The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1946
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JULY 12, 19.16 CAM.! PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION For Safe ULnluiuu Ck«r«. ______ 10< I Jim. [», U M ------- n, I tlmx i>.r Mni ,„ «,, __ ___ llt I ti»,i „„ u., „„ tl --- „ , tim.i p., u M per 4 01 " k Mr "«• ____ -___ »o« Jounl fat. >T»rmi« norti <* tt< IU«. d« ordered for lijr~ or >|E tlmM »n« illltHl before will b< ek»r B »d 101 • tht > auiber ol llmei th« ad n>pe«r«4 •"* «-iJui!inont of bill mid.. All (JlasBlfU-J AdiertlElag ocpr tab- •llle.l by penoni leddlnu outllde nf Ik. «Hr uaosl b s McoiniiHliil by euk. iUtel ijr be CMlly commuted from the >taT« jle. Ad»»r1tiln f ordM f»r lrr«c»l»i i*M»- Woui Uku the on. tlm> nt». no rMpomlbllily will be liken for nore "• n ,°"> iuoarreet Insertion ol »a/ »!•>• ad id. For So/e nnil rlinir*. 10 ck-13 Lslnvllil By mvnor. Apply 2?00 I., i.liDilu 119 111. 10j>kl7 Ilk.- Fo:l * ti.Mvly .(..viOuiifil lonni clcnnvr IKS riml ii[,Ju)Ul.-ry Clint is lion' "IK 10 M.'ir liillKls, Inn .!.-,L:I, ncihotl)- - s InisiiirM. Ask for Kinii "I l).-:ils 1'airil S: \V;illiui|K>r 101 H. Pint Hi.. Ulyllicvilli'. K-ck-l', Have house that we must move to build. Located 212 North I'irst St. :i rooms and bath in excellent condition. 1'urchiisor must move house within 00 (lays Tom Little, Really, I'hone 801. 7-8-ck-7-13 0 \ I7(J ft. lot. JT> x 50 ft. kniiso. (•••ry stock anil fixtures, lin'st.-il Knulli lilst Strict. s<m1h nf (latt' Klurc. )>.iiii B £»iiij l.iisiuiss. 'IVn Ili of lra.Jo c<ilnr<;<l. Owner's ill lifallli roasnii fur Rflliri!;. 1). A. Sluitl). llo^ 7CJ. lilyllntvillc. 5-pk-lll FARMS FOR SALE 210 Acres (i miles west of Sleelc, Mo. Farm to Market Highway, power lines, telephone, school bus and mail route. <l houses, good loam soil, liuyer will (fi-t rents on this farm if' bought soon. 2(i() Acres on concrete high- j way I! miles west of C'a- ruthersville. Mo. I'ower line."., school bus and mail route. IJest fvi'adc of soil in 1'emiscot Coitnty. Missouri. ICxtra good for alfalfa, cotton, soybeans and corn. Ideal" for someone i wanting a well paying j farm home. tfiO Acres on Highway (il •1 miles north of Steele. Without a doubt this is the best brick farm home in this section. This house is a new !l-room brick with full basement, oil furnace, two car garage and servants quarters. There are five tenant houses on this farm and two barns. Anyone who wants the best farm home available in Southeast Missouri, should not let this get by. Have many other farms from '10 acres up. C. K. (JOI.LADAY KANCHO HOTKL HAYTI, MO. 7-12-ck-M nls Services Wn iln plaster work o( nil I rh:inl \ I'urks. call UutaiiKoji ];ii"i NO CASH MONTHLY TICUMS FALL TK11MS Paint Hoily \York, Uccnntli- licm motors, SinKiniy.ini.; and Seal Covers. Wrecker k Service, Night and Day. • 1'HILLIPS MOTOR CO. Kortl ^t iMcrfiirv Dealer 5th & Wiilnul Sls.'rhcine -15.'