The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1949
Page 2
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J»ne Sh«lton, Society Editor 'Bf6dk"»-Johns6h Vow* Are Announced Today Mr. and Urt Vecter Brooks »r* today announdnj the mirrlige of their daughter, Mrs. Eunice Brooki to Gene Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs N W. Trantham Th« «aarrU«« was performed Au- |u«f *T Mrs Johnson it now employed at Hays Store. Mr. Johnaon U connected wtth the PMAi cotton classing ho me In They will make theli Blythevill* • • i Party Fetes First Birthday Of Becky Ann Springer , Bec,ky Ann Springer, one >ear old daughter of Mr and Mis Kelly •printer', wu complimented jesler- dny afternoon on her fltst birsh- d»y v when IS little guests gathered to" spend rhe afternoon in games and informal entertainment at the home ot Secky Artn'4 grandparents, Mr »n.d Mrs V ft Williams Multi colored balloons In profusion floatetj from the cell ngs of the rooms f>f the horn* In which the youijl giiesls »ere entertained A large white wicker basket holding a luxuriant arrangement of salmon gladioli was placed in the living room *lth the coffee table b^in; centered wiih a low crjstal bow Tilled with roses to complete the scene. The fcuesU spent the afternoon In games afler which group picture 1 ! •were made ahd fa\or* of hats and balloons presented to each child jpihfc lemonade Ice cream and birthday cakes was served from the dlnmf fable which »is overlaid with a lace 1 cloth ,wlfh .1 lar&e crystal pSlticfi bbul placed »* one Ind iflth assorted party foods at the Sthfi end with the cake which was lopped with a single pink candle Snd tiny, pink letters spelling out i'Sappy,Birthday Becky Ann' centering (he (able Becky Ann wore, for the occa- aioi} a blue organdy dress ind a fclnk hiir ribbon In compliment to the chosen color motif Mrs Springer was assisted In •errinl by her mother* and Mrs Iia Oainel C.B C Clbb Entertained At 0. 0. Elkins Horne Jfr*!6 O Elklnj was hostess to ttetppers of the b B O Club for the , weekly rook games yesterday at her home nixed fall flowers were arranged In the rooms in which the games w*r» played , , tin the games, Mrs Lendennle fotftr won high s*rs R A Copeland second ind Mrs A A Hardy rook^i^i At^He conclusion of the games; the hostess served •. salad plate and eoflf* , < I i . S (Mrs. 'Huey EntettaihS Cldo Mertibfcts, Guest Mrs 4 O Huey was tynstess £o members and jjne guest. Mrs W B MayS bf fht Blythevllle Rook Club Tijursday at her^home: Tlowers arranged In pottery .oecoratei the home NICELY DETAILED By Sue Buinett For joilr bdsy winter schejiUle— « well tailored flock to take $oil eveiiAhere with charm Created to flatter a nomaris figure, It lias nice detail and a cllblce oi sleevi leiigtHs. Pattern No «4s7 Is a sen rit^ perforated pattein ih sizes 14. id, 18. 3d 4(J 42 and 44 Size 16 4'. yards of S3 Inch for shoit sleeves For this pattern seild K celits ih COINS jollr nahie, iddress, size deslfed, ahrt (M PA'lTEnM NUMBER to Soil Bilrhett Codrler NSws, 530 Sollth Weils Strefel ohicSgc 7, Doril miss the nen FASiudN. Tlie Fftll and Winter Isstle *lll delight jou with its Jp-to-the- mlnute ( eas } to make frocks for all the family Free gift pattern 1 printed Inside the book 25 cents Gosnell W.S.C.Si Meets; Box Supper P/dfc ^ In (he games, Mrs O O Elkins won hjgh Mrs Mayo second and Mrs R A Copeland rooko At^ {fie_ conclusion of the games tn« hostess s.ied » dessert course Mrs. Chaffm Hostess Td TN Club, Gu6st ^Mfs Rilph .Johnson *a^ guest with memblrs