The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1944
Page 3
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IDAY, AUGUST H, IO<M. BI,YT1IEV11,LE (AKK.) COURIER NU\VS Has 'Cure' [Civilization MS Basic Income i3200 Annually Ji Individual |>N, Aug. 14. <UP>—Gcorfec 1 Shaw says civilization a|>|l)o headed for a crack-up licks of Inequality. He says I way to head It oil would Ic everyone a basic; Income I a year. larded playwright admitted I basic income idea was out, licxlion Tor the momenl bc- •ere is not enough money •mid. I; in the Sunday Observer, lio described hlmselt as "an I landlord, ciipllallst renter I, and by ranviction a Coui- 1 Wiimed (lint nil past civi- I had been wrecked by the I of society (nlo financial •allUiiK for the bulk of the income. I is Boi"K the same,, way," lid. adding that "this sug- •it the possible disli-I- •f national Income Is equal Ion." |;r. he warned that states- I scientists and lawyers ate lily recniitable from fuml- I low incomes. Therefore, Icommcnds that "plowmen lymaids" be raised toward a level enjoyed by (,'cimi.WK. Imn ilriig geniuses down to |mdnl statu.s. , that $3200 as a basic in- •inld be enough to start |l noted that "this in a sci- orgHnizod society would a handsomer lift than i does now." Pursuing his lihaw recommends (hat (he lome te applied first to only •cut of the population, and Irthcr progress would dc increased production. vjjP^avc must be content •unlfi those with less than (are raised to their level, by way of warning; the •lucky 10 percent not to try • ilicncl of the pack by boost•' incomes while the rctnain- licr cent tried to catch up. • hcJc.y;, Shaw acknowledged I Miration would not ncccs- assured of stability and se- jlicn the state of cciuality the point where a royal licr and his house aid got •e income, lihaw: "With the spread of • there will certainly be com- I for the post of astronomer • id growing objection to thu • cs of house-maiding. Wlicn fenomcr's son can marry the Etri without the slightest lice, the trick will lie done Is law or policy can or need 2 Direct Hits Fail To Halt Old Warship ABOARD THE U. S. Texas Off Cherbourg—(Delayed)— he United Slates Battleship Texas Is known as (he proud old queen of (he fleet. The flaming guns O f Ihe Texas spoke with a fury (luring the recent naval battle of Cherbourg that makes it easy to ice why (he Navy lias so much affection / or ij le old Texas. In the duel with (lie German coastal batters Ihc Texas suffered two direct lilts, a number of damaging near misses, and two fires spread over her main deck. But this did not stop the queen of the fleet, She fought back like an Amazon. The engagement was unlike any «hcr In (be history of the United &tntos Navy, 'ihe area was heavily mined. Tlie German forts belched lire from six, nine and eleven Inch Kims. And the Texas did not have tlie advantage of surprise. The Germans Icii" had been expecting the American flccl. And the Yank ships came in broa,| daylight. Tlie Texas leil (lie fleet ns It moved in towai-d tlie Uirgcls. The battleship Arkansas opened fire but the Texas didn't join In mitt 1 •she .lighted Ilic Nazi batteries bluz- ini! away from ihe shore. Then the mighty old "Tex" started a series of tricky maneuvers planned by her calculating Captaii Charles A. Baker of Washington. 1). G. Like a Mustang from the panhandle, the Texas out-guessed the German gunners — dodging the shells which roared over her, fell short of (lie ship, tlicn dead ahead, dead aft, and along the water line. The officers figured out later Hint the Germans near-missed the Texas 65 times. It seemed miraculous that the cncrav only scored t.wo direct hits. The first perfect hit came when a German shell struck dead on top of the conning tower. It blew »p with a terrific noise Into the nav- ,, lllc S( ,...,, Prnpsl T,...,,,,,, .., r '~" igation bridge eight feet directly, on?bc r okl- iim! Pvl ^ above. The helmsman was killed.' %"££.