The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1947
Page 6
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FACE an BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1947 FpfeYEsf at e Is Valued at $2,777,673.26 N. Y.. June 7. <OT)— The late President Prank- 'lin'D. Roosevelt left a gross cs- tate.of-$2,m J «T3.26.pnp«rs filed in the Dutchess county Surrogate CourJ/ revealed- today. The pacers disclosed that the original •• estate was augmented' by «»4,155 19 from ills mother, Mrs. Stti&I Delano Roosevelt, and im increase in capital, probably from stocks a:id bonds, of $167,757.40. (the estate paid': S3S3,C6i.55 : federal taxes, $46,598.47 in state <,ta*«'»nd $1397.74 in taxes to the District of Columbia. The President's estates in Cam- da, Campo -Bella and the Province of New . Brunswick also were taxed. ^ Rqose,'vett owed the Dominion *1 80.06 and the Province of N'3W Brunswick $2,409.87, for n total • of in taxes. Palestine's Stern Gang Admits Murder-by-Mail Plot Against the British Shucks, No More Audience , June 7. (UP) — The number of intercepted letter bombs rose', to 20. today 'With discovery o nine,; more explosive-laden envelopes' address to • British ministers or former Scotland the 'latest letters hnd been These monkeys in Chlcaso's Lincoln Pai-k Zoo are just as bewildered as they ioolt. 1 lie newly dcsiEiied cnso they're in is lilted will) a spednl transparent mirror glass which allows the. children . in the Coresjiouiul to view monkey antics but does not permit the mpnlieys to sec the children. ; <, They only see themselves, as their side of the class is a mirror. __ ^^^^^ exjpl^sjves have been found in the The- Stern Gnng, militant Jew- ish underground organization I" Fiiiesline, claimed responsibility for the letters. It clistrlautMl ill Tel Aviv la-st night agents in Italy had Ernest Benin uiici-his predecessor Anthony Krten Briiish leaders disclOj- tlie 'mnrdcr-hy-iniiil I"»l- of cipicnts were not dosed. 's intended re- nmedialcly dis- Negro (Jets Sentence O/ Death in 3 Trials JACKSON, Miss., June 7. (UP) — Tlie trial score for Sandy. Magcci HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. • is pleased to announce that Mr. Richard Holr i has joined our staff as J carpenter and maintenance m man. Call us to do that i job you can't do or don't want to do. Telephone 2801 Kesd Courier News Want Ads. Utlca, Miss., Negro, stood tod.r at three convictions and thre' dealli penalties. An appeal was nil licipatcd ngiiinsl Mugcc'.s third con vklton returned last night by ' an nil-white JiL-.-y. Magee was tried three times . on charges of sl"S'lnB Ernest Conn, a Utlca cafe owner. He was sentenced to death COPR. 1947 BY KEA £CRVJCf. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFf. 6-7 ' ' : The only thing wrong witli Betty is her father is the only banker in town—he'd probably expect her husband to ba a young man with money in the bank!" By MERRILL ELOSSER | Magcc's third trial. - Tl>t? STOUT I ~WkIlc Flora !> •V>**K tor divorce, Mile Htrcrcllr tae«<M ll«b OM leave hi lluffalo. Them <B»te Been ovrrxctiK nnd Flora proeft nhend with her iilunM. ' X»« IhHH n muntli nf Icr the ill- v«rt« !• flnnl, the junior 1111- •OBMrrii krr rnKn^rmruf 111 Srtm F«rWK. I,.for one. nni Mbuckf*!. Flora hnd on\y JitKt fiuifliU-d t» Mr 4hn4 xfcr \vn«* tznlii^ io fcave » b»br. ISol.'H». ' .» * * XIII fT"HE next-morning, as'soon ns •* Father had left the house, I telephoned Flora that I had to tee her: SKfe came over and I immediately 'Rpk her up to my room, then closed and bolted the door. I-kaid: "Tell me quick. Have you told Sam?" Flora laughed. "Louise, for heaven's sake, give me a little time. You don't tell a man the minute he asks you to marry nim that you're going to have a baby. That would be the height of indelicacy.""This"' is- no joking* matter. Flora." •;-.. "Do you suppose I don't know it'. Oh, Louise, what will I do? What will I do? I'm almost ou of my mind." * v I now saw 1 :that; Flora looked hoticw-eyed and pinched, that he hand3 moved restlessly, that then were t ew lines about her mouth But rh ; did not cry. She told in that if she started crying she be lieved she would never be ab>j t stop. She had made no plans. She dii admit that it had never occurre to her that Sain meant to asU he to .marry hiin. Indeed she ha gor^e to tell him about the bab and ask for advice when he sud derjly up and popped the questio Flora claimed that she was s surprised, she entirely forgot aboi the baby until after she had sni yes i _ ..