Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1896
Page 6
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^ttffr^^^ This * is the very best Smoking Tobacco made. BJackwell's Genuine DURHAM Yon will find onu coupon Insldooftch 2 ounce b;:pnml two coupons Inside wich 4 ouflCQ bag lluy u bn.it, rt'iul tin,- coupon urn! soo how to m.'t your sliaro of £-30,000 In presents. Z^^ DEATH'S CALL. Ex-Gov. Foloh, of Michigan, Passes Away at Ann Arbor, His Career—Served as President the Commission Which Settled Important Land Claims. of Couldn't Stand Upright. June nth, 1894. THE OR. J. H. MCLEAN MEDICINE Co., St. Louis, Mo- GENTLEMEN : For about ten years I suffered with a pain in my back wliich 1 thought was caused by a strain. Sometimes it got so bad I could not stand upright or ride in my buggy. 1 read in your almanac of symptoms that! recognized as my own, which led me to the conclusion that my trouble was disease in the kidneys. 1 immediately began using DR, J. H. MCLEAN'S LiVER ^ KIDNEY BALM. It proved to be the right medicine and reachtd the spot. I soon lost all pain an<) have better health than ever before. It is more than a year now since 1 cju.it using it and have not had a pain or sick day in all that time. It is certainly a wonderful medicine for thr kidneys. Yours truly, JNO. H. ALSIN, TOLARSVILUE ('HOLMES co.\ M!B8, t WHEN WHISKEY IS USED AS A MEDICINE .... It Is of special Importance to tho patient (nr.fi tot;io physician; ifint tSo article uscfl should bfe A-B-S-0-L-U-T-E-L-Y P-Li-R-C, ntlicrvvLso tho full i Tight that tha patient has to LIVE is trlCuU w'.:!:. ^ Ann Arbor', Mich., June 13.—Kx-Gov. Alplicus Fulfil diotl at 2: ]!J o'clock biit- unlay afternoon. [Alphaus Fiilali \vas born r t L T.hmn-lak, Mo., in ISM. I to k'l'iuluacei! I't'om jjon-i.loln calloxu in the class of 1S^7, an' 1 wns admitted lo tho bsir HI JiiitiKor In l"?U. l-k 1 pruc- tlcud threu years lit HonUon, Me. Tlicn ho went to Cincinnati am! thenci 1 I'uHOuk lilin- HijlL' Lo Mlchl^'iLii, and In Ann ArlX)! 1 L'ound lila plac'O OL' jjurmant-nt uboil' 1 . In i.xSd iiu \varf npiioint'.'Cl onu OL' tlu> sfa'.C 1 biiuli cum- J'n'.ls^ifjnery. ]n .KSI^ In 1 bt-'c.'imi 1 HUiliioi'Kvn- iM-iil. and In tho name year \viia j,'lvt:.'i a (jlace on the stiprtir.o l/c.'Jt. 1 ): by tin.' K»V- crnor. llo was ulou'.ud ^ov^'nor of Jlleh- lj?an In JS'lfi, und was olcclod lo the L"i:itt.'d Stuti-S suii;U'.* Cot' a i'uM .six-years u-Jvn in 1S-I7. At'ici-wai'ds hf soi-ve-! a;, prfsldont of llni commission '.vl'.lch HfLlljd Spai'.is'.i and ltlvxlcu.ii land cljiljus ! :i Cal:jui jjl'a. 1-io was !'or many yt-ar.s on lli.^ bourd ol : I'o- Konis of tho ..Michigan uiilVi-rslty.J CAUGHT IN -CLEVELAND. ArrrNt Of II >.' Cleveland, nihilist and imu S37 Tod stive; a Boston,' of the lKr, J'ur ^lliiTli.-r lull 111 KUS,-,l!l ()., JUIIL' Ji!. — A Jln.ssi.ii i.'!'!.'!' \s-a.s u:i;iiinvii a ihm; o'i:lo.:l< J-'riil.i^ tii'i; .\. J, Imimtur,, o J'inkurto!! Uotoutiv agency, and :i Cleveland tie;, <:iive. 'i prisoner's name is \\'lai;;..- :.i\v SLol/- nuinii. lie was arrested fi.i the jiini'Uoi oi' Vincent Strzclccki. 