*. ' Church Is Where the Faith Is FACE Freak Accident Fatal To Child Parked Auto Plunges Into Building And Kills Detroit Tot In (lie Unilcd Hlali-s. . (he I'j-irj Dunns, Texas, record for Wherever men of failh meet—Iliere is a church. So it was mi Saipim, where, ns pldiireci altnva, U. S. lighting men gallic-red in a wrecked .lap power house, now being nscil us an American hospital, to licar mass sunjj by l-'u(liei- C. C. Hicilcl, Catholic chaplain. Services Held Today For Leachville Woman Services for Mrs. Tom llni-ncs of Leiichvlllc were held at 2:31) o'clock tins afternoon at the LcachvtHe Methodist Church. Mrs. Barnes, 01, died Thursday in a Joiiesbmo hospital. She leaves her husband; six sons, Jesse Barnes of Finale, Calif,, Troy, Lester and Everett Barnes of Lcacli- I) Members [hady Grove lie Committee |otiiiff of the Shady Grove ' W/ lleicl Tllesc ' :l 5 1 ' A "S- 8, rjjWwoiiian presiding. For- lun members mid one visi- prescnt. l;i'oup sang America which I by Lnra Wilson, song cap- Ifome Deinonstrution Agent Inty Agricultural Agent were 1 at tins meeting, lillowing boys and girls were I'd to Ire on the County limmittec: Gerald Donuer, fchort, Bardell McWilliams, line Lynn, Bernicc Hudson, •mile Lou Williams, •allowing club captains gave Ion their clubs: Beltie Deal, Ind Cookery captain, report- It her group; Etnma Brink- •rdcning and Canning cap- •portcd four in her group; lane Lynn, Poultry captain, I eight in her group; Ger- •incr, Pig Captnin, reported •i liis club; and Mary Nell • >. Room Improvement Cap • liortcd six in her group. College, rouglikccnsic, N. Hi/, (irst girivately eiidow- l:e €JT women in America. Ike tter Istries With Shibley's iFlour... This fine flour JALLY REQUIRES SHORTENING! and four others seriously wounded. A Ihird of the bridge was wrecked. There could hardly be any doubts, it was a direct hit. But before the clouds of yellow-brown smoke had cleared. Captain Baker, who was unhurt, was giving ills orders to clear tlie bridge, and he was carrying on from tlie conning lower. Then the other German shell struck, it blnsted through the port bow. and fell wilhont exploding into tlic empty cahin of the ship's clerk' The shell dispersal officer. Lieutenant James D. ford of New York, movert in with his crew. They smothered it with a mattress, and decided to nurse it back to a British port. nurlnif all of tills terrific action there cnme a message from an admiring destroyer. It was the famous battle-cry from the last world war —"Come on Texas!" And after the second bit Iho Texas-did Ro right into Cherbourg's batteries again. She blasted away with eight-gun salvos right up to Iho end OF the encasement Finally the battered lint still proud Texas beaded back for her port in Britain. CAMERON, Mo. (UP) — The Cameron News-Observer snicl here recently that "a yearning for dnys gone by comes as we reminisce ns we reach tlic word 'bloomers' on Hie current laundry lists.' overseas; four daughters, Mrs. Etta Crickctt of Sulphur Rock, Mrs. Inn Bocrbay of St. Louis, Mrs. Irma Panlsgrovc ami Miss Ruby Bin-lies, both of Leneliville; n- sister, Mrs. Sarah Smith of Sulphur Rock and a brother, Tom Siillins of Cleveland, Ohio. That in 1019 Tlic American l.c- ijion brought torwanl, in the form of the i\atinn«l Ocfensc Ac(, tlic lirsf N'alional llufcnsc legislation lifter Wurltl War I anil Ibis legislation liccamc law in 1920. Insulate Your Attic with BALSAM WOOL am! FILL YOUR COAL BIN NOW! E.C.RobinscfiLbr.Co. DRS. NIES & NIES OSTfOPATH/C PHYS/C/AN5 RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 Mala BlythcTllle, ArW. Phone ZSZI Buying Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. BlylhcviJlc, Ark FARM LOANS Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GUI AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOEBLDG. Jd!: , PHONE 3131 llalU-icd Tanks Srrapiu\| VOUKGTOWN, O. <Ui'» — Mm f the tanks knocked out by life neiny In North Afriui and other , luttlc front:; wind ugi In the yards of (he Consolidated Bird Co. hi'i'i iy which, rips them