlo would come in. Such a ;pane wonifl be carried inside tlie bomber ei route to an objective, releasm there to provide protection during the bombing run and then fetcliec back to the host plane. : To Carry "Parasites" Gen. Roger Ramey, com Flood Caused by Burst Dam omanian Officials Stage \ 'Visit of Friendship' BELGRADE, June 9. (UP) — 'rentier I'etru Oroza of Romania •us greeted at the railroad station y Marshal Tilo today upon Ills ar- i'val for.a three-day "visit of riendship." The Yugoslav cabinet and ellli- omats attended .the welcoming ci'rcmonie.s. An Albanian economic mission ar- ivcd yesterday. The Romanian de< nation also included economic cx- ></rls. ** 'I Accompanying Oro/.a were Foreign' iiiinistcr Ghcorghe Tatarcscu ami the Ministers of NalionaPEconomy ,ind culture. 'I'he Romanian premie.- will hold conference Mondi'y. The Yugoslavs will hold a reception f'<r the Romanians Sunday, and the Romanian Kmbassy will return the honor Monday. (The London Uaily Telegraph said considerable) importance war, attached to the Romanian-Yugoslav lalk. It added, "11 '.3 denied lhat it is a forerunner of a'Biil- kan Confederation. 1 ") Twisted mils over this washed out nridi:;> arc :i result of heavy'mills wlilcli caused flood to hurst through a dam In Rutland. Vermont. Tni families are bclic.'rii to have perislK'd in the roiiriiiB 'valors. (NEA TelephoUO • mander of the 8th Air Force will receive the, first B-38's, sat parasites were being considers while discussing defense of the six eneine bomber against fighter a tack. Ramey told newsmen . lhat the : 300-miie-an-hour plane, which can carry Mp 16' 36 tons of bombs In bomb bays the. size of • four freight i cars, would bo used by "atomic ^>mb groups." With, these groups. he said. "America has the nucleus 'of. retaliation .for. an aggrcslvo act that i s not liphtly lo be considered." He said' tlie B-3G raises these possibilities: . '• 1. "Drastic 1 curtailment" of the need for a'dvanccd bases." From the North American continent they . ('B-36's) .can strike anywhere in the worm where .aqgrcssiqn against us could- start." The need lor island - hopping and corricr-b.iscd planes is "largely eliminated." 2. The B-36 has such range that it can ignoi'c direct line approaches It forces an enemy to s <-'t up a: "almost impossible, certainly impractical' and expensive entire perimeter warning ; net." I 3. -B-30 bases can be placed ml the' interior of the country, near : aircraft factories and supply depots, out of .range of , [jr.iun.l strnfins - aircraft/ • Tremendous Speed Possible 4. With gas turbine engines that possibly will be used on the B-36, its speed- could be increased to 400 miles an hour. To attack it, enemy . fighters would have to have 25 per cent more speed. This would push them close to the "compressibility wall" just under the spc-eU of sound, and designing planes for Historic Flag from U. S. Capitol Becomes Object of Wide Search HY IIOIIOTIIY WILLIAMS Uilitcil Tress Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, June il—One «l Anierica's historic flags is misshv;. Il,s Ihe slot ..-pangled banner thut fluttered over' the U. 8. capitol the day Congress declared war en Japan: 'thai later flew over Rome and polsdam; and Hint finally whipped from Ihe Battleship Missouri during the signing of tlie Japanese surrender. David Lynn, custodian and archi- lecl of Ihe capitol. began a search for the Haft recently in response: to letters asking Its whereabouts. Thus far he has found no Chios. -A Unitcel Press check of the While House and tile War Department yielded no information. White House aielcs said that, al •though it was llou'n abroad b Presidential order; the flag woule not necessarily be in White House 1 possession. ; Army spokesmen doubted lhat the War Department had it. But tl»?y know it is not ainoni? tlie Pentagon's historic eiisplays. The flag started on its memorable tour al the suggestion oi Manry Maverick of San Anlonui, •oterai-. of World War T who served as a Texas congress man 'ami la',; head of Hie Small W,\r Plants Corporation. 'Maverick, like many oongrcss- organisation. On Deo. B, 1041, Ihe day war was declared, hi; telegraphed Lynn ind a-sked for the flae Ihai wiis jeing down 1 that day. The former ccnitrossnian, w|iq was hosjiitaliw-'d il the time.' explained iliat he was sending the necessary $4 for a SSB Worker to Visit Blythevillc and Osceoia *A ropvc.sotitntivo of Lhc Joiii^s- boro Socriul S<?cvii-iLy office will bi 1 nl tho stale Employment Office i" <Dlyllicvillu :it 10 a.m. Tuesday, and at the county welfare office i" Osccola al- 11 a.m. Wednesday. CARD OP THANKS We wish lo Ihnnk our friends and i datives for their kindnesses during Ihe recent illness of our mother. Site, Claude and Robert Cassidy ] July 20. 1S145. • When Japan foil. Ihe. plac'emcnl flag. .Cp.pilpl guards took elown the two 1-1-2'by 14 fool flans .u'hlch flew over the East and West fronts of the Imllding on the "historic day. Lynn turned over the flag from Die Kast. front lo Maverick. Cain- lol rccorels fail to reveal where the West front flag went. 'After Ihc fall of Italy, the' Maverick flag by order of the late President Roosevelt was flown In Uomc July 4. 19-14. 'Later by oreter of President Truman Ihe same * this Li a "problem not yet easy." ; -But Ramey. and Harry Woodhc-v.l. president of Consolidated, said the ? number of B-36's on order would be insufficient. ,. . Woodhead said "a preat air force requires not only planes of quality but;, planes in- quantity." He said : it would take 3-112 years to gear his .facilities for mass .production. He now. can turn out onn a week. iThe- - tactical advantage of the B-36: would b° nullified if it takes that long to produce them in sufficient numbers for defense niter .attack, Ramey said. "And I can assure you," he said, "that unless all history is reversed we will need them or their successors. We will need them more desperately and in greater numbers than ever before." men, had in Ihe past bought, and hart them flown over ilol prior to'nlalion Ihn cap- to .some taken by pin no first lo Pearl Har- bov,' l):en Guam, the 'Philippines and finally to the OSS Missouri. where It was floivn during the signing of the Japanese surrender em Sept. I* 1945. Official records on the flag's travels appear to slop then 1 . Throughout its journey,' Lynn recalls, there wa.s talk of returning it to the Capitol where it v.-uidd be preserved as a historic momen- to.' • ' . •Now some lellrr writing cilivx'ns, flat: was taken by plane lo Pols- who haven't forisotlen Ihe lln?, (him. Germany, where it was flown want to / know where it is. Lynn would like >lo know loo. Club 61 Blytlicville, Arkansas Highway 01 Norili Dine and W. A. 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