'i t«;'I'l'inic \vn: committed in the village ui' Korabniki eoiiinuine of .Lcn, in tin- c-nipire of J.'i'js- sin, last October, Tin; men wen 1 members oi the sr.ine society and tjtjv.elecki, it is said, had betrayed some of the proceeding's of the society to 1 he police. and his murder followed. Aided by ii:s family, Stolxman:: succeeded, in reaching the frontier, ami after a Dumber oi vicissitudes ciiiiit' '.o Aim-ricii, reiK-liiiijj Cleveland about the middle of l::s-: November. StGl/anann is (lie lir.st• .subject of the war to be arrested in this cotinlry on a capita,! uharg'i; for a crime L-om- milled in h*s native land. fc Cummins & Co. '03d Process" Kand-Maco Sour-Hash Itrota every rc^uiro.'-ont c- r ^--. c'j; I', has a lino Sorty, risli sin J clo;;^-.: it. SOW In LjotUos nail by (Iruysls A. KIEFER DRUG 101 ALL WERE SAVED. Slliuj- IMen Cnn;;Ui. In u liunil"K' Jline at Tiiylori'llln, Jll. Tnyiorviiic, ill., Juno 111 — Tli'i 1 'IV,-- lorvilk' oo;il niiiiins 1 \vorUs weiv I'litiruiy destroyed 'by 'lin- Kridtiv iiiuniiuy, Kiyhty-livu nu-n vvi'i-c in l.hi: miiu 1 . Tim fire. oi'ig-iiKifcr} in (lie oili-ocni, sitii.'itL'il in till; sluift, JUO I'n't bc'l"\v. A inintu 1 unconsciously left :i li{fliU-.i lui-ch nr;\i the oili'noins, \vliiuh iyr.itrd illi; n : l iind c.'nisi'fl an L'.\';}iosion. l-'roni tiiis tiic iirc stiii'tud and su-cpt u-itli rciviflc spool 1 ] ID tiio top of'tln; iiuiii. sh:il'i. mill soo;i tiic liiiliri; stmcvuro u'iisonvlc'jioi! >n rtaiiics. All rim impi'isoiR'il iniin.'i-a \vui'0 rt'scucd I jii'OLi^'h sh;i i' H No, .V J rio: ihi'cc hour's of siilVuring 1 . Tlic l)i'o[)crty lunounU; to iCii.O'JU, Tn pj'cd by insuj'ajicc;. 'i^v'L'nt^v iiu; isbud. The mine is still biiruiii .= SIMEONS LIVER REGULATOR—don'i roi.rrc" :L> t.ika it. The Liver gets sluggish JUM'n-r t!i-j Winter, just like all nature, an:! if.e system becomes choked up by thi a^j'iiulatod waste, wliich brings on Mnlaria. rover ^nd Ague and Rhtuma- tis::i. You want V:) \vakc up yotir Livci :\v, ti:t be sure you lake SIMAIONS LIVER K!3.jULATOR to do it. .It alsc regulates the Liver—keeps it properly n work, wiicn your system "will be free from poison an-J the whole Dody invigorated. You fcetl'll'E BEST J3LOOi> when your svstem is in A1 condition, and tha will onlv be when the Liver is kept active. Try a Liver Remedy once and note th< difference. But take only SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR—it is SIMMONS LIVER RFOULATOR whic'l makes th difference. Take it in powder or in liquk already prepared, or make a tea of the powder; buttal.eo/.VwMONSUVER REGULATOR. You''! «na the RE!") Z on even package. LOOK fcr it. J. H. Zcilln & Co- Pliilaileli-htJi, Pa. BOOSIER HAPPENINGS. Mows by Telegraph from Various Towns in Indiana. SAND YIELDS GOLD. Five Tons of t.'io Ulnvrriiriilo I'rodact A.iuny a Tol.'il of l?:iU.OC. Another lest of live tons of sand taken in Glovorsvillo. N. Y., has been made. The sniul \v:is found to yield more gold than die (irstlot. The firs.t showed gold to the value of JG.20 pur ion and platinum to the vaJue of M. cenis to the ton. making ^ yield of STj.iil to th; ton, or JjttXOi for'the five tuns treated. Brltisii CrcMniitorliirnfl. There are two creauiatoriiims in England— at Afanchostcr and Wolriug — and one ct Giasgo-.v. A fourth is bu'lcliiig :u' Liverpool. 