The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 14, 1944
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VOL. XLI—NO 125' I Save Waste Paper! It is va/«afe/e <o <h. Wat Htortt Watch this pop,, fa, Collection BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ,- ™ DOMJNANT NBW8PAPBJ Of NOBTJOA8T ARKANSAS Awn BnrrrMwiua. „,„«, *" ^ •*"* f " k-^ '"Tvl i. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, AUGUS •^ a ^^ VBlMfe • ^^ ^fe, " - " --- _ __ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT BIGJRAPCLOSING ON 100,000 GERMAl Charged In Black Market Probe Murder Charge Filed Against Tennessee Farmer For Fatal Beating Of Osceo/o Riverman Preliminary hearing for Archie Howard Graves of Golddust, Term who officers say admitted the fatal beating of Lebie Lee Hendqii, 43, of near Osccola, late Thursday after 'is scheduled for Wednesday, afternoon in Magistrate's rt'lll mtllp.v. Tnnn Thft encr^^*> y'• - _••_ . , , noon, Court'in Ripley, Tenn. uourt in Kiirley, lenn. Ihc suspect's name'was reported to he Courier News Saturday as/JQrays," but he was correctly luenwficd.toclar'by Tej.TiossceWficers.— • .-- / . Charges of, fnunlor were filed against tlic 3f>-year-ok( Vest Tennessee farmer-Friday after Uie battered So? the Osceomrwas found that morning by Uau Moore farm- Pf nil !1 Al leeiccir\»^ r>;..n- „ 1 v.._. iwn,, .LtlLIll er, on a Mississippi River sand bar. Hendon and Graves were seen In » Osceola Thursday nflcrnoon and Inter crossed lhe river lo Tennessee where the slaying occurred, officers reported. Chief Deputy sheriff P. A. Mcachani of Tlipley today released (he following statement which ho said was innde by Graves fclloiving his arrest Friday. "Shortly aller Hendon and I left the bank on lhe Arkansas side, Hendon hit me on lhe head with a beer bottle. Bolli of us were drinking. The blow knocked me unconscious and when I came to I missed my wallet. I asked Hendon about my wallet and he knocked me out of the boat with a boat paddle. I swam lo thc Tennessee side and after Hendon landed lhe boat I asked him about my money again and lie came at me with a knife. Then we had a fight. 1 . Hendon was beaten on Ihc head and face by a club which caused Jils dealli, officers said. Graves lold officers that nfler the fight he did nol remember what he did with the body or vihy he had Hendon's n-nllet. Moore, who found the horfv, told Deputy Sheriff Mcacham that Thursday aflcrnoon Graves came to ms house and gave him Hcntlon's wnllct, saying that he did not know where he hart gotten it. Graves was drenched ami stayed at the Moore home for several minutes to dry his clothes, Moore lold officers. Then Graves left, supposedly to go home, Moore said. The next day Moore snirt that He ocean to worry about Hendon and decided to row across the river to sec him. when he went down to the bank to get his boat he saw the body of the victim about four feet from the bank on Yankee Bar Moore notified Deputy Sheriff Mcachnm, who arrested Graves, tlic father ol lour children, at his home Doll Shop Owner Given 10 Years Violated Censorship Rules To Help Japs Before Pearl Harbor NEW YORK. Aug. 14. (UPl-Mrs Schools To Open (lere on Sept. 4 Students With Jobs Urged To Continue Classroom Careers 'School bells will ring out, for Blythevllle children on Sept. 4, it was announced today by W. B Nlcholspu,.supcrlntcnUent. •'-In announcing the opening dale, Mr. Nicholson also emphasized (he importance of nil children of school age attending the schools this year. He urged . thai parents coopcralc wllh school officials in seeing that their children do iiot stop school before graduation. _ "We realize," Mr. Nicholson said that many high school students low are working nnd coumiiuidhig «Sh wages, arid (hey arc tempted ••o conlinnc with their jobs throne'i .he winter, instead of resuming ;hclr high school careers. To slop