The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 12, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1946
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 12, liMG Reconversion Report Issued Steclman Warns Of Prospects for Another Depression. WASHINGTON. July 12. lUI')-- Reroiivci'sUin Director John li. Slr/.>lm;m yfslL'ictiiy <v:iruc<\ (Me Nution of :, "slmrp depression" if Congress clues not reajiply ciluc- , live price cyiilrols. ^ /In n iitiitrtur'iy report to Pivsl- rient, Truman ami Congi't'ss on the reconversion progi'smi. Stcclinni liclil out no hope 10 American consumers for relief of commodity sliorlsigex tills year. "Without any question, the m- Ilnticnary OXI.TSS or demand ovci supply nan net | JP climiniuccl in tho remninins; inoiilhs of low." In. raUI. He .snici the major problems during I he rest of this year- '.vwld 1)( Incrciisiim production aim at th fame tijiic restraining dempncl. He :niu3e a fervent apical loi restoration O f adequate price •-•<>" li'ol. .saying that under present cvii- tlilion.s rapidly risini; ])rices inevitably breed strikes mid higher wnses. This treadmill operation, lie said, \vnulcl dissipate the income and saving'; 01 the American people for food, shelter and other basic necessities. This, in his opinion, w:»uUL leave the people unable to buy uihcr products of industry. "Thi.s inability lo buy. combined with the to pay unseasonable prices, causes a curtailment of markets. Similiirly rapidly rising costs of construction reducj? business -.investment. The inevitable result is n shai',) Depression like that we .suffered after the first World War." S:iys Production Now High BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN -' Lilo in a Target Range snid the l)oy In n snnill vylc'e. llnl 11 Junk tlesikT w.uUud Ihnl one—ami isot II for live dolltirs. ' llluckwt'll went on lo Die next one: "A nice rod, slioni; sturdy bike here. Whftl mil I bid?" A rile went his limit uKnln. hut, 11 sccond-hiuul dealer wllli seven i bin'hs got thut one. | Prelty soon, they were all lioiu lint one streamlined bike. Acllc, :\ dlscouraued little boy. still elunii to his $1.75. With hope "hnosl gone, he bid \venkly on this last one: "A dollar seventy-live, please." There wns silence In Die MB "lib' room. "A dollar sevenly-llve," i-linn'.ad :he niicllonecr, "GottiK ouc«— Ko'.ni; twice—BoInK three limes. Sold lo the boy In the tattered overalls." Arlic Trnelove, ul Ihe HBO of ten, hftd received his (list lesson In the .'ailed • business of trading. Nomura Opposed .Deceit Leading To Pearl Harbor All IV.e comfort of home—nlmo?t—is provided U. S. personnel sla- lioncd on Bikini during atomic bomb lc$ts there, even a soft- i.lrin!c ''saloon." TOKYO. July 12. <W>— Adlll. Kichlsubiiro Noinuru. Jupnnese tuu- J.insndor I 0 the United Stntes ill Ihe lime of IVml llnrbur, nolllled Ms lioveriuiient on Oct. '2'1. 19)1. Hint lie' did not want to pluy n aecelttul role in pnuie iiciiOllu- Uoiis. II wns leiirneil todny. •'ii-'dn- in ..vldein'i! now In the hnnds of tlic tnleinullonnl prosecu- 01 me War Crimes Tvliil, Noinurn sent u secrcl mes- siim 1 to the Jupunrse Bovernment SLI.MIIK lie bhouLd huve resigned when (lie cublnet of Prince 1-Mnl- ninro Konoye fell Ocl. 18, 1041. The Konoye ciiulnel WHS succced- tlic yi (Icfciidnnls now on trial [*«• . ttnr I'l'liues. .n uu> niU'i'ccpled me.viiiKc, \\Tii':h I prolmbly uiil lie Introduced In :'«! current iihil. Noimiru .suit! he knew I Hint Coiilell mill. U ,H. M'crctiiry ^ot slnle, renli/eo he was sincere but had little Ink'nicncc in Jap:in. (hen Skin Torture >liiu MIJ ' xli More tliiin S20U.OOn.fIUO In bcne- I|(s' ; to insured workers Is niinunlly paid.' by employers in Ihe United Sillies. u ou lui inlorlltiK ivll.-r ntm ills lln liil iiti' nl Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Titl* — Land* — Loon* 213 W. Walnut Phon* 2381 VVILV Lill.l JI-I i $ t 1 U H >' ki'S* —• nuiliil'-SH ---- iTLiniunii'iu .LiinimtLi'g li.-uUin.'