The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 30, 1949
Page 11
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) OOUBIER NEWS Our Boording House with Maj. HoopUj THAT J ' Dl " SN PLATO AS A MASCOT fOft. -ZWSA«.*~ BOT A PCO8LCM 50CS WITH HIM -—„ . A«TORM SHSlTER FOR SALE Adelaide Humphri FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEfl He'll Worry Later Concrete culvert* 12 Inch U> M Inch. pUlD - ai reentorced AUe Concrete Buildinf. Blaclu cheaper than lumbet for barns, chicken hou«a, pump howea, tenant houict. tool sb«U We drHret Call o> for free eitlnuU Phon« 69! OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. " You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LTCRS '«L.n Y SMOG SHOP WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store' , xxxv CO Gaynel'i littl* sister had de- decided to get a job. Had Fritr planted this seed, too? "Dear me," Emily said, but she wore her sweetest smile again. "A model does sound rather startling. If you know what I mean. I suppose a photographic one should be different. An office, instead of a studio. The things one hears about artists! Though I've known some very nice orres. I do see now my Interests must coincide with my home. I meant that they should, from now on. My family must come first And you know, darling, The Simple Life is really quite the thing. People are all going back to the farms." ; . "I can't imagine you going back that far, Mother," Gayhel said. She, too, pushed back her chair. She would have to get going. "I am sure, however, that/ you itill can lead your Simple Life, Us some degree. Even though I am going to marry Barry." : ' , .• : -, Emily fluttered after her into the hall, the ruffles on her lacy negligee fluttering, too; her pretty hands gesticulating; murmuring protestation! still. Something about, "But, darling, ttiere won't be any point to it, if you marry Barry . . . with all that money. ... I ^do think you shouldn't be in "such "V hurry,' darling. 7 ; . Such a different life, so interesting for me" . . . and even something more about having intended talking with a real estate'man about the big house today. But Gaynel did not answer, except • to bestow a dutiful daughterly kiss on her mother's cheek after she got into the leopard coat, adjusted the small gram beret, and •tarted out for h«r day. • • • r PHE situation was too ironic to •^ appeal to her aense ol humor, for once lacking. Now that she wa* not going to marry Fritz everything had adjusted itself, beautifully so that <he could have. Denny was contributing his share and accepting his part of the r«- sponiibilitles; Emily desired to lead what she ws> pleased to call The Simple Life, as a new experiment and fancy; even Pat had asserted her independence and gave promise of the intention to take care of herself and lead a life of her own before many yean. But it was Barry, whom Gaynel was going to marry now. She had given him her promise. She meant to live up to it. She told herself it was he she wanted, the security and protection he could give her. He would spoil her dreadfully, be terribly good to her. Oh, ; she would try, very, very hard, to do as much—in her way—for him. Bessie Carter was the first to call to wish Gaynel happiness, after the announcement of her engagement appeared in the papers. "I think it's grand!" Bessie declared over the wire. There was no doubt as to her enthusiasm. "! always knew you two would fix it up, eventually. And it looks, darling, as though your gal friend might decide to do the same thing, most any old day." "Good for you," Gaynel said, with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. For of course Bessie meant that she.had decided to marry Fritz. And if Bessie had decided that, it was as good as done. Well, why shouldn't Bessie go after Fritz,.now, that Gaynel was marrying Barry?- And why, in heaven's name, should Gaynel give a darn, one way or another? "Fritz is away again," Bessie said. "Down South; he surely gets around. But 1 tell him it'« too silly, when we could have so much fun—though, of course, I hear from him, wires and long distance —Friu claims he's the world's worst correspondent.*' ' Yes, Fritz had said that to Gay- net, toe. But he h»d written her when in Chicago. No doubt h« was saying all the things now to Bessie, that once he had said ta her. . r "I even got Father to make • place for him here," Bissie was saying. "At a much falter salary. But, can you tie this, hVwouldn't take it?" '• t QAYNEL couldn't tie Iti but her heart, that h»d sunk so low, gave a lift.' Then sank again «t Bessie's next declaration. 1 "I told him he'd have to—after we are married. 1 don't intaid to have a traveling man for*- band!" It would be interesting to see who won out—Bessie or Frit*. Each was as stubborn ai the other. Gaynel hoped they'd lead a cat- and-dog life together. And th to make up for »uch an unkind thought, she -aid, "I want you to be one of my bridesmaid!, Bessie," she said sweetly. Bessie said, enlhuslically again, that that would be simply grand. Maybe Barry would ask FriU for one of the ushers. Gaynel replied that that would be up to Barry. But she scarcely thought-it likely, or that Fritz would accept, were Barry to ask him. These last opinions she kept to herself, naturally. At least Fritz was not marrying Bessie for her Father's money, or what he could do for him. As he would think she was, when sh« married .Barry. But she wasn't; she wasn't! Let FriU think what he pleased. The money would be nice; it would be ridiculous, untruthful, to. say it wouldn't But she—rand Barry—knew there wa« much more than that ' She was terribly fond or Barry. And she despised Frederick Fitzroy Freyman. (To Be Concluded) Say It . With Kluwer* THE FLOWER SHOP OlencM PLon» 4491 M M4? In England It's th« Chemist Shop In France !*'» th* Apothecary Shop . 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PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMEER YOU "\ FURIOUS WHEN ) SHOULD HE SAW THE /USE MY &ILLFOR MY/SVSTEM, COAT.'/VMRS. Bans. WHEN WALDO GETS ANQRV J SHED A FEW TEAR5 TEARS ALWAYS MOVE HIM! ^ \ THAT, TOO AND THE DIDN'T Knockout Drops BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE .' I'M SCARED. WHAT IS THAT NO TIME 7Q WASTE. HE CHAPTERED ON, JUST AS I DID, BUT NOT QUITE RDR THE SAME REASON. Ifc THOBP.'ISAWHIM ASHQBEWITHVERA CWRKLWG. CAPTAIN EASY BY I.KSLIE TURNER WHY P0N'r XXI SHOW CATHY THE WATEBFAIL WWHJ BY Tim BOW WOT}! HAVEW'T 1 LI5TEW...IM TIREPI3F YOU KIPS AUVAYS UNOEKFOOn ' — WOW BEAT ST.' I PLEASE... ° R . ATHEB , Nor 60 IF 1 1 WANT TO BE ALONE HILARY—/ WTH y MK FATHEB.SO DON'T HURRY BA'K! ENOU<S« FOB THATUTTLE PEST?" BUGS BUNN? SYLVESTER, WH6N YA SONNA OUT 5CROUNGIM' A8OUNB GARBA3C CANfi UKC AN MOU'LL NCVER SEE ME LIPT THE UP ANOTHER GARBAGE / NOW AN > - X TAUflNV I, TOO, HAVE MOVEP ON TO BIGGER THINGS // GARBAGE COLLECTION Thai SI range Feeling IiY V. T. HAMI.IN LOOK BE HIND US WILL YOU! HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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