school before graduation leaves a boy or girl In an .unfinished state. "We are going to have a bettor school this year than last," Mr. Nicholson continued, in announcing 'hat the high school faculty In ;ynr- •Icular jias been greatly strenglh- tOBAY'8 WAR ANALYSIS China To Gain New Strength Via Ledo Rood ! B, JAMRS HARPER United Pre«« BUrf Writw Allied ciiiihiiTis nre fast wunplel- 1ns n pl|)e-line which poon' will pump slmniilh Inlo Ghlmi's supply- starved army. America's Ix-do road Is Ktralnlin: forward lo link with thc frayed end of Ihe old Burma highway In China. Once (hey Join, urms-laden trucks may nimble from (he Allied nisctial In India across Hur- mii's n o r Ihcrn mountains lo China, General Sill- well's tnlcrnallon- al army, which opened n way for that road IhtoiiBh northern Burma, Is ncarini! the end of thc line. His polyglot warriors have fought, their way throueh the -""'"cs Hnrpcr Huknung valley, a 1100-mile bowl inset ici (he erecu liurmn Junisle. ig, Uicy bullied Ihroiifh Uie Soviets Prepare For Final Drive Against Warsaw Arc Is Closed Around Important Suburb Of Polish Capital Im- MOSCOW, Am;. H (U.P.)-Thc ilmis nre Hi/tvlni; Into nivsliloii the final nssiiull on Wittsiuv. bovlel troops have pushed throuuh a suburb n m || CK norlhiMisl ot Wnrsnw. closing 11U ,,,. 0 |, VQ ,,, ul I'rugfl, Warsaw's custeni borough Thc Nnuls Irlcd 1» ro-ciiplure ihc suburb by coiinlcr-ntlncklng n number of times. Bui Uic Red Army licld, To Ihe noitheiisl, Uu.ssliin troops advanced l:> thiin fuur niHei or the nnliyslok-Wnisaw railway. Tills rail center Is Ihc backbone of the enemy's defenses above Urn And northwest of nnllyslok UK; Second While itiLViitm Army Is driving the Mimls back upon lhe Munsurlnn Lakes, a imturul barrier to the Invasion Inlo central Bust :'rnss1n. In Uic Ilnlllc drive, lhe Husslnns F.D.R. Orders Navy To Seize San Francisco Machine Shops In Dispute On Overtime Work n i i , , 1 c iilso rcport,. ( | lhai .sonic cm ,,|«vce« - srswsr 1 out oil Soldier's Death Is Investigated Morshol Of Dartvillo Hold After Shooting On Crowded Street IMNVILLR, Ark., AMR. M. <UI>>~ Qnlel reigned In the llufc Yoll counly scat nf Diuivlllc loclny fol- lowlni! one of the most linriowlni- week-ends In ids history. Slate nnd county pollm —••.t-ito'-ib, *"t-j t/iiLti^ti icirudiin tnc i , i . , — -..-*./..... 70-mllc long Mogaung valley Noiv 1 r r , B "' unolllcr 10 "'"^ wcs nllcr an ll-wccks campalun ('hcy're ', ' EOuU " !l '" Eslnnln. Am almost cleared Uic last Jap from:- Jnt !' * a ' c ScCTl!tl Dalllc Arm, „, ,. vll . ,,, oy(1 o ,, •• - aiovo the ocrmniis from Uie• roll who was shot, to dciui, oy n v lb «>« 1> Bl.way center of city Mnivrt,..! Rllcy Mos &"tir t v Hits trutisiiovlntlon junction lies imcirnoon oiuirtmy Federal Court today for violation of thc censorship regula- Plans also are unde erway tions. 20 miles west of liipley. According to Riplev Graves did not Implicit! officers, c anyone . . (.UI..41,,- ilftVUIil. else in the death O f Hendon, and the Sheriff's office at Osccola was notified Ihis morning b v Rtplcy officers that John Grace, who was held In Osceoln for queslionine in connccllon with Hendon's death was not believed lo be implicated In Ihn murder. Grace probAbly will be released today, Deputy 3herlff Dave Young said a I noon! Hendon, 43, was unmarried and lived alone near tlic river. Ke was employed as » government gauge tender on lhe river. He had been a resident of this section for 27 years. Chicago Wheat open Sept. . 153*5 Dec. high low close i53vi 153% 15M 153U !£ 153?i 153 S 153 « 153-H New York Cotton Mar. May Oct. Dec. 2100 2100 2076 2080 2080 2058 2084 2095 2065 2075 2959 2059 2035 2042 2054 2130 2119 2139 2119 2116 2093 2124 2106 2134 2115 Thc former doll store proprietor who was accused of conspiring lo supply military Information to the Japanese before Pearl Harbor, plended for postponement of her sentence but her plea wns refused. She salt! she was aiding the Federal Bureau of Investigation. However, U. S. Attorney James McNall denied that Mrs. Dickinson had given federal agents any valuable iii- fo.