The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 9, 1947
Page 2
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Emily Wixson, Society Edilor 9 Phone '101 To Spe •^ - ' • t I An frft«mowif pa-ty «t Uiwnom* of Mrs. James EUUrule:' in Driver aturday complimented Miss Bilh« jean Abbott of nlytlicvillof .bride- clict of Utho Barnes. VHosusses v}cr> Miss Hope Wh VrOfJ.1i i tlstcr of Mrs El ln;idt;l, fid jlfi.'i Kalh i rtn UevcHi, 1-bosh or-jjlyllicvtlle 1 'Thf; f5 giSetts v #eie ElylheMllet Bcall was fflem^of tht iu*4 Of fiorof met HcmUroc Bride Is Complimented At A. G. Bricksy Home OSCEOLA. June 9. — The home of Mrs. A. a. Urickcy on 910 West Semmes was the setting Saturday afternoon for n kitchen find linen shower honoring Mrs. Wllllnm E. IJeall. Entertaining wilh Mrs. Brick- L> was Mrs. K S. I'errln. Before her recent marriage, Mrs. 'as Miss Doris KalhK-en of Atlanta, Ga, Thii'ty Bits of News Patdotic.1 > UKi« f Haul) 'on of ArKei MUs Jeah fcU Jtoi<l tyibo \ "Riii HoiiM Ofi-tj, of Hinevlllc olilo.^-J.-, sfv, o( Miss Abbptt and Mre-. Wtauun J Rlsney Mrs. II. K. iMl Clark, of (lain-.!): are guests of hor W. Sinlth, at of near members, or the young group were i N of guests, with one out-ot-Uwn guest, Sired. Thr-y plan IIDIII- '.() I Palest pmk^roses were- tiiVanged 1$ \a'es Cj^cirry^ out A pink color r (hcmr tls&'uid » o 'icr dccoiti tlcns And ~-ivt.-,re-re's')mcbts. Refreshments of cam'] ojthei pnitj tooil fiom sll\ei tn/i lAent table was ^ci'iilertd.: wilh rhnnilurp figruies f •" briae ind IVidegioom arranr,<.) w"'i. cuidles burning In silver holier, J The 1 bride-elect was prc^riiled a oorsage of pink gardenias a*nd a 0*111 by her hostesses. Mrs. Ed Hicks of Memphis. I The dining, table was centered with a large haml-palnlcul bowl I filled wilh larkspur In mixed color:;. ' Arrangements of. mixed Summer flowers were predominating In cn- I tcrtalnlng rooms. | A dessert course of tec cream " cookie- VnV to|lp(1<1 wltil • r '™« l| > crrlc s and angel w-°esei'vcd (cod cake was served. • The B ily irthday Party Given for Betty Joyce Pierce ' Betty ,jbycc-. Plprce ..wafe compli- jfienled ^riday wilh «• paity \vlien rjie observed ht-r llth birthday. Jyfiss Virginia Pierce was hostess, v :fssisted by Mr. . -nnd Mrs. ,J. D. fierce'.'" '. I Guests were 13 ol Tiolty Joyce's young friends. , :itiri Mr.i. Jim 'tcmiiklns ; oX . Biss'AiUc and Mrs. ftilliar. Frank ot Ulyti-.eMlle. t The home \\ai tleoovateil Mrs. Bugg is Delegate At Hational Convention Mrs. TJ. A. mire is the delegate from Clnckasawba diopter of the 'American Re<| Cross at the Nsi- tionnl Red Cross Convention whi«h aliened today in Cleveland, Ohio. The ronveiuion will be conchuleil .lime 12- Mrs. UiiKt; and her .sisto 1 '. Mrs. Leda Admire of Memphis, accompanied her. will visil relatives Michigan before reluming. Meetings Arc Postponed riink roses £ri-shmc?nts s for of whit; wilh e occasion. Rc- birl lulay cake, wilii pink ean- ril* 1 *, and cold drihks \veic , se*vcd. ' ''"'.' ''.'".''' fearl Lovela9c Bride Of Roselanci Resident 1 Mj '.and Mrs. Arch'.o Lovclucp .gi.nauncb the 'niarrUiRfl of thcli K:n^ht5r, TSIiss l\; ! iL'l Lovelace. I V/r.ine . Lewis. -,an , of Mr. am Jlri£ r yl'"O. 1 i^wis, 'ff Ros'!!ar,d. 1 The -wedding was ' solemnize* ^unc 3 by the R.