{ 79-elv-tr Phillips Super Service Yes Sir: You'll find I lie best station SKHVICK possible by just driving to Phillips Motor Co., at 5th and Walnut Sts. bore in Wythevilli-. Our Service Station Manager personally directs all tho service activities on the station front, and makes sure of bumper to bumper service to every customer. Thai's just one of llu> many reasons why our station sales are increasiiij; daily. We biive the latest and most modern lubrication equipment and our lubrication specialist doesn't just grease a car, he knows where and how your automobile should be lubricated to give you much smoother operation and better performance. Bring Your Car In Today tor a Complete POLISH and S/MON/Z/NG JOB We. Give Yon (>itp-<I:\y Service PHONE 453 24 Hour Wrecker Service od finA fauiulnciuns roiiafrtil. iir see I'ruiik t'rockctl. IStli ' .For Fine Portraits H's O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-2u-ck-tf Picture frames made to order O'Stcen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf Hnv^ y<iur voice record* 1 !!. \Vp linvn l Jill.-si i.i|iii|iini.Til r<-cr>rjinn v«iii- band iiniL (iri'lii'Mr^ music un.l nii s-ils:.'*. Iti.lcior anil «nl.l....r s.nind s li'iiiM for ri'iit nnil (or snli-. Itlfiln'vi Hiulio, Ivhoh'Sjilo only. 11^ Fir.^t, ijKou.. .|r.7, 7;a-ck- House moving, leveling, repair of foundations. 12 years experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Foley, Phone 3292. G-18-pk-7-18 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typen Except Cancer DRS. NIES&N1ES Cltnlo 514 Main, Blylheville, Ark., Phone mi room house & bath, Garage, Nice garden spot. 1'ricc §3500. Plume -I'lli or 2930. H. C. Camphcll. 7-10-ck-7-13 GI LOANS !f you want a 4% GI Loan to buy a homo, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH 15LDG. Phone 2034 or 502. 6-14-ck-tf Jersey milk cow. Gives 4 gallons a (lav. 5100. Phono 25(i<;. 7-11-pk-M Trnilrr. Cily (;.ir:ii;i'. ::-ni.>iii linnsi< :ni,l Pol. I'lo Cr.lwlonl. 12 i.U-115 Order your picking sacks now they may be scarce (hi? fall. Montgomery Ward Co., Ulvtheville." 7-12-ck-19 oil Itrinli.-rs rorn [.ickrr. Now. 10, Ft rain ilrill, Kniss f>-c-i uMaoliiin.nt. A-' iiiiiiitiini. Kiit:iry luic, 1:1.0, 1 ronclilion >:.i(iil fiiriu \vnj:i)os; 1 l,:i(7 fcctl mill IJU: ffrd null; •• nu-lnl unti-rin r.uiplis; :i sti'.-l \v:ili'riiiE; Iron^li^. i any-sitting, »nj night. References 35c per hour. Call U43y or 403. -21-dK-t< iYbc« you O]l Itove n»e(1l ppairinn oall 3y84. All cleaning or work Kuar- 17-ijk-Jl jftwn mowera aaarvenad and repaim. All tjrioB and ainda. We apcciakiiB in power mower iharpe^iiK and mntur overhautinif. Yea, w^ pick op and doliver. Illy Ihcville Uacklne Bbop. M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration Air Conditioning Service Engineer 1211 W. Main Phone Pay 2260; Night 2ROS Help Wanted Millwrights & Mechanics for regular maintenance work. Contact Super! n( undent. Swifl Company Oil Mill niythcville". Ark. 7-10-ck-7-lM Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-tf wnp what you have and don't v,-ant (or what vr« hnvo you Jo wnnl. ^nt- isfacliuii K»f5 ran I p(id, Klbcrt Huff nt nn SWHH Bhop. 401 East Main Klrewt. 