-mation. He said the FBI had discovered Us own evidence. The federal allorney charged Mrs Dickinson wllh a conspiracy to send imva! information lo Japan by tv.iy of South America. He said that 10 days before Pearl Harbor, she was paid money and given a code lo 1 transmil messages to the enemy. He added Hint Mrs, Dickinson had known the Japanese ambassador for- 15 years nnd Hint r.he received $60.- The following year, according to the- U. S. prosecutor, she mnde several trips lo the west "coast and sub- sctiucnUy sent five letters containing messages about American vessels. The letters, addressed to Buenos a i»s- Aires, were undelivered due lo tnl accident. Mrs. Dickinson denied she knew the meaning of the letters, although she admitted typing them for licr husband, who was connected with a San Francisco produce exchange. Mrs. Dickinson also admitted that the letters contained, the forged names of her doll shop on Madison Avenue. Livestock , ST. LOUIS, Aug. 14 (UP)- Hogs 12,800 salable 12,000; top 14.70- 150240 Ibs. 14.70; 120-140 Ibs. 13 23-13 25' sows 13.05. „ Battle 9,800 salable 8,000; calves 2,800 all salable; mixed yearlings ?A d ,o heclfcrs l3 ' 15 50; sla »8ht*r steers 10-lV.SO; slaughter heifers 850-17; stockcr and feeder steers 7.50-13. N. 0. Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. •JI04 2078 2007 2104 2080 2086 2085 2085 2061 2066 2056 2058 2040 2042 3054 2130 2130 2120 2121 2134 211fl 2120 2099 2106 2115 lo expand and strengthen both lhe commercial and vocational departments, while lhe regular athletic program will be continued in full K'Hli the addition to lhe faculty this year of a leacher of physical edu- callon for girls. Numerous Improvements have been made lo all Uic school buildings, with a complete new roof having reccnlly teen put on lhe high school building. The roof ol Ihe junior school also has been extensively repaired. Other major Improvements Include Die repainting of the Interior of toll! central Ward and lun- ior high school buildings, while'mi- nor repairs have been made lo all buildings of lhe school system. Tlio ntlilclic field al Haley Field has been Improved wllh lhe instiil- Inllon of a complete sprinkler system. Plans also have been made to have the entire field fenced and re- pahs made lo thc seals in the sla- dmm and bleachers. Mr. Nicholson announced dale of reglslralion -for that students ' snd names of tlic faculty member will be madn known wilhin a few days, with only a few positions yet lo Iw filled. Harrison school for Negro children w»| open approximately a month laler Mian thc white schools with the dale depending upon the collon season. Minor improvements have been made at Harrison school, and Mr. Nicholson slated that thc vocational course al thai school will be enlarged during lhe coming term. Henry Toliver Hearing Is Set For Wednesday Preliminary hearing in Municipal Court for Henry Toliver, 50-year- old Negro charged with the fatal shooting July 20 of Parlce Murry Negress, was continued unlll Wednesday because .of the absence of Claude Cooper, attorney who is assisting the proseculion, Deputy Prasecuilitg Attorney Graham Sud- bnry announced today. ' of ncar thc womal1 «'«« ,rt , y>o- ville Cotton Oil Mill. Toliver was arrested shortly after discovery ol y nnti covery of murder r r, , , re ere filed. He is at liberty on $3500 K° gr ,° tninkn ' 1 " 1 will be cle- Smlth northern Burma with the capture of Myltkyliiii. Seventy air miles across 10,000- foot mountains, Chinese soldlc'rB, in a 83-day campaign, have crossed the Durum border and arc storming the Jap-held fortress of TeiiRyiieh. The Lcdo road is moving toward (he (Hilskirls ol Myitkylna and Uie Burma road lies not ./far from Tene- i'lieh. An ancient trnll links tho two cities. Soon, 11 may, bo broadcfel and widened into Ihc last Inp of the Ledo road. Thc job will be finished My.itkyina, an all-weather 'city. Is valuable from another standpoint. Its monsoon-proof nlr field mny send out fighter planes to cover thc transport route over the Himalaya mountain!; lo China. Ea'rlier this monllv Prime Minister Churchill salt! the advance Into norllicrn Bur-ma was carried out, in his words "with Ihc object of Riving greater security lo the American air highway to Chinti." Thus, Ihc capture nf Myllkylna opens thc way for two roads lo supply strength to the Chinese forces, one in l!ie Bl:y , onc Oll thc Bround. Both those highways will Ire needed lo keep China's slx- million-man army on ik (ect null! American troops can reach their land In force. Allhougli engineers constnictlnR the Lcdo road are Hearing their last Ian, thc final job will be a touch one. Ilic road has little In common with Iho Uncoln highway. The difficulties of building that strip nf concrete arc nil out of proportion lo lls length. To build one mile of it, engineers are moving, on an average three quarters of a million ions of rock and earth. For that same mile they're laying an average ol 1000 feet of culvert. Hundreds ol rock crushers, jeeps, bulldozers and trucks were shipped 16,000 mlle.s Iron America for the job. The monsoons arc on now, and 50 inches of rain will fall in an average month. That's eight inches more than New York City's rainfall lor n .year. Sometimes as much as seven Inches, that's 800 Inns of water per acre of surface, will spill ever Ihc road in a single day. Hence, u-asli- out.s and land-slides arc frequent. Hospitals usually arc packed with cases of malaria, dysentery and skin diseases. In general, tlic road makes tho best lerms with nature it can i;ct. H (akes advantage of old trails. • 19 miles to the cast of Riga. Moscow allachcs considerable .slsnlflciince Id tho admission that •German Field Miirslwl rvicdrtch Von Pauhis, who wns captured as Stalingrad, has admlllcd that Ocr- rnany 1ms lost Ihe war. During III months of Imprisonment, Von Pains 4iad refused, lo.abnnrioi) hope la, (1 Na/.i Victory. The field marshal, the highest ranking military'lender lo fall Into Husslim hnnds, now hus appealed to (he German nnny lo overthrow Hitler and sue for 11 peace. ... •••-J |M/llll; my LUll- ill tlmili.R their InvesllBidlon of the rmy death of I'vl. p| 0 yd O. limes shrinks lo . make easy grades, snmo- a two-lane track as it leclers on Ihc cdcc of lho«- sand-fool ravines. Chinese work gangs clear the way, chopping down trees and. in acn- cral. opening up Hie /nn^lc. Then come American units lo Wast out rock and earth and throw temporary bridges over streams. Thus, .raffie actually moves over the road before tho flnn! grading, surfacing nnd drainage Is completed. American engineers nre fishllng ature so Chinese roldiers can fight the Japs. They're proving anain that where there's a will there's a way. In tills case a highway. Speakers Are Named For Annual Club Meet FAYETTEVIU,E, Ark., Aim. M (U.P.)— TJic 16th annual meeting of the Arkansas Council of Home Dcirnnslratlon Clubs will be held at the University of Arkansas Sept. " through Sept. 7. Speakers will include Arkansas selective Service Director General . L. Compere, and Dr. Frances Jothert, director of the Arkansas Health Department's division maternal and child health. of Illness Is Fatal To Mrs. Porler Last Rites Will Bo Held Here Tomorrow For Local Resident Mrs. Nora I.averne Porler died at !):IO o'clock lust night nl Memphis ivfethodisl Hospital where she had been lor lhe past five weeks. Mis. Porter, 33. had congested hcnrt trouble. Morn In Uycrsburg, Tenn.. Mrs. Porler hud made her home In Bly- Ihcvilie for n number of ycfirs. I