The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 13, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY; SEPTEMBER is, 1949 BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' PAGE NINE Lenders Stress Upkeep of Home Borrower Also Must Be Able to Handle Cost of Maintenance Mortgage lenders report tiiat an increasing number or families, when seeking loans to purchase homes lai; to consider the cost of home maintenance and that many home- frseekcrs are disappointed when lenders tell them they will have to accent .smaller loans and consequent!}' smaller houses. Packaged monthly payments include principal, interest. t?xes and water. They do not cover painting, rcdecoration. repair or installation of new equirxncnt. Since lenders require that property be kept in good condition, maintenance is as much a cost of home ownership as taxes and interest. Therefore, a lender examines closely the borrower's income and outgo to determine if 'he home can be properly maintained without becoming a financial burden. Allowance for Maintenance Some banks are now suggesting that i r ;, of the cost of the home be allowed each year for maintenance —in the case of a $10,000 property, SlfJO per year or about S8 monthly. They then arid this figure to the monthly payments when determining how large a mortgage can be written, but the amount for maintenance is not included In the monthly payments. Lenders point out that maintenance expenditures can be offset by HOME FOR FAMILIES MAKING $".0 A WEEK — The new lorn-room prefabricated homo above is being built by a subsidiary of U. S. Steel to sell far StiSOO or less, including a Inndsciiijcd lot. Known as the "Champion." Die low-cost house—designed for (amities making S35 to S40 a week—is being turned out by Guim'iEon Homes, I lie., at New Albany, Ind, Before tons, it will be Available in all sections of the country. The house is'built largely of plywood, Features include forced air heating system, complete insulation and streamlined kitchen. Varied exterior designs will avoid "sameness" when the houses are built in groups, f'i k'es will vary according to location, but the "Champion" is designed to sell for a down payment of as little as S350, and monthly payments at about S37. High Quality of Construction Rather Than Size Featured in New Homes allowable income deductions! through fuel savings If the home Is insulated with mineral wool. The Insulation also reduces redoration expense because dirt is deposited ]e*s rapidly on insulated walls and ceilings. Austrian Archduchess Is Married in France BOURGES. Prance, Sept. 13. (AP) — Blonde Archduchess Elisabeth Charlotte, 27, youngest daughter of j Austria's last emperor, Charles 1, was married yesterday to Prince Heinrich Carl of Liechtenstein, 33. There were three separate ceremonies—one civil, one a family tradition and one the religious service. The religious ceremony, which revived lor the moment the formal protocol and glory of the ancient Austrian Court of the Hausburgs, took place at nearby Lignieres. The bride wore an ivory while satin dress, a lace veil and the diamond diadem o[ the 18th Century Austrian Empress Marie Thereto. With high quality building ma-» terials again available In good quantities, private builders ate answering the public demand for low- cost housing by constructing thousands of small homes to sell in the $6,000 to S7.000 bracket, a national survey shows. Elowevcr, the question In every buyer's mind today is. "What is the difference between the Sfi.OQO home of today and the $9,000 home of last year?" A contractor, who Is building 400 "economy houses" In the Houston, Texas, area, says the SG.OOO homes he has under construction are better built than most of the S9.00G homes of last year. SAD SPANIEL-Pops, the cocker spaniel, was dejecled at . being left behind in New York when his master and mistress Rev.' to Bermuda for a short vacation. A little later, he barker! for joy when he boarded a Clipper bound Jor Bermuda to join them. "It Is more solidly constructed and built of better material." he said. "The only thing Is that there Isn't as much of It." Set on SOxlOO-foot landscaped lots, these Texas houses have two bedrooms, no basement and 672 square feet of living urea, excluding an attached garage. Asbestos cement siding is the favorite exterior wall finish and hardwood flooring is used in all the rooms except the bathroom and kitchen. A half dozen contractors are cooperating in a program that will bring 245 "economy houses" to the Evansville, Ind., area. Pi-ices will run from S5.800 for a prefabricated Job to $6.350 for what Is called "conventional construction." The Evansville houses are essentially the same as those In the Texas project. Sizes for a two-bcrt- room bascmentless house vary from 612 square feet to 700. They, too, feature asbestos cement siding as the exterior wall finish. In the Memphis. Tetm.. area 157 "economy houses" are being built with 816 square feet of living space to sell for $6.250. These two-bedroom houses have asbestos cement siding and are built