1'hono Soy. 3-ck-tf For Rent i'lirnisln'il Imlrocmi UrLhirnislird 1tir.-.--ri)iiiii himsr ni»r(!i .>n Ili^liwiiy 01. Kills mineral t>.ioii>!O(.|it 1.1U<»] st't, Ptc. 1'rocl l-'k'tmnn. f-tc'ain bono Inonl ,V s Iwrsr >lr™n ralllu ilrltorcuT, 2l»^a, Itlylln-villo. 7;ick811 Huy your water softener from a dealer who does their own installation and guarantees soft water from now on. Planter's Hardware Co. 7-10-ck-tf LAND KOH SALK inrinHy K" fl 'l -H' ntrv tracts I Iir Urvnks of old l.ittlf Ki I ovvr(lo\v. rlos,. lo Itlyliu'vi 1'hniii. .-iC.'r iin lor two m,' I'lioiii! ISM. Imth. Oil 27:i(l Nurse, jfratlnatc or practical. Room, hoard and j^ood salary. Wrilc or Call The lirnwnson Iliwpifal, T.each- villc, Ark. 7-1 l-c!;-l(i I'url-lim,. j,.l.. Cnml pay. or tunu" -liTorru- . [(i.iil.ii'rt. lli:i"i ^lurks UldL:.. .c.nNvill,< 'I. Ky. —good salary jrnaranlei'. IMionc tilt), Osccola, or write Louis Genrtcu Motor Co., Osceolii, Ark. 7-!l-ck-M Experienced ynimf; lady for general office work. Shorthand necessary. Write Hox 310, Hlytheville, Arkansas, Kivinjc age, riiialiriealinns and references. 7-8-ck-lf> Two {^ood mechanics wanted, familiar with all cars. l cellent working conditions WANTRD—YOUIIR lady, Z'> In 2S, (<i contact imblk 1 and <lo clerical office work. Congenial surroundings and working conditions. Stenography helpful lint not essential, ftlnst he h i K h school graduate. Permanent work. Write T)ept. '(:((', 1'. O. H(}\ MSO, lilythcvillc, full informal ion. 7-G-ck-ll! Radio Service "Pin" Aiicrl ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Ailnms, Mffr. Phone ^071 20G-OS W. Inrgc l)Cilrooro, close* in, 310 \Vr =1 mail rnulo-:. Will not hnvc (n sin-nil cine dim.- lo TILOVO in. ?n A-l com! i lion. H dou'ii, IS yrs, ,-m lial;uice, ->% in- llTOSl. KIAUHA JiA^O COMPANV i«t>.,'ll ]•;. liinli--;. <>f firo— llsili- HliK" irrods fmin <'ily llnll. Office I'linm- :i:i:>:!. i<)'pk-i:t Vsrii-tv r>f liomc ni>nlK .mil nirolii-P, inrlnilini: ftcrlrir \vaff]i- ircin .1111! sti>r- Itabv MiUy — lrk<- riow. J'lmnp 20^1!. , " io-pk ir. Xrvv C-, tnt'f StnitnUrrp Carlsrm ra.ll'. 5:il.r.r». O I'.A. TJu- Kmlm ](ns|»il : .l. ^Iti K. Mnin. lO-pk-lll C'rovl.-y clcrtrlc rvfri^'mloT. I'liont* ^««9. IO-cV-17 Business Nofic* HUSIVKSS rppnrhmlHr*, C\ipnMo ttinn «ir fruly to own ninl ^rrvir,- rniilf n( / 1". S. t'oslnir'' rnnrtiino«i. Will iml jn- l.-rd-rr' \\illi |T'^ou1 iMnpliM inrrit. K\- ri-ll. 'til mi-nines. n;i cv|i.>ri«-nr-- n»'»T5- sjirv S:t7"i rnsh invo«nu.-»t n-ipiirn (ii\i> jilionf Xn. nnd niMn^s, Sinlr- if r.i-li .Txnil:»>-!.' .Hi»v C.N.f., C.mri.T Ni-wR. IT-I.^-I. Wanted to Rent lli>;li yrliool linml 'liroclnr \vnnlR :i r>r -1 rr.orn npnrluli'Ul or boilsf 1 . rurm.hrr or uiiriirnislircl. I'liono 'Jll:t2. Kipkli TliriM- roODi rnrnKhril or nnftmii*hr.l npl. Cnll 'in nr illS!