••'; t "But why on r earth did you so yes?. Baby or no baby, you're cci tainly n it in love with Sam.V darling, you are such ii!d! • I do love Sam. I always ivo, even when 1 was too young nd silly and romantic to uncicr- and. I was never really In love ilh poor Bobby, but only In >ve with love. Always in the ickground there was dear Sam, •) strong and line and honorable, ouise, I adore him. It would be caven to be mnrricd to him. You ust believe it." * * * WAS never so surprised hi my life. There was no question ol lora's sincerity. I said: "You'll have to wYlic to lob. Perhaps lie can get a dia- harge and come home and you nn be remarried. After all, it's Bob's baby. It's up to him to take are of it ... ami you." "Bob's in France," Flora said carily. "He could never get a lischnrgc. And how could I niar- _y Bobby feeling as I do about .am?" I wanted to shake her. "Well, what are you going to lo?" I nsltcd blnnlly. "You've ilaccd Sam in n terribly humill- iriB position. I don't believe he'll ;ver forgive you, and I don't >lame him. What \mdor heaven possessed you to _'jniou'Ace youi engagement? .Why didn't yon t' Sam? lie's kind-hearted. He would have helped you." Flora gave a long, shnddcvinj sigh. She hadn ? t ipcani to announce the engagement, she said She hadn't even meant io ii'll hci mother and sisters, bi.<. i;ny> blurted it out at once. And -,vis vorld, or let me TeH them, that spent 1h;-ce days with Bob in 3xi)Talo. It's a good thing I knowr ibont Dial lri[). Otlierwise every ild cat in town would believe it viis Sam's baby instead of Bab's." WOT HI NO happened for three days. Then Flora telephoned, nd aslced me to give her my word '£ honor I would never breathe ii vord about knowing I knev/ what. t seemed little to ask. I.prcii-.lsed. "Docs your mother know?" I isked. "Yes. Everyone knows—evcry- ine important, I mean." That evening Sam came over. 'Ie was pale and grave and asked o see Father alone. They went rilo the library and closed the loor. I was 01. pins and needles, couldn't read, couldn't sew. About 9 o'clock Father called' me in. Father said: "Sam has come io me with an amazing story. Is It true that you lent Flornbello noney to go to Buffalo her husband a little over months ago?" "Yes," I said. "Humph!" Father said. "You were exttcmely culpaJJle. Under the circumstances ..." "Bob was about to leave for the front. Flora told me she would walk it I did not let her have the money. .^Her all, they were still married then." "Flora wns suing for a divorce. Her suit certainly would hav.e been thrown out of court if it had been known that she spent three days with her husband. I sure that the divorce would still be valid if the facts came out. have always been proud of your common sense. Now .I'm afraid yon src as addlcpaled as Flora herself." River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H.Webb Phone/14 Radio Repair Let our college trained experts kuep your radio working with guaranteed service ... no job too ittle or too big! Specialists in change-over from battery to electric set. Musical .9 Instrument Supplies and Repairs . • . Special orders handled promptly. Gift Goods — Office Supplies — Variety Items Call $11 J. Me 11 Brooks Jr.. . 107 E. Main St. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER Service Cars and trucks of outstanding quality and economy. Studcbaker builds curs and trucks that can take it. ASK the man that OWNS one! Slimmer heat is tough on cars and trucks— let our skilled mechanic handle your car when in need of attention Promptly and expertly! Factory- Approved Methods are employed for all service and repair/ — Complete Truck Repairs Made Any Model. EXPERT PAINTING AND BODY WORK Complete Line of Studebaker Parts, Seat Covers, Fnff Lights, Electric Clocks, Bumper Guards, Trnck Reflector Flares, Batteries, Tires ami Tubes. s« terribiy happy. She had toui "'nihcL- remavied in the library her mother tlic engagement was to be kept secret,' had tried lo hint that there were reasons why she and Sain might never be married. Her mother ignored the hint and went right downlown and put the announcement in the pnper. Flora was horrified when she found out what her mother had done. "Well, the fat's in the lire," I said. "You've got to tell your mother now.. You've got to tell Sam. And you've got to tell the with bed. Sfl:-i Ion* after I went to 'But when lii finally upstairj I was wniting foi "What is Cousin Sam going do?" I asked. "What fan he do? You certainly don't expect him to go through witli the mnrriage? Flora has placed him in an intolerable position. If I were in his plnce, I'd l>e tempted to wring her lovelj neck." (To Be Continued)', House with M °i' Ho °P le Out Our Woy ,;/WOW.' THAT CAR MEARY GOT llrt TWO/ 5AV-- / GOT WO \ Sf COMT fOUR I H-MR EVER R.\ISE- ? DOM'T YOU EVER TURM RALE . EE ASP. ER JLIMR ER NOTHIM'? V WORD, 3ASON,OLD MftN.' HERE DID YOU UM6WSTH HAT IMPRESSN6 UMIPORW? — UM.' X'LL LEND VOL) SOME UT,TEES-»~TAErt YOLVLU E CORReCTLV GAR8SO vJe CALL oj-5 THIS SUIT IS A KlMDA A\(TCTUR6, AllSTArt ^^A30R '. fYS A CHAUFFEUiZ'S CAP; A DOORMftltfS COAT AMD A MILITARY 8 AMD A-LL F WAV ORW6R. S-JOTM OF THINGS WILL BY MICHAEL O'MAT.LEY and RALPH LANE THAT It TEACH FlINT TO WAIK OUI ON ME/ IF E TE116 6W I MADE HE PASSES, BAT'LL NEVER BE- ItEVE' HIM. SORRV, BUT WR. DENVER'S PHONE DOES NOT ANSWER WHIN YOU REICH HIM, CONNIE, Tf LI HIM W COME OVER. .V.AKE !T SOUND GOOD AND HE'lL BE VVUIING TO THROW THE FlSHT. HE'LL BE IAD ENOUGH FOR ANYTHING FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS twice nt Raymond. Miss. It's Choking Us Change of venue was granted LARD SAIO SOMETHING GRIM HAD i-fAPPEMED, BUT HE DIDNT HAVE "pwe TO TELL ME .THE PHOME I OUR FATHERS HAD SOME KIND OF MEeTiNG AT tARDS LAST BE SO INHUMAM T£> TriEIK. OWN CHILDREN RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL,. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Motorola Radto Sates and Service 106 South First St. Today's free MGM Record JEEPERS, ABACK T& THE DARK AGES, POPS MAKING- SIGNS FOE. , EVERYBODY / WE'RE I THAT5 WHAT IT 15.' GAGGED/ We Buy Good Late Model Cars.' CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc. Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY Your Studebaker Dealor First by Far .With: a Postwar Car " CliamWin Ash St. ..... Lex Charhblin ........ Phone 2195 U>3LLfcJ TORNK* Get the Idea 1 .' SOOR'SKIN CP.N 1.C5E T'.if IM 3'JST Jk FEW LOSE THAT RUSTY LOOtC IW & tACKOU'CMl UtCDtRST&.W> OVER- UNTIL THE ^ ^^ FO RGET'. TO TMCS 1C6IXS 'MM) REPEH "' AMD R.EPEW LOOK* H E pe ' SlDEOM lSW WILUOM l>- SEAR TO MUSE RM>IO AUDIENCES'. I'M SPEMOINS IT TO SttL SOW 1 . BUT PEOPIE WILL USTEM TO JUST SO MICH CORN. ! THES PBOBftBW NEMEE.U5E E PECOKPINS POTS DO sow • XNVWMI North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CTIAS. ttlTTNER KILL WILSON IF HE DOM'T SHOVO UP YOU VJHEK) You tRIEO TO Fl* 5TOKEf? WILL W BT FORFEIT AND ]\L COLLECT rvr BETS / By J. R. Williams WHY. SES-- HE £ PALER THAM YOU, HE'S GASPIN5' YKT. AM' HAS JLJMPEP FURTHER--BUT IT DON'T SHOW.' \. COME HEKE IF S'OU W»\MT TO HEAR A ;CAIRT GUY By V. T. HAMLTN " ~ Look Who'Hcre THE LET HIM BNTTLE L.ION.../V HEM. HUNGRY LION *~\ 'f\~~*±:*- — -—- ~-^-s i ai^..5^t^ ^:^^^£-&>Mfti : BOOTS AND HF,R Bin)DTF-8

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