1'lve to 4l»; Itaii^tnl. J. r ort Smith, Ark., Juno .13, — Judge Parker, of lliu federal court, has sentenced Uennis Davis, C.'eo."ge W. \VilaOi!, b'rauk Carver, Jesse and John NoJ:ce to be hanged Thursday, July :i'J, for nurders coiur.iitted in iiu; Indian territory. Carver killed his uiistiT-ss, \nnie .Muledon. This is llm secoud time -.e aud l)a\'is havu bei'r. senleneed. Compose* Ills Own 12j>U.npli. Indianapolis, Incl., June IS.—One of the most eeeentric chiiraclcrs of the state N Allison.Dewitt,of J'.aUle Ground, a:i ii'.(] Ijachelor \vJio has lived ulone in ii little cabin for nu.-irly half a cenl.ury. and is now an oclogonarian. unfceblcd by disease a.:;d near dealhV door. OVL-I- one veal- ago he began digging his own grave, which progressed .slowly bi'caiise his fcebk-jn'ss. and after waching 1b(; rorjuired deptl) he s;)ciir, s*. i \-e:-;il u-eeks in walling it »|j, usinf; briel- :i;id mortar. Tlu'ii ho contraciod with a JjOgansport iin;i for a suitable jiifiiiu- ment. btaring his own epitaph, and i ilis stone was ]ilai>ed in position during 'lie irosont weok, llo presi-ribcd what iikl be curved on tin 1 tomhs.ionc, piiladng that no c.'ipilal Idler must; be used save in the word Gt)d. A literal copy is MS follows: a liaclK'lor llns l)'.-no:Hli this sod who <ll30l)eyi.'fl llif laws of God- advice to others thus i jrl'.-tT; don't live .t biitcli as 1 did livi—icfrret. UiiKpvrntu Klil'ili witli :> I'", 1 :Shelbyville, .hid.. June l.'!.—Thomas CimllVe had a ihrilling ijxporionci 1 . JJe is tin- owner of a l.-irgc fi'iimle Dane do;,' wliich is the niotln-r of six jinps. A hoi'se i-m-ered the stall when: the pups were sleeping, stepping on one of the animals, which commenced howling. Thi; mother sprang upon 1 hi: horse's back and drove her teeth into it. Chu! 1 fee liDoi'-kud her off with a rake, but she sprang hack'. This was repealvd four times, when (he horse fell and the dog turned her aifi'nUon to her master. The animal wa.s knocked down again and .igain, but would iirise and make for Chalice, who finally fell from e.xha.uslion, and when tin: animal was shot: she wa« ready lo tear her master to pieces. Clur-Tee may recover. MERlTtOJEWARD SALES OF LYDIA E. VEGETABLE C03IPOUXD. Unequalled in the History of Jlcdiciue. Honesty, Excellence, Faithfulness fitly He\v.inlcd. CM>I:C:,W. TO oint i.Arn- itjuuTj'*.; Xevcr in tlic history of medicine has li)C demand for one particular remedy for frm.ilc diseases that Li'mcil by LyHn E. J'inkl'.am* Vegetable Compound and never in lha history of Mrs. khams' WOIItlcrflll Compound has tlie dciiiantl for it been so groat as ii is loJav. From " Maine t.) California, from the Gulf to the St. Lawrence, come Charged wltli StciilinR: from Jlcr Fattier. New York,.i'une 1H.