rosQciiUng Attorney H. M. Prhlily of IliiRscllvlllo;.'wlio rmlHul lo Danville Bnlunlay ntuht, nlo:ix wllh slnlc police to nssInC Hhcnlf I)u- ford Compton In Iho liii'tMllKiitlon was r. X | )M lcd lo nic chnrgM a' B alnsl' the 50-ycnr-old city todny Haviicr Ml iillegud to hnvn Imnn shot trr (l£»(X by" Moss nfler llw city mnrsfTnrlTrtd'njikcrt hlni tr; oiilcl down or leave the lown. Tho-Bhool- IiiB occurred on a crowriod -jil.ftot nnd n crowd gathered Immedlutely. Moss was rushed tn nti imd'jclo-.ed Jail by counly officials aflcr |li« crowd npiicnrcd to be In an nngry mood. Slate police were called from 1'orl ,<jmltli, Ittisscllvlllc anil LIUlc Hock lo atil In controlling lhe crowd. IVlvale lluvncr was formerly sli(- tloncd at, TlHimiiKvllle, Oa., hilt' wna on a brief furlough before being transferred lo imolhcr camp. Hhcrllf Complon and his. tlcnti- tlcu spent yesterday nnd early lodny qneslionlnii witnesses. 5000 Planes Hit Continent From 2 Ways By Unlicrt I'rr.w Almost OUOO Allied warplanes /ere In (he air over Europe today, zlcr, slaUottecl In Bngl.ind, any. In (he raid on Germany, the Inr- Hownrd Do/Jcr, slalloncil In rvnncc. prls Inrlmlcd ihc' b! B c cmlca'l Wade DovJcr of BraRg City, Mo., i plant of t.udwlgslwvcii nn clr-ctrl- Wesley Do/lcr of Kvnnsvllle. hid., leal equipment factory hi Mannheim nnd Vnudrey Do/.icr of Chicago. |nncl a Herman n| r force slatlon l-'uncral services will Ire held nl nfar Stullgarl. 'Hie raiders on 2 o'clock tomorrow nftetnoon nt the "orlhcnslcrn Prnnce concentrated on Cicrmnti airdromes, . rnllwny yards anil bridges. The ra1 ( | from Italy wns Ihc Ihlrd Assembly of God Church with the Tlev. II. n. Slmms. pastor, ofliclaling. Burial will 1* made at Elmwood Cemetery. Cobb Pimernl Home Is In charge o! arraiiBemcnls. Plane's Bullet- Fa I Is Too Close, Fishermen Say Three local fishermen had a BOO<| snare shortly before noon ycster- dny while floalins down (lie Mls- sKslppI River In llicir molorboat off Musgravc nar. The men. Abe Klnniiielinm, C. B. Wood Jr. and Cod) Graves were Jug fishing In the river, Mr. Kinnlngham told th c Courier News, when they looked up and saw a Flying Portress, approximately 500 feet above Ihcin. There was a report from one of the Fort's machine guns, Mr. Kinnlng- ham said, mid what he Indeed to be fl 50-callbre bullet churned up thc water less than 30 feet from thc stern of the motorboat. Whether the gun was llrcd accidentally, Mr. Klmilngham said he did not know, but he does know Jwt It scared Ihc daylights out of ;hc trio, who for Ihc rest ol thc day stayed fsr, far away from that particular section of thc river which s said lo be located R short rtls- nncc from a machine-gun range on the, Tennessee side. In 1943, Sovlcl Russia's oil c.v- wrts amounted to 31,241,000 bar- consecutive altnck on German an- iistaliations along the tl-lnviiflon coast of southern rranee" "other bombers slnick at Iargct5 In northeastern Tlaly. Thr cnllrf. Italian front | S relatively (iiilel, now, bill then Tbe five shops ordered scly.i>ri are Uinscof the Federal Mogul Uorpor. nllon, Th« Pacific cimv nnd -Tool •n ,', n * Lillk llcl1 Company 'he United Males I'lpe and Mim- ufncluilnR Coiii|>any nnd Tho Kn- tcrprlsc ISnglne ami ftmndry o»m- Tlioy arc iimoiiR Ihe 104 Sun I'miicto timohlnc Khops employee.'! hnve refused slncii sprini! lo work moru than a rcquln W hour week because of Ihe overtime pa v scale. The employes are members of Ui e AP nf !, Itil.