^v. Mr. Rushin] 6! I-Ianlln. ' f Mrs. Lewis was pradtiatfr:! fron Ki;.lheville High fich •!' in 1EI4 rtml has been einpioyrd at Wo ^fin-Tenant , L^bdr ittiry. I r Hr. Lciv 1 !.^ is oricai'cd ''in "'f.n in Mig at Roseland. They will ni-ik tl'i'ii- home at 1407 Ash St. r. „ '•.. Club Is Entertained Mrs. Q. D f Eaton TcmiJle Israel moellnjss lo pen licjUl Hits week, llio iH'iiui Vrilh lutTllin! f»l llw iiomc ot Louis Apf.lclmim and Uic Temple Sistcrluxnl meeting at, Hie homo nl' Mrs Wullor Rosrnthnl, have I>«M tponptl. 1L WHS announced today. At The Hospitals weeks. The OibUV f: moved to Cainsbu 1 *'! ciniiKy :i|'.i-nt. Boh Ijinea-ihlri! is ; WcslinlnsliT t;:illiv.;i'. to In; with his Mrs. R H. l,ani..J.i!iirc.. Miss Mary (IrfiV, ..l-uwntc! 1 r.f Mr. and Mis. Ira Ci::iy, i:: ar. l-umc 1 for the fjiinllii'r fr:.!ii Alempiii'i State. College. Mr. niul MI-.I. Cllai: 1 .Mill-T and two children hav • i;n: : ^ t<i not .Springs. Mr. MiHi-r. will ii'timi here wilhin a lev; .lay:! but, Mrs. | Mllli'i 1 will rcmaiii lor two ..s'lcks 1 ' vncalion. Condition of Mrs F; 1 .':! H. (Hiild. nndeiis'jim; Irratinr-m nl 1:10 iirip- llst llos|jital In Mi-njilM.:, win; somewhat iinimivc.l iorl:...v. Russell i'hilllps has bren in IX-.l!ns. Texas, on blisiiH'. w s. Kill Stovitll arrived honu- Halur- day nll'IH from uirivrr..iiy ol Arkansas, '•'ayi'ttevillr, to sjicnd a lew days with his pan nts. Mr. ami Mrs W. II. Klovii'll. Hi 1 will allcnd th>' Unlversily durliii; tlic .Summer term. Miss I'i.'tly Hl:ick. Klnilenl at Ran- dolpli-Miitrun, LyiU'libni'!!, Va . K nl home lo spend Ihe Kuinim-r \':ii i a- llon with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I 1 '. E. lilack. i Mr. and Mrs. Carl M irshall nn'l fumlly had a s llu'li 1 quests :l I'rw! lays Mrs. Marshall's jiarenl.s. M 1 . 1 .1 .-.nil Mrs. 1'Yiink Cica:,!-;, 1 , and hi'i'| Inolher. it. II. Gri'iiM-v und Mi:-1 R'ick 1 . Tin (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JUNK 9, 1947 Ur. W. VI 'I'iilv.'ell, instill 1 of ilv l'ii':,l Chinch uf Ih? Nazarone r; ['!j:itl;iiHMii;a. Tenn., ' Is 'gne. 1 : ^pvu^'-r ut the three-flay Holhiet. the Mf c iu-re. Osceo/a News spent last week in St. Louis ith Uielr parents, Mr. und Mrs. , N. Smith. I Mrs. Maggie Alfonso has returned ; her home in Tampi, Fla., alter unding several days with her u-llicr, Mrs. Ida Daugherly. Miss Kletla Hutton has rclurnod :j yorktowp. Va., after a two wee* Isll with her parents, Mr. ar.<l irs. Arnold Million. Charley Jackson of Chicago, 111., ..rrived lasl Tuesday for a few lays visit with Mr. and Mrs. Bert tsmiiiramer. Mrs. Belle Nash of Dallas, Tex. s visiting Mrs. Allic B. Jones. MIK. Orin Green atlcndcd the vedding of Miss Honnie Greer anc Jonwuy Yales at the Highlant leishls Muthodisl Church in Mem;his Sunday. MisM Alta Oay West and Miss t.