—Winnie Osborne, who u-n-s taken from the Park Avenge hotel to licllovuo hospital last Sunday night in an unconscious condition, as H result yf having blown out t!ie gas in her roo^i, has been committed to the Xew Vork rescue mission house by a nngistniic. She is charged with steul- ng S'jOO from her favher, who lives in Oakland CHy, Ind. The latter telegraphed the police here that an officer ith the necessary requisition papers - as on his wav. vs :n !l.y cov- OFF FOR CUBA, •JEUe BEST THE WOF=?L_Dt ! For keeping the System In a Healthy Condition. CURES Hoadach*. CURES Constipation, Acta on tho Liver and Kidneys, PUrlfles th» Stood. Dispels Colds and Fovers. Beautifies tho Complexion and M Pleasins? and Rofreshlng to the Tasto. SOLO BY Ai-L nrtuooisra. f-S~&. niculy lllustritcd cl^hty-papc LincolQ Story Book tfivan to every purchaser •( % yackaire of I,fflcoln Taa. Price 25c. Atlt your drarelst, or LIMCFJLK T«A Ce-Fort W For Sale by B. F; KEESL1MJ. , rf, ttc., cutly'xibv pni-t al ., , r'!«orir:niP. und quickly butaui-yly n^toroj lioofl In old oryountf, Easily ciirrlpd/nvoa j. l'rLco*J.«l>ai.iu:kftWu, Six for OT».«o with n written cruarf4iitw to riirc or monty rijfmnicd, i>on t Dtman Itoitatimit tutt insist on liavfnp I^ll»Al*O t It t has no*; (tat it, vo will nond it propald, lcillC'0., I'rop*., Wcrgo, JUL, oro»r*t»nU* by U. !•'. KtioalL-m. LOGAMSPOKT, 1ND-. ind IcatliiiL' drtii;j,;i3la oUcwhcro. ^* ^^ (^o_i f* •• f tAf THE NEW FREKCH REMEDY. VltALlS PRODUCES THE ABOVE RESULTS, 30th Day. It quickly nntl surely re-l , moTOM • nervousness, Jmrotoncy, I NlKbtly J'lmluslnrn, Evil Pr^nms, I Wftstln" otiionKCH nnci ull ^rrocia of 8(Mf-i\i)uso or excess ami Indlwrcllon. Eratnrca Lost VUullly, Power and Fallln;; Memory, Winds off Inmtilf? and consuaintton. Cures whonalloiliorsfflll. Inalat en liavlnc V1TAIAS. no other. Ciin ho cnrrlcd In !ho yost pockcu By mall Hil.oo per piick»KO orsli for$[>.00 wltti (iKiinranifa to t.'nro orltolunu lli« Mon«<y. Circular Frco. Address CALUMET MEDICINE CO-, CHICAGO, ILL. For sale by Ben Fisher and B. T- A Blessing for the Ladies. Thousands of ladies are using Brazil" •fati Balm. For eoreness, pain,^earing down, and many kinds of trouble, it acts like a charm. A 50 cent or dollar bottle often does more good in One week than any other remedy does in months. Used as an injection it goes right to the. tpot, removing all inflammation. Taken in 15 drop doses every hour checks excessive flooding. Irreverent Annrclilnu. Easier is always welcomed by church;in 1'avis because Lent is tlic season during 1 which anarchists and socialists g'o lo uxti'cincs in shoivhifi'tlieirnn- log-cmifrn to rcliffionsobsci'vnnccs. The Church of St. Vincent tic J':uil was recently tlic scene o£ one oC these sacrilegious demonstrations. While the Abbe Pumont was preaching 1 lie wasin- torruptcd by five or six men who begun to sing 1 the "Ciiriiuifrnolo." Severn] muscular Christians armed with canes drove the disturbers into the street. Such occurrences arc quite frequent in the clinches in the suburbs of Tin-is every Lent. The anarchists seem to fccl that the time for them to cmphasi/e their atheism most forcibly is when churchgoers arc engaged in the ceremonies of the penitential season,—N. Y. World. • The Moon nnd Stammering. iVuturc publishes from a. correspondent a curious fact which it vouches for. The correspondent says: "It was accidontallj- .observed by a staimucriiig- friend of mine, during the months of' May