The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1951 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1951
Page 6
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/ TA9K CK THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. K. W. RAINES, Publisher JTARRY A. HAINfiS, AsslsUnt Publisher A. A. PREDRICKSON, Editor FAKJ D. HUMAN. Advertising Manner (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sol« National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Wltmer Co., New Yorfc, Chicago, Detroit, AtUntR, Memphis, Entered us second class matter al Ihe pout. o//lce al Blylheville. Arkansas, under acl ol Congress, October 9, 1»17. Member ot The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES; By carrier in the city ni" fllyfherille or Any suburban town where carrier advice L& maintained, 25c, per H-eefc. By mall, within a radius ol .so miles, 15.00 j>cr .year, $250 lor six months. II 25 tor three months; by mall outside SO mile zone, »12..W per year payable. In advance. Meditations And without controversy jrrcat Is thr m.vslerj of rnrillneM: C,n4 wm manifest In Ihr ll«)i, Jnsi- Hrri In Ihr Spirit, .tern nf anjfols, prrarhrri unto Ihr Ontilr*, hcllrvrd nn In (he world, rrrfh'rrf «p Inln ulory.—1. Timothy 3:lfi. * * * All flows from lh« Doily, snr| all must be absorbed in Him again.—Zoroasaster. Barbs "How are you?" Is » greeting that li too often mistaken for a question that leads to it person (elllng all hi! troubles. * • « A jwllreman In * Michigan ttitn murrifd a KKletj- jfirl. We hope he knows ho* tn cook and keep hoiifi«. * * , * Just when ve eel rid of all the ho( air of nimmer time, cornea fall and election campaign speeches. * « • ' A man of M enrolled In fl wwlerr college. So Ihftl'g the grlj who wnn Ihe magazine scholar- rtirp? A wotn»n can keep her house alone, hul needs another woman lo help her keep « secret. 'Iran Problem' Now Is -To Keep Her on Our Side 'When tba Gomnninisls invaded South Korea in 1950, many pundits SBW the mov« us only the first of s series of limited actions against soft apot« in the free world. Some went .«« Ixr as lo SH.V Korea wm merely » diversion, that the real UOdl of the Kremlin was Yugoslavia, nr Iran, or Western Germany. It was agreed th« lens off RIIV of these won Id he tragic. Ther« wss x Jot of official worry over what we could do to prevent such grabs If they were trier!. But up to now the new Ihnislg have not been made. The Russians, lieyond doubt genuinely surprised at the stubborn world reaction to their Korean adventure, tread more cautiously (hereafter. Western statesmen congriiUilaled themselves that I heir firmness had paid off. Unfortunately, however, the currents at work in the world power struggle are tricky. They are tindependable. This spring an Iranian premier was assassinated and his country was plunged into s ferment of nationalistic fever. In a flash Britain's important oil interests there were raiipht up in controversy and the whole .Middle Kast was unsettled. No need to review Hie painful catalogue of events since Ihen. Today (lie British have yielded their lost foothold at Ahadan, the great nil refinery, and they are out. Western fortunes in Iran are at low ebb. Ami the Iranian economy, its oil revenues dried up. tol- lers on the lirink of disaster. If Russia had marched into Iran, we would have been inflamed. Dire warnings would have gniie out that wo tUre not let that country fall under Soviet control, Vei rigln now there is a very real danger that the Kremlin may gain that end without a Russian soldier stepping <>m<i Iranian soil. Ivan would prefer to remain within the Western orbit—on its own terms. Rut in desperation it is beginning to listen to Russian overtures. A Irade agreement currently is under discussion. Sometimes a wedge like that is all Moscow nrerfs— especially when its "friendly neighbor" is on tlie ropes. It may he a mistake for the West to assume that Russia ran do nothing about Iranian oil for lack of transport and sufficient technicians. Some analysts have suggested Moscow might be alitc to acquire an adequate tanker flo.ct to carry the fuel to its Black Sea ports. All