-oriua Lee Poc aro visittlig Miss West's falher, Mr. Alton West, h Hot Springs. K Woman's .Place j-. Marriage Licenses Marriage licenses Issued dnrin tli» past week through Ihe loe;i dllke "f the county court clev were lo the following: Wayne Lewis Ro.sel'ir.d and Mis Chureir o .1'narl Lovelace. Ulythcvillc; Dani. Orc'n Hundley and Miss Wand HeJlc Austin, Creal Springs, lll.j llordcn Cleo Crow and Mls s Tnlal Mae Clulleghy, both of Manili; Mr. and Mr::. R. R. .Iftt and small James Arthur Humes and Mrs. .laiiiihti.T ol Maryvllle, Tenn., wereliuby Estolle Humes, both of East ucM'; or Mr. and Mrs. W. <;."Mason Et. Louis, Mo.; A. R. Staibuek and nd lamlly last week. , | Mrs. Ruby Driver, both of Soir.h Ai-nvini; Friday for n month's] Bend, Ind. John Calvin Hill and Miss """- For Your Children's Summer SunsuSts Visit The TOT SHOP Sliizne Yumoguchl, v/oman member of the new Japanese Diet, finds a lilllc domestic know-how comes in handy. Here she takes lime out from legislative work in Ihe Diet chamber to sew on a Lull"" for a follow member. Ctiozauiira Mi?.utani, who seems move inlcnl on waving photographers away. HLYTHI'.VIM.n lilOSl'lTAI, Adinitled: J. E. Claim, city. Ira Gaines, city. David Cialnes. eily. Anios Johnson, 'eliyi Lorraine Curler, city. Kildlc Payne, Calron, Mo. •J. W. L'.iey. Cooter, Mo. Mrs. Robert. Morgt.i, Manila. Mrs. W. A. Ward, ci'.y. . : Dorothy Ami Liiwrentv, Manila Ark. Mrs. Chester Galliin^ Pleele, Mo. .lay with Dr. and Mre. C. M. H.i' 1 - uell Lind family woro their dangli- )er, Mr.s. I'hil Hurk.s, ^rul small, sons,- I'hll iiiul John nl ncdlnrd, Va. /Mr. liurk.i will jiiln Ihuin her:! Inter. Mr. and Mis. lli.-n I- 1 . iluULr si 1 ., n tiitiifd f-;unday frum l-'ayt'vlcviiie. wht'L'i: thoy alli-mlcd l;y.i \vcdding cit Mr-;. I'.utliT'.s net>heiv, Tl-.l\vell Mr. ami Mm. llruee Ivy have as Ihi-ir visitors for Ihi! weekend tneir v»n 'Hi IHT Jr., ami \-J.r. riii'.l Mrr,. (J. R. Handy ol Mi'mphis. Mr, Ivy and Mi. .Mandy an- .stud':.\'.s of State Teachers Collide. Th';y will return lo tlii'ir luiiue Munduv. Mm. Kd Hicks of Memphis is vis- Uni'; IHT imrenls. Mr. aii'.l Mrs. G. U. Hi ickcy, ruining esneLlally to at- Creasey, all of liiltlc ll-iclf. 'I'm 1 U'nd I'm' sueiul even's honoring a r,roii]i vlsllrd I hi- cliler Mr. tJini.-i- ri-ci nl laiile. Mrs. William E. Tlcnll. R10II) cy's Inolher. J. W. IUilledv;i lerday hi Memphis. Mr. ' and Mrs. !Vv,"l T'I.I Illltl (lalinhlers, Vic-' I,' Me! Edtth Permenti'r, •. allve.s in Detroit Canada. •Hi'i-liirt Millei- phis, .'was the v.v Mr. and Mrs. T. I lalili'.y. Ifc a'.(,o".'p a visit to NorTort; jjriKo- iu .aven.lng yamis, -hiuh tb Mrs. Noryille Humphrey Members of the GNB Club wcr ntertaincd with ;'. bunyti party Inirsday JSijjjil: iiy.'i'iUs'. C. D. iUpn, "when her dau^htur, Tvliss Tnry Jo Eaton, vr.*s also a euest. Fhl'/.'.tn* Avon bnnro wcnU :.iul J«r£..