upnrl. cuts them into scrap nnd rcmells them for rc- shipmcnl in the forth of olliei weLipons. An. 14 (lll>)_A irnrk- ed ntilomnlillc will! Its motor Idling, 11 sudden blast of u horn, . niul u startled passctific-r nf C (ho I'trcmn- sliincvs (hut resulted In (ho dcalli of a foiir-yeiir-old child at Ihc Uo- Iroll clly iili-porl. The mishap ulso Injiirril llnv« ollii'i- persons, one scrlmisly. The Drlroll Aci'ldenl Pruveiitlon llmenu reports (hut in-yenr-old .losopli Hiilliilinn of Detroit, was Kitting In (lie front MMit, opposite Iho driver's sent, of (ho mirkcd, nnioinoblli>, 'iho vtir molor wns Idllnu while tlic (Irlvcr went Indi Iho nirport admlnlsttntlnn building. A sudden bins! from im milomubllc lioi -ii btiiiiled llallalmn. As hi- lurni'd iit'onnd, his fmit stepped on Iho lliroliif. Tliu car, npilpjiod will! hytlro- Jimllc gi'iirs, iilimncd fonvard, II craslu-d into n 1( . (.ninini-o of Iho nirport iidmliilsinitlon hulldlni;. Hiiir-ynir-nld Doiothy llalli'r- imui of l)o(roii was iTiishi'd and died i,o<in lUlerwanl of inli'rnal In- JuiU;.s. Nnvnl Knslgn Wllllmn also of Dolrolt ,1s in ivcclvlng hospital wllli u Borious skull fructiiri'. An,| Dm parents of tlie olillil-vlc- (Im arc 1 Injured. The Uclnilt Acchlciil 1'rcvi'tilton llurc'iui says thnt slnoi; Uu\ inisluip occurred on alrimrt |)i-ci])erty, and not on a (hovoughfaro, It doiw nol nun- (he motor city's record of :i3 days without, n liadlc tulullty. l)i>- IrotL cinrontly Is (ho safest city bnrcati |iolu(« out (hat by lnj! the pODiilallon by the niimlx'i- of (lays without n fatnl accident, Detroit has nearly 55 million ilrullilvss innn-days. The 1010 D.illns |-ecoril wiis sllnlUly more than « million deathless man-days, Detroit's lust previous traffic vecord was set In loan when the city "'cut 1(1 d«ys wlllimit u fatal accident. Promised Land 4-H Club Given Talk On Safety I'he Home Di'inoiislrulion Club »f I'linnlseil Lund met ul the homo of Mi 1 *. •'. W. lliirdln \\Vilncsdiiy iif- Inimcm, AUI;. 2, with 11 inenibns "id IHIC visitor present. Tin' meeting) opened with a prayer hy Mis. Diivlos followed by u talk on i;nideniug; by Mis. !•;. Wilson. Mrs. Starling Young'gave, a tftlK on iivcldento In the liontc. Refre'ilimcj.iU were served, at'the end pf (ho inectliiB,, **^" , "«n£t ttt WHYBEFAK? Get slimmer without exercise You iiuty tos*j ]xlur«U nn<l liftVC a more il.'ii.l-'r, Kiucrful figure. No (jm'hiiiic.No'rUJMivi'j.NorJruKa, WitUllifi AYIJS iilnn vouilori'i cul out any rivfjih, ntniclica, m- liilwA niriiia or butter, you %m\- ply cul Dn-in cluwii. II T B c;i»lcr »vlif)j voit fiikiy <Jrllci«u) (vllA- Try jthicr kite lion olAVHR. 30 djyiuuplyonlr «^S.MiincylKi(klly<iu(lDii'i(t>iinulii,riK>M KIKBV ISItOS. DHUO STORES Klylli'ornic, Ark. . , '' 0 ''" Co "">«"»' >-o»a Maml City, If. IV lioUlerl I'cpsl.Cola KottlliiK Co. of Uly.lhellU i -ci 01 Around ihe world •d! oo«s war recor Ar GOOSK RAY. LAHKADOR, nWitc helps snced a B-2'l on ils way to Berlin ... Behind the lines in itdy, n Wnc flashes a message from Gcncrnl Clarlt to llieslonn center of buttle. "Somewhere" in New Guinea, n Wnc speeds until to the men at tlie front. In Normmuly, India, Australia, Honolulu, England;;;'' North Africa, New Cnlcdoma—Wncs are helping bur ' fighting men hasten the hour of victory. Working in highly skilled johs that require nimble fingers, keen minds, steady nerves. Keeping at the work of war with an inspired spirit. With a red-white-aiid-blue courage that will know no letdown until the fight is won ... ' Across the seas and nrouncl ihe world—they're making n glorious war record. The WHCS—gnllnnt soldiers of the U. S. Army—the women all America is proud of. \ MORMAfi/Wf Tabulating vifal front-line statistics Gooa soldiers.. . WOM5NS ARM/ CORPS Speeding malljor front-line foxholes Hi U.S. ARMY RECRUmNC STATION i> ^i fficc I5tiil(li«Ki .loncsnoi'o, AVK. WA r» hlul " l -,non...J'p.-"",tl«" ewiHu » l ' a 20 und 50^ —• Have you any children

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