in all, the outlook is black. At this stage, recriminations over past errors by Britain, the United States and others are senseless. Xor can (he I,'. S, sit back and enjoy Britain's ouster as » "w£)J-rfe«flrve<! knock." Our own fortune* ar« too closely bound up with Iran'* fulnr*. The requirement for thl» moment l> a solution which will keep Iran in lh« Western fold, keep its oil out of Russian hands, keep the iron grip of the Kremlin out of the, .Middle East, There isn't much time left to find that answer. J'remier Mossadegh, handcuffed Ijy his own fanatics, comes before, the United Nations soon to slate his case. If the makings of a settlement are not Ihen in sight, it may be too late. It may then be just as bad as if the Russians had marched. Don't Say Their Fighting Is 'Useless' The status of the Korean truce talks still lies shrouded in the fog of unknown Communist purpose. But there is nothing unclear about the bloody fight that has raged for weeks on the slopes of "Heartbreak Ridge," key hill in North Korea, There American and French soldiers are fighting and dying as they have done throughout this shambles of a war. G. I.'s are exhibiting the tenacity and the bard competence that stamps U. S. forces in Korea as the most professional army Uiig country ha? ever fielded. No one yet can foresee the final outcome. Rut this much is certain: While these men fight, holding (heir ground or inching forward, they deny to communism the longed-for fruits of aggression. l.rU it not. be said, then, that any conflict which does Ibis much is a completely useless war. Kather than "useless," the conduct of the Korean war should be viewed the logical culmination of a weak foreign policy weakly pursued. Kather than conclude that the fighting in Korea was lo no avail whatever, it might he more correct to give credit lo our armed forces for carrying on a task that has been thrust upon them KB a result of diplomatic blunders. The reasons behind the Korean fighting and the acts ot battle have less relationship in Ibis particular "war" than In most others this nation has waged, fly calling it ."useless," we can do nothing but add to (be feelings of frustration and wonderment already displayed by many men fighting in Korea. Jt would be better lo I'oncontrale on (he causes behind the fighting with an eye to keeping our future diplomacy and foreign relations on such a course as lo prevent any similar recurrences. Views of Others A Valid Protest Senator R/)hert s. Kerr <Di o[ Oklahoma can he applauded for his pi-or^M of ptann by tht Atomic Etiersv Commi«\nn to orwn a retill llqunr jlore In one cf thf huiWinn! »t lh« Ijos Alamos, N. M.. Atomic Enersy plant. H:s protwf, R|?O asserts thflt. .similar Atore.s art lo b« opened Rl Oak Ridge. Term. Tile AEG has a niln against drinking on ll\e Jnh. The contradiction in effecl. between IhU rule and l.he ABC offering « concession for tht pale of liquor nn its own premises \i apparent. Vet die AF.C would receive A percentage of th» pros* sales. Senator Kerr [iirther notes thai churches nnrt other worthy institutions have a hard time oh- lainlnE material for hmltimg purposes, while th« APC would use cntnT>l mnlrhrils in a new blillo- U1S [or the ftClhut; nf liquor. Some residents of 1/w Alamns and Oak RIOR« Ulrty arcue that intoxicants should he, no accpssiblp to them than In other town* of those staler, hut any inconvenience on rhi. 1 ; 5co:-e Is not an unreasonable anj'snct of government employment on specialised work. And Ihe senator's statement is well grounderi that the AEC cor any ether government asfncy> 'ha.< no business In the liquor hi^iness " —CHRISTIAN SCiBNCE MONITOR SO THEY SAY FRIDAY, OCTOBKH 12, 1D51 They Seem to Go Together MONEY Peter fdson'j Washington Column — Republican Leaders Don't Agree On Anything Except Mr, WASHINGTON v NKA' —The Washington meetinrz of Republican eaders from 21 eastern states was nosl, revealing, though not for the reasons. II was revealing Tor what it did not develop, rather than 'or what, it did. Nn new platform was unveiled. No now party line was put forward which would tirand Old Party a victory in 1362. N'eHher w a s any > n e eandiclatf* in jarticular plus:- jpri a* "the man a - hn" could lead Republican lorres to the White House. I'etM- Kilson On only one-, subject d Id the Republican spokesmen seem agreed. This wai> that (he Truman administration was terrible and should that we have tost five rnti.