-!j6uls. Zellor. t'Trje.;.Jwstj!ss , si'iyed ' \;K n'la rnode' with "coffee, t .'...;. Alleys Parents of Son f Mi. and Sirs.; Hov'eil .^AJlcy arc parents of *-a son . b:>rn yesterday fifternoon at B!vi.hev!l!e Hospital. !l'hei; first clrlt?, hi; • has bc'ju i jtincd - .Hamblen Ale.xrr.dra. i Mrs^ Alley is the former Mi*,s J r :hnces Newman, daughter of hirs l-'anni Newn-a.n.', , •"' > / .' • jMrs. Ward Entertains pridge Ctub, Guests I 'OECECLA, June 9. — Mrs. J. L. ^YaW Va's hostess:'to a four-table phiij.'and four guests. Mrs. Spen- bcr Driver. Mrs. Joe Cromer, Miss Virgjma Florida, and Mrs. W. W Prea'IU,i when . she eittcrtaincd at tier home on Hale Avenue Thurs- bay?'-' ' Mrs. W. C. Mason won high club prize, and Mrs. J. H. Lovewell witl feecond and Mrs. Joe Cromer hiijl tuest. \ f , : ' i A dessert. co,uvse was served fol towing the game's Dismissed: . [while here. Mr. nnd \:rs. :; Mrs. E. L. Holder. Curiuhcrsvllle,' dauglilci 1 . Ann, ri'-n •.i:ic.-l Mo. -lake loi a few dav ; . Mrs. Charles llales, Sti-eli-, Mo. I Miss Palrlciit Uirni'l!i.\vr.:- Mrs. Jinimle Deal anil baby, clly. ceolu spirit UK- \vefl:on . Mrs. Owen Hscves nml baby. eity. UK gnrst of M'.i'.'iv.'ii r -c! > Otto GaiiiL's. Oseeola/ i her, puient::., ?.lr. ruut Mi Klizilu'th VVurdlaw. city. ;nel -I- 1 ,N';.vrit. Birthsr '-•••, | - g(,|V. n | S w |, 0 ],...,.,, H\)rn tu Mr, and Mr;. Clarence burnt: inr llu 1 :i-,in»,)i-r M.vrick, city, a son y-?slmlav. from LUiiverslV, i.[ - .' IWrii to Mr. and Mrs. How.'ll l.'ayelleville. " in'-iu-:li; Mi- .iliHU'iil.s aii'iving lull: 1 .'. 1 Saturday ln>m University ol' ArlMiisa.;, Fay- 1 iison i-iirvilli'. Id iipi-wl Summer vncation nnd «eri. Miss Hcmmis, Miss lifl- 1:V Mrs.lty .U-:in CoU'llian .111(1 W. F. IIoll- :|! M I; 1 fl- ' Lu'ld. lour Mrs. (ilitdys Ilurv left last week lo juin ln-r husliaiul >n (ndlanapoii?, I ml.. Inr Ihe suinnvr. Wliilo thert- Kill' will altund Hutl;r University, nnd ' She is a mi'inber of the Osccola on i tUadi' .sdmul faculty, r'jliirnintf here kiln I in Hfittunb;:!- lo a^ her tluties ' as h-.iclK-r. | l!e<:ky Qui.nn. small dall(;hl:;:- ot Mi, nnd Mrs. Wnrtr Qui:nl. who lias been (mile ill at her homo here, is; mui 1 !) Improved. j nic Lynn Ball, both of Blylheville: Hotierl. Howard of Newport an.l Miss Margaret Maybell Burris ol Blyihevillc; 1). W. Judkins of Winner, Okla.. nnd Mrs. Uelie Privetl f Hlvtheville; Henry Dodd and Miss Mary Louise Reeves, both of eville: Erwin Turner and Miss I. both of Blythevillo; Gaine.s and Miss I.ettic Bunch, bulb of Blylhvillc. J. C. Scrivner und Miss Rubye Rodgcrs. butli of Ulythevillc; L'oyd Wucd of Tomato and Miss Mary Luuise Miller of Blylheville: 'Bill C'urf.vriiihl and Mrs. Ellen Dickso'.i, both of Manila: Kicosml Tsucs Swain and Miss Betty Jane Perkins. of Blvtheville; J. H. Umihanan on<l Mis s Edith Vaden, Uolh of Blythevillc illeibcrt. I,. Huss and Miss l.uella Morris, both of MaUoon; Albert Thompson and Miss Virginia House, both of Hornersville Mo.; Samuel Smith and Miss Loin Irene Kwing. both of Manila; S. J. Dun- ilioiiso and Miss Lillian Weir, boih of Sparta, 111.. II. M. Garrison nnd Mis. Prances Jones, both of (Blythe- 'vilie; A. A. Wood and Mrs. Lillic Ww.d. l:oih of lilylheville. Hiuloli-.h F. Dietrich of O.ijie Oir- aiile:ui and ,Mrs. M-,irf;ar,)l Rather of Kt. Lulls; Jolin li. Reese and Mis-; VU'/.i-Ua May 1!