The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1949
Page 11
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PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams (AKK.) COURIER NEWS _ * 'DREAMED a saw -DTKSOOTH SEAS BUT THIS IS TK FIRST TIME I EVER CAU&HT TH' BCW.' I'LL FURNISH RSH FOR MV FASSA&E, 8O>S~(3O AHEAP.' tr Our Boarding Houst with Maj. Hoople 'TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1949 FLUfckJTLY PtAtO TAIX* — OUT FOR A VIE6K He WA6 SttM SILENT AWD Tt^OOeUTFUL.'- TOMOCROVM A MR HEMINGWAY A VAUDEVILLE TAL6WT SCOOT , is COMIMS roe A»J '' 1HAT SCAT BfTTSS. MAKE. WITH TMfc LIP—T. _. TUt MISSUS. H6.S IFHtl &OTA 308-ALL P66L*D AND FOR SALE Concrete cnlferU U inch u» W inch, plain or rtcntoreed Al>*» Concrete Buildinf BlorLu cheaper than lumhei foi barns ctiiekta huustr pump house*, tenant hou»e*. tool ihedi W* d«Uver Call as Tor free estimate Phone 69! OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! That's why you'll savb yourself man; a dollar by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try u* H-flLTCRS c SLITY SHOC SHOP! • i'. +/. M a • sj s •" For the Finest Prescription Service iay It . . With blowers THE FLOWER SHOP Glencoe Itotldlnc Phone t49) m tin THE JTORTt rldtfr-. mirituM Hull B.rrj >t>l.- * ••«•••• Ihr llf* • > . fa*t »fc«ai r« M • »ll« M h*r r rrr?MMH. «th« u Fill* Invlrr* away tr»m !>*- XX "you know,- Fritz Mid, after they had passed the customs and slowed down to almost a crawl through the tunnel, "I wai scared stiff you'd let me down and refuse my offer to make an honest woman of you. instead of accepting it. Then, second. I was afraid you had accepted, that the officer would want to go to the wedding. Third. 1 feared it might occur to him— except that he wan almost loo mad ; to think straight — that two American citizens nnnot elope to Canada to get hitched or unhitched, either way."What's the fourth?- Gaynel interrupted. "We broke four laws, he said. Don't you suppose, silly. 1 was afraid of all those things, too? I was so airaid I squeezed out a real tear. . . .* "Rather than see me in Jail! What a pal!" "Rather than go myself!" Gaynel retorted. "I was afraid"he'd take me right along with you— and after that fibbing I did. I probably deserved it I think lhat anyone who drives like yon should be locked up." Fritz said, "Just for that I wont 1*11 you that fourth reason yov asked about. It was a honey, too. It was * little surprise I had planned to top this evening." She made a race at him as she got out ner vanity to endeavor to straighten her hat. "Kent time." sh« promised, "I'll let you go to iall. ever if I MBUnec, too.' have to Trie sea food was as good as Fritz had guaranteed. The drive along (he lake wa> lovely and Jaloppee was on her best behavior. as a lady should be. The moon was full and Fritz was a jewel— and such a gentleman—that Gaynel could hardlj believe it was he. "You are spasmodic," she said, "just H you told me that first night we met. But you do make things more (un than anyone I know, Frederick Fitzroy." gHE sighed in blissful contentment, putting her head to one side K [hat it could rest on hii shoulder it w « s ,n CT midnight; she was gloriously tired and happy: they were headed toward the tunnel and their own counlry. "Atla gal." Fritz said, "just lean on me. 1 can take it, baby. Aj for fun. Isn't that the best thing you can get out of lifer The only thing you're sure of. really You know." he drove a little more slowly. I ve a good notion to change my mind, after all, and t*ll you the fourth reason The real reason why 1 brought you along tonight." Fritz wai mysterious. "I'm going to bring back a tew things—a bottle among them—for a pal of mine tonighL That's one of the reasons for this trip. If this bottle does the work with this pal of mine, you'll know trie answer to the riddle." Gaynel said. "Go on ... r*m listening. I knew you'd tell me il I didn't ask you." "Oh, you did!" He snorted at such feminme sagacity. "Just for that I think 111 change my mind again and bold out awhile. Besides, you're not listening. You're hilt ' n to ixert that influ- me, - she reminded, the night at The "You MCI ence over "Remember Goat's NesIT And "by thV way"! how it Johnny, and Jimmy, and " *• Ptak. thank JOM." Fntt Joe returned, -Three nice little cell buddies, Jimmy and Johnny and Joe Don't make 'em any belter. And say. did they think you were something to write, home about! That's why 1 haven't risked taking you to the Nest again. But I'm thinking of trying my wings—• nest on my own—breaking up with the boys!" She said, "I wish you talked straight English. I'm no good at riddles or anything like them." He said. "If you'd cultivate patience. Madome. Don't you know the longest way is sometimes the shortest? I'll get there in S ood time, in my own way. To the ton in fact- "YOU see, It's like this." H« practically gave Jaloppee her head now, settling back deeper into the seat, throwing one