^pcufivp elections. We had better pause and reflect on why and how this happen rd. Pa My "Ts Divided" "Our party IF divided, it l.s uplii In iwv> j)ist as much as the Democratic party Is split in two ond no n mount of cheering Js going to change this fact. "In my humble opinion, the Republican Party has Ian the last three elections because Jt has .shied Fuvny from the main Issues and refused to face them, on account of cleavage in our own ranks. ''The Republican Party will never wi n an elor r i nn n nd may bfloome nothing more than a useless appendix to the body politic if it does not take a strong stand on the important issues facing this nation and (he world-" Something like this niizbt be expected from snrne Democratic critic of the Republican Party. B\it to thrown out of office. But this ! have it come direct from R Repub- Iden Is no longer news, coming frnmjlican member of Consress. repre- thi> pariimlar source. j son (ing n particular bine-stocking Otherwise, speakers at the public 1 district in the east, it wa.s a shnck- of the meeting skirtrd all I around (he principal issues without 1 If this menace had any effect on cmnmp to ?rips with them, her listeners in the closed meetin?.- ' e Washington conference, it reflected in the later public At the dinner meeting. Lpvereit SaltonstaJl of iseft.'; and Senator Everett. New York's Con gross woman Kath-jof the Washington conference, it St. George put her finder on j this point In her luncheon talk 1 to the ,100 national committepnien ; Senator and olh^r partj' leaders in Washington: "Of course It, Is very pleasant to meet, old friends, to IndulRE Jn plenty ot back-slapping ami lo tell each oUirr that nil is ri?h( \vilh the world and the, party and that wr are on the road lo victory. "Well," she continued, "This audience is adult and the fact.s are M. Dlrksen of Illinois, chairman of the Republican Senatorial Cam- jjaiRn Commit I eo lor 1952. seemed to emphasi/e the split (hat Mrs. Rt, Genres hud mentioned earleir. In what were perhaps the topic pentenrps of This talk, Senator Saltonstall declared; "We've cot to fort-et ^fand- Truman pat altitudes that sometime* marked us in earlier days . . . ,1 believe that in the Republican Pariy we have had too many executives and not enough of those hard workers who ring doorbells, set mud on their shoes, make friends anrt win once over tightly- A. A. Frcdrkkson There are times when I think man U entirely too willing to take a dilemma by the Horns or pick up a down-flung gauntlet or others* call a challo,, CT r- S bluff. Ri((ri t now, mere man is fixing lo slap a chip off the shm.Wer of Dame Nature, and he bids'fair to get himself clobbered for his temerity. Not satisfied «ilh his rockets and mm Is still tinkerinc wiiv, «.»v« IA "" TJ rL e n" S !,"';f ". d ,!." lrtc . d ? lis ?. lles contro1 the »'"ath« g h SS ° Off and on now for the past few years, sclemlsts and many of the merely curious have been toylnsj "•' lh a sort of meteorological arti- and radar and television and pilot- less aircraft and the halved atom Sunday School Lesson ' By WILLIAM E. GlljKOV. D. D. A pll7-7.hnp and embarrassing in- ndont. in Ihn Bible is- (be slnry ot Abraham's lapse from truthfumcss in representing hi.s wife, Sarah, to be his sister, when they were confronted with danger in Egypt (Genesis 12:10-201. The incident Is with everything else thai, is recorded of Abraham, a record remarkable in every way, lhat one can only rrsard it as the sort of lapse that does sometimes occur in the lives of with ficial Insemination. By a process of crossing cloud with chemical thev hope to sire rain of a tailor-made sort. Personally, I cannot hf>lp but feel there is something sneaky about all this despite all the water shortages that have been listed as prime reasons for trying to milk immature rain clouds, r was nercr one to stand in the path