( nson, both of Hillfman. Coming Events a ill TUESDAY Charlevoix Cliapter a! naughlcrs the .American Revolution meeting at Hotel Muble. I o'clock, wl'-n hostesses Mrs. R. C. Rose. Mrs. V/. T. Ojcrsl and Mrs. -S. P. Martin. THURSDAY Klliott Pletcht'i of united Daughter* ol Ihe Confedcraey meeting with Mrs. Marcus Evrard. wl'.h Mrs. W. M. MeKcnzic as assistant hostess. Mis. Grover Wren will entertain Jolly EiRlit Club. Car Skids, Overturns Jesse L.ucy rcccivetl a !e[? lac-era- lion and he and his comimnun Max Koonee, suffered minor bruises Saturday night when Mi Koonee lost control of the ear he w;vi ri-.iv- Ini; and it overturneil near Manila. They, were en route lo B'.yUicville. Good Used Furniture Is Found at JI MM IE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 113 F. Main i'hune 2-181 War II Hie f«cr- 143 factories un- Uiiriiu;. World mans operated itei around. F-^g white winch clings to the shell Is used in adhesive*. si'/.iiiE f or paper, and leather coaling. Read Courier News Want Aiis. Salvation Army Plans Campaign in Pemiscol CARIlTiiERSVILLE, June here Too Late to For Rent city, a son. yeslerdiv,'. WAI.I.S tiosi'iTAt. Dismissed: Mrs. J. L. Green, Stcei'i. Mo. Mrs. A. L. Lane and b.iby. city. Mrs. J. H. Lvncli. Steeif, Mo. Byron Shurpe, city. Barbara Jcan-Dcprie^t. Luxora. iMF.fllOIHST IIOM'ITAI,, Dismissed: •• • , Mrs. Rnfns Branch. Jollier, Ark. Blytheviile Y Directors to Meet Tonight .1. P. Cinrrolt, seonrt^ry of the Ulythevllle VMCA, aur.oupiccil tin. following schedule of events lo h; held this week: Board ot Directors meeting, 7:311 o'clock tonight: Tnestl'iv. 2 to 5 p.-.n. I .Kiyner'. Miss '.v-uv ! Peterson, 1/niin Lyi-:: lavuor. Mr. an.l Mrs. II. and ilau^hti-r. Mis Menymaii, \vrre in Mo., yesterday lo and to attend of Mr. Ucrryi Kdda Benyman. Tivy ;',i:-..i •. Mrs. HevrymiXiVs L'raii'.im Mrs. AllhiMi liaiul >!.<!). w!:i bejin unite - 111, Chris Toinkins :ti..l Jim have arrived hum > from ihi 1 Manila News " .Mrs. .1. N. lliilliiitii'r and tlauoli-' i v:; :nul Mrs., Clyde .Cinoilson and Ri.'ocrl OlKii-s 1,-Tson Jr.. ar.d <l. — The Salvation Army will conduct its annual home service appeal drive in Penuscot County the first week in July, it was announced yesterday by the Rev. John M. Lindcr. Salvation Army representative. The Pcmiscot County Advisory Board in connection with this drive diiss running order, is comprised as follows: Ur. D. D " I'inion. president; J. W. Sawyer, treasurer; Gordon S. WrisOit. secretary; and Board members Van Johnson. Morrcll DeReign. O. W Chiltmi, W. L. Cantrcll. James T. Ahem, all cl Carnthersville, and