on a concrete slap with asphalt tile floors. The same builder also plans to construct three-bedroom houses (or S9.000 on 60 and 75-foot loots with from lOfW to 1150 square feet. These hovses also arc .siding. to have asbestos cement Bathroom Is One Of Most Important Rooms in House Varied Furniture Styles Combine Harmoniously Tiadkional dining-roum furniture such as eighteen century ma- hugany or walnut sideboard with marble top, seventeenth century tapestried chairs, and even the more austere Shaker pine and cber- Tlie modern bathroom, an Amcr- ! £, l>icccs ' ca " combine lean "institution," Is one of the most important parts of the house, says tiie Plumbing and Heating Indus- trips Bureau In a statement issued Safety Habits Can Prevent Liquid Fires Flnmable liquids are a fire hazard In every liomc in which they are stored, safety officials report. When such liquir.s are misused and improperly stored, (heir chalices of causing a destructive home fire are increased a thousand-fold, It Is pointed out. Most common amoiiif the careless uses of flammable fluids, such as benzene ami naphtha, is their use for home dry cleaning. Having low Ignition points, these fluids may —j ignited by any spark v.ith u radius of 200 feet from where they arc being u.sed. Carbon tetiacliluride and lire- proof commercial cleansers are the only liquids recommended for home use. A common, and safe, practice is to use thorn for sjxit removal and to send clothes needing thorou:;h clc.'iilHBs to dry cleaning establishments, Another dangerous use of tlam- inablc liquids is for starting fires in furnaces and stoves. They Ignite so rapidly thai their ilamcs'oflcn leap nut ami catch the hair or cloihtiiK of persons foolish enough to misuse them in this uay. To reduce the menace of flammable liquids, safely officials recommend sUiviny I htm umsiitc 1 homes. Metal tanks arc suescstcil ! for large amounts, while galvanized steel gasoline and" oil cans may lie used for small amounts. Gloss bot- i ties never arc suggested; they break j Visitor With 'Sten' Gun Threatens Prime Minister TEL, AVIV, Israel, Sept. 13. (AI>> —A visitor in the Israeli Parliament Kallery pointed a sten gun <m»- chlne gun) toward prime minister David Bcn-Gurlon as the prltna iiinLstcr entered yesterday Just oe- ore the legislators began an elght- teek rece.'is. The House was thrown Into' »n iproar but guards seized the man, llMirmcd him and removed him rom the building. too easily. As added protection, authorities recommend keeping several ^alvan- iztrt steel pails iillcil with sand near all areas In which flammable- liquids are stored. These sturdy pails are rust-resistant, so they may be kept outside without ' s "nd suffocates n liquid fire; UMHCIi COVI!K—President Truman, hatless ami carrying a bor- rmral uinl>n:U«, walks from his luusm's home across the Mrect Irani tin .summer White House at Independence. Mo., after paying a call. A secret service man follows him down Hie «a,lk. The duel executive ventured out in a morning rain storm to visit with Ethel and Nellie Nolan. (AP WilTpllOtO).' narnion- iously, A ciiniug-room with gi-cat originality and style can be devclopro by willcr °"'y M'reail it. using such pieces, cither nu'/.jues or reproductions. Haitrt the walls and woodwork dark misty slate-blue; the ceiling a very pale gray-blue. Use straight- ill connection with National Home Week, September 11-n. The Bureau calls attention to the vital functions performed by the | hanging'TalhcTed^curtai.V'o'r'Ta'c- V«. R..IM plumbing fixtures as well as to the ; qucr red with plain valances ot the' I O DLJIld Six Applications For Permission attractive designs now available and 1 same material, on exhibition hi the demonstration homes open in connection with National Home Week. Because the "furniture" for the ba'hronm. namely the plumbing fixtures, is permanently ii\stalled. 11 should be chosen carefully for long sen-ice and lasting beauty, the Uil- rcau arivi?es. Small rooms look better when their contents have the same basic design. This gives unity of effect— an important principle in decoration. Thi.s effect can easily be ob- , an ri rooted compotes. In the center taineri with modern plumbing ftx- tuies because they are made to harmonize in proportion, line, and color. There are many ways to group them attractively in matched seta. Since plumbing fixtures are immovable, they form the basis of bathrcom planning. Points to be considered are the harmony betwen thrir color and rie-sign ami the walls and other Paris of the room as a \vhole. Also important Ls the practical arrangement of the fixtures, especially with relation to storage and other facilities. Through 3.748 Red Cross chapters in every part of the country Red Cross home service for servicemen and their families is Instantly available anywhere In the United States. Divers Collide in Air; One Suffers Fatal Injury SHEERNESS. Eng.. Sept. 13. M'j— Robert Fray dived off the high board at the local swfmmlng pool yesterday just as John Gage dived i off the low board. They collided In the air. Fray. n. I was thrown off balance, hit the j bottom of the pool and died <«' a i broken neck. Gage. 16. is i'i - h rpl- tal with concussion. Pittsburgh, Pa., and surrounding Allegheny County have more than 000 bridges. By MUmlcRl definition, snap or green beans, pod of peas and garden pepper are fruits. ANDERSON COAL CO. 300 S, IstSt, Phones 4907 3561 ' YOUR EYES WILL TELL YOU Examine closely (he electrical wiring installed by (he experts al Charley's Klectrical Shop and you'll see for yourself why you'll be assured of trouble-free service. And Ihe same exacting care is given each small repair job. So next lime you have need for expert electrical service just call 2993. 