of, thi TN Club -nficn Mrs A L chaffln was hostess to the group Thursday at her home Poftea ,gl»nts wSre placed in the WtSrtainlni rooms. In the games, Mrs Welrton Ncbcl won high with Mrs Johnson brldgo Thi hoiUss served pie anfl coffee At The Hospitals ,. BLYTHEVILI.E HOSFITAI, Dismissed llrs Junior Caniell citj Dismissed Mrs H R Shan and babj cilj Mrs Samuel Macre and ba&y. Air Mrs Harold Medllh was hftitesa :o five memberi of the Qdsnell Methodist W S C S Thilrsday after ndon at her home The meeting *as opened with prayer by Mrs H W Pegar The program which was taken from the bookj The Upp-r Hoom was 5' t" by Mrs Henderson Hall Mrs. Hall also gave the Bible read- ngs Mrs I C Davis presided over the business session during . wl\ich final plan's '.we're, made for the box supper, which has been changed b Oct 7 at 8 p m at the Goshell Gjmhasium Mrs Davis dismissed the grollp wlth^rajer The hostess served refreshments Dorcos C/pjj Meets , fh J6rties ftdrhbo HoMe Mrs.. James Rambo was hostess to nine members and one guest Mrs. Is?e Powell, 6f the DorcSs Class of the Cslvary Baptist Church Thursday Nign't at her hbmfe. Mrs. Ellen Conley opehM the meeting with prayer with Mis; Rambo .offering the ^devotional: Mrs. Hubert . Pols grove presided over the meeting and was presenter! at the the conclusion bf the meeting a picture from the class in. ap. prcclation of her work as president Mr.s. Polsgrove led the dismissal prnyer. Base. Mrs. O. E. Storey and baby, Steeie Mrs H H MaHHis cltj Mrs James Tlbbs Confer Mrs. Pallia Oay; Reyrto. J. B. Smitfi, city (Bits of News IL Ho»ird Bailey, son of air. unit Mrs T J, Bailey, ha* pledged Tall Kapp* Bpsllon fraternity at the Arkansas Stat« Colltge, Jonuborp. «here he U * freshman lie wa» rirestdent of the Bljthevllle Band last Ve«r ahd la now a member of the Arklhsa's State Bahrt The band will be the gilirls of his psfellU next neek »hile he|e to psitlclpatr in the National Cote* Picking Contest Among the Bljlhevllle peojjle It) Ltnora yesterday fur ilie fUHe/al of Mrs J C MbDnhlel, mother Of atU« Evelyn Mc&anlel and Charles Mc- panlel of Bl>tlietllle wire idr did Mu A M Van Winkle. Mr »ild N)i* W L Oree:i Mrs Raleigh aylVester, Mrs J J Coojcston Mm, Otho Stajilleld, L O tflsey, Si Mis Bii- f^rd Cooley, Mis Cleci Pope, Mrs Harold Wright Mrs Calvill ftarnelt, Mr* W L gllles, ahd Mrs D, H Ainej Mi and Mrs Resell Phillips are attenflllig the Vaiirterbilt Alabama game today In Nashville. Mr. and Mrs,.Dixie Ora.wrord.,ot Jonesboro and Mr and Nils Rilev Jon&5 of AJanlh «er£ Snlong the oiit cif to«il people attending tti* Blythevllle-Little Rock game last night, children, Sclwyn and PrankHn, of Mr. ahd Mrs, Prank Oreer 4nd olls Sprliifi Mis.-,, are the wcek- c(ul guests of Ni) and Mis W I Malm Vlr and Mrs <3ieer and fanilly are former Blythevllle rasl- denls Mr and vlrs Marvin Ciittendeh df Little nock are the we>k did guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Penn and family Mr and Mrs Crlttenden tame especially to at terid the Blylhevllle Little rtock lobtlnll game last night earn*} t La=life bf Lexington ky ylierq he Is how ilrlft coach at .lie Unlvprdt) of itchtilck), StlenH ed th§ football gamp Here last tilghl CoaEh I^slle formfrly coacH ed Here , Mt<x tydia MaitllS Crtttendeh of Dlttlg Rocfc Is tlte »eek ertd gllesfc of \4r ai d 1 ilrs gay Hail and fafH lly Mrs W A Slltkhidti left lodij for Monmoilth III,, nhere she till! Stteiid tlie oOIH wedding anhUer •sary of her brothel- w T De'eh. arid Mrs De'eh She Wilt remain for i id-day ilsit Mr