arm around Gaynel'i back. There's a pal of mine who's going to d« a favor for me. We started as cubs together in our first pairs at long pants. He got to the top In a jiffy and now he's going to give me a little jerk and yank me urj a ttep or two, tor old-time's sake. In straight English—unless you've fallen asleep and aren't listening—he's going to pull me a lob, like a rabbit out of a hat. with the outfit he's with. A real job! One that will take me places, th« Weat Coast, down Smith, mayo* even to China. You know how I like u> get around." "But China's a long way round," Gaynel jaid. She did not feel n sleepy. She sat up a bit straighter. tried t» look up into Fritz's face to see if he were serious, "The farther the better," Fritz raid. -I'd go to the moon it 1 ever got the chance." Barry had said that was where he would take ber. -The point Is." Frito went on, "If you'll give me lime to get to H, my lave, that a I land the Job J'll land a very neat salary alone with it. I'll be set So pretty that 1 . "1 ••y." »» »at up straighter, too. gave Gajrrwl a little push back down, "here we are at the customs." (Te Be CenUaoed) In England It's th« Chemist Shop In Franc* It't th« Apothecary Shop In BlythevilU It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service More than a hundred kinds of birds have become extinct in the ast 200 years RENT A CAR Orlre Anrwhert Too Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 PIANO TUNING With Ihe world famous "Slroboconn". The only 100% perfect tuning Nol Hvailahle elsewhere in this «rea. RADIO REPAIR AD work done by * government licensed opera- lot and every job guaranteed. \Vhy (ak, lesy than the best? PIANOS for SALE NEW AND USKD Sheet Music, Records, Supplies Everything' j n Musjc BROOKS MUSIC STORE '"7 E. Main Tel. 811 You will enjoy using Plate Glass full length Door Mirrors. . . and they're priced much less than you would think at BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. *V H rtmt ). Wilson H<nr» Soolh Hiw»j SI Phone t4M SHRUBBERY We ofle- a comptetc line ol Stark Landscaping plants and trees. Order now tor Pall planting Stark's 131 vcars esperience In thi» fleld assures your getting tht most for your money Allo» us to give you a free estimate Telephone 564 today BLYTHEVTU.E WILLYS SALES COMPANY TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent operator*! Utt the protection afforded b; the Stale and demand a licensed •perator. Experienced. Reliable. Termites Household Ptrtu Blythrrllle's onlj licensed operator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rl*. I. B«l J-VV Ea>t Mala 8t Phone MK •STUDEBAKER' Have You Seen The 1950 Q 3 EBAKER • Brilliant New Styling • Increased Luxury • No Increase in Price You'll Agro lt'» th« Car for You Chamblin Sales Co. "Ynor Friendly Sf«M»ker Railroad & Ash TUDIiAKIH FRECKLBS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Okay With Nultp wecw ASk/^ REMEMBEe.QUft SOCIAL JOST60WA HIT FORAR TANT SUCK/ INANONG TSEN-A6EBS IS A LinTE our Or OUR UNE.BOVS.' ^^ MOWA60UT COOATERAL is SOMETHING A BANK CAW ESV^rSB? loouXSSS./ KCPA-f -WUB. LCKM. l"-""* 16 ^ FOR (MswMce, rr r \rf MFY' COUI.06E CAR/ "Too late! I was hoping we'd get home from the show before your father fixed the baby's eleven o'clock bottle!" PIUSCII,LA'S I'OP HY AL VKRMEER IPS A PROMISE. HAZEL! BY THE END OF THE VEAR WE'LL HAVE A HOME OF OUR OWN' f OH, WALDO.' ' \fr\\ i Akin \.ffi\ WHY, WHEN WE GOT MARRIED VOU PROMISED TO BRING ME THE SUN, MOOM AND STARS AND I WOULD HAVE. BUT WE ONLY HAD TWO-ROOM APARTMENT/ VOU AMD YOUR UY M1CHAKL O'fllAIXKY and *)U MAY HAVE ONCt COM-XI : \ THERESVERflMRKUNG W THAI YACHT TENDER MR. FLINT. YOU CAN SIZE HER UP rVHffl SHE DOCKS. MANWO A KAJI WOLF PACK OFSUBS.CIEEK WIWER.BUT I'M RUNMIM6 Wtf 5HOW.50MAKE Vr"UIO<clc lfcl/T\*jent/-i w if t SHE SURE GETS AROUND. A YACHTSMAN SAW I1EH ESS THflNAMOHTH AGO IN CUBA Km0* WARM WNTHeRtl TIME 0* WAR WASH TUBBS Score One for Sara BY LESLIE TURNER ... COUIDK'T HAVE SPARED VOU THIS 5CEW6, CIS 1 I ondue KER MSMIE A»USEOFI*E SUT i_i cwrr TAKE MW MORE 1 LOVE VOU, JAM..BUT I'M Yl CM) OO 015»?P01UTED IU VOURIDtAOf ( WITHOUT THE IUTO Wl OUT BURST Of PW1T-IW FURS 8V SARA'S EMS . THIWO! I CAN'T CONOOUE VOUE. HUB.T1WS AH INNOCEMT PEe- JAU APfEAfc* H AMSADVANTME BUfiS BUNNY Friendly Suggestion W GONNA QUIT S-G-OLP WRONG WITH Y1R THAT'S JUST IT...I. DON'T KNOW WW-WHETHEK ITS TH' C-CLUBS...OR MB./ WELL, IP r P-PUT TH' BALL WHERE r CAN H-HIT IT, I CAN'T S-SEE IT .-AN' IF i p.pur rr t CAN SEC IT... I CAN'T H-HIT \r/ f I OO N'T GET IT/ ^-^ »^ ^ Spectacular Wimltip BY V. T. HAS1UN . WHY? DID I THINK \50METHINS TrlATS ALL_\ BREAK I THE SHOW IS C7VEE.' ROCKET \S K0\l CLOSE THAT THE TIME aaffiR THE !»CKET is I WINDING UP THE LAST FEW SECONDS OF ITS ISPECTACUL./SK FLIGHT FACTOP. NECESSACV FOE THE VIEW-SCREEN'S SOMETHING'S AMISS/ BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES HY EDOAR MARTIN

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