and June last, that on moonlight nights he stammered more than or, tlarlc nights, and when he slept,exposed to the rays of the moon during the month of June he found he .stammered th« most on days succeeding full moons, while a day just after the new n.id a dny before, he had not a i-ingle attack of the fit." / Alwcnt-.irindod I'rofcsKor. Frof C had 'gone to spend the evening nt a friend's house. When he was about to leave it was raining very heavily, wherefore the hostess kindly offered him accommodations for the night, which he readily accepted. Suddenly tho gcust disappeared, nobody 1 knowing what had become of him, and the family was about to retire lor tho night when Prof. <>—.walked in, na wet ns a drowned rut. He hod been homo to fetch his night shirt. -To' dream that you .are hungry means that you will rise to eminence and wealth b}* your cm-n exertions. Steamer Ucriuuda Tiihus Anotliol Curf^o to Cul>an IliH(ir^r<'nt.H. l j hilaili.'lpliia, June 13.—it is said that the steamship Bermuda, had left this port with another earyo of arr.is and M:nnuinition for the Cuban in«urj;vr,!.s, The expedition consists of JO -'jficn, among' ther.i sevei'iil physicians, vvhc carry with them a full supply of. me'di' eines and'suryicr.! insininieutH. Stowed away in the hold of the Uormnda nre 1,000 Mauser rifles, four • Hotchkiss g'uns and o. Iar;>-e number of machetes Wasiiiiigton, June !'•'• — 1'ostinaster- Geuer.-il Wilso:: has begun a crusady aguinsi,. concerns selling devices to defraud at cards und other gambling schemes. HI; Salurday deniinl vhepriv- ik'gi-.s of I he mails to Urusl Schmidtanil A. 1C. Suliini'lr, doing business at S2li .\larkel strci-t. St. J^onis. 1v iiil up pres to .* Conrt, r~" Philadelphia, June 13.—The case o Herman Keck, the diamond nicrchan of Cincinnati,, who is under scntcnc of one yo.nr in the Kr.sleni penitential 1 por r.ik'3'c.cl attempted dinmoiul smug filing-, has been appealed to the Unite* Slates supreme co.iirt. JfoantjLne Kcc' has been released from jail on §10,00 bail pending the hearing 1 of the appeal. Japanese Tlic»tor. CUHtoms. Satisfaction in n. Japanese theater is proclaimed by sliouling-out thcnajne of the actor or by the \vords:_ "Ten riyo!" "One thousand, riyo.'" A riyo is a yen, a silver coin, worth about three shiilhig-s—.expressive of the cosh value of an cctor in the estimation of the crier. Ktlqnotto of Morning Culls. A recent-English book on etiquette says: "Morning calls a.re tisuaJly made betAveeu the hours of two and four. A gentleman should taJ;o his lint into the room with liim, holding it in his hand during the ^-isit—everything else shduld be left in the hall." Sponge*. Thje greatest number of sponges grow ia water iOO to 1,000 fathoms in depth. ITTLli IVER PILLS SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these 1-ittte Pills. Thfey also relieve E.jtressfrom Dyspqisia, Indigestion and Too Hcaf^ Eab'ng, A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Draws/, ness. Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue Fain ir the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vcgetabtei l Dose*. Unit.: Vl> :t Trsiiu. itii!£j'',un. \V. ^'a., .'I unc J3.