and Mrs Joseph vltfello of New Yotk will arrKe toniofrow to spehd t\\o weeks as gilests of Mr. and Mr? Glefl JohHs8ri and family r5 Vltelld IS Mr Johii-on s sister Mrs. Albert .Bnderlin and her houseguest Miss Jennj LJnd Smith and Jnmes wesles Smith, returned rhursriaj from tea"H\lile where they siienl » week as guest of 1/H Ponder arid family r and Mrs John E Matthedj ^jeslerday for their home In Tunica Miss Sfter -visiting here for several rtajs as guests of Mr ahd Mis B, M Matthews Miss Barbaia rime Grant of Manllt Is sp^hding several days here as ^ guest of hef atirit Mrs Cecil Massey Mrs Harry W Halnes left tdtiaj by plane fhr lilhcolh Neb. where she will attend the weeing 3f Miss Blllfette Trombla to Albert PLsher of Denver MUs rrorhrila has vlilted in Bljthevllle as gliest of the mines' family Word was, received Thursday night that Mr and Mrs Craw(or_d_ Noble h av e arrived,In Battle Creek Mich fiom Stockholm, SSeden where they hacl been for sonie time due % to the ^erious illness of Mr Noble His condl- tlorf Is no* Improves but they will remain In BattlS Cieek for an IndcriiilU time Mf aha Mrs Ed Fdstlr hitte returned from St Ltitils, v\hcr6 they spent tw8 jvSeks' «ith Mrs Fosters mother Mis Eveljn Wood wSo recently silfferctl Injuries In a fall Mrs Woods coridltlSn is satlstac- torj- Mr and \irs \ E Caldstell And riAilghlcr KSthyi Aim allehdea the football game at Castle Heights MlUtKfy- Academy last nigtit In vrhich thetf 5 oh and brother Elivyn plajid Today they are atlSnHlng Max W. H<srt announce* tht tali 6f HART'S AUTO PARTS 316 Wett Ash Street to • B. O. BLACK • who will operate beginning October lit a* Motor Supply Co. THI r*HONE HUMBfeft O *> l> REMAINS THE SAME SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 1, 1949 Mia EVII cook* went lut w*«k- end in Memphis, Tlitilhg hir sitters, MM., »r.d Mrs. H«/- lln. Mr. snd Mrs, R. p. »ryint tnd Mrs. J'.iHs Owen ipent itinttt In Little ."ock, rlslllri* MliMi j«*h »nd Mlrilyh Owen. MlW W«<1« VcH«nry, who «e- tehds Miss KiltchlhioH's school Ih M*i«JihU, WBJ {hi weekend gU»»t af her pittriU, Mr ih4 tin tt L Hoilck. Ml»» M^rlijt L^icu, student HUrrt ili Bt Vlhcihl'i IrtrJrnlit)- M Lltll* Rock, underwsrtt tn emergency ep- eritlon lut *tdriesdlt *h* ri- (Urhed Hotel* clfli week to cortiplii* recupitiilon ottiil: LtltorHH* oft diit M-lo»m hospiltl illU wlwi hste «c*nily reltli-Hrt tttfiM InclUd* 0 P (3f»wfard. Jr fron) MeSpitl* ».pl!»l A » Hdttlie from Memphis im) Mr* O O WttylftfiB rknh.M fcaptisi, Uttle Rock Mr* SUe U *h.wrt (ft WedfKs- diy /or i visit *i(h rel.iive. tit Memphis. Other Memphis vlsJlon this week uuludM M , »nd Mrs. 8. C. rngr»*, Mr. thd Mrs. A. B. Brtdley, »nd Mr, *nd Mri. Jty A. Koehtnderftr. Mri. fcltsi rincey tnd daughter o( MirutiWi wert the recent guests of Mrs. Allie Spann. Oljrdt J. Woodifd of N»c6gdoche», Teils, witt tM gtlNt of Mr ind Mr» O 0 Driver, Jr, Sundiy Mimb*)-s of v*Urin »*tlcUlUir* cliss** of J B P»rm*nt»r irtd R II Whltmore JtUndW tht Mid- S,-ulh r«ir In Meniphls islt fut- urdsy »nd Wedntf-y respectively ,Mri Nonr* H«.»le. speht lut weekend In Jonesbore, rUltlng rels- tlves Mrs Rtylhoiid ftt« home tco- rtiiittlcil (etcher in I he Luxor* school* spehl list weekend In XooneVHU, VUitlng h.r hu.Mhd Mri J W, smith left Wednesday for » vacation trip ih SoUlh.rrt Csllfdrnl* * wt, t WOMIM * B, Rllth Ml,tl NfcA 8i.fl Teeh-Agei- Should Be Part Of Family, Not Sfai-i3oarder Most penetrating observitior) In* ink Reeks trial! from my readers' I thlhk there U flinch ta ntlkh advice Uj teen agers ort