. A Ml; fin Mo 's L-;<n<-ntUl OIL Siill'flu-linn «.r im.m>y ImcK—UIKM! ilriiKlilttlu K\'vry\\ h^i L-. Ui'U^ Store - CUy DI-MK I'o, Lad of 10 With Limited Funds Makes Deal at Bicycle Auction ATLANTA. On., July 12. (Ul 3 i~"nlls ami clutching his wealth light- In » Ing, usly room nt, police head-' ly in his fist, wormed his wuy up 1 (juartcrs, the cily piles odds an-.l j front whore he could sec. And there cuds of !o:;l LUKE stolen articles un- i before him was not Just one, but 18 churned by their owners and sells | bicycles. them periodically to the highest} Auctioneer Charlie BlackwoH bidders. . \ paused at (he first one, asking: TL is a cold and strictly business "What nm L bid?" process, mostly nt (.ended by junk- Slpplmiui reported that total pro- | men, second hand dealers and pawn - cmcUon of tjoocis nnd services ^ ! brokers. I ^ When Arlic Trulovc stepped sbyly "*' into the room, lie was abnosl frig'at-' encd away by the brumi of the auctioneer's voice and all the other grownups. But stronger lhan hl-i fear was his burning desire for a bicycle. vjnis been lost since then, but added: For a boy of ton. tilings like th;«t Br "H was never considered possible art? important. :\ntl when .somcon ( ; wr desirable to hold an inflexible told him they sold bicycles here -cheap—he fjot busy. For days, lie hoimieci his savings, penny at a time, until he had $1.75. He prayed it would b'.; enough. Arlic, dressed in faded blue ovcf- "A dollar and seventy-five cents, ' Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches Blytheville CUlUi MARKET 130 East Main Street now higher lh:in at any other time in American history. He stated that until the price control net expired, the administration's economic stabilization jjro- Rraiu was working. He said some economic ground been lost since then, but nd-ied: " "It was never considered possible desirable to hold an inflexible line indefinitely against the upward pressure of prices und wages." Stcelnitin said that the possible loss of controls put the Nation fit a difficult crossroad: "We must clioose now whether tve r,h ovc forward through the final stages of reconversion \vith effective price and wage coniiols or whether we are prepared to '.ake the risk of abandoning such controls at a lime when supply and demand still are radically out of balance." lift attacked proposals in Con- Bicss for the OPA to pass upon ^.pi'oflts earned by Individual busi: «cssmen on individual items. lie said that such a plan would be -•Ificient. only ir it fixed ceilings en an industry-wide basis and dealt only with hardship cases individually. He recommended several methods for bringing Federal expenditures below revenue, including a cut or at. / least a postponement in public work? programs until labor and coilstruc- • (ion materials are more easily available. , He also advocated continuance of Federal restrictions on consumer credit, including installment buying, and bank loans. These restric- ticns have been operative since early in the war. "JIMMIE" Quality Cleaners Prompt Pick-up and Delivery Service * Phone 3555 for Keller Cleaning-Pressing 428 West Ash SATURDAY BAKERY SPECIALS 2 Layer - 7 Inch Banana Nut Cake - - Don't Say Bread . . . Soy HART'S Bread HART'S BAKERY Blytheville Owned — Employing TJlytheville People AT YOUR SERVICE Used Ice Refrigerators - 50-75-100 (Iwxl Used SiiiKCr Sowing Machine—sews like new Ni;\V CKDAK CHKSTS—New Perfect Sleeper 1 nnercpring Matlressses — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Main Rhone 2302 All our KmployrcN ure War Veteran*. USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. BU7 I CAN SERVE YOU-BETTER IF YOU'LL TREAT ME TO HIGH-OCTANE GASOLINE Skelly Gasoline that's ilic thing that puts life und pep in the old bvis. Makes it go like a scared rabbit. Stop today—try a tankful. You'll always be thankful! Allen Petroleum Company Marketers of Petroleum Products Phone 2005 Bjytiievillo, Ark. THlKt'S $VWJ£&. WHIRF. /Ofl >fI THti JIGN If you lire nolriK lo keep y,mr present car let m give you mi fstiniulc on reconditioning your motor, hndy inn) imiiitino;. t'ri'dil terms rttn (H- arrnnirrri. Tires. Tubes and auto und hiiiuv riutios for wile. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Olilsmoliile Hunt Main Si. CMC Tracks Phone 519 RAIN INSURANCE... For Your Freshly Washed Car! 24 Hour Insurance — 25c If it ruins within 24 hours after you have hiid your i-nr washed nt our station ami you arc u holder of our Card, just present Curd within 'IS hours and we will wttsh it n— l-'REKl A weight of one and one-half toils can •&' supported by the normal man's thigh bone without breaking the bone. Vt'hy IMnuntaiii Valley Water Is Recommended for Arthritis-Kidney Bladder CONDITIONS This nalural naler from lint SpritiEs, Arkansas, helps io— S t i in n i a t c Mdncy function. Soothe bladder irritation. 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