—For- IL'M i-a>'l of Charleston, :U Cotton n;a>koil ii:ej.i .'itU'inpted tu hold e \V;:sl'.irg-ton and Cincinnati ex- "rtiin. .-'.1'tcr !(•:> iiiinilles' work v.'ilhont Kfcitrins' anyrhir.if '.he bii:idii« bt'cajne I'l'i^'litened and escaped to the mountains. \Vashiii!j'ton, .Tniu 1 I.';.— Thu pros:- ricnt ha« recouiiiii-ssioiied William T-. Cliildi'i-s as L'nited Staffs aUorney for Xcw Mexico, his noroination h.-i.viny failed of conlirmation by the seiiato. fjooks foi- u Ship. St. Johns, N, I-'., .'lime 13.—Lieut. Peary arrived on the steamer Portia from 'lNe\v York, seeking' a whaler to convey him with a scientific expedition to Greenland. Assaulted with a Ulcyclo. Kokomo, Ind., June 30. — A local )i;iyislr;ite h;us estoblisJied n precedent of interest to bicycle riders. Klmer "Jriimc, :i rlairymnn, while riding- :i bi- cyele neeidencally collided with .\f. E. Myers. Mi 1 . Myers filed im iiflidavit .•ig-iiinst Crume for nssnulL antl battery, he having been knocked down niul pninfuliy injured by the wheel. Justice IX 1 Haven, before whom tho case v.'ns tried, found the defendant rruiliy ns charged a;:d fined him S12, n'hich was the; f,'!ail tidings of woman's relieved by it ; and thousands u;/on thousands of letters are pouring hi from grateful women, saying that it WILL and does positively cure those painful Ailments of Women. ^ It ml! cure the worst fonns of female complaints, all ovarian troubles, inflammation and nlceration, failing and displacements of the womb, and consequent spinal weakness, and is peculiarly adapted to the. change of life. ^ . Every lime it will cure . 7 Backache. " : ; ' It has cured more cases of leucorrhoia by removing the cause, than any remedy the world has ever knpwn; it is almost infallible in such cases. It dissolves and expels tumors from the uterus in a:i early stage of development, and cliecks any tendency to cancerous humors. Ly.dia E. Piiikham's Liver Pills work in unison with, the Compound, and are a sure cure for constipation and sick- headache. • Mrs. Piiikham's Sanative Wash is frequently found of ^rcat value for local application. Correspondence is freely solicited by the Lydia E. PiEk- ham iledicine Co., Lynn, Mass., and the strictest confidence assured. All druggists sell the Pinkham's remedies. The Vegetable Compound in three forms, Pills, and Lozenges. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC ——5—4-TAKE THE-C—5—— ' Must Xot UlucltllMC A. K. U. MOII. AIUuqucrqi:e, X. M., .Tiiiie 111. — Judgri Collier ordered thi: receiver oE the At- luntic cSr Tacific milroaci Iierr.'iifUn- not to blacklist ;:ny incnibcr of the Ameri- '^m Ji:iihvay union.. THE^MRKETS. (jirnln, J'rovt^tons, ICtc. Chtcajjo, Juno 13, FLOUR— Dull and nwrlcctcfl. CJuolabl as folloM-s: Winter— Patent", S3.C05f:i.SD straljTlits, ?3.i;i@3.r.O; clears. S",SO(fi.3.10: sec oriel;., tS,OtUH'210j low grnilpn, ?J.75(TK>no Srji'lr.g— Patents, $3.00©S.C5; Hlru.ii,'hts, J2.G ©2.00: bakers', SiiOfff^rj: low irrados. $'.00(& 1.7»: Ki-a l)os S].23(f»l.'IO; Eye, S2.JOW.30. WHEAT— Active and unsettled. Juno ic: July, SG'Jl'crSTvdc; September, D7V CORN— Quiet and easier No. 2, ETVic- No. 2 Yullow, 27%K2" : !ir i ; July, 27%© 27»!lc: Sej-iteniber, 2S;ic; May, ''2c. OATS— Slov/ and steady. June, July. 17->;c; Soptembor, 17 : HiT.fl7 T 4c. Sampluf easy. No. 3, . 