how 16 handle their parents and not ehoi'gh to jiarettts oK hote to stand up to thell- chlldten arid Hbt jusl let themselves become standby*; footing the bills, keeping them fed and clothed, etc. Sure there Is rn Just (he ISst few jcirs the teen nger has been mide to think the world re\olves around him. Teen age colUmm and teerl age forums and teen age rfiaga/meS are foteter telling th« teen Sg*f how to "handle his parents.' What Was ohce the awkward ie 1 Has becdme the agp America bows down to: We piny lip the leeh ager <i slang and the more (illofic it is the'rhdre publicity .It gets; , vVe have mtgatliiFs eiUUslleljr devoted to teeh age fashldhS We get groi ps of teen agers to gether-to tell us What IS wrorlk with parents OFTTING AWAY WITH MURDFR We let dlir teeh-ageh m6nopdllz§ our telejiHoHes aHd ollr automobiles We\e built them cnnteens where thev tan get cdmb!6tely away ifdm us dull stuplfl adults We treat Ihem like specla.1 persons with special rights—and don I demand anythltig of them aroilnd the house not even resperl And we ve mlde thpm think Ml thh k tery elite indeed H .°« »ll this came about In steh a short Hnie Im 1 ceftaln But its a chinch It hasn t made life with a teen-ager any easier for his pirerits Nobo'd'y wnrits to go back to the tiffle tiheH wB rBsaicied teli\ agfers a.s beitig at the awknard iff But ha>ent we carried thh campaign to glamorise tne leen agpr Just a trifle (oo far* After nil their parents harfc to l|ie ulth them They htue 18 foot the bills «nd take (he blame when the teen-a^ers handle their parent? so well they get completely out ot hapd So mavb* Its time w* starHd trealiiii; teen agers Just like any other member of the family—rather than thj star boarder. UN Delays Action On Notionalist China's Charges LAKE 8UCOJ08, Oct. T. W) _ Nationalist Chin* tufierefl a setback. yesterday -. ''en this O. N. Politic*] Committee rejected demands for »n early airln* of h«r complaint against Russia. n.fl. -Ambassador-it-Large Philip O. Jessup 4upport«<4 China's de- Bi«nd for quick ictloti. BUt thi General Assembly's. 5» nation political committee decided to defer de- bat* on the Chines* complaint until »fter dispo*.! of (hre« other m»W questions— l(UUn colonies Palestine and Russia's "peace pact 1 ' proposals Chines* Delegate T F Tsltnt had formally demanded that the Chines* Soviet dispute be taken up Immediately sJter the committee disposed o< the ItilliH colonies 1s- The committee voted 4l to S to place the Chinese question after the Soviet pMce proposal, after the Soviet bloc protested bitterly against Havlnj their proposals shoved back Roy Kimtt Sentenced For Pottoifice Burglary FORT SMITH Ark Oct I MV- Dioper Roy Kimes tatboed colhln of two notorious sollth* est badilien was sentenced jesterrtar td eight year^ In prison for a 1300 postofflce burglary V S Judge John F Miller sen tenced Kimes kinsman of Matt and George Klmes, to five years Im Monday Baptst WMU buslneja meellrtk at church at 2 30 pm The missionary Study Orciilp o( ,he Womens Council of the First ChrlstSIn chinch nleets at tlie home of Mrs Ben Harpole ulth Mrs Freeman Robinson co hostess Calvah YWA me*tS it CilVary Baotlst Church Lake street W CS meets at Ch irch at 2 30 pril Womens rierutiie Bflard of First Presbyterian Ohurch Sheets at 2>30 at church Mp. c. Johnson Black^ell Hostess OFO Club , _ .Half Moon \\ scs meets with Mrs. .Leslie Peoples In Dell Spaghetti sUpner sbonsored by thf Si'flblirv PTA ai Sii School from 5 10 to 7 30 p m M La Nuevf meets vlth Mrs Lynii Hujhes IVedheaday C B o Club meets at home of A Ciopelafid on North o Program To Feature MerH p h!6r», ftasiof of 6eile*ue Shurcr, fir. Rdteft G. Lee, pastor of the Bcllevue Bapilst.phurch and president of |the Southern Baptist Coh- V c ^.!» n -.w|"8lj-t h» opening ser^ iribn over the Baptist Hour at S:Jd tomorrow over (lie American Broadcasting System. °,r,v u «., fi n> outlined A yeaPs 6 r °9"*«n°" n i l i^ -' he ^ ?; •" Tn * W »J From WSnt to Wealth," and will speak lomorrciw oh "Sin And tfie Sinner's, saviqr. 