of science but I am not convinced thnt man has earned Hi variance! hlms «" whatever status Is rer ( i;irerl to permit him tn deprive nallire. of one nf her lasl unmanhandled prerogatives. , Already the rain-njaking business has transcended the meteorological men whose xeneral character ai)dj and metaphysical, and has bcrnme action are nn a high plane.. enmeshed In a brooriinc sulk betwixt II seems strange tn think of a man of [aith and courage, a peaceful and magnanimous preventer of strife between his herdsmen and Ijoi/s, and the uttercr of a high and beautiful prayer, resorting to a two political bodies. And when this happens, even Mama Nature had better hitch up he* girdle .and reach lor the squirrel jmn 'cause them revenoors are Just over the ridge. According to Associated Press in- cheap lie. He lied out of fear [or I ''"Wee from Washington, the De- his own life and gave no thought to! P ar '™«"' of Interior and the De- patrment of Agriculture are a-feud- in' over which Is to be officially pegged as the government's rainmaking agency. The Department ol Commerce, which runs the U.S. Weather Bureau, hasn't been In- vlied to the fracas, however. The, weathermen are happy about this, however, as they lake a dim view oi the rain-making hu.sine.^. The Ai?rl Department apparently confidence of everyday people, our job to convince the voters the It, that (he GOP of the J920's is dead and buried deep— that a revitalized Republican Party understands their problem. 1 ! ..." Senator Dirksen almost completely disregarded a prepared text lor the fat-e of Sarah. It was a lapse in Ihe life ot a goort man, not at all indicative of the high character in which everywhere else Abraham appears. The of Jacob. Abraham's grandson, is very different. Jacob, in his early life, at least, doe-s not appear as a good man. lapsinc into a temporary ac.t, or character, of weakness or evil. In contrast there Is in him something fundamentally had. He i-s a schemer and trickster, mean and selfish. A slimmcrinp of something better appears in his romantic love for Rachel, and he doe.s ultimately give every indication of having become a better man. i But no glossing over of the evil in the early life of Jacob can make! want.s rain-making In province In order lo control drouths, as how they control everything else about farming these days. Including the price a farmer gets for the cropi he is told lo raise. Apparently the Department of Tn- lerior views rain as a natural resource that, either needs conserving or a depletion allowance. It I* , , , .conceivable that Interior has dis- h,m netter than he was. The evil | covered a way ol thus appending . n his was deep, underlying his severance tax to the operations of trickery and vicious scheming. Yet thn?. early evil rciakV.s (he trarisfor- his talk atid mation in hi.s character all the more significant. Two thinR.s, I think, stand out Ixildly a.s we. consider Abraham and Jacob. One. a.s we think of Abra- extemporlzeri a.s only j hnm. is thai no njan should be any private rain-makers. It could be. however, thai Inferior's Bureau of Indian Affairs 15 caught up In a problem nf restless reservation residents who are jealous of any potential Inroads on their ceremonial rain-prnyer dances. What with all the other sources he can do. AS an old-fashioned I Judged by any one Incident, or of global friction, this is no time Founh of July oral-or, there's no- j phase, of his life. Kven good men' for an Indian uprising and T am body in Washington who can boat may lapse and fail at times, and i perfectly content, to give this raln- him. He gave the Democrats the j should be Judged only by their I making business back to the In- whole record ol character, purpose dians. And if a few human sacrifices will appease them. I have a stand- dickens for every sin from to date, and the well-dressed crowd of a thousand loved it and lapped it up with a loud and long applause. As for a constructive platform, however, the best that Senator Dlrksen had to offer wa,s to hate the Democrats. But later Senator Dirksen declared. "1 want no platlorm that has the enne'rvating weakness of Me- Too-ism." And thereby he revealed again the split In the party which Mrs. St. George-mentioned. Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio . and ex-Gov. Harold E. Stassen of I Minnesota were present. They were introduced hy National Chairman 1 Guy George Gabrielson. but not allowed to speak. Taft got. the greater ocntion. Nobody mentioned, formerly, the name of General Eisenhower, in any speech. But. there was plenty of gossip about, him. informally. Thrre win be another regional GOP meeting in Spastic. Oct. 15-lfi. achievement. And th pother. a.s we think of Jacob, is that no man's character, however evil, is necessarily fixed. Even a bad man may become a good man. The experience ol passing from budness to goodness, from death unto life, as the Apostle John cie- finp.s it. we commonly associate with the saving power of the Cos- He spoke Ing list of nominees they may borrow. The entire field of rain-making and allied forms of weather control is lousy with ramifications, fraught with Implications and rife, with frustrations, on which I shall dwell further tnr^orrow. Meanwhile, the bouv it. the more I more I ihtnk think we should anything worse than scalp IN HOLLYWOOD RT F.RSKINE JOHNSON SEA Staff Correspnnrirnk Tim is nnr nf I how (nines ynn eel invoivrd in In fin r \ou kno^- alia! is linpperiinc.—John Rcinman. of Milwaukr?. upon being dL-rovercd as ThF rnr-i.- tiattlr of thr next l-.vo to five years l hr foiicht in rhf ;u^ ^f riir Philippines, Indo- ma flnrf Inrtonr,=i-i— Onv. Thomas E Dcn-cy, of - York. A!i dpi\ i mie a man rnnipr-irs When hr mnirs \"^\\\f -TT npht hr \\ani5 ^ Mnpin K irl who'll krrp h^r mi'Mh shut anrt IP' h» n loos at television. -~C'« Howard, radio wn'rr * • # 'P-'-rr is no clnnr-r >hai \\t • Truman i ^ill 'loi run ...Hr hit iiu 1 middlr nf the rinp ivvith iv.x har— m San Kranri.vo speech).—Dan Kim- b-»ll. ?rrretary of the Navy. * « * Equity eannnt be rievrloped hy thrvp who (»rp >'ib;prt to alien coning. . . . sr>]f resppcl is nol r«lt bv thn5p who ha\r no nshis \r> their own. —John poster Diillf-s U. S. anibas^ador. HOLLYWOOD f NBA >—Guys and Dolls: Star trademarks, already '• pretty much passe, look another K, O. the other day when a sMrrim . barber shaved off Adolphe Menjnu's | famed mmlachp for a movie role. Only Jimmy Durnnfe's nose, fiary Cooper's "Yrp" and Ann llard- InjC's chignon arc still Ruing strolls. But (here will lie no M-i.^onne : of the Kurdine long tresses nn matter how many people wail lh:H she might look more fn.'hionablo in a close-cropped hairdo, i knnw how- I'd look." Ann .says, "and I'm not cutting my hnir for anyone Resides, it's so siiiiple' I just wa.<h 11 and put it, up." The length of the Harding tre.v.- So and in the providence of God. may be thought of as similarly anticipating the day of the Gospel. His wrestling with the divine messenger 'Genesis 32:24-30i is the widely accepted symbol of man seeking Gnd's blessing and a better way. But the evidence in the transformation of Jacob I find in the incident of his returning, wealthy and prosperous, to face the possible, and he had tried one round of j J" s '- vengeance ot Esau, whom he trumps with dummy's ace of hearts, j had wronged. F.^au appears nobly in incident. But Jacob, by think- ety, and redeems -"td „£ Abraham a s ,eein ? „, ! ~ co"n^to. 1 ^n^ , S, rtnd '.,ar ,* the e Ze t r.™c I , ng ct 8 Ir, d e: V ™ ^^ '" ^ """'"« "^ nf diamonds and looked Wtth a normal trump break, South, -•••• ».**.„*,, v ? llul lo.*e only one rhib. Now his : J nir only of others and Their safi prospects linked ratlier bleak. j sheds his \ movie basrri on ihe lite of Undiscouraecn. neclarpr took Ihe I hi - =; (Hare Rrrd now 'hat Hoiiywood j fop spades, riisrardinc a low rlnb. nn a film star ninpraphy hinge? jand rut fed a spadfi with the six of Reid, the widow of the hearts. He rontimird by takin? the past. ran sit on "em." stir- Still coiuroijs Ann " and ilir fn- miliar bun at Tne back of hr: nfrk -A :31 <.oon be nn TV in .1 filmed srrl.Tl, "Wsshin?ton Larty." in whirti the famoil!: of surh pi r - w a r 11 Inv« fl s "Holiday" a no 'The Animal Khiffdoin." plavs THK capital hrv^tr.