1 7&#>lS'ic: JS'o ', White, 15?io; No. 2, 17v.;@!Sc: IN'o. 2 WLlte, 13 : ! MESS PORK-OfE.orlr.gs rather liberal rt;:d ()oma:id active. Prices Irrpg-ular. Quotations rangeG at $7 IPJiS.Ki for cash, ST.lo @7.20 for June; S7.15Jp7.30 £or July; $7.3C®7.45 lor September. LAUD— Demand mod«:-ato and ofterhig-g free. Prlcea setady. Quotations ranged at jM.iri5iH.20 for (;a«h, M 33<f(.-l.20 for June; $-U7V4 •1,20 for July; ;md $-1 30iff-l.-15 for September. BUTTISR — t'julet and fuoady, rather tame. Creameries, JCJJuVtc; r'airles. Pijil2c. LIVE POULTRY— Only moderate demand. 'Turkeys, G@Sc; Cliicyens, "Jf Sprint? Duckg. 130150 per pound; Geese, per dozen, 53.00@-1.00. WHISKY— Steady on the Uasls oi $1 22 tor higli wines. New York, June ]3. FLOUR— Sutc-and Western quiet, about steady; .unchanged. WHJ2AT— No. 2 Red opened weak and declined %@lij on weaker cables. loiver west, foreign selling and local reaching; rallying c; btenfiy; moderately active. July, i, 1 ! u-iajSlM^c; September, C3«?i:%c ; December, tf-I%®*iS'/Jn. CORN— No. i: dull, easier. luly, 34c; August, 3-tVic; September, 35c; No 2, 33^gi3.i%c, OATS-rNo. 2 quiet, steady July, ;2Vl; State 25@28c; Western. li^Jj^c. jLlvo Stoolf, Chicago, Juno 13. CATTL13—ilarket. steady," quotations mlnal. Fa.'r to host Bcev.?s, $3.3fi0 ; 4.40, 1 BtoeKerB arid foednrs, ja.SDpa.SlJ; mixod COWS nnd Bu'13, Jl.40(813.75; TCV.IS, }2.GO@3.75. HOGS—Market opened ^iteaJy, closed 5o ower. Light, ?3.10@S.45; ro;ich packingr, 2.8o@3.00; mixed nnd butchers', »3.00@3.37V4; ieavy packing and shipping 53.05SS.30t •37ic!)]i:ond, Tnd., June IS. — The rnid- Fiimmer rnoctlng- of the Indiana Horti- culttir.il society be^on here. Th.n prop - ;nniT!i: included lectures by Prof. Joseph Moore, of: Earlham colleg 1 ' 1 ; C. M. llobbs, of Bridgeport, president, of the society; tsham Sed^wiek, Richmond; Dr. Stanley Coullor, of rinxHie •university, Jlnfnyetl'C, and Trof. Amos \V, liuUor, J-lrookvilJe. A display of flowers and fruits is being in ails and premiums will be awarded. \Vnbush College Commencement. Cni.ivi-ortisviHe, Ind.. June 13. — The AVabash comiiH'iicciner.t season began .here wilh tin: declamation cont.est. of the ])ro].iara!ory departmont held at CenU'r church. There were llirec.con- festiiiils from the three classes, junior. middli'. and senior. The three first prizes, one from oach class, were awarded 1o the following 1 : Morton Mi)ford, Ci'awfordsville; Clyde 1). Loop, Mace; Looiiiirc 1 A. JCKsmnng-fr, Crawfordsville. _ % Society Women Arrested. | Jc-fCsrsonville. Ind., June 13. — A sen- j sr-atior. was caxiso.d here by the nrrest I of Miss Lena Fullenhouse, a belle in I society here, on the charge oC per' jury, preferred l).y Mrs. James Behind- ler. who claims that she falsely testified to the ajje of Bertha Schimller, who elo]jcd last weok and married Benjamin Freeman. Miss Ftillenhouse -,v;ts released on SfjUO bonds to answer in the hig-her court. Echo of tlic Rnllrond Si-pike. Hauimond, Ind.. JuneJS. — The great ralirond st.rike of IS!) 4 is again being brought vividly to mind here by a da rail go suit which ex-Secretary of Suite Charles F. Griffin has been employed to instit.iHc acra.irjst' the Louisville, Xew Albany it Chic.ifi-o Ka.ilw.iy company and the United States government by Charles A. I"ayunk, who claims false imprisonment. BajitlKts Klcct Offlecrii, La Porte, Ind., June 13.