4 CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 5th Fh... Six applications for permits U> Over the sideboard or buffet hang construct an estimated $22,5110 a group of old black-and-white worth of residential and small buni- prints or stee! engravings framed ! ness buildings were placed on file alike in simple' frames on white during the past week in the office matfs. Books of interesting prints of City Engineer Joe Carney, or classic statues, costxunes and' Three of the applications were (he like can usually be found in lor permits )"> build houses. Other old book-shops. Build the group of . applications covered a small busl- almost. upto the celling : ness bi'lUUuR. a gar.-me and a residential remodeling job. An application also was Iiled for permission to move a house. Applications were filed by: Johnny Marr, for a five-mom of the dinms-tablc use contrasting ' frame rcsir'rnce ^t 721 Ad:uns fin flower combinations, such as gold- : Country Chib Artiai; estimated en-yellow with white, in simple ] cost. SS.OOf). square modern vases of American I L. O. Gill, for a six-room frame hand-made glassware. residence on ''ccan AVCUMC (in Country Chib cost. $9.000. Will Dukes, for a rivr-ro^m framr residence on Poplar Street; estimated cost. $1.000. James Ford, for a conrrelc block pictures height. On the buffet arrange interesting pieces of glassware such as decanter, oil and viiugar bottles, j Area); estimated S. Dakota's Black Hills Snow-Covered on Sept. 72 RAPID CITY. S.D.. Sept. 13. Wj— ... . ,. . , Three to four inches of snow cov. F '" l \, C ' "."",'';,' ered most of South Dakota's Black Hills yesterday. It was the first snow of the season In the state. business buildin nt fill S cast , 5 1 ,500. Iceberqs are not all frosty white. Strata of deep-blue ice arc scattered through mast of them. O. M. Christian, fir a concrotr block Karaite n t r,\\ vvcst Ash; estimated cost, $2,000. G. O. C.T'dill. to rrmnrlrl residence al 1100 West Walnut/, estimated cost, $1.000. Willis Hiiiett. to move a housr I Irom the air base to Ri]|;lmiii Adclt- NORTH LIGHT ON EVERY SIDE OF YOUR HOME WITH Il,AT!-0-VV3uO J.IME wit when you either stood the gUrt of direct sun, or put up with darkened interiors, depending on whether you had no awnings or auningi that Mimitied almost no Light. Now, Slats-o-wood — graceful, colorful, individual in •lyle and ipptjrance — filltr direct lun and glar. through • s'jKjl^jtd »| a | arrangement, giving • • oft, diffused light throughout every room. Not only that, but Slati-o-wood— made of fine, light, lop-gradt, permanent wood, from Wtst Coast foresti — need never b« taken down. With merely in occasional coil o f paint they will maintain (heir good looV« for the life of your home. For these and other reasons, home owners in every pirt of the South are now installing permanent, year-round Sl«t». o .wood. Budget plan avail- 1 ible. Pleiie phone u» today for free literature iboul Slati-o.wood, .nd an estimate if you wish.] JVouwill bt under no obligation, of course. S Deal's Paint Store 109 1 Main Phone 4469 Pearls arc most frequently foum in oysters that me unhealthy, over- Thc United Stairs has more tlian | crowded and [or plauunl by para- a down communities named Berlin. < s | tcs mgl ^ mmfmiam P Al N T PRICES REDUCED! Butch Boy now $5,95 Hy-Klass now $4.08 Wallpaper . Room Lots . .. $2.00 Kasy ['Hyment Loans E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone 551 Composer Orel STAMKOHD, Com:.. Sept.. 13. (A! 1 )— Harry T. Burlctgh, 62, . Negro composer of Deep River and other folk songs and spirituals, died nt n private hospital here yesterday. Hi.s best known composition* also Included "Little Mother of Mine," and 'Just You." the C R ANE OXFORD . . . with Uorurcs yov'ff Value i))imle<) huycn will recognize the many practical features, of (his medium priced Oan« quality lavatory. Included In the Usi of O*for4 lavatory features are Crti/mon/fau- cet" with r> controls—comfort angle control panel—bu)U«»a st>ap dish—easy-to-cle*n vitreoui china—handy shell back—dtsciao tivc panel drsign—large rectangular basin. Let ui show yon how this Crane lavatory will contribute to better living in your home, "PETE" THE PLUMBER 109 North 1st ' WATER is your Cheapest Commodity • - - Use il FREELY! f Biytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark.

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