«ri m -' tlonul Association of Maeiilnkts. Nnvy CiirMcj Oul Order Acllug under Ihc President's >„- dors llu- Navy Immediately began SClZllIK tJ 10 ,,l,, n | s . * " h "" In I'hllailelplilii, u,,|i c( | stlltrii Cnjnmlssloner Normnn Orlffln has ordered the lawyer for the (01* lenders of the recent Irausporlallon strike either t n prove or rclrnct, his stalqmcnl that thc men «>crc I'lc- tlins of "n , Hlganllc cnnsplrnuy to railroad: them Into Jail." The lawyer. Philip Pendleton, replied Unit |io would prove his olinrgc. ; Meiinwhllo, Army officers >ln charge nf the transportation system have finoiiucccl aiint two Negro cm pioyeeA Jicunn reguliu Uollcy rimi n Phtli^ojphla lodnj ih c untfriul- Ing ol Ndfitoes to opt/ntor Jobi pro, cl|iltntetl-'ihc'orlslnnl fiWke In ,(iil- iH'Dclroll. nnother truck drivers walkout • Is threatening, prodiiotlon nt Chrysler Corporation iirnnimenl plants. One hundred and twenty six nlcrplnnt driver/! urn reported (» have gone on strike in protest iliLst disciplinary ncllon Inken against one driver. - f)clq;iilr5 To Meet In Washlnglon loday, Sccrctarv of Blnlc Cordell Hull lold n news conference that American, rjn,, s |nn and llrlllsh delegates are preparing for next week's International security meetings wllh high hopes and a spirit of co-operation. Hull predicted thai ihc present War-born. collaboration among ihc United Nations will he "cmillminl nnd strengthened In (he future for he maintenance, of |«nce mill security." ' Elsewhere in Washington, House winners have begun lining up for a flsht over lh e bill , v)1 i nll woll((1| provide machinery for the disposal of surplus war properly. Tli« House Kxpcndllures Commil- cc lias approved a bill which would give authority over property disposal machinery lo one mnii. having broad powers. Representative Charles Hallcck nf Indiana objects tlKit thc Mil should be amended lo "void giving Ihe administrator n "blank check" and lo protccl established businessmen. Meanwhile, fieprescntallvc Thorn- ns .lenklns of Ohio Is considering asking Congress relief for farmer, 3 Allied Armies Attempt To Seal Escape' Cftifidbr Converge On Falciisc In Effort To Score 'Greatest Victory'" 1,ONI30N. Aug. M (V.P troops In France nre on the verse i.f Hie grciitcet, victory lhe wiir In lhe west, lhe ol cntnplcllon of lhe haltle of cn- cli'clclnent HKiilnsl nbout' iOOOOO acrman 'loldlcrs,. . .S '. 'llio enemy, escnpe route, Is becoming mi avenue :of dcuth.'nt any momciil. Three Allied armies arc converging oirlhe fimncllng folnt of Iho Na?l corridor, the nnclcro Normnn (own ot Fnlnlso. And nl- InniiBh 11'Isn't rovealcd offtclnlly Jusl how wlda the corridor t-i, some reports say It mciisurcs only 12 mlle.%. Amerlcnti • British, :nnd llow , Ciuintllmi Irooivs. iiro (IrlvliiE lo- w«rtl I^lnlso' from Ihrce sldos, cnlenliig to sjilll Into the (own n ml ficnl off the. Germans. The Camullnn nrsl Army resumed Ihc offensive at noon today wheeling down from the north to' push fortvnrd tlio northern jnw' of tho Allied |)lncciii. Wllllnm Wilson of the United Press rcpofls Hint In the first two lioura, the Canadian assault gniiicd two nnd ft ha!.' miles, thereby cut- Uni! down Ihc dlslnnce' to Fnlsntse lo two and a hall miles. ' • - The Dominion troops' swurmcrt forward nflcr',;:AlllMl Mieayy and' millum bombers' hud laid down a fearful bnrrnse on poslth 11 / onlj JOOO yKrds fiom tho CanadKnr liont •e are significant political development. The nrlllsh Government reveals that Prime Minister Clmrch- III talked over political nnd military questions with Marshal Tito (he Yugoslav partisan commander,' during (he weekend. According nouncerncnl. to Ihc official an- Or. Ivnn SubaaJlch. the prime minister tn King Peler's Yugoslav government also look part in (he discussion..;. And th c three men Intend lo have further talks. II Is also revealed today (tint Sec- relnry ol the- Navy James po rrrs . tal has been vlsillng ihc front In Itnly. Fifth New York Stocks 162 7-8 AT&T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper .,. 