^e, Ol\=erveri Ann: "T cuc>s I'm supiiosort lo be R\Flyn Walsh Madran." Strvrns Wows 'Fni Move 01 rr Tony Martin. <"nri Bris=on and .lor K. Lnw' 1 :. Now it's Mark Strvrna- \vivi 1 ha \vkinc runr,--. prr.-nri^lffy nni; jol:r<; about FJIVP Frncr.'on' on 'h-- nicht rhili circuit m an act i h 11 ros!. h;ni $25.000 for ^prn.-t! trm- torial. -M.irk ,T« 3 rrliiinx. inilrl-niaiinprnJ film slAr did * drniWf-t.ikr- \(hrn be hnnnrpil nut on the sla«r, ra'- tlrri off £.»?s in thp manner of Holt j Kope. lAlkeil the Ivrtrs lo six stincv .ind trle«t a (lanrf slrp or IMO, But, they pounded their m::i • ax franlic.illy as the tf^t of the audience and aaieeri that H'iK\ - Dnroih ^fa.'-hmx U'alJy, doesn't think mnv- in- makers, should look backwards into Hollywood's hisloiy. "\\ r Jiy rlo \VaJly".^ ftory or any other star's story nf his rra? There's no puV)h<- for K." a film writer, lurnine nut wreen- plfiVP for 'Rhubarb" and FTf\nci->, the talking unite. \\ritr rin»n the name* ">[ K1p;«- i nor F.irkrr, Hr»y Htitton anel l,*iu j nur (jurcn lilies in thf j (r.uhtinu^ nf Marlrnr Diclrich. \ tHori.i Su:«n«i»n and Pnl.i Xreri. j Tarn a notp th^' fashion j dr^iener iVin 1 nper slipprn IT; the | Src Iini.l.VWOOl) on Tagr 12 JACOBY ON BRIDGE NORTII (D) * A K 8 4 V AQ43 « 54 + AK7 EAST 4J10D5J It *QJ 10 SOUTH VK 10762 * AK 7 49843 Neither side \-\jl, North E W I SotHh u'csl 1 * Pass 2 y p ass ^ * Pass 3 N.T Pass * V Pass .S V Pass 6 V Pass Pass Pas* Opening lead— • Q n\ OSWALD Nrillrn for NK.A -Srrvir« Right Discard Way Is n Vafuabf Trick The Mid-Si- nf f tie nwi nmt* of ihf ::n? in Nrw inilT>rt^n( fonrnn- \e,ir, so \\hcn it be- jnre o[ diamonds anri ruffed a lr»\v {diamond wiih dummy's three nf heart.'! Then he Irrf ilummy's last =pade and nilfi-d lu his hand will. | the kinc of heart.* | At Ihis point Mrs Trrry had [three trumps and a wnrihless rV.ih. Which eard shnnld she discard on declarer's hich rufl? " f rs. Terry came up \>ith the richt- answer hy disravrtint: th<Orleans in a couple eicht of hnart.s, NO> shr .=.till h^ri of ',*reks K'.S fl cinch Chaf .\rr,= . \V. a mmip trick, and her partner still L Trr:\ -.vill travel rio^vn from had R rhfo tuck hrr MLI'U e Memphis to defend the If W?M rii5rnrri.- the ^orthlP5^ pur fh.TinpL'iti-^h^i she wonlrlub. (icc]Atcr makes his i^lam con- 75 Years Ago In Blytheville — Mr.*. W. A. Wetdemeyer. of LttUe Rock, arrived yesterday to spend several weeks a,* cue.=;t of her daij- phtrr. Mrt5. N'eiJl Reed, and'family. Mr. nnd Mrs. Darwin Hyde, "of Detroit, were guests of Mr- Hydp'3 cousins, Theodore Ix>gati and' Mrs. Logan last week. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Ellis spent the weekend at Guifport. MiPo.. where their son. J- C. E\hx, iJr.. attends Gulf port Military Academy. Small Antelope Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 4 East Indict I Depicted Small fab -> arilelope 5 M ^splac* 6 It is a kind of 6 Equipment 7 Among 13 Proportion 8 Belt 14 Feeling 8 Diminutive 15 Exist suffix 16 Color 10 Tell a 18 French coin falsehood 19 Live 11 Place 20 Bewhiskered 12 Accustomed 22 Measure of 17 Tantalum area (symbol) 23 Austrian river 20 Setae 25 Poker stak^ 21 Taro plants 27 King of the 24 Visigoth king l;v-.r year The h^nri shown today =• nnr nf thn^r 1hr\t enabled her o '.»')n f Jtr t OK MI,mien 1 ir» l.^.iO. Mi>. Trrry, holriins the W e 51 opened ihe queen of dia- . wood hadn't even scrMchfd tht l n iond.<. DMlarer ««n ivllh the king tract. Whon hi- trim Ir.ids a rl\ib. Wcst has notlnne Inil (rumps anri is Ihcrrttirr ohliccfl to ruff, .".w must then Irad a\vav from hr-r jack-nine o( irumps,' thus losmc her trump triclt, \ Huns 28 Sow 29 While 30 Pronoun 31 Right (ab,) " 32 Diminutive of, Edward 33 Earth 35 Otherwise 38 Formerly 39 Close 40 Note of scale 41 Barns 47 College degree (ab.) 48 Past 50 Pungent 51 Belongs lo him 52 Blame 54 Solitary 56 Built 57 Sulks VERTICAL III is naltve to 2 Most unusual S follower 33 Comfort 34 Wild ass 36Texas river 37 Expunges 42 Tense WPalcstint seaport 26 Sewing tool 44 Reared 45 Chin es!. measure 46 Kind of cheest « Unit 51 Jump 53 "Palmetto Slate" (ab.) 55 Behold!

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