— The Baptist conference "which ha.? been in session this week /it Kbig-sbnry, has adjourned. M. J. Fleming-, of Hammond, was elected prerident of the Sunday School union and Rev. S. \V. Phclps, of Ham- Blond, president of the Young People's union. MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcGrcateit Perfection yet attained (n Boat Construction — Luxurious Equipment. Artistic Furnishing, Decoration and Ettlctcot Service, insuring the highest degree of COriFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS PLR WEEK BETWEEN Toledo, Detroit^Mackinac PETOSKEY, ''THE SOO," MARQUETTE, AND DUL.UTH. LOW RATES to Picturesque Mackinac and Return, including /leafs and Berths. From Cleveland, $18; (ram Toledo, $t£; from Detroit, $13-50. EVERY EVENING Between Dejroit end Cleveland Connecting .ti Cleveland willi Uariicst Trains for all poinis Enst, SouLh and Soutliwcst aud at Deiroit (or all points North and Northwest. Sunday Trips June, July, August and September On!;. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put*in*Bay & Toledo Scud for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, Q. ^. ».» DETROIT. MICH. W- Dsircir aQd CievelaQi! S(eani lav. Co. ONE-HALF SEE OF OOX POZZONF5 OMPLEXiON POWDER! s boon tho stmidnrC for forty ycnrs a , Is more popular to-J:i7 tban ever before. POZZOXl'S- I Is tbe Ideal complexion ponder—bonutlfylnpr.I rcfrcslilns, cleanly. haalUifu! and harmless. . I Ad«!lea;u, Invlylblo proKetlon to the tiux. ' WUhcvcrv boxol l'OZZ«\rs»mnc-^ 1 JtiliciMit .ScovUi'M GOLD PEFJ? " 1IO.V 1* tfivta tree of chnrjfp. 1 AT DRUOOrSTS AN-D FANCY STOKES. ' Tho Foo and .Slllury Lftw. Indinnapolis, Ind., June 13, — Tho appeal from Vanderburgh county iu the cnse iiirolviiig 1 tho constitutionality of the lee nr.ti salary law wa.s argued he- forefore the full bench of the supreme court. The case will bu decided dur- g the summer vocation. iMtc Cuniinlns-s ChtijfUt. Kokonio, Ind., June 13. — Lafe Cummings, the aJlcgcd iusurancc crook, whosn.wcdoutof: jail here, was captured nt Bellofontainc, 0., and returned here 'or trial. Cut His Throat. Huntingtcm, Ind., June ].".— William Ion-ell, 'an eld 'resident, committed suicide by. cutting his throat with r'i- Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of its do 5f you take one or uio L.'iKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, £n!!lngs between Chicago and Macklnac Islandfour times every week. Vhi-> new steel steamship "Manlton" Is a lo:a!iw palace. Travels 'tvlxl Chicago. ;;-.-nri«ioix, H»rbor Sprlnjs,. Petoskey, Island, etc. VPrlte for our readable reading matter, free, or -itsk _your nearest agents • Address Jos, BerolzhciuL G. P. A: LAKE MICH. AND LAKE ^ SCPKniOIt TRANS. CO. Rush<ndN.W<terSL, Cktuga '

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