*. Mr. ,-nfron) 10-1. k-ia 11 1 K. Asli. ll.j.k-l 1 Wanted to Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get the top price for vojir car or truck from PHlLLll'S MOTOR CO. Today. G-3-ck-lf )ld kodkks and camerai for pxrts. O*Slcen*a Si oil to. 4|7 cV-U tVe pay cash for nicd fnrnUure-. one plcco or K hems*, full. Call 2302. Al- Tin Hardy Furniture Co. 4|10-ck-tf Business Opportunities ITOMK ANIt AUTO SUI'l'l V S'lOllF-^ Frnnrhis.' nnd, lucrrltRmlts.' nvail.iliti 1 now fur new Ass<ict.-il<- Wlorrs. IIIM'S- tiirntf Ui-forr* yn» Invest \Vriti- or \vir.> KKSVOX AUTO .STOUKS ]>cllas 1. Tigris. 0 rk-H Personal I.o.TVinp for I.n* An^Vn Sntnnlnv inori - inj; jiliarp. \Vnul nuc n<M:ti>lt> riil--r. 1',-in In- rc'.irlK'l r\t 1 i:if» I Tolls-. in- M,-i:t Honii; Fillip nn.l n hairlu'tar. 1 will n»t !'«• r<->|ifiiisilil.'- fr.r any f.<-\* or <MiH of niiy nnr IISITIR 1ln- nrxnic «if \ W-ncd .litiiiuio D. \Vrir. 10 pk-17 /•MTV ^Al>A/^r- \VA\TK1> — iiiifiirnifln><l bn«sa or a)i1. Tor new lllytltovtlle family. Cftll Cnnr- ii-r News. Jilinnn .101. 7|J> ilK-lf ur inriwmnliod Irmlini; to Icasr nr at pnmll hons. 1 nr -I 'room nimrtnicnl. t'nll Conrirr News, plio. -101. 718-ilh-tf & Welding Shop Auto Repairs, Welding Ph. 874 400 K. Main DO YOU NEED TIRESi We Have Tires For Your Car or Truck ... the Popular 16" Sizes Are Now Available And They Are U. S. ROYAL See Your Buick Dealer Today! Langsfon-Wroten Co. Sale? Buick U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Hroadway Service Mobilgas WRECKER SERVICK Tetephone 5">;i Political Announcements Ocnrtw H«wi HM to announc* lh« CoUov* UIR cAiidlclAU*. Mibject to UM Dcuiocrfttlo prlinfcry: BHKK1FF AND COIXBCTOm JAOK PINl.ET ROBINSON WILLIAM HISKHYMAN I'OUN'J'V JII DOC C»ENE K. BRADUCT KOLAND OHBIIN ton TAX ABHKBHOB DOYLH KRNDEHBOH W. W. "WINK" WAI-BON CIRCUIT CI.F.R* J1AUVEY MOURTH CO11NTV fOUKT CLKKK ELI X A UK" I'H ULY-niH COUNTY TKKASU«E» DEI.I.A I'URTLie •TATK HKI'KF.SKNTATIVM AI.KNK WOHD K. O. FLKEMAN IJC8UK "DUKIK" BPMOK L. n. AU'lltY W. J. WDNDEIILIOH (Tor re-rlectlon) BTATE 8F.NATO» J. LKE BEABUEN JEPFKRSON W. 8PBX3K CIUCUIT JIIIXiK K G. \VAHD I. M. OREER CHAIU;ES W. LIGHT FOR SALE Concrete Culvert- Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Ihvy. (il at Slule Lino Plum: Hlylhcville 7M CALL! W. J. PoMcfrd Agency Sate, sound insurance protection, properly applied, Olcnroc Hold "* FOR n pLCRSRm URCRTIOD The IriuhwayH nre jnmme<1 with c»r§ crowded with folkt going on a summer vacation Irm. Mont of these car* are 7 or 8 years old. Naturally, there is n lot of car trouble and the garages nlo.ig these vacation routes just cnn'l tnke core of the demand for nuto service and repairs. If you nre planning on an auto trip, be sure to get your car In as near perfect «]HI|>C us possible betore you itart. We nre nnxloufc to help you Imvc n trouble-free trip ... no NOW bring your car to us for a complete and thorough inspection and "Check-up." LET US CHECK YOUR MOTOR eid i«« If alt tt« part* «r* wbrhfofl olrlqfit. took over