1 ' ! » His subject for October 9 is "Needed, MaafiiftceiU Mcii In a Rtuddlcd Word.' 1 Coming Events CiVic Nikarene Foreign MissiBHary So clety meets at rHbfch at 3 so pm ---, Leon Scherer HBstesS lo Thursday Raok CluH 1 AialoH Bilhca Club meets with Mrs Bill GlibSw ThursHay Nlsht Clllb cnlertaihed at the home of MrS BUrks BShker Mrs Carlos Deal compliments TN ^lub Oosnell W S C S meeti it Church it 2 30 p^m ^frs Oepe Tea ford hostess to Trl- To«n Club as Bonnie Carol Smith 1 , 19 month old daughter of M, iri^ Mrs FFed Smith Sf TarbrS U In the university Hospital today brlnfe treated f3r or mes, o ve years Im brlsonment for breaking Into the Chesler Ark postofflce, ihd three ears for stealing »210 m postal ,M,*, n<l * 5 " ,'" S!am! t S * lh «* previously had pleaded guilty KlniJ* eluded a alrtesbread man hunt in this aica after tH6 Chester burglary last March He was can tilred it his fathers home near Rudy about 20 mllrs noHM ot here In Augilst Rice Storage Facilities Shaft ih Jatkson County I 1TTLE ROCK, Oct 1—<fl>) Fin ergency storage facilities fot Arkansas 1949 rice crop are being Blessed Into serilce In Jickion Coliritj County Agent w fi Denton said that the situation has becohie critical sihcr normal trlrlsportatlon ovet- the hew 'strike bound" Missouri pacific rallnay bus stopped all bins in the urea are tilled to capacltv Rice dmeis essential to prevent spoilage of combined rice are still operating ' Dcnton said but how lonp th,ey mil continue Is uncertain * Harrison Soon fo Gee Hall SeMce I ITTLE ROCK Ark Oct 1 W)— The ArkahSas and Otark Railroad will be In operation by Dee. is, the Arkansas Public Service commission was told yesterday The A and p has a charter to operate the section of tile old Mk soirl and Arkansas Railway from Harrison Art to Sellgman Mo At a hearing on a PSC order to show nhv the line uas not In ofc> erallon A and O officials said recnnstru-tion work Is under way find that tao r>ie«et electric loco motiie; are Jcheddleg for delivery Oct 28 The line Is to Hie semi monthly work progress reports with the commKsfon Until reconstruction operations are completed mehthgltls The child was taken to Little Rock yesterday after a diagnosis of po Hoittyelitis but doctbrs there said It was meningitis. tlie V(\ridcrblit-Aiab«ni» gime in Nashville. SPECIAL this week! .... $10 10 Cold Wttrc ;; ; ; 6;50 7.50 Cdld WdVfe :.::-.: 5;00 ( $1 Shampoo & $& ..... 75c . He Hair Shbping . , . . . 50c MAX'S BEAUTY SHOP 818 Lolv. St: PhOrte 6347 YOU CAN WIN $1,000 National 11,000 Firtf Prii. TofW in Blytheville's Annual Cotton Picking Contest C*i> OUt artd S«Rft In TBI* Efitfy BtartK f ^tRY'lftLAflK Priiel f«r WdM*h Hurry »nd sen*) U yxiir enlrj fcl«nk fitr ihe centwt *tii be hew on rri*»y f O«l«ber J, An., on* l> ellilMei JiiM H»- el.»st ill with »§ir e*lrj klink »nrt m»ll U NilMhitl Cotton Firkin* CutttMli IW* 7«7, Mtylhevllle, Arit, BKt 4« U today! Spon»or«) It* list .tirlMt Chttosvf «( C I Ntlf tohai Co^on ^icdirig ! Pv O, ••» 707 - llyrUrill., ' ' Cen,.»t •, ' JWh AN'S CHAMrW.SSHtf CbTtOK pieit- * ***™* « *lKwllle, Ark.ft- { i^Minv • 114»i • , St. or R.Wi. ,,«. j City ..