Newbervy Johnson. Slecle. visit r'.' Tjinhdny a-i's r.loli.t:'. th varsity of Arkansas Hummer. They w;vo by Chris' paretus, C. F. Toinkins, ;ll Woudson. Mis.s Virginia- this morning where she will verslly o'f ArkaiYi-.i.; Summer Icrni^ yUf to Memphis by ^.er II. N. Swnin'ngcn. The Kov. and Xi: atewnrt lelj Ihi.; . to . school boys sot'ibalimiincs P.iyelleville lo grammar al Division slreet diuiai'iiu: 1 lo 0 nation cxoiru . junior and senior "Ilii;h Niuhl" | Arkansas. •Mrs. fergus Hostess iTo Bridge Cluh, Guests i OSCEOLA, June 9 — Four tables f clul*^nxembcrs and guests. Miss Carolyn Rhodes, Miss Betty Qwnlt- hey &JiU.''.Mrs. ;Jghn Binfora White, jvere ^.enj«r^ai!?etl Thursdaj 1 night B'illi K dessert bridge by Mrs. Dane Fergus H']*-'r home, 424 West Sem- i MlssiSJizabeth Balloue 'received «irsl prize for club, Mrs. Bill Dillard. "secorid.^^!^' Miss. Bebe Ubenstein, )6w. .""^" - ; f \ Spring^.; flowers in mixed sed as decorations^ . f In Ihe Y rooms: 8 p.i>-. jjumes in'Ruth Slev.ail. v ill the City Sollball iJMgiii! at Walkev! Bachelor of Arts <l->!r Tark. > (return Wednesd'..' i Wednesday—3 p.m. junior high | Miss stewnil will re Softball at Walker pnrk. Thursday i University to \>::f.m S p.m.. Clly Softball L,MI;«B games'. Masters llegivc. at Wi.lkcr Park. Frid.iy D p.m , .Inn- Mr. and Mrs. fi. Icr high soflball gmnrs at Walkorland family si«'i'i Park. Day camps will be noiJ al Wiilk- er Park dally from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Children between ll)e a(;es of six and nine years of age will be allowed to aU?r.-.i Ihe cninp on Monday, Wcdncvhy ai'd Pil- days wilh ehildren Iniin ID to 13 yi-nrs ol age attendiiiH on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday:. The game rooms al Ihe Y are open daily* Ironi 9 a.m. lo ft:3C p.m.. he said. Tennis courts at \Va\ktr Viirk ,-ire available to overyone every day out persons callM'j the Y for reservations will be given prioiny man-: s-islers. Mrs. and Mrs. Carl Aiu their raiuilies Mrs Muriel Kiill'1-.r'i rjlnrned liv.'il nielli from M'lrs'iiiiil, Texns, whrix; :;he has .itieiuidd Rfcl Cross Kationnl Ai|iialie,-; Seltnol I'oi (he last 111 days. Mr. and Mrs. K. H lieluio -..i.d family vi.silcil rcl'iliv-'S ycs'.onlay in Alcmphis. i Mrs. K. A. lllli'j i.-. ill Wishi'ns- lon. D. C., for a visit witli iit'r idauV.htrr. Miss Bhi.v Hale, i I'. C. liothroe'c an 1 ! son, Perry ' have rt'tin ueti , frptn Port Arthur jToxa?:. v.'lii're Ihe 1 / l lave been va eat toning. I Mi--o niane Copper if Canni. 1\\. I is the v.uest of Mi. and Mr/,. 1> ^(.'. Kotliroek. Sli 1 .' is a nie^e ol Mrs. liollnoek. Mrs. M. K. Lowry o r \Va:ihiiSi;con. I). C.. is the sliest of her son. Karl M. t.o\vry. and family, on North Fifth Si! Mrs. Andrew .Moses, who has been si-rimisly ill. was re-.-.tlniitted to the I'aplist Hospital in Memphis Sat-, uiday tor further treatment. He.'