26 Electric Sfotors Betm Slcel Chrysler . Coca Cola Gen Ocn Monl^omery Ward N Y Central ... Int Harveslcr ., Standard of I* J Texas Corp U S Steel Republic Steel ., SI 3-4 135 38 1-4 62 7-8 48 3-4 19 3-4 78 3-4 48 1-4 58 3-4 In mldwestern and caslern areas who lie says arc offering from "one of Ihc mo.?l rievnslnllnff droughts In Uic hlslory of Ihc country." While no general rains arc In slglil. the north cenlrm stales have been promised some relief from Ihc current heal wave. A form of n mass-of cool air which Is moving eastward, it should reach Chicago lodny. Hill lhe weatherman snys thc'cast const will not reap any of its benefits mull Wednesday—if at all. Ami lhe scorched southland can hope for nothing but occasional scattered showers to break tile 100 degree heat. 'Hcrky' Moslcy Returns From Post In England First Lieut. Hcrschcll Moslcy i, clplent of thc Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, arrived In Bly- tho.vllle last night for a visit with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. Mosley, following his recent return to the states after six months overseas. He was accompanied by his wife and thrce-ycnr-old daughter, Mar- Kuret, who have been making their home In West Point, Oa., while Lieutenant Moslcy was overseas. Stationed In England with the; Eighth Air Force, Lieutenant Mos- lcy had completed 31 missions Prior to enlisting in thc Air Corps more than two years ago, he played professional football with thc Long Island Indians. He was graduated from Ihc University of Alabama where he played three years with Ihc Crimson Tide following his outstanding high school football ca-i recr as a member of tho local Chicks. ,, -^---.-,,,. Y .«ui^)ii ^jvii Ml 111 ; (ilaite Ihnt lhe full Diking power of tiio Allied tnctlcnl air force.? )n- )ccn -thrown Into the bntlle and lint the Germans are inking one. of;Uic mosl-friBhifiiypbundliiBs-iof thc wnr. Thousands of' American'-' nnd British plriiies nre rei»rled In ictlon, bombing ami 'mnchlne-gun- ilnis Uie broken re m minis •-of tho 2 divisions of the Qcrmun 7lh anil Bth Armies ns they-try. to find a' •' Wuy to safely. '" - ,'•'-••• ; While lhe Canadians struck'urV- ler cover'of'Oils pulverizing nlr «l- nck, Ueulen.xnt General Briuilcy's \merlcnns smashed into the southern .end of the German escape corridor. 11 'Is ••' revealed that a •Tench division, .composed -of vet- rans of lhe • Atrlchn desert and rmiLiInn campaign, Is' now ffghl- ng on. the American.sector. They ire using American' equipment, Shermnn tanks, ' tank"'dcstroyers, nit half tracks, ";umler"the cm'ri- tinml. of the colorful General Lcclclc who led them on the famous "desert inarch" froin'Lfike Chad last year. ,.; '.. ''"';; "; ;; As the Americans, British, Canadians nnd French compressed the Germnns Inlo a sack, General Eisenhower Issued n confident order of the dny to his hard-fighting men. Snld Elsenhower: "Through your combined skill, vnlpr arid fortitude, you have crealcd in Prance a 1 leel- Ing but definite opportunity for a major Allied victory, one whose rcnllftillon will mean notable pro-, gress toward the final downfall of our enemy." Anil he continued: "Because the victory we can now achieve is Infinitely greater than any so for ... in the west, nnd bewuse this opportunity can be grasped only through the utmost In zeal and determination anil speedy action, f make my present appeal to you more urgent than evei before." Then Elsenhower concluded: "With nil of us resolutely performing our special tasks, wo can make this week a momentous one In Ihe history of this war—a brilliant nnd fruitful week for us and n fateful one for the ambitions of the Nazi tyrants." Ill t : Prowler Enters Bedro*' And Leaves With $' Police loday were scare burglar who entered': Ascarrn residence '"" street early Sun* ' approximately The ?crecn where slecplt troustt purse, l The day n. v , nlssert his if,, ed his (rouse,, ;\frs. Ascarra's About $160 had t>v , he wallet, while th k . overlooked ;$6 In Mrs. iiurse. Chicago Ry* open low close | Sept. . 103!$ 104»4 1021! 104« 1' Dec. . 103H 101 !„

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