your qancrfltor, your ipark plug*, yo«r battery, battery cable*, tan belt, cooling system and se* tliat It In .good ordsr. • RAKES aro most Important. Poor brakes nr» tfahgcreiu. Too ruchless drivers arc en tho road for you to tako ctiancti. Y«*r raVcs should be In proper dd|«stineHt . . . and If aevdwd b« rtlfM-4. HEADLIGHTS tSould be corr.cHy fbcBicd «d ttdlMNJ. F««Kf hcadlifjhtt aro one of tH« ^ra*t«it road hoiarrfj, STEERING WHEEL AND WHEEL ALIGNMENT. If yaw «tewln« wk»*l li IOOID and your ear ahlmmlct ai*d shakes, you should ba^iitr* to have It corrected before yoi start «it on a short or l«n<> trif>. Spend your time niul money before y«u ttart on a trip and HAVE MOKE TIM IS nnd MON1CY to spend on your vacation. Easy Payments on REPAIR JOBS For your convenience, we now wUl repair your ci\r artd nut It up 'In first cbsn condition . . . inul Ihcn instead ot paying the bill nil in one hunt) sum, yon cnti pay il iu «ninll \vcukly piiymehta. Drive m how for a ilioronnh innpeclion nnd 1-HKK KST1MATK. WE PUT SMILES IN YOUR MILES LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. / / 301 W. Walnut Texaco Gas & Oils Phone 578 CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "Tho Appliance Center of Blythevillc" I'lionograiilis — Kccorda and Accessories. Hal (cry and Klcctric Radios 21!) W Main Phone 34-13 Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main I.ncal fk X'Onjt: Distance Movlnn Ootnv etc Hi IIr>l)i knrt ofi.ul|irannt. A>1»- (jiiatclT Iiisurtil. Ooiitracl Mini 11 u i txlul MlHc. tJorvlcta. ITome HnTicf) & Co. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Uesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores THE BEAUTY Murrmnt D«n. Bmltb, Oi<av * / tnirmm BMt. ' , ' TheiM S27« See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-up* and lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Hare your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. : for today*" foolwcur n^iiirrd ivhcu r«- linllt in OUT moderu shop. DON EDWARDS T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Tlin Typewriter Mnn" ROVAI,, SMITH, COKONA mil KKiHINOTON I'OIITAHI.E 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3382 Complete Block* of Parti Far Cbrnler Frodoete 111 i:. Main (Every Transact Ion MUST BE SATISFACTORY) BOOTS AND IIRR BY EDGAR MARTIN HtWt RUCOV19 BftBV OUU OPtM V3INOOW SUMMER THEM I'M ft SRftND- Pf\,xx's rv oov i OH, Pft ... OUR BOV RODMtV O FfflHtR! f UTURC, BUT HE'S MftOE ft BY V. T. HAMILTON FRKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS You Win, Corporal bo YOU FILL THE HCXE WITH ICE CREAM, CALL. IT "HOOP- SCOOP." AMD YOUVe GOT A WEVV/ DISH ' IF YOU WANT TO GtT A INTO SOCIETY. DRESS IT UP ' wauvou MAKE ir SOUND GOOD, CORPORA!. -- MAV6E YOU'Ve GOT SOMETHING ! THEM Tl-IE PROPRIETOR. BEING A MAM OF VISIOM. IS TOO SMAR.T T& MISS TUP fjoAT"-SO HE GIVES OUT WITH A BIO- ORDER ' RK5HT? 'anls, ccs—§500, No! BY ME.RRILTi BLOSSBB

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