! uililiuii w:is slitihtly improved lo- y. Her innlher. Mrs. G. A. Cicoiu«. \vilii her. Mis. Moses i s the lor- i'r Mi:^ loin- Cieori;'j. For Sale Let a Singer ex pert put yam machine in first Keasonable charges. Estimate furnished in advance. SINGER SEWING CENTER 411 V!. Main St. Continuous Shows Kv«::-y Hay I{«T Office Opens 1 :45 Shaw SI it r Is 2: On LISTEN TO KI.CN 8:00 a.m. K:K 4:30 Last Time Todar Gallant Bess with Marshall Tliompso- 1 and <Ieorge Tobias Continuous Showing Everyday Tuesday and Wednesday — 19 in Font I'i i»" I'he faiiiotis Itrand ol' Onulcls 1 Klt-clric imnips arc now •iviiilalile al i'lantci-s Hardware Co. in '35(1 1-> 1000 naltims per liour Capacity, Let 'ilieni inslali one for yon' tomorrow. 9 tk If WOMEN 38 52 YWRS OLD-DO YOU SUTFER THESE FUNNY fEEUNGS? VIVIEN LEIGH Queen of Efiticement... vimN euuoE LEIGH-- RAINS 'CAESAR AND* CLEOPATRA' Lost wnuli. Ki>! . l(.nvaril. .. .-J I'M. Wanted To Buy due lo this functional 'middle-age' cause? II tou're in your "40'.s" anrt tills furicUonal 'muldle-age' period peculiar to women if, causing you lo iiilTer from hot flashes, nervous Irritability and weak, tired, higti- itrung fcclinus-then do try Lyditi E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. This great medicine is /nnioiis-for this! Taken i-egillarly-Pinkham's Compound helps build up resist- mn:e against such 'middle-age* distress. Thousands have reported benefit,! It's also a grand sto- machic tonic. IVori/i trying: VEGETABLE COMPOUND Selected Short Subjects Continuous Sliowlng Ever.vdaT Wanted to Ren* ll.-vii'.nn r.,.1, i- MtXCVM $CRW€ ALWAYS see won Still & Young Motor Co. I'hone IM70 Lincoln-Mercury Dealer ISlvllicville Ark. 112 Walnut SI. i reser olors I j le ac )dcd. ^ SPECIAL We Wilh Each Of The Following Permanent Waves Are giving a Free Manicure! keg $12.50 Realistic $10.90 Reg. $12.50 Eugene $10.00 . Royal Machineless Reg, $12.00 $10.00 Reg. $10.00 Balm Ray .. $8.50 JAW'S BEAUTY SHOP Ingram BUg. Phone 2690 Announcing the Opening of the New 1.B.C CLUB Mommy says it's }ho J;;sl 'cause il's a /^allmorlc Care}." See pur compliitc l>ne of Hallmark Cards for •3 year olds or grown-ups to give father on his day. n H E IT iisi Largest in the South Seating Capacity 500 Highway 18 Blytheviile Spcc.ial June 77 Johnny Long and his 10-Piece Band with ANITA NANCE Singer 9 'til 1 Make Reservations at Club t B. Chilwod AT--Not Moths Is the Greatest Enemy of your FURS Certified Cold Storage Send us your woolens, too! The cost, of •• storage is so slight you cannot afford to be without this protection. Absolute Protection We invite Your ' Inspection. Blytheville Steam Laundry Box Office Opens at '1:00 p.m. Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Opens Suiulay 1:80; Starts 1:15 Coiitiiiuoas Shows Hat- anrt Sun. Bargain Night F.very Night Except Saturday No passes honored on Sunday at the Itoxy. A I.nsf Time Today Johnny At^gel with Ceorfte Hall anil Claire IVovoi- Fox News S Sclecleil Shorl Siinjc Tuesday and Wednesday nOUBUV FKATIIKE I'hones 418—110

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