„,„,,., J»rsty Fraud Suspect Nabbed in Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS, Ark, Oct. i—A U^. Marshal »as en route here today to pick up » former Atlantic City auctioneer charged »lth fraud ana forgery. ^The New Jersey hiislnfcsiiiian Is Harold A. Brand, who with his wife, wa» arrested by FBI ageiits n«r* . .yfrarrt"? on Indictments handed down by federal grand jury at camden. N.J. The Indictments phirged Brand on nine counts of fraud and forjery totaling more th«n |l 000 000 The couple's son, Robert Brand, was arrested. In Atlantic City The indictments followed a pro- lohted Investigation 0 ; the balik- ruptcj of Brand Inc, an aiictlon- e*Hn« film which opeiated on the Allantlc city BoaJd»alk Gives Self Ticket MONTOOMEHY Ala , Oct l-(fl>) —Traffic Cop Rohnd L Banvllle JVfdte out a parkin? ticket and lett It under the windshield wiper of a I/ When called on to pay off lit Police court he explained It »ns a new car and I didn't iecognbe my license number ' Show Starts 7:00 Box Office.Opens 6:45 Opens Sunda, 1 (M) starts 1 15 Continuous ishows Sat & bun Bargain NIB'H fcterj Nlgllt lictbt Saiilrdaj fko pajses hona>rd on Sunday n Roxj Theatre Saturday Gun Runner with Jimmy Wakeiy rlil Rocretmeii \ 0 7 am l Short Continuous Bhbwinit Sat ia 30 11 VfJ SUnrl lay & Monday From th diet of the FBI THE STREET WITH NO MM Rivers Survey Proposal Wins t Committee Okay WASHINGTON, Oct i_/m Senator Kerr (D-Okla) said Jest«r . day the Senate Public Works com mltieo has approved his proposal for a comprehensive sumT^n {lie Arkansas, Red and White Rlv- The- proposal, with some chances will be added to the ohinlbiij water : taays bill which, the committee li- considering snd may complete to- One of the changes, kerr said, ' lakes Louisiana out of the surve? Under the pprppaU.a commission : to be.named by the President will ' linriellakc a survey on such matter" as fJood control, power, navigation pollution, soil erosloii, » nrt recreT' tltin. It is to subhilt Us report wlth- lii 30 monlhs. n interested states w |li have members on an advisory commlttes to assist the conimlssloh. 'The Kerr bill provides that the Siirvey shall hi no way rcstri,* cllalige, or delny »n extstlh( • (loW coillrol project. t RITZtHEAtRB BY REFRIGERATIOi Cunlinunus Shinv*. H«x Office Opens 1:45 . Show Siarta 2:00 I.:DO a.m. 1^:15 p.m «:3U p.m. ' TO RI.CN Saturday Blazing Trail wilh Charles Slarrett : Serial "Wild Bill llickak" No, 1 and Short Cnnliiiunus Slibwiris Sat. I2i30-li:0i f Unusual Gifts Distinctive Curtains See them it the Linen & Ciirtdin Shop "» So. First Phone 81i FOX News Showihjt Sim 1 30 11 BRANN TJLE & FLOOR 66, • Asphalt Tile Fluprs • ifaHiMbiid Floors • RUbber tile Fiiiofi .; • 'Rock "wool ihsulalioh ';' • Wcalher Stripping • OrtiAmehlai Iriin Wiirk • Plastic Tile Walls AM Work Guaranteed A; I), (AI) Siiiiivaiii Jr, Hiitoid & BfaHn iij N. 2n'a. 2)1J2 PhBiies 43BO .. ml THIATK BY REFRIGERATION & Monday From the PrpdiJtef of the Unforgettable "CdsablahcB"... Comes MINS Km ipt «• six Hrrt ' It) ttVfrlE GA Met. ShSft—"Sleet Kins ,Ioe''— Sl8f.f vtils wHUcn by Dr. tii'urft Benson, President of Il.lnllng Col- Irgc, Senrcy, Ark; Metro Short "MEET KING JOE" This story WilS \Vvittcii by Di'. Geoi'ge BenSofi, a i'tliHK College. •Sertl : c>-,Ai'ki\UsR3. The 1're- . ing s\ns held there Uiis slimmer .t ,. : . Paramount News C.'onliniious Showing Sunday Jr]5>1itOi)

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